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Little Dan

"Farewell Dear Friend" 

My dear friend and author, Little Dan was sending me an edited version of ‘The Bum’s Rush’ last week.  When in the email reply he broke the sad news, it was truly a shock to me, as well I’m sure it will be to his loyal fans. 

“You wrote me just in time. You will not be able to contact me again. But it is not because I am being rude. I have a terminal illness, and I'm halfway out. Sorry Chuck. All the Best. Little Dan” dated: August 13th 2007.

I have a story by Little Dan that I could not post to Tickie Story Pages because of site policy. Little Dan considered it to be one of his better stories, and I have to agree. If you wish to read it I will send you a link to the story by email. Just click HERE and send an email with the preset subject line, or state in subject line 'Request for Mossberry Manor' and I will sent you the link.

The last story that I am aware of that he wrote was “Elwood” I’m just thankful that he seemed to have had a wonderful life of writing great and exciting stories for all of us to enjoy, we all will miss you, Little Dan.  

Light a candle for him here. Candle



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