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Mossberry Mannor
For: Little Dan last posted 05/22/09


Hello fans, I have set up this page for Little Dan as a tribute to him. Below are comments I have received from fans that have read not only "Mossberry Manor" but other of Little Dan's stories and have commented on them to me as the webmaster. I will continue to post those comments here good or bad for all to see. Again I will say only this... 'Little Dan you will be dearly missed.'


Readers ... the total number of REQUESTS for this story to date is:  340.


The following are the only replies we have received ... strange how most readers love the work but do not email comments.




1.  I have become a big fan of over the past several months. I have read and especially enjoyed the stories by Little Dan. My favorite's have been Way Up North, 36 Wheels, Bums Rush, and especially Dog tags and Elwood. Thanks, Dan, for sharing all these wonderful stories with us. And know that we, now, share, our love and prayers with you. God bless !  Oliver

2. I've just read this story and what a story really enjoyed it. A pleasure to read it. Thanks for sending it to me. Great story.  Aj


3. Thanks for the info on "Mossberry Manor."  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was very well written as were almost all of Dan's stories.  They were not all to everyone's taste, but as a body of work they were very well written with good characters and storylines and very hot where needed.  I'm sure he will be missed at "Tickie stories" and other sites he posted to: Best regards, Cy

4. Wow, what a wonderful story. I am very grateful to have read it. You all are right...we will all miss Little Dan. Thanks for sending me the story.

5. Without doubt, "Mossberry Manor" is one of the very best stories I've read.  What makes it so?  The plot has twists and turns to keep the reader's interest high.  The writing is vivid to the point of feeling what the characters must have felt.  The story elicits empathy for the young boy as he tries and succeeds in making the best of his life.  I'm normally turned off by forced sex and bondage but the small dose of it in the story serves the plot well and I think it exposes the perpetrators for what they are.  While it elicits tears over his misfortunes, it ultimately brings relief and joy when he matures and finds genuine satisfaction with a loving companion.  An enjoyable and memorable story from a gifted author. Morris H.

6. Thanks Tickie, what a wonderful ending to a very sad tale, the stories you've posted for Little Dan have been a delight to read. I have read so many stories over the years that I feel his are some of the very best I've ever read. I wish they could go on forever. Hugs Dave

7.  It saddens me to hear about Lil Dan, I have read a few of his works and loved them so, please send this master piece to me so I can float in heaven with him. Thanks for everything and may Lil Dan grace heaven with his lovely stories so when we go up there, we can have something to read. Quincy

8. Hi, I have just been reading some of Little Dan's and would be grateful for the Mossberry Manor . . . the one you speak so highly of . . . .  a sad loss of  a talented writer and sensitive man . . . Thanks Joseph