Do You Like What You See?

By: Little Dan
(Copyrighted 2005 by the author)

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When they first built the Shelton Hotel across the street from my apartment, I was upset. I was on a high floor and had a spectacular view of the whole city. There had been low buildings there before, so I would lie in bed every night facing my big picture window and watch the stars twinkling in the night sky. Far below me, I could hear the sounds of the city. The traffic horns. The fire engines. The ambulances. I was high up near heaven.

Then they blasted the low buildings. A lovely vase that had been my grandmother's fell off the coffee table and smashed onto the floor. Bastards! I had heard that the hotel they were going to build was going to be thirty stories high. I was on the eighteenth floor. I was worried.

It was a large hotel. It took up the whole block across the street. But it started out with low foundations. And every day, fretfully I watched as those foundations grew. Floor by floor. Taller and taller. Eventually the steel girders were stretching far above my head, and I knew that when the concrete and glass followed, I would never again see my stars.

It took two years, but eventually the hotel was completed, and on February First it opened for business. I was out doing my shopping, and as I passed the hotel, I saw guests arriving in taxicabs from the airport, about to check in. The guests were mostly male, and I realized that it would be catering mostly to businessmen, coming into town for meetings and conventions.

All these handsome preppy men in their thirties, forties, and fifties, carrying their suitcases and their laptops. All in freshly pressed business suits, white shirts, and expensive ties. Sometimes they would tighten the knot of the tie, and I would see a gold wedding band on the fourth finger.

I have my girlfriend, Emily. We've been going out for years. She stays over about once a week, and we have sex. I get all hot when she tells me about all the other men she has sex with, the rest of the week. Emily is very promiscuous, and loves to get fucked. And I love to hear about it. Certainly my sex life is not that exciting. I'm really not good at meeting people. And it's much easier for a girl to pick someone up for sex, than for a guy. With all these exciting encounters going on, I can't imagine why Emily still sees me. She knows I'll never get married.

And Emily is a dynamite lady. Slender, long blonde hair, clear blue eyes, ample firm bust, narrow waist, ample firm buttocks, and legs that come almost up to her shoulders. She also has narrow ankles. I love narrow ankles. "Why does she even bother with me?" I keep asking myself that question, but I really know that I'm good-looking. And also I eat pussy better than anyone else in the city. Emily loves to get oral sex. She needs her clit stimulated in order to orgasm. She insists she doesn't have a g-spot in her vagina.

Emily and I used to make love with the night sky and the stars as our backdrop. But no more. Now my view is windows and windows and windows of that accursed hotel facing me. I have to draw the drapes now, when Emily comes over. I have to draw the drapes when I get undressed. I have to draw the drapes all the time. There must literally be thirty windows that can see into my apartment now. I think five floors of the hotel on the side which faces my apartment have a perfect view of everything I do. I think five floors and about ten windows on each floor have good visibility into my home. That's fifty rooms. Fifty visitors to our fair city have the ability to spy on me each night. So now I draw the drapes. And mostly I keep them drawn. So much for the sunlight and moonlight I had enjoyed before.

I complained about it bitterly to Emily one night when she came over.

"Do you think they can really see us?" She asked.

"Of course," I snapped at her.

She got very quiet. She was thinking.

"That sounds exciting," she finally said.

"What?" I could hardly believe my ears.

"You know what," she said sagely. "All those people watching. I'm getting tingly just thinking about it."

"You wouldn't dare," I said.

"Oh, yes, I would," she insisted. "You don't think it would be fun?"

"No," I protested angrily.

"Think about it," she urged me. I pulled the drapes shut and we got into bed and fucked in the dark.

I started thinking about it. She phoned me every day and kept talking about how hot it would be, and it would be such fun, and it was almost like putting on a show, and she was dying to know the audience reaction.

The day before her next visit, she said, "You don't have to do it. You can stand way back out of view, and I'll lie on the bed and play with myself. It'll get me really excited. Please," she begged.

"All right," I finally agreed.

The next night when she came, she carried a large white piece of cardboard, but she put it in the closet. She wouldn't let me see it. She said it was hers, and none of my business. I had no idea what she had in mind. Later, I would find out.

After dinner, which she cooked, we went into the bedroom and started to fool around a little. I closed the drapes and we were on the bed, kissing and playing with each other. I was squeezing her beautiful tits, and she was moaning, and we were sucking tongues. I stuck one finger under her dress, and worked it up under her panties, until it was deep inside her steaming pussy. I started flicking her clitoris. She was going crazy, bucking up against my hand, her legs flying in the air.

We got undressed, and I crawled between her legs and began licking her sensitive areas. Her hand was pressing my head down into her crotch and her legs were wobbling helplessly on each side of my face.

"Oh, baby. That's it. That's so good. A little more tongue, honey. Yes. Right there. Yes. Oh, yes. I love it. Flick. Flick. Yeeesssss." Nobody could do that like I could.

I figured it was time, so I moved my face away and began kneewalking my penis toward her primed receptacle.

"No," she said, pushing on my chest.

"No?" I was dumbfounded. "Why not? What's wrong?"

"I want you to open the drapes."

"I told you, I'm not going to fuck you in front of all those windows,"
I reminded her.

"And I told you, you didn't have to. I'll just play with myself, and see what happens. Go over to the far end of the room, where no one can see you."

I did as she suggested. She got up and turned on all the lamps. The room was ablaze with light. Then she walked to the window and pulled open the drapes. Next, she climbed back on the bed directly facing the large window, and started playing with her tits and pussy. I quietly sat down in a chair at the far end of the room and waited.

We talked a little, but she kept her face toward the window, watching, watching.

"Anything yet?" I asked

"I'm not sure. I think I saw one of the curtains move a little." She redoubled her efforts. She licked her lips. She stuck her finger in her vagina, and raised it to her lips. She licked her finger lasciviously. She waved across to the window where she had detected curtain movement.

"There's definitely someone watching," she said. "The way the curtain is fluttering, it looks like someone is jerking off. But it's dark. I can't really say for sure."

She blew a kiss across to the fluttering curtain. She reached over to the lamp beside the bed and started turning it on and off. Then she stretched out her arms in supplication.

"He's opening the curtain," she told me. She started nodding her head happily, and making an `o' with her thumb and index finger.

"The light just went on," she said. "Wait. He's coming back to the window. He's nude. He's got a hard-on. A big one," she narrated. "He's looking at me, and jerking off in front of the window. Oh. He's cute. He's so cute. I want him." I was happy for Emily, but I was too far back. I couldn't see anything.

Apparently, for the next five minutes, she was playing with herself and he was playing with himself. I was sort of caressing my penis, but I wasn't all that excited. Suddenly she put her hand up in front of her, as if telling him to wait. She scooted from the bed to the closet, and withdrew her big cardboard. She ran to the window and held it in front of the glass. But not too close. She needed light from the room to illuminate it.

"What's that?" I asked again.

This time she answered my question. "It's your telephone number," she informed me. I wrote it very big with a red crayon."

"What? Are you crazy?" I asked her. Flashing my phone number across the street to some stranger jerking off in a hotel room. I was appalled. I scrunched down on the floor, where I could see across, but he couldn't see me. He was reading the phone number and nodding. He was writing it down on a piece of paper. He posed in front of his window for a few more minutes, in a few more positions, to show his hefty cock off. He was so proud of the damned thing. Then he held his hand to his face, mimicking a telephone and disappeared back into the room.

About two minutes later, the phone on the night table rang.

"Hello," answered Emily in a lush sexy voice, picking up the receiver. "Do you like what you see...? Thank you. You look great too. Very sexy... Yes, I love your big cock. Do you like my pretty pussy...? Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I love the way you talk. Yes. I would love to have your big thick dick inside my wet, tight little pussy. I can almost feel it now. It feels so big, and so demanding, and so, how can I put this? Male. I love your big thick cock. Yes. I want it inside my hot cunt, baby. Give it to me. Give it to me."

He had moved back in front of the window with the telephone in his left hand. With his right hand, he was pulling his pud. I was starting to pull my own pud a little. Emily, had been right. This was exciting. As Emily spoke to him, she played with her beautiful breasts and her vagina. Her legs were splayed wide open.

"Yes," she said. "Why don't we get together? Would you like me to come over there, sweetie...? Uh, huh. Uh, huh. Well, what's your room number? 1944? Yes. Yes. I want you so bad too, sweetie. Yes. But you know what. If I have to go out, I have to get dressed and put on fresh makeup. Such a nuisance. Would you mind terribly coming over here...? Oh, great. That would be just great. Yes. It's 972 East 53rd Street. Ring 18L. Yes. Yes. Oh. I can't wait to see you, honey. My name? Emily, sweetie. What's yours? Okay, Ted. I'll see you in a few minutes. I'm waiting for that gorgeous prick of yours...Bye, sweetie. See you as soon as you can cross the street."

She hung up the receiver and smiled at me. I was in shock.

"But I'm here," I enlightened her. "Won't he be a little miffed to find another man here?"

"You're going into the closet," she told me. "We'll keep the door open a little. You'll be able to see everything."

At first I was a little put off, but the idea started growing on me. What would it be like to watch Ted fucking my girlfriend, Emily? I was starting to get stiff again.

The intercom rang. Elaine ran into the hall and picked up the house phone. "Ted, baby. You're here. At last, you're here. Yes. This is Emily. Come right on up." She buzzed him in and hung up the phone. Then she got me into the closet in a good position, where I couldn't be easily seen, but I could easily see out. I was now facing the foot of the bed. I would be looking right up her snatch.

Emily just had time to pull the drapes shut, when the front doorbell rang. She ran to the front door, and standing behind it to shield her naked body from the hallway, she opened it.

"Ted. Come on in," she invited.

He came on in and she locked the door. I heard her kissing him in the foyer.

"Oh, Ted. We finally meet. At last. Let me feel that big cock of yours, right through your pants...Yes. Yes. It's so nice...Come on, baby. Let's go into the bedroom."

They entered the bedroom, and now I could see them. Ted was a cute, young guy in his thirties. He wasn't too tall, but he was muscular. Like he worked out at the gym a lot. He was, what they call, humpy, I think. He had dark hair in a crew cut. And on his left hand, he had the ubiquitous wedding ring. He was the paradigm of the perfect small-town or suburban husband.

"Where are you from, Ted?" asked Emily.

"Youngstown, Ohio," he answered proudly.

"Youngstown. How great. I've never been there. What brings you to our fair city?"

"I have a conference I have to attend," he explained.

Get undressed, honey," Emily directed him. He immediately began to comply. He wasn't shy.

"Do you do this kind of thing often?" he asked her.

"You probably won't believe me, but this is my first time. I only wish I'd thought of it before."

"Well, lucky me that I was across the street in my room, when you thought of it." He had taken off his shoes, socks, pants, shirt, and was pulling his undershirt over his head. Now he was only in his `made in china' striped boxer shorts.

"Come on, baby. Don't keep me in suspense," Emily kidded him. He stretched the elastic on the boxers and began to lower them down his legs. He had to stretch the elastic quite a bit to get it past his enormous hard dick.

He was pink-skinned and smooth, and when he turned his back to the closet, I admired his large, firm, round buttcheeks. They were much firmer than mine. I think they call that a bubblebutt. I hadn't been in the habit of looking at other men, but I have to admit, he looked pretty good. Emily climbed on the bed, and stretched out her left arm. She pulled him down beside her. His crew cut was now resting upon my goose feather pillows.

Emily spread his legs and crawled between them. She started sucking on his impressive knob. "MMMMmmmm. MMMMmmmmm," she appreciated. He mirrored her sentiments and began lifting his ass off the bed to get more cock into her mouth. He held her head down, as he speared past her uvula and into her throat. She choked and sputtered a little, but she took it. When she finally lifted her mouth off his long shaft, it was only to move down, and begin sucking on his tight, fuzzy balls.

"Ooohhh, wow," he said. "That's great, Emily. That's so great. Suck my balls. Suck my big balls. Go under my balls...Yes. Right there. Right under my balls. Between my balls and my asshole. Lick it, baby. Lick it. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah." He raised his ass off the bed and lifted his legs in the air, as he pressed upon her head. He was trying to make her lick his tight little asshole. But she wouldn't do it. She forced her head higher.

"MMM.MMM," she said,shaking her head. "Momma doesn't do that. Momma doesn't lick assholes. You want to fuck momma now? You want to put your big daddydick into momma's tight little pussy?"

"Yes. I want to put my big daddydick into momma's tight little pussy," he repeated, and flipped her over onto her back. He climbed on top of her, and grabbed his penis in one hand to insert it accurately into her tight little pussy. It went in. He sank down on her chest, and began hunching his asscheeks, fucking her. With his hands, he kneaded her two large perfect breast implants, and then sank his jaws down and began feeding on first one, then the other. Yes. Emily had been surgically enhanced. She was not about to let nature dictate her appearance.

I had a perfect view of his cock moving into her hole. On the outstroke, I could see that it was wet and shiny. She put her hands on his tight rump and assisted him to hump. I had front row center on his powerful, muscular buttcheeks as he speared his long dick into my girlfriend. His balls weren't swinging against Emily's ass, though. They were too tight. Too high. On the outstroke, I could even see the clenched pink little ring between his asscheeks.

What a view. I had never been much into porno films. But this was live. Right in front of me. Sight. Sound. Smell. Everything. And I was hidden in the closet. He didn't suspect he was being observed. I had my own personal reality show. This was so fucking exciting. I started playing with my, now, very hard dick.

Emily was so hot, I could actually see the juices running out of her pussy onto my fitted sheet. "Oh, yes, baby, yes. You know how to fuck a girl, don't you?"

"I sure do," he panted. "I've been practicing since I was thirteen. My cock is a lot bigger now than it was when I was thirteen. You like my big cock?"

"Give it to me, baby. Fuck it into my pussy."

All of a sudden the two of them started hip smacking double time. Ted was gasping and groaning. Finally he was screaming. And I knew that he was shooting by the way his asscheeks kept tightening and dimpling. When she felt his hot cream in her cunt, Emily started screaming, and grinding her cuntlips against his pubic hairs in a frenzy. She was coming too. In the closet, I felt my own spunk shoot out of my tortured lonely dick. I had come almost spontaneously. Just from excitement. No pounding. No grinding. Just a couple of my own light finger touches, and the passion of the moment. I had to restrain myself mightily, not to also scream, the way they both had just screamed.

Nuts. I noted that some cum had landed on my freshly cleaned and pressed charcoal gray suit. Back to the cleaner.

Ted and Emily kissed and nuzzled a few more minutes. Then he got up, went into the bathroom to wash off, and finally stooped down to pick his striped boxers off the floor. He stretched the elastic again. But this time he stepped into them. First the left foot. Then the right foot. Then his beautiful buttcheeks were once again hidden from me.

They chatted as he dressed. Emily was just lolling on the bed. I was lolling in the closet, dying for him to leave so I could come out into my bedroom.

It was another quarter of an hour, before she led him to the door, and locked it behind him. I burst out of the closet.

"Finally," I said.

"You came out of the closet," she said jokingly. I gave her a wry face.

"Did you have a good time?" I asked.

"Need you ask?" she asked. "You were there."

"Yes." I made another wry face.

"Did you have a good time?" she asked me.

"I came," I told her.

"You didn't???"

"Yes. I did," I assured her, and showed her my crusty penis.

"So I guess you aren't in the mood to fuck now?" she asked me.

"I just came," I repeated. She shrugged her shoulders. We both washed up and went to bed.

I decided that his was too thrilling not to repeat. But I didn't want to spend any more time in the closet. I told Emily that from here on in we would foreplay on the bed in front of the big window. If we attracted someone, it would be as a couple. Emily was thrilled. She loved groups.

When we got up the next morning, I went into the hotel, up to the nineteenth floor and charted all the room numbers. I found 1944, and figured out all the rooms that were facing my apartment. And double checked on the other floors.

I returned to the apartment, and Emily and I charted out every room number facing us. Which would be the next curtain to flutter?

Unfortunately, Emily's schedule was so fully booked that I had to wait a whole week for her next regular overnight visit. I was chomping at the reins. I couldn't wait to play in front of the window and see what would happen. Would we actually get a taker? Would I be part of a three-way? My heart was pounding in my chest. I jerked off every night (with the drapes drawn, of course.)

The following week, after dinner we retired to the bedroom. We both got undressed, and after lighting the room properly and opening the drapes, we arranged ourselves on the bed, and began to lick and squeeze. The two of us were eying the window, anxiously.

I licked her pussy. She licked my cock. I licked her tits. She licked my balls. We turned and we rolled. We rolled over each other. First I was on top of her. Then she was on top of me. She stretched out my prick for good visibility. She faced the window and spread her legs wide, playing with her snatch, while I kneeled over her face and fed my thick needle between her lips.

"I think I see something," she said.


"Yes. I'm sure. The curtains in room... "She glanced over at the room plan on the night table. "Room 2042. Yes. 2042. They're fluttering. Yes. They're definitely fluttering. Someone's standing peeking from the left side, and the curtains are fluttering."

We kissed each other deeply. Then we broke our kiss and Emily looked brazenly up at 2042 and smiled widely. Then she reached for the phone next to the bed and punched a number. "Shelton Hotel," the hotel switchboard answered. I had my ear close to the receiver, eagerly listening. We were both giggling.

"Room 2042, please," said Emily.

I heard them ringing the room. Then curtains stopped fluttering. Then someone picked up the phone. A man.

"Hello," he said, nervously. I think he knew.

"Do you like what you see?" asked Emily in her sexiest voice.

"I sure do," said the voice.

"What's your name, baby?" breathed Emily.

"Alex," he answered. "What's yours?" He had come back to the window with the phone in his hand, and pulled open the curtains. His room was still semi-dark, but we could see his outline against the glass.

"Emily," she said, and she waved. "And this is Roy."

I waved my hand in his direction.

"Turn on the light, so we can see each other," Emily told him.

"Hold on," he said. He moved away from the window, and some lamps went on. He returned and stood facing us, the phone still in his hand.

Alex was very tall and thin. But strong looking. From this far away, he looked handsome with this deep-set eyes, prominent cheekbones and firm chin. The hand that wasn't holding the phone, was stroking his dick through his pants. He hadn't yet taken it out. What fortitude. But now, as he held the phone in his left hand, he started undressing with his right hand. Emily kept spurring him on with "Oh, yes. Oh, yes." Finally he stood there nude, caressing a large hard-on.

"Where are you from, Alex?" asked Emily.

"Butte, Montana," he said.

"What a long distance," Emily exclaimed. "What brought you here?"

"A convention," he explained. "I'm one of the national chairmen of the American Rodeo Association."

"A cowpoke," said Elaine to Alex, and she and I smiled at each other.

"Yes, ma'am," he assented.

"Well, cowpoke. How would you like to come over here and join us?"

"I'd like that real well," said Alex.

She gave him the address and apartment number. We watched as he got dressed in front of the window. Then he walked away. The light went out in the room. We waited. We were giving him time to come down in the elevator. To walk through the elegant lobby. To go out through the revolving doors. To cross the street. To enter our building, and to buzz.


"There's Alex," announced Emily. She walked to the intercom and put the earpiece to her ear. "Alex? Come on up, honey." She buzzed him in. We waited as he got into the elevator, pushed 18, opened the elevator door when it stopped on our floor, and walked down the carpeted hallway. He rang.

Emily stood behind the door and let him in. I went back and lay on the bed, with my head on the pillows. Emily brought him in.

"Hello, Alex," I greeted him, and extended my right arm.

"Hello, Roy." He reached out and we shook hands. The hand hanging at his side wore the usual gold wedding ring.

"Make yourself comfortable, baby. We're all alone here," Elaine said. As he stripped off his clothes, Emily started sucking on my hard dick. I was squeezing her tits. When Alex got down to his `manufactured in India' polka-dot boxers, I saw how tented out they were. He was so turned on by what Emily and I were doing to each other.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked him.

"Man. I love what I see."

"Well, climb on the bed and join in," Emily encouraged him.

He spread the elastic waistband, and lowered his drawers. His dick was long and thick. Longer and thicker than Ted's. Longer and thicker than mine. It was so engorged with blood that it looked purple. It looked angry. It looked mean.

I admired his dark hairy chest and his firm male nipples. I admired his long, hairy, slender legs, his firm thighs, his narrow waist, his tight muscled stomach, his perfectly-molded asscheeks. I was about to have sex with this man. I was ready.

He stepped onto the bed with his left knee. He crawled over to us, his rigid prick sticking out a lot of inches in front of him. Emily took her mouth off my penis, and turned. Quickly her mouth engulfed his powerful engine. He put his left hand around her head. I could see his wedding band gleam in her blonde hair.

"Suck my cock, bitch. Come on. Suck it."

I could see that Alex got off on rough talk.

"Fuck my mouth, honey," Emily instructed him, and pressed her hands against his hairy buttocks. I moved down on the bed and got between Emily's thighs. I started nibbling on her sweet little button.

"Aaaagggghhhhhh," she screamed and her lower body started thrashing around, even as Alex was fucking her throat. She was now lying flat on the bed, and Alex was in push-position over her mouth, and as he bent his arms, his long penis went deeper and deeper into Emily's gagging throat.

Since everybody was having a good time, we continued this for over ten minutes. Finally, my mouth was getting tired, as I'm sure was Emily's. And no doubt, Alex must be tired. He had done over 300 pushups. We separated from each other, and Alex fell back on the pillow.

"Roy, honey," said Emily seductively.


"Why don't you go down on Alex? Take his big cock into your mouth and give him a nice blowjob?"

I thought about it for a minute. "Really?" I asked her.

"Do it for me," she said.

"Okay," I agreed. I crawled between Alex's hairy thighs. I put one hand on his thigh, and I grasped his heavy dick with my other hand. I moved it around and looked at it. It really did look mean. Finally I opened my mouth and took it inside. At least I wasn't flicking now. My tongue had gotten a little irritated with all the cunnilingus. Cuntbeard induced lingual razorburn.

It was very interesting. I sucked it. I tasted it. I took my mouth off it. I got it very wet. I massaged it with my hand. I put it back in my mouth. I felt it fill my mouth. It was hot. I felt it pulse on my tongue.

"Suck my dick, faggot. Suck my big dick," he yelled at me and forced my head down.

He was calling me faggot. I wasn't insulted. I liked it. I wanted to do what he said. I moved my face down and started tonguing his hairy nuts. I started stroking myself as I licked him. He groaned and twisted.

"Yeah. That's it, queerboy. Take `em in your hot mouth. Suck my big balls."

Who was I not to obey? This was so fucking exciting. My heart was pounding. I moved my mouth back onto his prong and sucked it down my throat. Emily, meanwhile, was playing with her tits and pussy, getting off on it. She was liking what she was seeing.

Then Emily stretched out on the bed. "Eat my pussy," she told Alex. He moved down and began to tongue her. I could see right away he was not the tonguemaster I was.

Alex was kneeling between Emily's legs, and I moved down on the bed and continued to lave his dick and balls. Then I moved behind him, and began to lick his balls from my new position. Then I began to lick the smooth flesh between his hairy balls and his hairy assballoons. He was spiraling his waist around, enjoying my attentions.

"Fuck me," Emily said. He wasn't that great in the tongue department. A fuck would be better. She pulled him over her, and grabbed his angry purple dick. She eased it into her hole. "AAAARRGGGG," she screamed joyously as it slipped into her. She raised her waist up to him, and their pubic hair was braiding together.

Slap. Slap. Slap. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I kept licking his balls, as he fucked her. I kept licking the smooth flesh below his balls. Suddenly a crazy desire overcame me. I moved my tongue higher. Up between his fleshy cheeks. The tip of my tongue sought out his locked pucker. I licked. And I licked. I stuck out my tongue. Flick. Flick. Flick.

"Oh, God," he screamed. "Eat my ass. Eat my asshole, faggot. That feels so good. So fucking good. Oh, yes. What a great little faggot you are."

I felt flattered to get a compliment like that on my first endeavor.

"I want Roy to eat me now," said Emily. She was stage-directing the whole scene. She had taken total control. It didn't occur to either Alex or me not to obey her.

I knelt down between her thighs and went full speed ahead. I knew she wanted to come. I could do that for her.

Now Alex got behind me. He was kneeling behind my asshole. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his face descending? Was he going to lick my asshole?

I couldn't believe it. No. He wasn't. He was separating my cheeks and spitting onto my hole. He was spitting into his hand. Five or six times. Now he was crawling up, and I felt his angry purple knob touching my own virgin pucker.

He was going to fuck me. Emily had my head in her hands against her pussy, and I didn't even have time to react, before I felt the hot head of his dick slowly separating my asswalls. It was going in. His dick was going into my ass.

"Take that dick, faggot," he ordered.

"MMMMFFFFF," I answered.

You won't believe this, but it actually felt great. I felt stuffed. Stuffed and complete, like the other half of my soul had finally joined the first half.

I started humming in ecstasy, and my vibrating lips were surrounding Emily's little clit and just sending her up the wall.

"Oh, yes. Yes, Roy, baby. Hum that tune for me. My pussy loves that tune." She was screaming and thrashing around more than I've ever seen her.

"Oh, my god. What a hot faggot asshole. So hot. So tight. Squeeze my dick, faggot. Squeeze my big dick with your pussy." That was Alex, of course.

Emily wasn't so special anymore. She wasn't the only one here with a pussy. My pussy clamped down on his pillaging blunt-ended sword.

"AAAAGGGHHH." Now he was screaming too. He was screaming. She was screaming. I was humming.

"I'm coming," screamed Emily, and her legs started to jiggle and vibrate. Her arms were flailing around and she was gasping for breath.

"I'm coming," screamed Alex, and began smashing his hips against my ass at NASCAR speed.

I felt his dangling hairy balls swinging wildly between my thighs. They were both coming. I needed to come. I grabbed my dick and wildly started to pull on it. In two pulls, my cum gushed out in waves all over the sheet. I was that excited.

We all collapsed on the pillows, side by side. I was in the middle. Lucky Pierre. We rested a few minutes, saying nothing. Then Alex stretched across my chest and kissed Emily on the mouth. I could feel his ribs against my own. Then he lifted up slightly and I thought he was just going to lie back down, but no. Suddenly, he crawled on top of me and thrust his tongue into my mouth.

"You're the best faggot I ever had," he told me.

"Thank you," I said. What kind words. I was grateful. I dug my tongue into his mouth and we kissed for a few minutes.

"I suppose I'd better be getting back. I've got to get up early for my meeting."

Emily and I watched as he pulled on his polka-dotted boxers. The long floppy appendage disappeared behind the cotton. We hated to see it go. He put on the rest of his clothing and we walked him to the door and locked it behind him.

"Well?" Emily asked. "How was it?"

"It was great," I answered enthusiastically. "When can we do it again?"

"Next week when I come over, she told me." I could hardly wait.

In the next few months we had over a dozen visitors. All handsome young family men from distant small towns. All delighted to have stumbled on the forbidden thrills of the big naughty city.

I fucked, I got fucked. I sucked. I got sucked. Emily sucked. Emily got fucked. Emily received many oralsex orgasms. We had a good thing going. When it had been just the two of us, we had settled into a comfortable routine. But now every time was an adventure. We never knew whom we were going to entice. Suppose it were someone unattractive? Suppose it were someone very very old? It never was. We did hope that one night we might attract a couple, but that never happened. I guess a couple is in bed fucking, not looking out the window.

Emily's annual vacation was approaching. She was going to visit her sister in California. For two months. I eyed the calendar with dread. What would I do without my Emily? I would be all alone. No sex. No excitement. No adventure. I realized that I had gotten hooked on all of this. I loved tantalizing voyeurs. How would I ever live through Emily's vacation?

After Emily departed, I slept with the drapes drawn. I slept badly. A thought occurred to me. I knew it was ridiculous, but why not? One day I did the unthinkable. I went into a sex shop.

That night, I came up and got undressed. I opened the drapes and stared up as far as I could see. Between my apartment and the hotel, if you looked straight up, you could almost see the stars. I climbed on my bed and faced my picture window. I took out the dildo I had bought that morning. I opened a tube of lubricant. I worked that thing into my ass. Then I withdrew it. Then I worked it in and out. All the time, I was staring at the windows across the street.

Just because Emily wasn't here, that didn't mean that I couldn't do a performance. This was performance art, and I was now a performance artist, I reasoned. Maybe I wouldn't be getting an artist's grant from the National Council on the Arts, but I could still perform. Perhaps somewhere in this great world, maybe even across the street, I would find an audience.

I licked my lips and made inviting faces as I looked into all those windows. I rolled over onto my belly and stuck a pillow under my middle. My ass was now raised up. I reinserted the dildo and started slowly moving it in and out, in and out. Did a curtain just move in 2138. I could swear that it had. Yes. It was fluttering rhythmically. As if someone were jerking off. Jerking off, watching the flesh-colored, penis-shaped, plastic dildo moving in and out of my wanting hole.

I was so excited, I started stroking my cock, but they couldn't see that. I was lying face down. I was so excited I could have shot off then and there, but I didn't. I wanted to see how far I could take this. I turned my head and looked straight up at room 2138. I smiled. I started to hunch my ass, fucking my pillow. All the time I was smiling up at room 2138. I had an audience. This was so great.

Now was the big test. I reached over to the night table and got the phone. I pressed out the hotel's number. When the operator answered, and said "Shelton Hotel, I said, "Room 2138, please." It rang.

The curtain stopped moving. Someone was picking up the phone. "Hello," he said. It sounded like a young guy. Another suburban husband, no doubt.

"Hi," I said in a low sexy voice. "Do you like what you see?"



Posted: 05/18/07