Don't Ask Don't Tell

By: Little Dan
(Copyrighted 2004-07 by the author)

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`You are hereby requested to report to the United States Army Induction Center at 122 Peabody Street, Scarsborough, New Hampshire at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday the 19th of September.'

I held the letter in my hand and stared at it uncomprehendingly. They had just recently reinstated the draft, and now they were drafting me. If I passed the physical, (and why wouldn't I?) I would be going into the army. Horrible thought.

The envelope dropped from my fingers onto the floor without my even noticing. I sat down heavily on the couch and stared over and over at the awful sheet of paper. I had never even considered that this type of thing could happen to me. The army was a place for farm kids. For factory kids. For high-school dropouts who wanted to continue their education.

I was a college graduate with a top job in advertising. I didn't want to lose my job. I had fought hard to get it and I wasn't going to let the army take me away from it. Oh God. Where was Hilda? She was usually home before me. She was the one who usually picked up the mail. But today I had picked up the mail. I had picked up the letter from the United States Army.

I heard the key in the door. It was Hilda. She looked at my face and knew right away something was up. "What's wrong?" she asked.

She approached the couch, and I held out the letter. She took it and read it.

"Oh, Warren. Oh, no." We had been planning to get married in the near future. She had been selecting china patterns in the Tiffany catalogue. All that would be now on hold. "What are we going to do?" she asked.

"What I'm going to do is report for my army physical next Wednesday," I answered. We ate a quiet dinner, watched a little television and went to bed. We did not have sex. We definitely did not have sex. I was in no mood for sex. Not that night, or the next night or the night after. All I could think about was my physical. It haunted me.

On Wednesday the 19th of September I got up at six a.m., got dressed in the dark, trying not to disturb Hilda, had a light breakfast, and drove down to

122 Peabody Street. The Induction Center. There were a lot of young guys going in the front door, as well as a number of snappily uniformed military types.

I entered the building and stood in the large front hall, looking around me.

"Excuse me. Do you know where to go for the physical examination?" asked a young fellow about my own age.

"No, I don't. I have to go there too."

"You got a notice in the mail?" he asked.

"Yes," I admitted.

"Me too. You can't begin to imagine how thrilled I am," he said ironically.

"So am I," I said. "Warren Cobb," I added, introducing myself and stretching out my right hand.

"Doug Haney," he said. And we shook hands. After that we tried to read the building directory without much success. We stopped a soldier, showed him our letters, and asked him where we had to report.

"I'm going over there. Follow me," he said.

He was Sergeant Carl Merrill, according to his nametag, a compact, solid, muscular man. He marched with military crispness, leading us to the third floor medical department. "Sign in at the desk," he directed us, and walked away.

We were with about thirty other prospective inductees, and we were directed to a bank of lockers and told to strip to our shorts. We kept the locker keys around our wrists.

An army lieutenant, Lieutenant Edgar Driggs, according to his nametag, marshaled us into a large room where attendants were taking blood and urine.

"I drank three gallons of orange juice yesterday," Doug Haney whispered to me. "They say if you drink a lot of orange juice your albumin level goes way up and maybe they won't take you."

"I wouldn't count on that," I advised him.

"Yeah," he nodded his head, agreeing sadly. "Boot camp, here I come."

"I don't want to go either," I said. "But there's no way out of this. I hear they're taking everybody. A skinny friend of mine who was underweight told me they added twenty pounds to his weight on his chart, and marked him with a medium-heavy build. They took him."

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Doug whined pleadingly.

"I don't think so. If you're breathing, you're in."

"Great," he lamented. "Maybe we could say we're gay. You know. `Don't Ask. Don't Tell'. They definitely won't take you if you're gay."

The army had a policy of `Don't Ask. Don't Tell.' Meaning if you told them you were gay they would kick you out, but they weren't supposed to ask if you were gay. But they did ask. And they even conducted witch-hunts to ferret out any gay military man whom they promptly discharged. (They claimed that homosexuals were bad for unit cohesion. And besides it was creepy having these sexual predators in the same barracks with the straight normal guys who would even have to shower with them. Ugghh.) That was `Don't Ask. Don't Tell.' And Doug was proposing telling.

I thought for a minute. "You know, that's a damned good idea. I think I'm going to try that. I'm going to say I'm gay."

"You are?" He was amazed. "I don't think I'd have the guts." It had been his idea to begin with and now he was backing down.

"It's easy," I said. "You just tell them you're gay. Tell them you suck cock. I'm going to do it." I raised my hand until Lieutenant Driggs noticed me.

"Yes? What is it?" he asked me.

"Sir. Can I speak to you a moment?"

"What is it?" he asked again brusquely.

"I need to tell you something privately," I explained, nodding my head to an empty part of the room. We walked over to it.

"Yes?" He asked again. "What's on your mind?"

"I have something to confess, sir," I said ashamedly, hanging my head. "I'm gay."

"I didn't hear you, son," he was speaking very loudly. "There's a lot of noise in here. You'll have to speak up."

He had heard me. If I spoke any louder the whole room would hear. I didn't know what to do. Finally, I raised my voice, but not quite enough to blast through the room. "I'm gay, sir," I repeated.

"You know there's so much noise in this room, I still couldn't hear what you said. Why don't you sit down, son. You're going to get your eyes and ears examined now."

Maybe he was the one who needed his ears examined. He couldn't hear me? Bullshit. It seemed that they weren't going to let me out for being queer, which I really wasn't. But so much for `Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. I returned to my seat next to Doug.

"What happened?" he asked me.

"They're either not buying it or they don't care. The bastard kept pretending he couldn't hear what I was saying.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed. "They're shameless."

"Even if he had acknowledged hearing me, he might not have believed me. I have a feeling he would have told me to prove it."

"Well, why don't we?"

"Why don't we what?" I asked, not understanding him.

"Prove it."

"And how do we do that?" I asked, thinking the guy was a little bit of a head case.

"Let's both say we have to go to the bathroom,"

"Yes?" I asked, waiting for further explanation.

"Just let's do it." He raised his hand and caught the lieutenant's eye. The lieutenant came over.


"Excuse me, sir," said Doug. "I need to go to the bathroom real bad. Can you please tell me where the men's room is?"

"Down the hall, on the right hand side," he said pointing. "But make it snappy."

"Yes, sir," said Doug, jumping up and walking toward the men's room. He turned his head and winked at me.

"Excuse me, sir, I have to go too," I said, clutching my front as if I couldn't hold it.

"Okay. But hurry up," he said. I jumped up and followed Doug down the hall. As I entered the hall, I saw the strong compact Sergeant there. Sergeant Merrill. I nodded to him, and he nodded to me. I continued down the hall and followed Doug into the gentleman's lounge.

We stood there in our jockey shorts, looking at each other, not knowing what to do next.

"Now what?" I asked.

"We have to do something," he said.

"Like what?"

"Something gay. We have to get caught. If they won't listen when we tell them we're gay, they'll have to believe their own eyes. They'll kick us right out."

"You think so?" I asked. It was an appealing idea.

"Absolutely," he answered, nodding his head firmly. "In a little while they'll send someone in to look for us, and if we're discovered in flagrante delicto..."

"Right," I said. It was a damned good idea. I could keep my job. I could keep my girl. I wouldn't have to live with a bunch of rednecks for two years. It was a great idea. "What do we do?" I asked.

"Something gay," he explained, in exasperation, as if he were talking to an idiot.

"I've never done anything gay," I explained.

"Well, neither have I," he answered. "Do you want to get drafted?"


"Then we have to do something gay. Like maybe suck cock. We have to get caught sucking cock."

"Oh," I breathed, realizing what would have to be done. "Okay. You want to suck me?" I offered.

"How about you sucking me," he challenged. We were getting nowhere fast.

"I don't know," I stalled.

"Maybe we'd better just suck each other. You know. Sixty-nine."

"Yeah, well maybe we could do that," I considered.

"Okay. Let's go," he said.

We both just stood there and looked at each other.

"How do we do this?" I asked.

He sighed at my stupidity, and slipped off his underpants. "Take off your shorts," he said.

I pushed them down my legs and stepped out of them.

"We're going to have to lie down on the floor," he reasoned.

I looked down at the white tile floor. I did not want to lie down on it.

"Come on," he prompted and sat down on the floor.

I sat down facing him. "Now what?"

"We have to lie down facing each other head to foot, with our heads at cock level," he clarified.

We both lay down on the cold hard floor and pointed our limp dicks toward each other's mouths. He tentatively began to kiss my dick. He took it in his hand and held it as he kissed it, and then he began to lick it up the shaft a little. I followed his lead and did the same for him. Then he began to kiss and lick the head of my cock, rubbing it around on his cheek a little. I followed his lead. I felt his dick getting hard in my hand, against my cheek, against my lips. It was pretty big and pretty hard now, and it was a little exciting. I felt my own dick getting hard in his hand, against his cheek, against his lips, against his tongue.

"Let's do it," he said.

"Do what?" I asked stupidly.

"Put it in your mouth and suck on it," he explained in exasperation, as if to a child. "We'll do it at the same time, okay?"

"Okay," I agreed.

"Okay. One. Two. Three. Go." He whomped down on my cock, and I whomped down on his. We were sucking each other's dicks. And it was okay. It was kind of nice. I started appreciating it, savoring it. He was getting into it too. I took it out of my mouth for a second so I could stare at it, admire it. Then I whomped back down. I wrapped my arms around his middle and pressed on his ass, urging him to feed it further in toward the back of my throat. We were each making lascivious wet slurping sound.

"How long do we do this?" I asked.

"Till someone comes in and catches us," he explained. "But you'd better not come in my mouth, you hear?"

"I hear," I said. But now that he mentioned it, I was feeling a little bit ejaculatory. I wouldn't mind shooting out a hot load. I hadn't fucked Hilda in the last week, worrying about the physical, and I needed to unload my balls. I was also starting to wonder what it would be like if his hard hot dick started spurting out thick white cream into my own mouth. What would that taste like? It was kind of a sexy idea. My cock started getting even stiffer in his Jacuzzi mouth.

All of a sudden it happened. The door opened. And it was a soldier. Not another draftee. Not a lab tech. Not a doctor. A soldier. I took my mouth off his cock for a second and turned my head back. It was that compact, solid, muscular sergeant. Sergeant Carl Merrill. I turned my face back and swallowed Doug's cock again.

"Well. Well. Well. What have we here?" he asked, coming into the room and closing the door behind him. "It looks like we have a couple of cocksucking faggots."

Neither of us answered. We just kept sucking cock.

"I said, `It looks like we have a couple of cocksucking faggots,' don't we?" He asked again, and kicked me lightly on my butt.

"Yes, sir," I said. "You caught us. We're queer. If you would just mark that on our papers, we'll go home. We're sorry we bothered you."

"Not so fast," he said. "So you're ready to go home. Ah ha." He studied the situation and smiled. "I'm not convinced you're really queer. You could be putting on an act to get out of the military."

"Oh, no, sir. We would never do that. We're really queer," Doug asserted.

"Keep sucking," he ordered.

"What?" I asked in consternation.

"You heard me. Keep sucking. I want to watch you suck each other."

He stood there smiling over my naked body, waiting for me to put Doug's cock back in my mouth. So I did. And Doug swallowed mine again. Even with the sergeant watching us, we were both getting into it. It felt really good. A hot sucking mouth on my dick. The sergeant walked around us, studying us from all angles, and began playing with the large bulge in his army pants. Pressing it, and rubbing it. He began to walk away. I tried to watch what he was doing. He went into a closet and came out with a two-sided stand-up sign. `Closed for Repairs' it said. He opened the men's room door and stood the sign in front of it. Then he closed the door and turned the latch. It was locked. He walked back toward us. "Keep sucking," he commanded. We kept sucking.

Now he was playing with himself a lot. He drew down his zipper and reached inside. He drew out a big red mean-looking sergeant dick. It was so stiff and hard he had trouble getting it through his zipper. He stood right behind me and gave me a light kick on my naked ass. "Get up here and suck my cock, faggot," he ordered.

"Excuse me?" I asked. I was appalled.

"You heard me, faggot. Get up here and suck this dick. If you're really queer, that is."

I had to prove to him I was really queer. I got up on my knees, so that my mouth was pretty much at the same height as his groin. I wrapped my hand around the angry red sergeant dick. I bent my head forward and closed my mouth around it.

Doug had moved around on the floor, so he could keep sucking my own prick.

"Ah. That's it, faggot. That feels good. Do you like my dick, faggot? Do you like my big thick dick?"

"MMMM HHHHHMMMMM," I assured him, as I continued to suck on his big thick dick.

He reached into his pocket and took out a small pager. As I was sucking on him, he called someone. "Driggs. Driggs." "Yeah?" it answered. "Merrill here. I'm in the third floor men's room. You'd better get right over here. The door's locked. Knock three times." He put away the pager and grabbed the back of my head with his free hands, forcing his cock into the deepest recesses of my throat. I choked. But I gamely kept going. It was too late to stop now, and the prize was within reach. Rejection. I would be rejected by the military. How sad. How very very sad.

I was really starting to enjoy his dick when I heard a knock at the door. Three knocks, that is. Knock. Knock. Knock. He coldly pushed my mouth off his prick and walked to the door, where he turned the latch, and standing with his exposed stiff cock behind the door, opened it. Another soldier entered. It was the lieutenant. The one who wouldn't listen to me when I said I was queer. Lieutenant Edgar Driggs. Well now he would know.

"What have you got here?" The lieutenant asked the sergeant.

"A couple of nancy boys who like to suck cock. I thought maybe you might like to get your cock sucked."

"You know me. I always like to get my cock sucked," the lieutenant assured him.

They walked over and the sergeant stuck his angry red dick back into my mouth. I noisily fed on it, as Doug continued to suck my own dick.

Lieutenant Driggs was taller than the sergeant. He was not as muscular. But he had a lanky gracefulness. He was a few years older than the sergeant, also. He had black hair in a short military buzz cut, and a five a clock shadow. With too little hair on the top of his head, and a little too much on his face, he looked dark. Dark and mean. "I'll take the other one," he said to the sergeant. He pulled out a large purple stiff dick, and walked around my body, where he grabbed Doug's hair and pulled him up on his knees to cock level. "Suck my dick, homo," he said to Doug. "And you damned well better do a good job. You hear me? You hear me, faggot?"

"I hear you, sir," Doug said. He chomped down on the large purple pole. I think Doug was getting a little frightened now. And so was I. These guys were a little mean.

The men's room was filled with the sound of two wet mouths slobbering over two large military dicks. Both soldiers had our heads in a vice, as they forced us down upon their turgid instruments. They were both breathing heavily and "Aaahhhing" a little too.

"I think some of the higher-ups might be very grateful if we let them in on this. Don't you?" Driggs asked Merrill.

"You're right. We should share the wealth. It'll look good on our next evaluation report," said Merrill. He took one hand off the back of my head and reached into his pocket again. He drew out the pager and began making calls. "Captain Argus. Captain Argus."

"Yes?" asked the pager.

"This is Sergeant Merrill. Could you come to the third floor men' s room right away, sir? The door's locked. Knock three times."

"Roger," said the pager.

Sergeant Merrill made a second call to a Major Forbes who also agreed to knock three times. Then he put the pager in his pocket, but instead of grabbing the back of my head, he used both hands to open his belt. As I was sucking, he was stepping out of his clothes. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. He lifted his undershirt over his head. He dropped his pants and underpants to his ankles and stepped out of them. And while I was sucking him, he unlaced his shoes and shucked them off. Then the socks. Then he was as naked as we were. Lieutenant Driggs followed his example, move for move.

There were three knocks on the door. Merrill pushed my head away again, and moved behind the door, before unlatching it. The first one in, I learned later, was Captain Argus. Argus was in his early forties, and was a big guy. He also had a little bit of a beer gut, and his head was bald. He smiled when he saw Doug and me naked on our knees, with Driggs' cock slamming into Doug's mouth. Driggs smiled back at Argus. Before Argus could say anything, there were another three knocks on the steel door. Merrill opened it again to quickly admit Major Forbes. Then he closed the door and turned the latch. He walked barefoot back across the room, and lifted my mouth onto his dick again.

Major Forbes was in his early fifties. A career soldier, if ever I saw one. He was very tall, and very powerful looking. He had salt and pepper, black and white hair, in a short military cut. I noticed a gold wedding band on his finger as he began stroking his cock through his pants.

"Are they good cocksuckers?" he asked.

"This one's pretty good," said Driggs, in praise of Doug's oral abilities.

"Mine's pretty good too," admitted Merrill. I felt flattered. I was getting a gold star on my first cocksucking effort.

"Let me try this one," said Argus, displacing Driggs in front of Doug's mouth. He opened his zipper and dragged out his hard meat, and forced Doug to chow down.

"I'll take this one," said Major Forbes. He dropped his pants and underpants to his ankles, and when he had worked his dick into a nice size hard-on he stuck it into my mouth. Merrill, displaced, needed something to do. He walked around my body and surveyed it. He seemed to have decided on something. He walked over to the sink and covered his hands with liquid soap and water. Then he came back and sat down on the floor behind me. A wet soapy finger started flicking around on the outside of my butthole.

"Hey," I protested.

"Shut up and suck that dick, faggot," ordered Major Forbes, and he slammed my face down on his rod, until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I choked and gagged, but he just kept slamming it in. I was so busy trying not to throw up that my attention had left my ass, but it was quickly brought back when the soapy wet finger started digging through the entrance and snaking inside my rectum. "MMMMM," I argued angrily, but that didn't stop Merrill. He just stuck a second soapy wet finger inside me.

Driggs was impressed with Merrill's spirit of initiative. He decided that was a good idea for him too. He went to the sink and soaped up his own hands, and moved behind poor Doug, who now was about to get the wet finger too. He made token incomprehensible protestations also, just as I had, but Argus slammed his face down, and the finger went in.

Merrill withdrew his finger from my ass, and he and Driggs nodded to each other. They both got up and went over to the sink where they lathered up their large erections. Oh, no. I didn't want to get fucked. I started to struggle, but Major Forbes gave me a vicious slap across my face, and bent down to twist my arm behind my back. I didn't dare take my mouth off his dick.

When Doug heard the slap, he must have stopped sucking for a second, because all of a sudden Captain Argus was slapping him viciously back and forth across each cheek. I saw tears start to form in Doug's eyes as his mouth was forced back onto the fleshy battering ram. What had we gotten ourselves into?

Sergeant Merrill walked behind me, and pulled me up from a kneeling position. I was now on my feet, bent at the waist, with Major Forbes' demanding cock in my mouth, and now my ass was sticking out, as Merrill's soapy finger dug into it. He stepped behind me and started to press his soapy steely hard-on against my protective ring. The soap was working. Little by little, I felt my defensive circle spreading around the invader, which was moving into my inexperienced chamber.

I gargled in pain around the Major's mouth-marauding fleshspear, as the other spear lanced forward into my rear. "AAARRRGGGHH," I screamed. But now it was all the way in, and I felt Merrill's scratchy bush against my cheeks. Then he withdrew the rod a couple of inches, before slamming it back home. It was starting to move in and out a little more easily now, but it still hurt like a motherfucker.

Merrill's hands grabbed at my hipbones and started pistoning my body on and off his cock. Forbes had my face in his hands and was using my mouth to jack his dick. I was being roughly used by Forbes and Merrill. Two feet away I heard another "AAAARRRRGGGHHH," and saw that Doug was being roughly used by Argus and Driggs. I could see the root of Driggs' giant hammer as it slammed in and out of Doug's ass. Doug stumbled forward a little bit, and Argus steadied him, putting his cock back into poor Doug's mouth. Driggs stepped forward a foot, following Doug's ass and reinserted the large knob which had fallen out. He began fucking Doug's thin behind again, and I was fascinated with the swaying of his giant balls as he plunged forward and drew back. They were practically the size of tennis balls. I was wondering what it would be like to suck on those things.

"Let's switch," said Forbes to Merrill. " I want to fuck his ass a little while."

"Yes, sir," said Merrill, saluting his superior officer.

"Same here," said Argus, pulling Doug's face off his dick. Driggs eased his cock out of Doug's ass and saluted the Captain.

Now Driggs and Merrill went over to the sink and washed their dicks in the liquid soap and water. We were getting those dicks in our mouths now and I was grateful that the soldiers were concerned with sanitation. Forbes and Argus stripped completely. Forbes rammed his dick home into my slightly-broken-in ass. Argus jammed his dick not too gently into Doug. The two of them were already hammering away inside us when Merrill and Driggs moved before us demanding blowjobs. I still had a cock in my mouth and a cock in my ass. It's just that they were switched.

It's funny. The cock in my mouth was starting to taste good. I think little streams of pre-cum were leaking out of it onto my tongue. It was sort of tangy. Interesting. The cock in my ass was beginning to be like an internal Swedish Massage. Very relaxing. Very pleasurable. I must never tell Hilda about any of this. She certainly would never understand. I started to experiment with my assmuscles, squeezing them around Major Forbes' long dick.

"Oh, that's it, sweetheart. Tighten that ass. Squeeze my big dick," Major Forbes encouraged me. I did. I must really be doing a good job, because now he was calling me sweetheart instead of faggot.

"Let's get him on his back on the floor," Forbes said to Merrill. Merrill withdrew his cock from my mouth, and together they flipped me over onto my back on the cold hard tile floor. Forbes knelt between my upraised legs, and began to feed his cock into me. We were facing each other, and I looked into his eyes as the cock slipped in. Merrill stood back and watched the scene. Driggs and Argus didn't flip Doug, but they lasciviously watched Forbes fucking me missionary style.

I felt Forbes balls slap against my asscheeks as he stroked in. I was really liking the feeling now. I raised my butt up to meet his strokes, and tried to give him a really good fuck. As he banged me and banged me, he wanted to make a second connection, and he lay down on my upper torso, and stuck his tongue into my mouth as he hammered.

I sucked on his tongue and wrapped my legs around his strong pile-driving ass as the pile pierced deep inside me. I lowered my arms and put my hands on his powerful buttcheeks helping him to penetrate me as I raised my hole toward his pointer. A straight thrust. Wonderful. Another straight thrust. This was fucking.

I was thinking in my head, "Fuck me, man. Fuck your whore. Make him feel your cock right up to his belly button. And kiss me. Keep ramming your juicy peppermint tongue into my mouth. Sweet. Sweet. Oh, daddy. Fuck your little boy. Fuck your little boy. Yes, daddy. Oh, yes daddy." That's what I was thinking. But I didn't say it. I prudently kept my homo thoughts to myself. I was afraid they might all come and beat me to a pulp if they knew how much I was getting to like guys. Guys and dick. Dick. Lots of dick.

"I'm gonna cum," Major Forbes yelled to the whole room. "I'm gonna shoot my hot white spunk into this queer's hot hole."

"Yeah, fuck him," urged Sergeant Merrill.

"Yes, fuck him. Come up his ass," said Argus.

"Shoot your hot load up his faggot ass," added Driggs.

Major Forbes started pounding me in a frenzy and I wrapped every party of my body around him, inside and outside. I was about to get my first assful of mancum. This was really exciting. "Oh, fuck me, daddy. Come in your little boy," I thought (to myself of course.)

It was nice being a little boy again and having a big strong daddy take care of me. I didn't realize how much I longed for that. The major's big tool swelled in my behind and starting jetting out sprays of manseed. My asshole drank it up thirstily. I pressed on his ass with my hands as his cock spasmed in my hole.

"I've got my daddy's cum in me. I've got my daddy's cum in me," I silently jubilated.

Major Forbes eased his cock out of my ass, and my ass suddenly felt very lonely. But not for long, because Captain Argus said. "I'm gonna fuck his ass now. That looked real good."

"Yes. Yes," I thought to myself. Argus went over to the sink and cleansed his stiff penis. He got it good and soapy. Then he came back and knelt on the floor between my legs where the major had been. He started sticking his prick into my dribbling hole.

"It's going in real easy," Argus said to Forbes. "You got it nice and slick for me." He began an in and out movement, and it was so smooth. I wrapped my legs around Argus' ass now. "I'm fucking into your cum," he said to Forbes.

"How does it feel?" Forbes asked him.

"Real good and real easy and real warm and real wet." He started to really plow into me, and I wrapped my arms around his back. Now he started to kiss me. It was lovely. I could hear the wet sucking sounds in my asshole as he stroked in and out. Those sounds, those lips, that cock. It was all making me so hot. My cock was crazy hard. But I didn't want to come yet. If I came, I wouldn't want to get fucked anymore, and I still wanted to get fucked. I wanted my new man to come inside me. To give me his hot special cream. I wanted everyone to fuck me. Everyone.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH," Argus kept moaning, and the sounds were spilling inside my kissing mouth. Suddenly his legs shot out behind him stiffly and his ass started jackhammering. The sweat from his face was dripping into my eyes.

"I'm shooting," he screamed. "I'm shooting my wad in his ass."

"Give it to him," encouraged Forbes.

"Flood his faggot guts," said Driggs. And he did. His hot liquid started jetting out inside my asshole. I had a second load in my belly. And it was hot, and it was fantastic. I closed my assring around his dick, milking out every drop.

"Oh, that's so good," praised Argus. "This faggot's the absolute best fuck. His ass is dynamite. Just dynamite." He gave me one last dry kiss on my lips and moved away from me.

"Now me," said Driggs moving into top position. I couldn't have been happier.

My first male fuck, and it was a gangfuck. A great gangfuck, by strong handsome masculine military men. I was a little boy again and I had a lot of authoritative demanding daddies.

"I wanna cum in his mouth," said Merrill. "Let him suck me while you fuck him."

"Okay," agreed Driggs. He took his cock out of me for a disappointing minute and they flipped me over on my stomach. I was now lying on the floor with my naked ass in the air. Merrill got on his knees in front of my face, and eased my open mouth over his prick. He had me by my hair and lifted me on and off his sweet dick. I took as much of it as possible. I gradually schooled my throat to open so that I could get the tip way back there, and finally my lips were buried in his bristly bush. I moved up and down on his angelcock.

Driggs, meanwhile, seemed to be entranced with my round bubbles. He started patting them, and pinching them. Then he bent his head down and started giving me little bites all over my buttocks. I could feel his wet tongue between his teeth. Finally he lifted his face away from my spheres and began to slap them hard. He was spanking me, and it felt good. It felt bracing. It stung a little, but I wanted more. I raised my ass to signal him to continue. He did. He began slapping me with both hands. Hard. It was starting to really hurt now. My ass was probably very red. "AAAGGGGHHH," I started making protesting noises around Merrill's dick, and I started circling my ass around. Not because I wanted more now. Because I wanted him to stop. To cease and desist. Enough. He kept smacking me. He was a little bit of a sadist, and he was really enjoying this.

Finally, fortunately, his hand started to sting so he stopped. He blew on it. That's how I knew it was hurting him. He stretched out on top of me and I supported his weight on my sore asscheeks. His cock slipped inside and I was getting fucked. I could feel him hunching his ass on top of me, working his dick into my slick sloppy hole. I redoubled my oral efforts on Merrill's erectile tissue, and he humped up into my throat, which was now getting a little sore.

"My balls are gonna explode," screamed Merrill. I closed my mouth around him to get as much suction as possible, and the hot liquid started speeding through his tube and jetted down my throat into my stomach. After about five sprays, he started to withdraw his cock from my mouth, and I could taste the sixth and seventh spray on my tongue. It was tangy. It was nice. I rolled it over my tongue and savored it.

I loved the feeling of Driggs' giant tennis balls hitting against my asscheeks as he hammered into me. I still would have liked to lick them all over. I had never seen balls like that on anyone. Maybe it was a deformity, but it turned me on like crazy. I felt his penis rubbing against all the walls of my ass. East. West. North. South. Northnortheast. Southsouthwest. My ass was not a passive receptacle. It was very active. I was using it to pleasure Driggs. I rubbed my asswalls all around his sweet dick.

"What a sweet pussy," yelled Driggs. "What a great faggot asscunt. This is the absolute best. Oh, baby. Work that sweet ass for me. Fuck my big cock. You want my cum in your faggot ass?" he asked me. "You want me to shoot my hot load in your little tight faggot hole?"

"Yes. Yes," I screamed. I couldn't be silent anymore. "Shoot your sweet cum into me. I want your hot soldierjuice. Give it to me. Come on," I yelled almost in a delirium. My ass was moving around so much it must have looked like it was on acid.

"GGGRRRRROOOWWWW," screamed Driggs as he started flooding my insides with his firehose. I looked across the room at Doug, who was watching me in fascination as he pulled on his dick. He was sort of being left out of all this. I was the one they had chosen. I was proud. Proud and happy. Happy and contented. Contented and well-fucked. But I still wanted more.

When Driggs took his cock out, I started spiraling my bottom around in a frenzy. "More. More," I said. "Please. More."

"He wants more," said Forbes to Argus, shrugging his shoulders, and shaking his head. I guess he had never come across such a slut before.

"I had enough," said Forbes.

"Don't look at me," said Argus.

"What about him?" suggested Merrill, nodding toward Doug.

"Yeah, fine," said Forbes. "Let the queer fuck the other queer."

They grabbed Doug and laid him out on top of me. I could feel that his dick was stiff. Good. Driggs was over by the sink, washing off his cock. Doug lifted his ass and positioned his cock at the entrance to my royal palace. Then he entered. Oh. It was nice. My royal palace welcomed the handsome prince. As I moved my palace around Doug's prong, squeezing it, caressing it, I called over to Driggs. "Could I suck your balls, please? I wanna suck your balls." He laughed and came over. He knelt in front of my face and fed the enormous ostrich eggs into my mouth, one at a time. I slobbered over them. I loved them. Meanwhile Doug was having a wonderful time threading his dick in and out of my ass. He began biting my neck as he fucked me. I would probably have a hickey. Hilda would be very suspicious.

I slobbered over Driggs' tennis balls. Fifteen love. Thirty love. Love Love Love. I loved those balls. Doug was really biting me now. He was making obscene noises on top of me, and I felt his dick swelling in my ass.

"I'm cumming," he screamed. "I'm shooting inside his asshole."

And another quart of semen shot into me. There was so much inside me now that there wasn't room. It started flooding out around Doug's cock. And when he took his cock out of me, the cum just gushed out. All over my balls. All over my thighs. All over the floor. Wait till the janitor came. I just hoped no one would slip and fall before he got there.

Driggs removed his powerballs from my mouth and stood up. I lay there in an out-of-body state, my mind floating on a series of cotton clouds. As Doug and the soldiers started getting dressed, I hobbled over to one of the stalls to expel the rest of the cooling liquid. Great. There was no door on the stall. I couldn't stand going to the bathroom in front of other people, and I realized that the military latrines were built like that. No doors. No privacy. Thank god I would be getting rejected, queer that I was.

I wiped my sore asshole, and looked at the paper. Good. Just wet. No blood. I came back to where my shorts were lying and pulled them on.

"Come on. Hurry up," ordered Driggs. "You guys have got to get your physicals."

"What do you mean?" I asked, horrified. "We're queer. We told. We showed. We proved. The army doesn't want us."

"Oh, yes it does," said Major Forbes. "The army wants you a lot. The army wants your sweet hot ass."

"But you don't want a queer in the shower. No one wants to shower with a homo," I argued.

"Oh, yes they do. The guys love to shower with a homo. They can get rid of all their frustrations and tensions right there in the shower room. They can get sucked, and fuck a tight asshole. The guys are crazy about homos."

"But unit cohesion," I stuttered. " They always say fags are bad for unit cohesion.

"That's not true. Fags are really great for unit cohesion. All the other guys unite behind a shared endeavor. Pork the Pansy.

"But it's common knowledge that homosexuals are unwelcome in the U.S.
military," Doug lectured.

"That's the story we put out. But we're happy to accept you guys. In fact, if you want out, you have to earn your discharge. You have to fuck and suck for it," Merrill gleefully illuminated us.

"We want you," said Driggs, putting his arm around my shoulder as if we were best pals.

"The U.S. Army wants you," assured Argus.

"Uncle Sam wants you," added Major Forbes.

Who was this Uncle Sam? I wondered if he had a big cock.

We left the men's room. Merrill took the `Closed for Repairs" sign and put it back in the closet, and we all walked down the hall together, back to the examination area. Driggs' arm was around my shoulders, squeezing me affectionately.

Oh, god. I was perfectly healthy. I would pass the physical. I would be accepted. I would be a common private in the army. No more advertising job. No more Hilda. I'd be living with a bunch of hooligans in an army barracks. Hmmmm. A bunch of hooligans. Maybe a bunch of handsome hooligans. Maybe a bunch of powerful demanding sexy demi-gods who would want to play daddy. I could visualize myself lying naked on my cot at night with my ass up in the air, and those handsome hooligans would come over, and start feeling my asscheeks, and sticking their fingers in my hole. And then they would make me suck cock, and then one by one they would fuck my ass. Or maybe even two by two.

I wondered how soon I would be called after I passed my physical. Lying naked on my cot in the barracks while all the other guys gathered around, and...Hmmm.


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