The Bum's Rush
By: Little Dan

(Copyright 2007 by the author)


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When Millie took the kids and left me, I really started going downhill. I had been drinking before, (that's why she left) but now I was pouring it down. Stumbling around all day in a drunken stupor, tripping over everything.

First, of course, I lost my job. Then I couldn't pay the rent and they kicked me out of the apartment. So there I was, a street person, one of the homeless, carrying my few belongings in a shopping bag. I would go down into the subway trains, pushing through the crowded cars, "Help. Help a homeless person get a meal. I'm so hungry. I haven't eaten today. God bless you, sir. God bless you ma'am." But whatever I collected usually didn't go for food. It went for cheap red wine, which was the only thing I could afford now to keep myself perpetually in this warm haze.

Sleeping was the worst part. The men's shelter cost one dollar a night, and I didn't always have that dollar. I would end up having to sleep in a dark alley. At least there were usually garbage cans in the alley, where I could forage for scraps of disposed food. Tonight was going to be one of those nights. I didn't have a dollar and I was looking for a nice, quiet, out-of-the-way, far-from-the-world alley where I could hunker down and sleep in peace. Without fear of getting beaten or arrested.

I found my alley, and stumbled towards the back of it, drinking the last dregs from my wine bottle. "Yesh, I'll shleep here," I drunkenly babbled to myself. I could barely stand now, but while weaving from side to side, I found some old newspapers and spread them on the cement. I lay down on the paper, and pulled my old blanket from my shopping bag, throwing it over me. Everything was spinning around, warm and cozy. It was almost like being in another world. People who don't drink are missing out , I thought. How much better this sweet fog was than being married, having a family, working in a boring job, etc. etc. etc. I started to drift off into slumberland when I heard feet shuffling down the long alley in my direction. It was another tramp like me. Another bum. Just as drunk as I was. I watched him approach through half closed eyes. He came up next to me and stared at me.

"Hiya ," he greeted me. "Thish izh a good alley to shleep in." He barely got the words out of his alcoholic mouth. "Do you mind if I crashshsh here wit ya." I turned over on my side and put my arms over my head, trying not to acknowledge his presence. He was a wiry thin compact guy with uncut uncombed blond hair flying in every direction. If he had been cleaned up and fed, he probably would have been good looking, like I used to be when I was clean and fed. He had a blond moustache and beard, and except for the two he was missing, his teeth were pretty good. "Do you mind if I shleep here wit ya?: He asked again. I still didn't answer, but that didn't deter him. He flopped down heavily at my side. After a few minutes, he pulled out a bottle from his own shopping bag. "I shtill got a little wine left. Ya want a sssip?" That got my attention. I turned and took the bottle from him, put it to my mouth and swigged as much as I could get down in one big swallow, before he took the bottle back. I wiped my arm across my mouth, and turned back to lie down facing away from him, still not saying a word. I heard him empty the bottle and roll it away down the dark alley. Then I could tell he was stretching out by my side. "Ish a little cold out here tonight. Ya mind if I share your blanket? " I didn't answer again, so he just lifted one side and crawled in, wrapping his end behind his back and under his body. I wasn't left with a lot of covering.

"You took my whole blanket," I complained angrily.

"Nah. Jussht a little bit. Here. Shcrunch up next to me. We'll both keep warm." He pulled me against him and pressed himself against my back. It was getting warmer, but his beard was tickling the back of my neck. Then I felt a hard thrusting lump at my behind, and I knew what that was, but I couldn't believe it. I could never get a hard-on when I was drunk. Another reason my wife had split. But this guy didn't seem to have that problem. I felt him rotating his hips on my behind, rubbing his meat against my rear end. It felt strangely pleasant. It was the first physical contact I had had in many months. I didn't want to lead him on when I had no intention of doing anything, but I couldn't resist rotating my ass against his hard dick.

I heard his breath catch in his throat. He was getting excited. I laughed maliciously. I'd just work him up into a good lather and then say no. What a joke on him. Poor stupid drunk. Then I felt his top arm go around my hip, pulling me against his body. Fine. Let him get real worked up. I laughed.

Finally I felt his hand reach down and start to unhook my belt. I thought maybe now might be a good time to stop. "uh uh. No," I breathed and tried to pull his hand off my waist. He hung on tightly. "No." I said more firmly and attempted to pull away. He wasn't going to let me.

"I thought you were gonna be a nishe guy. A good buddy. Kind of help a buddy out. Kind of help a horny buddy out, okay?" he said turning his statement into a plea.

"No," I insisted.

Suddenly he rolled me flat on my back, crawled above me and slammed his open hand across my face. "You fuckin' little tease. You fucking lousy little tease." His hand came slamming down again. My eyes were tearing. "Shtop," I said trying to shield my face with my arms. He pulled my arms down and began slapping me right and left, left and right. I was screaming. "Shtop. Shtop."

"Lower your fuckin' pantsh and get on your belly," he ordered. I decided it would be prudent to obey.

When I was on my belly with my bare ass facing up, I felt him lift the blanket and lower his own trousers. He was lying on my back now, with his prominent ironhard cock pressing against my soft flesh.

"Pull open your cheeks," he commanded. "I want to see the nice little hole. Come on, you fuckin' cunt. Pull `em open. He didn't sound so drunk now. The sex urge was sobering him up. I separated my ass cheeks with my hands, and he looked down, studying it.

"Oh, yeah. There'zh the nishe little hole. There it izh." He lovingly rubbed his long index finger against my puckered opening, stroking it back and forth. Then he spit on his finger, and moved it back to my hole,

gradually working it in, sticking that finger in the forbidden place where no man had ever gone before. A whole new world in there. He might be feeling the thrill of exploration, but I was feeling a slight discomfort, that is to say, a pain in my ass. I groaned. Even my alcoholic haze was not shielding me from this violation. He took out his finger and spit again. In a flash I felt the finger back inside. It had been a short reprieve.

"You're hurting me," I cried. He didn't answer. But he did take his finger out if only for a moment. Then he spat again a couple of times, and now I thought I felt two fingers entering me.

"What a tight little cunt you have, honey. I just can't wait till I feel that nice hot little pussy wrapping itself around my dick and squeezing it. You're gonna do that for me, honey, aren't you? You're gonna wrap that nice hot pussy around my dick and squeeze it?"

Suddenly I felt the tip of that dick replacing his finger at the entrance of my hole. I heard him spitting a lot, and felt the movement of his hand as he spread the saliva on his hot poker now resting on my ass cheeks. I could feel it getting really wet. Then he lifted himself a little and aimed it down at my opening and pushed, pushed. Oh my god. It hurt. It hurt. And he was forcing it in further, down my dry passage, scraping my insides. Hurting me. Pushing. Pushing. Oh, my god. It hurt. It hurt. The thing was monstrous and he was spearing my ass with it. Then he lay down flat on my back, and I could feel his beard whiskers again tickling the back of my neck. The pressure eased for a second and then he gave one final shove all the way down. "AAAARRRGGGHHH," I screamed. His balls hit mine, and also rubbed against my tender ass cheeks.

"Shut up, you bastard. We'll have every bum in the neighborhood here wanting to get in on the action. I wanna enjoy this all night along. I haven't had a good piece of ass in a long time." His body began a subtle motion on top of mine. He was fucking me. His cock was moving around inside my asshole, feeling its way around. He began to nuzzle his lips on my neck. "Squeeze it for me, honey. Squeeze that pussy around my big dick. Oh, yeah! Oh,yeah. Like that. That's it. Love Jimmy's big dick in your ass." So his name was Jimmy, and I was starting to love it. All of you knew I was going to say that, didn't you? Why is it so hard not to love a cock after it's in your ass, even though you didn't want it there in the first place? The pain had long since departed, and it felt soo-----well, you know how a big cock feels working its way around your pussy. "Oh, Jimmy," I moaned. "Jimmy."

Suddenly there were footsteps in the alley. I turned my head to the side and there were three more tattered hoboes standing there watching us in amazement.

"Look. " one of them said. "The bum is fucking another bum."

"He's fucking the bum's bum," the next one said and laughed. They all laughed.

"And look at that nice bum on the bum. I haven't had a good bum for a while. I wanna be the bum who gets that bum next. Hey fellas," The first one called. "We heard a little commotion in the alley so we came down to see what was going on.

You got room for three more bums over there?"

"Go away," Jimmy said, shooing them with his hand as he fucked away up my alley. "We don't need any company."

"Now that's no way to be," the tallest bum said. "Us bums gotta share with each other."

"Yeah. We gotta share," the next one said.

"Don't be a selfish bum," the third bum said to Jimmy.

They moved closer and began stripping off their torn dirty pants, and torn dirty underpants. On top of me, Jimmy was trying to ignore them, and just kept plugging away, which reassured and comforted me.

The tall one said to the shortest one, "Jeffie, why don't you scoot around there and squat in front of his face, and feed that old cock into his mouth." Meanwhile, he was working Jeffie's prick with his hand, helping Jeffie to get stiff. "I'm just gonna wait until that bum on top finishes off and then I'll stick my dick into the bottom bum's bum. Okay?"

"Okay, Mikie," said Jeffie. "What's old Stan here gonna get?"

"Old Stan is gonna get whichever end finishes up first. Don't you worry about old Stan. He'll do just fine."

Jeffie nodded happily and squatted down on the ground on his knees, right in front of my face. He started jacking up his dick to get it ready for my lips.

I wasn't really sure I wanted to take that thing in my mouth. It couldn't have been too clean. But what the hell, when you're living on the street you have to put up with a few inconveniences. I opened my mouth, and Jeffie's warm prick entered the gates of paradise. The whole scene was making Jimmy more excited and he was seriously grinding away in my rear passage, making little moaning sounds as he took teenie little bites out of my neck. I can't say I wasn't getting off on this scene. My own dick was so hard now it was pressing against the pavement under the newspaper and starting to hurt.

"Go ahead. Suck his cock," Jimmy whispered in my ear giving me encouragement. I started making serious suction in my mouth, as I ran my tongue over the fleshy pole. If there had been any bad taste it was gone now. Washed down my throat with my copious saliva. My sucking sounds were absolutely obscene.

"Oh, this is so great," Jeffie yelled. "I haven't gotten head like this in a dog's age.

"Can I buy your mouth?" he asked me. "I just wanna take it with me everywhere I go." He laughed.

I looked up at Jeffie's cute bearded face and shiny bald head. His chest and legs weren't bald though. They were covered with curly black hair. He must have been in his mid thirties and he was fit. The legs on each side of my face were solid and muscular, I noticed, as he pressed them into my cheeks. He looked like he could have been a high school athlete, wrestling or soccer. He was a compact but powerful man. I gave another oral pull on his long dick.

Jimmy interrupted everything when he pushed Jeffie off for a second and flipped me over on my back. He made me lift my hips so he could get my pants and my torn dirty undies off my legs. Then he kneeled between my outspread limbs and raised them up, moving forward as his cock reentered me. Now we could look at each other as he fucked me. Unfortunately my view was soon blocked as Jeffie arched his body over my face, again planting his cock in my mouth and fucking it like a woman's cunt. It was like I had two cunts, each stuffed with a big piece of meat burrowing deeply into me trying to make the long journey to my belly.

I clasped my legs around Jimmy's slim sinewy waist and reached my arms around to feel his ass and pull him into me even further. It was as if he were my great lover and I wanted to surround him with my whole body and being.

When I did that, he got excited. "Oh yea, honey. Hold me. Let me fuck you with my big cock. What a nice little ass you got."

At that point Jeffie screamed and shot his gusher in my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could. Maybe there was enough alcohol in his cum to tide me over to my next bottle. As Jeffie moved off me, Jimmie lowered his head and kissed me fantastically on and in my mouth. It was almost as if he were licking the remains of Jeffie's semen from the walls and roof of it. I was happy to let him. The two of us could booze on it together. A shared experience.

With his mouth glued to mine, suddenly he roared directly into my throat. "GGGGGRRRRAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH." His legs flipped out straight behind him as his crotch spasmed at the door of my inner chamber and his own hot liquid shot way into me in six, (I counted them) six forceful spurts. "Oh, honey," he moaned affectionately. "That was so terrific. I think I love you." If my mouth and ass could elicit such deep emotions, maybe I had a future after all.

Now Jimmy moved off of me as tall Mikey with his long skinny legs took the lower spot. He jacked his also-long dick around getting it nice and hard, and eased it into me. " I don't even have to spit on it, with all that cum you got rolling around in your ass," he commented. And as he began working in and out, I could hear loud liquid sucking sounds coming from inside my rectum.

Mikey was not a lover. He wasn't interested in my as a person. He was interested in me as an asshole jerking off his long dick. He wanted to shoot. He just wanted to shoot his load. As he pursued his ambition, making delicious deep strokes in my sensitive internal alley, which was beginning to feel wonderful to me, (now that I was used to this new type of recreation), old Stan kneeled by the side of my head and twisted my face to the side so he could feed me his own not so long but very thick stubby pole. Both Mike and Stan were about forty. Mike was fairly skinny but he seemed strong and able. He had limp brown hair on his head and face but not a lot on his legs and torso. As for Stan, you could tell if he ate a little more he could get heavy, but since he only drank, he was merely a little pudgy. Stan had curly greasy-looking long black hair which swirled around his face as he frantically put it to me. His body also was covered with wirey scratchy black bristles, which tickled my face when he plunged the entire length of his dick down my throat and rested his pubic hair on my sloppy lips. He was on top of me now.

I was hearing appreciative gurgles from each of them as they were working their machines toward completion. The big shoot-out and shut-down. Two loaded guns blazing away, stimulating my mucous membranes. "I'm getting close," Mikey gasped. "It's so close. I can feel it bubbling in my balls getting ready to explode."

"Oh, suck it. Suck it," Stan urged. "Come on. Let me feel those hot lips pulling out my big load."

I doubled my efforts on his behalf. And both Mikey and Stan were bucking their bodies above me. "Oh, this bum has a talented mouth," Stan moaned.

"His ass is pretty talented too," Mike commented, breathing jaggedly.

I could feel the blunt end of Stan's hard pole actually banging into the back of my throat, and my salivary glands were working overtime. Spit was flowing out of my mouth and pouring down my chin onto my neck and chest. It was exquisite strangulation. And then he pounded and his cum ran out and ran straight down my esophagus into my stomach. I only began to taste it as his cock started losing rigidity and drew back along my tongue into the front of my mouth.

And then Mikey started to go "UGH UGH UGH," as he slammed his hips against my ass cheeks and I could feel his thing palpitating in my ass as it got all big and swollen inside me and then began flooding me with his man juice.

He was sweating from the exertion and flopped down on my chest, his head landing on Stan's ass, since Stan was still lying over my face.

Finally, they both roused themselves and slowly stood up. Everybody was slowly putting on his clothes. Dirty shirts, dirty underpants, dirty pants. I stepped into my tattered trousers and began to cinch my belt.

"You're coming along with us," Mikey said, grabbing my arm.

"Yeah," Jeffie added. "We'll take real good care of you. See you get all the liquids you need. Alcoholic and organic."

"Step away from him," Jimmy ordered, stepping forward. "He's mine. I found him first."

"But you wanna come with us, don't you, friend?" Stan said. "You got three nice cocks here. You wouldn't wanna pass that up."

"I said step away," Jimmy repeated. "He's coming with me."

"Tell him who you wanna go with, guy," Mikey urged.

Suddenly I knew what I wanted and I found my voice. "I wanna go with him," I said, and moved over next to Jimmy. We looked at each other and he smiled.

"Well, too bad, we're gonna take you with us. We know what's best for you, don't we, boys?" Mikey insisted.

"Yeah," said Stan.

"Yeah," said Jeffie.

"I said step away from him." Jimmy pulled a switchblade from his pocket and pressed the switch. The knife glittered in the moonlight, and he held it before their stunned eyes.

"You don't have to get nasty," Jeffie protested. "We're not gonna make him go any where he doesn't want to go." The three of them looked at each other and shrugged, and began making their way down the long alley back to the street. Jimmy closed the blade and put the knife back in his pocket.

"You wanna come with me, don't you, guy?" he asked me.

I looked at his handsome streetworn face and answered. "Yeah. I wanna go with you."

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Fred," I answered.

He threw his arm around my shoulder. "Well, Fred. You and me is gonna be a team. We'll panhandle together, we'll drink together, we'll sleep together side by side in the same alley every night where we'll fuck together.

It all sounded very romantic. I was falling under his spell. As we walked along, I put my arm across his shoulders. We were step-in-step.

"You know what, Fred?" he asked.

"What, Jimmy?" I asked.

"It's soon gonna be morning. We better get down in the subway and beg a couple of bucks, so we can buy a nice bottle of cheap red for breakfast."

"Yeah, cheap red," I repeated, my mouth watering for the nutricious fruity alcoholic beverage.

"You and me are gonna bum around together for a long time."

"Yeah, bum around together," I repeated again. And then a tear started to form in my eye as the wonder overcame me. I had a bum buddy. A real bum buddy.

"I'm gonna stick my big stick into your ass every night. How does that sound?

"It sounds good," I answered.

"And if you're really nice, I'll let you stick your dick into my hole maybe once a month. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yeah, Jimmy," I said enthusiastically. "I think I would like that. You got a nice hard ass." His hand around my shoulder squeezed me a little.

I lay my head down on Jimmy's shoulder as we walked down the street together. Maybe once I had a wife and children, but now--- now I had a bum buddy. And that was so much better.




Posted: 08/17/07