By: Little Dan
(Copyrighted 2007 by the author)

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Most of my life has been an endless progression of long grey winter days.  But there was that one summer.  That magnificent summer.  That summer on the beach.   I had just turned eighteen and graduated from high school, and I had been accepted at a top ivy-league university for the fall term.


As a present for getting into such an illustrious institution, my parents had permitted me not to take a summer job working as an office boy or in some other lowly capacity.  Instead they had rented a private cabana at the exclusive Turtle Green Beach Club for the summer, for my benefit only.  They were both Executives at large corporations and didn’t have the time to laze about in the sun.  They also both hated the beach.  But I loved it.  I loved the feeling of the hot sand under my feet as I walked from the cabanas in the back down to the ocean across a quarter mile of yellow-white sand.  There I would spread my blanket very near the shore line, and gaze at the waves flooding foamily up towards my feet.


So the cabana was really all mine.  I think they came one Sunday, and my mother got too much of a sunburn and they never came again.  I loved the cabana.  It was my own private room on the ocean.  It had a small refrigerator, and a propane gas stove, and a couch for me to lie on, and the couch even opened up into a bed.  I could have stayed there all night.  I could have lived there, if only they didn’t make everyone leave and close the beach at nine p.m. every evening.  


The beach club even had a lovely little restaurant, and I was able to eat there and charge everything to the cabana, which charges my parents would pick up. It was the most ideal summer I had ever had.  Usually, as I mentioned, I would have had to take a job, but when I was younger there were times when my parents took me to the beach, and my father even taught me how to swim.  I was not a great swimmer, but I could get by.  Even in the waves.


There were a lot of pretty girls walking around in tight little bathing suits also, and I could see the other boys ogling them, and even shamelessly rubbing their crotches.  How rude.  I would never do anything like that.  And really I wasn’t all that interested anyway.  I didn’t see what all my fellow male teens were so thrilled about. 


There was a girl at the beach who had been in my graduating class, and she was thought to be ‘hot’ and also to be somewhat of a slut.  But I liked her.  Her name was Cassie, and she wore the briefest little bathing suit.  In fact there was only a thin strip of cotton climbing up between her buttcheeks.  The cheeks themselves were totally exposed.  The other guys really liked Cassie, but she was keeping them at a distance.  The way she kept them at a distance was by making me a friend and keeping me close to her.  


The first day I went to the beach that summer, I went to my cabana.  Number A47.  I turned the key and opened the door.  My own private place.  I entered, and closed the wooden door behind me.   I checked the refrigerator.  It was empty.  I would have to remedy that.  I would need some sodas in there to quench my thirst and cool my sunbaked body.


I opened my suitcase and took out the towels and blankets I would be needing, and also my shapeless square bathing suit.  That was what everybody was wearing now.  I hated it.  I had a really nice slim body, and would have liked to show it off.  I had seen pictures of a beach in Australia, and also of a beach in Rio, and in both places the men wore tight form-fitting swimwear.  I really liked looking at those pictures.  I wish I could have looked like that.   But over here there was some unwritten law against parading around in such erotic attire.  Over here the boxy square trunks were definitely a la mode, and you couldn’t even buy anything else.


When I had changed into my suit, I covered myself with a liberal amount of sunblock lotion SBF 45—the best.  I’m very fair like my mother, and can’t afford to get badly burned.  I took a blanket and a towel, plus the lotion, which I would have to reapply frequently, and opened the wooden door.


I locked it behind me, and slipped the chain necklace to which I had attached it over my head and around my neck.  I started walking down toward the sea.  The ocean was calling me.  I let my toes clench into the hot sand with each step.  It was a wonderful feeling.  Almost erotic.  And the beautiful turbulent ocean was spread out right there before me in all its fierce and untamed beauty.  About ten feet from where the sea was washing up onto the beach, someone called me.




I looked over, and lying about ten feet away on a blue and green striped blanket was Cassie Millican, who had been in my class.


“Hi Cassie,” I said.  I think that that was the first time I had ever spoken to Cassie, or she to me.  She was definitely the property of the athletic teams and out of my league.


“I heard you got into Ivy League,” she said.


“Yes,” I said.  “I’m really happy.”


“That’s just great.  I only got into Franklin Community.”


“Well that’s a good school,” I lied, trying to make her feel better.


“Yeah.  I guess.  Whatever,” she answered.  “I didn’t know you were a member here.”


“Yeah.  My parents took a cabana this summer.”


“Neat.  I just have a locker.  You’ll have to invite me up to your cabana for some libations one of these days.’


“Sure,” I said.  “But first I have to stock up.  The place is empty right now.”


“Don’t just stand there,” she said.  “Put your blanket down next to mine.  I’m glad to find a friend here.”


“Okay,” I said.  I hadn’t known I was her friend, but I was certainly happy to be considered one.  She really was very good looking, and she had enormous breasts which were spilling out over the top half of her bathing suit.  “You usually have a lot of company,” I told her.


“Yeah.  But none of my boyfriends are members here.  I mean I can bring one in as a guest, but then the others hear about it, and then I have to bring them, and it goes on and on, and I don’t even want to get into it.”


“Okay,” I said.


We talked about school.  We talked about television shows.  We talked about movies.  And then we went in for a swim.  The water was damn cold.  I tippied in, and it took me almost twenty minutes to get my shoulders under and get used to it.  But Cassie dove right in and just kept splashing around and laughing at me.


“”Dive in,” she encouraged me.


“It’s too cold.”


“It only hurts for a minute,” she laughed, and then she began splashing me with cold water which wasn’t very pleasant.


“Stop it,” I told her.


“Dive in,” she repeated, and finally I did.   We swam around about six feet from the shoreline for about fifteen minutes.  There were some people way further out, which I thought was pretty dangerous because there was an undertow, but I looked back at the beach and saw that the lifeguard was sitting in his high seat, watching everything behind those black glasses he wore.   I assume he was watching and not sleeping.  You really couldn’t tell.


When we came out of the water and went back to our blankets, I had to reapply the sunscreen, and so did Cassie.  She offered to do my back and I did hers.  We were lying right next to each other, she at the very left edge of her blanket, and I at the very right edge of my own.  


We started trading school gossip and giggling and it was really pleasant with the sound of the ocean in the background.  Suddenly a shadow blocked the glaring sun from my sunglasses, and I heard a masculine voice.  


“Hi, little lady.  How are you?”


“Fine,” said Cassie.


It was the lifeguard who had been sitting high up on his chair, but now another life guard had come on duty, and this one was on his break.


“How was the water?” he asked her, in this very sexy sounding voice.


“Great,” she said.  “Really refreshing.”


“Yeah.  I was watching you swim with your boyfriend here.”


“He’s not my boyfriend,” said Cassie.  “We’re just friends.”


“Is that so?”


I kind of bent my head back to get a better look.  I was looking straight up.  He had a strong slim build with muscular legs, and from what I could see from this upside down position, he was really good looking.


“So do you come here often?” he asked her. 


“Almost every day,” she said.


“Great,” he said.  I looked up again.  His eyes were glued on Cassie’s chest, and though he was standing almost directly over my face, he never even looked at me.   My eyes kind of traveled up his long tan legs and even into the loose leg holes of his swim trunks, and I saw it.  His bathing suit didn’t have a jock strap in it.  He was just hanging loose inside the loose trunks, and I could see everything.  I saw his two heavy hairy balls dangling down above my face, and above them was his penis, which seemed to be half stiff and was really thick and really long. 


He had no idea that behind my dark glasses I was looking at his imposing masculinity.  More imposing every second.  I started to feel strangely excited, as I have never felt before.  Was this what the other guys were feeling while their eyes were locked onto Cassie’s bosom, as now the lifeguard’s eyes were?


I could feel myself getting hard in my own boxy suit, but I at least was well contained.  My suit had a jock.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t risk exposing my condition, so I lazily turned over onto my belly.


“My name’s Gary,” said the lifeguard.


“Mine is Cassie,” said Cassie.  “And this is Harry.”


“Hi there, nice to meet you,” he said, bending slightly at the knees and stretching out his hand to shake mine.  I shook his hand.  He had a really strong grip.  He probably was really very strong all over.  He had to be, to be a lifeguard.  He would need to have the strength to overcome a struggling drowning person, and swim him back to shore.  That kind of strength seemed very seductive to me.


“Nice to meet you,” I said.


“I hope I see you here again,” he told Cassie.


“Do you want to sit down for a while?”  She patted the blanket next to her. 


“No.  Not now.  Gotta grab a bite to eat and then get back on the job.  If you need anything, just give a yell.”


“Sure will,” said Cassie. 


He started backing away, his eyes still tightly focused on the swelling breasts which her bathing suit could barely contain.  He was so mesmerized that he didn’t notice the little boy building a sand castle directly behind him, and totally destroyed it.  The little boy started to cry.  His mother came over and held him.


“Now, now, Stuart.  It was just an accident.  The nice lifeguard didn’t see your castle.”


“No.  Sorry kid.  I didn’t see it.  It was an accident.”


“You can build another one,” his mother told him, and finally his whimpering stopped and he began to reconstruct from the wreckage.  But the little accident had served in tearing Gary’s gaze from Cassie’s tits. 


“See you,” he said, and took off in a run across the beach toward the restaurant.


“Wow,” said Cassie.  “What a great looking guy.”


 “He really liked you,” I told her.


 “I know,” she said.  “I don’t really want to encourage him though.  I’m not ready for a relationship.”


“You could just have a date,” I told her.


 “No.  I just had an unpleasant experience.  A little germ.  I have to be more careful who I date,” she sighed.


 “Oh,” I said, understandingly.  I wondered which little germ it was.   But Gary looked perfectly clean and healthy.   She was letting a golden opportunity pass her by.


 From that moment on, all I could think about was Gary, the handsome lifeguard.  Thank goodness I had those dark glasses and he didn’t see the look of longing that must be in my eyes.  He often came over and stood over my face, while talking to Cassie for a few minutes, and I got many wonderful peaks inside his swimtrunks.  What a great dick.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, but something.


I was obsessed with Gary.  I could think of nothing else for the next several weeks.  I kept wondering how I could get him to notice me, and even if he noticed me, then what?  I certainly didn’t have beautiful tits like Cassie.  It was all so hopeless.  But I couldn’t stop thinking of him.  I imagined him swimming out to save me from the turbulent seas and carrying me to shore in his long strong arms.


 That was it.  That was it.  I needed to have him save me.  I had found a course of action.  But how would I achieve it, my final goal being to be lying on the couch or the open bed in my cabana, my head pressed against his hard chest, and his strong muscular arms encircling my pliant body.  Obviously, I would have to pretend that I was drowning.  It seemed so easy, but I just didn’t know how to set the plan in motion.  I was terrified.


Then Cassie got a summer cold and didn’t come to the beach for a few days, and I realized that this would be my opportunity.  Cassie would not be with me.  I could wander out too far and be caught in the undertow.  My heart was beating like a hammer inside my chest as I lay on my belly on my blanket, crushing my erection, and secretly devouring Gary in his tall chair.  Without Cassie here, he never even looked in this direction for a second.


This was the time.  Carefully I stood up and slowly made my way toward the water.  It was always so damned cold.  I wanted to tippie in slowly to get used to it, but if I took too long, he would go on his break and my chance would be gone.


I dove in.  Yikes.  It was cold.   I paddled around and tried to get used to it and after a couple of minutes I did.  Slowly I dragged myself out against the waves further and further from the shore, until at last the water was up to my nipples with my feet still touching the ground.  I needed to go further.  I would have to swim.   I stretched out and paddled toward the horizon.   I turned my head for an instant to look at the tall chair, and saw that Gary was watching me.


Suddenly a wave crashed against me and filled my mouth and my nose.  It knocked me totally off balance, and all of a sudden it started pulling back toward the sea, dragging me along with it.  I was twisting and twirling and the water was going into my mouth and my nose.  I tried to swim against it, but I wasn’t strong enough and it was dragging me out to sea.  Out to a watery grave.  Christ.  I really was drowning. 


 “Help,” I screamed.  “Help.  Help.”  And I was flailing all around.  I was trying desperately to keep my head above water, trying to suck in each breath of air before another wave sloshed salt water down my nose and throat.  And suddenly he was there beside me.  Gary.  The lifeguard.  I threw my arms desperately around his neck.


 “Let me go,” he said.  “You’re dragging me down.”  But I still clutched on to him like a life preserver.  Finally he succeeded in pushing me off, and wrapping one arm around my body he swam back toward the beach.  He dragged me onto the sand, and I lay on my belly choking and coughing up salt water.  He straddled me and began pushing on my back, trying to force the sea out of my lungs.  I coughed it out.


 But even as all this was happening, I was conscious of his strong thighs on each side of my body, and I could feel his genitals pressing against my buttocks as he sat on them.  As miserable as I was, I raised my middle up a little to tighten the contact between his crotch and my butt.


 “Are you okay?” he asked me.


 “I don’t know,” I said.  “Thank you.  Thank you for saving my life.”


“You know you’re not supposed to go out that far,” he chastised me.


 “I know.  I know.  The wave just hit me and pulled me out.  Thank you for saving my life.”


 “Can you get up?” he asked me.


“I don’t know,” I told him.  I really was feeling very unsteady and didn’t know if I’d be able to stand by myself.  “Could you help me back to my cabana?” I asked him.


“Sure,” he said.  I pulled myself up along his body and totally leaned on him.  He kept his arm tightly across my waist as we walked slowly to the cabanas.


“Which one is it?” he asked me.


“A47,” I told him.


When we got to the wooden door, he let me lean my weight against him as he slipped the chain with the key over my head and unlocked the door.  He led me to the couch and stretched me out on it.  “Can I offer you something?” I asked him.


 “No.  Merv’s on the tall chair now, but it’s still my shift.  I have to get back.  Are you gonna be all right?”


 “Yeah.  I guess so.”


“You’ll be okay,” he told me.  “You just had a little scare.  It’ll teach you a lesson.”

And then he was gone.  And that was it.  I had planned the drowning.  I had done the drowning.  I had really done the drowning.  And what now?  My vaguely sexual fantasies had come to nothing. 


But then an idea began to form in my head.  I went to the liquor store and stocked up on everything.  Three days later (fortunately Cassie still had her summer cold) I approached the tall chair with my latest plan.


 “I can’t ever thank you enough,” I told him.  “You saved my life.  If it weren’t for you I’d be lying at the bottom of the ocean right now.”


“It’s okay, kid.  It’s my job.  That’s what I’m here for.”


“But I really want to thank you.  Why don’t you come back to my cabana for a drink?”


 “Can’t, kid.  I’m on duty.”


 “Well what time do you get off duty?” I asked him.


“Six p.m.,” he told me.


”Well, why don’t you come over when you get off and have a drink or two?”


 “Well maybe I might.  I always like a little nip after a boring day at the beach.


 “Great,” I said.  “I’ll see you later.”


 “Right,” he answered.


 “It’s A47,” I reminded him.


“Yeah.  I remember,” he told me. 


I went into the water for a few minutes, but just to cool off.  I only went as far as the water coming up to my knees.  I didn’t try to submerge myself at all, which was great.   I hung around the beach until around five.  I think it was around five. I didn’t have my watch.   I went up and took a shower and went to my cabana and changed into a clean bathing suit. 


I checked in the refrigerator.  Plenty of ice.  I put two tall glasses on the table and surrounded them with a bottle of every kind of liquor.  I had scotch.  I had rye. I had bourbon.  I had brandy.  Gin.  Rum.  Whatever he might like, I was covered.  I took my watch out of my pants pocket.  It was almost six.  My heart was hammering in my chest.  I didn’t know what I wanted to happen.  But something.


And after a little while, there he was standing in the open doorway, tall and suntanned with his curly black hair, and his white teeth gleaming in contrast to his bronzed face, and those great muscles of his.  He was so strong and so manly.  I was not strong.  I needed his strength.


“Hey,” I said.  “Come on in,” and I patted the couch next to where I was sitting. He sat next to me.


“What would you like to drink?” I asked him.


 “You got scotch?” he asked me.


 “Yes,” I said.


“You got ice?” he asked me.


 “Yes,” I said. 


 “I’ll have a scotch rocks,” he told me.


“I drink that too,” I told him.  Like really I didn’t drink at all.  Or smoke.  I lived a completely healthy life style except for maybe almost drowning once in a while.


 I got up and went to the refrigerator and took out an ice tray.  I emptied it into a silver bucket on the table.  I put two cubes into each of two glasses and poured in some scotch.  I crossed over and held out a glass to him.  He took it, as I sat down once again next to him.


He took a swallow.  I took a swallow. Yucch.  Nasty stuff.


“Damn.  That hits the spot,” he told me. “Just what I need.”


“Yeah.  Me too,” I said, and took another swallow.  He took a few more swallows and held out his glass.  I took it to the table and filled it up.  Then I finished what was in my own glass and filled that up too.  I sat down on the couch next to him again.  I could feel the heat of his left leg against my right leg.


 “I can never thank you enough,” I told him again.  “You really saved my life.  I really owe you.”


“Like I told you kid.  It’s my job.  Just don’t make me do it again.”  He finished his glass and handed it to me.  I wobbled slightly, walking to the table.  I did not refill my own.  I was already a little tipsy.  I took my place next to him again.


 “So where’s your girlfriend?” he asked me.  “I haven’t seen her all week.”


 “No.  She’s been sick.  But she’s not my girlfriend.  We’re just friends.”


 “Well I wish she were my friend, I can tell you that,” he told me.  “She’s a hot little number all right.  Did you ever put it to her?”


 “No,” I told him.  “We’re just friends.”


 “Damn.  I wouldn’t mind putting it to her.  What a rack.”  And I noticed that he was kind of touching himself through his swimsuit which was starting to tent out a little.  I could feel a little increase in my own private area.  He was getting excited thinking of Cassie, and I was getting excited thinking of him.


 “I sure wish she was here,” he said as if in a reverie, and now he was openly playing with himself through the garment.  “I sure wish I could have her hot lips wrapped around my big thick dick.”


 “You like blowjobs?” I asked him.


 He looked at me as if I were crazy.  “Who doesn’t like a blowjob?” he asked me.


“Yeah.  Who doesn’t?”  I repeated stupidly, gazing at him playing with himself.  I had never felt this kind of excitement before in my life.


 “Would you want me to give you a blowjob?” I offered.


 “You give blowjobs?” he asked me, and now his fist was curled around the large stiff penis inside the loose trunks.


“I never have,” I told him.  “But I wouldn’t mind.  I mean after all.  You saved my life.  I owe you.”


“Only if you really want to,” he told me.


 “I do,” I assured him.  “I really do.” 


 “Well okay then.  I could use some hot mouth on my big hard dick right about now.”


“Okay,” I said, and I pushed his hand away and began to squeeze his cock with my own hand.  It felt so powerful.  I was giddy with excitement and too much scotch.


 “Let me slip my suit off,” he told me, and stood up, handing me his glass.  “And fill me up again.”


“I wobbled to the table and put two fresh cubes in his glass and filled it to the top with amber liquid.  I turned back toward him and held out the glass, just as he released his trunks from around his waist and let them slip to the floor.  He stepped out of them, and sat back down on the couch with his strong thighs spread.  He reached for the glass with his left hand and massaged his massive cock and balls with his right hand.  Balancing each ball and then stretching out his dick toward me. 


I had never done this before.  But somehow deep inside me I knew what to do.  I sank to my knees between his strong thighs.  I bent my head toward his cock and took a deep breath.  It was a heady aroma.  Clean and masculine.  I breathed in again.  I wanted to remember this aroma forever.  


Again, I pushed his hand out of the way and took his now naked fleshstick into my own hand.  I began to stroke it lovingly.  Slowly I lowered my head further and sucked the tube into my mouth.  It tasted as if it belonged there.  I began to suckle on it and lick it and tongue it all around.


“That’s it,” he murmered touching the top of my head.  After a little while I took a few deep breaths and then let it go way back to the back of my throat.  I was afraid that I would gag, but I didn’t.  I seemed to have a natural talent for deep-throating a large dick.  I was so stimulated that I was afraid I was going to shoot off in my bathing suit, without even touching myself.  I concentrated on not coming.  I wanted this excitement to last.  He put one hand on the top of my head and pressed his organ against my throat, as he took another large swallow of scotch.


“Man.  You give great head,” he told me.  “Great head.  The best I ever had.  Swear to god.”   I made whatever noise I could make with a large dick filling my mouth and hammering against my esophagus.  I hoped he realized that I was thanking him for the compliment.


 “Oh my god!” he said.  “Great head.  I bet your pretty little girlfriend doesn’t give head this good.  Christ.”  And then he started to move his hips around and press on the top of my head even more, as he made all kinds of funny pleasure noises.

“Fuck.  I’m gonna come,” he whispered.  “I’m gonna shoot my fucking load.  Take it.  Take it.”  And I did.  I swallowed it straight down where it blended with all the scotch I had drunk.


 “Man.  That was fucking great,” he said.  My mouth was still wrapped tightly around his softening member, sucking out the last drops.  Finally he pushed my head away.


“Thanks, man.  That was fucking fantastic.”


 “You saved my life,” I told him.


 “And you just saved mine,” he said.  “I really, really needed that.  This job doesn’t give me a lot of free time to cruise around for pussy,” he explained.


 “Any time,” I told him.  “I’ve got plenty of scotch.”  I didn’t but I would get more.


 “I might just take you up on that,” he told me.


“I hope so,” I said.  And then he stood up and pulled on his trunks and stepped out the door, and was gone.  And what I didn’t even know I had wanted to happen had just happened.  I was crazy mad in love with Gary, the lifeguard.  I wanted his cock, and as often as possible.


 The next day Cassie was over her cold and back on the beach.  I pretended I was happy to see her, but I really wasn’t.  During the course of the day Gary strolled over and began eying her tits again.  As usual he was standing almost directly over my face and I could see right up into his suit.  I was just lying there happily gazing at his hidden treasures which were now so familiar to me.


“Heard you were sick,” said Gary.


“Yeah.  I had one of those damned summer colds.  So hard to get rid of.”


“You feeling better now?”


 “Yes.  Much.  I can breathe again.”


 “Glad to hear it,” said Gary as he gazed down into her cleavage, but for a second I thought he glanced at me, as if to tell me six p.m.   I had to turn on my stomach again to hide my excitement.


 Cassie was wearing her watch.  “It’s almost five,” she told me.  “Time to go home.  You ready?”


 “I’m gonna stay a little while longer,” I told her.  She folded up her blanket and walked up toward the lockers.  I was glad I didn’t have just a locker.  There was barely room to stand inside a locker, no less give a good blowjob.  After a few minutes, I headed up to the showers, and went to my cabana.  At about ten past six, he was there in my doorway again.  Handsome Gary.  My heart flipped a little.


 “Got any scotch in here?” he asked me.


 “You bet,” I told him.  He came in and shut the door behind him as I went for the ice and prepared the drinks.   I handed him his glass and took a sip as he sat down on the couch, his thighs spread wide, and his hand hovering near his generous endowment.   The sip tasted kind of good.  Maybe I was developing a taste for scotch, as well as a taste for cum.  And I wanted to feel that irresponsible heady intoxication I had felt the night before.  I took a few swallows.  So did Gary. 


I filled his glass three times while I played with his dick through his swimming trunks, and then he finally stood up and let them fall.  This time he didn’t sit back down.  He put his hand on my head and guided my mouth around his equipment.  He was really liking it again and making all kinds of joyful little noises.



“Man.  You’re the best,” he told me.  “I never had a queer guy suck me off before.  I’ve really been missing out.”  And he pressed my throat down onto his knob.  “Yeah.  That’s it.  That’s it.  It feels so fucking good.  Lick my balls a little bit.”


I did everything he told me.  Finally he got tired of standing and sat back down on the couch and I crawled between his knees.  I sucked him for a little while, and then he handed me his glass for another refill.  I wobbled towards the table and back to him, and sank back down between his powerful thighs.  I licked the inside of his thighs, I licked his balls, but then he lifted his feet off the floor and spread open his butt cheeks.


“Lick it a little,” he told me.


 It didn’t seem very sanitary to me, but I knew he had just showered so I did it.  And I kind of liked the feeling of that different kind of flesh against my tongue.  And it was such an intimate act.  This was what I had dreamed of.  Intimacy with Gary.  Though I hadn’t envisioned any of the specific acts I would be peforming in order to be intimate.


 “Man.  You’re terrific,” he told me.  “You really know how to please a guy.  I’m just gonna hate it when this summer is over.”


 “Me too,” I told him sincerely, and then he moved my mouth back around his cock and pushed it to the back of my throat.  Well, he knew I could take it.


 “I’m gonna cum,” he announced.  “Take my fucking hot load.  Take it.”  And I started sucking frantically as if on a straw trying to draw the liquid out into my mouth.  And then I tasted Gary’s sweet nectar again.  It was better than the scotch.


 I lay half drunk and exhausted on the couch, as he stood up and pulled on his suit, and went out the door, closing it behind him.


“I hope you got a lot of scotch,” he said as he left.  “It really hits the spot after a long day’s work.”


 “I’ve always got scotch,” I told him.  “Scotch and ice.  Drop around any time for a scotch rocks.”


After that, I never left the beach till very late.  I always waited till around six thirty.  There were some nights he didn’t come, but there were plenty of nights he did.  I was running up a good bill at the liquor store for my parents to pay.  They would be curious when the bills started coming in.


What a glorious summer that was.  The long hot days on the beach, and then after six in the cabana.   Gary never touched me, but I didn’t care.  I went home horny every night with the image of his face and his body and his dick and his balls flittering through my mind, and I masturbated like crazy.  I had a treasure trove of images and memories in my head. 


 But the summer was drawing to a close.  It was Labor Day Weekend, and on Monday night, the beach would close for the season.  I was going off to college, and that was exciting, but maybe I would never see Gary again.  I couldn’t even bear to think of that possibility.


A little after six on Labor Day he came to my cabana.  “Got any scotch?” he asked me.


 “Sure do,” I told him.  


He came in and shut the door behind him.  He was carrying a little plastic bag which he threw on the couch.  The ice was already in the bucket, and I filled the glasses.  This would probably be our last time together and I wanted to make it wonderful.


 He stripped off his suit and I began to orally service him as I had been doing.  After a little while he said to me, “You know, this is the end of the season.  This is it.”


“I know,” I said mournfully.


 “I was thinking I’d like to make it really special.  Like go out with a big bang.”


“Sure,” I said.  “Whatever you want.”  Whatever that might be.  I had no idea  what he was thinking of. 


“I was thinking I’d like to bang you.  I never fucked a guy in the ass before, and I was thinking who knows when I’ll ever get another chance.  I hear it’s really tighter than pussy.”


“Oh,” I said a little nervously.


“Did you ever get banged in the ass?” he asked me.


 “No,” I said 


“Well, what do you think about it?   Would you like me to bang you in your ass?  To put my dick way up inside your tight little virgin boyhole.”


“Maybe,” I told him.  “Will it hurt?”


 “I don’t know.  I never got fucked in the ass, but I know a lot of people dig it.  Girls too.”


 “Well, okay then,” I agreed.  “But go slow.  I don’t want to get hurt.”


“Gary will take care of his boy.  Don’t you worry.  I even brought a little gel to help it go in smoothly.  Drop your trunks and turn around.  I want to see your ass.”


I dropped the trunks and turned my back to him.  He walked up behind me and began manipulating my cheeks, which was like a massage and felt very nice.


 “You got a nice smooth ass on you kid, and your cheeks are nice and smooth like a woman. I think I’m really going to enjoy this.  Lie down on the couch.”


 “It opens up into a double bed.  Maybe that would be more comfortable.”


“Sure.   Good idea.” He helped me open the bed.  There was already a sheet on it and we both climbed on the bed.  I was lying on my belly and he crawled up in front of my face and let me suck on his dick to get it wet.  And then he straddled me again, just as he had when I was lying on the beach half drowned, but now there were no swimming trunks between us, and his hot cock was nestled comfortably in my crack.  He took a tube, which had been in the plastic bag he had brought, and covered his dick with gel, and then eased some of it up my asshole with his fingers.  I raised my bottom to open the passage for him, so he could get it in as far as possible.


 Then the weight of his buttcheeks lifted off mine.  He had raised himself slightly and was guiding the tip of his prick into my gelled-up opening.  Very slowly it started to slide in.  He went very slowly, so it didn’t hurt at all, and then he started to fuck me.


 And I knew that this was what I had been wanting the whole summer.  To feel Gary’s powerful masculinity inside my body.  It felt so wonderful.  I started to work my rectal muscles around his dick inside my body.  I tried to create a certain pressure, so that it would be like I was giving him an anal blow job.  My ass was trying to suck the cum out of him.


 I was moaning a lot, but he was too, and he was licking my neck and my ear, and running his palm all over my buttcheek.  


“I want to shoot my load inside your hot pussy, kid.  Okay?”


“Yes,” I said.  “I want you to.  I want to feel you come inside me.  I want your cream in my body.  Give it to me.”


“Oh, baby!  Your ass is so warm and so tight and so smooth.  I’ve never had a fuck like this before.  Never.  Too bad you’re not a woman.  I would marry you and fuck you every night for the rest of my life.”


That sounded good to me, but I wasn’t a woman so it wasn’t going to happen.


 He just kept fucking and fucking me.  Very slowly.  There was no hurry.  He wanted to stretch it out as long as possible, but that was not to be forever, because in about ten minutes I felt his body go into little shivers and tremors, and he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up tightly against him, and I could feel spasm after spasm of hot cum shooting up my passage.


“I’m coming,” he screamed.  But I already knew that.  “Take it.  Take my hot cum.”  And as he was holding me tightly against him and shooting into me, I shot my own wad out onto the sheet, without me even touching myself. 


We lay there for several minutes, not moving, luxuriating in each other as our breath and heart rates returned to normal.   Finally, however, the inevitable happened.  Gary stood up and pulled on his trunks.


“See you, kid.  It’s been a great summer.  Good luck at college.”


 “Will you be here next summer?” I asked him.


“Don’t know.  Never plan that far ahead.  Bye now.”


And then he was gone. 


I got my parents to take the cabana for another summer, and was hoping that I would find Gary there.  But there was a new lifeguard.   Shorter and not as handsome.  Not really worth drowning over.  After a while I lost interest in the beach and just stayed at home in my room and read for the rest of the summer.


I have had relationships with other men over the years, but nothing approached that crazy puppylovesick exhilaration I had experienced with Gary.  If I close my eyes even now, I can see his lean tanned torso standing in the open doorway of my cabana.  His teeth gleaming in the suntanned face that was smiling at me.  That image will forever be stamped in my mind.


After grad school, I took a job in the city, and also an apartment, and only went out to Turtle Green to visit my parents.   My father died first, and about five years later my mother passed on, but I never sold the house.  I thought that maybe someday I would move back into my boyhood home. 


And that did come to pass.  I retired, and I was tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, so I moved back into the family home.  I slept in my own room.  The master bedroom was bigger, of course, but I didn’t feel I belonged there.  That was my parents’ room.  I had my own room.


As you can see, I’m overly nostalgic.  It’s very hard for me to let go of the past, and my first joys, and my summer with Gary.


Last week I was walking down State Street, the main street in Turtle Green.  I had driven into town to pick up some groceries.  Suddenly I heard a voice behind me. 


“Harry?” it asked.  “Is that you?”


I turned around and saw an elderly man and a good looking young boy about eighteen approaching me.  “Is that you, Harry?” The elderly man asked me.


“Yes,” I said, but I had no idea who he was.


He saw that I was at a loss.   “Gary,” he said.  “It’s been a long time.”


“Gary,” I nodded as the realization hit me.  My handsome wonderful Gary was now this elderly man standing in front of me.  I stretched out my hand, and we shook hands.


“I thought you moved away to the city,” he told me.


“I did,” I said.  “But I just moved back into my parents’ old house.”


“Great,” he said.  “Harry.  I’d like you to meet my grandson, Todd.  Todd, say hello to Harry”


“Hi Harry,” said Todd.


“Hi Todd.  Nice to meet you,” I replied.  He was a handsome boy, but not as spectacular as Gary had been, so very many years ago.


“Yeah,” continued Gary.  “We drove into town to buy Todd here a new pair of jeans and a couple of shirts, and a pair of swim trunks.  He’s thinking about lifeguarding next summer.”


“Your grandfather used to be a lifeguard,” I told Todd, which I’m sure he already knew very well.


“Yeah,” said Gary.  “I saved this man’s life, Todd.  Except for me, he wouldn’t be standing here now.”


“Yes, your grandfather saved my life,” I told Todd.


“I always wondered what ever happened to you,” said Gary.  “You served a mean scotch rocks in your cabana.”


“Yeah, I remember,” I told him.


“Well Todd and me have to be getting home.  Todd has a big tennis game this afternoon.  Great seeing you again after all these years, Harry.”


“Yes,” I said.  “Great.” 


But it wasn’t.  I wish I had never met this man.  I wanted to keep Gary as he always had been in a special compartment in my memory.  The handsome young man with the big thick dick which I had sucked, and who had fucked me for the first time.  Too much time had passed, and the eager adoring young boy that I had been, and the strong, handsome, sexually radiant young lifeguard that he had been no longer existed.  We were now just two old men.  Life can be so cruel. 


After some time I was able to erase that elderly man and his grandson from my mind, and regain the precious image of my handsome lifeguard framed in my cabana door, in that summer by the sea, that summer when I had almost drowned, that summer when I experienced unbelievable ecstasies for the first time behind the closed door of my cabana.



Posted: 05/18/07