Sigma Delta Delta
By: Little Dan
(Copyright 2007 by the author)


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Thank god! It's Friday afternoon and my last class, 'Political Science-The Structure of a Republic,' has just finished. Free at last. Free for the whole weekend. And there was going to be a big party over at my new fraternity house. I had just pledged Sigma Delta Delta, the most prestigious jock house on campus and had been so flattered that they had rushed me, and pledged me.

All the biggest athletic stars on campus belonged to Sigma Delta Delta. It was THE house, and I never expected to get in there. I was just a lowly sophomore majoring in government, and the only sport that I went out for was Crew. I was a coxswain, because I was very light, and they needed a light guy as coxswain, so that they could row fast and win all the boat races.

I had just this Monday moved from my dorm room into the fraternity house, where I was rooming on the third floor with Reggie Walker, who was the school's heavyweight boxing champion. He weighed two hundred thirty-two pounds and was six foot four, while I weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds and came up to his left nipple at the grand height of five foot five. We made quite a pair. The whole fraternity house was laughing about our strange pairing, but his room was where the empty bed was, and besides he was a great guy and I liked him a lot, and I thought he liked me too. He kind of treated me like a favorite kid brother. In fact, he was always calling me 'kid.' Well, he was a senior. So he was not only bigger than I, he was two years older than I, and I guess I was kind of like a kid to him.

And now he was my fraternity brother. I didn't have any real brothers. I had always wished that I had brothers. But now I did have brothers. Sigma Delta Delta brothers. What terrific guys.

I started walking across campus towards fraternity row and the Sigma Delta Delta house, my new home. Tonight we were going to have a big blast, and I intended to get really plastered for the first time. I have never really had more than one drink on any occasion, but I see how the other guys imbibe, and I am in awe and in total admiration of them. I want to be just like these guys. I want to be a real Sigma Delta Delta man.

Tonight was going to be a special party. The guys had invited over the girls from Epsilon Phi Phi, the sorority which was across the street from us. They had some knockout girls in Epsilon Phi Phi. It was the money house. All the girls came from big money, but they were also very attractive and very sexy. An athletic guy from Sigma Delta Delta could do a lot worse than marrying some curvaceous sister at Epsilon Phi Phi, and going to work at her father's business.

When I came in the front door of the house, a lot of the guys were in the big living room decorating for the party, and bringing out beer and bottles and bags of ice. They waved to me as I passed by the door. I waved to them. I noticed Preston Poster who was the president of the chapter, and also Chapman Crawley, the pledgemaster. I sort of had a feeling that under his cool handsome exterior, there was an evil demon waiting to pounce. I had heard of some terrible things other pledges had been put through by him before being accepted into the brotherhood. But so far he had been very nice to me, so I was keeping my fingers crossed.

I loped up two flights of stairs and down the long hallway to the room at the end on the left side. My new room.

"Hi, Kid," said Reggie Walker, when I opened the door. He was on the floor in his tight white underwear in the very middle of a push-up.

"Hi, Reggie," I answered.

"Forty-four, forty-five, forty-six," he counted as he pushed up another three times, but he was not finished. I knew that he did one hundred. I sat down on my bed and watched him, in awe and admiration, until he said "One hundred," and lay flat on the floor, breathing a little heavily. "Gotta keep in shape," he told me.

"Well, you're certainly in shape," I said. "I wish I were in such shape."

"You gotta work at it kid. Nothing comes easy in this life."

"I hate push-ups," I told him.

"They're good for you."

"I know," I demurred.

"Getting ready for the big party tonight?" he asked me.

"You bet," I told him.

"Me too," he told me. "I have my eye on this Epsilon Phi Phi chick named Gretchen Kelly. Great tits. I'm gonna fuck her tonight. Come hell or high water."

"Good luck," I told him.

Really I would like to fuck someone tonight also. I'm still so totally a virgin, it's laughable. I wouldn't know how to even go about putting the make on a girl. Maybe if I have a few drinks at the party it will loosen me up a little, and my natural seductive abilities will rise to the surface.

Yeah. I really wanted to get laid. I knew it must be really great, because I certainly did love to jerk off, and it had to be even better to have real sex. I swore to myself right then and there that I would not remain a virgin one night longer. There would be girls and there would be booze at the party, and I would have real sex at last.

"I'm gonna go shower up for the party," Reggie announced and stripped off his underwear, and grabbing his towel walked down the hall to the bathroom. He really had a great body. A big great body. Those massive thighs, and butt cheeks. I didn't really look at his front too much. I was embarrassed. All the guys were very free about walking around the upstairs naked. I wasn't like that. I didn't take my clothes off until I was in the shower, and I always tried to wait until everyone else was finished, or before they were ready, so that I could be alone. I didn't really want to be naked in front of everybody. I wasn't brought up like that.

The girls were due to come over around 9 p.m. but us guys were already getting started partying. The booze was flowing. There was this big bucket of Martinis-but without the olives-right on the center table, surrounded by a lot of paper cups. I poured myself a cup and tasted. NNNN. Bitter. I took another taste. Interesting. Kind of dry and stringent. Maybe even bracing. I could maybe get used to it. I decided to try. I took a couple of large swallows. Smooth. But I thought it would be even better with the traditional olive.

"Bring on the cunts," yelled Chapman Crawley. "My big dick is hard and wants to fuck some pussy."

"Some pussy and maybe a little ass?" asked Preston Poster.

"Even better," said Chapman Crawley. "I really dig ass. It's so nice and hot and tight. Of course, they mostly don't let you put it in there, but every once in a while you aim wrong, and "ooops-wrong hole," and they scream but it's too late, and you make them fucking take it. Yeah. Anal is definitely the greatest."

"Yeah," chimed in Garrison Marsden, a good looking junior who was a star track runner. "And they don't get knocked up back there. Much safer. No paternity suits."

"You got it," said Preston.

"You nasty boys are giving me nasty ideas," said Reggie Walker, my big handsome roommate.

"We know you," said Chapman Crawley. "You're the one who taught us about the pleasures of assfucking. You is the man."

"That's right," seconded Preston Poster. "You is the man."

"I think maybe we're all gonna get to fuck some ass tonight," said Reggie, and everyone was cheering him.

My roommate was beaming and eating it all up. It seemed he really was known as the 'assman' of the house. It did sound great, but I really wanted to try pussy first. I took another swallow of my gin drink.

I was starting to feel really pleasant and relaxed after two drinks, and was feeling a little warm and fuzzy, and it was about that time that the girls started drifting in. They each went to the table and poured a paper cup for themselves and began to circulate. I saw my roommate headed toward this tall stacked blonde, who obviously must have been Gretchen Kelly. She really did have big ones, all right. I felt a little tingle in my underwear, just looking at her. But she was taken. I needed to find one of my own.

There was this thin girl, not too tall, even shorter than me, standing against the far wall. It's like she really wasn't experienced in mixing and partying all that much. Just like I wasn't. I decided to go over and talk to her.

"Hi," I said.

"Hi," she said.

"My name is Marcus Miller. I'm a new pledge at Sigma Delta Delta."

"Nice to meet you," she said and told me that her name was Stella Wilkie and that she was a new pledge of Epsilon Phi Phi, and that the girls were really great, and she was really enjoying it, but she missed her mother a lot, but they had a great housemother, Mrs. Lansing, at Epsilon Phi Phi-so it was really good. Ever since she had moved into the house she was less homesick, because of all her new sisters and mostly because of Mrs. Lansing.

I told her about my parents and my three older sisters and everything, and we were both drinking from our cups. But she was on her first and I was on my third. She was so sweet and so pretty. I really wanted to hold her and hug her and kiss her. I was feeling so loving. So amorous. So physical. I had never felt like this before. All my barriers were coming down. All of a sudden, I wanted to touch and to press against someone or something. Anything. Wow.

I sort of got her separated from the crowd, and worked my way toward the library where there was a couch. I just wanted to get her on the couch and climb on top of her and squeeze her and squeeze her. And kiss her. Yeah. I wanted to kiss. The gin had made my mouth a little dry and I wanted to taste the moisture of another mouth. I took another sip of martini. I was stumbling a little, but I felt good.

I got her onto the couch, and I sat down next to her, and I had my arm around her, and then I leaned in and kissed her, and I stuck my tongue into her mouth.

"You're sho pretty," I told her. "Sho pretty." Why was my speech so slurry?

"Not so fast," she told me, trying to push me away.

"I juss want to kiss you," I said. "Okay?"

"Okay," she agreed, "but go a little easy." So I kissed her again, and this time I put my hand on her breast. I had such a raging hard-on in my pants. I wanted to throw her down along the length of the couch and lie on top of her with my penis pressing against her body. Into her moist crotch. I wanted to get my cock into her cunt in the worst way. I kept kissing her, and fondling her breast. Everything was going pretty well until I got a little too daring. I took her hand and put it on my prick, which was still in my pants, of course, but she drew her hand back like lightning and jumped up.

"I don't think I'm ready for this," she told me. "You're way too fast for me. I'm just a small town girl."

"I'm juss a shmall town boy," I giggled. Why was I giggling? Like everything was so funny. I guess maybe I was a little smashed, but it was a good feeling.

"I'm going back into the living room," she told me.

I stumbled after her, and kept trying to paw her shoulder, but she kept giving me annoying looks and shaking me off, and I could see she was making faces about me to the other girls and the guys. Was I really being a jerk?

Well, fuck her. There were plenty of other pretty girls in the room, and I went after them one by one.

"You're very pretty," I barely enunciated before trying to kiss each one. I wanted to hold someone so badly. I just wanted to hold someone and be close and kiss and make love. That's all I wanted.

""Maybe you'd better go upstairs and lie down," said Chapman Crawley, the pledgemaster. "It looks like you've had one too many martinis," he told me.

"I'm okay," I protested.

"Go upstairs and lie down," he ordered. And coming from Chapman Crawley it was an order. I had really flubbed it. I had no choice but to go upstairs to my room. I climbed the two flights with a little difficulty. My legs were very rubbery.

But before I went upstairs I filled two more cups and sipped them on my way up the stairs. Maybe. Just maybe I wasn't drunk enough. I wanted to feel how it would really feel to get totally sloshed.

I opened the door to my room and there was Reggie on his bed, making out with Gretchen. He already had her top off and her bazooms were spectacular. I had such a hard-on. I wanted to crush my cock into her bazooms. Or into anything. I just wanted to hold and to hug and to kiss. I was feeling so loving. So amorous.

"Excuse me," said Gretchen, annoyed at my intrusion.

"Gotta lie down," I fumferred. And swallowing the last of both cups I literally fell onto my bed.

"That's okay," said Reggie to Gretchen. "He's totally out of it. Don't pay any attention." And then he started kissing her and licking her tits and everything, and I was lying deadass on my own bed with my drunken eyes wide open watching everything.

Little by little he worked the rest of her clothing off, and then he slipped out of his own clothes. And now I could see his front. And it was hard.
It was hard and excited.

"Kiss it," he told Gretchen. And he knelt on the bed, and she was on her knees, and he bent her over so that her face was in front of his prick. And she took it in her mouth, and I heard him give this great gasp of pleasure. She was sucking his cock, and he was moving his hips back and forth feeding the length of it into her mouth.

"I want to fuck you," he told you. "You want to feel my big cock inside you?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "I want to feel your big cock in my hot pussy."

"And also your hot ass?" he asked her.

"Just my pussy," she said.

I could see this evil smile on his face, like he knew better and before the evening was over he would be inside her ass, whether she liked it or not.
And then I started to hear this big commotion from downstairs. I didn't know what was going on, but something. Reggie was so lost in his fucklust that he didn't seem to be aware of any distraction.

He had her positioned perfectly on her back, and he was poised over her. A giant figure looming over her. The tip of his cock was perfectly positioned at the entrance to her pussy. He was just about to push his hips forward and ease it through the golden portal, when the door of the bedroom suddenly flew open with a crash.

"Gretchen!" screamed a woman's voice.

"Mrs. Lansing."

"Get your clothes on. Right now. This party is over. It is clear you girls don't know how to behave. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You're all just little sluts. All of you. I don't know how many acts of sexual congress I've been able to prevent tonight, but many, and it's a good thing I got here when I did. I'm really disappointed in you, Gretchen."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Lansing," she started to cry. "I guess I maybe had too much to drink."

"I just guess that maybe you did," said Mrs. Lansing. "And you, young man. For goodness sake put that thing away. Cover yourself."

You just had to look at Reggie's face to see how really pissed off he was. He had been just about to shove his stiff dick into Gretchen's hot tight pussy, when this Mrs. Lansing barges into the room and fucks everything up.

Gretchen got dressed, and Reggie pulled on his jockey shorts, but no more. Mrs. Lansing and Gretchen walked down the stairs, toward the front door where the whole sorority was waiting for her. Every girl in Epsilon Phi Phi was standing at the front door waiting for Mrs. Lansing to take them back to the safety of their cloistered sisterhood. Reggie followed them down the stairs in his bulging undershorts. As drunk as I was, I wanted to see what was going on, and I shakily got to my feet and followed several steps behind Reggie. Down, down, the long staircase, and down, down the next long staircase.

A lot of the guys had their pants off, so they were probably also getting laid or about to get laid before Mrs. Lansing burst upon the scene and spoiled everything. There were a lot of bulging white jockeys in the frathouse that night. My brothers. My Sigma Delta Delta brothers.

"That fucking cunt," said Preson, our chapter president. "She fucking ruined our party. I was just about to get into that little bitch, Julie."

Everyone else started to agree and complain. They had all had their evening spoiled. And I just wanted to hug and hold and kiss everyone. As the girls were filing out the front door, I kept trying to hug each one and kiss each one of them. I just was feeling so amorous.

"I just wanted to hug someone," I mourned. "I just wanted to hug and kiss someone, and now they're gone."

"You just wanted to hug and kiss someone?" asked Reggie.

"Yes," I said petulantly.

"Well. Come over here. You can hug your big brother."

"I can?" I asked stupidly. That seemed to be a good option. I could throw my arms around someone. I went over and threw my arms around Reggie. I hugged him and hugged him. He started hugging me back. I could feel the bulge of his penis against my abdomen, because he was so much taller than me, his waist was higher, but I just kept hugging him. It just felt so good to hug someone.

"See guys, maybe the party isn't all over yet. Marcus here just wants someone to hug. Isn't that right, Marcus?"

"Yes," I said, and I pulled him tighter.

"Marcus, here, is just a little lovebug. Aren't you, Marcus?"

"Yes," I said.

"He just wants to hug someone. Isn't that right, Marcus?"

"Yes," I said.

"Well hug your brothers, Marcus. We're all your brothers, and we want you to give us each a big hug."

So I did what he said and went around the room from one brother to another giving each one a great big hug, and it felt so good. Finally I got back to Reggie and I started to hug him again.

"Didn't you want to kiss someone too?" he asked me.

"Yes," I said, and I looked up into his eyes, and then he lowered his face to my level and his mouth went right over mine and locked onto it, and we were having this fantastic kiss, and his tongue came out into my mouth. I had never had a tongue in my mouth before, and it was giving me crazy feelings. Crazy and sexy. Yes. I had stuck my tongue into Stella's mouth, but she had not reciprocated. This was my very first tongue.

Then it was like Reggie was passing me around and I was tasting one mouth after the other. One brother after the other. It was so great. Then I got to Reggie again and I was hugging and kissing him, and my head was spinning, and it felt so crazy. So crazy and so good. And then his hands which had been around my back moved down to my buttcheeks, and he was squeezing them and feeling them. All the while he was tongue kissing me. His hands felt really good. Like a massage.

"Hey, guys. You oughta feel this nice firm round butt on our little pledge here. You don't mind if the brothers touch your butt a little do you, Marcus?"

"I guess it's okay," I said, even though I wasn't sure if it really was okay, and as Marcus was holding me, the other brothers were coming up behind me and fondling my cheeks. It felt really so pleasant and so relaxing. Like a massage must feel like.

"Let's get Marcus over to the couch, guys?" suggested Reggie. He's a little unsteady on his feet. A few of the guys led me over to the couch and flopped me down the length of it on my belly.

"You have such a great ass, Marcus. I think all us guys would like to get a little look at it. Wouldn't you fellas?"

"Yeah." "Yeah." "Yeah," was the general din around the room.

"No," I said haltingly. "I don't like people to shee me naked."

"But that's crazy," said Reggie. "You've got a neat perfectly-proportioned little body. You should want to show it off."

"Help him out of his clothes, men. This is gonna be one of his pledge tasks. To show us his round little ass," said Chapman Crawley, and he was the pledgemaster and he had told me my task was to show all the guys my ass, so I had to let them take my pants down.

"What a pretty little butt," said Reggie. I felt his large warm hand stroking one cheek and then the other.

"Yeah," said Preston. "Great. Maybe the party doesn't really have to be over. Maybe we can still get us a little ass tonight."

"That was my thought," said Reggie, and then I felt his finger pushing between my cheeks and entering my rear. I think I sort of knew what was happening, but not entirely. Everything was just spinning, and I was feeling so good, and as he was sticking his finger in, it kind of tickled a little and I started giggling again.

"I think little Marcus here is gonna give all his brothers a good time tonight. Right, Marcus?"

"Yeah," I said and started to giggle again. It was all so silly. I was in a happy daze and all my fraternity brothers were gathered around me in their undershorts, and they were starting to play with themselves, and they all began to fondle my butt a little, and it all felt very nice, to have all this attention. And the finger was still inside, except now I think it was two or three. And then I saw my big roommate strip off his tight whiteys, and that cock was big and stiff and red and ready to fuck, just like it had been when he had been lowering it into Gretchen, and he climbed on top of me and straddled my ass, and I felt the warm blunt end of his knob pushing into me where his fingers had been. Oooohhhh. Ooooohhhh. Yeah. Nice. It was climbing further and further up inside me, how far was it going to go? And then I guess it was all the way in, because I felt his big balls hit my own balls, and then he took the weight off his arms, and rested his whole two hundred and thirty-two pounds on my back, as he pistoned his dick in and out of my hole. And I was giggling, and giggling. It was the funniest thing. I was lying on the couch of my fraternity house, with my roommate's big thick dick fucking my ass. It was so funny.

Suddenly my attention was diverted when another body stepped in front of my side-turned face. It was Preston. He pulled off his undershorts. He also had a big thick dick. "Suck my cock," said Preston.

And he pushed it against my lips, but I was giggling so much he couldn't get it into my mouth. "Stop the fucking giggling, and suck my cock, bitch," he yelled, and slapped me across the face. That brought me back to reality a little. That slap wasn't so funny. I stopped giggling. He pulled on my hair and guided my mouth over his dick and pushed it into my throat, and I started choking, but he stood still and kept it right in there until I recovered, and by then I had a lot of saliva in my mouth, so he started fucking it, while Reggie was fucking my ass, and I could feel his balls hit against my bottom every time he pushed forward.

"I'm gonna shoot my load into this hot pussy," cried Reggie. "What a nice hot hole. Take my hot cum. Take my hot cum."

"Give it to him, man," cheered Garrison Marsden, and seven or eight other guys who were cheering Reggie on, and when I felt him spurt into me, it was so fucking hot and exciting, I pressed my ass up against him and squeezed my muscles down.

"Wow!" exclaimed Reggie. "This hungry little hole really loves hot dick. It doesn't want to let me go."

At that point Preston shot off down my throat and I swallowed some and dribbled some onto the couch, and he took his cock out of my mouth and I started giggling again, until I saw Chapman Crawley who was now totally nude approaching the couch, holding one of the paddles that usually hung above the fireplace.

"Let's give him a little pinkass," said Chapman. "I think he'd look good with a little pinkass."

"You're such a sadistic son of a bitch, Chapman," said Reggie. "Don't hurt him."

"I'm not gonna hurt him," he said pulling on his stiff peter and raising the paddle above my upturned butt. "Not red. Just a little pink." And then the paddle came down, and it was just kind of a light little swat, but firm, and it almost felt good. It felt all tingly and warm. But I was so cockeyed drunk that I guess everything was feeling good. And he paddled me a few more times, and then he put the paddle down and paddled me with the flat of his palm. "I'm gonna fuck this hot pink ass," he announced.

And he was so excited, he just got right on top of me and shoved his big dick home and he started fucking me hard. He was slamming it into me. I could feel his hip bones every time he slammed it into me. And my buttcheeks were still burning a little from the paddling, but in a nice way. It all felt so good. And I was giggling.

"Man. I just love fucking a nice tight ass," said Cameron.

"See. I told you we were gonna fuck ass tonight," said Reggie. "I bet you didn't believe me. Well now you know."

"Yeah, now we know," said Monty Rockerman. "We'll never doubt you again. And who needs those stuck-up cunts at Epsilon Phi Phi? We have our own hot little hole right here in our own house, don't we guys?"

"Right." "Yes." "Yeah." "You said it!" Everyone agreed.

And then I think Chapman was getting really close because he was moving in fast short strokes and he began slapping my ass again, the way you would whip a horse to speed him up, so I sped up my anal contractions, and I heard him scream "GGGHHHAAAAAAHHHH!" And I felt jets of his hot fluid flood into my body.

After he came inside me, he got kind of tender and wrapped his arms around me and began to nuzzle his nose in my hair, which I really liked a lot. I grabbed his arms and held them. I wanted him to hold me like this forever. He was a stern pledgemaster, true, but when you gave him what he wanted, he could be warm and tender and wonderful. I turned my head a little more around hoping he would kiss me, but he didn't. He pulled out and picked up the paddle. I watched him walk across the room and place the paddle back on the wall above the fireplace.

I'm not sure who fucked me next, or whose cock was the next one in my mouth, but the scene went on for quite a while. At one point, I knew it was Garrison Marsden on top of me. He was a fast runner, but he was a slow fucker. Every stroke was so slow and measured, like he wanted to feel and enjoy every minute exquisite sensation of fucking a hot, wet, well-primed ass like mine now was. My asshole was now just an open tunnel for his engine to chug through. It was such a relaxing fuck that I started dozing off a little. So nice. So nice. So warm. So cozy.


* * *


Christ! What happened? There's sunlight pouring through the window. It must be morning. Why am I lying naked on the living room couch? How did I get here? I fucking don't remember anything. I know we had a party, and I know I got a little drunk, and I remember this hot chick, Stella, whose mouth I had stuck my tongue into, and whose tit I had felt. But she had pulled away and left me. And I had wanted to fuck her so bad. I had so wanted to get laid last night. I had promised myself that I would.

Now I remember that Chapman had made me go upstairs to lie down. Yeah. I remember that all right. I remember climbing the stairs with the two paper cups. I remember going into my room at the left far end of the long hall. And oh yeah. I remember Reggie was making out with Gretchen Kelly who had her top off on his bed, and I kind of dropped onto my own bed, and after that I don't really remember anything at all. How the fuck did I end up naked on the living room couch? I guess I really tied one on, all right.

I looked around the living room. It was a total wreck. There were empty beer cans and paper cups lying all over the floor, and a couple of the chairs were turned over on their sides, and there were even a lot of clothes lying around the floor. Mostly underpants, I think. The room looked like a hurricane had hit it.

Up above the mantle, I noticed that one of the paddles looked a little crooked, and I kind of remembered something about a paddle or something, but I really couldn't remember anything specific, so I just let go of the thought. I shook my head trying to gather my wits about me.

The house was totally quiet. I guess it was really early and all the other guys were still sleeping. Damn it. I had really been enjoying that party. I remembered how huggy and kissy I was feeling and it felt so good. I had just wanted to hug and kiss everybody. And I had wanted to get laid. I had really set my heart on it. And fuck. Now it was over. It was the next morning, and I was still a fucking virgin. It was all so hopeless. When would I ever get to have sex?

"Oh, what the hell," I thought. "There would be plenty of other frat parties. Maybe next time."


Posted: 10/26/07