Big Molly

By: Little Dan
(Copyrighted 2007 by the author)

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"Have you reached a verdict?" asked the judge.

"We have, your honor," said the foreman of the jury.

"Proceed," said the judge.

"We, the jury, find the defendant, Harvey Gilfedder, guilty on all counts.

Oh, God! No! Guilty! No! I had spent a fortune to hire the best attorneys and this was the best they could do? Oh, God! No!

"Have you anything to say before I pass sentence?" asked the judge.

Fucking, yes. I had a lot to say. But I couldn't say what I wanted to say in this courtroom with the judge in his fucking formal black robe, and the American flag hanging on the wall next to the ten commandments.

"Get him to postpone the sentencing until next week," I hissed into my lawyer's ear.

My lawyer, Max Morris, looked at me quizzically.

"Get him to postpone the sentencing," I hissed again.

My attorney turned to the judge and relayed my bizarre request. "Your honor, my client requests that you postpone sentencing until next week"

"To what purpose?" asked the judge.

"I have no idea," said my lawyer.

"Very well," said the judge. "I suppose there's no harm in postponing the sentencing. The sentencing will take place next Tuesday morning at 9 a.m." With that he slammed down the gavel and everyone got up to leave the courtroom.

I had just been convicted of Bribery. That was my business. Bribery. If you wanted to get something done, you came to me. I knew all the authorities. All the government officials who could make things happen for a price. I could get things done. I was the world's greatest specialist in Bribery, and now they had caught me and convicted me and were about to sentence me to go to the Big House for a long, long time. Fuck.

Prison is not for me. For many reasons. First of all I really love pussy. I can hardly get by for one night without pussy. I'm addicted to it. And there sure ain't no pussy in the men's penitentiary. And also, I'm a little guy. Not too tall, and pretty slim, and I've never worked out much, so I'm not really good at defending myself, and if some of those strong, tough, hardened criminals attacked me in the shower, I would be really out of luck.

There had to be something I could do to save myself from all that. I had a crazy idea. It probably was stupid, but I would try anything.

When we got back to my cell my lawyer asked me "Why did you want a postponement?"

"I can't go to the men's penitentiary," I said, and now I was starting to cry a little. "I really can't"

"Well, that's where you're going. You've been convicted."

"Listen. Can you tell the judge that I'm not very strong and that I'm afraid of being raped and getting strange sexually transmitted diseases?"

"Everyone is afraid of that. It won't make any difference."

"Listen. I have a heart murmur. You can even get a letter from my doctor. Any stress like that could cause my valves to deteriorate and kill me. So sending me to the men's penitentiary would be like killing me."

"Well, he's not going to set you free," he laughed.

"I know. I know," I said. "But if I could go to a different penitentiary to serve my time, it would really be good."

He was clearly perplexed. "What different penitentiary?" he asked me.

"I was thinking the women's penitentiary," I told him.

He started to guffaw while slapping his knee, like it was a great joke.

"And how would I get the judge to send a man to the women's penitentiary?"
He asked me.

"Bribe him" I screamed at him. "Offer him a fucking five hundred thousand dollars in unmarked bills. I can manage that."

"Harvey, you were just convicted of Bribery," he tried to explain to me.

"Just fucking Bribe him," I told my lawyer. "Get me sent to the women's penitentiary."

He gave a deep sigh as he stood up and closed his brief case. "I'll see what I can do," he said. And then he left. I had that $500,000 neatly stacked in piles in one of my safe deposit boxes in town. The one at the Second National Bank. I hated to lose my nest egg, but I could not go to a regular men's prison. I forgot to mention that I'm cute (all the women say so) and I have a great smile, and a dimple on my right cheek. Putting me in there would be like throwing fresh meat to the lions. I shuddered at the analogy.

A couple of days later my lawyer came to me. "The judge is considering your proposal," he told me. "But the warden at the women's penitentiary would need some compensation as well."

"I'm giving him a fucking half million dollars. Can't he split it?"

"Apparently not," said Morris. "Would you willing to pay an extra Bribe to the warden?"

I had another safe deposit box with $250,000 in it, also in unmarked bills. That was at the Third National Bank. Oh, well. Easy come, Easy go.

"Okay," I decided. "We've got a deal."

I gave my attorney my power-of-attorney plus all the details, plus letters to the banks, plus the keys to the boxes, so that he could take care of the illegal transfers.

The day before the sentencing, my attorney told me that everything had been taken care of, and that my unusual request would be honored. At nine o'clock the next morning, I stood before the judge as he pronounced sentence.

"You are hereby sentenced to ten years in the Federal Penitentiary. But due to the delicate nature of your health, the court has decided to exercise leniency and sentence you to serve your sentence at Fargate, the women's penitentiary. Have you anything to say?"

"Just thank you, your honor," I said very politely. Ten years. Ten fucking years out of my life. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. But at least I wouldn't be getting raped in the ass by a bunch of testosterone-crazed ruffians. And the women's prison had another benefit. Pussy. ------- Pussy. Pussy. Pussy. There would be pussy everywhere. That wouldn't be a bad way to spend the next ten years, fucking pussy. Not bad at all. Yeah. It might not be so bad at all. I did love fucking pussy.

The next morning they took me out of the county jail, and transported me in handcuffs to Fargate, the women's penitentiary. We rode in a swanky stretch limousine, the kind I was used to, and there were two armed guards accompanying me. Also accompanying me was a fellow inmate, this hot-looking little blonde chick. She was also about to become a convict. I tried to chat her up during the trip. Who knows-maybe it would pay off at a later date while we were both doing hard time. I would try to make it not so hard for her with my trusty hard-on.

Her name, she told me, was Carol, and she was a call girl who also drugged and robbed her clients. Unfortunately one of the guys she had drugged and robbed turned out to be the assistant district attorney, and that was her undoing. She also got a ten-year sentence. Maybe this was fate. We were sitting side by side in the very back seat with a guard on either side of us. As we were chatting, I was pressing my leg very subtly against hers. After a few minutes, she started to press back, and I was getting this incredible erection which I could do nothing about, since I was handcuffed and there were those armed guards which I mentioned. Fuck.

Finally we pulled up in front of a stone-grey walled fortress. Some other guards came over to the car to check the papers which one of our guards had, and then they opened the iron door and the limousine entered the courtyard and drove up to the admitting door. Six more guards came out, hands on their weapons and opened the back door of the limousine. We all got out on that side. First the first guard, then Carol, then me, after I had assed myself across the seat, and finally the second guard. As I emerged from the car, I looked up at all the barred windows and saw many eyes staring down at us. The prison guards checked the papers, and then a guard took Carol to admit her and another guard took me inside. I looked at his name tag. His name was Sylvester. Details were important. You never knew when it might be good to know Sylvester's name.

"Come with me," said Sylvester. He took me down a long dark stone hallway and into a small room with only a chair and a table. There was a lockbox on the table. "Put your valuables in the box," he said. "You'll get them back in ten years."

"Okay, Sylvester," I said pleasantly, trying to make a friend out of him. It would be good to have friends in prison. But he was having none of it. He didn't even crack a smile. He was about my age, kind of good-looking, slim, with a little trimmed moustache. Too bad he didn't have a sense of humor. How else was I going to get through to him?

I put my watch and my wallet in the lockbox, but I took out my bills. I knew I would need cash in here. I had heard stories.

"Put this on," he told me, picking up a folded garment from the chair. I could see that it was orange, but not much else. I opened the folds. It was a one-piece jumpsuit.

"That's your prison uniform," said Sylvester. "That's what they wear in here."

"I guess it'll fit," I said.

"They only have one size for everybody."

"It's really not my style," I said ruefully.

"You're just fucking lucky they don't wear dresses in here," he told me. And I realized that he was right. "Put it on."


"Yeah, now," he said. I started to undress. I took off my shoes. I took off my socks. I took off my shirt. I took off my pants. Now I was standing in my white tee shirt and jockeys. I hesitated. "Everything!" he ordered. I took off my tee shirt and turned away from him as I lowered my jockeys. I could feel his eyes burning my ass. I hated being undressed in front of another man. This was so fucking embarrassing. As soon as I stepped out of my jockeys, I tried to step into my jumpsuit, but my leg got caught, and I tripped and I would have fallen if Sylvester hadn't caught me. He caught me with one hand on my back, and one hand on my ass. His hand was on my naked ass. It seemed to linger.

"Thanks," I said.

"Put it on," he said.

I stepped into my jumpsuit and buttoned it up along the front.

"Leave your clothes on the chair. I'll take care of them later. Right now, I'm gonna take you to your cell."

"Okay," I said.

We walked down a lot of corridors until we came to the main cellblock. He led me up the stairs to the second story, and we walked down the catwalk and stopped in front of a cell. It was not empty. There was a large woman lying on the lower bunk, reading a magazine, but now she had put the magazine down and was watching us, as Sylvester unlocked the cell door and ushered me inside.

"Hey, Big Molly. This here is your new cellmate."

"What the fuck!?!?" said the woman, absolutely amazed. She was a gigantic creature, fully six feet tall, and she had massive arms and legs. She also had somewhat of a belly, and enormous tits. I could tell all this, even through the jumpsuit she was wearing.

"Sorry," said Sylvester.

"What about that pretty little blonde girlie? I wanted that pretty little blonde girlie that was in the car." So her eyes had been among those observing us as we arrived at the prison.

"The blonde girl is going in with Edna," he told her. "You get him."

"Oh, fuck!" she cursed. "I don't never get any luck."

"This is Big Molly," said Sylvester. "Your new cellmate."

"Hi, Big Molly," I said cheerfully, extending my hand. I didn't want to get on the bad side of this large woman.

"What's your name?" she asked coldly, not taking my proffered hand.

"Harvey," I said.

"Well listen, Harvey. You get your ass up into that top bunk over there, and you keep out of my way. Okay?"

"Got it," I told her. I scooted up into the top bunk and sat back against the wall.

Big Molly turned to Sylvester. "I'm running low on cigarettes, Sylvester."

"You know the deal, Molly," he told her.

"Yeah. I know. I know," she nodded her head sadly and reached into her jumpsuit and dug around in what seemed to be some kind of a pack she had strapped around her. She fished out a bill and handed it to Sylvester. It was one hundred dollars. Thank goodness I had given up smoking.

"I'll bring 'em tomorrow," he told her. She nodded and sat back down on her bottom bunk as Sylvester turned and unlocked the cell door and left, locking me in with a very hostile Big Molly.

I sort of deeply understood that I wasn't to make idle friendly conversation, so I just sat on my bunk against the wall, and waited till they took us to the cafeteria for lunch, after which I resumed my high position, until they took us to the cafeteria for dinner, after which I resumed my position.

There was a toilet in the cell. Totally exposed. Horrible. She wasn't happy using it with me there, and I wasn't happy using it with her there. We both made a mutual silent pact to face the wall at such times.

They assigned me to the laundry, where Big Molly also worked running a big pressing machine, and I saw Carol there also, accompanied by another large frightening lady whom I took to be Edna.

I tried to make friends with some of the other prisoners, but no one would talk to me. They just acted as if I weren't even there, and shouldn't even be there. It was very disconcerting. On the other hand, they were all trying to be very sweet and friendly to Carol, I noticed, but Edna was sort of blocking their access to her.

More than a month went by, and I was getting very lonely. Molly wouldn't talk to me, nor would Sylvester when he brought drinks and smokes to Big Molly. He kept looking at me in the strangest way, though. I guess he was as mystified as everyone else what I was doing in the women's pen.

Then one night, after lights out, I had taken off my jumpsuit and climbed beneath my thin blanket, when I heard Big Molly muttering angrily beneath me.

"Fuck. I'm so fucking horny. Why the fuck did they have to put you in here? Why couldn't I get that pretty little blonde girlie?"

"I'm sorry," I told her.

"A lot of fucking good that does," she said.

"What else can I do or say?" I asked.

"I'm thinking," she said. Then she didn't say anything, so I thought she was going to go to sleep, but she started tossing around in the lower bunk which was rocking my upper bunk, and she started mumbling. "I'm so fucking horny. I'm so fucking horny."

"I'm sorry," I said again.

"Get down here," she suddenly said.


"You heard me. Get down here."

I climbed down and stood on the floor and looked into the lower bunk. Big Molly was lying there totally naked, her enormous breasts hanging down, and her heavy legs spread wide. She was fingering her pussy. It was dark in the cell, but I could see her eyes. They were staring into mine. She started to flirtatiously caress her breasts while staring me in the eye. "You can kiss my titties," she told me.

Her breasts were not young and firm and attractive, they were droopy, but they were still breasts, and frankly I was a little horny too. I had not even been able to jerk off with Big Molly in such close proximity. I sat down on the bottom bunk and began to feel her breasts.

"Kiss 'em," she ordered me. So I did. I kissed the left breast. Gently. Tenderly. Feeling the weight of each one in my hand as I kissed. Her breathing was getting a little faster. She was responding. Maybe there was a way I could get on Big Molly's good side after all. I opened my lips and took the left nipple between them, and began flicking my tongue across it as I licked. I licked all over each breast and sucked on each nipple, and now she was kind of thrashing about on the lower bunk, in a kind of ecstasy, and she was fingering her pussy, which was very wet.

"Get down there," she told me. She wanted me to eat her pussy. Well. It was not the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen, and it certainly wasn't shaved, but pussy is pussy, isn't it? I complied with her wish. I crawled down on the bunk and positioned myself between her heavy thighs and began to perform cunnilingus on Big Molly.

She was writhing on the bunk, and she put one of her strong hands on the back of my head and pressed my mouth against her gaping slit. I licked and licked. Then I got the clit between my lips and sucked it and flicked it, just as I had done to her breasts. I had to stop for a second to get a hair out from between my teeth. I hate getting hair between my teeth. But suddenly her arm reached out and pulled my face back against her.

I could feel it coming. A tremendous rolling orgasm. They probably could hear her on the other side of the prison. She was screaming and thrashing, and then she was exploding, and all this was exciting me. Even if she was big and fat and unattractive, this was pussy. I was going to get to fuck pussy. This had been my plan in coming to the women's penitentiary. Pussy. My stiff cock was aching. It wanted to fuck. It wanted into that hot steaming hole. I waited until Big Molly's twitching had subsided and she was breathing more easily, then I climbed up on the bed over her and aimed my dick at that beautiful wet target.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she asked, shoving me roughly off her onto the floor.

"I thought..."

"You thought fucking what?" she asked me. "You thought you were going to fuck me? No man puts his dick into my sweet pussy. No man. Got that?"

"Yes," I said. Fuck. I wasn't going to get to fuck after all.

"You wanted to fuck?" she asked me.

"Yes," I admitted.

"Well okay then," she said, and my hopes arose anew. "You want to fuck, we're gonna fuck. Only fair."

It was only fair. I had given her pleasure, and now I was being left high and dry with an aching hard-on and a pair of blue balls. She dug her hand down under her mattress and pulled out something. I couldn't tell what it was at first, but then when she strapped it around her waist, I knew.

"Get down on your knees and suck this big dick," she told me.

"I don't think.."

"Get down on your fucking knees." I got down on my knees. "Suck it," she told me. Oh what the hell. It was only a piece of latex. I started to suck on it.

"You like that?" she asked me. I knew that she wanted me to say yes, so I told her I liked it. She put her hand on the back of my head again and forced it deeper into my throat until I started choking. Then she threw me down on my belly on the lower bunk and climbed over me. I could feel the latex dick pushing at my asshole.

"No," I screamed.

"Yes," she said. "I'm gonna fuck you with this big dick. I'm gonna make you my bitch. From now on you're my bitch. You hear me? And then she pushed, and I felt my ass lips spreading around the rigid phallic formation, and then it was inside me and she was humping me. I had a big latex dick in my ass, and it was very rigid and unyielding and it hurt a little, but I kind of liked it a little too. Why is that? I wondered.

"Reach under and grab your dick," she told me. I raised my ass up so that my hand could get to my dick, and I started to jack it, as she fucked the latex dick into me. And it was starting to feel very good. I was going to get to shoot a large load of cum which had been building up in my balls for a very long time now. And yes. This was terrific. It was wonderful. I loved it.

"Fuck me," I screamed, jacking furiously.

"Yeah, baby. I'm gonna fuck my little bitch-cunt-whore, Cause from now on that's what you are. Big Molly's little bitch-cunt-whore. Got that?"

"Yes. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me." She pounded furiously against me, and the latex dick was high up inside my body and my balls were tingling like crazy and my tube was itching, and the cum was building inside me. Yes. I was about to come, and now I was coming, and I was screaming like a crazy man. I have never in my life screamed before, but I was screaming now, and I was afraid they could hear me clear on the other side of the prison, but it was so wonderful, so fantastic. Yes. Yes.

My left hand was covered with my sticky hot juice. I had come like I had never come before in my life. Fantastic.

"Get back in your own bunk, bitch," she said to me. I climbed up into my upper bunk and fell into a deep happy sleep.

It became my duty to service Big Molly on a regular basis, and also to do little chores for her. And I had totally gotten to love having something up my ass as I was jerking off. I didn't really miss fucking pussy so much. This was totally satisfying me.

I heard Big Molly telling some of the other women that I was her bitch, and at first I was ashamed, but then they started being nicer to me, so maybe it was okay to be Big Molly's bitch. Even Edna started trying to get friendly with me, but Molly stepped between us. "Move on, Edna," she told her. "You got your pretty little blonde girlie. This one here is my bitch." Edna moved on. Nobody wanted to mess with Big Molly.

I think I was the star of the prison. Obviously everybody now knew that Big Molly was fucking my ass, and they were even giving me admiring glances. Well, okay.

One night, Sylvester came in to see if Big Molly wanted any liquor or cigarettes. Naturally she did. She started to dig into her pack for a bill, but Sylvester put his hand on her arm.

"I was thinking we could do a little trade this time, instead of a cash deal."

"Oh, really," said Big Molly. "What kind of trade did you have in mind?"

"Well, my wife went and left me last month. She said I was never home. I was always working at the penitentiary. She said I cared more about the convicts than I did for her, so she packed up and left me."

"So?" asked Big Molly.

"I'm a little randy," he confessed. "I need to get off."

"Well you ain't putting your sorry dick into me. No man puts his dick into Big Molly."

"I know. I know," he told her. "Don't fly off the handle. I wasn't thinking about fucking you."

"Then who?" asked Big Molly. But I already knew.

"How about your bitch?" he asked her. "Would you let me fuck your bitch if I brought you a pack of cigarettes for free tomorrow?"

"Sure. Sure. Why not? You can fuck my bitch. Be my guest," she said expansively gesturing towards me. "You can even use my bottom bunk."

"Great," he said.

"Drop your drawers and lie face down," she told me.

I kind of peeked while Sylvester was stripping down. He already had a big hard-on, and damned if it wasn't about as big as the latex one. He climbed above me and aimed it into my asshole. Then he sank down.

It was going in. So slowly, and easily. And it felt so nice. It felt much better than the latex one. This was a real penis. I had real flesh inside me. It was so much more natural than getting fucked with a latex dick. And now I could feel his balls resting against mine, as he flattened out on top of me. It felt so fucking good. I started moving my ass around his dick, savoring it. And then he began to fuck me and it felt so good. So fucking good. I was raising my ass up to meet his strokes. We were in perfect rhythm.

"Take this big dick, you bitch-cunt-whore," he commanded me.

"Yes. Yes. I'm just a bitch-cunt-whore, here to be fucked by your big dick. Fuck me. Fuck me." And my dirty talk was making him really excited and he was pounding against my ass cheeks and his big dick was moving in and out of my asshole in a constant fluid motion.

"Fuck that bitch-cunt-whore," screamed Big Molly, getting into the spirit of it all.

"Yeah. I'm fucking this bitch-cunt-whore. I'm gonna come inside this whore's hot sweet pussy. Oh yeah. Oh fuck. Fuck. I'm gonna come. I'm shooting my hot load inside your bitch-cunt-whore's hot pussyhole. Here it comes. AAAAAGGGGGG." And I felt it jetting into me. Pulse after pulse after pulse after pulse, and I was internally flooded with Sylvester's hot fluid. And it was great.

He climbed off me and began to get dressed. I was sorry that it was over. I hoped that my future would contain more flesh and not just latex.

"I'll bring your cigarettes tomorrow," he told Big Molly. Then he went out and locked the cage door behind him. From the other side of the bars, he said, "Maybe I can bring you a bottle of scotch later in the week."

"Maybe," said Big Molly.

Yes! Yes! Yes! He would fuck me again. I was going to get Sylvester's cock in my ass again. What great luck.

The years went by, and the routine continued. I continued to eat Big Molly's pussy, and she continued to boss me around and treat me as her bitch as she fucked my ass with her latex strap-on. But at least twice a week, Sylvester would come in and give me a taste of real human cock. And I even got to like sucking dick. Who would have thought?

Then one day, the most amazing thing happened.

"We're gonna get married," Molly said to me.

"What?" I could hardly believe my ears.

"Yep. We been together a long time now, and I think we should get married.
You okay with that?"

I didn't know if I was, but what the hell. What difference could it make? And I certainly didn't want to say 'no' and cause a domestic squabble which could have severe consequences for me.

"Okay," I said. "We'll get married."

The next couple of months were a flurry of activity in the prison. All the other inmates were invited to the wedding and also all of the guards. The women all got together and bought Big Molly a beautiful white bridal gown-size 'large', and they bought me a neat tuxedo. It had been a while since I had had on a tuxedo, or even any pair of pants.

We invited the warden, Mr. Fletcher Branch, who accepted the invitation and told us we could have the wedding in the large cafeteria. And the prison would provide the food and drinks. It would be a real festive occasion. And certainly the cafeteria was what we really needed with all those people. The warden even hired the preacher. He was a really nice warden.

The day of the wedding came, and I was all aflutter, like a bride, except I was the groom. The whole prison population repaired to the cafeteria, and Big Molly and I stood shyly in front of the scrambled eggs bucket as the preacher faced us and began the ceremony. Big Molly and I looked into each other's eyes, and it was at this moment, that I realized that she really loved me. And it was at this moment that I realized that I also loved her. But I also loved Sylvester a little too.

After the ceremony, when the preacher said "I now pronounce you man and wife," Big Molly and I kissed. After all these years, this was actually our first kiss. Then everybody sat down to a big chicken dinner which the warden had provided.

Some of the women had kazoos and harmonicas, and a couple of them even had a guitar, so we pushed the tables all over to the side and cleared the floor for dancing. The liquor was flowing freely and everyone was sloshed. It was just great. We danced the tarantella. We danced the hora. We danced the twist. We danced everything.

Then Big Molly made an announcement. "Now I'm going to fuck my husband for the first time in our married life and I want you all to be a witness." And she carefully took off her beautiful bridal gown, and I saw that she was wearing her strap-on. She was going to fuck me in front of everybody.

They pulled one of the tables back into the center of the room. I knew what was expected of me. I stripped off my tuxedo and lay down on the table, buck-naked, with my ass in the air. My wife knelt in front of my face so that I could suck the latex dick to lubricate it. Then she straddled me, and shoved it easily in. Yes. It went in very easily now.

"Take that big dick, you fucking bitch," she screamed, but in a loving tone. And I took it. I raised my ass up to it. Let everyone see how much I like getting dicked.

Everyone in the room was greedily watching us, and I could see that a lot of them were getting really turned on by the spectacle.

A few of the women had stripped naked, and were performing cunnilingus on each other. Edna had stripped Carol and had laid her on another table, and was greedily tonguing her pussy.

Now I could see that the guards were getting turned on as well. Even though they knew they were there in an official capacity and should not be partaking in this jollity, they couldn't help themselves. They were all rubbing their swollen crotches, and one by one the stiff cocks were coming out.

Some of the women went over to the guards and knelt before them to suck their cocks. They had not performed fellatio in quite a while, but you never lose the knack. The guards were now shucking off all their clothes in order to get into the full matrimonial spirit. And everywhere you could see couples fucking. Women fucking women. Men fucking women. It was glorious. My wedding party had become a joyous bacchanal.

Suddenly Sylvester was by our table, standing there totally nude. He tapped Big Molly on the shoulder. "May I?" he asked.

"Sure. He's your bitch too, isn't he?" she said graciously. She pulled the latex dick out of my asshole and moved aside. Sylvester climbed on the table and aimed his beautiful fleshdick into my asshole. It was heaven. As Sylvester was fucking me, I could see Warden Branch, now totally naked, getting sucked off by Carol who was on her knees before him. He was a very attractive man and he had a great looking dick. But the funny thing was, he wasn't paying that much attention to Carol who was sucking his cock, he was watching us. He was raptly watching Sylvester slide his fat dick into my asshole.

"Take my cock, bitch," screamed Sylvester into my ear. "You know you love it."

"Yes. Yes. I love it," I screamed as I met him thrust for thrust. "Fuck me, Sylvester. Fuck my bitch-whore ass."

"I'm fucking your hot pussy, baby, and it feels so good, and I'm a little high, and it feels so fantastic to have my dick in your hot hole, and I'm gonna shoot my cum into your hot hole in just a second. You want my hot cum in your hot hole? You want me to spray it into you."

"Yes. Yes," I yelled. "Spray it. Spray it. I want your hot cum inside me. Shoot it into me" and my words seemed to drive him over the top, and I felt him swelling inside me and I felt his hot liquid gushing into me as it had so many times before.

Suddenly I heard a voice. A man's voice. "How was it?"

It was the warden. He was standing right next to us now and asking Sylvester how it was.

"It was fantastic," said Sylvester, wiping the sweat off his face with his arm.

"I'd like to fuck him," said the warden. "Is that okay, Molly? Would you allow me to fuck your husband?"

"Sure. Fuck the bitch," she told him. "He loves it. Can't you tell?"

My wife knew me so well. She really understood me. Sylvester climbed off me, and Warden Branch took his place, and I didn't have to wait two seconds to feel that magnificent big tool of his going up inside my asshole. Wow!

"Take my big cock, bitch. Take it."

"Fuck me. Fuck me," I told him.

"You like my big cock in your asshole?" he asked me, pounding away against my flat prone form.

"I love it. I love it. Fuck me. Fuck me," I begged him.

"You want my load inside your hot little pussy? My hot load inside your lot little pussy?"

"Yes. Yes. I want your hot load inside my hot little pussy. Give me your cum. Give it to me."

And then his movements started to quicken, and he began to squeeze my nipples, which really hurt a little, since I didn't have female-style tits, and now he was short-shoving and moaning "AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH."

And when I felt his hot milk shooting into me, I sighed happily, "AAAAAAHHHHH." Happily. Happily.

As he lay on top of me with his stiff cock shrinking inside me, he kissed my ear and whispered something to me. "I put in a new swimming pool for the wife and kids with your Bribe. I just wanted to show my appreciation."
What a sweetheart warden he was, and he had given me such a wonderful wedding party.

But after the wedding, things went back to normal. The same old routine. Working in the laundry, eating my wife's pussy, and having her fuck mine with the trusty strap-on, but yes, luckily, I still had Sylvester. However on three occasions Big Molly and I did something a little different, something which I had almost lost the knack of.

And you're going to be surprised when I tell you this, but over the next few years we had three babies. Three precious adorable little babies. One girl, and two boys. My wife breast-fed them, of course. But once they were weaned we sent them off to Big Bertha, Big Molly's sister who was on the outside. The penitentiary is certainly no place to raise an infant.

Yes. Big Molly had allowed me to put it into her three times. But my wife is such a moral woman that she would only permit such a thing for the purpose of procreation. But by now I liked it up the ass better anyway.

Eventually we were both released. First me, and then Molly. Yes. I got out a year earlier. Bribery is not as bad as armed robbery. There was a vacant apartment in Big Bertha's building, so I rented it and began to make a home. I let Big Bertha care for the children until Molly would be released, and finally she was, and we were a family. I am a family man now, and I love it. This is what life's all about.

Of course we needed money. I had only a few safety deposit boxes left, so we decided that we would set up a little family business. Big Molly began to advertise on the internet and in certain select publications as a dominatrix, and soon she had a loyal and adoring clientele.

Many men would come and she would fuck each of them with her strap-on, and then as part of their punishment for being naughty boys they would be required to fuck my ass. We let the children sleep over at Big Bertha's when we had people coming. It was the only way.

I am so happy in my marriage, that had I known lo these many years ago about the joys of family life, I would have Bribed the gods to make it all happen just the way it had.



Posted: 05/18/07