The Gothic Igloo

By: Little Dan
(Copyrighted 2007 by the author)

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The helicopter hovered over the frozen plateau. There they were. The people I had discovered yesterday. I snapped away with my camera. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap.

“Go down a little, Mike,” I urged my friend and pilot, Mike Kelley.

“Okay, Walter,” he said, and we descended another hundred feet. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap.

Damn it. This was really exciting. If I was correct, I had discovered a whole new tribe of Northern people. They looked nothing like the Inuits, the Eskimos. The Inuit people were short and chubby and Mongol. These people were taller and more slender, and they seemed Caucasian.

We got nearer and nearer to them. There were about five of them. They each seemed to be fishing through a different hole in the ice. They were now conscious of the copter and began to look up, shielding their eyes from the glare of the sun. One of them raised his arm and waved. My heart leapt in my chest. I opened the door of the copter and leaned out and wildly waved back.

This was so exciting. The discovery of a lifetime. There would be a book in this. All my fellow anthropologists would be green with jealousy, when I published my findings. I had to find out more about these people. I had to get to know them. I needed to live with them.

In my mind I could already see the book jacket of my new scholarly best seller, ‘The Lost Tribe,” by Dr. Walter Annenson. Now the whole world would know me. I would no longer just be Dr. Walter Annenson, obscure professor of Anthropology at Vandercliff University, though I was head of the department.

“Go down a little more, Mike,” I advised him.

“Okay, Walter,” he agreed, bringing the helicopter down a little. I was close to the people now. I waved and waved. They waved back. I picked up my camera again. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap.

“Can we land, Mike?”

“I don’t know, Walter. That’s an ice shelf.”

“It looks pretty thick.”

“I can’t take the chance,” he said. “Suppose the ice broke and we went through.”

“Look,” I pointed to a place a half-mile in the distance. “I’m pretty sure that’s land over there. We could land there.”

“I don’t know.” Mike was a little leery.

“Go ahead. We can set down there.” I leaned out the door again and began pointing out our destination to the fur covered fishermen. As we headed off to the landing spot, I could see that the five men were starting to walk in that direction. I was going to get my wish. I was going to meet these strange people.

We landed safely, and I deplaned and stood on the frozen white ground. In the distance I could see the men walking toward us. Mike got out of the copter and stood beside me. We waited.

“I may want to stay up here with them, Mike,” I said.

“You’re crazy.”

“You don’t know what an important discovery this is. A whole new tribe.”

“You can’t stay. I might never be able to find you again,” he protested.

“I have to take that chance,” I argued.

We had flown out of our encampment at Ice Station Arctica, which I had set up in order to search out unfamiliar Northern flora and fauna. New species. I certainly had never anticipated that I might happen on an undiscovered tribe of human beings. ‘The Lost Tribe,’ by Dr. Walter Annenson. The book jacket flashed in my head again. Would I get the Nobel Prize for this?

The five men approached. It was difficult to see their faces, all bundled up as they were in their walrus and sealskins. Finally they were in front of us.

“Hello there,” I said heartily, stretching out my right hand. Obviously they didn’t know what I was saying or doing.

One of them took the lead. “Zumu akutu,” he said.

Now I know some words of the Inuit language, but I had never heard ‘zumu akutu,’ but I assumed it was a greeting.

“Zumu akutu,” I said, bowing my head.

“Zumu akutu,” they all said at once, and began nodding happily to each other.

“Say hello to them, Mike,” I urged.

“Zumu akutu,” Mike said, bowing his head.

“Zumu akutu. Zumu akutu,” they all repeated cheerfully.

The group leader began to talk to us, and make hand gestures. “Waka juka akiki kuku kak,” and he gestured for us to follow him.

Mike and I stood there and looked at each other. “They want us to go with them,” I explained.

“Not me. What do you want to do?”

“I told you, I want to stay. I want to get to know them.”

“You’re sure?” he asked dubiously.

“Absolutely. There’s a book in this,” I said. “You can go back to the station. Come back here for me in a month or so.”

“If I can. How will I find you?”

“I don’t know. Where do you live?” I asked the leader.

“Wam haba?”

“Where do you live?” I asked again. He looked at me blankly. “Igloo?” I tried.

“Haaahhhh,” he breathed. “Igloo.” He nodded his head vigorously and pointed across the frozen water.

“He lives due north,” I told Mike.

“Great,” Mike said, none too happily.

“Walter,” I said tapping my chest. “Walter.”

“Haahhh,” he said. He knew I had told him my name. He began tapping his own chest. “Rubu,” he said.

“Rubu,” I repeated.

He nodded his head again. “Rubu.” He tapped his chest again. He turned toward the next man. He tapped him on the chest. “Ataata,” he said.

“Ataata,” I repeated.

The next one who got chest-tapped was Angak. Then Atkak. And finally Injak. I bowed to each one in turn. They bowed to me. I don’t know if bowing was their way, or they just assumed it was my way and cooperated.

“Igloo,” said Rubu, pulling lightly on my coat, urging me to follow him.

“Igloo,” I answered and took my first step. I turned around and shook Mike’s hand.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” he said, shaking his head.

“I hope so too. But nothing risked, nothing gained.”

He shrugged and climbed back into the copter. I watched him as he started the motor and the copter began to rise. I waved. Rubu waved. Ataata waved. Angak waved. Then Atkak, and finally Injak waved. Mike flew off into the sky and after a few minutes was lost to sight. I was getting cold. I really wasn’t dressed for this. I shivered.

“Igloo,” I said.

“Igloo,” said Rubu, nodding, and we began to trudge back across the ice. I was slipping a little, but the men kept grabbing me and steadying me. Each time I slipped they started laughing. It was a big joke to them.

We trudged for about a half hour, and finally I saw an encampment with about twenty igloos. Beautifully carved little round ice-houses. They lived in those houses. They cut blocks of ice, and built their homes with those blocks. In front of each was a rounded tunnel for crawling through. No winter wind was going to get through that tunnel.

As we approached the encampment, someone came rushing toward us. At very close range I could tell it was a woman.

“Domoko jaja suka saku sai,” she said. I heard the voice. Yes it was definitely a woman, but she was covered from head to toe in skins, just as the men were.

“Wim gappa razu kiji zo ro kap. Walter,” said Rubu, slapping my chest. I figured out he was telling her about his great new discovery. Me.

“Haahhh,” she chortled happily, “Krip zip ku,” she pointed me toward the entrance tunnel of the igloo. She was inviting me in. I got down on the ground and crawled through the opening. I crawled down the three-foot tunnel and came out into the main room. Rubu and his wife (she had to be his wife,) followed me through.

Once inside we all stood up. It was a cozy little ice nest. I felt as if I were inside of a white frozen dome. On the floor were animal skins of all types. Walrus, Seal, Sea Lion, Polar Bear. There was a particularly thick high pile on one side of the room, and I assumed that was the bedroom. Nice and cozy to sleep on, and then be covered by all those luxurious furs.

Rubu and Kakanaka (his wife) chattered away in tribe talk, of which I understood only a word or two here and there. They arranged skins in a small circle, and we sat as Kakanaka built a fire in a hollowed out rock. She walked to one end of the circular room and brought back a large wad of what I later learned was bear grease, and she also brought back a large chunk of red meat. I realized that that part of the room was the refrigerator. She melted the bear grease and threw in the meat, and began poking it with a tree branch. The smell of cooking soon filled the igloo. Just before we ate, a young man crawled through the tunnel into the main room. I learned that it was their son, Kakupaku. He was a handsome lad just approaching manhood. He had a handsome face, and a lovely clear complexion, and I could tell that under all his warm skins was a powerful healthy body, rippling with muscles. I looked and noticed that Rubu also had a lean athletic body, and really a very handsome face.

When the polar bear meat was ready, Rubu cut it into chunks with the end of his long spear and divided it, and I had my first North Pole dinner, which I must say was very tasty. When I was finished, I reached out and grabbed a bit of snow from a pile and cleansed my greasy lips. I burped a couple of times and leaned back relaxing comfortably, while Rubu picked up a small stringed instrument he had made, and began chanting tribal melodies. This was wonderful. I couldn’t wait to see it in print. My book would be a great success. I would even publish the tribal music, heretofore unknown.

After sometime, Kakupaku, the son, went across the room and pulled some fur blankets over his lanky body. I knew it was bedtime. Rubu and Kakanaka had a heated discussion in their language, and Rubu smiled at me, uttering several incomprehensible phrases. He walked across the room and crawled under some skins next to his son.

Kakanaka, on the other hand, moved me to the high mound, and positioned me under the heavy furry covers. Then she climbed in next to me. She turned toward me and smiled. I smiled back nervously. I had forgotten the Northern custom of lending your guest your wife for the night. I was getting Kakanaka to do with as I liked until morning.

I did not find her very attractive. And she had kind of a fishy smell which was unappealing to me. Under the blankets, I felt her fidgeting. She was lowering her lower garment. Then I felt her hands working on my own lower garments. She had a little trouble with the clasp on my belt, but finally worked it out. Then she pulled down my pants and underpants, until my ass and cock area were free of encumbrance. She knew her job. She roughly pulled me on top of her, where I lay, smelling her fishy breath.

She started fondling and squeezing my unresponsive penis. Nothing was happening. She was getting frustrated. She gave an anxious fretful sigh. I guess this went on for about a half hour, when finally she called across the room to her husband.

“Zim kobo nuka kada ada raba suka akakak na.”

“Pum zudu rugu gaga maza zak ya,” he answered, coming across the room. He lifted the blankets to see the problem for himself.

He stared down at my exposed middle and my limp peter, and began to smile and nod. “Hupu kaku rak nak,” he observed. “Lim kodo ravarava shum.”

He and Kakanaka began to laugh, and their eyes smiled at me despite my wretched failure. Kakanaka pulled up her pants and retreated across the room where she crawled under the covers that her husband had just vacated, next to their son.

Rubu gently guided me over onto my stomach. I didn’t know what he was doing, but I didn’t protest. He was my host, and I had to be a gracious guest. Then he pulled the cord around his waist and lowered his own pants to knee level. He crawled in next to me and pulled the warm blankets up. That was a relief. My backside was getting a little frostbitten.

I will relate the following events as to how I finally came to understand them, after I had learned their language.

I felt Rubu’s stiff prick poking into my soft cheeks. “Oh, God,” I thought. “He’s going to sodomize me.” And yet what could I do? Mike had flown off in the copter. He wouldn’t be back for at least a month. If I did not cooperate, if these people threw me out in the cold, I was a dead man. I would freeze to death in an hour or two. Maybe it was my ass or my life. I decided it would be my ass. I did want to live to see my book published.

He began poking his iron-hard prod between my two soft mounds. He hit the entrance and pushed. I screamed. He laughed and began to pat me on the head and whisper soothing things into my ear. I obviously didn’t know what he was saying. With that he got up with his pants around his knees and hobbled over to the far end of the circular room—the refrigerator part. He took a big handful of bear grease and hobbled back across the room, crawling back under the covers with me. He was smearing the bear grease all over his stiff poker, and now he was working his greasy fingers into my hole. I was covered internally with bear grease, and after a few moments, his fingers moved easily in and out of my body.

He again climbed on top of me, and I felt the insistent head of his warm dick slipping between my asscheeks and pressing against my hole. But now my hole was spreading. It was ever so easily opening out and clutching the large rod that was slipping into it.

“Zaka duky ma?” he asked.

I grunted and spread my rectal channel around his cock, trying to get more comfortable with it. I felt a warmth in my rear passage as he began to slide his cock in and out. The warmth was not unappealing in the midst of all this cold. I think he felt the warmth of my ass on his dick, because he was starting to get very affectionate with me. The way he held me and nuzzled me. I could tell he was enjoying himself. He rubbed his nose all over my neck, all over my hair, all over my ear. I began to buck my bottom against him, and he began to whisper affectionate foreign phrases in my ear. I felt all warm and comfortable under the blankets and under Rubu. I was hoping this would go on all night. But that was not to be. After another five minutes or so, his loins started to speed up. I could hear the frequent slapping of his abdomen against my fleshy asscheeks, and I could feel his balls swing against my own. Clack. Clack. ---- Clack. Clack.

Rubu began to groan. “Aaaarrraaahhhuuu.”

That I understood. He was pouring his copious hot load into my asschannel. It was mixing with the bear grease and forming a heavy sticky liquid, which I knew I would soon have to expel.

After resting on me for a few moments, he caught his breath, and I caught mine. He lay down next to me and cuddled me in his arms. We both fell asleep. I later learned that when I couldn’t fuck Kakanaka but had gladly accepted his own prick, he had realized that I was a tupunuku. A blessed spirit possessed of both genders, and I was to be coddled and cherished. I was a holy spirit. A two-sexed being. It seemed the Zakas (their tribe) worshipped two-gender spirits. I was now a god. A tupunuku god.

The next morning Rubu fitted me out with brand new warm clothing. Bear and seal skins. I felt very elegant in my new furs. Then he brought all the other male members of the tribe into his igloo, and began explaining things to them all the while pointing at me. Not understanding what he was saying, I just smiled and nodded to everybody as they smiled and nodded to me.

After the meeting, Rubu brought me over to the mound of bed furs. He opened my waist cord and lowered my new fur pants to knee level. He turned me around so that my rear end would be visible to everyone in the room, and began to pat it in circular movements. His hand was exciting me. I think I began moving my ass around a little in appreciation. The other men began to chatter among themselves. Rubu laid me face down on the furry bed, and I looked over my shoulder.

Ataata was lowering his skins. His large cock was now erect. Very dark and very erect. He began stroking it. He gently climbed on top of me and began to work his dick around the edge of my asshole. “Klimtim,” Rubu said to him, bringing over a large wooden bowl of bear grease. Ataata raised his hips and allowed Rubu to smear the lubricant all over his cock. Then Rubu’s greasy fingers began oiling up my asshole again. When he was satisfied that I was ready, he grasped Ataata’s cock and moved it to the edge of my hole. Ataata did some little trick with his hips, and his big dick slid in on the coating of bear grease. I didn’t have any difficulty with it. I was getting to be broken-in. It was nice to know that from here on in, I was going to enjoy this.

Ataata hunched his strong asscheeks, pressing his long dick as far into me as it could go. “Hhhhaaaaccchhh,” he yelled. That I understood. I also yelled “Hhhhaaaacccchhhh.” He slammed his dick down and I slammed my ass up. That flesh-hitting-flesh sound filled the igloo. It was great. I moaned in joy as I felt his dick hitting unexplored corners of my internal physiognomy. I was starting to learn how to control the muscles in the walls of my ass. I could make them grasp and slurp on his cock. It was in my power to increase his pleasure to unendurable heights.

I felt his smooth nose rubbing all over my neck and my hair and my ear as he fucked me and fucked me. “Ataata,’ I screamed in joy. “Fuck me. Fuck me.” He didn’t know what I was saying but he fucked me anyway.

I felt his dick gaining in girth and then his liquid shot out, spurt after spurt after spurt. My ass just drank it up, and closed on his shrinking dick, providing a warm nest. He pulled it out. I didn’t want him to pull it out, but he pulled it out, but it didn’t make any difference, because when he got up, Angak immediately took his place on top of me. Rubu reached in and anointed Angak’s stiff member with bear grease. He didn’t have to stick his fingers into me now. I was greased enough. And also Ataata had just juiced into me. There would be no problem.

Angak stroked my asscheeks so gently as he so gently rocked in and out of me. This was a whole new experience. No plowing and flesh-slapping. Just a calm gentle rocking of our hips. He made obscene joyous sounds as he rubbed his nose against my ear, then my neck, then my shoulder, then my hair. Then he turned my head around a little and we were rubbing noses.

That was it. They didn’t kiss. They rubbed noses. I had forgotten that. That’s what all that nose-rubbing had been. Kissing. Now that I realized that, I realized how sexy it was. I enthusiastically rubbed my nose against his, and my own cock was getting stiff as we nosed each other. And all the time his dick was gently rocking in and out of my ass. I was just loving this.

His nose started to rub against mine a little more frantically, and I felt his cock swelling inside me. Oh no. I didn’t want this to end. Ever. But his Zaka cream was flooding out into my intestinal riverbed. “Oh. Oh. Oh,” I yelled with each spurt. I wanted to absorb his juices into my system. I never wanted them to drip out. But they were already dripping out. There was too much cum in me now for my body to handle, and it was jetting out around his dick, even as he was jetting it into me.

He took out his shrinking penis, and I had empty nest syndrome again, but not for long. I peeked over my shoulder. And yes. Atkak was already semi-stripped for action. “Zupu taku rada akanar bula zup,” he said.

A group of them turned me over, and removed all my lower clothing. My new fur boots. My pants. In addition to my ass, my legs were completely uncovered now, and I was getting cold. But after Rubu spread bear grease all over Atkak’s cock, Atkak lay on top of my chest and was going to feed his cock into me frontways. I was now nose up. Atkak was nose down and we nosed each other in foreplay.

When he was deeply in me, the other men took the fur blankets and spread them over us. He started to fuck, and I wrapped my naked legs around his strong hairy body. I reached down and grasped his strong buttocks and held on for dear life as he drove into me at breakneck speed. My female spirit just took over at that point. I was nothing but a hot cunt wrapped around his demanding pole, eager to please her man. “Oh. Oh. Oh,” I screamed and raised my ass around his plunger. “Fuck me. Fuck me,” I screamed. He grunted some untranslatable remarks and pounded into me. Our noses were rubbing together like mad. I was in a frenzy. He was in a frenzy. And as he started to expel his seed into my body, his nose pressed down on mine, and I couldn’t take any more. My own cum shot out all over my belly. I could barely catch my breath. This was so incredible. I was so satisfied. I could have died and gone to heaven right then, but I was not finished. Behind him was Injak, and then around fifteen other tribal males whom I hadn’t even met yet.

I hadn’t met them, but I would be getting fucked by them. And that was all right. They lifted the blankets off Atkak and me, and the cold air immediately caused the cum on my belly and the cum pouring out of my asshole and running down my leg to freeze and crystallize. The crystals dropped off onto the packed-snow floor of the igloo. Injak climbed on top of me and I was getting fucked again. At first my body rebelled. I had just come, and didn’t want any more fucking. But I adjusted and once again got into the rhythm. And I quite enjoyed Injak as much as I had the others. Besides all the warming cum was leaking out of me, and I needed to be refilled.

I won’t bother you with the names of all the other men who fucked me, but they were all wonderful. I enjoyed every coupling and was sorry when they were finished. It had been the best morning of my entire life. When would such a morning come again?

The women now came in and began frying food in the hollowed stone. They brought the food over to the men, who were sprawled out on blankets all over the floor. The igloo was very crowded. I was lying there with my head in Rubu’s lap. He picked up morsels of fried meat and fish and dangled them over my lips. He laughed. I lifted my head and swallowed the tidbits from his fingers. He stroked my cheeks as he fed me. The other men stroked my whole body in different places. I still didn’t know why this wonderful thing had happened to me. Why I was being so treasured. I still didn’t know that I was a god.

The next morning all the adult male members of the tribe returned to the igloo and fucked me before going out hunting and fishing. It was a great way to start the day. The sun had never really gone down, but it had become a little dusky. Now the sun was high in the heavens and I knew it was a summer morning.

Rubu politely let everyone else squirt into me before he took his own turn. As his cock entered me, it was a familiar comfortable feeling. It was the cock that had made a woman out of me. I turned my face around (he was lying on my back) and rubbed his nose against mine. I felt a little bit of chafing. Oh, no. My nose was getting chapped. That would never do. I needed my nose.

Rubu pulsed his seed into me and it slid down and swirled with all the other sperm in my intestinal cum lake. It was warm and delicious in this cold climate. I would keep it inside me as long as I possibly could.

And so went the days. So went the weeks. So went the months. Now it was darker outside. All the time. I knew that autumn was descending. The men started coming home earlier from their food expeditions. And they began to build something in the very center of the encampment. An ice structure. They chopped blocks and blocks of ice and piled them on each other. They worked diligently day after day. I was starting to learn their language, which was a comfort. I would soon be able to communicate with them.

One afternoon I walked outside in my warm skins and approached Rubu as he helped lay a block of ice on another block. It looked like they were building a new house. A large new house.

“Igloo?” I asked.

He smiled happily and nodded his head energetically. “Igloo,” he affirmed. “Gama Igloo.” Of course I had no idea what gama meant.

Little by little the structure began to take shape. It was a very large igloo. Twice as tall as all the others, and the circumference must have been four times that of the other igloos. Then it began to change. They were adding spires and towers. They were carving magnificent gargoyles into the ice. It was gorgeous. It was a home fit for a king. It was gothic. A gothic igloo. It was a little like Notre Dame. And I realized that that’s what it was meant to be. A cathedral. A breath-taking ice cathedral. This was going to be their church.

I wasn’t familiar with their religion, but I would learn. As I learned their language, I would learn their religion.

A month later it was finished. I heard cheering and yelling outside Rubu’s ice hut, and I crawled through the entrance and out into the campground. The whole village was gathered outside the cathedral, noisily celebrating its completion. The cathedral sparkled behind them. They were all drinking fermented whale blubber tea, and I think they were all a little tipsy. When they saw me, they just went wild. They came over and I was lifted into the air on the shoulders of a dozen men. They carried me to the entrance, and one by one we crawled through. I was anxious to see the inside of the building. If it was as impressive as the exterior.

It was. It was dazzling. There were gargoyles carved into every block of ice. Beautiful, detailed creatures with fangs and horns and long tails. The room was vast. More than large enough to hold the entire village for a devotional ceremony. In the very center of the room was a raised mound. Around twenty feet wide and twenty feet long. On top of the mound fur blankets were piled high. It was like a throne. Like a royal bedroom. Someone would be sleeping very warmly and comfortably in that exalted bed. I wondered who.

Then, to my surprise, they carried me up onto the mound and laid me down on the furs. This lavish chamber was for me? Why for me? I just couldn’t believe it. The village women brought in hollowed stones and began preparing a feast. The village men went back to their own igloos to get their harps and returned.
They sat around my throne strumming their instruments and singing reverential songs. They climbed up on the mound, and I lay with my head in their laps as they slipped tasty morsels into my mouth.

Every once in a while, someone’s nose would descend and gently stroke my own. They were all very drunk now. One of the men announced. “Kiji foru keke nam pu,” and all the women left and returned to their own igloos. The men turned me over on my stomach and lowered my fur pants. I was used to this. I didn’t mind. I wanted it. They all opened their waist cords and let their pants drop to knee level. I’m sure they must have been cold, but they were anxious. Anxious to fuck me. Anxious to stuff their hard peters into my accommodating asshole.

And then it started. The fucking. I no longer needed bear grease. My ass had somehow become self-lubricating. And I was even having orgasms. Many many orgasms. Ass orgasms. Every time a cock shot off in my ass, my asswalls would start to quiver and I could feel my rectum blasting forth a hot clear liquid. The men loved this. They loved feeling my asscunt climaxing around their masterful members.

The first one entered me. Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Splat. He came in my ass. My ass came on his cock. Then the next one. Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Shoop. Splat. Another wet double climax. Another ten of them fucked me. Oh. Oh. My ass was so liquid now. I was a hot ocean of cum. I could hear it surging in waves inside of me. They kept fucking me. They kept fucking me. All of them. Every last one. And the last one was Rubu. I just loved Rubu. He was such a gentleman. He made sure every man got his fuck before he took his. What a sweet guy.

When Rubu shot off in me, and I blasted hot assjuice on his sweet cock, I waited for him to withdraw. As soon as he did, I turned over and threw my arms around his neck and we rubbed noses with great passion and affection. My wonderful Rubu. I loved them all, but I loved Rubu the most. That night all the men stayed in the cathedral and we slept like babies.

As the time passed and I began to understand more words, I realized what had happened. They had coaxed forth a female spirit within a male body. Mine. And apparently this made me holy. This made me a god. This beautiful shimmering gothic ice cathedral had been built just for me. It had been built to worship Walter Annenson. I probably would never write my book. But being a god was so much better than being an anthropologist or an author.

I learned that when they came in every morning and fucked me before hunting and fishing, that they were seeking my divine blessing in their quests. They were paying respect to their deity. If they shot their seed into my holy body, all their wishes would come true. I felt humbled and honored. I would be their god. I would be their benevolent god. If I could make their wishes come true, I would do it.

I was understanding their language fairly well by the time that Rubu told me that I was to preside at a holy ceremony. It seemed that Rubu’s handsome muscular young son, Kakupaku had chosen a bride. There would be a wedding. I was unsure as to what my officiating duties were to be. I really didn’t know how to conduct a service. There was no holy book. There was only a holy spirit. Me.

On the day of the wedding, everyone gathered inside the cathedral. The whole village. Everyone was dressed in his furry best. The fermented whale blubber tea was flowing like wine. Everybody was socking it down. Some of the men played their harps. Some of them beat on large whale skin drums. The drum beat blasted through the cathedral and made me heady. (I was also drinking the alcoholic tea). Everyone began chanting prayers and incantations. I figured I didn’t have to do anything. I just had to be there as a sacred presence. I was wrong.

Several of the men came up onto my central platform. They lowered my pants and stetched me out on the skins, nose up. They separated my legs. Kakupaku now came up and knelt between my splayed legs. He touched his nose to the ground and clasped his hands above his head, as if in deep prayer. He was genuflecting. Then he moved up to my crotch and began stroking my penis. I didn’t know what he wanted. I think he wanted me to get hard. But it had been so long since I had used my penis that I wasn’t sure if I was still able to erect. My female spirit had just about taken over my entire body.

Kakupaku lowered his face and drew my spongy dick into his warm mouth. It did feel nice. So nice and warm and wet. What has happening? Yes. My dick was getting stiff. Thank the holy spirit (me?) my dick was getting stiff. Kakupaku began licking my balls. Oh, what a nice feeling. That soft gentle tongue running over my sack as he played with my peter. Then his mouth moved back and sucked my rod in. He raised and lowered his head. He raised and lowered his head. I arched my ass up following his mouth as it withdrew. What a treat. My cock hadn’t had any attention in such a long time. And now it was getting sucked. Sucked by handsome young Kakupaku who rolled my balls in his gentle hands as he increased his oral suction. He wanted me to come. That was it. He wanted my cum.

Well, if he wanted my cum, he would get my cum. I felt my balls tighten in exquisite pain, and the thick white liquid shot into his mouth. He drank and drank. Then he turned around and opened his mouth so that everyone could witness the thick creamy goo on his tongue. Everybody cheered and screamed. The harps played. The drums beat. The chanting began again. And Kakupaku swallowed my cum. He turned toward me and lowered his nose to mine. We rubbed. If only I could have taken him in my arms and given him a real kiss. A mouth kiss. But that was a nono in this society. No mouth kissing. Sucking and fucking and rubbing noses, yes. Kissing, no. But the mission had been accomplished. Kakupaku had swallowed the sacred essence of the holy spirit. Now he was blessed. He would marry and have many children. I had done my godly duty.

It had been a coming-of-age ceremony, and I happily noted that there were other handsome strapping young men who would soon be coming of age and needing to worship their god, and to drink from the fountain of his male spirit. It would be a great pleasure to bless them.

I think a year must have passed. I think I had been there for a year. And then one day I had a surprise. Rubu returned from his fishing with a surprise for me.
I had thought that I might have heard a strange whirring overhead, but it had gone away and I had forgotten. Then I’d heard it again. I was puzzled. The whirring got very close and stopped and I didn’t think any more of it until Rubu crawled the opening of my temple, and right behind him was my friend and pilot, Mike Kelley.

“Mike,” I cried out joyously. It was so wonderful to see an old familiar face.

“Walter,” he yelled happily. We ran toward each other and hugged like children. I wanted to rub his nose with mine, but thought better of it.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been searching for you,” he said. “I made trip after trip and couldn’t find this village. Then it got to be winter and I stopped. But once spring set in I tried again, and this time I did it. Here you are. Are you all right?”

“Oh, Mike. It’s so great to see you. Yes. Yes. I’m fine,” I assured him.

“Did you think I’d abandoned you?”

“To tell you the truth, it’s been so busy here, I never even thought about it. But hey, man. You’re here now. That’s all that counts. You’re a sight for sore eyes.” How had I not thought about Mike in all this time? How had I not even considered that he would come and rescue me?

“Wow, look at this place,” He turned a full circle and gazed all around, his gaze rising up to the domed ceiling, taking in the multifarious artistic carvings. “What a place. It’s like a palace. It’s like an ice palace.”

“Not a palace,” I corrected him. “It’s a cathedral. An ice cathedral.”

“It’s beautiful. Just beautiful. Is this where they worship?”

“Yes,” I answered. “This is where they worship. This is a holy place.”

“Wow. What are you doing in here?”

“I live here,” I answered modestly.

“You live in a cathedral?”

Again I responded affirmatively.

“”How come?” he asked me.

“It seems that I’m they’re god.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” He started laughing hysterically.

“No. I’m quite serious,” I assured him. “I’m their god.”

“This is hilarious. And what do you do as their god?”

“I’d rather not answer that right now,” I said.

He was puzzled. Of course he was puzzled. How could he ever understand my unique situation.

The villagers started bringing in platters of fried meat and fish. Mike and I sat on the raised mound, on my beautiful furs, and ate a hearty lunch. Some of the men, Rubu, Ataata, Atkak, Injak, all they ones who knew Mike from when we first arrived here, joined us. We had a delicious midday feast, and washed the food down with fermented whale blubber tea, until we all got a little tipsy.

I don’t think Mike was crazy about the cuisine, but he politely and dutifully consumed it. Smiling and nodding to the others about how delicious it was. He licked his lips. The men were overjoyed with Mike’s appreciation.

“We should go soon,” Mike said to me.

“I’m not going,” I told him. “I’m staying here with my people.”

His jaw dropped in shock. “You’re staying? What are you, crazy?”

“I have to stay,” I explained to him. “They would never never let me leave.”

“Do I have to bring up a rescue party to free you?”

“No. They would never let me leave, and I don’t want to leave. I want to live the rest of my life here.”

“You’ve flipped out,” Mike said, shaking his head. “You’re absolutely insane.”

“I suppose so,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “But it’s what I want. When you get back, please contact the anthropology department at Vandercliff University and explain all this to them.”

“They’ll never understand. Any more than I do.”

“I know. But at least they’ll know that I’m not dead. That I’m alive and living happily with my lost tribe.”

Rubu and Ataata had begun smoothing out the fur coverlets around us.

“In that case, I suppose I ought to go back,” said Mike.

“Stay a little while longer,” I urged him. “It’s really so good to see an old friend. I hope you’ll come up and visit me once in a while.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said, immediately dismissing the possibility.

Anjak and Injak started speaking to him in their own language. He looked at them blankly. They were telling him to lie down on the furs and relax. Rubu and Ataata started gently slapping the furs, where they wanted him to recline.

“What are they doing?” he asked.

“They want you to enjoy the blessings of their god. They want you to pay your respect to their god.”

“But that’s you,” Mike said.

“Exactly,” I answered.

“Well, how do I get blessed? How do I pay my respect?” he asked me. I was almost afraid to tell him.

Anjak and Injak came over and loosened his belt. They pulled his pants and his warm long johns and his short tight white jockey shorts down his legs, until his midsection was exposed to the cold air.

“What are they doing?” Mike asked me in a panicked voice. “Walter. Tell them to stop this.”

“I can’t,” I explained. “It’s what they want. It’s a ritual we have to perform, or the sun will go down and never rise again.”

“This is madness,” he sputtered, but he stopped trying to fight them and pull up his pants.

Now Rubu and Ataata undid my waist cord, and lowered my furs. My round ass felt the cold air, once more. They urged me forward and I lay nose down on the warm furs. The four men guided Mike’s resisting body over to me, and maneuvered him until he was lying flat along my legs, ass, and back.

“What’s happening?” he asked again nervously.

“They want you to fuck me,” I explained. “That’s how you pay your respect. That’s how you get blessed.”

“Good lord. I just don’t believe this. I don’t believe any of this.”

“Believe it,” I said. “It’s very real.”

“I’m not going to fuck you, Walter. No way am I going to fuck you.”

“I think you have to, Mike,” I said gently and patted his hand. “I think you really have to or…..”

“Or what?” Mike tried to climb off me, and the men grabbed their fishing spears and pointed them at Mike. Ataata’s spear brushed against his soft penis. I saw a slight sweat break out on Mike’s forehead.

“Or they might kill you,” I said. This was what I had been afraid of.

“Kill me? Why would they kill me?” He couldn’t believe that these tribal fisherman who had just provided him with a sumptuous midday feast could turn on him so suddenly.

“They’re a religious people,” I said. “I’m afraid they may be a little intolerant. If someone didn’t have respect for their god… If someone were a non-believer, an infidel, a heretic? Well, they just wouldn’t accept that. I think they would be willing to kill for their god.”

“But you said you were their god.”

“Yes. And if you don’t fuck their god, you are insulting their god. That is disrespect. They will not tolerate that. You had better do what they want.”

“But I’m not even hard,” he sputtered.

“Work on it,” I advised.

He reached down and began kneading his penis. I reached my hand back and started pulling it for him. Sometimes a helping hand just…..helps. I felt it growing in my palm. Swelling, stretching out. Getting very long. Getting very thick. As I stroked it, it kept brushing against my pillowy warm soft assglobes. He was getting turned on.

“Put it in,” I whispered, and guided it between the cheeks, until the pointy edge touched the rim of my rectum.

“Won’t it hurt you?” he asked. “Don’t we need a little lube or something?”

“No. We’re fine. My body has adjusted. My ass is perfectly capable of lubing itself now.” I arched my middle up and speared myself on his enormous rod. My hole just spread itself around his fleshspear. I continued moving up and up until my cheeks hit against his warm abdomen, and I could feel his hairs scratching my cheeks and his heavy balls slapping between my legs.

We were on automatic pilot now. His body knew what to do without me telling him. He stroked down into my ass, and my flesh closed around him. What a great delicious long thick cock. This was a treat. This was dessert. “Unnggghh,” I breathed happily.

“Chhhaaccchh,” said Mike into my ear. The other men heard him and they smiled and nodded to each other.

My ass had long since acquired a new capability. Without me working my muscles at all, my ass just thrummed and stroked and sucked all by itself. As if it were motorized. My ass had become a milking machine. Just stick a cock in and the machine started going. My ass lapped all around Mike’s plunging dick, and he started making the strangest throaty noises.

“Oh my god, Walter. What are you doing to me?”

“I don’t know, Mike. What am I doing?” I asked innocently.

“Your ass. I’ve never felt anything like this in my life. So hot. So tight. So talented. Oh god. Oh god. What a fuck. What a fuck. Oh god Walter, you are the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life. What an ass. What an ass. It’s just sucking on my big dick. Tell me you want it, bitch. Tell me you want it, asswhore. Tell me how much you want my big dick.”

“I want your big dick, Mike. I want you to fuck into me with your big thick long hard dick. It’s the best dick I’ve ever had, Mike. I want to keep it inside me forever. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me. Fuck my hot ass.” I was off on a rant. Now that I had someone who understood my mother tongue I could really let loose and beg for a fucking. “Fuck me, Mike. What a cock. What a sweet big cock. I want your load inside me. I want your hot load in my body. I’ll keep it in there forever. I’ll treasure it. I’ll bless it. Am I blessing your cock, Mike? Am I blessing your sweet cock?”

“Oh god, yes, Walter. Your sweet ass is blessing my dynamite-stick dick, which is getting ready to explode in your guts. Do you want my cum, baby? Do you want my sweet hot thick white cum?”

“I want it, Mike. Give it to me. Blast it into me. Let that dynamite stick explode in my hot asschannel. Oh, god. It’s getting bigger. It’s getting even bigger. I love it. I love it. Oh, God. It’s exploding. Your hot cum is running into my body. I can feel it. Squirt. Squirt. Squirt. Squirt.” I announced every squirt and there were many. More than ten, I think.

The igloo was cold, but we were hot. We were both perspiring. He rested his cheek on the back of my head and nuzzled his nose through my hair. Maybe Mike would learn to nosekiss too. As we caught our breath, the other men chattered happily and gave Mike light affectionate pats on his naked ass. He smiled up at them. He was not sorry now, that they had forced him to plow me.

He kissed my head and squeezed his arms around me. “Oh god, Walter. You’re great. You’re just great. That was the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life. I want more. I want more. How am I ever going to back to my wife after this?”

“You’re always welcome here, Mike. You know that. I hope you’ll copter up often to visit me. I’d love to have that beautiful cock in my ass again. In fact that gives me something to look forward to now. I will always look forward to your visits and your fuckings.”

Mike kissed my head again. He stumbled to his feet. Anjak brought over a mound of snow and began cleansing Mike’s dick with it. He winced from the cold, but then they dried him with little scraps of whale skin, and he pulled up his pants and cinched his belt.

It had been a wonderful day in the cathedral. We all drank some more fermented whale blubber tea and relaxed. It was getting late and Mike knew the day was over. It was time to go. Not because the sun was going down. The sun would not go down for another few months. But it was getting late.

Mike stood up and so did I. He threw his powerful arms around me and hugged me. I threw my arms around him and hugged him back. Brazenly I lifted my face to his and rubbed his nose with my own. He looked at me puzzled for an instant, and then laughed loudly. He moved his nose to mine and rubbed back, squeezing me to him.

“God, Walter. I’m just going to hate leaving you up here.”

“I know, Mike. But I must stay. These are my people now. They need me and I can’t abandon them.”

I saw a little tear in the corner of Mike’s eye as he turned and got down on his knees. He crawled out of the gothic cathedral and was gone. A few minutes later, I heard the sound of a motor catching. And then the whirring of the blade. First loud, then softer, softer, further and further away. “Good-bye, Mike,” I murmured to myself. “Come back soon. Come back very soon. Let me give you my blessing again as soon as possible.”

After that things returned to normal. Every morning the men would gather in the cathedral for my sacred blessing before the hunting and fishing of the day. I just lay there and let motor ass do all the work. It was very relaxing. One particular morning there was a new addition to the adult male population.

Kakupaku was now married, and his bride was pregnant with their first child. He was now considered to be a full-fledged man. On this particular morning, Rubu proudly led Kakupaku into the cathedral. They both genuflected before me. I nodded my head and smiled. I was going to get Kakupaku’s dick up my ass. He was such a strong handsome young lad. I was pleased. I would be so happy to bless Kakupaku.

Kakupaku was to be the first in my ass that morning. I lowered my furs and lay down on my soft mats. Kakupaku lowered his own trousers and I saw a nice-size beautifully shaped stiff penis. He crawled above me and began to slip his hot drill into my self-lubricating already-wet canal. Then he began gently drilling me. I grabbed his hand in mine and turned my face so we could nose each other. “Aaaagggghhh. Aaaggggghhhh. Aaaaaggggghhhh,” he went with each instroke. I grasped his hand more tightly. A new generation. How perfect. I looked up and saw Rubu looking down at his son plugging me. He was beaming. A proud father. I smiled up at him. He smiled at me. He knelt down and fondly patted his son’s asscheeks, as the son hunched his rod into me.

“Lap maba?” I asked. Is it good?

“Tudu. Kama maba,” yes, very good, he answered.

Soon I felt Kakupaku’s hot essence jetting into me. The same essence that had impregnated his young bride. If only this could all go on forever. But already I knew that nothing is forever. One day the god would be too old to fulfill his duties, and they would find a new god. Another man would come along who also carried a woman’s spirit. A new tupunuku. A new two-gendered being. And then they would worship him. Perhaps he would even come from their own tribe. Perhaps even now in the womb, Kakupaku’s first son was a two-gendered being.

They would carry me out and sit me on a distant floating ice floe, and I would drift away into the north, a frozen sacred statue forever. The new god would be installed in my beautiful gothic igloo and village life would continue as before. But all that was many years away. I wouldn’t even think about that now.

In the meantime Kakupaku had climbed off me, washed himself off with fresh snow, and Jubujaka, another tribesman had climbed above me and inserted his cock into my wet ass, seeking my blessing. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Jubujaka’s smooth long dick stroking my insides.

“Bless you, my beautiful people. Bless you. Bless you all,” I thought. Then I stopped thinking and my ass settled down to its priestly business.



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