Treasures in the Attic

By: Little Dan
(Copyrighted 2004 by the author)

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I was dribbling. Not from my mouth. On the basketball court. Steve, Jimmy, Paul, Ed, and I were shooting baskets after school. I took a shot but Ed blocked me and I missed the basket. The ball bounced off the rim and Jimmy caught it. He tried to shoot a basket, but Paul waved his arms in front of him. He took the shot anyway and he missed too. Then Steve got the ball and ran further up the court where there was no interference, took a long shot and made a basket.

"Good toss," I yelled.

"Thanks Russ," he answered. Russ. That's me. My name is Russell. You're probably wondering if that's my first name or my last name. Well, actually, it's both. My parents, in a jocular mood, had named me Russell, when our family name was already Russell. So I was Russell Russell. Some joke, huh? In any case I answer to the name of Russ, so when Steve called `thanks, Russ,' he was talking to me.

"I've gotta get home," said Ed. "I have to pack up some old clothes my parents are giving to charity."

"Okay," said Jimmy. "Let's hit the showers."

"I've got one problem," said Ed. "I have cartons, but I don't have any rope to tie them with. Anybody know where I can get some rope?"

"I've seen a lot of rope lying around in the attic. I'll look when I get home," I offered.

"That would be great," said Ed.

"Let's get wet," said Paul.

We stripped off our T-shirts, shorts, and jocks in the locker room and headed for the showers. The hot water felt great on my aching muscles, and I started to soap up. I started with my legs and worked up. I soaped my dick and balls, and then reached behind to soap my asshole. I guess I was facing away from the other guys, because when I was soaping my ass, Steve leaned his chin on my shoulder and said to the other guys, "What a pretty round ass, and now it's all nice and slippery." Everybody roared with laughter. I turned around, and there were the four of them lewdly soaping their big cocks which were getting harder and harder. I looked at them, and I swear I think I was getting hard too.

"Very funny, you guys," I said angrily.

"We're not trying to be funny," said Steve. "We just want a nice piece of ass, and a nice dark place to stick our fuck poles into."

Big talk from a guy who'd never had anything more than a handjob-- from his own hand, I might add. In fact, none of us had. We were all totally sex starved, and each of us was just dying to find a hole to stick it in, if you know what I mean.

I looked at my four friends, and their lean, strong, athletic bodies. Who wouldn't want to fuck these guys? They were gorgeous. And so was I. I hate to toot my own horn, but I was pretty hot myself. I was also lean, strong and athletic. I was already six inches taller than my own father. It tickled me the way he had to look up at me when we were talking. Suddenly I felt a soapy finger crawling up my ass, and I jumped a mile. It was Steve with a big grin on his face. They were all grinning.

"Cut it out, you wise guys. I'm not queer," I yelled.

"Well, we sure wish you were," laughed Jimmy.

"Even if I were queer I wouldn't let you four jokers touch me with your teeny twisted doorkeys." I teased. That was a lie. I wouldn't let them touch me because I wasn't queer, but their cocks were not teeny twisted doorkeys at all. They were all big thick heavy mothers that would terrorize any pussy lucky enough to be assaulted by one of them.

"Anybody wanna go for burgers at the Big B around six?" asked Steve.

"I'll go," said Ed.

"I'll go too," said Jimmy.

"How about you, sport?" Steve asked me. "I'll drive. I'll pick everybody up."

"No. I'd better not. I've got a geometry test tomorrow. I'd better study." I answered

"Do you mind if Steve drops me by around six so I can pick up that rope?" asked Ed.

"No, that's fine," I answered. "I'll check the attic as soon as I get home."

"Come on, Let's get dressed," I suggested, and we left the showers, found towels and began to dry off. Then we put on our clothes and combed our hair carefully, in case any of the girls should see us on the way to the parking lot.

"We'll stop over around six, and I'll pick up that rope," called Ed, before slamming the driver's door of his Chevy.

"Okay," I yelled, getting into my own car, and turning the key in the ignition.

Then I drove out of the schoolyard, and down Cranston Boulevard toward my house. When I got home, the house was empty. Dad wasn't due home from his video rental story for another hour and a half or so, and mom had said she was eating out with the women and that afterwards they were going to a musical in town.

I pulled into the driveway far to the left side, so that mom and dad would each have room to park, then I crossed the lawn, climbed the stairs onto the front porch, opened the screen door and stuck my key into the steel lock of the heavy wooden front door.

"Anybody home?" I called, just to make sure.

I put my school books up in my room, and pulled down the ladder to the attic. I climbed the rickety wooden stairs. I hadn't been up there for a long time. It was real dark and musty. The dust was causing my nose to tickle and I sniffled. I pulled the cord on the sixty watt hanging bulb at the top of the stairs, and got at least a little illumination. Where the hell was that rope? I knew I'd seen it someplace or other. There were old plates, old silverware, my mothers old mah jong set. There were some old lamps that used to be in the living room before we redecorated and laid down our beautiful new carpet, a couple of old chairs which should have been given to Good Will for the poor; but my parents couldn't part with anything. They were collectors, scavengers. Probably everything in that attic could have been tossed, if there were somebody around with a strong demanding personality like I had. But my parents were savers. There was my father's stamp collection from when he was a kid. There were my mother's favorite childhood dolls, Linda the blonde, and Betsy who peed. And yeah. There were some coils of rope. Right. I knew they were there. I stepped down and picked up a few yards, and then another few yards, and I was about to turn back to the staircase when I noticed two large cartons. I wondered what was in the cartons. Maybe something great, maybe some treasures--- but probably not. I guess I'd seen those cartons before and never wondered what was in them, but I was up here alone now, and curious to see what my parents had stowed away. I dusted off the top of one of the cartons with the side of my hand, and I sneezed. Phhoooy. Hadn't been touched in years. There was some rope around the carton tied in a knot. I undid the knot and opened the cardboard flaps. Inside were hundreds of unmarked videotapes. Were these tapes my father had taken from the store??? If he had a video store, why did he have tapes in the attic?

I opened the second carton. It was also filled with videotapes. So I just closed it back up, and went downstairs with four of the tapes from the first carton, and a couple of lengths of rope. I was really curious now. Putting the tapes and the rope on the carpet momentarily, I pushed the ladder back up into the dark-again attic, and closed the trap door in the ceiling. Then I picked up everything and went downstairs to the living room where the video recorder was attached to the television. I laid the first tape on top of the recorder and tossed the rope on the floor. I didn't put the tape in yet, because I wanted to get a cold coke. The basketball had made me thirsty. I returned from the kitchen, sipping the coke, and then I put it on the end table while I turned on the television and slipped the tape into the recorder. I lay back on the couch, getting comfortable. I hoped it was going to be a good film like Superman or Batman or something. Something with a lot of action.

The titles came on. `Gang Bang Ron' starring America's favorite bottom boy Ron Rustler with Ryan Poke, Sid Spear, Perry Pick etc. etc. There were about ten more names, and produced by and directed by. Then the picture came on. It was a navy picture. There were these two guys in sailor suits on the deck of a ship talking how they were going into town to get them some pussy when the boat docked. They started feeling up their own crotches, and you could tell they had some pretty big stuff in there. Then there was an announcement on the loud speaker calling all hands on deck. A lot of other sailors joined the first two on deck, and then the captain came on and announced that the port was closed, and they would be heading out to sea again. There would be no shore leave.

All the sailors started loudly complaining. "What about some pussy?"

"I need to get my rocks off."

"I need a good hot wet mouth to suck the juice out of my dick."

"This is no fair. We been on the sea for months now. We gotta shoot our loads."

"We want pussy. We want pussy," they started chanting, and they started playing with their cocks through their pants. Then the camera fixed on two of the sailors. One of them was just leaning over the rail, staring off into the horizon, and the second one started noticing his firm ass pressing against the tight material of his sailor suit. He joined the first guy at the rail standing next to him and looking off into the horizon, and then the camera pulled back and you could see his hand reach out and start caressing the other guy's ass. The first guy was pretending like he wasn't feeling anything, but he was getting turned on and his ass started to sway a little. The guy who was doing the rubbing, now took his other hand and started playing with his own dick through his pants. Finally he eased his long stiff dick out through his fly. The guy whose ass was getting rubbed (the assguy) looked down and saw the other guy's cock, and reached over and took it in his hand and began to jack it back and forth. Then he bent down and started to suck on it. The guy who was getting jacked and sucked closed his eyes and got this look of pure pleasure on his face, and started chanting, "Yeah, bitch. Suck it. Suck my big cock, bitch." The captain and all the other guys were watching and starting to get excited. They started playing with their dicks inside their tight sailor suits.

The assguy sucked the other guy for about five minutes. Then the other guy grabbed his arm and pulled him up. He opened the sailor's pants and let them drop to the deck. Then he let the guy's skivvies drop to the deck. Finally, he just made the guy take off everything, and he started to do the same. The assguy looked at the other guy's big dick lustfully. He was almost licking his lips. The sailor who had been getting sucked wheeled the other guy around, so that the top half of his body was out over the rail. He stepped behind the assguy and took hold of his own big stiff dick and pressed it into the assguy's behind. Into the crack between his butt cheeks. Then the camera panned down and you could see the big dick actually pushing into the tight asshole. You could see the rubber ring stretching.

Even if it was just guys I was beginning to get excited, seeing a big dick going into a tight hole. I could just imagine what that might feel like, to have a tight wet case of flesh folded around your hot prick. I opened my pants and took out my rod, and began to stroke on it as I watched the movie. I licked the palm of my hand and put it back on my cock, enjoying the pressing wetness of my own grip. Another big lick on my hand, and a little more jacking. The fucker was plowing in and out of the assguy's ass, between the two voluptuous asscheeks. The assguy started moaning in ecstasy and the camera panned up to a full view of his handsome ecstatic face, and my hand froze in mid air. My god. The sailor who was getting his ass reamed -- was my father. My own father was getting fucked in the ass. How could this be? My father was a fag? I think I started to cry. I walked closer to the television to get a better view of that screwed-up panting face. It was a younger version of my own dad. The credits had said `Gang Bang Ron' starring America's favorite bottom boy, Run Rustler. My father's name was Ron. Ron Russell. Oh my god. It was true. My father had been a porno film star. A gay porno film star. My own father was a faggot.

I let my dick hang out as I crossed the room and stopped the tape. I took it out and put in another tape. I pushed the play button. The credits came on. "Gang Bang Ron #7' starring America's favorite bottom boy, Run Rustler. Oh my god, there were five others in between the tape I had just watched and this one. This one took place in a ranch bunkhouse and it had a whole new cast of big dicks. Only my father and his hungry ass were the same.

All the cowhands undressed this one handsome young cowhand (my father) in the bunkhouse and began sticking it to him one by one. As one was fucking him, he would take the next one's big hard dick in his mouth, and lovingly nurse on it. You could tell he just loved it. My dad loved cock. This was so bad. So bad. But I kept watching those big dicks going into that tight pussyhole and shooting their enormous loads, and you could see streams of the thick white come oozing out of my father's ass between partners. I unconsciously started to play with my own cock again as I watched my father get hammered. I watched with unwilling fascination. I started to play with my two big balls. They looked just like my father's big balls which swung back and forth on every brutal instroke while he was being hammered. The blonde guy went through all kinds of crazy movements and shot his load into my father's ass, then he took his cock out and some of the scum bubbled out of my dad, until the redheaded guy stepped in with his enormous dick and plugged up the gaping hole. My father screamed in joy every time a new cock plunged into his behind. He really knew how to work that ass of his. Boy did he. He was a real expert. He was a professional. A professional male cunt.

I put in the next tape, `Ron Gets Reamed' another epic starring my own beloved dad. The faggot whore. It was funny. As much as it disgusted me, I kept stroking my dick, and watching my father's smooth agile ass. It was starting to look good to me. I know that's a faggoty thing to say, but I felt my balls tightening, and I reached down and gently massaged them, and then I even licked my finger and moved it down, and began touching my own rear hole, which, I now realized, was a really sensitive body area. I slipped my finger in just a little bit and began squeezing down on it, as I stroked my desire-heavy dick with my other hand. My pants and underpants were now down around my ankles, and I raised my legs off the floor and slid down on the couch till I was lying down. My face was turned to the side, watching the fuck show on the television, watching my handsome young father take it up the ass. Take it up the ass time and again, one cock after the other, and the look of happiness on his handsome face---I can't even describe it.

I was so engrossed in all this that I didn't hear the front door opening. And besides the television sound was turned way up. "AAAHHHHHH. AAAAHHHHHH. AAAAHHHHHHHH." Suddenly I saw my father standing in the living room doorway, an appalled expression on his face, as he saw what I was watching. He had heard the "AAAAHHHH"ing when he came in the front door and was afraid of what he would find. He stood there in the entranceway, his car keys dangling in his hands. His face was red in anger and embarrassment.

"What are you doing?" he asked. His voice was very low and tight.

"I'm watching my father get fucked in the ass on videotape," I said angrily and defiantly. I slipped my finger out of my asshole, but he could still see that I was lying there with a tremendous boner.

"Where did you find that?" he asked.

"In a big carton in the attic with a hundred others. You were a big star, huh, dad? A big queer cunt whore."

"Don't you dare talk to me like that," he said. "I'm still your father."

"You're a queer pussy slut!" I screamed, and kicking my pants off my ankles, I suddenly ran at him and tackled him, knocking him down on the carpet. I started beating on his back and shoulders with my fists. He tried to turn around and grab my arms, to stop me from beating him, but I was bigger and stronger than him. Finally my anger ran out of steam, and I sat there straddling his legs, now just weakly socking his back.

"You little bastard!" he yelled. I started hitting him again. "I fed you and clothed you and gave you a good home. You have your own room. You have your own car. You ungrateful little prick."

"You homo pussy!" I screamed. The tears were now streaming down my face, but as I sat on top of him, I noticed my dick was starting to stiffen. That was ridiculous.

"What are you going to do now, kill me?" he asked.

"No. I'm not going to kill you," I said after mulling it over in my mind for a few seconds.

"Beat me up?"

Again, I thought it over. "No. I'm not going to beat you up," I decided.

"Then what?" he asked.

"I don't know. You should be punished," I said emphatically.

"For what?" he asked.

I mulled it over in my mind and then answered him. "For being a queer cocksucker."

"And how are you going to punish me?" he asked with genuine interest.

Again I considered all the possibilities. "I'm gonna spank your queer ass," I decided. And with that I sat back on the couch and dragged him up off the floor and over my lap. I slipped my hands under his struggling body and opened his belt. Then I pulled down his pants and his tight white jockey shorts to mid-calf level. And he was lying on my naked lap, naked, with his naked queer butt facing me. I drew my hand back and slapped those bouncy big cheeks. "AAARRGGHH," he screamed in pain, and began twisting his rear, which made me realize I had to continue and I gave him another flat hand wallop.

"Stop," he pleaded. "You little bastard!" That just made me want to give him another one, and I did. But this one was a whole volley. Whop. Whop. Whop. His ass was twisting around under my hand and it was pretty red now. I felt his dick getting hard on top of my thighs, where my own dick was already hard. Our dicks started hammering together as I spanked him, and it felt kind of sexy.

I kept looking down at those red cheeks. Then I took my other hand, and using both hands separated his cheeks and looked into the crack. I was staring at his little queer asshole. The one that had been fucked a million times. I was curious. I wondered if it was still tight or if it had gotten loose from all those assreamings. I licked my index finger and brought it to the edge of the hole. It moved in pretty easily.

"Ohhh," my father groaned. I think he was liking the finger. I kept moving it down, than up, then down as my father wiggled his ass and moaned like a bitch in heat.

"You like that?" I asked. He didn't answer. "I asked did you like that?" And I took my finger out for a second to give him another loud whop.

"AAARGGGHHH," he screamed. "Take your goddamned finger out of my ass."

"I will," I agreed, and I threw him back on the living room floor, flat down, and jumped on top of him. "I'm gonna take out my finger, and put in my big stiff cock. You should really like that a lot," I sneered. And with that I lifted my butt to get my cock into position between his bubbles, and sank back down as my stiff dick entered his tight fuck channel, with not a lot of difficulty.

I had been concentrating on this as a punishment for him, and I was only now starting to realize that my cock was in a tight warm dark hole. It was where it had always longed to be, even if it was my father's ass.

I started moving my hips up and down to make my cock move up and down inside his hole. I heard him gasp. Then I felt his movements start to mirror my own. He was squeezing his asswalls down on my dick, and as I moved into him he moved his ass up slightly till I could feel his round cheeks against my front, and his swaying balls knocked against my own swaying balls. As I drew out slightly, he loosened his ass and flattened it. The two of us were like a perfectly functioning fuck machine. And I had never felt anything so wonderful in my life. Up to now, I had had to content myself with a hand job. But this was a real live suctioning hole sucking on my dick. What a feeling. My god. I threw my arms around my father's chest, and pressed my cheek against his. We were both breathing like snowblowers. I started to lick and bite his ear, and I felt his asscheeks with one hand as we strained against each other.

"Fuck me," he screamed.

"I'm fucking you. I'm fucking your hot ass," and I was fucking his hot ass on the floor of the living room, as another guy was fucking his hot ass on the television screen. The sound was way up and I was so busy screwing my own dad, that I didn't hear anything.

Suddenly I looked up and saw my four buddies standing in the living room entryway, their mouths agape.

"My god, Russ. You're fucking your own father," Steve gasped. The others just stood there bug-eyed.

"Yeah," I answered softly, my hips continuing to pound my father's hot buttocks.

"Hi there, Mr. Russell," said Paul, trying to be polite.

"Hi there Paul," My father answered, raising his ass up to my dick. "Hi, boys."

"How did you get in here?" I asked.

"The door was open," said Ed. "We thought it was funny. We were worried about you so we just came on in?"

"You left the door open, you brainless faggot?" I asked my father.

"I heard the noise on the television, and I knew you'd found my old movies," he answered apologetically, pressing his ass into my pubic hairs and grunting.

"I was frantic. I just came on in."

"It seems my father is a faggot homo queer porno star, and I never knew anything about it. I'm punishing the fag." And I socked it into him again. He grunted again.

The boys moved into the living room, their eyes glued on the pair of us, as I punished my father with my big cock. They looked over at the television set and saw my father getting plugged on screen. I could see their pants were getting a little tight and bulgy at the middle juncture there.

"How is it?" asked Jimmy, starting to press on his growing bulge. His tongue was licking his lower lip.

"It feels great," I said. "My dad has a nice smooth hot hole, and my cock is way down inside it and it feels terrific," I kept fucking as I described the delicious feelings my rod was experiencing. "And he's an accomplished fucker. He really knows how to work his ass on your dick."

"Can I fuck him?" asked Steve.

I didn't answer for a while. I felt my cum building in my balls and started working my dick against the caressing walls trying to work my load out through my long tube. My father was groaning, using his ass to help me as much as he could. Then I felt it starting to explode. My cock got real big inside him, and my juice just starting blasting out deep into his channel. When I stopped spasming, I rested on his back. I could feel there was sweat on my upper lip.

"Can I fuck him?" Steve asked again.

"I guess so," I said slowly. "Yeah. I don't see why not. He needs his whore ass punished.

My father started struggling under. "No. No. I won't allow this," he protested. "Enough is enough." I pressed my arms down on his back.

"I think he's gonna be difficult," I looked up at the boys, apologetically. Then I had a great idea. "Ed. Grab that rope on the floor over there. Tie his hands and tie his legs." Ed went for the rope, and the four guys and I overcame my father's struggles and lassoed him. Now he was really ready for a bunkhouse scene.

When my father was all roped up, the boys stood and began taking off their clothes. They were watching my father's hot ass with my cum running out of it, and then they would look over at the television screen where someone else's cum was dripping out of my fathers butt. They were all massaging their large dicks.

Then Steve lay down on top of my father and tried to position his cock, but my father was bucking his ass wildly.

"I think he needs more spanking," I explained. "He needs a few smacks on his naughty queer ass."

Steve understood immediately, and sat on the floor, pulling my father over his lap. He was giving him a real good pummeling. He was not as gentle as I had been. After all, this wasn't his own father, so he felt perfectly free to handslap that twitching round butt.

Finally my father, whose eyes were tearing again, stopped putting up a fight. He lay placidly on Steve's lap. On Steve's big erection. Steve moved him over onto the floor again and climbed on top of him. My dad arched his ass up, and Steve grabbed his own dick with one hand, positioning it perfectly into the smooth round hole, wet from my leaking sperm.

"Wow!" he screamed. "This is just fantastic. A real hole. A real living, breathing, working hole," he looked up at Ed, Paul and Jimmy as he flexed his handsome ass. "You guys just have to try this. This is like nothing you've ever felt before. Excuse me if I don't talk anymore, I want to concentrate on this. I want to concentrate on fucking this great ass." And he stopped talking, and just kept grinding his cock into my father's bum hole.

"Man. I'm too hot. I can't even wait," said Jimmy and he knelt on the floor in front of my father's face. "Suck my big cock, Mr. Russell. Suck my big thick cock. Open your mouth," and he grabbed my father's hair and moved his mouth down until it was touching his cockhead. My father saw that there was no use trying to fight it. He opened his mouth and closed it over Jimmy's blunt knob, and began bobbing up and down on the long shaft, making obscene sucking noises all the time. The spit was drooling out of the sides of his mouth onto the carpet, but you could see he was in heaven, and he put more effort into trying to please Steve's cock which was plowing in and out way inside his asscunt. His ass was moving really frantically. I don't think I'd ever seen my father so happy. And to think that he had had to be forced to do this. But maybe that was part of the fun.

"I wish I could lie here and fuck your dad's pussy for the next hundred years, but I can't. I think I'm getting ready to cum. Steve started to flex more frantically.

"Does it feel good, Mr. Russell?" he asked. "Is it as good for you as it is for me?" His lower body now seemed to have a mind of its own, and he stopped asking questions and began making senseless noises. Finally. "I'm cuming," he screamed. "I'm cuming. I'm shooting my hot load into your sweet cunt, Mr. Russell. Take it. Take it." And he began pounding into my father's cheeks, as the cum poured out of his giant spout into you-know-where.

"My turn next," said Paul, rushing in before Ed could make a move. "Please," my father begged. "My hands. My arms hurt. Untie them."

We decided that it would now be safe to untie my father's wrists, and they must be hurting, because Steve was lying right on the arms, which were tied behind his back, as he was plugging him. We slowly eased the knot open, and removed the coil of rope. My father started moving his wrists around in relief.

"My turn," Paul reminded me.

"Okay," I said. "Go ahead," and I moved aside for him.

"No. I want to fuck him from the front like a woman," Paul decided. We turned my father over. It was so easy. He wasn't even struggling any more. He had decided to accept his fate. He lay there with Steve's hot cream running out of his hole, staining our good carpet.

Paul knelt between my father's legs, and Steve and I each took a leg and raised it high, lifting my father's target in line with the stabbing one-eyed bayonet. Paul plunged down into the gaping assmouth, and sank his cock in. Steve and I moved his legs around Paul's bottom where he linked his ankles together, now completely ready to satisfy my friends. Jimmy repositioned himself, straddling my father's upturned face and sinking his organ deep into my father's suctioning throat. It must have been a great blowjob, because he was muttering strange things, and bucking like crazy. "I'm cuming," he screamed, and we could see his ass cheeks spasming, and then he came to rest lying on my father's mouth and nose, and as he caught his breath, my father opened his lips a little and the remaining cum which hadn't gone down his gullet, started dripping out the sides of his mouth, down his cheeks and his neck, and making more stains on our expensive carpet.

I asked Ed if he wanted to take the mouth, since it was free now, but he declined, saying he would rather wait for the pussy. Paul had his hand on my father's butt and was pulling him up onto his cock as he smashed down. I could hear slurping sounds coming from inside my father's hole, and it was such a sexy sound that I was getting hard again, as I watched my handsome teenage buddy jack his long dick with my handsome father's grasping mancunt. I thought I wanted to go again when the guys were done.

Paul got so carried away, that he actually started kissing my father as he was getting close. His tongue licked around in my father's mouth. Then he looked up and said to Jimmy. "I can still taste your cum."

"How does it taste?" asked Jimmy curiously.

"It tastes good," Paul affirmed, and planted his demanding lips on my father's again, anxious to taste more of Jimmy's cum. The taste was turning him on, I think, because he really started hammering and sputtering nonsensical love sounds into my father's greedy mouth, and then I could tell he was spurting. One. Two. Three. Four. That ass of his just kept going. "NNNNGGGG. NNNNNGGGHHH," he sounded, as the cum blasted into my dad. Finally he calmed down, and slowly and tenderly withdrew his softening flesh. A freshly- shot white load started dripping out onto the carpet from the fucked tunnel, as my father opened his ankles and let Paul rise from him.

"That was just great," said Paul appreciatively. "Thanks, Russ," he said to me. Then he looked down." Thanks a lot, Mr. Russell," he said politely.

"You're very welcome, Paul," my father answered. I could see his asshole opening and closing spasmodically as the fluid seeped out.

"My turn," said Ed triumphantly. "At last!"

"Go to it," I invited.

"You know what. I'm kind of tired. I had a rough day packing all those clothes. Can I just lie on the carpet and have him sit on my dick and do the work?"

"Sure," I said, accommodatingly. Ed stretched out on the carpet with his long dick head standing tall, it's eye pointing at the ceiling. Steve and I walked over and picked up my father. We eased him into a sitting position, so that his now-sloppy asshole was touching the tip of Ed's cock. We held his arms as he eased down on the stiff rod, drawing in deep happy breaths all the time, and whimpering.

"Move that ass," screamed Ed. Fuck my ten inch fuckpole, you cunt." My father was getting turned on by the dirty talk, and worked especially hard to satisfy the monster pole. He moved up and down with machine-like precision, as the long stick worked whatever cum was left in his ass into a foamy froth. Suddenly, I heard a key turn in the front door, and my heart dropped into the pit of my stomach. Oh, no. It couldn't be. My mother was at a show. It was way too early for her to be home. But she was home. I suddenly heard her voice shouting. "I'm home. The show was lousy. I walked out."

This was the end of my life. My mother would leave my father. There would be an ugly scandal. There would be a bitter divorce. I would be homeless. Parentless. I would be a teenage orphan. And I had no one to blame but myself. I had done this to my own self. I had whipped my poor father, who only ever wanted the best for me. I had fucked him. I had invited my friends to fuck him. And now my mother would find out she was married to a queer and she would leave him, and who could blame her?

My mother stopped in the entranceway to the living room and her mouth fell open. She watched my father rising and falling on Ed's long dick. She looked at the movie playing on the television screen. "What's going on here?" she asked.

"He found my old movies in the attic. He raped me, Claudia." My father pointed at me, as he continued to rise and fall on Ed's hard flesh stick, while jerking his own cock.

"You did that?" My mother asked me.

I hung my head. "Yes," I answered.

"Then he let his friends fuck me," my father continued.

"I see," said my mother. She watched my father fucking Ed's long dick.

"How does it feel, honey?" she asked my father.

"It feels really good," he answered. "I didn't realize how much I missed having a cock up my ass."

"I'll bet you did, sweety." She walked over and kissed my father on the lips as he worked the cock inside him. She turned to me. "You're a very nice, son," she said accusingly.

"He hates me," my father explained.

Suddenly I started to cry uncontrollably. I ran over to him and knelt on the floor and threw my arms about his pistoning body. "I don't hate you, dad. I love you. I love you. I'm so sorry." I wept like a baby. He put one arm around my back, and with the other hand he touched my tears. "I know you do, honey. And I love you too. You know how much I love you, don't you?"

"Yes," I sobbed. "Mom, please don't leave him. Please don't leave my dad," I pleaded.

"Of course, I won't leave him," she answered. "I love him."

"But he's queer," I said.


"You don't understand," I sobbed. "There's a whole carton of gay porno films in the attic. And he gets fucked a dozen times in all of them."

"And there's another carton up there full of straight porno films with me getting fucked a dozen times." Ahhhh. The second carton. "I was Cloudia Skies. The greatest porn star of the day," she proclaimed proudly. "We both came from porn." I looked at Steve. He looked at me. Steve looked at Paul. Paul looked at Jimmy. Jimmy looked down at Ed who wasn't listening. He was too busy trying to get his rocks off inside my father's male pussy.

My mother watched my father riding on the big cock, and started to flush. Suddenly she started to take off her clothes and throw them on the couch. When she was naked, she lay down on the carpet, and started playing with her pussy with one hand and caressing her big breasts with the other.

"I wanna get laid," she said. "Doesn't someone wanna fuck a nice hot cunt?"

We all just stood there and looked at her in amazement. Meanwhile Ed was building to a climax and was bouncing my father a foot in the air. They were both screaming. At the last minute he grabbed my father's hips and pulled until half of his pubic hair joined his dick in the hole. They were both shuddering and twitching with each jet that shot out. I counted eight.

"I need some dick over here," my mother said, licking her hand and rubbing her lubricous vaginal opening. "Come on, honey," she said to me. You look like you're ready to go."

"I can't fuck my own mother," I protested.

"You fucked your own father," she pointed out. That was true. I couldn't deny it. I shrugged and walked over, getting down next to her.

"I want you to lick my pussy, sweetheart," she said.

I leaned over and brought my lips into contact with her vagina and started tonguing her long slit.

"Open the lips a little, honey," she was teaching me. "Now flick your tongue back and forth on my clit. That's the little pink button at the top there." I started flicking my tongue and she started writhing all over the place. "GGGHHHAAA. GGGHHHHAAAA," she said. She started to press my face into her body. I was getting a little turned on myself. Even though I had just fucked my father a little while ago, my cock was like iron again.

After about fifteen minutes of slurping and "GGGGHHHHHAAAA," she said. "Okay. Now I want you to put your big dick in my cunt. Fuck your mama."

I crawled over her and slid my dick down the juicy canal. She wrapped her legs around me and we humped. The two backed beast. I was squeezing her tits, and when I took my mouth off of hers, I leaned my head down and started sucking on the hard pointy nipples. Then I just lay my body flat on her, and those two big tits were like twin pillow under my chest, and my lower torso was almost working by itself without me doing anything. She kept screaming and at least four times I felt a hot wetness bathing my fuckmachine, as she clenched and spasmed and GGGGHHHHAAAAd.

I felt my balls tightening again and started to thrash on top of her and another boiling river shot out of the tip of my dick into my own mother's cunt. I hoped she was on the pill. I certainly didn't want to be some little brother's father.

As I climbed off her, she uttered, "that was great, honey."

"I'm next," said Steve. The bastard was just as horny as I was. He had another big hard-on.

"Come on, Steve," my mother said graciously. "Climb aboard."

"Thanks a lot, Mrs. Russell," he said courteously, and slid his cock into the white puddle I had deposited inside her. He began scrunching his ass, enjoying all the subtle sensations. "Oh. This is so great, Mrs. Russell. This is so great. You have such a hot comfortable pussy. It feels so good. I always wanted to have my cock in a hot pussy like this. My mother was rolling around and GGGGHHHAAAing again. She really loved dick. My father watched her and crawled across the carpet to her. He leaned his face down and stuck his tongue into her mouth, and she threw her arms around his neck, and they were making romantic love while Steve's giant cock was fucking her.

"Oh. It's so good, honey. It's so good," she said to my father. "You should feel this great cock inside you."

"I just did," my father reminded her.

"Oh, that's right. You just did." And they both started to laugh. I could see Steve was ready to drop another load of scum in her snatch, and I watched his asscheeks tighten five times as it jetted out.

Ed was next. This time he beat out Paul. He decided to try it doggy style and knelt behind my mom's fleshy bottom. He stuck his ten inch cock into her slippery hole which was dripping more cum onto the good carpet, and began battering his front against her rear, making slapflesh sounds.

"How is it, Ed?" I asked, expecting raves.

"It's good," said Ed. "But it would be better if she wasn't so wet. I'm not getting enough friction." Nevertheless he continued to pound away and made my mother's cunt even wetter than before. Then I saw him go into contortions as he obviously shot out a seven-spray load, after which he pulled out, and his cream dripped out my mother's gaping chasm. That carpet was finished.

Jimmy wanted to go next but Paul elbowed him aside. "That's no fair," yelled Jimmy. "I haven't even fucked yet. All I got was a blowjob," he complained. He was stroking his long beautifully-shaped cock. The head was nice and thick and round and it had exactly the same circumference as the long smooth pink shaft. I was beginning to get ideas. My mother and my father loved getting fucked so much. Maybe it felt really good.

Paul was lying flat on the spotted carpet and bouncing my mother on his lap. I watched his big prick. It was like an iron bar as she rose and sat on it, tossing her head around with her hair flying in every direction. "Oh, it's so good. I love big cock. My cunt wants to swallow it. Oh, yes. Yes. I love it."

I was getting real steamed up. I wanted to try a big cock in my own ass.

"Jimmy," I called.

Yeah?" he asked, looking over at me as he masturbated himself.

"Fuck me," I said. I lay down on the floor and started moving my ass around seductively.

"What?" he asked. He thought I was crazy. He couldn't believe his ears. "You're kidding, right?"

"No. Fuck me. I wanna feel a cock in my ass. Come on."

"But what about your mother?"

"She had enough cock already, and I've never had any. I'll be tighter," I offered. I was tempting him. "No one's ever been in my hole. I'm a virgin. You'll be the first. You can break my cherry."

Welllllll," he considered.

"Come on," I coaxed him. "I promise you, you won't regret it."

He finally gave in. "Okay," he sighed, and climbed over my ass with his cock stabbing into my crack.

"Wait a second," I said. I had never had a cock in me before and my ass would be dry and tight. I thought about asking him to lick my ass and thought better of it. He would never do that, and if I asked anything like that it might turn him off and he'd climb off me and I wouldn't get fucked. And then I saw it. A big glob of cum sitting on the thick-weave carpet. A big white puddle. Perfect lubrication. I stuck my fingers in it and kept feeding it into my asshole. Then I scooped up some more and grabbed Jimmy's stiff dick and rubbed the sticky cum all over it.

"Now," I said, raising my ass and guiding his dick into my pucker.

"Oh, yeah," he said enthusiastically as he felt my tunnel close around his instrument. "Oh, yeah. This is so hot and so tight. Yeah."

"Yeah," was what I was thinking too. No wonder my mother liked cock. No wonder my father liked cock. Cock was great. Getting dicked was great.

"Yeah," I said. "Your dick feels so good in my hole. Bang me, Jimmy. Bang me. I'm nothing but your boywhore. Fuck it into me."

He didn't need any more encouragement, but I was on a verbal roll. I kept talking filth. I was tasting his dick with every millimeter of my asscunt, and it tasted like a gourmet desert. Heaven's homemade Popsicle. Paradise on a wooden stick. I felt filled. I felt fulfilled. It was the thing that had always been missing in my body. The missing piece of the human jigsaw puzzle was finally in place. I was my father's son. A living boycunt. I squeezed my hole down on that massaging muscle, and closed my own assmuscles around it, trying to give it an internal handjob. Jimmy's big probe was on safari, searching out undiscovered treasure. My ass was King Solomon's Mines.

"Yeah, fuck me, man," I babbled, and with that I pulled Jimmy's head down and around and forced my tongue into his mouth. At first he was flabbergasted and tried to pull away, but then he sort of got into it and started slobbering spit into my mouth which I drank up greedily, and all the while he was pounding away into the cunt he'd always dreamed of fucking.

Near me on the carpet I heard Paul and my mother going for the big climax.

"Shoot it into me," she screamed, grinding her muff against his pubic beard, and then they both started twitching. Her eyes were rolling back in her head. Finally she settled down and lifted off him, and his own love cocktail poured out of her cunt onto his belly. Then he sat up and it rolled down his side onto our carpet.

I wanted a boiling thick white load in me too. "Come on, Jimmy. Shoot your load. Give me your big load. Cum inside me. I wanna feel your hot cum." My filthy mouth was really exciting him, and finally I brought him over the edge. The cock swelled up in my ass and began spurting. There were seven delicious warm jets which shot up my tunnel, and coated and soothed my irritated excited red passage. Oh, how great. I could really get into this. I would have to let Steve and Paul and Ed take a shot at my hole tomorrow, after they'd had a good night's sleep.

Jimmy drew out the now-pliable tube, and I sat up. The precious elixir began streaming out of my ass onto the ruined carpet.

"Did you like that, honey?" my father asked me.

"Oh, yeah, dad. It was really great. What a feeling. I can see why you're queer. I want to be too."

"Be careful what you wish for, baby," my mother said. "Years ago your father wanted to break into straight porn. But it's really hard. They use the same five guys all the time. The only way he could get a break in the business was to do gay porn. So he started taking cocks up his ass. And he found that he liked it. He liked it a lot."

"I got so addicted to it," my father continued, " that I couldn't live without a cock in my ass. I was a male nymphomaniac."

"And I needed a lot of dick too. We were two cock-crazed sluts. We wanted to get married, but neither of us knew if we'd ever be able to get along without an army of hard stiff pricks," my mother explained.

"So we both enrolled in a twelve step program, `Nymphos Anonymous', and we worked very hard for a very long time before we finally rid ourselves of that devilish desire," my father said.

"But finally we were cured, and we got married and had a little boy, and had a normal quiet happy life," my mother went on.

"Until today." My father looked at me accusingly. "Now I'm hooked again. I'm gonna need cock all the time. Every day, all day long. That's what you've done."

"Oh, dad. I'm so sorry. I didn't know." Now I was contrite.

"So this is what's gonna happen." My father was laying down the law. "You and your friends are gonna have to fuck your mother and me every day. And your gonna have to fuck us every day until you all go off to college."

The guys and I looked at each other, and we all promised my parents we would fuck them every day. The only thing was I wanted to get fucked too. I needed the guys to fuck me as well as my parents. But if they were too fucked out, I would never get fucked. But I supposed in a pinch I could always get my father to fuck me.

As we were getting dressed, my mother turned to me and asked, "So which did you like better, my cunt or your father's asshole?"

"They were both nice." I tried to be as tactful as possible. "But I think dad's ass was just a little tighter."

My mother nodded. It was the answer she had expected. She looked around the room. The tape had finished playing and had rewound itself. The screen was blank. She looked down at the floor. "My poor carpet," she lamented.

"Don't worry about the carpet, honey," said my father, putting his arm around her and kissing her warmly and affectionately. I beamed at my parents. At how much in love they were. I had been so afraid when my mother came in and saw everybody fucking my father that I had destroyed their marriage, that I would be the cause of a separation. But I had actually brought them closer together. I had even strengthened their marriage.

"What are you going to do when we all go off to college?" I asked.

"I guess maybe we could enroll in another twelve stop program," my mother wondered.

"Let's not think about that yet," my father said optimistically. "We still have a couple of years. In the meantime we can fuck like bunnies."

"Yeah," I thought. "That's what I was now. That's what I had become. I had become a horny gay bunny looking for a field of nice big thick carrots. I wondered if after college, maybe I too could become a porn star. I wondered if my parents still had any connections in the business. I could be Russ Rustler. America's new favorite bottom boy. Just the idea of it was getting me hot. In one movie alone, I could have twelve or more dicks. Twelve or more dicks in a row. Twelve or more dicks one after the other, moving through my tight assband, delving into my welcoming asshole. That's all I would ever want out of life. Another hard cock, and another hard cock, and another hard cock stroking in and stroking out and stroking in and stroking out, sinking down into my rapacious queer asshole.


Posted: 11/20/07