A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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He tried to push past her. “Well, that’s what the little faggot…”


SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Olsen went flying backwards out into the hall and Marsha was right on him. “How dare you, you pompous son of a bitch.”


I had to run out and pull her off him before she got herself into trouble. “He’s not worth it but if I were you officer, I’d get out of here. Next time I might not be able to pull her off.”


Chapter 13


Just then yet another officer came walking up. “What’s going on here? I’ll not have people acting like street thugs who are supposed to be upholding the law. Now, who wants to tell me just what in blue blazes is going on?”


I wasn’t going to say a word. Officer Olsen started off. “Captain, I came here to do my job then this lunatic assaulted me.”


I looked at the name plate and it read Gould. “Ah Captain, are you any relation to Isaac Gould?”


He looked at me. “Yes I am that’s my older brother. I’m Ira Gould.”


I thought Olsen was going to faint as I busted out laughing. Capt. Gould looked at me like I’d totally lost my mind. “What’s so funny?”


I finally managed to get my giggles under control. “Well, for starters, you just missed your brother. Next, he’s ready to have a couple of your officers pushing paper for a while as they really blew it.”


I looked down the hall and recognized a man in a white coat. I excused myself and hurried over to meet him. “Liam, what are you doing over here?”


“I got a frantic call from JC saying he was here and he needed to see me right away, is he alright? I looked for a chart on him but couldn’t find one.”


God bless JC. “He’s not the patient Liam and I don’t think an oncologist is really needed.”


“Now laddie, I wasn’t always an oncologist.”


I hadn’t thought about that. “OK Liam, come with me then.”


As we headed back towards the fiasco I saw Ike talking to Capt. Gould. “I don’t know everything that’s happened but from what I’ve heard so far, one or more of your officers here really dropped the ball. A suspect that tried to rape a young boy was in getting looked at for one or more dog bites. Now, after he’d been treated, he managed to get up, assault the officer guarding him knocking him out and find the boy he tried to rape. The suspect had knocked the boy unconscious in a bathroom at the beach, drugged him with heroin then fled before he was able to rape him. The paramedics saved the boy’s life and brought him to the hospital here. Now here’s where things get a little confusing. No one knows exactly what the suspect tried to do to the boy but, being in fear of his life, the boy managed to kill the suspect.”


Capt. Gould was standing there with his hand over his mouth. “Holy shit; how’s the boy now?”


Liam and I walked up. “Except for being severely traumatized by an officer, physically I think he’s fine. This is Dr. Liam Finch from JD.”


Capt Gould looked at Marsha. “Detective, consider yourself under suspension until this matter is resolved.”


I had to step in quickly. “Captain, she was not here at that time. She had a female suspect to book into the county jail. She was in the field supervising Vincent Telefano’s arrest.”


He looked at me then back to her. “And when did you arrive?”


“I didn’t get here until after Telefano had been killed. The only reason I came back at all was to see how the boy was doing. I didn’t know an officer had been injured while guarding him.”


“Very well,” Capt. Gould said. “Officer Olsen, you’re relieved of duty pending a full IA investigation.”


Marsha handed the captain her notebook. “Sir, this is the name of the other officer involved in this but he was attacked. Judge Gould asked me to compile this for him.”


The man looked it over then returned it. “Can you make me a copy of that please?”


She nodded her head. “Yes sir, right away.”


Liam and I went into the room to see Charlie. When we arrived, the curtain around his bed was closed. I was wondering what was going on so I quietly took a peek behind it. What I saw was pure love so I eased my head out and got Liam’s attention. I quietly opened the curtain a little then we both stepped inside. JC had lowered the sheet and taken Charlie’s urinal and set it in between the boy’s legs and was holding it so he could empty his bladder. We watched as JC gently shook Charlie’s tool then removed the bottle placing the cap back in place and recovered the teen. He placed the bottle on the table then turned seeing us standing there. “Dad, I didn’t um it wasn’t.”


I took my boy in my arms and kissed him gently. “There’s nothing to explain son, you helped your brother.”


Charlie looked over at us then saw another doctor. “No needles please.”


JC quickly sat beside the scared teen. “It’s OK bro, that’s Dr. Finch, he’s my doctor. He’ll help you, he saved my life.”


Liam walked over to the shaking teen. “There! There! now laddie. Ye nothin to be a scared o’ now..”


Charlie giggled at Liam’s brogue as he looked at JC. “I like him JC.”


A nurse came in holding a chart. Liam reached out for it, “Is this the young man’s chart?”


She nodded her head handing Liam the chart then she leaned close to my ear. “It’s a shame that little faggot didn’t get what he rightfully deserved.”


I don’t know why I did what I did and I really don’t remember it happening but I backhanded her. “Say it again nurse.”


Liam turned and JC grabbed me as she shouted, “Why you! Dr. Finch, that man just assaulted me.”


I couldn’t believe what I’d done. “You miserable excuse for a nurse, how dare you say anyone deserves to get raped.”


She couldn’t have left well enough alone. “That’s right you queer lover. They’re all sick and deserve to be in hell. I’m pressing charges against you.”


Dr. Finch looked at the woman. “Go ahead lady, that’s your right but this is mine. You’re suspended. I’m reporting you to the Director of Nursing for conduct unbecoming.”


She realized she shoved her foot in her mouth and tried to back peddle. “I didn’t say anything to him. He just hit me for no reason.”


Marsha stepped in at the commotion. “What’s going on?”


The nurse ran over pointing to her face. “Arrest him, he hit me, look. That faggot lover hit me.”


Marsha looked at her face then over to me. I just dropped my eyes. “You better shut it now lady and I use that term VERY loosely.”


“What?” she screeched. “You’re a police officer. I can’t believe you’re standing there siding with this faggot lover. I heard he’s a foster parent. I bet he’s doing god knows what to his child. They’re all a disgrace to the human race. I want him arrested.”


Marsha looked at the babbling nurse. “First off, there’s no law against being gay.”


“Just wait then officer. All of my God fearing brethren…”


I’d had enough. “Will you shut up! Yeah Marsha, she spouted off and I back handed her. I’d seen my boys put down long enough and I just snapped after today.”


The nurse started off again. “You see, that faggot just admitted to it, arrest him.”


Marsha turned around and got right into her face. “If you use that word faggot one more time, I’m liable to belt you. I hate that word.”


She stormed out. “I guess I’m going to have to handle this myself.”


I looked at the boys and hung my head. “I really blew it boys.”


Marsha put her hand on my shoulder. “Look, I’ll testify for you and talk with the DA and see if it can be reduced to a misdemeanor. I can honestly say she baited you and with all that happened today, you just snapped.”


JC giggled; “Yeah Dad, temporary insanity.”


With all that had happened, it wasn’t that far from the truth. “Liam, how is Charlie?”


Before Liam could answer JC ran out of the room. “Let me examine him Jerry.”


Charlie’s eyes got big and he started crying. “No Doc please, no needles.”


I walked over and rubbed his hand. “Not even if it’s quick and it means you can come home?”


He looked up and tried to smile but I knew he was scared. “O…oh ok Dad, if I can come home.”


Liam got a couple of tubes and wrapped a band around Charlie’s arm. He saw a vein stick up then he wiped it with alcohol. “Charlie, you take Jerry’s hand son and please don’t move. I just want to run some routine blood levels on him. He is gonna feel groggy for the next several hours so we’re going to watch him.”


Liam slid the needle into the vein and quickly had the tubes filled. He put a bandage over the hole then rubbed the boy’s hair. Charlie smiled as he let go of my hand. “Thanks Doc, that wasn’t so bad.”


Out in the hall, JC was looking around for the bitchy nurse. He saw her talking to an officer then waited until she was done. When the officer walked away, JC started moving closer. He noticed no one was around so he went up to her. The nurse saw him and reached back to slap him. “Why you little faggot.”


JC stepped back. “Un, un, uh lady, I wouldn’t if I were you.”


She inched a little closer. “I could beat the shit outta you and no one here would care.”


JC smiled. “Oh really now, is that what you think? You really think we gays don’t know how to fight and defend ourselves? I’d guess again bitch, I happen to know how to fight and I’m not afraid to do so. Oh and here’s another little news flash for you. If you have my Dad charged with hitting you, not that you really didn’t deserve it for what you said about my brother, Charlie is prepared to cry before the police and tell them just how as he was coming out of the medication the paramedics gave him you were bent over him sucking his dick until he came into your mouth. You didn’t see me because I was standing in the doorway coming out of the bathroom.”


“Why you little brat, I never did such a thing.”


JC was grinning from ear to ear. “Oh now but a jury would believe it though. They’ll hear 2 crying teens tell how a nurse took advantage of a helpless boy.”


The nurse was standing there seething but knew there wasn’t a thing she could do. “Fine you little cock sucker you win.”


JC busted out laughing then headed back to us. “Who says gays are dumb, hahahahahahah.”


I was about to go looking for JC when he came back into the room laughing. He went over and sat on the edge of Charlie’s bed then kissed him gently on the cheek. I looked over at him and tried to figure out just what was so funny. “OK laughing boy, what gives?”


He finally managed to get his laughter under control. “Well Dad, you won’t have to worry about Nurse Battleaxe having you arrested.”


I looked at him strangely. “And just why is that son?”


He took Charlie’s hand then squeezed his eyes closed real tight until tears started to fall. “Oh Daddy that n…nurse; she w…was in here sucking Charlie’s dick. I s…saw her.”


Charlie slapped his hand over his mouth. “JC are you sure? I don’t remember it happening.”


It was a good thing Marsha wasn’t in the room because she would have had a fit and I can’t say as I really blamed her. “JC Martin, what have you done?”


He smiled at me. “Dad, I’ve just had it with people taking advantage of us. That woman got a good lesson of what it’s like to butt heads with me. I’ve had it and now I’m fighting back. I told her if she went to the police and had you arrested, Charlie and I would tell them how she sucked his dick while he was coming out of the stuff the paramedics gave him.”


I was staring at him. “JC did this happen?”


He rolled his eyes at me but didn’t say a word. The look Charlie gave him I think gave me my answer. “JC, you did that so Dad wouldn’t get arrested, didn’t you.”


JC smiled. “I told ya, I’ve been pushed around long enough.”


I had to admire his spunk. “Well son, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. While you were outside, Dr. Finch took another sample of blood and is checking it over.”


He looked at Charlie and started crying. “Damn, I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you.”


Charlie sat up and pulled JC down to his chest. “It’s OK man, Dad was here and Dr. Finch was really good.”

Liam came back in holding more papers. “His blood values are fine Jerry. I want to watch him here for the next 4 hours. He’ll be getting another bag of fluids over that time.”


Charlie was laughing and crying at the same time as JC was trying to get him up. “Thanks; Dr. Finch for everything.”


Dr. Finch left saying he would check on Charlie a little later then another nurse came in to hang another bag of fluids. When the nurse left, JC slipped into bed beside his new brother as Charlie nodded off yet again. I sat down and watched TV then I must have nodded off. The next thing I remember was Liam looking at Charlie’s IV. “How long have you been there?”


“Not that long Jerry. I see JC really cares about this laddie.”


JC looked over at us. “Yeah Doc, I do. No one should have had to go through what he did. Can he go home now?”


Charlie opened his eyes as he felt JC slide out of bed. “I feel better than I did before.”


Liam checked him over. “Laddie, you’re still gonna feel rough tonight so I just want you to take it easy.”


JC pulled the covers back then remembered his new brother’s clothes had been ripped off by Vincent. “Dad, what’s he gonna wear?”


Charlie grabbed the covers as a nurse came in. She took out the IV then handed him 2 gowns. “Put one on like it’s supposed to then put the other on backwards. Dr. Finch is writing discharge orders then you all can go home.”


Charlie sat up and let his legs hang over the side of the bed. He looked up at me and held his arms out. “Dad how can I ever thank you for what you did today?”


I leaned down then he kissed me on the cheek. “That was all the thanks I need right there son.”


Liam came in and handed me the papers. “He should be fine Jerry. If there are any problems, don’t hesitate to call. JC, I’ll see you in about a month. You 2 boys take care of each other.”


A nurse came in with a wheelchair and I hurried out to the entrance. A valet brought the Hummer around just as the nurse pushing Charlie and JC came outside. I opened the front door but JC opened the back for him. I held out my hand and Charlie took it standing up. I helped him step inside then JC ran around to the other side and got in. I was about to get in when I saw Ike coming. “I talked with Capt. Gould and he’s going to get to the bottom of this Jerry. I’ll be in touch in a couple days. I know Charlie is going to need some time to get himself back together.”


I shook my head. “This was a day I sure wish had never happened, that’s for sure but I’m glad Charlie is fine. I just wonder what his mother has to say for herself. I’ll talk with you later Ike, thanks for everything.”


I got inside the Hummer to take the boys home. I looked in the rear view mirror and Charlie was cuddled against JC. “You guys ready to go home?”


They both nodded with smiles on their faces. Fifteen minutes later, we were pulling up to house and I was planning a quiet evening with the boys. I pulled into the driveway and pushed the button on the garage door opener then parked in the garage. I got out then opened the back door tapping the boys on the arms to wake them up. Charlie’s eyes slowly opened and he smiled. “I guess I fell asleep Dad.”


They got their seatbelts off then I got them into the house. “JC, see if you can find Charlie something to wear for tonight and tomorrow we’ll take him shopping.”


I was hot and sticky from my afternoon’s adventure so while JC was helping Charlie, I decided to grab a quick shower. I went down to my room and stripped to my boxers when JC shouted, “Dad, Dad come quick.”


I hurried out of my room and across the hall into JC’s and there was Charlie sitting on the bed shaking like a leaf. I sat down beside him and wrapped him into my arms. “What’s wrong son?”


He just shook his head and continued to shake starting out into space. I managed to get him onto my lap and I started gently rocking him. JC was looking in his dresser for a pair of underwear for him. He took out a pair of his favorite boxers and brought them over. He took his gown off and knelt down so he could get his brother dressed when Charlie started screaming. “No, no, no, no.”


JC sat beside his now naked brother. “What is it bro, I’m just going to slip these on you.”


Tears were now streaming down Charlie’s face and he was shaking almost uncontrollably. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo I’m filthy, he touched me, I’m dirty, noooooooooooooooooooooo, lemme go, I gotta get clean, I’m dirty.”


Charlie had totally lost it. I held onto him as tightly as I could then looked at JC, “Call Liam son.”


JC stood and headed for the door. “Why don’t you take him into the shower? Maybe that will calm him down a little while Dr. Finch gets over here.”


That was the only idea that made sense at this point in time. I scooped Charlie up like a baby then stood up. “Son, take my underwear off me please.”


JC slid my boxers down then I stepped out of them and headed for my shower. I stepped into the tub and put Charlie on his feet and got the water going. I hadn’t set the temperature properly but that didn’t seem to matter to him. He moved past me and stood under the scalding hot water. I quickly cut the shower head off then pulled him away from the hot water. He was a bright pink on his chest, groin and legs. I turned on the cold water and made it cooler then turned the spray back on. I managed to get him under it so I could cool his skin off. I managed to get a good look at him and thank god he hadn’t done any real damage. After a few minutes, his skin color returned to normal. I reached for the bar of soap and started lathering his body. “Noooooooooooooooo Daddy noooooooooo, I’m dirty.”


I continued to wash him and talked softly to my boy. “It’s going to be alright son, I’m getting you clean.”


No Daddy, I’ll never be clean. He touched me.”


I had a puff pad hanging on the faucet. Charlie grabbed it and started scrubbing his groin as if he was trying to take several layers of skin off. I managed to get it out of his hand then put him under the water to see if he’d done any damage. “Easy son, Dad’s here. I’m going to get you clean.”


“Daddy you don’t understand, he touched me. I’m dirty, you can’t touch me.”


Just then we were joined by JC. I looked at him and tears were streaming down his face. “Dad, is he going to be alright?”


Charlie turned around and started flailing his arms at JC. “Get out, I’m dirty, you can’t see me like this. He touched me, get out.”


JC wrapped his arms around his brother holding him as tightly as he could. I managed to wash Charlie’s back, butt and legs then JC got him under the water. Once I was sure all the soap was off him, I cut the shower off and grabbed a towel. I managed to get the towel around Charlie’s arms and held onto him for dear life. JC opened the curtain then I picked the shaking boy up and together we stepped out. It took JC holding onto Charlie so I could dry him. Once he was dry, I let him go hoping he’d stay put. He did for several minutes so I tried to get myself dry. JC was getting himself dry when Charlie bolted from the shower. He ran down across the hall for JC’s room then I heard the door to his bathroom close. We ran over and JC tried to open the door. “It’s locked Dad.”


I went out and reached over top of the ledge and got the little key. I came back and quickly unlocked the door and tried to open it. It moved an inch or two then it closed. “GO AWAY, I’M DIRTY, YOU CAN’T SEE ME.”


I heard the water running in the shower again. “Come on son, help me push the door open. He’ll scald himself again.”


I checked the lock and Charlie had locked it again. After unlocking it a second time, JC and I pushed hard on the door only to have it come flying open. We went falling inside the bathroom and there was Charlie in the shower with JC’s enema tube in his rectum. I managed to pull it out and thank god the water wasn’t scalding. “Nooooo Daddy, I’m dirty. Please leave me alone.”


JC decided to try something. With tears running down his face he looked at me. “Dad, let me try.”


We really didn’t have anything to loose. I closed the lid on the toilet and sat down. “OK son but if I think he’s hurting himself, I’m going to step in.”


He nodded his head. “OK Dad.”


JC set the water temperature so they couldn’t get burned. “JC lemme be, get outta here I’m dirty, you don’t understand he touched me.”


JC sat his brother in the tub. “I’m not leaving bro but I’ll help you get clean. I love you.”


“Noooooooooo,” he wailed. “I’m dirty, you can’t love me.”


JC lifted the boy’s face up in his hands. “Clean, dirty, dressed or naked I love you Charlie Green and nothing will ever change that. Now, let me help you get clean.”


Charlie looked up at JC. “D…do yu…you really mean it?”


JC leaned down and kissed his brother gently on the lips. “Of course I mean it bro. I love you and Dad loves you too.”


JC sat down as Charlie fell into his arms. “But I’m dirty JC, he touched me. No one can ever touch me again, not until I’m clean.”


JC got the bar of soap and gently started washing. “I told you bro, I love you and nothing’s gonna change that.”


I got up and went into my room and grabbed the bottle of lube. I needed JC to see if Charlie got any water up into this rectum. When I returned, JC had Charlie against his chest and he was gently washing his chest. I set the lube on the side of the tub then reached down and felt Charlie’s abdomen. It still felt soft so if he had managed to get some water in him, it was minimal. Charlie felt me touching him but this time he didn’t yell or scream. “Daddy please, I’m dirty.”


I leaned in and lifted his head up then kissed him gently like JC did. “You’re my son Charlie and I love you. Nothing will ever change that.”


Tears started falling again as he stood up and moved close to me pushing his groin out. “Please wash me Daddy. It’s soooo dirty. He touched me there.”


I took the soap from JC and lathered my hands then gently washed Charlie’s groin. After several seconds of this, he started getting erect. JC saw this and smiled. “Looks like that’s working again.”


Charlie reached down and started pulling on his penis. I watched as he did this but soon realized he wasn’t trying to masturbate but rather he was trying to pull it off his body. JC reached his hand around and moved his brother’s hand. “Nooooo JC, it’s dirty. He touched me.”


JC reached out and slapped him hard on the butt. “NOW STOP IT CHARLIE. You’re going to hurt yourself. Let me or Dad wash it.”


Charlie screamed in pain as JC’s slap wasn’t gentle. He sat down against his brother and cried. “You don’t understand bro, that’s what he did to me. H…he m…made me shoot and I couldn’t stop it.”


JC held his brother’s head against his chest as he cried. Charlie was still holding his dick in his hand but he’d stopped trying to pull it off. JC reached his hand down and started washing the now soapy appendage. After several seconds it was back to full staff as JC was gently masturbating him. I watched as Charlie’s breathing increased. He leaned his head back and moaned. “JC you can’t, he ugh touched me, ungh JC no ungh, I’m dirty, oh bro I I’m gonna shoot.”


JC kept up his ministrations and soon Charlie exploded into a massive orgasm. Shot after shot landed on Charlie’s chest and JC’s hand. I reached up and pulled the handle of the shower head down and rinsed the boys off. JC kissed his brother on the cheek and smiled at him. “You’re not dirty now bro. I love you and just made you clean.”


Charlie broke down and started crying again. “I l…love yu…you too.”


I helped Charlie to his feet then he stepped out of the tub. I was holding a towel out and he fell into my arms. “Oh Daddy, I’m still not totally clean.”


I handed JC a towel then gently started drying Charlie off. “What do you mean son?”


He turned around and spread his butt. “He t…touched me there too.”


I looked at his rectum and didn’t see any change from before. “What is it you need me to do son?”


He turned around then pointed. “I have to be washed in there Daddy.”


I knew what he meant. I went into my bathroom and got the personal enema syringe I’d used for personal hygiene then came back in. I got the water temperature set then filled the red bulb. I put some lube on the tip then had Charlie lie down on the floor. I lifted his cheek and rubbed lube over his hole then gently inserted my finger. Once I was sure he was properly lubed, I removed my finger. I leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. “Are you sure you want this son?”


He gave me a weak smile then nodded his head. “Yes Daddy, I’m dirty in there.”


He kissed me on the lips then I took the enema syringe and gently inserted it into his rectum. I squeezed the bulb and when the water first started going in, he let out a soft gasp causing me to stop. “Are you alright son?”


He turned red as I noticed his dick had become erect. “Yes Daddy, I’m OK.”


I finished emptying the contents into his bowels then removed the nozzle from his butt. I felt his abdomen and it was now distended. “Hold it in as long as you can son. JC, help him onto the toilet son, I’m going to get changed.”


I hurried across the hall and pulled on a clean pair of boxers and then found a clean pair of shorts. I was about to enter JC’s bathroom when I heard the unmistakable sound of Charlie expelling the enema I gave him. I went into the bathroom and could tell by the smell that the enema had done its job. I looked at my boy on the toilet. “Daddy, can you clean me back there?”


I got some toilet paper then cleaned his butt. “How’s that son?”


He finally relaxed and showed me a beautiful smile. JC too was now smiling then he went over and got the boxers for Charlie. He came back tossing them to his brother. Charlie put them on then we returned to the living room. No sooner had I sat down when Charlie was in my lap. JC sat down beside us when all of a sudden, the smile on Charlie’s face disappeared. Tears started rolling down his face then he let out with another scream. “OH DADDY, I KILLED HIM. I KILLED HIM.”

To be continued...


Posted: 06/13/08