A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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He finally relaxed and showed me a beautiful smile. JC too was now smiling then he went over and got the boxers for Charlie. He came back tossing them to his brother. Charlie put them on then we returned to the living room. No sooner had I sat down when Charlie was in my lap. JC sat down beside us when all of a sudden, the smile on Charlie’s face disappeared. Tears started rolling down his face then he let out with another scream. “OH DADDY, I KILLED HIM. I KILLED HIM.”


Chapter 14


Charlie was loosing it again but I didn’t try and stop him. He needed to get this out otherwise it would eat him alive turning him into a total basket case. JC put his finger over his lips. “There, there bro, it’s ok, don’t cry. Shhh now.”


I reached around and rubbed JC’s back as tears were now streaming down his face. He looked over at me with a pitiful expression on his face. I leaned as close to him as I could. “Let him get this out son, if he doesn’t, it’ll eat him alive.”


Just then there was a knock on the door. JC was just wearing a pair of boxers so he was decent. He ran over to see who it was. When he opened the door, Liam was standing there. He let the doc in as Charlie continued to cry. Liam set his bag down then started digging around inside. “I don’t think he’s gonna need it now Liam,” I said as he was still rifling through his bag.”


He looked up at me. “Are you sure?”


JC went over and stood beside Liam. “Yeah Doc, this is nothing compared to before. Dad thinks he needs to get this out of him.”


Liam sat down so he could observe Charlie’s actions. Charlie was crying even harder. “Oh Daddy, I killed him.”


I ran my fingers through his thick, baby fine hair as JC ran to the bathroom to get some tissues. “I know son, you were just protecting yourself.”


JC came back out with the tissues just as someone else was knocking on the door. JC handed me the tissues then looked to see who it was. “It’s Marsha Dad.”


“Go get some shorts on son. Liam, can you tell her to wait a minute, I need to get Charlie some shorts on too.”


I was about to get up when JC had a pair for Charlie in his hand. He quickly got the boy dressed then Liam let Marsha in. “What’s going on Jerry, I could hear the boy’s cries all the way by my car.”


Liam looked at her. “He’s letting all that stress that’s been bottled up in him out.”


She came over and sat down next to JC. “Jerry, I hate to do this but I’ve got to question him about what happened at the hospital.”


I shook my head. “No way Marsha, not now. JC and I have been to hell and back with him over the last couple of hours and you’re not going to drive him into a catatonic state.”


I could tell she didn’t like my answer. “Jerry, don’t make me have to put him into protective custody and remove him.”


JC turned and glared at her. “I wouldn’t try that. I’ll be on the phone to Uncle Ike so fast.”


“Now look JC, I don’t want to have to do that and I know that Judge Gould is personally handling this case but I have my job to do.”


I was doing a slow boil, “At whose expense Marsha? You claim to care now but you’re beginning to act like the old Marsha who doesn’t give a damn about the child, only what you want to do.”


“You don’t understand Jerry, after I booked Charlie’s Mom into the county jail, I had an ADA bugging me about a statement from Charlie. I told him the boy was not in any condition to be questioned and he said he didn’t care. He told me I had until the end of the day or else.”


“You can call that ADA and tell him if he has any problems he can go see Judge Gould,” I reminded her.”


Just then Charlie couldn’t contain things any longer. “Daddy, what am I gonna do?”


I managed to get his crying under control so he could pay attention to me. “Easy son and just relax. Take in a deep breath and slowly let it out.”


He did as instructed then leaned his head against my chest. JC moved over next to his brother taking his hand. “OK bro, now just tell us what happened.”




Downtown in the County Prosecutor’s office, ADA Dennis Franklin was going over the sketchy reports from several police officers regarding the death of one Vincent Telefano. He was looking at all the reports and they all basically said the same thing and that was Vincent, who was in police custody at the time, had managed to get up assaulting the guard and make his way into the treatment room of one Charlie Green, a 15 year old. Vincent tried to attack the boy and the boy was merely acting in self defense.


He was about to put the files away when he came to another filled out by a Det. Adam Olsen. In his report he had not agreed that Telefano was capable of leaving his room based of the fact that he had sustained several dog bites to his leg and had been given pain medication after having his wounds stitched closed. He goes on to state the teen had been selling himself to the victim and the boy had made several threats against Telefano with the last one stating the boy would do anything necessary to get away from the man. He took out his highlighter and marked several passages then looked to see if there were any reports he’d failed to see.


There was one more by Capt. Ira Gould. In his report he admonishes one of his officers for his conduct. He believes the teen acted in self defense and therefore would not file any charges against him. The ADA made a few notations then mumbled as he sent them through his shredder. “Is that right Captain, we’ll just see about that.”


Dennis opened a file on his computer and began typing.




Charlie leaned over and kissed his brother on the cheek. “I’m really thirsty.”


JC went into the kitchen and brought in some sodas for everyone. “Here Charlie, drink some of this, you’ll feel better.”


Charlie took a few small sips of the soda then let out little belch. He blushed saying, “Excuse me.”


I looked at Marsha. “Do you have a tape recorder so you can tape this?”


She dug into her purse then shook her head. “I must have left it back at the office.”


“JC, go down and get mine and put a new tape in it.”


JC scooted down the hall then returned with my machine then plugged it in. Charlie looked at the machine then got close to my ear. “W…what do I do Dad?”


I kissed him on the cheek and smiled. “Just take your time and tell us what happened.”


I pushed the record button then Marsha spoke. “This is Detective Marsha Flowers taking a taped statement from Charlie Green, a 15 year old minor. Also present for this interview is his foster father, Jerry Miles.”


Charlie’s encounter:


“I don’t remember a whole lot after I stepped into the bathroom. I was mad my mother was there. I couldn’t believe she was going to watch as Vincent sucked my dick. The next thing I remember was feeling pain on the side of my head then waking up on a stretcher with some strange men around me. They brought me outside and it was then I saw JC and Dad. They both told me I was going to be OK but the medics needed to get me to the hospital. I remembered looking around and I didn’t see my Mom or Vincent so I figured they’d gotten away. It didn’t matter to me because there was no way I was ever going back to her. JC and Dad kissed me on the cheek then I was put into the ambulance and taken to the hospital.


Sometime during the trip I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember was a nurse cleaning me up. She seemed nice although she never said anything to me. After she left, a doctor came in and looked at the monitors then I felt something cold against my chest. He stood there a few more minutes then before he left, he asked me a couple of questions. I tried to answer but nothing seemed to want to come out so I just closed my eyes. After a few minutes, I opened them and I was alone. I don’t know how much time passed but the next thing that happened was hearing a voice. I opened my eyes and there was Vincent standing beside me.”


Charlie started getting worked up at this point so I leaned forward and put the recording on pause. I gently rubbed his back and rocked him. “You’re doing fine son. Close your eyes and take another deep breath then let it out.”


Charlie did as I’d instructed then was able to carry on. I leaned over and took the recorder off pause. “Well, like I said, Vincent was standing beside me and try as I might, I couldn’t utter a sound. He stared at me then I felt his hand go under the covers. He started playing with me and asked me if it felt good. I tried to push his hand away but he grabbed my balls and said if I didn’t take my hands out he’d crush them, so I did. I don’t know how long he did this then I felt him push my legs apart. I felt him rub his finger under my balls and down to my hole. When he touched it I closed my eyes and started shaking because I knew what he was going to do and I couldn’t stop him. I tried clamping my butt cheeks together tightly but he reached up and pinched one of my balls again telling me I better relax because one way or another he was going to get his finger inside me and more.”


I had to calm him down at that point as he started crying. After putting the machine on pause, I rubbed his back then handed him his drink. My legs were getting numb from having the teen on my lap so I eased him off it then stood so I could get the circulation back. JC had to pee so I had him take Charlie with him. I looked at Marsha. “He’s been through hell today. I just hope we can all get him through this.”


Liam had been making some notes. “Jerry, he needs to get this out of him. The more he can talk about it and be reassured he wasn’t to blame for any of this, the sooner he’ll be able to heal. I know a good child psychiatrist and it might do Charlie some good to talk with him.”


Just then the boys came back in and I could tell they’d heard what Liam had said. Charlie was shaking his head. “No way Dad, I’m not talking to a shrink. He’ll turn things around and blame me for all this. Hell, he’ll probably be telling me I was asking for all this because I’m gay.”


I couldn’t rightly disagree with him. I’d heard of shrinks who’d had children put into institutions just because they were gay and it took some parents a court fight to get them back. Several children had even gone so far as to have committed suicide rather than put up with the hell the doctors were putting them through. “All right son, Dr. Finch was only making a suggestion.”


My words relaxed my boy and he sat back down beside me as JC sat beside Charlie. Charlie reached out and took our hands nodding at me. I leaned forward and took the tape recorder off pause as he took a sip of his soda. “I realized I didn’t have a choice so I relaxed and he let go of my nut. He then made me bring my legs up and he stuck his head under the covers. I felt his finger rub around my hole and I didn’t want him shoving it in. I brought my legs down and he pulled his head out. He reminded me of what he said then he put his hand on my groin. He told me to pull my legs back up and then he started squeezing. It started hurting and all he did was stand there and laugh. It was hurting so bad I couldn’t pull my legs up so he squeezed more. I reached my hand on and felt something on the table. I begged him to stop and I’d pull my legs up. He stopped squeezing then he lowered the rail on my bed. He came real close and told me he was going to shove his dick into me without lube so I better be ready. I shook my head no and tried to shout but he slapped his hand over my mouth. I felt him pinch my nose so I grabbed hold of what ever it was my hand was on and hit him as hard as I could in the chest. He let go of my mouth and nose then fall backwards onto the floor. I don’t know how I did it but I just started screaming and screaming. A whole bunch of doctors and nurses came in then. After that, I really don’t remember much. When I woke up again, I was in a different room.”


Charlie started crying. I stroked his face then Marsha knelt in front of him. “Charlie, when he put his hand across your mouth and pinched your nose, did you think he was going to try and smother you?”


Tears were streaming down his face and he was holding my hand tightly. “Yes ma’am. He had my nose pinched and I couldn’t breathe. I saw him laughing.”


Charlie was starting to get hysterical. I shook my head telling Marsha I was stopping things. “This is Det. Marsha Flowers. This interview is now terminated.”


She pushed the stop button while JC and I comforted Charlie. I had JC take him down to his room while Marsha took the tape. “I think we need to let him have some time alone now. Liam, do you have a mild tranquilizer if he needs it?”


Liam nodded his head. “Here is some Ativan. Try him on ½ of a tablet; that should relax him so he can rest without turning him into a zombie.”


Marsha took the tape and wrote something on it then put it into her purse. “Now that I have this I can do my report. I’ll do that first thing in the morning. I want to interview his mother too to see what she has to say in all this.”


I walked Liam and Marsha to the door and watched while they left. I locked the front door then went down to check on the boys.




Dennis finished filling out the forms then clicked the print button. He looked them over one by one as they came out of the printer. He looked at his watch and it was after 7PM. ‘I’ll take this over to Jack in the morning. I’m sure I can get him to sign this.”




I went into the boys’ room and JC had Charlie wrapped in his arms as he cuddled the boy on the bed. I quietly walked over and sat beside them. JC looked over at me and I could tell he had been crying. “Dad, why is it that some people aren’t fit to be parents?”


I really wish I had an answer for him. “I don’t know son. I guess they want children and in the beginning things go great then things happen. A good parent always makes sure their kids have what they need. You know I’m pretty set financially and although you may not have everything you see and want, you’ll definitely have everything you need.”


JC smiled when he heard my statement. “Oh I know Dad. You spoil me but it’s with the one thing I want more than anything and that’s love.”


I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. “That’s something you’ll always have son.”


He returned my kiss then patted my crotch. “I also want more of this too.”


I tried to give him my stern father look but I don’t think it worked as JC started to giggle. “Now cool it you little horn dog.”


I noticed Charlie shaking. I reached out and wrapped my arms around him and then realized why he was shaking, he was trying to stifle his giggles. “My big brother is a sex maniac.”


I saw Charlie with a smile on his face as he looked over his shoulder at JC. I saw the clock on JC’s night stand and it was after 7 and none of us had eaten. Charlie reached his arms out and pulled me down beside him. I didn’t know what was on his mind but I needed to find out if the boys were hungry because my stomach was really growling. “Are you guys hungry? With all that’s happened today I clean forgot to take anything out for dinner.”


Charlie shook his head then nodded. “Well yeah I am, a little.”


JC was nodding his head like a bobble head doll. “I’m starved Dad.”


I was trying to think of what to fix then I remembered something my Mom made me when I was down in the dumps. “How about some soup and grilled cheese sandwiches?”


The boys sat up quickly and JC was the first to answer. “Oh Dad, that sounds great; how about some tomato soup?”


I could see Charlie wrinkling his nose then he looked down. “What kind of soup do you like son?”


He shook his head. “No, tomato is fine.”


JC put Charlie’s head in his hands and looked him in the eyes. “Come on bro, this is a democratic household. We all have a say in things so what kind of soup do you like.”


Again he shook his head. “You’ll just think I’m a little kid.”


I leaned in and kissed Charlie on the nose. “Let me guess, you like chicken noodle, don’t you?”


His eyes met mine. “How’d you guess Dad?”


I smiled at him. “Because that was my favorite until they came out with double noodle.”


JC stood up and headed for the door. “Then double noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches it is.”


Charlie started crying. “Thanks you guys. That was something I had when I was little, back when, when…”


He fell into my arms and broke down. I wrapped him in my arms and started rocking him trying to help him get his emotions under control. JC came over and kissed his brother on the head. “I’ll get things going in the kitchen Dad.”


I nodded my head then went back to concentrating on Charlie. “Why Daddy, why’d she treat me like that? She was a great Mom when I was younger and now I’m shit to her. WHY DADDY WHY?


His tears and sobs were gut wrenching and I could feel his heart breaking with each word he’d said. “I wish I could answer that son but she’s in jail now where she’ll never hurt you again.”


He looked up at me as his tears continued to fall. “R are yu…you sure?”


I nodded my head and continued to rock him. “Yes son and I’ll have Mr. Fletcher make sure of it too.”


My mind had been so occupied on trying to get his emotions under control I hadn’t realized Charlie had taken my hand and moved it down to his crotch. When I realized this I quickly removed it. Charlie looked at me then blushed. “It’s OK Daddy, it’s the least I can do and it feels good.”


I took his hands in mine then slowly shook my head. “Son, you don’t owe either of us anything.”


“B…but Dad, you’re letting me live here, you’re giving me food and I heard you tell JC you’re taking me shopping tomorrow for clothes.”


I smiled at him. “That’s right son and you’ll need more things when you’re ready to go back to school too.”

He jumped up and dropped his shorts and underwear then tried to reach down to my zipper, “Here Dad. COME HERE BRO I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU.”


I was trying to move his hand and get his boxers back up when I saw JC walk in. “No son, you don’t have to do this, that’s not why I’m your foster Dad.”


JC hurried over and wrapped Charlie in his arms then turned him around so they were face to face. “STOP IT NOW BRO. What did I tell you before, huh?


Charlie pushed him back then kicked his shorts and boxers off so he would be totally nude. He started playing with his dick and it finally became erect. “I’m a whore, that’s what my Mom called me. I’m nothing but a pussy boy slut.”


Before I could move JC slapped him across the face. STOP IT NOW CHARLIE, YOU’RE NO WHORE OR A PUSSY BOY SLUT!


Charlie reached up and rubbed the side of his face as JC stood there crying. “I, I I’m…”


JC took him into his arms. “I love you Charlie, you’re my brother now and I’ll not let you talk that way about yourself.”


“It’s all I know JC. I’m a queer.”


JC lifted his head up. “I’m gay too but do you see me calling myself a whore and a slut? If I ever did, Dad would warm my backside and I know Uncle Ike would.”


“B…but I like getting my dick sucked. I even sucked someone’s once and I liked that too.”


JC hugged him. “So what, I like that stuff too. I even…”


JC started to tell Charlie about us but stopped. “Charlie, what JC had started to say was he and I have fooled around.”


Charlie looked over and smiled. “OH that’s so cool. I know what you two have is special. Umm do you think umm?”


JC lifted Charlie’s chin then kissed him gently on the lips. “In time bro, in time; right now there are other things that are more important.”


Charlie started crying softly. “I know I’m the new kid here.”


I reached over and eased him into my arms. “No son, it’s not like that at all. You’ve been through a lot with people abusing you. Right now you need to work through that. Once that’s happened and if you still want, we’ll sit and talk about sex here.”


“Umm alright Dad,” Charlie said; “But what about now? Look down and you’ll see what I mean.”


Teens and their hormones show up at some of the weirdest times. JC saw Charlie’s dick standing tall which caused him a problem. “Umm Dad, would you mind watching the soup in the kitchen?”


I saw JC’s shorts tenting and knew what he had in mind. I thought for a minute then decided it wouldn’t hurt but I had to talk with them first. “Alright son, I’ll take care of dinner. Before I go, Charlie, are you sure about this? I know your dick is saying yes but is this something you really want to do?”


He stepped over to JC and before I could say another word JC was now naked. Charlie knelt down and took JC’s tool into his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down. He stopped then looked up at me. “Umm, does that answer your question?”


I guess it did. “Alright son but if at anytime you need to stop.”


JC kissed his brother on the cheek. “That’s right bro; don’t think if you start this you have to finish it if you get scared.”


I left the boys to their own devices and began preparing the grilled cheese sandwiches. A few minutes later I was joined in the kitchen by 2 smiling, naked teens. JC came over and hugged me. “He’s not shy about what he likes Dad.”


I was curious now. “Did you guys 69?”


Charlie leaned in and kissed me and I could still taste some of JC’s cum. “Yes Dad. I wanted to do more but JC thought I should wait.”


“He was right son. Your body is still raging with hormones and that’s to be expected but you know you’ve been through something that no one should ever have to go through. I know you’re going to get horny and that’s understandable but let us help you get through what Vince did to you, then we can see about love making, alright?”


JC took Charlie into his arms. “Dad’s right. There is no rush to you giving up your virginity or doing anything else for that matter. When you do that, you need to be sure that it’s for the right reason.”


JC and Charlie continued to talk while I fixed the grilled cheese sandwiches. After we all filled our stomachs, JC took Charlie and they got a shower then we all relaxed and watched some TV. The boys were about to head off to bed when a news article came on the 11PM news cast. The lead in before they went to a commercial break was, “Man attempting to rape a 15 year old boy at the Hollywood beach was later killed at Memorial Regional Hospital.”


Charlie fell down onto the floor and started crying uncontrollably again. “Now everyone will know what he tried to do to me.”


I hurried over and scooped the crying boy up into my arms and carried him down to JC’s room. I leaned over to JC. “There is a bottle of pills beside the sofa son, bring them and a glass of water down to your room please.”


JC came down with the medication Liam prescribed for Charlie. I reached into the bottle and took one of them and broke it in half. “Sit up son and take this, it’ll let you relax so you can get some sleep.”


He looked at it. “Uh what is it Dad?”


“It’s a mild tranquilizer son.”


He stared at it then finally took it. “C…can I s…sleep with yu…you?”


JC had and still does sleep with me so there was no way I could refuse him. “Alright son; you two go and brush your teeth. JC, get him a new toothbrush out of the hall closet please then you both can get into my bed.”


I went back into the living room so I could see this news report. I lowered the volume so Charlie wouldn’t be able to hear what was being said. “A Hollywood man was killed at Memorial Regional after being brought in after he attempted to rape a 15 year old boy police sources said. Vincent Telefano, a 39 year old former New York resident, drugged a local boy. There was evidence at the scene that he had planned to then sexually assault the boy but that plan was foiled when a woman, reportedly his mother, screamed alerting bystanders. Here is an excerpt of the interview with Capt. Ira Gould of HPD’s Hospital Unit.”


The scene switches to Memorial Regional and to Capt. Gould.


“Earlier this afternoon 39 year old Vincent Telefano was killed after receiving treatment for wounds inflicted by a German shepherd. At this time, it is unclear how Mr. Telefano managed to make his way down to the room of the 15 year old boy who he earlier tried to sexually assault. Mr. Telefano was in custody charged with sexual assault, attempted rape and attempted murder. He was awaiting transfer to the county jail when this incident occurred.”


The scene then switches back to the news caster.


“In a report from an anonymous source close to the investigation this reporter learned the 15 year old had made a threat on Mr. Telefano’s life and it appears he made good on that threat.”


I was livid. I was about to throw the remote through the TV when JC came in. I quickly cut the TV off as he sat on my lap. I tried to act like nothing had happened. “Hi son, I was just going to check the house then come to bed.”


He kissed me on the cheek then stood. “I already made sure the back door was closed and locked.”


I could tell by the way he was acting he hadn’t heard the news report but I was going to call Ike first thing in the morning. I turned the lamp off then JC and I headed for bed.


Charlie was facing my side of the bed as I crawled in. He scooted close to me as I saw JC spoon against him from the back. “Thanks for letting me sleep with you Dad.”


I kissed him on the nose then caressed his back as I slid my arm under his head. “No thanks needed son; I’ve had JC here plenty of times.”


I held Charlie and started caressing him. The pill did its job and soon he was sleeping soundly.

To be continued...


Posted: 06/20/08