A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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JC turned Charlie’s face then planted a passionate kiss on him. “That’s right man so just try and stay relaxed.”


I leaned back and kissed him too then he got out of the car. He walked over to the bathroom then looked back at me before he entered. As soon as he stepped in, he heard his mother’s voice. “Hello Charlie.”


Chapter 12


Charlie stopped and just stared. “What the fuck are you doing here?”


She was shaking badly. “Now baby, you know I love you.”


“Yeah right bitch,” he spat. “You love me so much you tell me to have my faggot ass here so that pervert Vincent can fuck it as often as he wants? Huh Mom, is that how much you love me?”


Charlie was so mad he wanted to slap the shit out of her that when he went inside he didn’t check his surroundings. He’d balled up his fist to hit his mother when he heard another voice. “Well, well if it isn’t pussy boy.”


Charlie turned when he heard Vincent’s voice then the lights went out. His Mom gasped, “Charlie.”


Vincent had cold cocked him with her double dildo knocking him out cold. He came over and dragged the boy into the middle of the room and ripped his tee shirt off his body then quickly pulled his shorts and underpants off. He started playing with his dick trying to get it hard but it wasn’t happening. He reached into his pocket and pulled a rubber band and tied it around the boy’s arm. The next thing the lunatic did was take out the syringe. He looked up at the woman and sneered. “Now this little cunt will learn what happens when he fucks with me.”


Vincent quickly found a vein then took the cap off the needle. He slid it in then pulled back getting a blood return. Just as he removed the band, the woman let out a scream. “Vincent you son of a bitch, you promised no drugs.”


JC heard the scream and opened the car door. “Dad, Charlie’s in trouble.”


I opened my door and got out followed by Zeus. “Stay here son.”


Back inside the bathroom, Vincent shoved the plunger forward just as he heard the scream. He knew he wasn’t going to have time to do what he wanted to the boy so he took off for the door. Zeus was about 15 feet from the door when Vincent came out running. The dog chased Vincent while I went to get Charlie. When I got inside, I saw Charlie naked and unconscious with a woman sitting beside him crying. Marsha came in next. “Get the paramedics here NOW! He’s been given some kind of drug.”


She grabbed her hand held. “Get the medics up here.”


What I didn’t know was a unit had been staged out of sight in case something like this had happened. I heard the medics arrive then I took off to get Zeus off Vincent. By the time I got there, JC had called the dog off but not before Zeus had bitten him several times on the leg. An officer had him in cuffs and I pretended I didn’t see his legs as I stepped on the one Zeus bit. Vincent let out with a barrage of profanities. “You mother fuckin son of a bitch, you did that on purpose.”


I grabbed Zeus and led him over. “You better hope Charlie doesn’t die you sick bastard or I’ll turn this dog loose on you and no one will be able to get him off.”


I shouldn’t have said that in front of JC. He stood up and started attacking the handcuffed man on the ground. I had to pick him up and carry him away. “Lemme go Dad, lemme go.”


I called Zeus and we hurried back to the bathroom. There were several officers guarding the door when we got there. “I’m sorry sir.”


Zeus started growling. “You better move man and now.”


Marsha came out with Charlie’s Mom in cuffs. “It’s OK, they’re allowed in.”


JC bolted inside and I was right behind him. The medics had an IV in him and were giving various medications then JC jumped into my arms, “Oh no Dad.”


I looked at the medics as one of them looked up at me. “How’s he doing?”


He nodded his head. “We got Narcan into him. His respirations are getting stronger as is his heart beat. We’ll be taking him over to Memorial Regional.”


I carried JC and took Zeus out so the medics could finish working on Charlie before they transported him to the hospital. “Daddy, tell me he’s going to be OK.”


I kissed him on the cheek. “The medic says he’s breathing better and his heart beat is getting stronger. Can you watch Zeus while I call Ike? Charlie is going to need fostering.”


He kissed me hard on the cheek. “Oh God yes Dad.”


I put him down then called Ike. “Ike, can you call in another favor?”


“What’s his full name Jerry?”


That was a good question so I looked at JC. “Son, do you know Charlie’s last name?”


I saw him thinking then he nodded his head. “I saw it on the phone he had. His last name is Green.”


Ike heard JC’s answer. “OK Jerry, I’ll call Judge Gould. How is he?”


“Not too good Ike. Vincent drugged him and the paramedics were able to counter the effects of it but Charlie was unconscious. He’s being taken over to Regional.”


I had to wipe my eyes as I was fighting to keep my emotions under control. I heard sirens in the distance so I knew one for Vincent was coming. “On our way over to the hospital, we’re going to drop Zeus off and I’ll give you back your car.”


I closed my phone then watched as an ambulance slowly passed. I put Zeus up then JC and I walked back down towards the injured man. The medics and police were talking and didn’t see me come up. I reached down and grabbed him by the shirt, “Why’d you drug him you asshole?”


He smirked. “The little faggot wanted to play with the big boys so he got his wish. It’s a shame I didn’t get the chance to take his cherry.”


“You better hope you love taking it in the ass you fucker because I’m going to make sure everyone knows what you did.”


His eyes got big. “Yu…you can’t do that. I have to be protected.”


I slammed his head against the pavement. “You’ll get the same protection you gave Charlie you fucking pervert.”


One of the officers heard me yell at the bastard. “Are you alright sir?”


I smiled and nodded. “I’m fine man, thanks.”


I took JC by the hand and went back to Ike’s car. As we got close to the bathroom, the medics started wheeling Charlie out. JC took off running towards him and I was right behind my boy. Charlie was now awake and sitting up on the stretcher. JC had his hand and was crying. “Oh Charlie, I thought you’d died.”


He reached up and lowered the oxygen mask. “I’m OK JC but my head hurts.”


I came up beside JC and rubbed his hand. “You just worry about getting better son. When you get out of the hospital, you have a new place to call home.”


He started shaking his head no until JC rubbed his cheek. “Dad’s right man, he’s going to be your foster Dad and you don’t have to worry about your Mom or that other jerk. Zeus got Vincent good.”


Charlie started giggling when he heard that. “I wish I could have 5 minutes alone with him.”


I shook my head. “Nah, you don’t want to risk catching some slime disease son.”


One of the medics tapped me on the shoulder. “Sir, we need to get going.”


JC and I watched as they loaded Charlie into the back of the ambulance then we hurried to Ike’s car. I know I was speeding as we hurried home. JC took Zeus and put him in the back yard as Ike and I talked. “I called Judge Gould and he’s written the order. He wasn’t happy when I gave him the details.”


“I bet,” I said walking towards the bathroom.


I closed the door behind me and started emptying my bladder when I heard the door open. My head swung around and I saw my son coming in. “Sorry Dad but I can’t hold it.”


My boy came beside me and quickly whipped his tool out and started peeing. He emptied his bladder then I smiled as I was washing my hands. “Feel better now?”


He put his dick back in his pants and gave me a hug after flushing the toilet. “Oh yeah Dad, now let’s get over to the hospital.”


We went out to the living room and I didn’t see Ike. Under my keys was a note. “Jerry, I’ll see you at the hospital.


I went to check on Zeus and we were off to the hospital. Before we left, I took my 45 off and put it back into the safe. It took about 15 minutes to get there and when we went into the ER, it looked like a police convention. I went to the registration area and was about to ask the nurse there a question when she took off. Nurses and other people were running around like fools and I was wondering what the hell was going on. I saw a cop trot out so I took him by the arm. “What’s going on?”


He looked at me. “Not that it’s any of your concern but some kid just killed another patient.”


He shook my arm off then headed out the door. All the wind just got sucked from my sails. I tried for 15 minutes to get someone to give me the time of day but it wasn’t happening. Finally I saw Ike come in, “Something’s not right man. A cop just told me a kid just killed a patient and I can’t get anyone so I can ask about Charlie.”


JC tapped me on the arm. I was about to shake my head when he asked, “Dad, maybe Dr. Finch can find out something.”


It was a thought but he was next door. Ike grabbed his cell phone and started punching numbers. I thought to myself, ‘Am I invisible all of a sudden?’


I looked at JC. “Stay here son, I’m going to get some answers come hell or high water.”


I took off into the back to find Charlie. There were cops walking around like a public enemy had broken loose. I looked down the hall and there was a security guard standing by a door. I saw a nurse and I managed to stop her. “I’m Jerry Miles; I’m trying to find my foster son Charlie Green. He was brought in for a drug overdose by paramedics.”


“Can I see some ID please sir?”


I reached for my wallet and pulled out my driver’s license. “Here, will this do?”


She looked at it then handed it back. “OK sir, come with me.”


She led me into a room and I saw 2 other guards standing by his bed. Charlie saw me then cried out, “Dad.”


The nurse went over to the guards. “This is the boy’s foster father, you can wait outside.”


I got the nurse’s attention. “My other foster son and attorney are out in the waiting area, can they come back?”


She thought for a moment. “Yes sir, I’ll get them.


A few minutes later, Ike and JC came back into the room and JC went right and looked at him. “What happened bro?”


Charlie broke down shaking. “I, I did it JC, I did kill him.”


Just then I heard another voice. I looked and Judge Gould was standing there. “Son, I don’t think you should say any more.”


I looked at the judge. “Sir, there’s no way Charlie would go after that dude.”


Judge Gould was confused. “Maybe you better fill me in.”


I looked at the Judge. “Charlie’s mother was using Charlie here to pay her drug dealer, if you get my drift.”


The judge gasped. “You mean?”


I nodded my head. “Yes and today the guy planned on raping Charlie. He knocked the boy out then drugged him. We managed to rescue him and the man tried to flee but my dog helped capture him. The paramedics saved Charlie and he was brought here as was the suspect because he had some nasty dog bites. I can’t believe for a minute this boy could get out of bed.”


Just then a doctor along with another police officer came in. The officer was about to say something when Marsha came in. She stood there waiting to see what was going to happen. The uniformed officer looked at the boy. “What do you have to say for yourself?”


Judge Gould stepped in. “Don’t say anything Charlie. I have a few questions. I’m Judge Isaac Gould. Where was the boy when the man was killed?”


The officer just stared at the judge and didn’t say a word. Marsha walked over. “Answer him, you’re assigned here.”


The officer swallowed hard. “He was found on the floor beside the boy.”


Judge Gould was seeing red. “The boy was in his bed and the victim was out of his?”


The officer looked down. “Yes Your Honor.”


Marsha fired off a question. “Why the hell wasn’t the man in custody handcuffed to the bed as is procedure or an officer standing in the room watching him?”


The officer looked at her. “Well he had been medicated and was sleeping.”


“So you just left him knowing he had drugged a child and was going to rape him? That’s uncalled for. Charlie, did he come in here to attack you?”


“No detective,” the officer said interrupting. “The suspect somehow managed to over power the officer that was guarding him. Right now he’s nursing a nasty head injury.”


Marsha calmed down. “I’m sorry officer.”


JC was sitting on the edge of the bed holding Charlie’s hand as he broke down. “Yes he did and he was going to, to…”


Judge Gould looked at the doctor. “Have you examined this child since the victim tried to assault him?”


I was about to explode. “That’s it. I only want 1 cop to come around Charlie. If anyone else comes within 100 feet of him, they’ll have hell to pay. Doctor, please examine him. If there is any way he can go home, make it so. He’s been through more than enough today and the only place I want him is home.”


The Doctor shook his head. “Not yet Your Honor, I was about to. I heard you say the boy was drugged, would you happen to know what he was given because some drugs, even though Narcan was administered, can come back.”


I shook my head. “I haven’t a clue. Charlie, what was your Mom into son?”


He started shaking his head. “I…I d…don’t k…know Jerry.”


JC rubbed his hand. “Try and think bro.”


Tears started to fall. “I really don’t know. It could have been heroin or meth.”


Both drugs were powerful. I went and stood beside him. “After she got high, how did she act?”


“She was totally spaced out,” Charlie started. She’d just lie around and sometimes she would call some other women over and they’d go into her bedroom and start having a wild orgy.”


Just then another plain clothes officer came into the room. “I’m looking for a Charlie Green.”


I was about to speak when Marsha beat me to it. “Why do you want to know Olsen?”


He held up an evidence bag. “I found these in the kitchen with his name on them.”


Marsha snatched them out of his hand. “What makes you think they’re his?”


“Look bitch,” he started.


Judge Gould stepped in. “Watch your mouth detective.”


He got a smirk on his face. “Oh and what are you going to do old man, try and hit me with your cane?”


I heard JC giggle. “Oh God is he gonna get it.”


I walked over and got into Mr. Smartass’ face. “That old man as you call him is the head of the family court, meet Judge Isaac Gould.”


Judge Gould took a notebook out of his pocket. “Detective Flowers, I’d like the names of every officer involved with this fiasco.”


Detective Olsen started getting mad. “Listen Your Honor, why don’t you do your job in court and let us police officers do ours?”


“Detective Flowers, please do as I’ve asked,” Judge Gould asked as he turned for the door. “Oh by the way, the young man in that bed is Charlie Green. He is the foster son of this man, Jerry Miles and is under the protection of the court until further notice so if you have any ideas about trying to arrest him, touch him or even talk to him without the consent of either, Jerry Miles; Mr. Ike Fletcher, his attorney; Det. Flowers or myself giving you express written consent, you’ll see me do my job as I’ll have you charged with contempt of court and put in jail. Do I make myself crystal clear?”


Charlie got a huge grin on his face and JC started giggling. “Whoa cop, you really stuck your foot in it.”


He went to make a move towards JC then saw Marsha near by and thought better of it. She looked at Det. Olsen. “Now, what makes you think these drugs are Charlie’s?”


He tried to take the evidence bag back. “Look at the packages.”


Marsha looked at them. “So what, someone put his name on them. Did you dust them for prints? Have you run a test kit to see what they are?”


He puffed his chest out. “When I get around to it, I wanted to arrest the suspect first.”


Marsha shook her head. “Since this is part of Juvenile’s on going case, I’ll take control of these.”


The cop tried again to take them from her. “I’m with Narcotics and that is evidence I found.”


Judge Gould had his final say. “You’re with Narcotics for the time being but I can tell you this, you won’t be after I have a meeting with the Chief of Police. Jerry, Ike if you need me you know how to get in touch. Charlie, you just worry about getting better young man.”


Marsha went down to her car then came back with a small case. I was about to ask what it was. “I’m going to do a field test on this and see what we’re dealing with. Chances are it’s the same stuff Vince shot into Charlie.”


Olsen shot his mouth off again. “So you knew the kid was an addict.”


Marsha turned around. “Is that what I said?”


“Yeah, he replied inching over towards Charlie. “You said it’s probably the same stuff Vince gave the boy.”


“That’s right but since you know absolutely nothing about this case, you’re talking out your behind. Now just shut up because you may have ruined what’s left of your career.”


She put on a pair of rubber gloves then broke the seal on the evidence bag. She took one of the small packages of dope out then cut the corner off so she could get a small sample. She took a test kit out and put a small amount of the white powder in the heavy plastic pouch then folded the top over it and sealed it. She then broke the ampoule of chemical agent then shook it causing the powder to turn a bright blue. “What drug is it Marsha, Ike asked.”


She looked at the doctor. “It’s heroin.”


Charlie started crying. “Oh God I’m a druggie now.”


Olsen reached for his cuffs. “That admission is good enough for me. You’re under arrest.”


Marsha snatched the cuffs from the cop’s hand. “Do you have a hearing problem? Charlie’s under the court’s protection and just for your information, the boy was knocked unconscious, drugged and was about to be brutally raped.”


He tried to push past her. “Well, that’s what the little faggot…”


SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Olsen went flying backwards out into the hall and Marsha was right on him. “How dare you, you pompous son of a bitch.”


I had to run out and pull her off him before she got herself into trouble. “He’s not worth it but if I were you officer, I’d get out of here. Next time I might not be able to pull her off.”

To be continued...


Posted: 06/13/08