A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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I took him into my arms then I heard a knock on the door. I kissed him on the head and was about to answer it when JC beat me to it. Ike came in followed by his guest.


I looked over and saw who it was. “What the hell Ike?”



Chapter 11


JC was standing there with his mouth open as Marsha came in. “Will you relax Jerry?”


My mouth was hanging open too. “Relax, geez Ike after what she did?”


Marsha stepped up. “Jerry, I messed up and I’m sorry. Ike told me what you told him.”


I got a little cocky. “And you’re gonna come to the rescue huh?”


Ike looked at me then Marsha raised her hand. “Jerry, I can’t blame you for being skeptical but I do want to help here. JC, Jerry is the best person to be your Dad, whether he fosters you or even decides to adopt you”


I went out to the Hummer and brought in the plastic bag where I’d put dip wad’s piece of bloody shirt. “You want to help, here. You can run this guy’s name and his license plate. Here is a sample of his blood on his shirt.”


She took the bag and glared at me. “How’d his blood get on that?”


I smiled as JC stepped over. “Zeus was protecting me. The guy made a move towards Charlie and me and Zeus protected us.”


She went outside to her car. Ike came over and shook his head. “Jerry what are you trying to do?”


JC took Charlie by the hand. “Dad’s not doing a thing except looking out for someone who’s being forced into pure hell by his drug addicted mother.”


Marsha came back in shaking her head. “Christ Jerry, this guy is bad news. He’s been arrested in New York over a dozen times on drug related charges but only has 1 conviction. He served 6 months on the last one then disappeared.”


“Well guess what, he’s surfaced. He’s dealing to this boy’s mother and she’s using the boy as her credit card.”


Marsha walked over to the boys. “Charlie, how bad is it really?”


I turned and watched Charlie as JC held on to him. “She’s really gonna let me have it because I didn’t let him do what he wanted.”


For the first time, I actually saw a look of shock on her face. I could see her thinking. “Right now Charlie, it’s going to be her word against yours.”


Charlie’s mouth hung open then I stepped over. “Not unless you can find that jerk. I know Zeus got him good and he’s going to need patching up.”


She nodded her head. “Yeah but that’s going to take time…”


“Hey,” JC said interrupting; “How about if she admits to it?”


Marsha shook her head. “I can’t know anything about this…”


JC took Charlie by the hand leading him down to his room. I was right behind the boys. “What have you got in mind son?”


JC sat down and turned on his computer. “I’ll have the whole conversation on a CD, Dad. Go on outside with Uncle Ike and just trust me now.” 


I shook my head in disbelief then kissed them both before heading towards the door. “OK son.”


I went back out into the living room and Marsha was on the phone. “I just called dispatch and they’re going to send officers around to all the local hospitals and minor emergency clinics to see if they can find him. Also Jerry, if he does go to get medical care, they’re going to have to report the bite to animal control.”


I went over to Zeus and took off his collar. “His rabies shots are up to date, take a look at this tag.”


“That’ll make things simple for animal control. Now I need to get this shirt down to the lab so they can pull his DNA.”


Back down in JC’s room, he and Charlie were getting ready for the confrontation. “Charlie, how do you call your Mom?”


He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. “Vincent gave me this phone.”


JC looked at it. “That’s a Trac Phone, hand it here for a minute.”


JC hooked it up to his computer then started typing. “I managed to get the number to the phone. It’s all set up to record the conversation now too, are you ready?”


Charlie swallowed hard. “Y…yeah JC, I, I g…guess s…so.”


JC put a CD into the tray then Charlie placed the call to his mother. JC put his headphones on so he could hear the conversation. The phone rang and rang then after about a dozen rings a woman answered. “What the fuck do you want?”


Charlie was shaking. “M…mom, it’s me.”


“Where the hell are you, you little shit? Do you know what the hell you’ve done?”


Charlie started crying. “Mom, he was going to hurt me.”


“I don’t give a fuck what he was going to do. I’ve told you what to do now god damn it, you do it.”


JC was now fighting back tears as he listened to the conversation. “Mom, he was going to shove a rubber dick in me.”


“Big fucking deal you little faggot. I know what the hell you are.”


Charlie wiped his eyes. “No one’s touched me back there.”


“Too fucking bad! I owe Vincent and you’re going to pay him, you got it! You’re going to peddle your ass as long as I tell you to. All you had to do was stand there now it’s gonna be more. You will give him your ass or what ever he wants for as long as he wants. Do you understand me you little queer.”


JC scribbled something down on a piece of paper. “Wh…where is he? How do I find him?”


“He’s getting his arm fixed up by a friend of mine. Now, you just stay close to that phone until he calls and when he does, you damn sight better be ready to get that faggot ass of yours fucked good and proper.”


JC was about to write something else down when the line went dead. Charlie closed the phone then broke down. I heard the crying from JC’s room and ran down the hall. I went in and found both boys in tears. I hurried over and wrapped my arms around them. I started rubbing the boys’ backs hoping to calm them down. I’d heard JC cry before but Charlie’s cries were really breaking my heart. “Oh Jerry, she doesn’t give a shit about me.”


JC wiggled out of my arms then wiped the tears off of his face. “Dad, she’s a real bitch. She knows what that guy’s gonna do to him and said he’s got no choice.”


JC then played the conversation for me. I was in shock as I listened to what that woman told this boy what he had to do and how he’d better put out.




Over in another part of town Vincent was banging on the door to a run down apartment. “Open the fucking door bitch.”


A spaced out woman came over and let the man in. “Listen Vincent, I’ve had a little talk with my brat and he knows the score now.”


Vincent wasn’t happy. “I knew I should have never listened to you.”


“Why? You get what you want out of this. You love fucking little boys and I’m giving you one to do with what you want so why the bitching?”


He pushed the woman out of his way then slammed the door closed. “So what, I should have known better than to mix business with pleasure.”


She was shaking badly. “Did y…you b…bring me my stuff?”


“That’s all you’re fucking worried about isn’t it, where you’re gonna get your next fix from, huh?”


She held her hand out. “P…please Vincent, I’ve kept my end of the bargain.”


He got a sadistic look on his face. “You’ve kept your end of the bargain? Look at my arm bitch? There are 20 stitches in there thanks to your faggot brat.”


“What, he bit you?”


Vincent drew his hand back and slapped the woman across the face. “No you dumb cunt he didn’t bite me but some damn German Shepherd did. You didn’t tell me he’d be with someone.”


She ran her hand across her cheek. “What? That’s bullshit Vincent, he’s never with anyone and you know it. It sounds like you fucked up.”


He knew she was right. “Well, the prick who owns that mutt and his kid are going to get a little payback from me for this.”


The woman got a sick look on her face. “Well there you go, 2 for the price of one. Fuck em both then, see if I care.”


Vincent reached into his pocket and dangled her prize in front of her face. “You want this cunt?”


She started shaking again. “Come on Vince baby, don’t tease me like this.”


He walked out to the kitchen and set the little package on the table then pulled out the rest of his works. “Come here you miserable piece of shit.”


The woman walked out into the kitchen then sat down. “Is that some good shit Vince?”


He set everything down then reached into his pocket pulling out his cell phone. “Nothing but the best cunt, now here’s what you’re gonna do. I want you to call that candy ass kid of yours and have him back out at the boardwalk in the same bathroom we were in before in 90 minutes. You’re coming with me this time so there will be no fuck ups, you got me?”


She never went along. “Wh…why Vince? You know I never come.”


He got an evil look on his face. “You will this time. You’re going to watch as I fuck him deaf, dumb and blind.”


Even as sick as she was for pimping her only kid, she didn’t wanna know anything about what ever went down. “No Vince, he’ll be there. I’ve seen to it.”


“You’re damn right he’s gonna be there and you’re gonna watch.”


Vince walked out of the kitchen then into the bedroom returning with one of her toys. “What’s that for? You wanna get it on now baby?”


He threw it at her. “Fuck you cunt, that’s for you and your kid. I’m going to ass fuck you both at the same time with it and then I’m going to plow his cherry hole while you continue to ram that in and out of your ass.”


She loved taking her toy up the ass and at first the thought turned her on but as she listened to Vincent’s plan it was even turning her stomach. She knew she was stuck in between a rock and a hard place so she had no choice but to go along. “OK Vince, now can I get my fix?”


He was shaking his head. “No way cunt, not yet. You’re going to make sure candy ass shows up and puts out then you’ll get your fix, not until. Call him.”




I took the CD out of JC’s computer and found a jewel case for it. I’d managed to get Charlie's crying under control then I brought the boys out into the living room. Marsha was still there. “Marsha, this woman is a real piece of shit. I don’t care what has to be done but I want you to see to it she’s found and arrested.”


“Jerry, you know I can’t be a part of illegally recording a telephone conversation.”


I was about to answer when Charlie’s phone rang. As soon as it did, the poor boy almost jumped out of his skin. I ran over to my desk and pulled out a tape recorder. “Charlie, put it on speaker so we can all hear it and I’ll be taping it too. One more thing everyone, no matter what’s said, please don’t say anything.”


Charlie opened the phone and then put it on speaker so everyone could hear it. “H…hello.”


A woman’s voice came on. “Hello Charlie honey, it’s Mommy.”


JC was shaking his head as this didn’t sound like the woman who was calling Charlie everything but a human being. I looked at Charlie and I could see him getting angry. “Yeah what you want.”


“Now don’t act like that baby, you know Mommy loves you.”


“Oh yeah I forgot,” he spat. “Telling me I have to let that asshole Vincent do what ever he wants to me. That’s love for sure.”


Just then the old woman came back. “Now you listen to me faggot, I want your ass back on the boardwalk in 90 minutes and prepared to get a good fucking. I’m not settling for any excuses this time, you got it?”


I thought he was going to blow it. “Oh and if I don’t, what you gonna do about it?”


“That would be the biggest mistake of your young life, if there’s anything left of it.”


Now that sounded like a threat if I’ve ever heard one. “Yeah alright I’ll be there. Where’s dickhead gonna be?”


“In the same place he was before. If you think of trying to screw this up, you better think again.”


I was shaking my head at Charlie. “FINE, I’LL BE HERE.”


Charlie cut the phone off as JC went over and hugged him. “I know she’s pissed you off but we’ll have your back.”


I looked at Marsha. “Now you better get cops there.”


She nodded her head. “I’ll have plenty of officers there in unmarked cars.”


“WHAT?” Ike screamed. “Your unmarked cars are worse than your stupid looking black and white ones. Now, have them there in their own private vehicles.


I was trying to figure out how I could be there with Zeus because he’d seen my Hummer. “Ike, I’m going to need your car.”


He stared at me. “HUH? Why do you need MY car?”


“Easy Ike, Vincent knows the Hummer so I can’t go back out in that. I also want you to keep JC with you.”


“WHAT!!!!!!!” JC screamed as he had Charlie’s hand. “No way Dad, I’m staying right with you.”


I was shaking my head. “Not a chance son. If anything should go wrong, I don’t want you there where you can get hurt.”


JC had his arms around Charlie now then he grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me down the hall. We went into his room then he looked Charlie in the eyes, then over to me. “Dad, when all this is done I have a huge favor to ask.”


I had a feeling I knew what was coming but I asked anyway. “OK son, what’s on your mind?”


“I’ve never really asked for anything, well much anyways. Would you be Charlie’s foster Dad?”


Charlie looked at JC then over to me. “No man, I can’t.”


JC put his finger over his lips, “Why not? Don’t you like us?”


Tears started to fall. “Oh hell yeah I do but I could never live with myself if anything ever happened to either of you.”


JC took his thumbs and wiped the tears off his face then kissed him gently on the lips. “You won’t have to worry about that, you have Zeus to protect you and besides, you’ve already seen what he can do.”


He gasped when JC kissed him. “OK JC, if your Dad wants to have a queer for a kid.”


JC put his hands on the boy’s shoulders. “STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Don’t you ever talk about yourself like that again.”


“It’s true JC, I’m a fag.”


JC shook him. “STOP IT NOW, DAMN IT! Don’t you remember what I told you earlier? I’m gay and Dad loves me and just so you know, Dad is too but you can’t let that out.”


Charlie smiled, “So Jerry, who’s the lucky guy?”


I coughed as that took me totally by surprise then JC took over. “Charlie, this is going to come as a big shock to you and you gotta promise me this never leaves this room. Swear Charlie, swear it’ll stay here.”


He stood there for a moment. “OK guys, I promise. You’ve stuck your necks out for me.”


JC let the boy go then stood in front of me. He leaned in and started kissing me passionately. His tongue had my dick standing tall in a matter of seconds then he looked at Charlie. “Does that answer your question?”


Charlie smiled then suddenly started frowning. “Yeah I guess it does.”


I saw the change in his demeanor. “What’s wrong son?”


I could see his thoughts were a million miles away. “Nothing Jerry, I’m happy for the both of you.”


JC saw the change too. “Come on Charlie, I’ve only known you a couple hours but I can read you already.”


He started crying and I had a pretty good idea why. Charlie started shaking his head. “Un well, do you remember when I told you about Mom’s first dealer, the one who started sucking my dick and how much I really liked it?”


I nodded my head and my first idea seemed to be wrong. “I remember son, go on.”


“Well, I was falling for him; well umm I had fallen for him. What I hadn’t told you was he and I became lovers. Each time he’d suck me, I was busy returning the favor. Now, before you go and say anything, I put the move on him. He was so gentle and never once did he ever try to do anything I never wanted.”


JC turned around so Charlie couldn’t see his face. I saw the look and it was like he was mentally pleading with me and then he leaned in putting his mouth next to my ear. “You know I love you Dad and I’d love to get to know him better. I wouldn’t have a problem sharing you.”


My mind was in a whirlwind with everything going on. I kissed him then looked at Charlie. “First things first son, let’s get those low lifes where they belong.”


JC leaned back and smiled. “OK Dad.”


I smiled at Charlie then held my arm out to him. He fell into them as I kissed him on the cheek. “Now no more talk putting yourself down, I won’t tolerate that.”


“OK Jerry,” the smiling boy replied. “So will you be my foster Dad?”


I nodded my head. “Yeah, I’ll put Ike to work on that.”


Now JC’s hugged me before and on several occasions it was more like a strangle hold but now I had 2 happy teens hugging the stuffing out of me. I managed to get their arms from around my neck as Charlie looked at JC. “JC, do you think you could love a fucked up kid like me?”

Tears started falling from JC’s eyes. “Why do you keep putting yourself down?”


Charlie started stuttering. “B…because I…I am. L…look at m…me. I like older guys, my Mom is a druggie, I stuck a cucumber up my ass so what would you think?”


JC wrapped the teen in his arms then kissed him. “So what man, I love an older guy, my parents tried to let me die and as for using a cucumber, that’s something I’d never thought of.”


That got Charlie giggling as I popped JC on the butt leaning in by his ear. “Don’t even think of trying that son. When the time is right I’ll loosen your butt.”




Back over at the run down apartment, Vincent went in the bathroom. He removed his clothes and put on a pair of coveralls and rubber gloves. When he came out, he reached into a pocket pulling out a packet of drugs. “Come on Vince, gimme my fix.”


He took out a large spoon along with a syringe. He dumped the contents of the bag into the spoon then went over to the gas stove and lit a burner. He put the spoon over the flame and waited until it melted into a liquid. He picked up the syringe then pulled the liquid into it then turned the stove off. All this time, the woman was pleading with the man. He turned around with a look of pure hatred. “I told you, you’ll get yours after I get mine.”


She sat down and continued to shake. “If that’s not for me then who’s it for?”


He put the cap on the needle then slipped it into one of his pockets. The load he’d fixed wasn’t what he would normally give the woman. He wanted Charlie stoned but awake enough so he could feel everything he was giving the boy. “Look bitch, that pussy boy of yours fucked me once but it won’t happen again. Now, he can do it the easy way and enjoy the fucking he’s gonna get or he can get it stoned, I don’t give a shit.”


“No Vince! No! He’s not into drugs, you know that.”


He laughed sadistically. “Like mother like son. You’re both a couple of real sluts. Now get your ass out to my car.”


The woman stood up then headed for the front door stopping to look over her shoulder shaking her head. ‘God I can’t believe I let myself do this.’


She opened the front door then went out to Vincent’s car. Inside the apartment Vincent made sure anything that could be tied back to him was picked up. He hurried into the bathroom and got his bag dumping the stuff he’d picked up into it. He then reached into another pocket pulling out a small baggie. Grabbing the bag he headed out to the kitchen and laid 2 packages of dope on the table then left the apartment. When he got into his car he looked at the shaking woman. “You do what you’re supposed to everything will be fine.”


“Vince, no drugs for Charlie, you promised me that.”


Vincent started the car and put it in reverse and backed out. “Oh alright damn it, I’ll keep my promise.”




Charlie, JC and I were about to head out to the living room when JC grabbed my arm. “Dad, I’m not staying with Uncle Ike, no way.”


I knew JC wouldn’t stand for not being with me. “OK son you can go but on 1 condition and that’s not up for discussion.”


JC knew me well enough when I set conditions. “OK Dad, you win.”


“You do exactly what I tell you. No arguments, are we clear about this?”


I heard his sigh. “OK Dad, I’ll follow your rules.”


We came out to the living room and Marsha was on the phone. “OK great. Now listen, this guy might be armed so make sure and have everyone wearing their vest.”


Ike looked at me then tossed me the keys to his car. “Just be careful Jerry, I don’t want anything happening to you.”


JC went over and hugged him. “Don’t worry Uncle Ike, I’ll be sure he stays outta trouble.”


Ike was grinning at me. “And who’s going to keep you out of trouble?”


I reached down and tickled JC’s ribs. “We’ll be fine Ike.”


I let go of JC then went down to my room. I went digging into my closet and uncovered my safe. I dialed the combination then pulled out my .45 ACP. I found the holster then put it on my belt. I moved some shirts and took my vest off the hanger. Removing my shirt, I put the vest on then put my shirt on over it. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, ‘It doesn’t show too badly so I should get away with this.’


I came out into the living room and JC gave me a funny look. “Dad, how come you look so weird?”


Marsha looked at me then came over and put her hands on my hips. “Jerry, I’m not letting you carry a concealed weapon.”


I took my wallet out then pulled out my CCW permit. “I have a permit for it.”


Ike looked at me next. “Jerry, you said you were retired. What kind of work did you use to do?”


“I’m a retired private investigator. I had a PI business where I used to live before moving here.”


JC had a surprised look on his face. “Where’d you live Dad?”


I turned red then smiled, “Orlando.”


JC gasped, “Really?”


“Yeah son really, that’s why some don’t much like me as they thought I was a bit of a cowboy but I never acted like that.”


My boy hugged me then felt my hip. “What’s that on your hip?”


“That’s my 45 son. I have it only for our protection not to shoot anyone. Now let’s get going. I want everyone in place before Vincent gets out there.”


Ike walked us to the door. “I’ll stay here Jerry. You be careful out there.”


Zeus ran outside and found a tree then jumped into the back of Ike’s wagon. I looked at the car Marsha was driving and it didn’t look like a police vehicle. It took about 20 minutes to get into position and got a good vantage point where I could see the bathroom. No sooner were we in place when I saw Vince and a woman heading for the men’s room. Charlie gasped. “Why’s my Mom here?”


JC rubbed his back. “Easy buddy, maybe she’s here to make sure you’re not hurt.”


“Yeah right JC,” he spat bitterly. “And it’s gonna snow in the next 60 seconds too.”


We watched as the 2 people went to the bathroom then they started looking around to be sure they hadn’t been followed. They went inside then I looked at Charlie. “OK son, you’re on. I know you’re scared but you have a whole lot of people here looking out for you.”


JC turned Charlie’s face then planted a passionate kiss on him. “That’s right man so just try and stay relaxed.”


I leaned back and kissed him too then he got out of the car. He walked over to the bathroom then looked back at me before he entered. As soon as he stepped in, he heard his mother’s voice. “Hello Charlie.”

To be continued...


Posted: 06/06/08