A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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Liam thought for a moment. “I want to see him back in 6 weeks. In the mean time, I’ll talk with a couple of friends I know about weather or not to consider hormones.”


JC had quickly dressed and was standing beside us. “Thanks Dr. Finch for everything, I’ll see you in 6 weeks.”


JC and I left the hospital and returned home. When we arrived, Zeus was waiting at the back door for us. JC hurried to the door to let him in then was greeted with a flurry of doggy kisses.



Chapter 10



Over the next couple of weeks, JC seemed to have a rough time after his last round of chemo. It was a good thing Liam had sent home more of his anti-nausea medication because he was really having a rough time. On more than one occasion I thought he was going to need to be admitted to JD. At the end of the second week he finally turned the corner and his nausea ended.


One this particular Saturday he was feeling full of energy and wanted to do something. “Since the weather is so nice son, how about we go to the beach? You could use a little sun.”


JC lit up at that suggestion but then his face sunk. “I’d love to Dad but my trunks don’t fit any more. Can we bring Zeus?”


As soon as Zeus heard his name mentioned his tail started wagging like he was ready for take off. I went over and looked at his collar to see if his rabies shot was current and it was. “I guess so son.”


We hurried to the store and each got us new trunks then came back and got Zeus. “Dad, should I change here or in one of the restrooms along the beach?”


The seats in the Hummer were leather so I really didn’t want our wet trunks on them. “Take your trunks with you son, we’ll change out there.”


JC got Zeus’ lead then headed for the door. “Come on boy, you can come too.”


It’s a good thing the door was open or else he might have been run over by a happy dog. JC opened the hatch on the truck and he jumped inside ready to go. “JC, get his muzzle.”


He stopped and looked at me. “Dad, he won’t bite now unless either one of us are threatened.”


I thought about it for a moment and decided to bring it just in case. “I’m sure of that son but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I know you’d feel really bad if he bit someone.”


I could see JC thinking then head back inside the house. “You’re right Dad.”


JC came back out and we were off to the beach. It took about 20 minutes to reach the beach and find a place to park. After feeding the master meter, it was off to the boardwalk. JC got Zeus on his lead and I put his muzzle into the bag we had to carry our trunks and towels in. We headed down to the boardwalk and went to find a bathroom. As we walked along the boardwalk, there were loads of people stopping to look at Zeus. At first I was apprehensive but he either stood or sat with his tail wagging and let the people dote over him. After several minutes of this, I decided he’d had enough and we started to move on. We finally found a rest room so we took turns changing so one of us was with Zeus.


We found a nice spot then I went and rented a beach umbrella so we wouldn’t get cooked then we covered each other in sunscreen. JC then took off for the water with Zeus hot on his heels, “Zeus heel.”


Those words had no effect and soon there was one soggy dog. He romped with JC and a few other teens then decided he’d had enough. He came trotting up along with JC and some of his new friends. Zeus was about to shake. “NO ZEUS.”


Again the words had no effect and we all got soaked as he shook. “I know a job someone has when we get home.”


JC tried to put on an act in front of his friends. “Aww Dad, do I have to?”


I was able to get the better of him. “Should I remind you of the promises someone made?”


He tried to act coy. “I remember Dad.”


After relaxing under the umbrella I was hot and sweaty and more than ready for a dip in the ocean. I took off for the water and soon was attacked by JC and his friends. By 3:30 we were both pink and ready to get out of the sun. We got our stuff packed up then JC said goodbye to his new friends. We found a shower outside and got the sand and salt rinsed off our bodies. At the restroom I let JC go in first while I stayed with Zeus. JC stepped inside then looked for a stall. He found one and was about to move when he noticed 4 feet in one. “OK kid, you know the drill.”


JC froze when he heard a boy’s voice. “I strip then you suck my dick, right?”


“That’s it kid; now let’s see that cute body of yours.”


JC stood there in complete silence then saw a pair of shorts come into view. Just then he heard the boy gasp. “Wh…what’s t…that?”


JC couldn’t see what was going on. “Just turn around.”


“No way man, you can suck my dick but you ain’t putting that thing in my ass.”


“Look kid, you know the drill. Your old lady owes me some serious money and me sucking your dick just won’t cut it this time.”


JC could see a pair of feet turn so he was facing the door. “I said no way; you’re not putting that thing in my ass.”


JC heard the boy moan. “Hey you pervert, let that kid alone.”


Just then the door flew open and a man bolted out heading for the door. JC tried to trip him but he was fast. He ran into the stall to check on the boy then shouted. “DAD STOP THAT GUY.”


By the time what JC said had registered in my brain, the guy was past me and heading up the boardwalk. I went inside and brought Zeus with me. I saw JC standing in the stall with his arms around another boy. I had Zeus sit then went over. “Is he OK son?”


JC turned around and the teen started shaking. “It’s OK man, that’s my Dad.”


JC stepped out of the stall so the boy could have some room to pull his shorts up. I stepped over just as the boy broke down. I reached out for him but he had a look of pure fear on his face. “It’s alright son, no one’s going to hurt you.”


He tried to step back but I pulled him against my body then gently rubbed his back. As the tears streamed down his face JC looked at me. “Dad, you’re not gonna believe what I heard.”


The boy’s head shot up and he started shaking it. “No please.”


JC wrapped his arms around the boy. “My Dad won’t let anything happen to you.”


He closed his eyes as the tears continued to fall. “You don’t understand.”


I was confused now. “Take it easy buddy, no one will hurt you.”


He started stuttering. “Sh…sh…she w…will.”


“She will,” I asked hoping I’d heard wrong.


JC looked at me. “Dad, that guy that ran out was going to suck his dick but I heard him say his Mom owed him more than just giving him a blow job. I heard him tell the boy here to bend over.”


He started fighting trying to push away, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


The boy was almost hysterical. I had to hold him tightly but he finally cried himself out. I lifted his chin up so I could look at his face. I took my thumbs and wiped the tears off his face. “What’s your name son?”


He looked down and mumbled, “Charlie.”


JC got some paper towels and wet them so he could wash his face. “How old are you Charlie?”


Again he looked towards the ground. “15.”


I looked the boy in the eyes. “Charlie, I promise you no one will hurt you.”


I let him go and stepped out of the stall. JC and I watched carefully hoping he wouldn’t bolt but we knew he would probably faint as soon as he saw Zeus. Charlie stood there then reached out for JC’s hand. “What’s your names?”


JC took his hand then smiled. “My name is JC and this is my foster Dad Jerry. That fuzzy guy is Zeus.”


Zeus was lying on the cool concrete floor wagging his tail. “He’s beautiful JC.”


I looked at Charlie. “Charlie, were you meaning your Mom was pimping you as payments for her drugs?”


He looked down, “Yeah Jerry.”


JC wrapped his arms around him. “How can we help him Dad? This is so wrong.”


I thought for a moment. “I know this is going to sound harsh Charlie but would you have some other proof? Right now it’s your word against his.”


Charlie looked down. “No I don’t and I know my mother would never say she’s selling me.”


JC looked at him. “Where is she Charlie?”


I could see him get mad, “Probably shitfaced out of her mind at home.”


“Will that dude call her and bitch that you didn’t deliver like you were supposed to?”


His eyes got huge and he started to shake. “Oh shit I forgot about that. What am I gonna do now? She’ll beat the hell outta me when she comes down.”


JC started fighting back tears. “Dad, we can’t let that happen. You gotta do something.”


I was thinking. “First thing is let’s get outta here. Charlie, wait here while JC and I get out of our trunks. Zeus, watch.”


Zeus stood up and faced the door. Charlie looked at him then back to me. “Uh he won’t bite me will he?”


JC took him by the hand and led him to the shepherd. “Zeus, this is Charlie. You protect him.”


He started wagging his tail then raised his paw. “Shake his paw Charlie.”


Charlie did as I asked then he got a few doggy kisses. The boy was now all giggles as JC and I quickly got changed. When we came out Charlie was sitting on the floor with Zeus’ head in his lap. JC started giggling. “Looks like you have a friend.”


Charlie went to stand but Zeus wouldn’t budge. He just laid there and wagged his tail. “Zeus, come.”


He got up then Charlie did. The 4 of us went outside and I was still thinking about how to help this boy. JC looked at me and grinned, “Call Uncle Ike.”


I got out my cell phone, called Ike and explained what happened. “Ike, I’m worried for this kid. You and I know that someone on drugs is unstable and this dealer is a real low life.”


“I can’t say as I blame you Jerry. It’s a shame you couldn’t catch that guy that tried to hurt the boy.”


“The boy is afraid his mother will beat him for not letting the dealer have his way with him.”


Ike was silent for a minute. “Jerry I’m going to make a phone call and I’ll call you right back.”


I was about to ask who he was going to call when the line went dead. I closed the phone and went over to the boys. JC came running over. “What did Uncle Ike say Dad?”


We went over to Charlie so he could hear everything. “I explained everything to Ike then he said he was going to make a phone call and call me back. I was going to ask who he wanted to speak to but he hung up.”


Charlie was really looking down. He started to get up and JC took his hand. “Hey where are you going?”


The teen shook his head and pulled his hand away. “Away JC, I don’t need you guys getting hurt because of me or my problems.”


I reached out and took his other hand. “Charlie, I can’t sit by knowing someone is getting hurt.”


He started to pull away then stopped. “I…I don’t know Jerry. You didn’t see what that guy wanted to shove up in me. I damn sure didn’t want that but I’m just about out of fight.”


JC pulled him down beside us. “How long has this been going on Charlie?”


Charlie shook his head. “I dunno JC, years.”


JC gasped, “Years Charlie? How old are you?”


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked over to Charlie. “I’m 15. The first time I had to pay her bill was when I was 13. One of her dealers liked sucking little guys’ dicks and it felt good so I didn’t mind. As I got older it was an easy way to get off but what happened today really scared the hell out of me. This guy is bad news too. He killed my Mom’s last dealer because he figured he could force me into anything he wanted as long as she was totally shit faced.”


I looked at him then my phone started ringing. “Do you know his name?”


Charlie shook his head no as I opened the phone. “Jerry, bring the boy over to your place and I’ll meet you there in about 30 minutes.”


I closed the phone then put Zeus on his lead. “Come on guys, we’re heading home.”


Charlie froze. “What about me?”


I smiled and took his hand. “When I said guys, I meant you too Charlie.”


JC had Zeus on his lead as we headed for the Hummer. We were in the parking lot and all of a sudden Charlie started squeezing my hand so hard it actually hurt. “J… Jerry it’s him,” Charlie said in a very soft voice.”


I didn’t look around so he would realize anything. “Where is he son?”


“Over by that red car.”


I reached down and took Zeus’ lead then looked around casually. The car was 3 down from the Hummer. I was debating whether or not to let Zeus try to get him but decided to wait. I unlocked the Hummer to put our stuff in the back then this idiot made a move. He started coming over towards us. “Excuse me sir but that’s my nephew.”


I knew better but decided to play along to see just where this was heading. Charlie looked at the man then back over to me. As the man slowly approached, Zeus put himself in front of Charlie. Charlie squeezed my hand again then leaned over to my ear. “Jerry, that’s not my uncle.”


Charlie was now protected. “Oh and you are?”


The man tried acting tough. “None of your business who I am, that’s my nephew.”


Zeus started a low, soft growl. “Do you have a problem hearing bub? I asked who you are.”


Suddenly Zeus’ growling got louder and he began to bear his teeth. “Listen mister, I don’t need any shit from the likes of you. Are you going to hand me the kid or not?”


I reached down and took the lead off Zeus. “Not until you can produce some ID and tell me the boy’s name.”


The man stopped and he reached his hand towards the back of his pants. He handed me his driver’s license. “The kid’s name is Charlie.”


I looked at the license then went to the front of the Hummer. I had some scratch paper so I decided to write down the information. When my back was turned he tried to grab Charlie which proved to be a huge mistake. Zeus latched onto his arm causing the man to scream in pain. “I’d relax if I were you.”


The man froze then yanked his arm out of the dog’s mouth, tearing his shirt in the process. “You’re making a very BIG mistake.”


I smiled at him. “Not from where I’m standing. Now, what is Charlie's full name?”


He snatched his license out of my hand then took off. JC brought the paper out to me as I watched the man back his car out and squeal his tires as he took off. I scribbled down his license plate number. “JC, see if there is a plastic bag inside. I want to give this piece of shirt to the cops.”


JC managed to find one I was saving to use as a trash bag. I took the piece of cloth out of Zeus’ mouth then put it into the bag. I put my arm around Charlie. “Are you OK son and by the way, what is your last name?”


JC took the bag as Charlie fell into my arms. “My last name is Green.”


I got everyone into the Hummer then we hurried to get home. When we got home, Ike and the mystery guest had yet to arrive so we went inside to wait on them. JC took our beach things and put them into the washer while I talked more with Charlie. “Son, you said back in the bathroom that you liked having your dick sucked.”


He turned several shades of red. “Well yeah, doesn’t every guy?”


I smiled. “I can’t argue with you there son but I was wondering if there was another reason you enjoyed it so much?”


He turned red. “Well umm you see it’s like this.”


JC came in and wrapped his arms around him then nuzzled his neck. “Is it because you think someone’s cute?”


When I heard that I thought Charlie was going to jump out of his skin. “God JC you scared the hell out of me. Do I think someone here is cute?” You and your Dad are 2 of the hottest looking guys I’ve met in a long time.”


Charlie turned around and both boys hugged each other. “Charlie, did that guy or anyone else, for that matter, ever try to umm well put their dick into your ass?”


He blushed. “Umm well no unless me putting my finger and umm something else counts.”


That last statement had my curiosity up so I had him look at me. “Charlie, I’m not trying to be nosey but what did you try and put into your bottom?”


JC wrapped his arms around the teen again. “It’s OK man. Dad and I are both gay so we understand. I think Dad’s just worried you might have hurt yourself.”


He turned around and looked at JC, then to me and then back to JC again. “You’re not just saying that are you?”


JC gave him a warm loving smile. “No man, I’m not.”


JC gave him another quick hug then Charlie loosened his shorts and started to ease them down. “I tried to put a small cucumber in my butt.”


I really hoped he’d not injured himself. He pushed them all the way down then bent over. I knelt down as he spread his cheeks. His hole was puffy, red and swollen then I had an idea. “How long ago did you try this son?”


He fixed his clothes and I could see he was worried. “I tried doing this last week when my Mom went out with her dealer. I was horny and I had remembered reading something about guys liking their prostates rubbed. Well, I tried using my finger but that didn’t work to well then I went looking for something else.”


JC got a devilish look on his face. “Dad, I know that dude never touched Charlie but …”


I grinned as we started thinking long the same wave length. Charlie was looking back and forth between us. “Huh?”


JC surprised me as he kissed Charlie on the cheek. “This is going to be a whopper of a lie man and you’re going to have to go along with it.”


“I…I don’t understand JC, what are you talking about?”


I ran my fingers through his hair. “Charlie, the story I want you to tell the cops is he shoved the dildo in you. Your butt is red and swollen from when you put the cucumber in you that they’ll really think the guy did it. Since JC was also there, he can swear he heard you scream then saw the guy run out with the thing in his hand.”


It was like a light switch had been thrown and Charlie started giggling. “I like it, now what about my mother?”


JC gently turned him around. “Where’s your Dad?”


Charlie dropped his head. “I dunno; I never knew him. It’s always been just me and her.”


I was curious. “What kind of mother was she before she got into drugs?”


I could see Charlie thinking. “When I was little she was OK. She’d take me to school, I had friends over and we did things together. I guess it was when I got into middle school things started changing. When I had gym class and we started having to change into our gym clothes I realized I liked boys. I never said anything to her but I did start spending more time in my room. She got me a computer and I found gay sites online. Then she started dating her first dealer. He was nice and took an interest with me. About a month after they’d been dating is when he first well, you know, sucked my dick.”


I could see JC getting angry. “What was she into man?”


“At first it was weed. One time she was stoned in the house and I started getting a contact high and that totally ticked me off. I opened all the windows in the house so I could get the smoke out. She had a fit and went to slap me until I picked up a book and threatened to throw it through the window.”


I felt for him. “What’s she hooked on now?”


He shook his head as I saw tears. “I don’t really know Jerry and frankly I don’t care. This may sound hateful but I wish she’d OD so I can be away from her.”


I took him into my arms then I heard a knock on the door. I kissed him on the head and was about to answer it when JC beat me to it. Ike came in followed by his guest.


I looked over and saw who it was. “What the hell Ike?”

To be continued...


Posted: 06/06/08