River of no Return
River of no Return

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""Farewell Dear Boys and 'Surrogate' Grandsons" 

My dear friends and authors, Jason, aka JONATHAN DAVIS, and his partner, NICKY, both just 24 years young, were returning from the funeral of Nicky's uncle.  A Semi-trailer hit a bunch of deer and veered into the path of Jason's and Nicky's car ... Neither one survived.

An extremely talented young author, and even with his extremely heavy schedule of university studies to become a Doctor, in his Senior Year at college, maintained a 4.2 grade average, and yet, made time to write and post two stories posted below. 

The music playing (River of No Return) was one of Jason's favorites; he used to have it playing softly in the background, having the site's main page open while he toiled away with his school work.

He likewise edited for several other authors on the site.

Please say a prayer in the church, synagogue, or temple of your choice, for these two, dear, beautiful boys.  We will truly and deeply miss them until we can join with them once again. 

 May God bless and keep them!

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Jonathan Davis
1983 - 2008



Alrick and Daniel
Below is the link to Memorial Chapter.

Always to be

Three Best Friends Short Story

Webmaster's Note: Dear reader, I have asked Gerry Young to write this Memorial Chapter of "Alrick and Daniel" to honor the life of Jason, aka, Jonathan Davis, a promising young man who was taken from us too young. I want to thank Gerry for his hard work and dedication in taking this story to a date with destiny. Please read it and enjoy! We shall always remember Jonathan and his partner, Nicky!


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