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(March 3, 1983 - January 11, 2008)







BY:  Gerry Young


© 2008

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Webmaster's Note: Dear reader, I have asked Gerry Young to write this Memorial Chapter of Alrick and Daniel to honor the life of Jason, aka, Jonathan Davis, a promising young man who was taken from us too young. I want to thank Gerry for his hard work and dedication in taking this story to a date with destiny. Please read it and enjoy! We shall always remember Jonathan and his partner, Nicky!

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Day 1 to Day 4




Of his planned eight-day stay on tropical St. Thomas Island, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet, Alrick had seen four days and nights pass. 


Days and nights, filled with intimacies and an ever-increasing, growing, needing, submissive lust for Daniel, a Psychiatrist he had met on the Nifty Website nearly a year earlier.  Tickiestories was not yet up and running at the time, but would have been proud to post his stories.  And until Alrick's trip from St. Louis to St. Thomas, they had never met in person.


Days, also filled with naked snorkeling and Scuba diving which Alrick had only dreamed and fantasized about back home in Missouri;  exploring sub-aquatic caves with the added excitement of an occasional underwater blowjob, and the discovery and gathering of numerous beautiful, rare Conches and other shells, more exotic, to add to their individual collections which, as Alrick was to learn, were prohibited from leaving the island.  Nude sunbathing on isolated and hidden beaches, with frequent, sensual sunscreen rubdowns, had not only bronzed their fit, tight bodies with golden glows, but had provided erotic opportunities for mutual and individual climactic release.  They simply couldn't get enough of each other.


Heavenly nights, filled with romantic dinners in off – the – beaten – tourist – track hideaways.  Then back to the richly adorned but masculine condo in Adelphi.  It was on the south side of the island, just north of the Cyril E. King Airport, and NW of the University of the Virgin Islands, on St. Thomas, where Daniel also taught and had authored five or six text books.


There, at the condo, Alrick had remained 'virgin' only to the many deviations of MILD bondage and prolonged sensual torture that Daniel could dream up.  The 'Master' had declared to the 'slave', that he, Daniel, would forever remain a 'virgin' when it came to anal sex … that he would always be the 'top' to Alrick's 'bottom'!  That declaration had been announced within the very first hour after Alrick had surprisingly shown up on the condo's proverbial doorstep.


Then, during Alrick's fourth night at the condo, Daniel had arranged for Ray (the Maitre d' at a posh restaurant on Magens Bay on the north side of the island) and Dom, his 'Master' (a waiter at the same restaurant), to join them for a sumptuous dinner, followed by a l-o-n-g evening of sexcapades with both 'Masters' switch-hitting back and forth between their two sling-restrained 'slaves'.  Neither 'slave' was allowed to cum, until one of the 'Masters' ordered it.


With his loving, self-induced acceptance of anything Daniel desired, Alrick had dutifully enjoyed the Mιnage-ΰ-Quatre, but was allowed his own dynamic release only once, and that – during his last penetration by Daniel an hour-or-so before dawn.  Then, once the 'slaves' had been unrestrained, the four cuddled and spooned each other and eventually fell asleep – the 'slaves' in the middle, face to face, cock to cock, with arms 'round each other but 'no frotting allowed';  the 'Masters' on the outside, Daniel behind Alrick, and Dominique behind Ray, cocks to asses, ready for fucking, if the need or desire arose, or more accurately – if something came up!


Morning of Day 5


After a few hours, Ray was first to awaken. Gingerly, he kissed Dominique on the shoulder as he eased himself across his 'Master' and hurried to the bathroom to relieve his bladder.


At the slight movement, Alrick awakened, and, seeing Ray entering the Master Bath, slipped quietly from the center of the bed, tenderly kissed the head of Daniel's morning woodie, and also hurried to the bathroom.


Once the pitter-patter of naked slave-feet became silent, Daniel slowly opened his eyes, looked around as much as he could without moving his head, and looked across the emptiness of the bed toward Dominique.


Dom had a slight smile on his face, though his eyes were still closed.  Daniel reached across and lightly tapped him on the arm;  he opened his eyes;  the two Masters were looking straight at each other.  They both grinned as their eyes moved quickly toward the bathroom door and then back.  They winked at each other, gave contented sighs, probably knowing that they could trust their bois, and once again closed their eyes and relaxed back into the sperm- and sweat-soaked, but-dried, sheet.


Meanwhile, back in the bathroom, Ray was standing at the upright urinal, attempting to force his seven-inch erection into submission. 


Alrick had joined him, but standing next to each other only increased the stiffness of their erectile projections.  Looking at Ray's equipment, he exclaimed, "Nice one!  I could handle that easily."  He licked his lips.


As a shiver-sending yawn escaped Ray's straining mouth, he whispered into Alrick's ear, "Yeah, I bet," he said, dropping one hand and tenderly patting Alrick's bum, "the way you took Dom's last night, my little one would be a breeze.  But, shit!  I gotta pee, and the way you're drooling over this thing …" he shook it a couple of times, trying to get the flow started, "… it just ain't gonna happen, if you know what I mean."


"Sorry.  Let's grab a quick wake-up shower.  We can pee in there," Alrick suggested, turning toward the clear-glass enclosure.  He, too, yawned as he adjusted the spray to a coolish, yet just-slightly warm temperature.  "You're the Maitre d', and Dom's just a waiter;  right?" he inquired, beginning some slave-to-slave banter.


"Well, yes and no.  As Maξtre d'Hτtel, I just take reservations and seat the clientele, but Dom's not JUST a waiter – he's the HEAD waiter as well as the Wine Concierge and has more responsibility than I do."


"Ohhh, I didn't realize that.  Now, it makes a lot more sense – Dominique's the dominant one!"


"Right!  You got it!  Sometimes, he can be a real pain in the ass …" he rolled his eyes and patted his own bum, "… but I love it when he gives me that entire hunk of beef."


"God!  I've heard about guys hung like him but never saw one up close and personal, much less ever having that much in me.  I was a little scared at first, but ya know somethin'?  I ended up lovin' it, once he socked it to me."


"Yeah, I could tell," Ray teasingly scolded.  "Just don't get too attached to it!"


"You don't have a thing to worry about, good buddy.  Dom's hot sausage was just an appetizer before the main course … for me.  I've got my own nine-inch chunk of delicious Chateaubriand dripping with the sweetest gravy I've ever tasted or ingested."


They grinned at each other.


With five shower-heads in the enclosure, both young men could tend to their morning ablutions, but as one began to piss, the other did likewise, and soon a battle of golden liquid swords began to ensue.  Tits at first, then cocks and balls and arms and hands and legs and feet were splattered, and then rinsed.


Relieved, each assisted the other with his internal cleansing.  After that was finished, each washed his own front, and each, in turn washed the other's back, though not at the same time.  The two studs knew that any sudsy, slippery man-handling chest-to-chest intimacy could easily lead to disobeying their Masters' orders.  Oh, yeah!


After drying off, each 'slave' donned his own cock-and-balls-ring, which their 'Masters' had EVENTUALLY allowed them to remove for the evening's bit of gay, harmless fun, i.e. frolicking. 


As soon as the restraints were securely in place, the bois' tumescence brought their cocks back to full attention, each resting on tight, straining, protruding, hairless scrotal sacs.  Ray's – straight out, and Alrick's – curving slightly upward.  


Other than their genital bindings, the only adornments they wore were around their necks – Ray's was solid silver-colored metal, and Alrick's was of a beautiful, grayish-colored solid Pewter which was permanently closed with a small, metal padlock.  Daniel had promised to mail the key to him after he went back home.  Both collars/necklaces had the word 'SLAVE' embossed on them.


Within the half-hour, aromas wafted through the condo, awakening the 'Masters' in the appropriately termed, Master Suite – aromas of freshly brewed Gevalia coffee, fresh baked English Muffins, crispy bacon, and lemony-scented, homemade Hollandaise Sauce for a scrumptious Eggs Benedict breakfast.


As Ray was setting the table in the Dining Room, Daniel and Dom entered.  They were, of course, still naked, wearing nothing but their own collars/necklaces –  Dominique's matched Ray's, and Daniel's matched Alrick's, with the exception of the embossing on each – 'MASTER'.


Unlike their slaves, though, the Masters were both flaccid … as if one could EVER refer to Dom's humongous manhood as 'flaccid'!  Yeah, right!


"Why don't we have Brunch out by the Jacuzzi?" inquired Dom with an eyebrow raised and a mischievous glint in his eye.


"De-LIGHT-ful!" replied Daniel, as he grinned his approval to his friend.  They knew each other's quirks so well.  They only had to look into one another's eyes to know what the other was thinking.


Even Ray was silently laughing as he quickly looked at Alrick.  It was then that Alrick realized that all eyes were gazing at him.  He opened his mouth to ask, "What?" but remembered that he was never to ask anything of a 'Master'.  He was only to obey.  He then shut his mouth, but his darting eyes betrayed his thoughts.


"Bois … set two places opposite each other on the patio table, and make sure that the sun's not shinning directly in our eyes," Daniel directed.


"Yes, 'Master'," they both answered, immediately beginning to remove everything that had already been placed on the dining table and taking it to the outside table.


"But put double portions on each plate," added Dom to the retreating naked derriθres.


Both 'slaves' turned and replied, "Yes, 'Master'," then turned again and resumed their duties.


Ray was grinning.  Alrick was frowning.  "You're gonna love this," Ray whispered.


"What?" Alrick inquired softly.


"You haven't served Dan out here, yet?"




"Once they're seated, watch me and do what I do … it is sooooo sexy!  You'll love it!" Ray chuckled almost silently.


"Okay … if you say so."


They obeyed their Masters to the tee.  Then Alrick and Ray stepped away from the patio table, stood at slave-rest near the edge of the Jacuzzi, and faced the glass sliders that led to the Morning Room.


Having been watching the slaves from the kitchen window while sipping Bloody-Marys, Daniel and Dominique then went outside and sat in their respective chairs and began eating.


Without even looking at either boi, Daniel waved his fork at them and said, "Before you scum have anything to eat, entertain us by sixty-nining over there on that chaise."  The nod of his head indicated the proposed sunning-chair.


"Yes, Master," they replied in quick unison, moving to the lounge-for-two not far away.


Once the bois were in position, Dominique immediately added, without looking up, "And don't suck each other … as tempting as that might be!  You can begin your breakfasts by … by … eating each other out!" 


Then, with deadly seriousness, Daniel added, "And get in there as deeply as you can!  We'll need your services soon."


"Yes, Masters.  Thank you, Masters," they both replied, grinning. Ray had a slight chuckle in his voice … he knew what was coming.  However, Alrick was not so sure.


Quickly, the slaves' bodies formed the big 'O', necks between thighs, and tongues lapping and probing, obediently searching for depths as they had been ordered.


After a couple minutes, Ray pulled back for a breath of air, and at the same time, slid his tongue along Alrick's pulsing prong.


Dominique yelled, "I saw that, you slut.  You weren't given permission to lick that slave's putrid cock.  You'll be punished later."  They must have loved the dirty talk that went on.


"As you wish, Sir," Ray replied respectfully, unable to fathom what devious 'torture' Dominique could imagine.  Perhaps he'd be ordered to marinade an eighteen-inch salami up his ass while he prepared the Coquilles-St.-Jacques or the Escargots for dinner!  Immediately he dived back between Alrick's thighs and ass-cheeks.  He could enjoy both, snails AND oysters!  Both slaves began to moan.


A few moments later, Daniel ordered, "ENOUGH!"  The bois instantly separated and jumped to slave-rest, their rampant cocks bouncing and pulsing.


During the bois' last slurping and tonguing of each other, Daniel and Dominique had turned their armless chairs from the table to a position where they could sit facing the slaves.  They had slouched down so that their naked butts were resting on the edge of the seats.  The 'entertainment' had brought both Masters to full arousal, particularly with their own manual assistance.


"Get busy!" Daniel said to Alrick, as he pointed to his own nine-inch, leaking slave-prod.


With his left hand, Dominique was holding the base of his wrist-thick, TWELVE- or THIRTEEN-inches of Master-cock-meat straight up, with its weighty, pre-cum laden head bobbing first one way and then the other.  He snapped the fingers of his right hand and simply pointed to his monster without saying a word as he gazed into Ray's eyes.


Both bois rushed to kneel between their Master's out-spread legs and gobbled the erections in front of them – or, in Ray's case, as much as he could manage with his head and neck bent forward!  Later, as punishment for laving Alrick's tool, he more realistically imagined that he'd be choked by the 'WHOLE THING'!


Alrick, however, buried his nose in his Master's pubes, deep-throating the luscious nine-incher.  Up and down they went, back and forth, twisting, turning, churning, hungrily devouring every possible inch of the Master-cocks, coating them with mixtures of saliva and pre-seminal offerings, which eventually dribbled down across the Masters' hot, tightening scrotal sacs that were lovingly fondled, rolled, and stimulated by the attentive slaves.


Soon, the humming of the slaves and the moaning of the Masters reverberated off the privacy walls of the semi-secluded patio.  Even the Golden Finches hushed their chirping to watch the mating habits of their featherless friends.  Having been sunning on the far edge of the coping of the Jacuzzi, an ugly but adorable gray-and-green Iguana bobbed its head, trying to get a better view of the human mating games – or so it seemed.


Once again, the Masters looked at each other and nodded their heads.  Each then reached to the boi between his legs and pulled him up.


"Time to get filled with something more substantial, slave," Daniel said to Alrick.  "How about a little tube-steak?"


" 'Little', my ass …" (Daniel gave him a lusty, evil glare) "… MASTER!" he rebuked, grinning with raised eyebrows.


"You've taken more," Daniel replied as he glanced at Dominique.  "And if my memory serves me correctly, I didn't hear any complaints from you last night, you cock-hound." 


Savoring his Master's supposed derogatory nick-names for himself, Alrick smiled and moved forward, spreading his own legs so that he could straddle Daniel's hips.


"And I'd better not hear any complaints from you, either, slut," echoed Dominique.  "Open wide that tiny ass of yours," he said to Ray, "and devour this steamy Blood Sausage."


"Yes, Master," he said, as he, too, moved forward straddling Dominique's hips.  He reached behind himself and pulled his ass-cheeks wide apart.  His eyelids were half-closed, and he slowly took several deep breaths, mentally preparing himself for the penetration.  No matter how often he had thus served his Master, he found that mental quietness and physical relaxation prevented much of the initial pain.


As each boi slowly descended on his Master's hot fleshy poker, the Masters closed their eyes and lay their heads across the backs of their chairs, thrusting their hips up, moaning from the moist, sensual, engulfing stimuli.


The Iguana raised itself to its fullest, leaning to the right and then to the left, watching the action.  It's bright red tongue darted in and out of its mouth, and its tail slowly swished back and forth. 


Nothing with the men was rushed;  nothing was forced;  pain was neither given nor received.  Each gave pleasure to his mate;  each received pleasure from his mate.  Master and slave – each rotated his own hips, exciting and stimulating the other.  Up and down;  in and out;  again and again.  Hands and fingers slowly searched, explored, and tweaked the familiar territory, caressing torsos, abs, chests, pecs and nipples.  Arms reached 'round and pulled the other's bod to himself, chest-to-chest.


They kissed;  tongues dueled for deeper penetration, again and yet again.  The Master's hand slowly stroked the slave's rampant, throbbing, blood-engorged cock which was copiously leaking clear, sweet fluid onto the Master's abdomen.  The slave's hand reached down behind himself, cupping, rolling, massaging his lover's balls.


Daniel gasped, "enough, Enough, ENOUGH!  Let's finish breakfast first.  The eggs are getting cold."


"Great idea," Dominique panted.  "Feed me, boi," he said to Ray as he handed him a fork, but first, let me get a drink of water.


The bois lovingly fed their Masters;  the Masters fed the bois, still impaled on the Master-cocks.  More than just an occasional bit of sauce-covered egg and muffin slipped from the Masters' forks onto the Masters' chests.  Of course, the slaves were ordered to lick it off, much to the glee of the Masters seeing the hairless bois bend forward and strain to reach the droppings on their furry pecs and abs without using their hands, and without rising and sliding off the embedded, throbbing pile-drivers.


The fun-loving brunch was soon finished with four wonderfully erotic climaxes there at the patio table, and another four in the shower, with the Masters switch-hitting once more.


Shortly thereafter, Dominique and Ray left for a brief stop at their own condo near Paradise Point, overlooking St. Thomas Harbor, before going to the restaurant to prepare for the evening rush.


Afternoon of Day 5


"You made me proud of you, 'Son,' very proud," Daniel praised his slave.


"Thank you, 'Dad,' but you know I'll do anything … ANYTHING … to please you," Alrick replied to his Master.  Daniel heard something in Alrick's voice that caused him to wonder what was behind the young man's tone.


Alrick had never really known his own father (who died when he was only a boy of three), and when no one else was in the condo, he and Daniel had agreed to call each other those terms of endearment which meant so much to Alrick. It was only a small part of their week of role-playing.  Twenty-three-year-old Alrick and the silver-gray-haired Father-figure with a butch cut – the age difference between the two easily fulfilled the fantasies of both.  


Every minute of each day they were together, they were discovering the joys of giving love and pleasure beyond the roles of slave and Master, beyond the roles of Dad and Son, beyond whatever roles Daniel could or would create.  More and more, they were falling in love.  They would have completely crawled into each other's skin if it were at all possible.  But it wasn't.  Not yet.


"Come!" Daniel ordered.  He turned and hurried toward the Master Bedroom;  Alrick obediently followed.


Instead of going to the king-sized bed, Daniel went to the dresser, opened a drawer, and pulled out a pair of ecru-colored linen Bermuda shorts and tossed them to the boi.  "Put these on."  Then he went to the walk-in closet and retrieved a tropical shirt printed with brightly colored hibiscus blossoms.  "And now, this!" he commanded as he tossed it, too, to Alrick. 


"What's up?" he asked, quickly pulling on the garments.


"You'll find out, in time," Daniel replied, donning a similar outfit.  "Now … go to the garage and put the snorkeling gear in the Martin.  We're going on a little afternoon trip."


"Snorkeling?  Afternoon trip?" Alrick queried, grinning ear-to-ear.


"GO!" Daniel pointed to the bedroom door. 


Immediately, the son/slave grabbed his flipflops from under the bed, and turned, rushing to leave, hopping from one foot to the other, as he slid the thongs between his toes.


Then, as an after-thought, Daniel asked, "Or would you rather stay here so I could spank that cute ass of yours?"


Alrick stopped, turned, began stoking his chin as if in deep thought.  "Welllllll…"


"Shit!  I might have known," the Dad/Master said, laughing, as he picked up a cum-splattered pillow from the mussed-up bed and threw it at his underling.  "GIT!"


Giggling with delight, like a little kid, Alrick dashed from the room.


Soon, they were on their way west on Highway 30, away from the busy tourist traps of Charlotte-Amalie, the capital of St. Thomas and largest city of the U.S. Virgin Islands.  About an hour and a half later, they arrived at the western-most point of the island;  a self-functioning light-house was the only structure visible.


Even though public nudity was forbidden and illegal in St. Thomas, Daniel knew some secluded beaches where it was more or less overlooked.  Quickly they shed the few articles of clothing, and after a quick hug and a kiss and a couple of gropes, they pulled on their snorkels and ran across the snow-white sand and into the crystal-clear, pale, pale-blue-green water of the Caribbean.


A medium-sized Dasyatidae (sting ray) scurried away at the sound of their feet splashing in the shallow, pleasantly warm water.  The farther out they rushed, the more little tropical fish became visible.  About fifty feet out, the gentle slope of the sandy bottom suddenly dropped to about twenty feet deep. 


Being a landlubber from St. Louis, Alrick's only experience with anything like this, had been what Daniel had shown him earlier in the week.  He again marveled at the beauty around him under-water.  The gentle swaying of the aquatic plants.  The myriad of brightly colored and patterned fishes, unafraid of their human visitors.  Daniel saw something else.


With their faces in the water, breathing through the snorkels, Daniel motioned for Alrick to swim back to where they could stand in chest-deep water.


"There's a school of barracuda out there…"


"Barracuda?" exclaimed the worried-looking Alrick, as he headed back toward the beach.


"Wait!  Wait!  WAIT!"


Alrick stopped and turned.


"Alrick?" he asked, using his given name for the first time in nearly four days.  "Do you trust me?  Do you really and truly trust me?"


Alrick stared at him.  He realized that 'diverman', his Internet buddy, was no longer role-playing.  "Yes, Daniel;  I trust you."  Then, after a brief hesitation, he continued, "I trust you with my life."


"Then let's go back out."


"Back out?


"Yes; there's nothing to be afraid of.  The barracuda won't attack if you don't POINT at them.  They take THAT as a sign of aggression."


"You sure?


"Yes;  I'm living proof!  I've swum right in the middle of a school of them.  One or two may even get so close that you'll be able to rub your hand on their sides.  It'll be all right.  And you'll never forget the experience, trust me."


"Okay, if you're sure."


"I'm sure, ya little shit.  Just make sure you don't point at them, even to show me where they are;  just get my attention, then nod your head in their direction."


Alrick smiled at the asshole's pet name for him, and then turned and surface-dived into the deep.


It wasn't long before … true to what Daniel had predicted … they were swimming along with maybe a dozen or more of the long fish with pointed noses and canine-like sharp teeth.  Daniel simply floated on the surface and let his arms dangle in the water.  Alrick followed his example, and soon, one particularly large barracuda maneuvered right up next to his right hand. Alrick very slowly turned the back of his hand to the big fish, and ever-so-gently let it slide along the fish's left side.  He shivered with excitement but kept the thrill of the experience under control.


As if on cue, as flocks of birds and schools of fish are prone to do, the barracuda all turned simultaneously and headed into deeper water.  When they were gone, Alrick and Daniel headed back toward the shallows.


Once standing again, Alrick ripped off his snorkel and exclaimed, "Oh, my God!  That was so kewl!  I can't believe I stroked the side of a barracuda!  Nobody back home's gonna believe it."  For whatever reason, he rubbed the back of his right hand against his own cheek;  maybe he wanted to know what the barracuda had wanted to know, from his human touch.


"It is kinda wonderful, isn't it, Son?"


"Oh, Dad … yes!  Ohhh, God, I still can't believe it!"  He was grinning, and so was Daniel.


"Now, I noticed something over there…" Daniel pointed to his left.  "Ready for another new experience, Babe?"


"You betcha!" came his excited answer to the man who shared his excitement with him.  "What?  What did you see over there?"


"Do you know the difference between black spiny urchins and white urchins?"  He moved closer to Alrick so that they were standing face-to-face.


"Well, I know that the black ones are poisonous, and you have to be careful not to step on 'em or try to pick 'em up."  While he was answering, he was busy looking down into the water, right and left, and didn't seem to realize that Daniel was standing so close.


"Right!  But the white ones are perfectly safe to handle…" Daniel slowly moved his hand down toward Alrick's cock and balls;  "…and they don't have any of those mean ol' spines that can PRICK you."  As he forcefully said the word 'prick', he gave Alrick's scrotum a quick little pinch!


"OUCH!  OH!  OH, SHIT!"  He fell backwards, fighting the water, trying to get away from the culprit, and sank to his ass.  He then flew up from the bottom, spluttering, coughing, and spitting the salty water.


Daniel was roaring with laughter.


Alrick realized what had happened.  "You goddamn mutherphuckin' sonnuva bitch!" he screamed.  "Don't EVER do that to me again!  You scared the fuckin' shit outta me!"


Working to hold his laughter back, Daniel simply responded, "Just who's giving orders to whom, now?"


"I am, assmite!"  Then HE even had to laugh, himself.


Controlling his laughter, and with a very straight face, Daniel went on, "After this morning's fun at the table and in the shower, I guess I should've ordered you to clean yourself out.  Nice turd floating beside you, there."


And once more, Alrick clumsily jumped away – that time, from the supposed bit of offending matter.  Daniel had to hold his sides, they were hurting so much.


"Fuck you … DAD!"


Daniel's playful mood immediately came to a halt.  After a moment, he said with quiet sincerity, "I'm sorry, Alrick;  I shouldn't have done that.  I forgot for a moment that you're from the interior of the mainland and not familiar with the sea.  Come here … please."  He held his arms out to his young lover.


The fear and the exasperated hurt flowed away with the gentle waves of the sea.  Alrick, too, held his arms out, and the two men moved toward each other.  They embraced.  They kissed, tongues eager to enter the other's mouth.  They ground their pelvises together, and blood began to rush to their 'little' heads.


"Alright, Luv," Daniel began as he separated from their mutually stimulating hug;  "it's getting late, and before we can't see well underwater, I want to show you something."


"Okay, Dad," Alrick sounded dejected, "but can we continue this later?" he asked, reaching over and squeezing Daniel's balls.


"Oh, yeah, yeah, we will, but right now, let's swim out there a bit…" he pointed in the direction he wanted them to go.  "Use the snorkel, and once we get out there, you stay up on top, and I'll dive down about twenty feet, and bring something up I want you to see."


"Lead the way, Dad.  I'll follow you."


They blew their snorkels clear, and swam freestyle until Daniel stopped and treaded water.  He gave the 'OK' sign to Alrick, and motioned for him to stay where he was.  Then he dived down through the clear, clear water, and picked up a white urchin and returned to the surface. 


Faces still in the water, they floated head-to-head, mere inches apart so that they could glance up to see each other.


Daniel held the urchin by the fingers of both hands, bent it until it broke in two.  Quickly, he placed one half in Alrick's left hand;  in response, Alrick gazed at it in wonderment.  Only seconds before, he thought, it was a living animal, eating, mating, reproducing, going about sea urchin business, and now it's been killed.  Globules of translucent pink body-fluids began to float up from the pink and blue tissue that had been protected by its hard exoskeleton.


Within mere seconds, more than a dozen brightly colored little fishes (some an inch long, others maybe three inches long) crowded around, nibbling at the urchin dinners being held out to them.


Fascinated at the fearlessness of the fish, Alrick spread and cupped the fingers of his right hand and slowly brought them over the cupped fingers holding half of the oozing urchin.  As expected, the little fishes backed away but most of them quickly returned, swimming between his fingers.  One of the bigger ones even allowed Alrick to rub his finger against its side.


For several spirit-lifting moments, the two men watched the fish clean the half-shells of all soft, edible tissue.  Then the little fishes were gone, searching for some other delicacy to enjoy.


The afternoon of snorkeling was finished;  it had been one that he would never forget.  In less than an hour, Alrick had had two mind-blowing experiences with the sea and its creatures – experiences that would stay with him for the rest of his life.


Day 6


The next day turned into a day of typical, touristy sightseeing.  Daniel showed Alrick much of downtown Charlotte Amalie with its many jewelry and candy shops, and eateries.  They took the tram-ride up to Paradise Point for its spectacular vistas of the capital city, St. Thomas Harbor, the smaller outlying islands, and of course, the seemingly endless Caribbean. 


From its seven-hundred-foot elevation, the view was breath-taking.  Daniel pointed out many of the ancient pirate structures that hadn't fallen into ruin, or had been renovated and preserved as historical landmarks.


Toward mid-afternoon, they returned to the shopping area on Waterfront Highway #30. 


"Son …" Daniel said, "I can't believe how fast the days have gone by since you showed up on my doorstep.  Just two more nights before you have to go back to St. Louis."


"I know, Dad;  I can't believe it either."


"Don't you want to do some shopping for friends or family?  It's duty-free for anything up to twelve hundred dollars, ya know?"  Their moods had suddenly taken a somber, 'ho-hum' turn as they sat on one of the many benches overlooking the harbor.  In front of them, and just to their right, was the Ferry to St. John Island, and to their left was the Coast Guard Dock.


"Not really.  That would almost be too final.  I don't want to rush it."


"I know, Babe."  The words escaped Daniel's lips before he realized what he was saying. 


Alrick jerked his head around, shocked that Daniel would say the word in public.  "That's the second time you've called me that."  He smiled, then closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, relishing the effect that the word, the warmth, the … yes … the LOVE … had sent surging through his entire being.  He reached over, intending to place his hand on Daniel's thigh.


Sensing the moment, Daniel suddenly stood up, out of Alrick's reach.  "I just remembered something…"


"What?"  Alrick's eyes flew open.


"Last week, I brought a watch in to be repaired," he thumbed behind himself toward a shop down the block.  "Why don't you stay here … and enjoy the sight down on the Coast Guard boat … while I run in there and pick it up?"


Surprised at the strange suggestion, Alrick asked, "You don't want me going in with ya?"


"Nahhhhh.  I'm a big boy;  I can handle it by myself," he teased, walking behind the slatted bench.  Then, with his hands on Alrick's shoulders, he leaned down and whispered, "I want to get you all worked up before we get back to the condo."


"Wha…?" Alrick asked as Daniel slid a hand down his right arm and pulled it back so that it was hanging over and behind the bench.


"Stay!  Don't move …" Daniel softly ordered, slipping back into 'Master' mode before adding a whispered "… SLAVE!"




"Shhhhhhh.  Just play along with me."


Alrick shrugged, and willingly submitted, even though they were in a wide open public place.  He looked out to sea.


Daniel reached in his pants pocket and pulled out a chain about six inches long.  On each end were shorter chains with five adjustable rings that could be locked in position.  He reached beneath the bottom of the slatted back of the bench and pulled Alrick's left hand through the opening, and then he slipped one ring over each of Alrick's fingers.


"There!  That oughta keep you from running away, getting in trouble with all that Coast Guard semen down there … uhhh … I mean THOSE Coast Guard SEAMEN!" he corrected himself (Yeah, right!!!).  "Just enjoy the view, and use your meditation techniques to control whatever might come up," he reiterated.  And then he was gone, leaving Alrick with his mouth hanging open.


Soon, an attractive young lady and her six- or seven-year-old son sauntered past, behind the bench.


"Lookie, Maamaw;  look a' dat mahn's hahns."  He broke away and ran back to the bench.  Kneeling down while tugging at the longer chain, the boy asked, "Aie, Meester – whacha doin' witcher hahns tied up lika dis?"


The lady jerked him away.  "Come onnnnn, little mahn!  Don'tcha be bodderin' no whities!  'Spesh'ly one like dah'tun!" she scowled at Alrick.


"It's okay, ma'am;  just a prank…"


"Chure i'tis," she frowned, as she pulled at the little guy, hurrying him away.


"Leetle mahn …" Alrick called, with a very bad Carib accent, "… I was bahd, and my dahd didn't want me runnin' away, so he made sure I'd stay here while he went off to do sumpin'."  He grinned at the boy.  The boy grinned and waved back as his mother tugged at him again.


Alrick looked around as best he could, trying to see Daniel in the mass of humanity on the sidewalk in front of the shops.  No such luck. 


He turned his attention to the bare-chested hunks swabbing the deck of the Coast Guard Cutter, docked only about fifty feet away.  Beauty is beauty, and glistening, sweaty muscles, abs, and pecs only tend to stimulate other people, especially when those 'other people' are unable to adjust or cover-up their excitement.  He shifted his butt and crossed his legs to keep from making a public spectacle of himself.


A moment later, Daniel returned and began to remove the finger restraints.  "Wouldn't ya know it?  Just my luck!  It's not ready yet," he fibbed, concealing the real reason for his jaunt to Cardow Jewelers.  He chuckled to himself.  "Anyone stop and ask why you're sitting here, tied up like this?"  He shoved the chain and finger-cuffs back into his pocket.


After Alrick told him about the lady and her little boy, they left the boardwalk and returned to condo for an evening of … well … you know.


Day 7


"All right, you little cock-hound!  Up and at 'em!  We've got a busy day today."


Alrick yawned and stretched and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  "Awww, gee, Dad;  can't we just NOT go anywhere today?  Can't we just stay here and …" he wriggled his eyebrows as he kicked off the top-sheet and raised his legs and pulled his knees back to his chest;  "… and make whoopee all day?  Please, Dad;  please?" he begged.


"Damn, boi!  Don't you ever get enough?" 


Alrick slowly, purposefully, shook his head from side to side. "I could never get enough of you, Dad.  Never!"  His asshole winked several times at the man standing at the foot of the bed.


"Shit!  My dick is so sore this morning after all your … your … sucking me and riding me!  Fuck!  You worked me like a cock-starved slut last night;  you know that?"


Alrick grinned a huge evil looking grin.  "And … I … want … MORE!" he yelled.


"SEX FIEND!" he yelled as he moved to the side of the bed and smacked Alrick on the ass.


Pausing to look deeply into Daniel's eyes, Alrick simply stated, "Lover?"


Daniel froze as he was about to kiss the beautiful ass-cheeks that were beckoning him.  He turned to look at the face of the young man in his bed.  Gently, he then lowered Alrick's legs.  Both men stretched their arms toward each other, and immediately, Daniel lowered his furry chest onto Alrick's hairless one.  Their kisses would have satisfied ordinary humans for a full lifespan.


But not Alrick and Daniel.  No.  Not for mortal humans.  Daniel had plans, and come hell or high water, nothing … no, NOTHING would ever prevent him from bringing those plans to COMPLETE fruition!  Nothing would stand in his way … not even the time for one more tender, sweet kiss!


"Get up, take a shower, clean yourself out, pack your bags, make sure you've got all your necessary documents – leave NOTHING behind! – and get dressed.  Something neat.  Whatever you want.  We'll be in public.  And don't worry about changing the bed linens.  I'll take care of that when I get back.  I'll fix breakfast this morning.  We've got to hurry."


"But, Dad…"


"Don't argue.  Just obey!  And for the record … for the time being … you've spent your last night here in the condo.  Now … GIT!"  He pointed toward the bathroom, saying, "We have a date with destiny!  We've gotta go within the hour."




Within the hour, the Martin pulled out of Daniel's garage.  A couple of miles later, it turned left onto Rt. #33 (Skyline Dr.) and headed up the small winding street toward the summit of the highest point on the island, 1,556 ft. Crown Mountain, or, as the locals called it, 'Mountain Top'.


Little was said.  The air in the car was heavy – heavy, that is, from Alrick's point of view.  Daniel's hurried, severe words to him had been strange, cryptic even.  What did he mean? Alrick asked himself over and over again.  He said, 'I'll take care of that when I get back.'  Isn't he gonna bring me back? Is he gonna drop me off somewhere out in the middle of nowhere and go back home by himself? How big is the island, anyway?  Thirteen miles long? Four miles wide?  I could walk it or hitch-hike, maybe, I guess, but, shit!  What did I do?


Again and again, he glanced to the right toward Daniel, who was driving.  (They drive on the left side of the road in St. Thomas.)  Just as quickly, he glanced forward or out the passenger window to his left.


What did I do wrong? he wondered.  What  the hell did I do to  upset him? he screamed inside his throbbing head.  He's been so loving since I got here, and all of a sudden he turned icy cold – 'You've spent your last night in this condo,' he remembered.  What the hell did he mean by that?  And then on top of everything, he comes out with 'We have a date with destiny.'  What the fuck?  What the BLOODY fuck does THAT mean?


Alrick was beside himself with worry.  He wanted to cry … or scream … or fight back, but, No, I don't want to hit him … hurt him.  He wanted to jump out of the car and run – But WHERE?  The condo?  The airport?   Oh, God!  What have I gotten myself into?  I've never seen this side of him.  He's like a different person.  He turned his head toward Daniel again, only to see Daniel turn HIS, with a smile on his face!  A real smile?  Or is it  a smirk?  In his present state of mind, he couldn't distinguish.


Several more silent minutes passed.  Then Daniel pulled into a parking area and turned off the ignition.


"Daniel?"  "Son?"  They spoke at the same time.


"You first … Sir," Alrick faintly offered, afraid to hear the bitter words that might be said.  He turned away from Daniel and looked out the window, a tear beginning to slide down his cheek.


"No, Son," Daniel said with what USED to sound like love, in his voice.  "Something's bothering you – something more than just this … this being your last full day before going back home – and I want you to tell me what it is.  I don't like seeing you like this." 


His words and tone sounded so much like the man whom Alrick had … had … Yes!  Fallen in Love with!  I DO love him, he finally realized.  "But you said …"  He turned to look at Daniel, and when he did, the dam broke loose and the tears gushed forth;  his whole body shook as he sobbed uncontrollably.


"Oh, Baby … Sweetheart …" Daniel said, leaning over and pulling Alrick to himself in a hug.  He had never used those endearing words with ANYONE before – it was totally unlike him, to do so –  and they shocked him as much as they shocked Alrick.  When the crying stopped, Daniel asked, "Babe?  What did I say … or do … to get you in such a state?"


Alrick proceeded to tell him all the things he had been tossing around in his head since their last kiss, earlier that morning.  With the ear of the Psychiatrist that he was, Daniel listened to all that had been troubling Alrick.  Then he sat back in the driver's seat, mulling over the information.  Slowly a smile crept across his lips. Then came a soft chuckle.  Then laughter.  And finally, roaring hilarity.


"What the fuck are you laughing at?  It's not funny!"


"Oh, Alrick, Alrick, Alrick! … God!  How I love that name! … AND … YOU!"


"Coulda fooled me!" Alrick shot back.


Daniel broke into laughter again.  "You don't understand," he struggled to say between guffaws.  "We BOTH fucked up this morning."




"I've had this day planned since the day you arrived, Babe.  I wanted to make this the happiest day of your stay, but I guess I really screwed up by switching into 'Master' mode like I did."


"Then … you mean … you're not getting rid of me?  You're not mad at me?"


"Hell, no!


They grabbed for each other (as well as they could with the floor-mounted gearshift between them!), and if it had been cold outside, the windows would have fogged-up from their hot, steamy French-kissing!


A couple of Nordic hunks knocked on the window, grinned, and gave them the 'thumbs-up' sign.  Daniel and Alrick quickly jerked away from each other and blushed.


"Come on!  Let's go inside that open-sided bar over there, called Mountain Top …" Daniel pointed in the direction, "… and cool off with some of their world famous Banana Daiquiris."


After they got their drinks – only one each … there was more driving to do, and neither wanted to get drunk – they carried them out onto the observation deck, and Daniel pointed out about twenty small islands and cays.  Banana Palms and Cocoanut Palms dotted the very lush, very green hillsides.


"So what all have you got planned for today, Dad?"


"SON …" he emphasized strongly, "… oblige me in this …"


Alrick frowned.  Such an old-fashioned word!  This must be serious, he thought.


"… and let me have some little secrets.  I promise nothing bad's gonna happen to you;  in fact, I think … I HOPE … to make you happier than you've ever been in your life.  Just trust me, please.  One thing at a time … please?"  He wriggled his eyebrows.


With resignation in his voice, a smile on his lips, and a sudden twinkle in his eyes, Alrick said, "Okay … DAD," and sexily licked his lips.


As they turned to walk toward the car, one of the hunks who had given them the 'thumbs-up' slapped Daniel on the shoulder and said, "Sock it to 'im, Dad!"  The other one rushed to Alrick and whispered in his ear, "Give it up to him, son;  make him happy – he's a hottie!"


They both blushed as if to say, Are we that obvious?


Amid the honking of Taxi Cabs and busloads of tourists, the Martin made its way down the twisting and curving of the steep switch-backs toward the northern beaches.  The vistas were gorgeous!


"Is THAT where we're going?" Alrick asked.


"Yes, Luv;  that's where we're going.  You see the large bay over there on the right?"


"Yeah.  Is THAT where we're going?" an excited Alrick asked.


"No.  That's Magen's Bay.  Very popular, and VERY crowded.  The smaller one to the left is Hull Bay, and the tiny one to the left of that is Dorothea Bay, and the next one to the left is Neltjeberg Bay.  We're headed to the tiny one – Dorothea Bay."


"What's there?  All I can see from up here are the roofs of … about … eight little houses."


"That's where my week-end retreat is – out near the point between Dorothea and Hull.  Very secluded and VERY private!  I think you'll like it."


"Sounds great."


It wasn't long before they left Rt. #33 and were driving along the graded road on the west side of the peninsula.


"Geesh!  This sure isn't like the rest of the beaches I've seen around the island," Alrick said. 


The constant trade winds had created an isolated landscape of grasses and a few scattered cereus cacti, rather than the lush banana and cocoanut palms.  Rather than the pristine white sandy beaches so common elsewhere around the island, he noticed black, rocky shoreline with the spray of waves crashing on those same rocks.


"True," Daniel agreed, "that's one of the main reasons I chose to build out here – it keeps the tourists away.  And I'm always nude when I'm out here."  He parked the car close to a structure that looked like many of the open-air bars and restaurants Alrick had seen during the past week.  "Welcome to 'My Little Palapa'."


"Your little WHAT?" Alrick asked as he got out of the car and closed the door.


"Palapa – it's the style of the building – open-sided and thatch-roofed with palm fronds."


The house was completely round, most of it enclosed by thick glass sliders with adequate drapery that could be drawn for privacy, IF and when needed.


"Come on;  let's shed these," Daniel said, unbuttoning his shirt and shorts after he unlocked the front door and entered the one main room that served as living room, dining room and bedroom.  Alrick followed his example but stopped short as he saw the interior of the Palapa.  It looked like a Sheik's desert tent with sheer pastel billowy draped material covering the sliders; Oriental rugs covering much of the tiled floor;  huge plush pillows scattered around the room in groupings;  and suspended from a single hook in the split-bamboo-covered ceiling was a sheer tent of mosquito netting.  All the accessories in the room were of either brass or wicker.


"My God!" exclaimed Alrick," it looks right out of the tales of the Arabian nights!  Wow!  I love it."


"I'm glad.  I'm glad to hear that, my boy," Daniel smiled.  "I've been waiting for someone to share it with."


Alrick looked at him pensively for a moment and then asked, "Have there been no others?"


"Oh, yes, a few others – friends – neighbors … you'll meet a couple of them in about an hour … Oh!  That reminds me …" he interrupted himself, "… I've got something to do," he said, as he finished removing his Bermuda shorts and tossed them into a wicker basket and headed to the mahogany wardrobe.  He knelt to open the drawer at the bottom.


"Now, strip!  And start opening all the drapes and the sliders behind them.  Let's open this place up and air it out.  I haven't been here in more than two weeks."


Alrick obeyed, and soon Daniel retrieved two Navy Signal Flags about two-feet square:  a blueone with a white square in the middle of it (signifying 'Proceeding To Sea'), and a white one with a red "X" across it from corner-to-corner (signifying 'I Require Assistance').  He then dashed outside and hoisted them up the flagpole between the house and the slope leading down to the water.  Then he returned to the Palapa as Alrick was opening the last of the glass sliding doors.


"So … you bring your tricks out here for S & M type orgies, do ya, Dad?" he asked with a melancholy tone.




"You said you've had friends and neighbors out here."


"OH!  Well to go back a little bit further, I said that I've been waiting for someone to share this 'hideout' with, and please believe me when I say that I've never … NEVER … brought anyone out here for sex." 


Alrick seemed to relax a little.


"The few friends and neighbors who've been here, have only been here for cook-outs and neighborly socializing."  He held his arms out for Alrick to come to him.


They hugged and kissed, and in no time at all, they both were fully erect.


"Let's not get too carried away just yet … as much as I think both of us would love to," Daniel said, backing away.  "We have a date with a couple of my friends, and we don't want to keep them waiting.  Come on.  Let's go down to the beach to meet them."


Alrick didn't move.  He stood his ground, erection diminishing, and asked, "What's going on, Dad?"


"What do you mean, Babe?"


"You've been acting so strange today.  You've been talking in riddles all day since we got up this morning.  It seems like you've been contradicting yourself.  What's going on?" he asked again.


Daniel chuckled as he put an arm around Alrick's shoulders and led him outside.  "Oh, shit!  You just won't be content to let me surprise you with a few things, will ya, kid?"  They began their descent down the old, weathered, wooden steps to the sea.


"Kid?" Alrick asked, playfully punching Daniel in the shoulder.


"Well, you ARE!  I just bet you open your presents before Christmas morning, don't you?"


Alrick giggled.  "Doesn't everyone?


"No!"  They had reached the bottom, and turned right, to head across the black rocks so that they could round the actual Point, itself and walk the short distance to the beginning of the white sandy beach of Hull Bay.  Off in the distance, two motor-boats were headed toward shore.


"Ahhh … there my friends are, now," Daniel pointed out in the water, and waved the boats in.  Soon, they were beached, and as the skippers stood to get out, Alrick was shocked to see them wearing very small, very tight, very flesh-colored Speedos that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.  Daniel made the introductions – neighbors Jake and Nelson who lived in one of the houses at the southernmost part of Dorothea Bay … a good hour's walk from the Palapa.


"We saw your flags and got here as soon as we could.  And this must be Alrick, your … special … friend from the States," Jake said, extending his hand, visually gobbling up the new-comer.


Alrick noticed a hefty pulse coming from Jake's second skin, and his own naked cock began to thicken a bit.  "Nice to meetcha … I think!" he said, looking at Daniel as if to say, How am I supposed to act, now?


Daniel only smiled and winked at him, not giving any support at all.


"We knew you guys would be buck-ass naked, " Nelson remarked, extending HIS hand;  "may we join you?"


Alrick was lost for an answer, but Daniel replied, "No, not today, Nels.  I don't want things getting outta hand … or should I say … IN hands.  Today, as you already know, is a VERY special day for Alrick and me, and I'm paying you guys to do a job…"


Alrick jerked his head toward Daniel in surprise, but was offered only a huge smile and a shrug of the shoulders in response to his unspoken questions.


"… he doesn't yet know all the little surprises I have for him today," Daniel informed the skippers.


"Yes, Sir, Bossman, Master, Sir," Jack and Nelson replied, jumping to attention and giving Daniel sloppy, exaggerated salutes.


After a few questions from the skippers, and a little instruction, Jake and Nelson harnessed Alrick and Daniel into the safety rigging of a couple of parasails.  Daniel had been up many times, but Alrick had never before had the excitement and thrills that awaited him.


For over an hour, the naked parasailers flew around the bays, close enough to holler at each other, but far enough away to avoid any mid-air collisions.  Daniel was the first to return to Earth, and soon afterward, Alrick made a perfect running touch-down.


"So, what did you think of your first time up?" asked a beaming Daniel.


"It was fan-fuckin'-tastic!"


After the parasails were packed back into their boxes, all four guys motored around to the rocky beach below the Palapa.  Coolers were taken from the boats up to the house, and the guys enjoyed coldcut-sandwiches, potato salad and a little wine.  Alrick just couldn't stop talking about his adventure.


It was getting late, and after a little clean-up, Jake and Nelson said their good-byes and left. 


"See ya in a couple of weeks," Jake said to Daniel.


"Have a safe flight home," Nels said to Alrick, "and come back real soon, will ya?"


"Yeah, sure will.  Take us up again … when I come back?" he asked?


"You betcha! … as long as your buddy, there, is payin'!" Jake replied.


Lounge chairs had been brought outside after their little meal.


Daniel sat and stretched out;  Alrick straddled him and sat on his thighs, their flaccid cocks snuggling each other.  It wasn't the time for making-out.  They were happy just being together … alone … again.


"So, how'd you like your little surprise, Son?"


Alrick leaned forward, stomach to stomach and chest to chest, Alrick's head nestled in Daniel's neck, their arms hugging each other.  They were comfortable together.  They fit each other perfectly.


"It was wonderful, Dad, just wonderful.  I've never experienced anything like it."  Suddenly he sat up, remembering something.  "How long are the tow ropes?  Five hundred feet?"


Daniel nodded in the affirmative.


"I couldn't hear the sound of the motors;  it was totally silent up there.  I felt so free … so safe.  I know it sounds corny, but it felt … oh, what's the word? … GLORIOUS!"  They both chuckled through their broad smiles.  "It felt like what I imagine Heaven to feel like … PEACEFUL!  That's what it felt like up there.  I didn't ever wanna come down."


"Not even for the naked man with a rampant hard-on for ya, who was flying around with you up there?" joked Daniel.


"Welllllll …" he teased back.  "If I had only known …"


"You asshole!"  Daniel scolded, reaching up.  He grabbed Alrick and pulled him back down onto his chest and thrust his tongue into his mouth.  Eventually, Alrick had to come up for air.


Pushing him away, Daniel said, "It's getting late.  The sun's about to set and it's going to get cool very quickly.  Let's go inside and get some clothes on.  Enough nudity for one day."


"Awwwwwww …"


"Just kidding … KID!  I want us to watch the sunset, and then we'll be naked again, soon enough.  I promise."


"Wheeeee!" Aldrick squealed, child-like.  He jumped up and helped Daniel stand.  "I can't wait.  Come on, slow poke!"


Daniel chased him into the Palapa.  Soon, they had thrown on shorts and tees;  Daniel slipped a couple of small somethings into his pocket before rushing Alrick outside again.  Once at the bottom of the old wooden steps, they stood, arms around each other's waist, watching the sun sink into the watery horizon.  Streaks of red and orange and yellow blazed across the sky until the fiery orb had totally disappeared.


"And now …" Daniel said, turning to face Alrick, "now, for the moment I've dreamed about and yearned for, for the past few days."


"What?" Alrick asked, stunned at the seriousness in the voice.


Daniel stood there, gazing deeply into Alrick's eyes, for several speechless moments, smiling.  "Before you go back home, my boy, I want to tell you something, and then I want to ask you a question."


This is too perfect, Alrick thought.  Is he gonna ask me what I've wanted him to ask me all week?  He began shivering, not from the cool night air, but from his own emotionally charged thoughts and feelings and, yes, his own hopeful anticipations.


"O… o… okay," he stammered.


Daniel stood up tall and straight.  "Do you remember, Son … seven days ago when you first arrived … and we made our verbal contract with each other?"


"Yes, Dad."  This is getting serious.  Where's it going, I wonder? Is he going to renege?


"And do you remember your third night here when I freed you of your slavery to me …" Alrick nodded his head.  "And then I told you that I want you as an equal to me, lovers together, free to go and return to your home, but begged you to stay and be mine forever, as I am yours?"


"Yes.  Oh, yes!  I do remember, but …" he hesitated, not wanting to go on.


"And do you remember your fourth night, when Dominique and Ray came over and spent the night in our own little orgy?


My God!  Why is he bringing that back up?  "Yes … I do remember," he answered weakly.


"You willingly went along with anything you thought I might have wanted, even submitting to another Master.  Do you remember?"


Alrick didn't like the sound of what MIGHT be coming;  he looked away from Daniel and into the darkness of the water.  "How could I NOT remember, Sir?" and then, without thinking, continued by saying, "All I wanted was you, but…" he choked back.


"But 'nothing', Alrick.  You have no reason to offer an excuse for your true feelings.  Looking back on it, as I've done frequently since that night, I've realized something … something I should have realized long before."


"And what's that, Sir?"  He was afraid of the answer.


But Daniel went on to thrill him with the same words he'd heard once before.  "Alrick Nicholas Davisson … you are the love of my heart, my lover, and my soul mate.  I realize that I love you more than I love my own life.  And I promise, never again, to expect, nor to order you to have sex with anyone else.  You are the one for me for the rest of my life and for all eternity.  Will you be mine forever, my Son, my mate, my husband as I become a husband to you.  These things, do you accept and agree to, in front of God Almighty?"


"I do … but…"


"Shhhhh," Daniel said, placing a finger against Alrick's lips, while reaching in his pocket with the other hand and pulling out a solid coral band, rare in it's tan color with specks of orange, red, purple and green.  He slipped it on Alrick's left ring finger and said, "With this ring, I thee wed."


Tears of happiness streamed down Alrick's face.


"Shhhhh," he said again, as he placed an identical ring in Alrick's hand.


He smiled, thinking of just the right thing to say.  Then he began, "Daniel Kiril Lakota, you are the love of my life.  I love you with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind, and all my body.  I will gladly give my life to protect yours, for as long as we both shall live, and even through all of eternity.   Now, will accept me, the imperfect person that I am, to be mine forever, my Dad, my lover, and my soul mate?  These things being said, do you accept and agree to, in front of God Almighty?"


Daniel was taken aback by the sincerity in Alrick's trembling, quaking voice.  "I do, and I will, forever and ever, so help me, God."


Alrick slipped the coral band on Daniel's left ring finger and lovingly proclaimed, "With this ring, I thee wed."


They embraced and kissed as only true soul mates can, and then Daniel said, "Turn around, sweetheart."  Alrick complied as Daniel again reached into his pocket and pulled out another small thing.  "Earlier this week, I told you that after you return home, I'd send you the key to the padlock on your collar.  Well … I've changed my mind."


"I'll gladly wear it for the rest of my life, … Dan," he promised, never having called him by his nickname before.


"That won't be necessary … RIC."  He smiled as he keyed the padlock and removed the slave collar.  He then stepped in front of Alrick, and turned his back to him.  "Do me the honor of removing my Master collar … Lover."


Slowly, lovingly, Alrick did as requested;  then they faced each other.


"Let's throw these symbols of our separateness out into the black, rocky, turbulent water, and release that part of our lives into the past.  We're now equals.  Shall we … Ricky?"


"Ohhh, yes.  On three!"


They drew their arms back, ready to throw.  "One … Two … THREE!"  They hurled the collars as far as they could.  Another embrace.  Another kiss.  And they ran up the old wooden steps to the Palapa, dropping a shirt here, and hopping out of a pair of shorts there.  "And I love my new name … DANNY!"


"Oh … Puh-LEASE!" Daniel sounded … disappointed?  "If you MUST … OK!  But …"


Alrick chuckled.  "Gotcha … Lover."


"I like that much better, 'Light-of-my-life'."


"Ooooooo, nice."


Naked and with swelling erections, they ran to the bed, struggled to find the opening in the mosquito-netted tent, and finally flew onto the cottony altar of passion and love.


Right in the middle of a sideways-sixty-nine, neither one on top, neither one on bottom, Alrick suddenly released Daniel's nine-incher, propped himself up on an elbow and asked, "How'd you know my ring size?  It fits so perfectly."


Daniel had likewise withdrawn from Alrick's eight-incher, and answered by asking, "You remember when I used the finger-cuffs on you at the bench when I went to pick up my watch?"  Alrick nodded.  "Well…" he grinned and looked very self-satisfied, "I hadn't taken a watch in to be repaired, and those finger-cuffs are a jeweler-friend's ring-sizing gage that I'd chained together.  That's how I found out, smart-ass!"


"Well …" Alrick smiled as he reached across Daniel's hip and gave his ass a mighty whack!




"Serves you right, but I love it;  I DO love it, Dan … but I also love THIS…"  He dived back down and, with a little trouble, engulfed all of Daniel's furry ball-sac.  He bit down, not so much as to crush or draw blood, but enough to make Daniel cry for mercy.


Eventually letting them slip from his mouth, Alrick said, "If I gotta shave mine, you gotta shave these things … now that we're equals!"


"Oh, shit!  I'm never gonna live that promise down, am I?"  Alrick shook his head in agreement.  "All right, I'll shave tomorrow.  But you're gonna pay for it."




"By letting me tie you to the bed one last time.  I know you love it when we do that."


"YES!  I love it when you … and I do mean ONLY you … do that to me."


"There'll never be anyone else, Son.  I promise."


"I love you, Dad.  I really, really, really, really do!  Now tie me up and fuck me.  Drive me crazy with your love-making, and fuck my brains out!  Drive me up a wall!  Gently torture me as only you can do!  Do whatever you want, but just DO it!"


"Remember…" Daniel warned, jumping from the bed and fighting that damned mosquito netting again, "… you asked for it!"  He dashed to the mahogany dresser, rummaged through a drawer and quickly returned with several items.  He spread-eagled his young lover (on his back) and tied his wrists and ankles to the bed-frame.  And then he blindfolded him.  Alrick did not resist.


That finished, he dashed to the kitchen area of the one large room and then returned again.  "Open wide," he commanded, popping the cork of a bottle.  "Here's a little liquid refreshment to wet your whistle."  He lifted Alrick's head and let him have a little swig of champagne.  After letting Alrick's head return to the mattress, Daniel dribbled some of the bubbly into his belly-button.


Alrick lurched at the shock of the cold liquid, and Daniel began to slowly lap-up the champagne.  Alrick squirmed and twisted, trying both to get away, yet at the same time, trying to thrust his 'inny' deeper into Daniel's mouth. Again and again, Daniel dribbled more and lapped it up, driving Alrick to squeals of laughter and moans of passion.


Before each new dribble, Daniel snapped on a clothes-pin to a nipple here, another to one side of the scrotum there, again and again.  More than two dozen were driving Alrick insane with pain and pleasure.  "Please, Master…" he unthinkingly reverted to the title, "… please, please fuck me," he yelled.


"All in good time, my equal little one.  Just remember THAT!"


Daniel repositioned himself, straddling and kneeling over Alrick's chest.  "Open wide," he ordered again.


Probably expecting more champagne, Alrick opened his mouth and formed a circle with his lips.  Daniel slid his hard, thick, pulsing tongue depressor in, coating the greedy orifice with his abundant pre-cum.


"Ummmmm," Alrick moaned, swallowing more and more until Daniel's pubic fur tickled his nose.


He slowly pushed in and pulled back for several l-o-n-g suckable minutes, then withdrew.  He began untying the boi's ankles.


"YES, YES, YES!  FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!  GIVE IT ALL TO ME, Dad."  Well, what more could Daniel do except to oblige him?!?  For an hour or more, Alrick received the fucking of his life, his lover pushing his knees back against his chest.  Slow, sensual, long-dicking.  Hard, fast, rabbit-fucks.  Twisting, turning, grinding, prostate-pounding thrusts.  And Alrick was never allowed to cum – not even when Daniel buried himself within the quaking, spasming, hot, slippery, tunnel-of-love.  His climax sent more of his thick, sweet, white, love-juice into Alrick's gut than he'd ever been able to give.


After collapsing on Alrick's chest and resting for a while (filled with butterfly kisses, and a few tongue-tickles and a little nibbling here and there), Alrick was begging to be allowed to cum.


"Not just yet … but soon, I promise, Luv."  Moments later, Daniel eased his way off the bed and retrieved a roll of Ace Bandage.  "Lift your legs."  It was done.  "Squeeze them together and leave them that way."  That, too, was done.  Gently, he pushed the shaved boy-scrotum toward his cock, completely free of any restriction of his thighs.  "Now, hold still," he ordered as he began to wrap his lover's legs together, from crotch to ankles, sorta like the funerary bindings of an Egyptian mummy.


"What are you doing, Daniel?" Alrick asked, a little fear being heard in his voice.


"Nothing to be afraid of, Luv.  You're gonna love this more than you know.  He lowered his head and began fellating the pulsing, throbbing rod of flesh.  Slowly, sensually, he used his lips and tongue, drenching it, bringing greater DESIRE and NEED than Alrick had ever felt.


"P-L-E-A-S-E…" he begged, LET ME CUM."


"Not yet.  Soon." 


Alrick moaned in torment.


Daniel mounted the bed one more time.  He straddled Alrick's stomach and abs, leaned down and tenderly kissed him.  "We pledged and committed to be each other's husband."  Alrick silently nodded his head.  "We stated to each other that we are equals."  Again Alrick nodded.  "I've never in my entire life done this before.  Have patience with me." 


"What?  What are you going to do?"  For a split second, the fear sounded again, until he felt Daniel's hand take a firm hold of his own cock, and then felt the hairy cheeks part, and his own cock-head touching Daniel's hot, quivering man-hole.  Alrick gasped at the prospect.  "You don't have to do this, Dad;  you really don't."


"Yes, I do, Babe – for me … for you … for US!"  And with that, Daniel took a deep breath, relaxed his sphincter and other anal muscles as much as he could, and in one slow movement, impaled himself to the hilt, blissfully feeling all of Alrick's manliness for the first time.  "NOW … we are ONE.  Never again Master and slave."  He leaned forward again and removed Alrick's blindfold and wrist restraints.


Day 8


The first streaks of the morning sunlight streamed through the open walls of the Palapa, awakening Daniel.  He looked at the clock.  "OH, MY GOD!" he yelled as he shook the beautiful sleeping body beside him.  He jumped out of bed, and started throwing on his clothes.




Not ten minutes later, still disheveled and unkempt, they dashed to the Martin, jumped in and sped off toward the south.  A very large Pelican gently glided across the road in front of them;  it's head seemed to be facing them, as if warning them of some misadventure ahead.


"If I don't make it, I don't make it, Daniel.  There's always another flight."


"But the sooner I get you there, the sooner you'll be back," Daniel argued the thought.  "You ARE coming back, aren't you?"

"You bet your sweet ass I am!" he exclaimed.  "And after what you gave me last night…" he giggled, "…I'm coming back for as much of you as I can get.  Ya know, I've gotta lot of catching up to do."


"Oh, God!  What kinda monster have I created?"


"Turn about's fair play, ya know?" Alrick countered.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah."  After a bit of maneuvering in the early morning traffic, Daniel continued.  "Would you consider transferring to the University of the Virgin Islands?  We have several wonderful medical, and business programs that I think you'd like.  And being on the staff, I could follow through on the transfer after you start the paperwork in St. Louis."


"Could ya?  Would ya?  Oh, Dad, I'd love to."


They both felt the urgency to get to the airport.  They talked about this and that, trying to cover as much ground as possible before getting there – before having to leave each other, even for a few days or a few weeks.  And they talked about Alrick having to give up his apartment, and losing his deposits and pre-paid rent, and giving up his car.


"Don't worry about the money, Babe.  I can take care of all that for you.  You won't need for anything.  And when you get back here, you can live at the condo in Adelphi – it's only about a mile from the campus – a nice little walk – and we can be together always."  For a brief moment, Daniel's left hand and Alrick's right hand joined; they glanced at each other and said, "I love you, ya know?  I don't ever want to live without you."


They had just reached the midway point – at the cafι and bar at Mountain Top.  The road up had still been in the shadows of the mountain, but once over the top, the early morning sun shone straight into Daniel's eyes on some of the eastbound straight-aways after a sharp switchback hair-pin curve.


Suddenly, wheels were squealing as a RUM delivery truck veered to keep from hitting some kind of animal, right in the curve.  Daniel hit his breaks as the sun completely blinded him.  More wheels squealed.  But it was too late.


Both men threw up their hands to protect their faces, and both yelled, "OH, GOD!" and then called each other's name for the last time.


All noise and all sound ceased.  As if in slow motion, both Alrick and Daniel seemed to gently, painlessly float up through the roof of the Martin.  A little higher up, their movement stopped for a moment in time.  They saw the twisted result of the accident;  and they saw their own bodies in the wreckage.  And yet they – their TRUE selves – were conscious. 


There were no torn limbs, no pieces of glass or metal thrust through their bodies;  there was no pain;  no hurt;  there was nothing to fear.


It finally came to them that they were outside their earthly bodies.  They looked at each other;  their bodies … and what appeared to be clothing … sparkled with light.


They looked at their own arms and hands.  The coral rings were still on their fingers.  They drifted down and looked inside the jumble of metal and glass.  There were no rings on the physical hands.


Then they floated higher and higher.


"It's like parasailing, "Alrick said, "only better!  LOTS better!!!  I've never felt this good;  never this free or peaceful.  Ohhhhhh, it's wonderful.  It's WONNNNN-DERFULLLLL."  He reached for Daniel's hand, but as they met, the two hands tingled a bit, then merged … THROUGH … each other, and reappeared individually after becoming … UN-merged!"


"Whoooooah!" Alrick exclaimed, with excitement.


"Yeah!  We're gonna have to get used to this.  If that tingling happens when just our hands join …"


Alrick grinned.  "I'm already thinkin' 'bout it.  Hehe.  Hehehehehe.  Always wanted to get inside your skin," he said.  "Shall we?"


"What have we gotta lose?"


They opened their arms and … MERGED!  They truly became as One.  In all its aspects.


At that moment of joining, when the fireworks went off, there appeared a Nova, high above the planet, above the plane of pain and suffering, above the fears and hurts through which mere humans learn spiritual truths.  And in that moment … in that flash … the coral rings dropped away;  two fiery trails of coral dust plummeted, together, toward Earth, like twin shooting stars, returning to the sea from whence they came.


Daniel and Alrick … well, they … they … UN-emerged, for lack of a better word, with the Joy of the New Life ahead of them, and the Joy of God in Christ.  They kissed, barely touching their lips.  In a very small way, it felt like the fizzle of champagne or a carbonated drink tickling the nose, only … that little tickle was felt throughout their entire beings.


Loved ones of family, friends, and prior lovers, began to appear, coming from some distance.  There were hugs, and blendings and mergings all around.  All were in harmony with everyone else.


Alrick and Daniel drew apart from the others for just a few moments.  As they gazed deeply into each other's sparkling eyes, they allowed their hands to merge.  And then, even their thoughts to each other co-mingled:


Heart of my heart … I will love you for always and forever.



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Posted: 02/03/08