Three Best Friends
Jonathan Davis
(© 2007 by the Author)

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Mike, Ed, and Neil were just boys, really. They had men's bodies but they were really boys. They played together all the time. Oh, sure, girls were important and all that, but these three were into being guys. The best guys in the world.


Yes, Mike, Ed, and Neil acted like boys with each other, but they were real M E N !

They did everything together. They jogged together, swam together, fished together; they did everything together. Their toys were just bigger and better. Their biggest and best were airplanes. They loved to fly, and when they did that, they were boys again. Oh, they were careful, very careful. They took flying very seriously; but they had fun doing it. It was too dangerous not to take on without the utmost skill and dedication. Although they were young, they had that dedication and skill. But they were still boys and had fun in everything they did.

They liked to go camping together, especially in the pine forests. They would hike-in fifty miles with everything on their backs. Cook everything on an open fire. Have races through the woods and see how they could climb trees the farthest or the highest, and the fastest. All the while, young men playing at being boys.

Like boys, too, they liked to play at sex. Camping afforded them the opportunity to roam the forest naked, and they loved to jack off and jack each other off, out amongst the vegetation and trees.

At night, they lay in the open, under the stars and talked quietly of sex, just like when they were boys. What they would do to whom and how often. Then, when their hormones were raging, they would suck each other off, or fuck each other. They just loved to sandwich one another and then trade around three times till each had held a position. One in the middle, fucking and being fucked; one fucking; and one being fucked, each on their respective ends. Trading positions till they were sexually exhausted. They went flying and camping often -- both kinds of activities, causing their own unique kind of orgasm.






They loved to go camping, and this was really just like camping out, only without tents; the cabin was really dinky and anything but roomy. Very cramped, they were always bumping into one another. This was boy stuff. They were boys again, out on an adventure, like pirates or explorers, looking to conquer an uncharted island in their expanding but yet shrinking world. Yes, just like pirates, free at last of any confining restrictions, floating on a different sea, looking at different clouds. And dreaming. But more than dreaming; they were alone, together, as any three boys in a cabin can be. Not only around each other physically, but together, in their hearts, loving each other. They were having a blast, doing anything and everything they wanted.

And right now, after supper, Mike wanted something more to eat. He wanted his best friendsí cocks. It was the first time on the trip that any of them had even had time to think about sex.


Mike looked into Ed's eyes, and Ed's eyebrows rose and he smiled. Then, he looked at Neil and grinned and arched his brows too, wriggling them at his best friend. Neil looked at Ed, then at Mike, and his smile was the biggest. He just nodded his head and reached across and gripped Ed's cock through the fabric. It rapidly rose to the occasion.  They moved into a three-way position and opened their pants and freed each throbbing cock. For them, it was a history-making event. They had never done it like this and they were loving it. Off came their pants, tossed over their shoulders to wherever they might fly.


Soon the smell of male groin was wafting through the cabin and all that could be heard was slurping sounds and passionate moans or throaty groans. Ed was getting close to cuming, so he lightly slapped Mikeís ass. Mike was almost there, so he started, rhythmically, slapping Neil's ass, who was slapping Ed's ass, but slower.


Using their unique form of feedback, each slowed or picked up the action till they were all right on the very edge of cuming. When all the beats were in sync, they stopped the beat and sucked for all they were worth. Tightly, each held onto the ass of the guy he was sucking, and plunged his buddyís cock deep into his own throat.  Each was jerking, humping, jabbing his own throbbing, pulsing, exploding cock, not only shooting, but being blasted with hot rockets of sweet boy nectar down his own throat!


Then, as if on cue, they all pulled back to lock their lips around the rim taking the last remnants of oozing, dripping sperm into their mouths and savoring every drop, not allowing any to escape. The ability to know when each was going to cum was uncanny. In everything they did, they knew what the other was going to do and when. They were an extreme team.

They puttered around for a while but they knew each was still horny, and they were almost naked now, keeping their tops and white socks on to ward off the chill. The three erections never got soft till the ultra-sensitivity went away and they were ready to fire-up again. They knew they were going to fuck each other. They were just getting psyched-up for the big event.

Ed nosed over and opened Mikeís ass-cheeks, sticking his hot pointy tongue into the sweet soft rosebud. He spread saliva all the way up and down his crack and speared the hole as deeply as he could. He could feel Mike clamping down on his tongue, but he dove deeper, wedging his way in.


Mike was moaning and madly French kissing Neil. Neil slid around and threw his legs around Mike's back; they ground their cocks together in a kind of frottage, as Ed sucked some boy-juices out of Mikeís boy-cunt.


Then, Ed spread his own precum and some saliva onto his joy stick and grabbed Mike's waist on each side and drove his cock slowly into the open and waiting boy-hole. He did not stop till he was buried pubic hair to ass. Holding on tightly so he wouldn't unintentionally dismount, he plowed Mike's ass deep and hard, just the way Mike liked it, with short hard jabs, pounding his prostate in rapid fire.


Soon, Mike was almost delirious with pleasure; but he wanted more.


He rolled Neil over, and rubbed spit on his hole and pulled him in tight, almost painfully, long-dicking Neil, just as he liked it, too. Ed's pounding got faster and Mike's cock went wild with the sensation of the hot moist tight ass around his cock and he came, almost violently, into his best friendís rectum. The action caused Mike to clench his own ass muscles, and this new tightness drove Ed over the edge as he pulled Mike onto himself tightly and deeply, unloading his gift of boy babies into his best friend. They hung onto each other drifting, drifting in their minds and bodies in a near state of ecstasy.

Then they uncoupled and changed position. Along the way they licked the cum and boy-juice off of each otherís cocks, except Neil spit his treasure into his own hand and coated his cock with it. He moved into position behind Ed and slathered his ass, opening him up with each of his index fingers. Then he inserted his long middle finger and worked the boy-hole, spitting and licking with his long tongue till Ed relaxed some more and the second middle finger was in. With four fingers in Ed's ass, Ed was wiggling with excitement and pleasure. He relaxed some more because he knew Neil had a very large cock and he wanted to be as open as he could be, in preparation for his gift.


Mike shifted himself around and got into a sixty-nine position with Ed, and Neil's tongue finished relaxing and opening Ed up. Soon, Mike and Ed were slurping on each other, making each other mad with pleasure as Neil slow-fucked Ed's ass. Neil liked to fuck slow and hit the prostate each time, then slide his massive cock past it, letting the corona and large veins ripple across the prostate. This set up waves of pleasure in Ed, and Neil's cock got maximum sensory input. He could fuck maddeningly slow, but he was very persistent and sure.


Both Ed and Mike loved to get fucked by Neil because it was so unique and slow. Soon, the boys were cuming in each otherís throats, and the tightening of Ed's ass caused Neil to unload torrents of cum into his ass, coating the whole rectum with his massive amount of sperm.


Once each boy-man had come down from the second climax of the evening, Mike moved into position by Edís rear entrance as Neil slowly removed his massive cock from his best friend's butt hole. He licked Neilís cock as it withdrew and then sucked the cum and boy-juice from the still open cunt. He sucked juice till the hole slowly closed, then shared it with both of his best friends, in a three-way kiss.

They still had a while to go before it was time for sleep, and being boys at heart, they wanted more sex.


While their balls were manufacturing more baby-makers, they decided to try their second-most favorite activity Ė about a fifteen-minute ďAround The WorldĒ maneuver, kissing, fondling, licking, nibbling and just touching as much of each otherís bodies as is humanly possible. Tumbling, rolling, sliding over each other, there wasnít a square inch of skin that, eventually, didnít have some kind of moisture on it Ė sweat, spit, or pre-cum!  It made for a delicious dessert.


As their pricks became tumescent again and they started to pant a little and moan, Neil pulled Ed to himself and they reversed positions so that Neil was facing Edís sweet butt-cheeks, his front-to-Edís back, but his feet were reversed and down by Ed's head. Ed's ass was still slick from the cum and boy-juice and saliva, so Neil licked his balls and taint till Ed was moaning and squealing in delight. Then he bent Ed in the middle and bent himself likewise and nicely and painlessly slid his large tool deep into his best friendís ass. 


Mike moved to position himself behind Neil and he rubbed the copious pre-cum from his cock onto the boy-cunt in front of him and onto his own knob. Then as Neil bottomed out in Ed, Mike savagely speared Neilís ass, holding on to his pelvis and grinding his cock deep into his best friend. They set up a rhythm and fucked each other till their cocks spewed sperm deep into each otherís body cavity.  Mike pulled off but Neil enjoyed being in Ed as long as he could.  Mike fluidly moved around Ed and engulfed his cock into his mouth, and as Neil slowly slid in and out, he sucked him till he came, then continued to suck him dry. They broke apart, retrieved and slipped on their pants, and kissed each other good-night and fell into a peaceful restful sleep.

Neil had always been a natural-born leader, and he was their leader now. He woke up about forty-five minutes early, before the alarm went off, and peed into the container beside the bed. Thankfully, he did not have to leave the warmth of their common bed.


He pulled back the blanket.  Both of his best friends had morning woodies. He opened Mikeís fly and took the wonderful uncircumcised cock into his mouth. He peeled the skin back with his tongue and sucked on the head. As he fondled his balls, he slipped a finger into his rosebud. Soon, he could feel the cock enlarge just as Mike woke up. After five or six more sucks and knob licks, Mike erupted, filling Neil's mouth with copious cum. Mikeís body shook so hard, Neil almost thought that he was having convulsions. Some of the sperm escaped, but Neil caught it with his lips before it could go far.  Mike came down off of his high and lay there in contentment.


Neil had moved to, and was already at work on Ed's knob, sucking and deep-throating that succulent tube of throbbing flesh, while at the same time, massaging Edís ass with his finger. He poked the prostate and sucked harder. Ed woke with a start and squirted nearly ten loads into Neil who licked his lips and swallowed it all.


Neil settled back and had a contented smile on his face. Ed started to kiss him passionately and then to suck on his tongue. Mike was doing the same thing to Neilís large male member, deep-throating it; who knows how he got it into his gullet!  Neil screamed into Ed's mouth and came into Mikeís mouth. They grinned at each other and were totally boys again. They were all a little post-orgasm somnolent for a few minutes, drifting in a state of bliss.

The radio came on and the Star Spangled Banner filled the air, playing even the second stanza. The guys stirred and began to move around when the radio said,

"Columbia, this is cap-com in Houston. Good morning; how are you guys, today?"

"Well, Commander Lovell, weíre all happy and excited to continue the adventure. How is everyone back on earth today?" Neil Armstrong said.

"We are just fine. We noticed that telemetry showed a spike in your heart rates last night and again this morning as you slept. Are you guys alright?"

"Commander, this is Ed; weíre just fine; is the telemetry working OK?" he asked as he grinned at his cabinmates.

"Yeah, James, we feel just great," said Michael Collins. "What do you think it was?" He stifled a laugh.

"Columbia, we are not sure but we are working hard on the anomaly and think we will soon have it in hand."

At that particular wording, all three boys covered their mouths to keep the laughter in. Then the three boys became men again and began the shuttleís morning chores. Heroes in the eyes of the whole world.  On their way to be the first to land on the moon. But they were boys just underneath the surface, three best friends, having fun and fulfilling sexual space.

And now you know the rest of the story. 


Authorís closing note: You might go back and read the story again, starting at the
ooo0ooo, but think of it happening in the weightlessness of space.

No dishonor was meant by this story to the brave men who climbed aboard hundreds of tons of high explosives and risked their lives to reach the unknown. But how many of us have wondered who had an orgasm first in space, or on the moon. Who had the first man-to-man sex and who had the first woman-to-man sex. Is anyone naive enough to believe it hasn't happened? What secrets has NASA hidden to prevent a national scandalous sensation? Wouldn't you love to have been the first to jack off in space, have your cock sucked, or had a nice piece of man meat rocketing in your ass, while floating weightless?



Posted: 08/31/07