A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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We changed into something comfortable then found a movie on TV. Before the movie was over, I had to sleeping boys cuddled against me. I managed to wiggle out and get JC to his feet but Charlie was dead to the world. I managed to pick him up can carry him down the hall. “Dad, umm.”


When we got to the rooms, I brought him into my room and gently set him on the bed. JC and I got him undressed then JC quickly stripped. After doing his business he crawled in beside his brother while went and secured the house. JC made a hole and wanted me in the middle. I got comfortable then drifted off to sleep.



Chapter 20




Jack Malone spent the night sleeping in his office. He’d been busy putting together a plea agreement that would get Charlie’s mother away from him, get her the treatment she’s demanding in order to allow Jerry to adopt the teen, and protect her all while serving justice. At 7 he went across the street to the county jail to put the proposal in front of Kim. He got a female deputy to bring him to her. “OK Green, rise and shine.”


She heard the female’s voice then stuck her hand up flipping her off. “Oh go away.”


Jack kicked the cell door. “Come on Ms. Green, get up.”


She rolled over to see who the male’s voice was. “What do you want?”


“Get up and come on then you’ll see.”


Kim got up then stuck her hands through the opening so the deputy could cuff them. Once that was done, she opened the door and led her down to the conference cell. Once she was inside, the deputy uncuffed her hands then left so she and Jack could talk. “So what’s so important you had to disturb my beauty sleep?”


Jack opened his briefcase and pulled out the plea agreement setting it in front of her. “Read this and then sign it.”


She started reading then came to what she was actually being charged with. “What is this pandering?”


Jack stared at her. “Pandering is selling your son’s body.”


She shook her head. “I never did that?”


“Didn’t you?” Jack snapped back. “You used him to pay for your dope.”


She tried to get smug. “Prove it!”


Jack laughed at her. “Remember that CD with your phone conversation?”


Her face sunk. “Yeah OK.”


She read on and then saw that she would be in a locked detox/rehab facility for a year then shook her head again. “What now?”


“A year in a locked detox place?”


Jack nodded his head. “Yeah, it’s either that or 5 in jail, take it or leave it.”


She held her hand out for a pen. “What about protection?”


Jack nodded his head handing her a pen. “Sign it and it’s covered. You’ll be in the Witness Protection Program.”


She signed the form. “There, now when do I leave?”


Jack put the papers back into his briefcase. “I’ll have to take this to a Circuit Court Judge for his approval. You’ll appear before him where you’ll enter your plea then you’ll have to openly tell of your crime.”


“I have to tell what I did?”


Jack nodded his head. “That’s part of the deal.”


“Do I have to name names?”


Jack nodded his head, “Just Vincent Telefano’s.”


She thought for a moment. “Yeah, OK.”


Jack stood and waited at the cell door for the deputy. She put Kim back into cuffs then opened the door. Jack was at the front desk about to sign out when the alarms went off. “I’m sorry Mr. Malone, we’re under a lock down. No one is allowed in or out until the situation has been resolved.”


“Can you find out what’s going on?” He asked the deputy.


The man nodded his head and picked up the phone. “Come with me sir, you’ll need to see this.”


Jack followed the young deputy back inside the jail. It took several minutes but they finally arrived at the cell. There were guards blocking the corridor and paramedics inside the cell working on someone. Before Jack could get close, he managed to get the attention of one of the guards. “Who is it and what happened?”


The guard looked at Jack. “I’m not at liberty to say.”


Jack removed his ID. “I’m the county attorney.”


The deputy looked at Jack’s ID. “I’m sorry Mr. Malone; it’s your ADA, Dennis Franklin. It looks like he hung himself.”


‘Just fucking great,’ Jack thought to himself.


Jack tried to wiggle though the crowd of people. The deputy assisted Jack and soon he was standing outside the cell door. “Did he make it?”


One of the paramedics looked at Jack then shook his head. “I’m sorry sir but no, he didn’t.”


Jack shook his head then got angry. “Why wasn’t he on suicide watch?”


A lieutenant came up to him. “Mr. Malone, no one thought he would try this. He never acted depressed because at the first sign of that he’d have been put into a special cell.”


Jack was now wondering if this would toss a wrench into the plea deal he’d made with Kim Green. “I apologize lieutenant, I hadn’t thought he would pull this stunt either. How soon before I can get out of here, I need to get over to the circuit court.”


“Come on with me Jack, I’ll let you out.”


The lieutenant led Jack back to the sign-in desk and let him out. He walked across the street to his office and then slammed his briefcase down onto his desk. “Mother fucking son of a bitch,” he shouted venting his frustration.




Back at home, I was lying in bed with JC snuggled close to me and Charlie was spooned against his back. I felt JC’s lips against my cheek. “Dad, are you awake?”


“Un, un,” I mumbled softly as not to wake Charlie. “This is his answering service; leave a message at the sound of the beep.”


I went go ‘beep’ then JC started to softly giggle. “Dad, I have to ask an important question. Get back to me as soon as you can, bye.”


I cocked an eye open and saw him smiling. “OK, what’s this important question?”


He was about to answer when I heard a soft moan and felt his dick twitch against my leg. I lifted my eyes and saw Charlie smiling. JC moved his head closer to my ear as I heard him moan again. “Dad, umm please, can umm ungh, can Charlie oh ungh make love to me, ungh?”


I reached my arm over JC and ran my hand along his butt then I felt Charlie’s hand. “Are you fingering him Charlie?”


JC moaned. “Yeah Dad he is. He asked me and I wanted him too. Please Dad.”


JC moved the covers down and lifted his leg. Charlie had 2 fingers inside him and JC’s dick was responding to his ministrations. I looked at Charlie’s dick which was erect and leaking. He was as big as JC but not as big around so I didn’t think he would hurt him. “Charlie, keep doing what you’re doing then try and add another finger. If that doesn’t hurt him, then you can make love but go slow and don’t just shove your dick into him.”


I reached down and picked up the lube squirting more around JC’s hole. Charlie pulled back then added a third finger and gently started moving inward. “Ungh,” JC moaned. “I feel really full.”


“Are you in pain son,” I whispered to him.


He shook his head; “Oh no Dad, just real full. Come on Charlie, put it in please.”


Charlie looked at me for approval. I nodded my head then reached for his pillow as he moved around. “Turn onto your stomach son.”


JC started shaking his head. “No Dad please, I wanna see him as he makes love to me.”


This position wasn’t for first timers but I was going to be there until Charlie was inside. I held the pillow then tapped his back. “Lift your hips up son.”


He did then I slid the pillow under him as Charlie lubed his dick. JC pulled his legs back and Charlie put his dick against JC’s waiting hole. I saw JC bear down so Charlie began to insert his rod. JC’s hole seemed to open up as if on cue and I watched as Charlie’s dick disappear. “OH shit.”


Charlie froze. “Oh shit bro, am I hurting you?”


“Fuck no,” JC moaned. “It feels better than I ever expected it could. “Go in some more.”


Charlie slowly sunk inside JC’s bowels and I could see the pleasure on JC’s face. “OK bro, that’s it, I’m inside all the way.”


I felt this was my cue to leave so I gently kissed each one on the cheek. “Take it slow Charlie.”


I saw both boys smile as I headed for the bathroom. I emptied my bladder then went out the other door heading for the kitchen. I made some coffee then sat down as my 2 love birds consummated their love. I sat there drinking my coffee lost in thought when my boys came in and joined me. JC sat on my lap then kissed me. I saw tears rolling down his face and at first I thought he was in pain. “Thank you Dad.”


Charlie pushed a chair over and sat close beside us. He leaned over and kissed me next. “Thanks Dad.”


I saw both boys looking at each other and no other words had to be said. I could see the love they had for each other and realized this wasn’t a passing fancy. I felt JC take my hand in his. “Dad, I know Charlie’s Mom has it set up for you to adopt him but I want you to adopt me too. To me you are my Dad but I want you to make it official.”


I was about to answer him when the phone rang. Charlie hopped up and answered it. When he handed me the phone, he had a look of fear on his face. “It’s Mr. Malone Dad.”


I took the phone from him then held his hand as he came back and sat down. “Yes Jack, what can I do for you?”


“Mr. Miles, we have a problem and I’m going to need you and Charlie in court as soon as I can arrange it.”


I was really worried now. “Why, what’s going on?”


“It’s a long story,” Jack started. “I need to call Mr. Fletcher right now then head over to the circuit court.”


I tried at get in another question but the line went dead. I pushed the off button then set it on the table. “What’s g going on Dad?”


I pulled him close to me. “I don’t know Charlie. All Mr. Malone would say is that he’s going to need you and me in court as soon as he can arrange it.”


Charlie started shaking. “No, it’s happening all over again.”


JC wrapped his arms around him. “No it’s not bro. Now relax and let Dad handle this, OK?”


Charlie was crying harder now. I reached over and pulled him onto my lap as JC stood. “Go get his medicine son.”


JC hurried back to the bedroom and came back with Charlie’s pill bottle. “How much should I give him Dad?”


I reached for my coffee. “Give him half a tablet son. Charlie, take your pill.”


Charlie took his pill with some of my coffee then I had JC hold him while I got breakfast going. Charlie relaxed as JC held him but he was still softly crying. “I’m scared JC.”


“It’s OK Charlie, Dad said he’d never let anything happen to you now you gotta trust him.”


He looked up at me as the tears rolled down his face. I was scrambling some eggs in a bowl so I stopped and went over to him. He held his arms out as he stood up. I wrapped mine around him. “No one will take you away from me son without one hell of a fight.”


I wiped the tears from his face as he managed a weak smile. “OK D…dad,” he stuttered then sat back down on JC’s lap.


By the time I’d had the food cooked Charlie’s medicine was beginning to take effect. I fixed the plates and the 3 of us quickly devoured it. I just put my last forkful into my mouth when there was a knock on the door. Charlie flinched as JC got up and answered it. “Come on in Uncle Ike.”


Charlie relaxed when he heard JC mention Ike’s name. He and JC came into the kitchen as I was pouring him a cup of coffee. “What’s going on Ike?”


I set the coffee on the table as he sat down. “That ADA Franklin went and committed suicide this morning.”


My faced screwed up. “What’s that got to do with me and Charlie?”


I poured myself a cup of coffee then joined Ike at the table. “Jack’s deal involving Charlie’s Mom was predicated on Franklin.”


Charlie started shaking so JC quickly pulled him into a hug. “But she signed off giving up her parental rights didn’t she?”


Ike nodded his head. “Yes she did and I’m going to push that part of the agreement not be withdrawn.”


Charlie looked at Ike. “Y…You really mean it?”


Ike nodded his head. “Of course I mean it.”


JC looked over to Ike. “Uncle Ike, I want you to file papers so Dad can adopt me too.”


I knew that was coming since JC had talked to me about it earlier. Ike looked at me and I nodded my head. “Make it happen Ike.”


JC then dropped another bombshell. “Uncle Ike, now that I’m 16, my trust can be used now, right?”


My eyes got big and Ike was staring at me. “What do you have in mind JC,” Ike asked like it was an inquisition.


JC caught the tone on Ike’s question. “Look Uncle Ike, this is me asking not Dad. Now, how much is in my trust?”


I saw Ike relax some. “I don’t have an exact dollar and cents figure JC but it’s very substantial.”


“Will you cut it out Uncle Ike and answer my question.”


“Like I said son,” Ike started but JC was having none of it.


“Fine damn it,” JC said standing walking into the living room. “I’ll call Judge Gould.”


“You better answer him Ike,” I said as I got up to go talk to JC. “When he wants something answered, he’ll stop at nothing until it is.”


Ike got up and followed me into the living room. JC was holding the phone and Zeus was sitting right beside him. Charlie walked over and sat beside his brother. “What’s going on bro?”


JC looked up at us. “Why can’t anyone just answer my question? Uncle Ike, I saw you look at Dad thinking he’d put me up to asking but he didn’t. Now, you have 1 minute to answer me of I’m calling Judge Gould.”


Ike sat down. “I don’t know right off but you’re looking at several million dollars. Why do you want to know?”


JC came over and wrapped his arms around me as he looked into my eyes, “Because I want to buy Dad a bigger house.”


I was stunned and at a loss for words. “You want to buy Dad a bigger house?”


My eyes were getting misty. I looked down as JC was staring up at me. “Yeah Dad, is that such a bad thing?”


I shook my head as I kissed him on the cheek. “No son, that’s not a bad thing at all. You do realize it’s going to have to be approved, don’t you?”


JC saw Charlie standing there and held his arm out. He shuffled over timidly. “What’s wrong, do you think this doesn’t include you too?”


“I d…don’t k…know bro. S so m…much is happening.”


I wrapped my arms around them. “I know there is son. I’m confused too but I’m not giving you boys up period.”


Just then Ike’s cell phone rang. “It’s Jack, I better take this.”


He was on the phone for several minutes and I could tell it had something to do with Franklin’s suicide. As soon as he hung up, he started looking through his briefcase. “What gives Ike?”


He pulled out a file and was looking it over. “OK guys, here’s the deal. Jack just met with a circuit court judge and he’s agreed to listen to the plea deal he made. Now Charlie, your Mom doesn’t have legal counsel so I’m going to have to represent her.”


“What?” Charlie shouted. “Why?”


I wrapped my arms around him. “Take it easy son, let Ike explain.”


“Charlie, every person is entitled to have a lawyer and this deal is very important. If she makes it now, she could say later she didn’t have a lawyer and Jack coerced her then everything could be deemed null and void.”


Charlie looked confused. “Son, Ike is going to be your Mom’s lawyer for this hearing so later on, your adoption can’t be reversed.”


“Oh no,” Charlie exclaimed. “I don’t want that.”


JC took Charlie by the hand and hurried down the hall. “What time is the hearing?”


Ike was still studying the file. “It’s in about 30 minutes.”


I hurried down the hall and quickly shaved. 10 minutes later, we were all dressed and ready to go. Inside the courthouse, Jack was waiting outside Judge Foley’s courtroom. “Ike, I’m sorry about having to have you represent Kim Green but it was the only way.”


Ike nodded. “I understand but will you still be able to get her into protection?”


Jack nodded his head as he opened the door. “I should be able to. I’ve been in contact with the US Marshall’s office and they’re still willing to take her.”


We hurried to our seats when the judge came out. “All rise.”


We stood as a very young judge came out and took his seat. “Mr. Malone, I’ve read your brief. Has Ms. Green retained counsel?”


Ike stood. “Ike Fletcher representing Kim Green, Your Honor.”


The jurist looked at Ike. “Are you sure you can properly represent her?”


Ike nodded his head. “Yes Your Honor, I have everyone’s best interest here.”


I could see the doubt on his face. “Very well Mr. Fletcher. Bailiff, can you bring Ms. Green into the courtroom?”


The bailiff left then a few minutes returned escorting Kim. Ike came through the rail and stood beside the woman. “What gives?”


Ike leaned close to her ear. “I’m your lawyer for this hearing.”


“Are you trying to fuck me over?”


Ike shook his head, “Not at all lady.”


“Am I still going to get protection?”


Ike nodded. “Yep, it’s all been arranged.”


Judge Foley looked at Jack. “OK Mr. Malone, you’re up.”


Jack stood and pulled out the deal he and Kim worked out. “Your Honor, the County Attorney’s office has worked out a plea agreement with Ms. Green. In exchange for her guilty plea, she will sign over her parental rights to her son Charlie and recommend that Mr. Jerry Miles adopt him.”


The judge looked at Kim. “Is this what you really want Ms. Green?”


She looked at Charlie. “Yeah, that’s fine with me Judge.”


Jack brought the papers up to the judge. He looked them over then stared at me. “Are you Jerry Miles?”


I nodded my head. “I am Your Honor?”


“Are you prepared to care for this little hustler?”


“OBJECTION,” Jack shouted.


The judge stared at Jack. “According to the transcripts I’ve read, the boy is a drug using prostitute.”


I was pissed but Jack remained calm. “Your Honor, had you read further, you’d know Charlie was forced into that.”


The judge waved his hand, “What ever Mr. Malone. Mr. Miles, if you want him, you have him.”


The judge signed the adoption papers. “Does he wish to have your last name?”


Charlie looked at me with a huge grin on his face. “Yes Your Honor.”


“Very well,” Judge Foley said. “It is the order of this court that Jerry Miles is the adoptive parent of Charlie Green and will now be known as Charlie Miles. Now Mr. Malone, what else is in the plea agreement?”


Jack pulled out another form. “In turn for her naming some critical names, the DA’s office has agreed to the following. Ms. Green would be sentenced to 5 years in prison for pandering with 4 years suspended. The one year would be served in a secured detox/rehab facility to be determined by the US Marshall’s office. When she is released from the detox facility, she will remain in the Witness Protection Program.”


I could see the judge wasn’t happy with this. “Have these arrangements been cleared with the US Marshall’s office?”


Just then a man stood from the back of the courtroom. “Special Agent Doug Tanner, Your Honor. Yes, we have agreed to take Ms. Green into the program and are prepared to take her today.”


He looked at everyone. “Very well Mr. Malone. Ms. Green, on the sole count of pandering, how do you plead?”


Kim and Ike stood facing the Judge. “Guilty Your Honor.”


The judge made a notation on the file. “Is the charge true? Did you use your son to pay for your drug habit or is he just a street slut?”


“OBJECTION,” Ike shouted.


Kim looked at Charlie. “No sir, he was forced into it. Charlie, I’m sorry for what I did to you.”


The judge made another notation. “The court accepts your plea Ms. Green and sentences you to a term of 5 years with 4 suspended. Mr. Miles, Charlie is now your legal son and if he violates the law, he will be tried as an adult, is that understood?”


I nodded my head as Charlie hugged me tightly. “I understand Your Honor and he’ll not be in any trouble.”


The judge handed Jack back the papers. “I truly hope so Mr. Miles. This court is now adjourned.”


The bailiff led Kim back into the holding area as the US Marshall quickly hurried towards the holding area. Jack handed Ike the adoption papers. “Jerry, give that young man a loving home. He needs a chance to have some love in his life now.”


I shook his hand as Charlie was hugging me tightly. “Don’t worry Jack, I will and thanks for everything you’ve done.”


JC looked at Ike. “Now, can we talk to Judge Gould?”


I looked at JC as he was staring at Ike. “Gee son, I don’t know.”


JC was not in a mood to take no for an answer. He turned and ran towards the back of the courtroom shouting as he ran. “FINE DAM IT, I’LL TALK TO HIM MYSELF.”


Normally I wouldn’t have said too much to him but when he stuck up the one finger salute, I had to take some kind of action. Charlie hugged me tight. “Dad, don’t spank him, please.”


I looked at him. “Son, I’ll never spank either of you but be honest now. Do you think what he just did was acceptable?”


He looked down. “No Dad, that was wrong.”


I kissed him as I heard Ike slammed his briefcase closed. “That boy has another ass warming coming.”


Charlie squeezed my arm as I reached out to Ike. “No you don’t.”


“Don’t tell me what to do with my great nephew.”


I held firm on his arm. “I’m his parent Ike so I will say.”


He stared at me. “So you’re just going to let him get away with that?”


I shook my head as Charlie and I headed for the door. “I didn’t say that Ike but I’m not going to spank him.”


I opened the door then Charlie and I hurried over to Judge Gould’s courtroom. Judge Gould was on the bench and JC was standing in front of the jurist. “Please Judge, let Jerry be my Dad now.”


I stopped in my tracks. I could hear that JC was sobbing as he talked. “Did your Dad put you up to this?”


JC was shaking him head. “No sir, this is all my doing. I know Jerry is my permanent legal guardian but, but.”


He could no longer keep control of his emotions as he fell down to his knees. Charlie let go of my arm and ran towards his brother. As he got through the rail, he dropped to his knees sliding up to his brother wrapping his arms around him. “Don’t cry bro.”


JC gasped as he heard Charlie’s voice. “But I want a Dad too bro.”


I walked up behind him then scooped my boy up into my arms. “I know you do son and you deserve it too. Judge Gould, I know you think it might be too soon but I don’t.”


I heard the courtroom door close as Ike came walking up. “I know a certain young man that needs to learn some manners too.”


I glared at Ike as I held JC in my arms. “We’ll discuss that later.”


JC looked at his Uncle. “I know that was wrong Uncle Ike and I’m sorry. I just wish you’d stop treating me like I’m a little kid at times.”


I saw Ike’s eyes drop to the floor. “Guilty as charged JC and I apologize for that. Judge Gould, I support Jerry’s petition for adoption of my great nephew.”


Ike set his briefcase on the table and pulled out the adoption request then brought it up to Judge Gould. “Are you positive Mr. Miles?”


I saw JC smiling at me. “Yes Your Honor, I’m positive.”


I watched as Judge Gould thumbed through the papers then began signing. “Very well Mr. Miles, it is the order of this court that JC Martin, now known as JC Miles, is your legal adopted son. JC, I hope this brings stability to your life and your health will continue to improve.”


JC was smiling from ear to ear. “Thank you sir, I know it will especially now that I have another brother too.”


Judge Gould broke out into a smile. “Well, congratulations Charlie. I’m sure you’re glad to have stability in your life now.”


“Yes I am sir,” Charlie said as both boys had tight holds on my arms.


Judge Gould handed Ike the papers he’d signed. “Well, you three just keep being good to each other.”


Judge Gould banged his gavel then left the bench for his chambers. I looked at JC. “Young man, I don’t ever want to see that hand gesture again.”


He looked down at the floor. “Yes Dad, I’m sorry Uncle Ike.”


I looked at Ike as he extended his arm out to JC. JC went over and hugged him as I felt Charlie wrap his arms around me. “Come on guys, let’s get out of here. I don’t want to see this building for a long time.”


We headed out of the courthouse and the boys ran to the Hummer. I felt Ike’s hand on my shoulder. “Have you thought any more about what JC said?”


I hadn’t really. “In a way I can understand where he’s coming from. He sees a new home as a total fresh start for him and Charlie. There’s plenty of room in the house I have so I will probably have to sit down and talk with him.”


Ike nodded his head. “Umm, has he looked at the ATM card I gave him for his birthday?”


“With all that has happened lately with Charlie, I don’t think he’s even thought about it, I know I hadn’t, why Ike?”


Ike giggled for moment then his face got serious. “Jerry, that gift would be considered excessive for an adult, much less a 16 year old boy. He has over $1 million sitting in a high yield savings account. I started that for him when he turned 13, right after I learned he had leukemia.”


My mouth was hanging open. “Then he doesn’t have to touch his trust fund. Ike, the house is paid for and it’s valued at around $300,000. I don’t know what JC’s thinking of when he says he wants a new house. I don’t know if he means a brand new house just built or a house that’s new to the 3 of us.”


Ike smiled. “I’m not sure either but it’s a buyer’s market out there. There is a house for sale a couple blocks from where I live that’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a 2 story with a huge master suite on the ground floor with a bathroom. It’s on the water and has a dock with a huge fence. There is ramp with a wide concrete pad so someone can launch and pull out a boat and with the tall fence, no one can get into the back yard from the water.”


I was drooling as Ike was telling me about this house. “Write the address down for me. Do you know what they’re asking for it?”


Ike took out a card and began writing. “The last price I knew was $575,000 but that was about 6 months ago. I’ve put the name of the realtor and the number down here too. I’d love to have you and the boys for neighbors.”

To be continued...


Posted: 07/18/08