A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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The judge banged his gavel then Marsha leaned forward. “You have got to see this.”


My curiosity was up. “What’s up?”


We stood and were about to leave when Marsha looked at Jack Malone. “Jack, I think you’d better see this too.”


Chapter 19



We all headed over to Judge Gould’s courtroom. I saw JC and Charlie holding hands. “Man bro, I was so proud of you when you stood up to your Mom.”


Charlie turned a little red. “Not really dude. To be honest, I was scared shitless but she pissed me off when she talked that way about Dad.”


JC stopped and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Well, you stood up to her and that was important.”


Ike and Jack were walking side by side when Ike looked at Jack. “For the life of me, I can’t figure out how that broad got a fix in jail.”


Jack shook his head. “I don’t know but it definitely had to be someone the guards wouldn’t search.”


Ike covered his mouth. “You don’t think Dennis did it, do you?”


Jack shook his head. “He may be a lot of things Ike, but I don’t think he’d risk everything by bringing drugs into the jail and allowing her to shoot up right in front of him.”


Ike thought for a moment. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. You know, I have an idea on how we might find out who did it?”


We were about to enter Judge Gould’s chambers. “I’m all ears.”


We entered the room and Marsha headed for the TV and turned it on then popped the tape into the VCR. “I taped this before I left the office to come to court.”


She pushed play and the first thing we saw was the Channel 4 reporter. “We just received this late breaking report about the Vincent Telefano killing. We go to our field reporter Connie Diaz.”


Judge Gould was livid. “Damn it to hell, I issued a gag order. BAILIFF, GET IN HERE NOW!”


The Bailiff came running into the room. “Yes Your Honor?”




The Bailiff was shocked at the way Judge Gould was shouting at him. “I did Your Honor. I made certified copies of the order and had them sent over to the Sheriff’s Office for serving.”




The Bailiff went over to a phone. “This is Deputy Gonzales in Judge Gould’s court. I sent over a court order and requested it be served ASAP, have they been served yet?”


The Bailiff was put on hold then he hung up. He nodded his head but Judge Gould was impatient. “WELL?”


I really felt for the Bailiff. “Yes sir, they’ve all been served. I just spoke to one of the deputies who served several of the orders.”


Isaac calmed down then pulled out a paper and started writing. “Here, I want Connie Diaz and Amanda Richards arrested and brought to me immediately.”


He handed the Bailiff the 2 bench warrants. “I’ll get on this right away Your Honor.”


Marsha pushed play and we listened to the reporter’s report. “This reporter’s confidential source just informed me that someone very close to this case is preventing law enforcement officials from properly doing their jobs. He goes on to say that his efforts to seek justice in the death of Vincent Telefano are being blocked. He’s tried to interview a prime suspect but this individual has been put into seclusion. When he asked why, he was informed that it was none of his business and if he didn’t like it, too bad.”


We next saw Amanda Richards. “Connie, it appears that this person or persons is trying to circumvent due process.”


“That does seem to be the case Amanda. My informant said he was now being forced to use whatever means he could to locate his prime suspect and bring him to justice. I’ll report more as I get it. This is Connie Diaz reporting.”


Judge Gould ejected the tape then reared back like he was going to throw it out the window. JC ran over and wrapped his arms around him. “No Judge no, you’ll need that.”


The elder jurist relaxed. “You’re right JC and I apologize for losing my temper.”


I looked over at Jack and I could see the wheels turning in his head, “Penny for your thoughts Jack.”


I could see he was really trying to figure out what to say and this time I didn’t dare try and guess. He shook his head. “I’ve been thinking about what that field reporter said and there is only 1 person close enough to this case to leak information but for the life of me though, I can’t figure out why.”


I knew who he was talking about and I had to agree that I too couldn’t figure out why. “How are you going to find out? Let’s face it; I don’t think either of those reporters will give up their source.”


Ike looked over at us. “Jack, remember what you and I talked about?”


Now I was lost but Jack nodded his head. “Yeah I do.”


Jack sat down beside Ike. “Well, what say you and I have a little talk with Charlie’s mother? I think we can persuade her to talk.”


Now Jack looked confused. “Why would she?”


Ike smiled. “If she could save her own hide, I think she’d do it in a heart beat. Look Jack, she’s facing some pretty stiff charges. Personally I don’t care how long she serves as long as she can’t bother Charlie any more.”


“Right now I have her on pandering and child endangerment.”


Ike shook his head. “You got her on more than that if you play your cards right.”


Jack thought. “Yeah but those are long shots.”


“So what, she doesn’t know that. I only want 1 thing from her and that’s her signing away her parental rights to Charlie and agreeing to Jerry here adopting him. Anything else is gravy.”


I looked at Ike. “So are you thinking if Dennis somehow managed to get dope into the jail, he’s the one feeding that reporter?”


Ike looked at me nodding his head. “That’s the only logical conclusion.”


Marsha stepped in then. “I was at Channel 4 and interviewed the news anchor and I baited her. She didn’t come right out and give a name but I did it in such a way if would either confirm or deny who I was thinking of. Well anyway, her answer told me it wasn’t who I was thinking it was and it was one of the cops from the hospital.”


I could see the look in Jack’s eyes after Marsha said that. “OK Ike, let’s go and talk to her.”


I headed for the door but Ike stopped me. “Why don’t you get the boys home? They don’t need to be down here now. I think Charlie could use a little rest knowing things are over.”


Charlie got up and hugged Ike tightly. “Thanks for everything man.”


Charlie came over by JC and me. I gave them both a hug leading them towards the door. “I think maybe it’s time both boys got on with just being kids again.”


I took the boys and headed down to the Hummer while Jack and Ike paid a visit on Charlie’s mom.




Jack stopped to see if she was still in a holding cell in the courthouse or if she’d been moved back to the county jail. “Come on Ike, she’s still in holding.”


The two men got a female guard then head towards her cell. When the three of them arrived, she was lying on the bed. As soon as the guard put the key in the big lock, she jumped at the noise. “Well looky who’s here.”


The guard opened the door then led her out to a conference cell. Jack wasn’t ready for her mouth. “Just stuff it lady.”


Kim sat down. “OK so what gives, why are you here and is this my lawyer?”


Ike glared at her. “Don’t flatter yourself, I’m here looking out for Charlie.”


“Now why should I care about that little faggot?”


Jack set his briefcase down. “For starters, you should be thankful he wasn’t raped or for that matter, die from the dose of drugs your boyfriend gave him.”


She shrugged her shoulders. “Big deal, I didn’t have any part in that.”


“You didn’t?” Ike yelled. “Not according to that phone call. You ordered him there knowing full well Vincent would be there too and to top it off, you were there so that makes you a coconspirator.”


Jack took over then. “Now, if I were you I’d worry about myself because I can put you away for a long time.”


She was still high but knew she’d be coming down soon and there wasn’t going to be another fix any time soon. “What do you want?”


Jack looked at Ike then back over to her, “Answers.”


She pulled her legs up against her chest on the chair, “To what?”


Ike saw Jack smile. “First off, how’d you get high before court?”


She shook her head. “No way man, that’s so not gonna happen.”


Ike thought quickly. “Fine then lady, suit yourself. The next month is gonna be pure hell for you coming down without any help.”


She looked up at Ike. “I want rehab.”


Jack looked at Ike. “That can be arranged.”


“Not so fast Jack, she does one thing for me before anything.”


She looked up at Ike. “Like what?”


Ike stepped up, “Like you will sign over your parental rights to Charlie recommending that his foster parent, Jerry Miles, adopt him so he can have what’s left of a chance at a decent life.”


She got smug then, “Oh, and if I don’t?”


Ike shook his head. “I guess it’s going to be a very long next 30 days or so.”


Her head snapped up. “You wouldn’t, we had a deal.”


Jack shook his head. “We had nothing.”


Ike looked and saw she was shaking a little. “Now, what is it gonna be lady?”


She was in trouble and she knew it. “Fine, I’ll sign it.”


Ike pulled out some papers setting them on the table. “Sign by the highlighted areas.”


She slammed the pen down. “There, now when do I get into rehab?”


Jack looked at her, “When you answer some of my questions.”


She cocked her eyes up. “Like what?”


Jack repeated his first question. “How’d you manage to get high before court?”


Once again, she shook her head. “You’re crazy man, if I tell I’m dead.”


Jack looked at her, “If you don’t no rehab and a very long stint in prison. If you’re lucky you might see the light of day before you die.”


She started shaking. “You know who it is man.”


Ike looked at Jack. “I guess I was right.”


Jack sighed. “Alright, I’ll make the arrangements for you to get into a detox.”


She shook her head. “Man, I’m still dead. He’ll know it was me.”


Jack nodded. “You’ll be safe.”


Ike looked at her then over to Jack. “I hate to say it man but I think witness protection is the only way.”


The two men stood and the guard came over and let them out.


Jack turned and looked at the woman. “I’ll be talking to you a little more and trust me, you’ll be gone soon.”




After we got home, Charlie and JC went out to check on Zeus. They hadn’t made it to the back door when there he was wagging his tail. “Why don’t you guys go out back and give him some attention.”


While they were outside, I sat down and did some thinking. ‘Here I was a single guy then I had JC brought into my life who really took my heart. We’d done some things that could wind me behind the 8 ball but I knew JC wanted it probably as much as I did. We’d had our rocky moments but now things seem to be on an even keel.


‘Now here comes Charlie. This kid’s been through hell and back. His mother pimps him to pay for her dope then the guy decides their current payment plan wasn’t working and who still had to pay, Charlie. The police screw up and can’t watch either of them and Charlie gets attacked again but manages to defend himself but having to take a life in the process. All through this, his mother only cares about her next fix and doesn’t care what she has to do to get it.’


I got up and walked to the back door and looked out to see what the boys and Zeus were up to. JC had fashioned an old rope putting a knot in it and now it’s the boys against Zeus in a tug of war. I quietly opened the door and stepped out not wanting to make a sound. The first thing I heard was Zeus growling and he’s pulling for all he’s worth. I looked at the boys and they’re pulling just as hard and laughing their heads off. What I saw next was right out of a cartoon. It was as if Zeus had had enough and decided to let the rope go. He opened his mouth and both boys went back pedaling landing on their butts. I could swear that Zeus was standing there laughing at them and try as I might to remain quiet, I couldn’t. The boys were still laughing when I came into view. “Looks like Zeus won that round.”


The boys looked over at me and tried to regain some of their dignity. “No fair, he let go.”


I was still in stitches. “Did you bother to tell him the rules?”


JC quickly stood staring at me. “Uh well hey, he’s a dog.”


Zeus was standing proud. “That he is and smart enough to put 2 boys on their butts.”


Zeus ran over to the boys and they started rough housing. Once again I was laughing my head off at their antics. I sat down and watched then went back to thinking. ‘Ike was going to have Kim sign her rights to Charlie away and recommend I adopt him. That was a huge step in the span of under 48 hours.’


I was drawn out of my thoughts by what sounded like a mercy cry. “Help Dad, Zeus isn’t being fair.”


Zeus had managed to sit on both boys and was now washing their faces and necks causing them to laugh out of control. “You’re big boys, I’m sure you’ll figure a way out of that.”


As soon as Zeus turned to lick JC, Charlie managed to wrap his arms around Zeus and roll him off. Charlie tried rubbing his belly thinking he could tickle him but he just laid back and enjoyed it. The boys needed a break so they came over and sat on the ground beside me. Charlie playfully slapped me on the leg and put on a mock frown. “I thought you loved us? Zeus was being mean.”


I looked over the 2 of them. “Now, tell me you didn’t enjoy every minute of it.”


I got a sheepish grin from JC and one from Charlie that said ‘busted.’ JC was the first to move giving me a hug followed by Charlie. JC leaned towards my ear. “How do you know us so well Dad?”


“Yeah,” Charlie chimed in.


I gave them each a quick kiss. “That’s easy, I can see when two boys are really happy.”


Both their faces lit up when I said that. They looked at each other and over to me. Charlie’s eyes were wet as he was smiling. “Yeah we are happy now. We’re both here with you.”


They kissed me on the cheek then scurried inside. Zeus came over for a little attention so I sat there scratching his head thinking again. ‘My life had changed and turned almost upside down. Did I want it back like before?”


As I pondered that a voice brought me back to reality, “Dad, telephone.”


I looked down at Zeus then had my answer. ‘No, I can’t see my life without either of these boys.’


“Coming son.”


I got up and went inside followed by Zeus. JC handed me the phone. “It’s Uncle Ike.”


Ike was already talking as I put it to me ear. “I managed to get Charlie’s mother to agree to sign over her parental rights and agree to let you adopt him.”


I was a little surprised. “How’d you manage that?”


I heard Ike giggling. “It really wasn’t that hard but Jack had to make a couple of concessions too. She’ll be doing some of her time in a rehab/detox facility.”


Ike and I talked for a few more minutes because the boys were right there and I didn’t know how Charlie would react about his mom not being in jail. Before we hung up, the boys went into the kitchen so I managed to ask Ike one quick question. “When do you think Judge Gould would allow me to formally adopt Charlie?”


“I’m not sure to be honest Jerry. I don’t think he’d oppose it since he heard how his mother acted towards him. Jack will have to get the whole plea deal approved in Circuit Court and that also might include the adoption because of the other stipulations.”


It made sense. “Well then keep me appraised. I might decide to make it a double header, if you get my drift.”


Ike giggled again. “Oh I do buddy and I think you’ll have 2 very happy boys.”


It was my turn to laugh now. “I don’t think happy would properly describe it, more like ecstatic.”


I hung up the phone then got a surprise. “What did Uncle Ike want Dad?”


I jumped as I hadn’t heard them come back inside. “Well, it was about Charlie’s Mom.”


Charlie came closer. “What about her?”

I walked over to the couch and sat down then I was joined by the boys. I looked at Charlie and chose my words carefully. “Well, there are a couple of things. The first one is that Ike did manage to get your mother to agree to sign over her parental rights and to allow me to adopt you.”


As soon as those words were out of my mouth I was mugged by 2 teenage boys. “You really mean that?”


I managed to get my neck free so I could speak. “Yes but it’s subject to approval by the court as it was part of a plea arrangement. Now, here is the other part. Some of her sentence will be spent in a drug detox/rehab facility. Let’s face it son, she was and is pretty messed up.”


I hoped what I’d just said wouldn’t upset Charlie. I looked at him and I could see he was digesting what I’d said. “Personally, as long as she’s out of my life I don’t care where she is.”


I was surprised at that. I thought he’d lose it until I saw JC holding his hand. “Bro, you have a family here and people who love you for you.”


JC was looking Charlie right into the eyes and I knew that look. JC loved Charlie and I could sense it was more than just as a brother. JC took Charlie into his arms and held him tightly. “I know bro and I love you both. I don’t think anyone would have done for me what your Dad and you have. To them I’m just a fag kid of a junkie.”


I saw tears starting to roll down Charlie’s face and I was afraid he was going to start fighting but he didn’t. JC held onto him as he cried and cried. I’m not sure how long he cried but when he managed to stop, it was like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. I put my hand on his shoulder and he leaned against me. “Do you feel better now?”


He wiped his eyes then a smile began to appear on his face. It was the first time I could recall ever seeing him smile and he could light up a room with it. “Yeah I am now that Vincent and my mother are out of my life.”


When he looked at JC, Charlie still had that smile on his face. What JC did next really surprised me. He pulled Charlie into a passionate embrace then planted one on his lips. I watched as they kissed then JC broke it then leaned close to his ear. “Charlie, that smile is killer. I think I can fall for you.”


Now I hadn’t heard what was said but both boys had smiles on their faces. Charlie stood looking at me. “Umm, I’ll be right back, I have to pee.”


When Charlie was out of the room I had to ask JC what was said. When he scooted over he was still smiling. “OK kiddo, what did you just tell him.”


He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “I told him I thought I could fall for him.”


I was a little surprised then JC hugged me. I started to speak but he continued. “Dad, that doesn’t change how I feel about you. His smile melted my heart and I couldn’t help it.”


I understood what he meant. “Just go slow son; he’s been through a lot. I have a feeling he might need some counseling to totally get through this.”


We heard the toilet flush. “I will Dad.”


Charlie came out still smiling then he got a serious look on his face. “I’m hungry.”


It was a little early for dinner but the boys had not had anything since breakfast so I decided what the hell. “OK son, here’s what I want you and JC to do. I want you both to go and get a shower. Charlie, what’s your favorite place to eat at?”


Charlie shook his head then looked down. “I don’t have one.”


JC moved behind him wrapping his arms around his waist. “You’ve never eaten out ever?”


Charlie shook his head. “Nope, I had to eat what ever they left for me or I could manage to fix for myself. I do love fish though.”


I stepped in and wrapped both boys into a hug. “OK then, I know just the place.”


Charlie had a confused look on his face but JC took his hand and led him down the hall. “Come on bro, today is the first day of the rest of your life.”


Charlie put on that million watt smile of his as he kissed JC. “You don’t know how much this means JC.”


When the boys left to get their shower, I went into my room to take one. I had just stepped inside when the shower curtain opened and there stood JC and Charlie. At first I was going to say no but decided against it, moving so they could come in. “OK boys, come on in.”


No sooner had they stepped inside then I was sandwiched in between them. JC was facing me and Charlie was at my back. JC took the soap and lathered his hands then began washing my front. Charlie then took the soap and started on my back. I wasn’t sure what JC had in mind but I hoped it wasn’t anything sexual in nature because I just didn’t know how Charlie would react. Charlie’s only connection to sex was either masturbating or being used by an adult and I was worried that if JC started something, it could cause him to have a major flashback.


I felt 4 hands washing my upper half when Charlie led me under the water. “Rinse off Dad.”


I did like I was asked then both boys stood facing me. This was the first time Charlie had seen me totally naked and I could see by his semi erect tool it was having an effect on him. JC leaned over and whispered something to him then he nodded his head. “Yeah bro, Dad is hot.”


The comment surprised me a little but then I saw Charlie’s hand reach down and caress my dick. I gasped as his soft hand caressed me. “Son, are you sure about this?”


I wasn’t trying to stop him but I had to be sure this was something he truly wanted and that he didn’t think I was trying to entice him in any way. He stepped closer then kissed me gently. “Yes Dad, I am.”


I hadn’t climaxed in several days so my trigger was short, “Um son, ungh.”


JC held onto me from my mind shattering orgasm. When my eyes cleared I saw the smile on Charlie’s face. “Did you enjoy that?”


I was still returning to earth so all I could muster was a weak, “Uh huh.”


While my breathing was getting under control, I saw the boys washing each others hair and both were sporting major wood. When they were rinsing I took the soap and got both my hands lathered then proceeded to repay the favor to each boy but when I went to reach for JC, he smiled shaking his head no as he pointed to Charlie. I understood right away what he meant. Charlie was 15 but due to his being somewhat malnourished his body was slow in developing. His balls had dropped and were growing as well as having a somewhat sparse batch of pubic hair. His uncut dick was between 4 and 5 inches in length but not very thick. I reached down and caressed his smooth nut sack electing a soft moan. “Oh god that feels good.”


I rinsed my other hand then took his tool into my hand. I could feel the precum on it. I looked at his face and it had a look of pure pleasure. “How does this feel son?”


I gently started stroking it as I continued to massage his balls. “Oh Dad, that feels better than what anyone has ever done to me.”


JC leaned over and began massaging the globes of his butt. “That’s because Dad really loves you Charlie.”


I hadn’t been jacking him very long when his body stiffened. “Oh Dad, I’m cumming.”


I was rewarded with 4 strong blasts of teen cum against my chest. Once he stopped shooting, I licked my hand as JC watched. “How’s it taste Dad?”


I smiled and held my hand out. JC finished cleaning it off then kissed Charlie. “Bro, you have the sweetest tasting cum.”


Charlie blushed furiously then started smiling as he looked at me. “Thanks Dad; that felt super.”


The boys then started washing each other while I stepped out and got dried. Once the boys were done and dressed, we headed out to Red Lobster. Charlie looked at the menu. When the waitress came to take our order, he just ordered a bowl of soup and nothing more. I was about to say something when JC beat me to it leaning close to him. “I know you’re hungrier than that bro.”


Charlie shook his head. I took his hand and smiled at him. “Son, you order anything you want, don’t look at the prices.”


He tried to smile then he bolted from the table. JC got up and followed him as I talked to the waitress. “Give us a few minutes please.”


She left as JC was finding Charlie. He saw the teen enter the men’s room then quickly followed. “Charlie, it’s ok bro.”


JC could hear him crying inside one of the stalls. “Did you see how much that stuff costs? Dad will beat me.”


JC saw how the door opened so he took a coin out of his pocket then slipped it into the little notch on the lock opening the door. Once inside he knelt down in front of his younger brother. “No he won’t bro, Dad’s not like that. He brought you here as a gift to you.”


Charlie looked up. “A gift?”


JC got him to his feet hugging him. “That’s right bro now come on please?”


JC led him out of the stall then helped him wash his face. I was getting a little worried about them when I saw them coming back to the table. They sat down then JC squeezed my hand nodding. “Are you OK now son?”


He smiled then nodded. “Yeah Dad, I’m fine.”


A few minutes later the waitress returned then JC ordered. I watched as Charlie ordered a 3 shrimp combo meal while I ordered a steak and shrimp scampi. When the meal came we all dug in and the boys managed to have room left for desert. When they were done I got the check and paid it then we headed for home. No sooner were we in the door when Charlie wrapped his arms around me. “Did you have a good time son?”


He kissed me on the lips smiling. “Thanks Dad. I’m sorry for acting like that.”


I rubbed his back a few times, “Nothing to apologize for.”


We changed into something comfortable then found a movie on TV. Before the movie was over, I had two sleeping boys cuddled against me. I managed to wiggle out and get JC to his feet but Charlie was dead to the world. I managed to pick him up and carry him down the hall. “Dad, umm.”


When we got to the rooms, I brought him into my room and gently set him on the bed. JC and I got him undressed then JC quickly stripped. After doing his business he crawled in beside his brother while I went and secured the house. JC made a hole and wanted me in the middle. I got comfortable then drifted off to sleep.

To be continued...


Posted: 07/11/08