A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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JC looked over to me. “Dad, can Dr. Finch take me home?”


I felt his forehead. “Are you sick son?”


He shook his head. “No Dad but there’s something there I need, it’s important.”


I looked at Liam. “Do you mind Liam?”


He stood up shaking his head. “No Jerry, I don’t mind at all. Come on JC.”



Chapter 17



I watched Liam and JC leave then Judge Gould picked up the phone. I was wondering who he was calling but quickly found out. “Jack, this is Judge Gould. I want you in Judge Shepherd’s courtroom at 1 PM. Your ADA has really stuck his foot in it this time.”


Jack sighed. “What’s he done now?”


“For starters, he came into my chambers demanding I sign a subpoena so he could get the home address of Charlie Green.”


“Why did he want that?” Jack enquired.


I could see Judge Gould shaking his head. “I really don’t know unless he was going to try and arrest the boy without following proper procedure.”


“So what’s going on in Judge Shepherd’s court?”


“Ike Fletcher came to me requesting a show cause hearing. He’s claiming the news report and his other actions are nothing but harassment and I can’t rightly disagree.”


“I’ll be there Judge and for what it’s worth, I’ve told Mr. Franklin not to try and have the boy arrested until he had more evidence.”


Judge Gould hung up the phone. “Jack Malone will be present for this too. I know Judge Shepherd and he doesn’t take any crap so Ike, you should be on your best behavior.”




Dennis stormed out of the courtroom and walked across the street to his car. ‘You’re damn right you faggot loving Judge, I’ll be ready and when I’m done, you’ll be lucky if you have a law license.’




Marsha walked into her office and put her purse into her desk. She flipped on the TV and was shocked. “After this commercial, we return with more on the breaking story on the murder of Vincent Telefano.”


Marsha started pulling her desk apart for a video tape. She found one then shoved it into the recorder, putting it on pause ready to tape the report. She sat down and waited for the commercials to end then recorded it.”


She was on her way down to see her captain when her cell rang. “Marsha Flowers here.”


A voice on the other end said, “Hi Marsha, Ike Fletcher here. I need you in Judge Shepherd’s courtroom at 1. I also need a favor; can you let Capt. Gould know he’s needed there too?”


“Sure thing Ike and I have something for you too. I’ll see you there.”


She closed her phone then hurried down to see her boss. She knocked on his door then waited. “Enter.”


She opened the door then went inside. “Captain, I’ve been subpoenaed to appear in court.”


He looked up at her. “What time and what did you find out in Miami?”


“She sat down briefly. “I have to be in Judge Shepherd’s court at 1. Now about Miami, I managed to trick the reporter into answering a question. I found out it wasn’t who I first thought it was.”


The captain had a strange look on his face. “Who did you think it was?”


She sighed. “I thought I’d told you sir, Adam Olsen. Now since it wasn’t him it only leaves someone from the DA’s office.”


The captain couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Are you sure about this detective? That is a pretty strong charge.”


She nodded her head. “I know and they’re the only ones with access to the information. I hate to cut this short but I’ve gotta run. It’s 12:50.”


The captain nodded his head. “OK detective, keep me apprised.”


She nodded her head then left for the courthouse.




Back in Judge Gould’s chambers we started getting ready to go to Judge Shepherd’s courtroom. I took Charlie by the hand and stood but he didn’t budge. “Come on son, we have to go.”


I felt him starting to shake. “Daddy, I’m scared. Suppose that man doesn’t believe Ike, suppose he takes me away, suppose…”


I knelt down in front of him then brought him into a hug. “Easy now son, Judge Gould will be there and he won’t let that happen.”


He started crying again. My only hope was that pill I’d given him started to kick in soon. “Shhh son, don’t get yourself worked up. We’re all fighting for you.”


“I, I k…know D…Dad Daddy, I, I c…ca…can’t h…help it.”


His stuttering was getting worse and worse and Liam wasn’t here. Ike came over and rubbed Charlie’s shoulder. “It’s going to be OK Charlie. I have a few surprises of my own.”


Charlie looked up, “R…really?”


Ike smiled at him. “I’ve never lied Charlie.”


Charlie stood up and took Ike’s hand then we all went into the next courtroom. Ike, Charlie and I took our places at the defense table and Judge Gould sat right behind us. Just then, Marsha and Capt. Gould hurried in and sat beside Isaac. “Are we late?”


Ike tuned around and shook his head. “Nope, you’re just in time.”


Marsha leaned forward. “I’ve got something you’re going to be interested in seeing.”


“This better be good,” Ike whispered.


Marsha giggled softly. “Oh it is, trust me.”


Just then the door to the courtroom opened and I looked to see who it was. JC and Liam were hurrying down the isle then JC wiggled in so he could sit right behind me. “Did you get what you needed son?”


He nodded his head just as the Bailiff stood. “All rise; this court is now in session, The Honorable Judge Franklin Shepherd presiding.”


A middle aged man came out of his chambers then quickly climbed the steps. He banged his gavel, sat down then looked out into the gallery. “Be seated. This is a show cause hearing filed by Mr. Ike Fletcher that’s been transferred to my court. Good afternoon Judge Gould.”


Isaac stood. “Good afternoon Your Honor, thank you for taking this case on such short notice.”


Frank nodded. “I had a free afternoon so I’m glad to help. It’s nice to see you too Mr. Fletcher. Now where are the other parties? I assume they’ve been notified, haven’t they?”


Judge Gould looked around and saw Franklin hadn’t returned. “Yes he was…”


Just then the door opened and in strolled Dennis Franklin like he didn’t have a care on the world. “Well, it’s nice of you to grace us with your presence sir.”


He kept walking ignoring the judge then went through the rail setting his briefcase on the table. He then looked at Charlie. “Your faggot ass is mine kid.”


Judge Shepherd banged his gavel. “That will cost you $500.00 sir and any future comments like that will start doubling the fines and add jail time.”


Just then Jack Malone came in. “My apologies to the court Your Honor, I was just informed my presence was required.”


Judge Shepherd nodded his head. “Apology accepted Mr. Malone. Now I suggest you teach your ADA’s how to act in court. Threatening a defendant is not tolerated.”


Jack glared at Dennis. “I’ve already told you, you’re on thin ice.”


He shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve got all the proof I need to put that fag…”


BANG, BANG, BANG “That will cost you $1000 and 10 days in jail, shall we try for double again?”


Jack came through the rail and stood beside the ADA. “You better have your checkbook Dennis, this office isn’t paying your fines.”


Dennis opened his case and pulled out a form handing a copy to Ike and then tossed it up onto the bench. “That is a request that the murderer Charlie Green be certified as an adult. He executed one Vincent Telefano.”


The Judge looked at it. “And why should I sign it? Where’s your evidence?”


Dennis puffed his chest out. “I have all the evidence I need, now just sign the form.”


BANG, BANG, BANG “$2000 and 20 days in jail. One more unprofessional comment out of you and you’ll be removed from this court.”


Dennis sat down and pulled out a file. He stood and tossed a copy to Ike then another on the bench. “Your Honor, here is a report filed by one Officer Adam Olsen. He states Charlie Green is a murderer.”


Ike stood. “OBJECTION, hear say.”


Dennis stormed over and stood in front of Charlie. “That boy is a murderer. He sold his body for drugs.”


“OBJECTION,” Ike shouted; “Assumed facts not in evidence.”


Judge Shepherd nodded, “Sustained.”


Dennis stormed around shooting bullets from his eyes at Judge Shepherd. “You have the facts right before you.”


The judge banged his gavel. “I read it Mr. Franklin, Officer Olsen’s statement is just that, hear say.”


“How dare you!” Dennis stormed towards the bench causing Capt. Gould to rise.


Jack stood. “Mr. Franklin, control yourself right this minute.”


Judge Franklin was seething. “Do you have anything that vaguely represents evidence?”


Jack was staring at the man. “Yes Your Honor. I have an eye witness?”


Capt Gould interrupted. “You have someone who actually saw Charlie Green kill Vincent Telefano?”


Bang, Bang “Order Captain.”


Capt. Gould turned several shades of red. “My apologies Your Honor but there were no witnesses to the killing.”


“Apology accepted,” Judge Shepherd replied. “You heard Captain Gould Mr. Franklin, what do you have to say to that?”


“She didn’t witness that boy viciously murder Mr. Telefano but was present when he made threats against him.”


Ike stood. “Who is this mystery witness?”


Dennis turned and glared at him. “If you must know it’s your client’s mother.”


“OBJECTION,” Ike shouted. “I’ve filed a motion for discovery and she’s not on my witness list.”


Jack turned. “I’m sorry Ike but I haven’t seen him to give him your motion.”


I looked at Ike and shrugged my shoulders. I felt Charlie start to shake then lean his head on my shoulder. “Daddy I c…can’t l…look a..at h…her.”


I motioned for Ike and he leaned over. “This is going to really scare Charlie. I don’t want him breaking down here in court.”


I nodded then looked back at the judge. “Your Honor, I withdraw my objection to Charlie’s mother but I request that he be allowed to wait in your chambers. His mother was behind…”


“NO WAY,” Dennis shouted “I want him in here to face her.”


Liam stood, “If it pleases the court.”


Judge Shepherd looked at him. “And who are you sir?”


Liam stepped out. “I’m Dr. Liam Finch and Charlie is under my care.”


“The fag is seeing a shrink?”


BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG “That tears it. That comment will cost you $5,000 and 30 days in jail. I also told you if you made one more unprofessional comment you’ll be in jail. Bailiff, put that man in cuffs.”


The Bailiff looked at the Judge and shrugged his shoulders so Capt Gould reached for his. “Allow me Your Honor.”


Ira walked through the rail and over to Dennis. “Let me go.”


He escorted the ADA out of the court and into a holding cell. “I swear I’ll get you captain if it’s the last thing I do.”


“That’ll be just another charge sir,” Capt Gould said as the 2 men left returning to the courtroom.


When they came back, Ike and Jack were talking. “Jack, it’s up to you now.”


I knew he hadn’t a clue what Dennis Franklin had in store. Jack turned and looked at Judge Shepherd. “Your Honor, I have no idea what Mr. Franklin was doing. I beg the court to allow him to return and I personally guarantee his actions so if I might have a couple minutes to speak with him?”


The Judge thought for a moment. “Very well Mr. Malone, you have 5 minutes. His behavior is in your hands and don’t think for a minute I won’t put you in jail either.”


Jack went in to see Dennis. The ADA jumped up and shouted. “Get me the hell outta here Jack.”


He just stood there shaking his head. “Will you shut up you idiot. You’ve really done it this time. Now, I haven’t a clue what you’re up to but I’ve managed to get you out of here for the time being.”


Dennis was fuming. “Get me the fuck outta here Jack. I’m going to have that faggot.”


Jack turned around and walked to the door causing Dennis to shout. “Now, one more word like that and I’ll leave you in here and let Ike sue your ass off.”


“Fine Jack,” Dennis said.


Jack called for the Bailiff to open the cell then the two of them returned to the courtroom. Jack took charge. “Your Honor, we call Kim Green.”


“Noooooooooooooooo,” Charlie screamed. “Please Daddy no.”


Jack walked over to the crying boy then extended his hand while motioning for Liam. “Your Honor, I have no intentions of adding to this child’s trauma. Please let him rest in your chambers with his physician.”


Dennis glared at the DA as he turned Charlie over to Liam then walk back to the table. “I guess you’re a faggot lover too.”


Jack just stared at him then leaned over to his ear. “That tears it Dennis, after this hearing you get back to your office and pack your shit because you’re fired.”


Just then the Bailiff led Charlie’s mother into the courtroom. I looked at Ike. “She’s high Ike.”


I watched as she was led in handcuffs and shackles to the witness stand. She was sworn in and when she spoke her words were somewhat slurred. Dennis went to stand then Jack pulled him back into his seat. “You’ll write the questions down and I’ll ask them.”


Dennis started scribbling while Jack stood and went over to the witness. “Please state your name for the court and relation to the defendant.”


“My name is Kim Green and I’m the mother of Charlie Green.”


Jack thought for a moment. “What was your relationship with Vincent Telefano?”


“He was my boyfriend.”


Jack paused. “Did you have any other kind of relationship with him?”


She shook her head. “No.”


Jack stared at her. “I remind you ma’am you’re under oath.”


“Damn it, I said NO!”


BANG, BANG, BANG “Watch your language.”


Jack went back over to the table and picked up the pad Dennis had scribbled several questions on. “Did Charlie know your boyfriend?”


She nodded her head. “Oh yeah, he knew him. Probably better than I did.”


“Would you care to explain that?”


“Yeah, the two of them were always going off together.”




Inside the judge’s chambers Charlie and Liam could hear what was going on inside the courtroom thanks to the speaker system. When Charlie heard what his mother said he crawled up on Liam’s lap and started crying. “No Dr. Finch that’s not true.”


Liam stroked the boy’s hair and talked softly to him. “Aye laddie, I know. Now don’t go gettin yerself worked up over it. Ike will take care of her.”


Charlie tried to stop crying. “O…ok d…Dr. f…Finch, I I’ll t…try.”




Jack looked over at Dennis and he was sitting there with a grin on his face. “What were they doing when they went off?”


She shook her head. “How do I know? I was always left behind.”


Dennis motioned Jack over and wrote something on the legal pad. Jack read it. “Are you sure about this? I’m not going to allow perjury.”


“Just shut up Jack and ask the question.”


Jack turned around. “How was your love life?”


Ike jumped up, “OBJECTION relevance.”


Jack had to look at Dennis. “Bear with us Your Honor,” Dennis said. “It will all become clear.”


Judge Shepherd thought for a moment. “Over ruled but tie it together Mr. Malone.”


Jack looked over his shoulder at Dennis then back to the woman. “I’ll ask you again, how was your love life.”


She shrugged her shoulders. “It was OK.”


Dennis motioned Jack to come over. “Let me ask the questions.”


Jack didn’t have much of a choice as he didn’t know where he was going with this line of questioning. “Your Honor, at this time Mr. Franklin will be going the examination of Ms. Green.”


Dennis stood and walked over towards the woman. “Can you elaborate on your answer?”


She cocked her head. “What do ya wanna know, every time we fucked?”


BANG, BANG, BANG “That will cost you $25.00 MS. Green. Now watch your language.”


“He was kinky. He got me this double dildo and loved watching me use it on myself then he’d turn around and have me put it in him then he’d want me to put it in my ass. After a while, he’d take it out of me and screw me in the butt while the dildo was still in him.”


I was turning red at the graphic descriptions. “What about Charlie? He hit on him didn’t he?”


“OBJECTION,” Ike jumped up. “He’s leading the witness.”




“I’ll rephrase,” Dennis said quickly. “Did you ever see Charlie hit on your boyfriend?


“Oh yeah, he was always doing that. I found out that Charlie was into drugs and he’d let Vincent do what ever he wanted with him.”




Inside the judge’s chambers Charlie was crying. “Noooooooooooooooo that’s a lie.”


Dr. Finch was comforting the boy. “I know lad, she’s just trying to save her own skin.”


Charlie stood up and started to strip. “Look at me. Do you see any needle marks except the 2 on my arms?”


Charlie stuck his arms out then dropped his jeans and underwear. Liam looked him over then pulled his underpants back up. Liam shook his head as Charlie got dressed then cuddled back onto the doctor’s lap. “No son, I don’t. I know you’re not into dope.”




“OBJECTION,” Ike said jumping up. “Hear say, assumes facts not in evidence.”


I watched as Dennis nodded his head towards the witness. He’s a faggot,” she shouted. “He’d fuck or suck anything with a dick.”


BANG, BANG, BANG “That’s just enough Ms. Green.”


She glared at the judge. “The day he died Charlie threatened him because I caught the two of them together and I told him I’d had enough, that’s when he said he would kill him if he had too.”


Jack got Dennis’ attention and shook his head. “Nothing further Your Honor. We rest and at this time request he be certified as an adult.”


Ike stood. “Not so fast, I want to cross examine this witness.”


The woman tried to get down but the Bailiff was right there blocking her exit. Judge Shepherd banged his gavel. “Sit down Ms. Green. Mr. Fletcher wishes to ask you some questions.”


She looked over at Dennis and he just closed his eyes. She sat down as Ike walked over. “When did you talk to him?”


She tried to play dumb. “What do you mean when did I talk to him?”


“It’s a simple question Ms. Green, when did you last talk to Charlie?”


She mumbled then Ike moved closer so she spoke up, “Yesterday.”


“Where was he when you talked to him?”


She shook her head. “How the hell should I know? He called me at home.”


“What time was this?”


She shrugged her shoulders. “I dunno what difference does it make?”


Ike asked another question. “Can you tell us why you’re in jail?”


She sat there staring into space, “Drugs.”


“Drugs? Don’t you mean you were arrested with Vincent Telefano in a men’s room after he drugged then was going to rape Charlie?”


She started shaking her head. “NO!”


Ike stepped closer and looked into her eyes. “Are you under the influence of drugs now Ms. Green and remember, you are under oath.”


She just sat there and said nothing. “I refuse to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me.”


Ike turned and walked back towards the table. “Wise answer, nothing further Your Honor.”


Dennis stood. “Your Honor, at this time I want you to certify Charlie Green as an adult in the murder of Vincent Telefano.”


I could see Judge Shepherd thinking and I was getting worried. Just then JC leaned forward. “Uncle Ike, put me on the stand.”


We turned around and looked at JC. “What did you say son?”


He smiled at us. “Put me on the stand Uncle Ike, please.”

To be continued...


Posted: 06/27/08