A Train Trip to Remember
 by: Miguel Sanchez

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Judge Gould nodded his head. “Yes Mr. Malone, you’ll both get your gag order. I’ll have it issued right away and have it delivered to all the local news agencies.”


Ike looked at Jack as he closed his briefcase. “Thanks Jack, at least this time I didn’t have to butt heads with you.”


Jack laughed as they headed for the door. “Oh come on Mr. Fletcher, I think once you get to know me you’ll find I’m just a big pussy cat.”


Chapter 16



Back at home, I got Charlie’s medication and handed it to Liam. “How much should he be given and how often. We don’t need him sleeping all day or acting like a zombie.”


Liam thought for a moment. “Have you given him anything yet?”


I nodded my head. “I gave him half a pill last night when he heard the lead in to the news cast. I was getting the boys ready for bed and it did make him drowsy so he could sleep through the night.”


“OK, let’s put him on half a tablet twice a day for now. Stress is the key to triggering these out bursts but I am worried about the violence associated with them.”


JC stepped in. “Doc, this was the only time he’d hit me.”


Liam nodded his head. “OK JC but this is something that can’t continue. Charlie, if it continues I’m afraid I might have to put you in a hospital for everyone’s safety.”


Charlie went over and sat on the bed. “I, I…w won’t h…hurt a…any one, I, I p…promise.”


He pulled his legs up and started rocking back and forth. Liam went over and sat beside him. “Son, there’s something I don’t think you know. JC has been being treated for leukemia and he’s in remission. But the…”


“C…cancer?” Charlie stuttered looking at JC as tears started streaming down his face. “Oh no not that, JC you’re not gonna die are you?”


Charlie put his feet back down as JC came over to sit beside him. “No bro, I’m not but stress isn’t good for me. I don’t want you in the hospital but man, you really nailed me good.”


While they were talking I went out and got a glass of water for Charlie. Liam handed me the bottle of medication then I dug one out and broke it in half. “Here Charlie, take this.”


We watched as he took his pill and drank all the water. Liam patted him on the back. “Now, it will probably make you sleepy until your body becomes accustomed to it. Jerry, I’ll write a prescription for Charlie so you won’t run out.”


Charlie was still a little down once he knew about JC and his leukemia. Liam and I went out to the living room while they talked. I got the prescription and thanked Liam for making yet another house call. Before he could leave, the boys came out of the bedroom. Charlie went over and hugged Liam. “Dr. Finch, I promise to not stress JC. I’ve never had a brother before and now that I do, I sure don’t wanna lose him. Dad, I’m hungry.”


Liam returned the teen’s hug. “I didn’t tell you about JC to make you feel bad son but it was important that you know what undue stress can do to him.”


JC came over and wrapped his arms around me. “Yeah Dad, I’m hungry too.”


I picked his arms up and started inspecting them and JC gave me a weird look. “I don’t see anything wrong with your arms son, did they get broken earlier?”


I managed to keep a straight face while asking him that. “No Dad, they’re fine.”


I kissed him on the nose then smiled. “That’s what I thought so you can go into the kitchen and fix yourselves something to eat.”


I playfully popped him on the butt as he looked over his shoulder. “Hey, I’m still sick you know.”


Liam reached into his bag and pulled out a syringe and started laughing. “Is that so son? Well then bend over.”


The boys scurried out of the room then JC stopped and had a mock frown on his face. “And I thought you both loved me.”


Charlie came out and chimed in. “Yeah, I thought you loved us.”


I walked over holding my arms out and they both came over for a hug. “I do boys but I do think you’re old enough to manage to fix yourselves something to eat. Liam, would you care to join us?”


He smiled and shook his head. “I’ve already had breakfast but I could use a cup of coffee.”


We all went into the kitchen and JC started fixing some frozen waffles while I poured Liam and I the last of the coffee then made a fresh pot.




Over at the courts building, Jack and Ike were heading out to their respective cars. Jack pulled out his cell phone and called Denise. She saw Jack’s name on her caller ID. “Yes Jack.”


“I’m on my way back to the office. I want you to tell Dennis I want him in my office by the time I return.”


“I’ll do that now Jack,” she said.


Jack closed his phone then got Ike’s attention. “I have this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach that Mr. Franklin is going to try something really stupid.”


Ike put his briefcase inside his car then walked over to Jack. “What should I do and more to the point, what should I tell Jerry if he does.”


Jack leaned against his car. “In this case, Charlie Green is going to have to be certified as an adult so he’s going to have to apply for a petition before arresting the boy. If he shows up with a warrant, tell Jerry not to turn him over. If he raises hell; tell him I said to contact me but I’ve called my office and told one of my ADA’s I want to see him as soon as I get back.”


Ike nodded his head then pulled out his cell phone. “Thanks for the advice Jack. I’ll call Jerry now and then head over to his house.”


The men then left and went on their respective ways.




Jack went back to his office and as he got off the elevator, he saw Dennis coming out of Denise’s office. “Ah Dennis, just the person I need to see.”


Dennis saw his boss coming down the hall. “Err ah hi Jack, this will have to wait, I’m on my way out.”


Jack came up to the ADA. “I’m afraid that will have to wait Dennis, I want you in my office NOW.”


He was in between a rock and a hard place but he couldn’t refuse his boss. “OK Jack, let’s make this quick.”


They walked down the hall then went into Jack’s office. “What’s so important?”


Dennis was sweating bullets. “I have a murderer to arrest.”


Jack sat down and stared at Dennis. “OH and do you have solid evidence of this?”


“I do,” he replied. “Now, what’s so all fired important?”


Jack just sat there. “Did you apply for a petition through the Juvenile Court?”


Dennis slammed his fist on Jack’s desk. “After that killer is in the county jail I will.”


Jack started shaking his head. “You know the procedure.”


“God damn it Jack, that kid’s a flight risk and I’m not about to let him flee.”


Jack stood up and leaned forward going nose to nose with the ADA. “Listen Dennis, if you ever swear at me like that again I’ll bounce your ass out of here so fast you won’t know what hit you. Now, you WILL apply for a petition and if you don’t I’ll personally see to it you never practice law in this state or any other.”


Just then Denise Powell came in. “Here’s the report Det. Flowers dropped off.”


Dennis reached over and snatched the envelope out of her hand. “Let me see that.”


He pulled the papers out then started reading the transcript of the interview; “A bogus fabrication of lies. Now I can add perjury to the list of charges against him.”


Denise looked at her counterpart. “Look Dennis, I don’t know what’s crawled up your ass sideways but if you go out on a witch hunt you’ll be doing it alone. For your information, I talked with Det. Flowers and it’s her belief…”


Dennis interrupted her. “Who cares about what she believes, that’s inadmissible in court.”


Just then Jack interrupted Dennis. “Who cares about someone’s beliefs? That’s the only piece of evidence you have right now.”


He puffed his chest out. “Well, I’ll believe him before some bimbo.”


Denise pulled her open hand back. “No Denise, this guy’s not worth it. Mr. Franklin, if you do not follow proper procedure you will be fired, do I make myself clear?”


Dennis stormed over towards the door. “FINE, I’ll follow the procedures of the great Jack Malone.”


Dennis stormed down to his office then picked up the phone. He placed a call to Memorial Regional and asked for Medical Records. “Yes ma’am, this is Dennis Franklin with the County Attorney’s office and I need some information.”


The woman on the other end seemed surprised by the call. “Ah yes Mr. Franklin, what can I do for you?”


He took out his notebook prepared to write. “I need the address of a patient that was seen in the emergency room yesterday.”


“I’m sorry Mr. Franklin, but that information is confidential.”


Dennis started getting pissed. “Listen lady, I’m with the County Attorney’s office and I can have you…”


She interrupted. “Mr. Franklin, if that is in deed your real name, that information is confidential and the only way I can release it is with a court order.”


“If you don’t give me that right now I’ll charge you with obstruction.”


CLICK. Dennis was now talking to a dead line. He slammed the phone down. “Shit now I’ll have to come up with another plan.”


He looked through his files and found the name of the officer whose statement he’s using. He got back on the phone and tracked him down. “Officer Olsen, this is Dennis Franklin with the County Attorney’s office.”


“Yes Mr. Franklin, what can I do for you?”


Dennis played this smoothly. “I read your report on the incident over at the hospital and I must say, I have to agree with you 100%.”


“I’m glad someone does,” Olsen said. “That little faggot should have been killed rather than Vincent Telefano.”


“You’re so right officer. Faggots are a plague to society and they all need to be eradicated. Now, the reason I’m calling is I need some information and I was hoping you could help.”


“What is it you need,” Olsen asked.


“I need the address of that little queer. I plan on hauling his ass off to jail then seeing to it he gets what he rightfully deserves.”


“Gee sir,” Olsen said. “All that information is secured on the hospital’s computer and only certain people have access to it.”


“I’m sure a resourceful person such as you can find a way to get it.”


“I doubt it,” he replied. “A former officer here did that once and the shit really hit the fan. Now the computers are locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I’m afraid the only way you’re going to find out what it is you’re looking for is with a subpoena.”


‘Fuck,’ Dennis thought. “Well thanks for your time Officer Olsen. You’ll be hearing from me again as I’ll be sending you a subpoena.”


Dennis slammed the phone down. ‘I guess the only way I’m going to get what I need is to get a subpoena. Now, which judge should I use?’


He pulled out a form and started filling it out. He decided to try and go through Judge Gould hoping this would show him he was going by the book. Once he had it filled out, he walked across the street to the courts building. He walked down to Judge Gould’s courtroom and found it empty. He walked up to the Bailiff then took out his ID. “I’m Dennis Franklin from the County Attorney’s office. I have a subpoena I’d like Judge Gould to sign.”


“Just a minute Mr. Franklin,” the man said as he stepped inside the judge’s chambers. A few seconds later he returned and held the door open.


Dennis stepped inside and saw the jurist sitting behind his desk. The man looked up. “What can I do for you Mr. Franklin?”


He stepped over to the Judge’s desk. “I’d like you to sign this subpoena.”


“What’s it for,” the man asked as he continued working.”


He set the paper down on the desk. “It’s so I can get the address of Charlie Green.”


The Judge’s head snapped up. “And why do you need that information?”


Dennis took a deep breath. “That’s so I can have him arrested. I’m charging him with murder in the death of Vincent Telefano.”


“You do realize the Charlie Green is a minor and as such, you must first petition this court.”


The ADA puffed his chest out. “Not so your honor, I plan on having him tried as an adult.”


The elder jurist glared at him. “Excuse me? Are you telling me the law now?”


Dennis had a smirk on his face. “No Your Honor, I’m just saying I don’t have to petition the court. In The State of New York vs. Keiser the DA did not have to petition the court when they arrested a 14 year old.”


The Judge sat up. “True but that was in New York and the police caught him at the scene with the murder weapon in his hand. The court later ruled that the teen had to be certified as an adult before going to trial.”


Dennis puffed his chest out. “Well, the victim was found with a pair of scissors embedded in his chest.”


Judge Gould continued to question the ADA. “Have you gotten forensics back yet with the boy’s finger prints on the scissors? Have you gotten the ME’s report back, have you more evidence other than a hear say statement from a police officer who wasn’t even there at the time Mr. Telefano was killed?”


Dennis was getting pissed. “Not yet and I’m still building my case.”


“Then why should I sign this subpoena.”


Dennis almost slammed his hand down on the desk, “Because the little f the suspect is a flight risk.”


“Do you have any proof of this?”


Dennis was losing it. “Why are you protecting him? I know what he is Your Honor?”


“Excuse me?” The Judge asked. “Why am I protecting him? You know what he is? Please tell me Mr. Franklin, just what is Charlie Green?”


This time Dennis stepped in it all the way up to his hip. “He’s a drug addicted whore. He was selling his ass for drugs.”


“And you have proof of this?”


Dennis smiled. “I will. Now, do I get my subpoena?”


The Judge picked up the paper and tore it into shreds. “I think that answers your question.”


Dennis stormed out of the Judge’s chambers. ‘How dare he? I’ll fix his ass.”


Dennis went back out to his car then made a phone call. “Hey, it’s me. I have some more dirt for you.”




Down in Miami, Det. Flowers was talking with the anchor of the 11PM news. “In your news report of the killing at Memorial Regional, you made a statement at the very end of your report.”


She looked at the woman standing there. “You understand detective, our sources are confidential.”


Det. Flowers was not one to be trifled with. “And you also realize your statement was nothing short of slander. Did you investigate that information before you put it out there?”


The woman started sweating. “Uh well no but I was assured that the information was correct. We’ve dealt with this informant before.”


She tried to play a bluff. “So you’ve taken confidential information from the police and aired it knowing full well it was not for the general public.”


She bit then clammed up. “He wasn’t with…”


Marsha smiled. “Thank you ma’am that was all I needed.


Marsha left the office and headed back to her car. Once outside she called her captain. “Captain, I know who the leak is.”


“Good work Detective,” he said. “Come on in.”


Marsha got into her car and headed back to the office.




Judge Gould was sitting in his office fit to be tied. He didn’t like what that ADA said about Charlie. He picked up the phone and placed a call. “Hello Jerry, this is Isaac Gould.”


I was surprised at the call as I was expecting one from Ike. “Well hello Your Honor, to what do I owe the pleasure?”


“Look Jerry, some ADA was just in my office trying to find out where you lived. I had a meeting earlier with Ike and Jack Malone, the County Attorney and the discussion got rather heated.”


Oh great. “Did you issue the gag order?”


“Yes I did but I have a feeling this guy’s going to somehow try and arrest Charlie.”


“What?” I almost shouted into the phone. “There’s no evidence that Charlie acted in anything but self defense.”


“I know that Jerry but that’s not going to stop him. He called Charlie some rather crude names.”


While I was talking with the Judge, there was a knock on the door. Charlie started shaking as JC got up to see who it was. I tried to gather my thoughts as JC and Ike came in. “Ike’s here now Judge.”


I handed Ike the phone so he could talk with the judge. I listened as he and Ike talked for several minutes then he hung up the phone. Ike motioned me to come into the living room but as I started to leave, I heard Charlie cry. “No Daddy, don’t leave me please.”


JC scooted his chair closer to his brother taking his hand. “It’s OK bro, Dad’s not going anywhere.”


“A…are y…yu…you s…sh…sure.”


Charlie’s stuttering was really getting worse. I hoped that maybe when he’s been on the tranquilizers a while that’ll stop. “JC’s right son, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll just be in the living room.”


I watched as he wrapped his arms around JC as if he was the boy’s life preserver. Once Ike and I were away from the kitchen Ike started. “Judge Gould filled me in about that damn ADA. I want you to bring Charlie down to Judge Gould’s court.”


I was surprised. “Why Ike, what’s going on?”


Ike began to fill me in. “I’m going to try and force that jerk’s hand. I’m going to surrender Charlie to Judge Gould.”


Just then I heard a scream. “Noooooooooooooooooooooo!”


I went over and hugged Charlie. “Relax son and listen to Ike, please.”


He started to wiggle then thrash in my arms. A voice shouted out, “Charlie stop, remember your promise.”


Just then he calmed down and JC was standing beside us. Tears were rolling down Charlie’s face. “A…all alright b…bro b…but I…I’m s…scared.”


JC took his brother into his arms. “I am too bro. I don’t wanna lose you but I trust Uncle Ike.”


Ike walked over and put his hand on Charlie’s shoulder. “Now don’t you worry son, no one’s taking you away from your Dad.”


He looked at Ike then wiped the tears from his eyes. “D…do yu…you p…promise?”


Ike knew there were no certainties. “I give you my word that I’ll fight like hell to keep that from happening.”


Charlie looked at Ike then up to me. I smiled then leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. “OK Ike, I’ll trust you.”


I sent the boys down to JC’s room to get into some decent clothes then I returned to the kitchen. Liam was sitting there looking distressed. “What’s wrong Doc?”


I heard him let out a sigh. “I thought he was really going to lose it.”


When Charlie started thrashing I really thought the same thing. “You weren’t alone Liam. I have a favor my friend. Would you happen to have today free? I could really use you in court.”


Liam smiled. “Aye laddie, fer you and the boys I’d clear my schedule for a week.”


A few minutes later, the boys came out wearing jeans and casual shirts. “OK guys, let’s get going.”


Liam and Ike had their own cars so we wagon trained down to the court house. When we were several blocks away, Ike called. “Jerry, you go on to Judge Gould’s court. I have to stop at the police station and drop off a couple things.”


“OK Ike, but please don’t take too long.”


I continued on to the courthouse then managed to find a place to park. We hurried inside then almost ran down the hall. We entered the courtroom and quietly sat in the back as there was a hearing going on. As soon as it was over, I saw the judge motion for us. We walked up and followed him into his chambers. “Jerry, what are you all doing here?”


We sat down and I started to explain. “This was Ike’s idea. He is hoping to force the ADA’s hand.”


Judge Gould took his robe off and hung it up. “I can’t say as I blame him.”




Ike pulled into the parking lot of the police station. He opened his briefcase and started filling out forms then hurried inside. He stopped at the information desk. “Can you tell me where I can find Capt. Gould’s office?”


The lady told him where to go. It took Ike a few minutes to find the office then he knocked on the door. “Come in.”


Ike went in. “Capt. Gould, I’m Ike Fletcher, I don’t know if you remember me.”


The man stood up and extended his hand. “Of course I remember you, how can I help you?”


Ike came right to the point. “Have you finished your investigation into the death of Vincent Telefano?”


He shook his head. “Not completely Mr. Fletcher. Why?”


Ike sat down. “Well there is some jerk ADA who’s bound and determined to charge Charlie Green with his death.”


Capt Gould was livid. He went over to his file cabinet and pulled out a folder then handed Ike a piece of paper. “That idiot, I sent him a preliminary report stating that the teen was acting in self defense. He managed to cold cock one of my officers to make it down to the boy’s room.”


I read the report and smiled. He set his briefcase on his lap then pulled out a subpoena. “Here sir, this is for you.”


Capt. Gould looked at it. “I’ll be there with bells on.”


Ike got up. “Thanks captain, I don’t know why he didn’t follow that recommendation you made but I’ll have his ass later.”


Ike left Capt. Gould’s office then went looking for Marsha Flowers. He didn’t have to look far as they almost ran into each other. “Ike, what are you doing here?”


He reached into his pocket. “Here Marsha, I have this subpoena for you. Some ADA is causing problems for Charlie.”


She read the paper then smiled. “Oh I’ll be there Ike, count on it. Here’s my cell number, call me anytime.”


Ike hurried out to his car and then over to the courthouse.




Charlie was shaking like a leaf in the judge’s chambers. I reached my hand into my pocket. “Oh great, I forgot Charlie’s pills.”


JC stood up and pulled them out of his pocket. “I saw them on my bed stand Dad so I brought them just in case.”


I smiled as he handed me the bottle. I took a pill then broke it in half. “Judge Gould, could I trouble you for a glass of water please?”


He poured some into a glass then handed it to Charlie. I gave Charlie his pill just as the Bailiff entered followed by Ike. “Hello again Your Honor.”


The judge giggled. “We’re going to have to stop meeting like this, people are going to start talking.”


JC busted out laughing. “Uncle Ike, I never knew.”


We were all laughing our heads off as Ike started digging into his briefcase. “Here it is Your Honor. I’m requesting a show cause hearing as to why ADA Dennis Franklin is harassing my client, Charlie Green.”


Judge Gould looked the form over then stamped something on it. He sat down and began writing. “I have this afternoon free so the hearing will be at 1PM.”


He pushed a button and his Bailiff entered. “Yes Your Honor?”


“Contact the County Attorney’s office and inform them I want to see ADA Dennis Franklin here in 15 minutes.”


The Bailiff nodded his head. “Yes sir.”


We were sitting talking when we heard a commotion. Judge Gould got up and stormed over to the door. “What in the hell is going on out here?”


Dennis came storming in. “Would you mind telling me why I was summoned like a school boy?”


Judge Gould handed him my request. “That should answer your question.”


He read it over then his eyes locked on Charlie. He stormed over and reached his arm out causing Charlie to scream. ‘Noooooooooo!”


I stood up and grabbed the man’s arm. “Back off now.”


“Hey, hands off, I’m a County Attorney. Your Honor, I want charges filed against this man.”


Ike looked over. “I’d shut up if I were you, you tried to put your hands on his child. He was just protecting him.”


Dennis moved away then looked at Judge Gould. “That kid is under arrest.”


Judge Gould’s head snapped up. “Oh really? I don’t recall signing a petition but I’ll give you a chance. I have to excuse myself from this case but Judge Shepherd has agreed to hear it at 1. Now Mr. Franklin, if I were you, I’d get my shit together and be ready.”


Ike pulled out a subpoena out and handed it to Judge Gould. “Sorry judge, but you’ve just been served.”


Judge Gould looked at it then smiled. “I’ll be there.”


Dennis started staring at Charlie and this got him shaking. I thought he was going to lose it but I didn’t want him hovering. “Look twerp, get away from my son NOW.”


He reached down and tapped Charlie across the face trying to start some shit. Charlie screamed then lost it kicking his feet. He made a direct hit with Dennis causing him to fall on the floor. Judge Gould walked over and looked down at the man. “Get up.”


Dennis moaned in pain. “That kid assaulted me.”


Judge Gould was not impressed. “I said get up.”


Dennis slowly got up off the floor and stood before the stern faced jurist. “He…”


“Shut up,” the man barked. “I saw what you did and you’re lucky you’re not in a cell. If you try anything like that again, you will be. Now get your ass out of here and be ready to present your evidence before Judge Shepherd at 1 o’clock.”


The man sulked out of the office. JC had his arms around Charlie. “It’s OK bro; it’s ok. If he’d have done that to me, I’d have kicked him too.”


Charlie calmed down then leaned against me. “I’m sorry Dad.”


I kissed him on the head “Nothing to apologize for son.”


JC looked over to me. “Dad, can Dr. Finch take me home?”


I felt his forehead. “Are you sick son?”


He shook his head. “No Dad but there’s something there I need, it’s important.”


I looked at Liam. “Do you mind Liam?”


He stood up shaking his head. “No Jerry, I don’t mind at all. Come on JC.”

To be continued...


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