The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 37

Go For the Juggler


On Sunday morning, Chip was crawling over me. “Doctor Dad, I have to go to the bathroom.”


Before long all of our bedmates were up. Jeff and I put on some sweat pants and sweat shirt and socks and went downstairs.  Spencer and Father W. were having a discussion, as they fixed breakfast. The four youngest guys came down dressed.


Spencer turned to them and said, “Go get everyone else who is upstairs up, and make sure that you don’t forget Doctor Crane.  Jeff, you go check on Grandmama W.”


“Jeff honey, I am right here.  May I have a stiff cup of coffee, plain please?”  Mrs. W. laughed.


Jeff handed her a cup of coffee and she turned and said, “I’ll be out in 10 minutes.”


Everyone started to arrive.  Spencer had the eleven year olds setting the table and pouring juice.  The nine year olds were watching the toast.  Jeff was cooking the bacon and the hash browns and Spencer was cooking the omelets.  Spencer said, “Everyone, sit down except my servers.”  The other three eleven year olds served the plates while Jeff made sure the people who wanted coffee got it.  When everyone was seated, Father W. said the blessing.


It was like nobody had eaten for a week.


The guys excused themselves and Spencer had everyone doing an age appropriate task.  By the time Les, Dale and Mrs. W. left for church, the guys were all downstairs doing whatever, while waiting for their rides.  Right around nine o’clock; everyone arrived to pick up their young people.  Ethan and Elliot were bubbling as they went out of the door with their Father.  After everyone had gone, Jeff and Jason went upstairs and stripped the beds and started the laundry.  Jason went back and collected used bath towels and bathroom things and brought them down.


We got ready for church.  Les and Mrs. W. had come home after the first service, so they took Jason with them and Jeff and I went to pick up Beau and his five boys.  They were waiting for us.


We went to our regular seats.  I was surprised when Ethan and Elliott joined us.  Chip was sitting beside Beau so the two Matthews boys made themselves right at home.  Tommy came in with the three Easley boys and then Trey arrived.  We were soon joined by the nine and eleven year olds and their families and the high school students arrived and joined us.  Beau was really surprised when Berto came and sat down.


“Beau is it okay if I sit with you?  I’ve never been to this church before.” Berto asked.


“Of course, but I thought you were Catholic.” Beau said.


Berto said, “My parents were raised Catholic, but they have not been active for a long time and I’ve never been baptized.”


Beau looked at Berto and asked, “So what prompted you to come here?”


“You ding dong, all of your guys are here, and after getting to know you and your drippy friends, where else would I go?”


“Okay, make your self useful and help me keep my minions squared away.”  Beau said, as the service started.


The service progressed and Beau had made sure all of his people had a dollar to put in the offering plate and Beau had put his usual envelope in the plate.


As the service was getting ready to end, Father Wanamaker came forward and said, “Since two of Doctor Jack Wilson's sons are moving to a new home this week, we thought it would be appropriate for his four sons to sing the 23rd Psalm and The Lord’s Prayer this one last time, while they are living together.  They will be accompanied on the organ by Adam Ammons and Chris Bressler and Michael Smith on the piano.”


The six guys got up and Kenny and Drew moved to take Beau and Tommy’s places with the young guys.

After the service, no one said anything.  The guys had been wonderful and Berto asked, “Can someone give me a lift home, so I can get ready to go to sing at the graduation?”


Dale said, “Hey kid, I’ll take you, and I’m sure that all of the other cars are packed.  Let’s motor.”


Dale stopped and as Berto was getting out he said, “Father W., I like how your mind works.  Go right for the jugular, and don’t stop.  I can hardly wait to hear how Beau retaliates.”


We got home and had a light lunch and Jeff, Dale, Les and Mrs. W. took off for Peru.  I was confined because Beau and Tommy were sitting.  Jason left for Davey’s.  I was sitting there and beginning to feel, like Jeff, that part of our life was about to leave.  I sat back and was awakened by the phone.


Beau was on the phone.  “Dad, can you go get Ethan and Elliott, and join us at the park near the Carpenter’s home.  I’d feel safer if you were there with us in case something happened.  Trey is bringing Ranger and Uncle Reg is bringing Chip.”


I picked up Ethan and Elliott much to their delight and the guys were playing soccer with Beau and Ranger.  It was a no hold game with the guys all over Beau.  Reg and I sat watching.  The guys were falling down all over the place especially after Jason, Davey, Larry and Lenny arrived. The Matthews had arrived and were sitting there watching. 


Finally Beau pulled a whistle out of his pocket.  “Okay guys, you all smell.  I want you to go and take a shower and shampoo your hair.”


Ranger whined but Beau said, “You too Ranger.”


Ranger growled at Beau.  “Hey everyone, thanks for coming; this was fun.”  Beau said as he took off with his eight charges.


Mr. and Mrs. Matthews were watching and said, “I don’t believe that young man.  It is apparent that the guys think he is great.”


Chip was standing there and said, “Beau is wonderful.  He makes everyone feel special.  See you later, Doctor Dad.”  He gave me a hug as did Trey.


The Matthews left with Elliot and Ethan and they were walking back to their house which wasn’t far away.  The guys were excited about all their new friends.


When Beau and his eight guys arrived at the Carpenter’s house, Tommy was waiting.  “Hey Tommy, Beau says we smell and have to shampoo good since we were rolling around on the ground.” one of the Easley boys said.


Beau held up his hand, “Tommy, we were playing jungle soccer but Dad and Uncle Reg were there to make sure that nothing bad happened.  See you later guys.  It was fun.”


Tommy took off with the Easley boys.  Beau helped the Carpenter boys shampoo and get clean and helped them start the laundry. While he fixed chicken noodle soup and made grilled cheese sandwiches and a small fruit salad.


They were eating when the Carpenters arrived.  The boys continued to eat after saying hello.  Doctor and Mrs. Carpenter watched as they took their dishes to the sink and the oldest two boys rinsed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher.  Beau had the three youngest boys folding the clothes from the dryer and transferred the clothes from the wash machine to the dryer.


“Guys, I’m going to leave now.  Your strawberry shortcake is ready and there is some real whipped cream in the refrigerator.  Check with your Father and Mother when you are ready.  You did a great job taking care of me.  I’m so proud of the way that you behaved this weekend.  See you later.”  Beau said, as he threw them a kiss.


Doctor Carpenter dropped Beau off after giving him $150.00.  Beau came in and sat down beside me and said, “Thanks for coming to the park today, Dad.  Where is everyone else?”


Jason came hobbling in and said, “I’m injured, I can’t go to school tomorrow.”


Beau looked at him and asked, “If you’re injured, how could you get home since you were riding your bike?”


Jason sighed, “I called 911 and they said that they were going to come and impound you for cruelty to little brothers?”


Fortunately Jeff arrived with the Wanamaker’s and Les.  “Listen up everyone; we are going to Village Inn for a snack and dessert.”


Tommy was standing there listening and said, “I’ve already eaten, but I’ll have a piece of pie.”


Beau grumped, “I suppose I might be coerced into an appetizer and dessert.  Let’s go; I don’t want to be up all night.”


We piled into two cars and away we went to the Village Inn.  Beau walked up to the host and said, “We’d like a quiet table for eight please?”


“Just a minute sir, I’ll fix a table in the non smoking section.” the young man said.


“Hey dude, the sign says this is a non smoking establishment so how can there be a non smoking section?”  Beau challenged.


“Guess that makes my job easy then.  How about in the ladies rest room?  If you will follow me quietly, I have a nice area for you.  I have to warn you that I am going to be your server, so you will be receiving sloppy service.”


When we were seated, the young man took our drink orders starting with Mrs. Wanamaker while we studied the menu.  Jonathan brought our drinks back and then started to take our orders.  He got to Beau last and said, “What can I get for you Beau?”


Beau looked at him and said, “Wait a minute, how did you know my name?”


“Just about everyone at the high school knows about you and I’ve seen you at some of the baseball games.  You also told the baseball team that they should boycott the game tomorrow, but that Doctor Wilson persuaded everyone that would not be a good idea.  Now, what can I get you?”


Beau looked at the menu and said, “I can’t afford these prices.”


All of us who knew what Beau's situation was were laughing, and Jonathan said, “Well sit there and sulk.  I’ll go put the other orders in, and then I’ll come back and visit with you.”


Jonathan left and Mrs. Wanamaker said, “I think you met your match, Beau.”


Beau said, “Don’t be too sure.”


Jonathan came back and said, “Now Beau, don’t play poor boy with me.  I know for a fact that you washed windows yesterday morning, and then after lunch at Doctor Wilson’s house, you bossed all the high school people around for another three hours and told some people how they should start to decorate their house and had the furniture delivered like that and then you had a sitting job with five young men starting at five o’clock and you probably didn’t get home more than an hour ago.  In between, your boys took you to church and Father Wanamaker ambushed you and your three brothers into singing.  So have you gotten even yet?”


“Now have you managed to decide what you would like?” Jonathan asked.


Beau said, “Yes, I’d like some of the fried cheese sticks and a piece of coconut cream pie.”


Jonathan threw his hands up and said, “Well why didn’t just say so?”


He and a gentleman came back with two trays of food.  “Thanks Dad, could you check on Beau’s cheese sticks?”


Jonathan served everyone’s food and his father brought Beau's cheese sticks.  Jonathan came back and refilled the drinks and Beau asked, “Jon, is your father the manager or something?”


Tommy started to laugh and Jonathan said, “Nah, he’s only the owner.  He’s here to pick me up and take me home.”


“Well then why are you still here?” Beau asked.


“I saw you, Jeff and Tommy coming, and figured this would be fun so I brought you into the closed section.”  Jonathan said.  “It was so cool because I didn’t have to worry about other patrons.  I’ve been off the clock since just before you arrived.”


Jonathan cleared the dishes and went to get the pieces of pie that we had ordered and served them without looking at a paper or anything.


Jason looked at him and asked, “How did you remember who ordered what?”

Jonathan said, “I made a mental picture of what each of you had ordered like with Beau, he ordered coconut cream pie and I pictured it all over his face.  You were easy.  You ordered chocolate cream pie and I pictured it oozing between your toes.  Don’t ask about some of the others.  Now, may I bring you anything else?”


Beau handed Jonathan his card and said, “Add 20% for gratuity.  Of course I get a 10%  kickback and your Dad gets 7% so that leaves you 30 cents.”


Jonathan brought back the folder and Beau signed.  Jonathan said, “Thanks for coming in.  I enjoyed serving you, but could you leave Beau home next time?  He’s causing me to miss my cartoons.”


We were getting ready to leave but Beau and Tommy stopped to talk to Jonathan.  I had the feeling that he had just collected another follower.


When we got home, Beau announced, “I’m going to bed.  I haven’t really slept for 48 hours.  I’m exhausted.”


Jason and Tommy also disappeared.


Grandmother Wanamaker said, “These young people make me feel ten years younger.  I can’t remember having this much fun since Dale was a young boy.  I’m tired and it has been a long day.”   She disappeared.


That left Jeff, Les, Dale and me.  Dale said, “I’m beginning to feel inadequate here.  There are so many talented people.  I guess I am mostly overwhelmed that everyone is so accepting and caring.  I think I need to go to bed.  It’s been a stressful but great day.”


Les followed Dale up the stairs and Jeff and I locked up and the house was quiet.


To be continued...


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