The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 28

Another Opening



The following morning we had a short run and were eating breakfast when the phone rang.  It was the moving company who was supposed to be delivering the Lords’ furniture.  They had a mechanical problem and wouldn’t be arriving until late this evening.


No sooner had the Lords hung up, than the phone rang again.  Jeff answered and handed the phone to Beau.


“Hi, Doctor C. … Sir, I have guests from out of town coming this weekend. … Let me make a phone call and I’ll call you right back.”


“Doctor Andy, do you know how I can get in touch with Jared?  I need to talk to him.”  Beau asked.


Andy went and got her address book and handed it to Beau.  “This is Beau Benson; may I speak to Jared please? … Hey Jared, I just called to make sure that you all are coming in on Friday. … Oh. So Jenny is driving and you will be here about 5:30.  Cool, we’ll plan on having dinner for you. … How do you feel about working in the morning with the rest of the guys, and then you can go sitting with me and help me take care of five guys. After they go to bed, we can watch some porn. … Great, I’m going to put Tommy on and he can tell her about what’s planned for the weekend.”


“Hey Jenny, this is Beau.  I’m going to put Tommy on.  He’ll tell you about the dance and party. You will be sleeping in our guest room, and Jared and I will be sleeping naked under the moon.  Tell Grandma Dora, I said hi and give her a kiss for me.  Here’s Tommy.”


Poor Tommy didn’t know what to say at first, and then all of a sudden, it was like he was talking to a long lost friend.


Tommy got off the phone.  Beau made another call.  “Hey Doctor Carpenter, Jared and I will be there so the guys can take care of us.  See you at 7:00 on Saturday.”


Everyone was laughing and shaking their heads.  The Lords went to the office with me and Les and Dale were going shopping for carpet, appliances and paint.  They wound up choosing a very pale gray tone with paint and carpet to match.  They selected stainless steel appliances.   Mrs. Tillison had told them where to go and what they needed to do.  She told them she would make the arrangements after they had made their choices. 


The two gentlemen were out of steam and grabbed a sandwich and then they went to Gigi’s to see if they could help with the guys.  They had a three vehicle caravan to the college.


When the Lords and I got to the auditorium, it was nearly filled.  Gigi, Aunt Cora, Les and Dale had saved us seats.  By one o’clock, the auditorium was standing room only.


At precisely 1:00, Jeff came out on stage and thanked everyone for coming and asked everyone to stand for the national anthem.  The combined groups sang the anthem and the sound reverberated throughout the auditorium.  Jeff introduced President Campbell.


President Campbell welcomed everyone.  “Today, you are going to experience something you will probably remember for a long time.  I have not seen what these people are going to do, but knowing some of the participants; it can’t be anything but wonderful.  The show is being taped and will be shown tomorrow night on the local PBS channel at 7:00.  So sit back and relax.  I now turn the program over to the master of ceremonies, who doesn’t know he is going to do it, Mr. Beau Benson.  He will be relieved later in the show by Mr. Spencer Knight.”


I thought both guys were going to lose it, but Beau took a deep breath and came forward and said, “Thank you Dr. Campbell.  Jeff, I’ll talk to you later.  Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming.  I can promise you that by the end of the afternoon, you will be holding on to your underwear because the rest of your clothes will be blown away.  To start off this afternoon, we have five young men who like macaroni.”


Chip led the guys out riding sticks with horse heads in front and singing Yankee Doodle.  The guys had the audience mesmerized and they received a big applause.  Beau skillfully emceed the program and after he introduced the class band from Jeff’s music appreciation class, he said, “I am turning this job over to Spencer.  I’m exhausted and I have to go to the bathroom.”


After the band had performed to much laughter and applause, Spencer came out and said, “We have an addition to the program.  Mr. Tommy Wilson, Mr. Beau Benson and Mr. Jason Jameson will sing Que Sera Sera.”


The guys did a great job, but they added two verses that really poked fun at Jeff, and the audience and performers were all laughing.


The program was about to the end when Chip came forward and said, “Spencer, I want to introduce the next person.”  Spencer gave the microphone to Chip.


Chip said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I have the dubious honor of introducing General Beauregard.  He will be singing a song that we all need to remember.  He is daring us to all do what the title of his song says.   Mr. Beau Benson will be singing the Impossible Dream.”


 Beau came out with a stool and sat down, pulled Chip next to him and held him while he sang.  Everyone was stunned by what he sang and how well he did.”


When the audience stopped applauding, Chip took the microphone and said, “The President is over there tapping on his chest so I guess he must want to say something.  President Campbell.”


“Thank you Chip.  I just received some exciting news.  The show is going to be seen nationally on the PBS stations at 7:00 on Friday night instead of tonight.  Aren’t these people wonderful?”


Spencer took the microphone after the applause died down and said, “It is my pleasure to introduce the last song today, but before I do, I must share what’s going to happen.”


“Since you all got in for free today, and were bored for two hours, you have to buy your way out.  We want you to dig into your pockets and get rid of all the loose change and put it into the hats that we will be holding at all of the exits.  The money will go to the Homeless and Needy Fund at the Church.  If any of you out there in television land have some money you can spare, just send it to The Homeless and Needy Fund at St. Paul’s Church 219 Ash Street in Fremont, NE 68234.  One hundred percent of all money collected goes directly to the people who need it, since there is no overhead.”

“Now here is Jeff Wilson who will lead all of us in God Bless America.  Will everyone please rise as we man the doors?”


The homework clubs, minus the five year olds went to man the doors.  I noticed that Jeff motioned for Dylan, Mitchell and Grant to go with them.


Jeff led everyone in the singing of God Bless America and at the end, Chip came forward and said, “Thank you for coming.  Have a safe trip home.”


The audience was in no hurry to leave, but they slowly cleared out and the guys came back carrying the money.  Spencer asked, “What do we do with it now that we have it?”


Jeff said, “Take it to the bank and have them count it and ask Uncle Stan how to make sure that it gets credited to the Homeless/ Needy fund.  Doctor Crane and Father Wanamaker will you take Spencer and Bobby to the bank while the rest of the people go home.


Dale said, “Sure, I need to open an account, anyway.”


“I’ll meet everyone at the house.  I have to check in at the office for a while and see what’s happening.  I’ll be home shortly.” Jeff said.


The Lords and I went home to fix dinner.


Meanwhile at the bank, Spencer and Bobby handed the money to a teller and she took it to the sorting area.  She came back and said, “These checks need to be endorsed.”


Toby and Teddy came into the bank.  “Spencer, you didn’t get the money that the people on stage contributed.”


Spencer looked at the new money and said, “Toby, go get your Grandfather.  Who collected this money from the people on the stage?”


Teddy said, “Dr. Mr. Potts handed the money to us, so I guess he did.”


Stan came out of his office and said “Great job guys.  How can I help you Spencer?”


“Sir, how do I endorse these checks and make sure that all of the money gets into the correct account at the church?”


“Here, I’ll show you what to do and you can sign since you are a member of the committee.  Clarisse, make two copies of the deposit slip.  Give one to Spencer, and put the other on my desk.  Spencer, I’ll make sure that the funds are credited to the proper account.  You can make sure that I did, at your next meeting.”  Stan said as he hugged Spencer.


Spencer looked at Stan and said, “Thank you for your help Uncle Stan.  I’ll see you later.”


Stan stopped and was talking to Dale and Les when Anita joined them.  Les said, “As everyone probably has heard, I am buying a house from Mrs. Tillison, and I am going to need some decorating assistance.  Would you be available sometime soon, since I know that you are already working on Andy and Ted’s house right now?”


“We should be finished at their house on Friday, so anytime after that would work for me since I have nothing scheduled.”  Anita said as she left with Toby and Teddy.


Stan said, “Guys, let me get Randy and he can talk to you about your needs.  I have some things that I need to take care of now.”


Randy came up to the guys and introduced himself and asked, “What can I help you gentlemen with?”


“First, we both need to open checking accounts soon.  I would like to discuss a home mortgage loan; I need to work out the exact details with Mrs. Tillison.  The other thing is that I have some money invested and would like to have it transferred here, but I need to talk to my family which I plan to do tomorrow when I go home to get the rest of my things.  Could we set up a time say like three o’clock on Friday, when we can visit and I’ll try to have everything pinned down by then.”


Randy went and got his appointment calendar and brought paperwork for the guys.  Guys, I am free and will block Friday afternoon after three so we can take care of anything you need.  Why don’t you fill out these forms in the meantime and bring them with you?”


“Dale, here are the forms for the checking account.  We can take care of it now or you can come in with Les on Friday.” Randy said.


Spencer said, “Thanks for your help ma’am.  Hi, Mr. Carmichael, I need to come in and talk about a business account for our yard care business.  When would be a good time for you?”


“Doctor Crane and Father Wanamaker are coming in on Friday at 3:30. Perhaps you could hitch a ride with them.”  Andy said.


“Sir, I’d rather not.  We try to mow lawns on Fridays, since we don’t have any homework.  How about I get someone to bring me on Tuesday?”  Spencer asked.


“Tuesday at 3:30 would be great.” Randy answered.


“Thank you sir.  Are you ready Doctor Crane and Father Wanamaker?” Spence asked.


“Yep, let’s go men.” Les said.


When they got to Gigi’s place, everyone was gone expect Chip, Trey, Jason, Davey and Beau.  Spencer said, “Shucks, I wanted to mow a couple of yards since we didn’t have any homework.”


Beau said, “Spencer, no one was dressed to mow yards.  Come on Chip and Trey, we’ll change into our jeans and we can help Spencer.”


Bobby asked, “Spencer, may I ride your bicycle home and then I can be back in ten minutes.” 


“Yep, we will be right across the street at Billy’s parents’ house.” Spencer said.


Jason asked, “Do you want us to come back?”


Beau answered, “You guys go home and you can gather the towels and put them in the wash machine and then you can get the rest of the laundry and sort it.  You two need some time to have some fun.”


Les and Dale came in with Jason and Davey, “Doctor Ted, could you get me your soiled towels, please?  I have been ordered to wash the towels. Jason said.


Davey left to go home and change and he came back in his old clothes as Jason came down the stairs with a basket of towels. Jason started the washing machine and then the two guys went and gathered the other dirty laundry.


Jason asked, “Dad, may Davey and I ride our bikes?”


“Yes but - .”   I was interrupted before I could finish.


“I know, we will wear our helmets and we won’t ride on any thoroughfares.” Jason said, as he shook his finger.


Les and Dale went and changed and they both said they were going to go help Spencer and the guys with the lawns.


They had joined the guys and they split into two teams and were working when Jill and Toni came to pick up the guys.  Chip said, “Mother, I can’t go yet. I’m working.”


Les said, “We’ll drop the guys off at home when we finish.”


Toni said, “I’ll take Ranger with me.”


Beau spoke up and said, “Ma’am, he won’t go as long as Trey is here and the guys are working.  We’ll bring him home when we bring the guys.”


The guys split into two teams, and when they finished Spencer collected the money and said, “I’ll pay everyone tomorrow after I get the checks cashed.”


Chip said, “Spencer, I don’t need any more money.  I never get to spend what I have.”


Beau said, “Tell your Daddy and Mommy to put it into your savings account and make more money so you can have an investment account.”


Trey asked, “Do I have a savings account?”


“Trey, ask your parents.  I don’t know. You can tell them that you need one if you don’t have one.”  Beau said, as he helped Spencer and Bobby put the equipment away.


Les and Dale dropped Chip, Trey and Ranger at their houses and brought Beau home.


“Hi, everyone, where are Jeff and Jason?” Beau asked.


Jeff walked in as Beau asked and said, “I’m right here.  I don’t ever want another day like today again.”


Beau asked, “Were we that bad?”


Jeff laughed, “Everyone was way better than they were supposed to be, especially you, Spencer and Chip.  It all went down hill after I went to the office.  There was a young lady waiting for me.  She said she had been raped.”


“I asked her if she knew who raped her and she said Dylan Morrison.  I asked when it happened and she said about two hours ago.  I excused myself and went and got President Campbell. And told him what was happening.”


“I knew it couldn’t have been Dylan, because I had been with him, Carole Anne, Mitchell, Barbee, Grant, Bethanne and Grams since 11:30.  We had lunch together, before we went to the auditorium.”


“President Campbell went and got his digital camera and after he met the young lady, he said, ‘I have some pictures I would like you to look at, and see if you can identify the person who raped you.’”


“Guess whose picture she selected.” Jeff said, as if daring us.


Beau said, “I don’t really want to hear this, do I?”


“She picked out a photo of you, when you were emceeing today.  You had this silly smile on your face, and a glint in your eyes so I guess it was when you were making fun of me and giving me a bad time.”


“Doctor Campbell asked how the rape happened, and here is what she said. I was walking to the campus and this black sports car pulled up with that good looking guy and he offered me a ride to the campus.  I got in and he took me to some secluded wooded area and tore my clothes off and had his way.”


“The President looked at me and said, ‘Young lady, the gentlemen you picked out is only thirteen, and he looks nothing like Dylan Morrison.  Mr. Wilson here has been with Mr. Morrison from 11:30 until 3:15.  Beau doesn’t drive, and has been taking care of children since early this morning. Now, will you tell us the real story?’”


“The young woman was in tears and said, ‘I think I am pregnant and I have no idea who the father is.  I have been selling my body for the thrill of it and ran out of pills and didn’t get the prescription renewed.’”


“I told the young woman that the first things she needed to do was to talk to her parents and see a doctor to confirm that she was indeed pregnant.  I told her that I was not qualified to counsel her, but if she would come back tomorrow, I would give her the name of someone she could visit with.”


Beau threw his hands up.  “It’s been a normal day.  First I am blindsided with being the Master of Ceremonies, and now I’m a father. What’s going to happen next?”


Tommy who was standing there listening said, “You’re probably going to be clobbered by Kenny and me.  The Coach was ranting and raving because we told him we didn’t want to, nor would we pitch tomorrow.  He said to tell you that you would be at the game or he would personally drag you there.  I’m to pick you up at 3:00, and please don’t say no.”


Before Beau could say anything, Jason came in, “I’m sorry I’m late.  We rode to Larry and Lenny’s house and were playing soccer and forgot what time it was.”


He went to wash his hands and clean up and we sat down to eat.  Beau helped Andrea serve the food while I served the wine.


We were finishing when Tyler, Kevin and Spencer came in.  Spencer said, “Sorry to bother you but Doctor Crane said he and Father Wanamaker were going to go to their homes to get their things tomorrow, and I wanted to bring their money for the work they did today before they left.”  He handed Dale, Les and Beau each an envelope.


Dale started to resist, but Beau got his attention and let him know that he should take it.  Les saw what was happening and said, “Hey Spence, thank you.  If you ever need us to help again, give us a jingle and we’ll be there if we can.”


Tyler said, “Mrs. T asked us to meet her here.  She said she had some things to discuss.  Hey Beau, the first store will be finished on Friday.  Is there any way that you can get some of the clutter out of the other one, so we can start to work there on Monday?  Billy said the main wiring would be done on that building by Friday.”


Mrs. T. came in with Josh and Ben, “Oh good, Tyler is already here.”  Beau, Jason and Spencer got up and gave them their seats and cleared the table and disappeared into the kitchen. 


Mrs. T. started, “Tyler, Doctor Crane is buying a house from me, and we need the carpet removed this weekend, since they will be putting the new carpet in on Monday.  The walls need to be painted.  I thought the high school guys could tear up the old carpet on Saturday.  Kenny and Drew say they are free.  Tyler you need to arrange for a large trash container to be delivered on Friday.”


“I need you to contact the college guys and see if they can do the painting like they did at the other houses.  When do you think that you can have it done?” Mrs. T. asked.


“Grams, assuming that I can get the college crowd to help; we should have it finished by Wednesday at the latest.”  Tyler answered.


“Good! Then Beau can make the arrangements to have the things from Oakland picked up on Thursday. Mrs. T. Said.  “I’ll tell Beau and he can make the arrangements.”


“Grams, I am right here.  I’ll call Mr. Rider in the morning.  Kevin we’ll need the biggest truck you have and since you will be going to three locations, you might want to take two crews.  I’ll see if I can go with you to help.  Doctor Crane, maybe you could drive me, since the company doesn’t want me to ride in the vans, for insurance reasons.” 


Tyler said, “Grams, Kevin and I won’t be able to do much freelancing after this job.  We are starting to work on our degrees the first week in June.  I guess I am starting, and Kevin is resuming, but we’re both going to be taking two courses at UNO so we’re going to need to spend some time studying.”


“Gee, you mean your study at the house is going to be used for something other than searching for porn.  I checked your histories on your computers and I know where you have been.  Don’t even think about attacking me.  I’ve Chief O’Brien on the phone.  I’m proud of you guys.  You’ll probably blow the curves so no one else can get an A.”


Kevin finally said something, “Beau, if that happened, I’d probably be the most shocked person on the planet.  I have to struggle to get a B.”


“Kev, that was before you had your new life, so roll with the punches and kick everyone else’s behind.  You can and will do it.  Now, get in there and fight men.”  Beau laughed, “Dads and Grams, I’m going to bed.  I’m exhausted.  Good night everyone.”


Beau disappeared and Mrs. Tillison asked, “Is Beau okay?  This is not like Beau.”


I spoke up.  “I want everyone to listen to me.  Beau is not a normal 13 year old.  He acts older than us most of the time and he really has not had much time to recharge.  He needs some down time, as does Jeff.  They are both going to have nervous breakdowns if people don’t stop dumping things on them.  I'm sorry, but people expect them to do too much.”


“I can see the same thing happening already to Spencer and Chip.  Please let them be young and grow up to be well adjusted and well rounded young men, instead of always pushing them to do things.  Tommy and Kenny were correct.  They shouldn’t be forced to do things they don’t want to do.”


Fortunately, my speech was interrupted by Spencer knocking on the door  When he came in, he said,  “Ty, I need to go home, I am very tired and I need to be ready for tomorrow, since Mr. Bressler is going to be in rare form, since half of our class was gone this afternoon.”


The three guys left and Jason came in yawning and said, “Good night.”


That was a signal; Mrs. T. stood to get ready to leave and she stopped turned to Les and said, “Les, I have an appraiser coming to look at your house tomorrow.  Why don’t you swing by my house on your way to the bank for your appointment with Randy at 3:30 on Friday?  I should be home by 2:30.”


They left and Les asked, “How did she find out about that?”


Jeff stood and said, “Don’t even try to figure that out.  Come on Dad, let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted too.”


“Good night everyone.”


To be continued...


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I have yet to find a chapter of this story that hasn't been exciting.  It has held my attention right from the start and shows no sign of losing it any time soon.


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