The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 26

The Interviews



On Monday morning, I was awakened by Beau.  “Hey fat man, get out of bed.  It’s a beautiful morning.  We’re running to Oakland and back.”


I complained, “I’m not going. My shoes won’t last that long. .”


“Okay, how about a hundred times around the block?” Beau asked.


“Dad, that would be so boring.  I’d rather see something I haven’t seen.” Jason said, as he went to the bathroom.


I grabbed Beau and asked, “Where’s Jeff?”


“Dad, he’s waking the other professionals.  Now come on, you’re stalling.”  Beau said, as he bounced out.


I went to the bathroom and got dressed and joined everyone downstairs. Beau announced, “Short run today, Dad and Jason want to run to Omaha and back.  Let’s go.  He and Jeff led us on a quick two mile jog.”


We had a quick breakfast which the guys had fixed earlier.  Tommy was already dressed so he did the dishes.


The rest of us went to get ready for the day.  We headed our separate ways.  Les and Dale were meeting Nancy to look at houses and Ted and Andy were meeting Anita.


Beau got a call from Coach Winston about 10:00.  “Beau, we need you to come to the game.  Coach Murphy will pick you up at 12:00.”


Beau cut him off and said, “Sir, I can’t go today.  Danny has an eye appointment, and I can’t leave Denny by himself with everybody.  … Coach, I said no.  I’m not the coach.  You and Coach Murphy can do it, besides this team should be a walk over.”


When I picked the guys up, everyone was home except Tommy.  Everyone had a productive day, but it was obvious that Father Wanamaker was very nervous.

Beau picked up on it and took him to the piano room.  “Okay Daddy Baby Maker, why don’t you play some simple songs like Three Blind Mice and get the jitters out of your system?”


Dale looked at him funny and Beau went and got Jeff.  “Jeff honey, go give the man with the hickey collar a lesson on how to play the piano.  I think he already knows how, but is too nervous to try.”


Jeff went into the piano room and the two guys started to play, since Dale was rather accomplished, they sounded really good.  When Tommy came home, Jason came in and announced, “Play time is over.  Dinner is being served.”


Beau and Jason served the dinner. When everyone was eating, Beau said, “Sir Thomas, tell us about the score.”


“The score was 10-0.” Tommy said.


“So who won?” Jason asked.


“Beau told the coaches this was a piece of cake, so of course we won.”  Tommy answered nonchalantly.


“Well, how did you do?” Beau asked.


“I pitched the first three innings and they didn’t score any runs, and then I hit a grand slam homerun.” Tommy mumbled.


“Is that all?” Jeff asked.  “How did everyone else do?”


“Kenny had three hits and pitched three perfect innings.  Bobby gave up a hit, but Sammy caught a line drive and made a double play.  Oh yeah, Berto had a homerun and threw nine straight strikes in the ninth inning.  The Coach sent Drew up to be our last batter and he hit a homerun.”


“Gee, it must have been a boring game.  Tommy, you realize that you could have saved us an hour and a half if you had spilled the information like anyone else would?” Les asked.


“Yeah, but it wouldn’t have been so much fun.”  Tommy laughed.


Jeff looked at the clock and said, “Father Dale, we need to go.  Who’s going with us?”


“I’ll go.” I said.


“May I come also?” Beau asked.


Jeff said, “You and Dad can go, but you do not have the option to speak unless specifically asked to do so.”


We left and Mrs. Tillison and Father Gilbert were there when we arrived. Stan led a very formal church meeting.  Bishop Lancaster opened the meeting with a prayer and then Stan spelled out the rules of engagement.


“The candidates have indicated that they are willing to have an open meeting, but only the selection committee has the right to ask questions.”


The candidates drew straws and Father Ralph Dolan went first.


Jeff asked, “Father Dolan, I saw you in church yesterday.  What was your opinion of the services?”


“They were much too informal especially with the Bishop being there, and all of those kids sitting in the front were very distracting.   Having those young amateurs sing was almost unreligious, because they were just flaunting their talents, especially that Benson kid. I found the congregation to be cold and they spent more time talking to the entertainers than they did the persons of the cloth.”


Maria Johnson asked. “Father Dolan, what would you do to make this a better church?”


“First, I would concentrate on making this a place of worship, where people who are supporting the church are served and not a bunch kids and outsiders.  I also notice the name of Tillison in a number of places throughout the church.  One family should never be able to control the church.  The Father in charge needs to step in and take control.”  Father Dolan stopped.


“One other thing that bothered me was the recognition of people supporting the homeless and needy people.  That is not what this church should be about.  We need to take care of own first, before we worry about others.”  Father Dolan added.


Mrs. Tice asked, “So what changes would you make, if you were hired Father Dolan?”


Father Dolan said, “The first thing I would do would to be to make this a more traditional church, with very regimented services so there was not any question as to who was in charge.”


Stan asked, “So, who is in charge?”


Father Dolan didn’t even blink, “The Fathers of course.”


Mrs. Hughes asked, “So you’re saying that the Fathers should control everything, and not the congregation who are paying you?”


“Yes, we’re the ones that have been trained in God’s way.” Father Dolan answered.


Bishop Lancaster looked around and asked, “Any more questions?”


Everyone shook their head no.


“Thank you Father Dolan, you are excused.  Father Wanamaker will you join us please?”  Bishop Lancaster asked.


Maria Johnson started the questions, “Father Wanamaker, I know you were in church yesterday, since my son sat beside you.  What did you think of the experience?”


“Quite frankly, I was excited to see so many young people in attendance and they all behaved and there was no crying or loud interruption.  The music was awesome, and the service was inspiring.  I was impressed with how friendly the people were.”  Dale answered.


Stan asked, “Father Wanamaker, if we were to offer you the position, what would you envision your role to be?”


“Sir, since I would be hired to assist Father Gilbert, I would do what he asked, as well do the things that the ruling council deemed were my job.  I would hope that it would include working with the young people of the church.”


Jeff spoke up, “Father Wanamaker, in your resume you stated that you were gay.  How would that affect your dealing with the members of the church?”


“Mr. Wilson, I am not going to stand up in the pulpit and tell the congregation I’m not gay nor am I going to expound about being gay.  I also will not be prowling through the congregation looking for a good looking guy like yourself and jump your bones.  If I were to find someone in Fremont, then it would be confined to the bedroom.  Gossip never hurt anyone, and I’m glad now that I included that information in my resume.  As someone told me, it was better to tell it up front than to have it come later.”


Mr. Hutchins asked, “So you don’t see a problem with being gay, and being a priest?”


“Sir, this is probably the way to go in today’s complex and changing society.  I can council young people better than most, because my parents threw me out when I told them of my sexual orientation.  Sir, I don’t know what else to say but that I will listen and try to get anybody who comes to me help.”


Jeff spoke up and said, “I call for the question, and I make a motion that we make our choice by secret ballot.”


I second Jeff’s motion.” said Mrs. Hughes.


The motion passed and Stan said, “Everyone please write the name of the candidate of your choice on the paper before you.  I have already cast my vote but will only use it case of a tie.”


Everyone passed their slips to Stan.  He turned them over and placed them on one pile.  He then turned his slip over and put it on the pile.  “Bishop Lancaster the vote is unanimous.  We would like to extend the call to Father Dale Wanamaker to be our assistant Father.”


Bishop Lancaster said, “So be it.  IHOP Kid do you have anything you would like to say?”

Beau stood and said, “Welcome aboard Father Wanamaker.  Bishop Lancaster, I would like to recommend that Father Dolan’s name be withdrawn from future employment in your area of responsibility.  He would ruin whatever church he would go to.  He doesn’t understand that the young people of today are the people who will be supporting the church of tomorrow and beyond.”


Everyone applauded and Mrs. Tice said, “Bishop, I would like to add to Mr. Benson’s comments.  For your information, Father Dolan, if it weren’t for Mrs. Tillison who is sitting there with the IHOP Kid, and Doctor Wilson, this church would have already folded.  She and her friends have infused new life into this congregation.  It is exciting to see so many people in the pews.”


Maria said, “I’d like to say one other thing Bishop.  The Homeless and Needy Fund is being supported by everyone, especially the young people.  Beau, would you tell the group how much you have been contributing each week and where you get the money?”


“Dad, do I have to?” Beau asked.


“I nodded, “Yes Beau, you do.”


Beau started, “Ever since I started baby sitting, I’ve been putting $50.00 a week into to the fund.  Believe me; I know what a difference such a fund can make as does my cousin Danny.  We’ve been there and done that.”


Bishop Lancaster stood and said, “I make the vote eight to nothing and I‘ll close with Prayer.


Beau stood and held my and his Gram's hand and he was shaking.


Everyone congratulated Father Wanamaker.  Jeff went to Father Dolan and said, “Sir. You need to learn what being a man of the cloth is about.  Otherwise, it seems to me that you are in the wrong profession.”


Beau went to Dale and whispered, “Hey Baby Maker, I like seeing you better nude than wearing that silly thing that hides you hickies.”  They both started to laugh.


Beau made the rounds and talked to everyone.  He walked out with Bishop Lancaster. “Beau, are you and Jeff okay?  Do I need to talk to him?”


“No sir, I think everything will be fine, but I see his beady eyes looking at us worrying about what I’m telling you now.”  Beau reached up and kissed the Bishop.


The Bishop caught him and said loudly, “I’ll take you home with me and no one will pick on you again.”


Jeff realized he had been had and yelled, “IHOP unhand that young man before I call the Sheriff.  We found him first.”


“Come on Grams, we’d better go before the Bishop falls in love with Beau.” Jeff growled.


“Too late sonny, I already have.”  Bishop Lancaster laughed,


Mrs. T. turned to Father Gilbert and asked. “So, how do you feel about what happened here Fred?”


“Aggie, I had already decided I didn’t like Father Dolan by the way he came charging in yesterday morning.  Father Wanamaker played it so cool that no one including me realized who he was, I didn’t even know until tonight.  I guess I should have guessed yesterday, when he was there at both services with Jeff and Beau.  If I had to work with Father Dolan, I would probably retire even sooner than I had planned.  Father Wanamaker and I will make a good team.”

“Good thinking.” Mrs. T. said. “Hey Dale, I have a property that just came on the market today.  Why don’t you and the Doctor who works with mature people pick me up at 9:00 in the morning and I’ll show it to you.  It is close to the church and not far from the clinic.”


“Doctor Dad, I didn’t realize that Doctor Icky specialized in working with young teenagers like me.”  Beau laughed as he hid behind Bishop Lancaster.


Mrs. Tillison said, “Come on Stan take me home.  My grandson is picking on me.  Goodnight everyone.”


Jeff helped Father Gilbert lock up and we when we got home, everyone was waiting to hear what happened.  Beau and Dale had been whispering in the back seat and so when they went in, Beau said, “Don’t worry sir the next time you will know how to make the search committee take their shoes and stockings off.”


Everyone was quiet and Jason said, “I guess that we are stuck with Daddy Baby Maker as our new Father.”


Beau said, “Yep, he has to stop wearing that silly hickey hider and start wearing a neck brace. Since he was selected by a vote of 8 to zip there will be people crawling all over him.”  Beau said.


“But I thought there were only seven people on the search committee.” Tommy said.


“There were, but Jeff voted two times.  Actually the Bishop made it 8 to 0.  It was so cool, Father Dolan shot himself where it hurts more than a couple of times.  He’ll probably have trouble going to the bathroom.  Sorry for the language Aunt Andy.”  Beau said as he sat down.


Jason sat on Dale’s lap and said, “I’m proud of you sir.  I am glad that you are going to be one of us.”  Jason kissed him and excused himself and went upstairs and as did Beau and Tommy.


Jeff excused himself and said, “I have to finish my program.”


I walked up the stairs and Tommy met me, “Dad, are Jeff and Beau okay?”


I pulled him close and said, “Yes son, they are fine.  They are both near exhaustion.  I can’t wait for Wednesday to be over.”


I went into my room and both Jason and Beau were asleep in our bed since Jeff was working in the study.  Jeff heard me and motioned for me to come in.  “We’ll sleep in the guys’ bed since they are both already asleep.”  


To be continued...


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Editor's Notes:


That was quite a chapter, with some excitement, wasn't it? Why am I not surprised as to which person they picked to be the Assistant Father?


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