The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 24
Weak Stomachs


Saturday morning the bed was bouncing.  “Come on you old men get up.  We’re going running.  It’s a beautiful morning.  Make sure you brush your teeth.”  Beau said, as he bounced out of the room.


Beau knocked on his and Jason’s bedroom door.  A voice called out “Yes Beau.”


Beau went in and yanked the covers off of the two gentlemen.  Come on you lazy guys.  We’re going running.  I’ve got to get the Lords ready.  You can shower when you get back.  We’ll only run ten miles today.  We don’t want to wear Daddy Baby Maker out. Move it Icky.  You both definitely need to brush your teeth.”


The Lords were up and were ready.  When we started off there were eight of us.  Andrea and I quit off after two miles.  Ted and Les ran five miles and Jeff and Tommy ran eight and everyone had showered and cleaned up by the time Beau and Father Wanamaker came in.


Beau came in complaining, “Dad, Daddy Baby Maker is trying to kill me.  Jeff, did he say in his resume that he was a marathon runner?  No wonder he is so fat, Beau danced away.  I’ll be back shortly, since I don’t have to shower.  I’ll be having several showers at the Lords’ house while we are cleaning.


Beau and Dale came in and we served them breakfast.  Jason came in while we were eating.  “Hi everyone, Dad, the Montgomerys want to take us to a play at the Children’s Theatre in Omaha.  Please, may I go?”


“Yes Jason.  Do you need any money?” I asked.


“Dad, I have money upstairs that’s burning a hole in my pajama drawer.  Now I have to get ready to go to Spencer’s house, since he has some yards he scheduled to be mowed this morning.  Mr. Montgomery is taking us. Bye everyone.”  Jason said.


Beau looked up from his breakfast and said, “I guess I’d better go get my money out of my pajama drawer before Daddy Baby Maker and the Headless Horseman confiscate it.”


When Beau finished breakfast, he picked up his plate and went to the kitchen.  He had everything cleaned when the rest of us brought our plates and utensils. Chris came in and said, “I’m ready to roll Beau.”


“Who’s taking us to the house?” Beau asked.


Father Wanamaker said, “I’ll take you guys.”


“I’ll go with you all.” Les said.


Beau looked at them and said, “Chris, they just want to perve on our bodies.  Don’t worry, I don’t think either of them will try anything but they’ll probably drool all over the place.”


They left with the vacuum cleaner and the cleaning supplies.


When they arrived back at noon, Beau handed the keys to Ted and Andy and said, “We would have lined your shelves but you didn’t tell us what color you wanted.  Make sure you take your shoes off when you enter. All the floors should be dry by now and if you find something we missed tell Jeff, since Denny and I will be out of the pocket the rest of today.”


Beau grabbed a sandwich, went to take a shower and put on different clothes.  He came down just as Denny came in, looked at Beau and said, “Okay General, I’m ready to roll.”


Les, Dale and the two guys left.  I was apprehensive about not going with them, but I figured Beau had matured enough to be able to handle whatever came up.


They went to Mr. Swanson’s house first.  The four of them walked through the house and Beau and Denny were making notes.  When they went back to Mr. Swanson, Les said, “I’ll give you $25,000.00 for the contents, and what I can’t use, I’ll turn over to Beau and he can sell it and we can split the profits.  I’m moving to Fremont and I don’t have any furniture.  May I write you a check?”


Mr. Swanson looked at Beau.  Beau nodded yes and said, “Sir, I was going to offer you $20,000.00, so grab it and run.  Ichabod must know something we don’t know.”


Les wrote the check and handed it to Mr. Swanson.  “Sir, I’ll have Beau arrange for the furniture to be picked up as soon as I get a house.”


“Mr. Swanson, we have to go to Aunt Lydia’s.  Do you want us to take you?” Beau asked.


“No thank you Beau, she has invited me to dinner, so I’ll drive myself and meet you there.”


The guys drove to Aunt Lydia’s house.  She showed them what she had in the attic and basement as well as the garage.  She also pointed out some things in the house that she wanted to get rid of.  Beau said, “Aunt Lydia, I’m going to offer you $25,000.00 for everything. I’ll make the arrangements to pick it up and give you the check then.  I’ll call you and let you know what’s happening.”


“C. C. thanks for coming.” Mrs. Olson said.


Beau hugged both Aunt Lydia and Uncle Hans.  The guys walked next door.  Beau started to shake, until he looked up.  “Grant, what are you doing up there?  Aren’t you afraid your going to fall?”


“Climb in a hole Beau, I’ll be down in a minute.  Go terrorize Bethanne and the guys.”  Beau went around the corner and found them and said, “Gee, you three look really pretty with all that paint all over you.  How are you all doing?  Bethanne, I hope that Grant is paying you big bucks for painting his house.”


Grant arrived and hugged Beau.  “Hey Denny, how are you doing?  I don’t think I know your friends.”


Beau said, “I just met them, and I’m not sure that I can remember their names.  This is Dudley Doright aka Doctor Les Crane.  This here guy with the hickey on his neck is Father Dale Wanamaker.  They are our chauffeurs for the day.  Jeff is home arranging for his show.”


“Yeh, we know, we’ll be there at 2:00 tomorrow for practice.  Are we swimming indoors or out.  He said it was at Grams with hamburgers and hot dogs?”


“Grant, you know more about it than I do.  Is your Mother available?” Beau asked.


“Yep she has dessert waiting for us in the shop.”  The young guys walked with Beau and Denny.  When they walked in Mrs. Swenson hugged Beau and Beau made then introductions.  Mrs. Swenson brought everyone their desserts with either tea or lemonade.


The desserts were great and Beau got up and walked to the back room to talk to Mr. Swenson and came back with some cards and then asked Mrs. Swenson for a couple menus.  He asked, “Mrs. Swenson, may I see the junk I forgot to have picked up?”


“Grant, take these people to the house while I finish here please.”  Mrs. Swenson asked.


“Thank you for the wonderful dessert, ma’am.”  Beau said, as they were leaving.


As they started to walk into the house, Beau began to shake.  Dale and Les put their arms around him.  The young guys showed them everything that had been done to the first floor; Beau finally relaxed.  The guys said, “Beau, come see our room where your buried treasures are waiting.”


They led the visitors past the room where Beau had been held captive.  Beau froze and Grant and Denny grabbed him.   Grant said, “Beau, nothing is going to happen to you.  I’ll wipe out anybody that tries to hurt you again.”


Beau pulled himself together and went into the guy’s room.  He looked around and said, “You mean you guys have your own computer and telephone.  Wait until I tell my Dad.  You even have your own television set.  I feel deprived.”


“As do I.” said Grant.  “Come on; let me show you the attic.” 


Grant pulled down the folding stairs and everyone climbed them one at a time.  Grant turned the lights on and Beau and Denny started to look around. Beau said, “I’ll tell you what we’ll do Grant.  We’ll sell this on commission and we’ll split the profits in half.”


Unbeknownst to Beau, Mrs. Swenson had arrived.  “Beau, these things are yours and we don’t want any money.  I know just a little about what happened to you, and you deserve every break you can get.  Our family is fine.  We have all the funds for all three boys’ college education set aside.  I’m not sure what will happen if Grant and Bethanne decide to get hitched and make a dozen babies.  These things belong to you and not us.”


Father Wanamaker had moved to put his arm around Beau, who was about to lose control of his emotions.  Beau took a deep breath. “Mrs. Swenson, I’ll call you next week, after I make arrangements for my things to be picked up.  We really do need to leave now, since both Denny and I have sitting jobs tonight.”


Beau hugged everyone and when he got to Grant, he whispered, “Thanks for not telling what happened to me.”  The two of them had a long hug.


When they had driven out of the town Beau just lost it.  He had been storing all his emotions inside him and he began to cry really hard.  Les was driving and he pulled into a deserted road. The guys got out and were sitting on the ground in a grassy area.  Dale asked, “Beau, will you tell us what has happened to you, to cause you to react like this?”


Beau composed himself and said, “Both Denny and I have stories to tell.  Denny, tell them your story first, while I get myself pulled together.”


When Denny finished his story, Les and Dale were looking a little peaked.  Denny said, “You think that’s bad, just listen to Beau’s story.”


Beau had only told about half of his story when both gentlemen excused themselves.  When they came back Les said, “Beau, I don’t think my stomach can take anymore, right now.  Can we go back to your house?  I’m so hurting from the suffering and pain that you two young men have endured.  I am not sure that I can live here.”


All of a sudden Beau bounced back.  “You can’t leave, now.  You just bought a house full of furniture and you don’t have any place to put it.  Come on; put the pedal to the metal.  Denny and I have sitting jobs tonight.”


The guys dropped Denny off and when they got to the house, Beau came storming in.  “Jeff, how come everyone knows there is practice tomorrow except me.  Does that mean you don’t need me, I hope?  So what’s with the swim party?”


“Beau, go to the bathroom.  You have diarrhea of the mouth again.  If you were ever home, I would tell you what is happening.  Now get ready to go take care of your problem children.” Jeff advised.


“That does it, I’m running away.  I’ll go out and hitchhike and I’ll find some nice older lady to take care of me who appreciates me.”  Beau sobbed.


“Good luck, Aunt Evelyn is in Peoria, so I guess you are out of luck.”  Tommy laughed.  “Now sit and be quiet.”


“Where’s Jason?” Beau asked.


“Beau, for your edification, the Montgomerys are having dinner in Omaha tonight and Jason is with them.  Too bad no one ever invites you out to go anywhere.  Berto called and asked if you wanted to go to a movie and I told him you were way too busy for such trivial pursuits.”


The visitors were all laughing.


Andy said, “Beau, the house looked wonderful.  You guys did a great job.  What do you think?”


“Well it really could use a little furniture.  It’s going to get very tiring eating and sleeping on the floor.” Beau said.  “Hey Icky, why don’t we swing back to Oakland and pick up your furniture and you can rent it to the Lords for $500.00 per day?”


“That’s okay General.  Our furniture will be delivered on Wednesday.  Thanks anyway.”


“Beau, set the table for six people please.” Jeff said.


Beau asked, “Who is not eating?”


Andy said, “Ted and I are eating with the Thompsons.  Anita has some ideas she wants to share.”


“Good, you can put a good word in for Jeff with Dr. Thompson.  Jeff needs all of the help he can get.” Beau said, as he disappeared.


Jeff and Tommy went into the kitchen.  The Lords left and Beau announced that dinner was ready.  The dinner talk was animated.  Beau told about their trip to Oakland.  He didn’t mention the part about losing it or what happened on the way home.


Beau looked at the clock, “Please may I be excused.  I need to get to the Carpenters.  Tommy, are you taking me?”


“Gotcha covered brother.” Tommy said, as the guys took their table service and rinsed it and put it into the dishwasher.


After the guys left, Les said, “There are a few details that Beau skillfully omitted in his description of the trip today.”


They told a detailed account of what happened.  I said, “I was apprehensive about letting him go.  At least he didn’t get physically ill, like the last time I was with him.” 


“No, but Les and I did.” said Dale.


“Tommy doesn’t know the entire story, and Jason doesn’t know anything about what happened, and Beau does not want him to.  Beau’s other Dad and his Granddad know, so they will do whatever is necessary to protect him.”

I said.


Dale asked, “How can Beau have two Dads?”


Jeff started to laugh.  “Dad is Beau foster Dad and Uncle Josh, who you will meet tomorrow, if not sooner, is Beau's step father and Uncle Ben is Jason’s Granddad.  The guys will be moving in with them on the 25th or 26th.”


“You must be talking about us.”  Josh said, as they came in with Mrs. Tillison.


Jeff introduced everyone and got another chair and we visited around the table after Jeff got Mrs. T. her scotch on the rocks and Josh and Ben had beers while the rest of us had wine.  Jeff cleared the table and came and sat down.


Mrs. T. said, “I had to come and see for myself if Father Wanamaker was as good looking as Beau said.  He called me this morning and told me he was too good looking to be a man of the cloth. I think I have to agree with my grandson’s assessment.”


Josh said, “Mother, you’re making Dale blush.”


Dale said, “Speaking of which, should I wear my hickey hiding collar as Beau calls it tomorrow?”


Jeff said, “I think you shouldn’t wear it.  That way our friends will treat you as another of our screwball friends.  The only people, who will know, are the search committee and the few people you have met in the last twenty-four hours.  Father Gilbert doesn’t even know you.  That way people won’t be scrutinizing you, to see if you do anything wrong.”


“I agree with Jeff.”  Mrs. T. said.  “So, are we going to early service or the late one?”


Dale spoke up and said, “I’d like to go to both, since I’m sure there is a difference in the congregation that attends each service and I would like to know what to expect.”


Jeff said, “That sounds like a plan to me.  I’m game to go both times.  Dad, you take our guests into the living room and freshen their drinks while I clean the kitchen.” Jeff said.


Les said, “I’ll help Jeff since I have to earn my keep somehow.”


Jeff and Les came into the living room and Jeff said, “Guys, tell Grams, Uncle Josh and Uncle Ben about your trip today.  They all know all about Beau and Denny.”


The guys told everything about the trip.  When they finished, Mrs. T. asked, “Les, where are you going to put your furniture?”


“Ma’am, I haven’t a clue.  It was a supernatural force that made me buy it.” Les answered.


Mrs. Tillison said, “After the party tomorrow, we’ll take a look around at the properties I have available to rent, and see if there is anything you would be interested in.  I’d be glad to work out any kind of deal you would feel comfortable with.  I can make you a deal like I did the Lords.  Speaking of the Lords, where are they?”


“Anita and Greg invited them to dinner.  Anita has some decorating plans she wanted to discuss.” I said.


The door opened, “Thanks for everything Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery.  Next time it my treat though.  See you tomorrow.  Good night Davey.”


Jason came in and gave everyone a hug.  “We went to this restaurant where everyone had to wear a bib because the ribs were so juicy.”


Before anyone could say any more, Drew, Kenny, Lori and Dina walked in.  “Doctor Dad and Doctor Icky, is the swelling in my eye ever going to go down.”


Jason said, “Is that all you can think about?  Don’t you think you might at least introduce yourself and your friends to our visitors first?”


“Sorry.” Drew said.


Jeff made the introductions and went and got four cans of 7 up.


I looked at the wound and said, “It’s already 100% better.  I think that by Thursday, you will probably be able to play baseball again.”


“Tell Beau that Tim Underwood called me and his Dad wanted Beau to know that two of the school board members have mysteriously resigned and the Coach has been reinstated.  Doctor Dad, am I going to be able to swim tomorrow?”


“Yes, as long as you don’t get the area around your eye too wet.” I answered.


Jason said, “I’ll tell you what, Drew.   We’ll get a big baggie and put it over you head and tie it tight around your neck so the water can’t get in.”


Everyone started to laugh and Jason started to the stairs.  Kenny said, “Jason, it sounds like you’ve been taking lessons from Beau.”


“Yep, and boy are they expensive.  He gets $1000.00 for a fifteen minute session.  Granddad, may I have another session with Beau in the morning before church and I need some money to pay him. Goodnight everyone.” he yelled back as he disappeared.


Dina said, “Drew, you have been had by a nine year old.  Come on guys, we need to go since my family wants to go to early church in the morning.  Nice meeting you gentlemen.”


The Lords came in as the teenagers were leaving.  They sat down and Mrs. T. asked. “So what do you think of the house now, Andy and Ted?’


“Ma’am, it looks better than I had hoped for.  It looks so new and clean that I am afraid to touch anything.” Andy said.


“Now if you will excuse us, we’re going to bed.  We plan to go to the early service.  Jeff, are we running or what, in the morning?” Ted asked.


“If the weather is nice, I’m sure that Beau will have us out running.  Jason and Dad usually don’t run on Sundays.”  Jeff said.


Mrs. T., Josh and Ben left.  Les excused himself and went to get ready for bed and it was evident that Dale wanted to talk.  “Guys, I’m really worried about this interview.  I could kick myself for revealing my sexual preference on my resume.” 


Jeff said, “Father Wanamaker, we talked on the way home last Sunday in the car I was riding in about your resume.  Even one of your detractors praised you for being so honest.  It is better to be up front than to be found out later.  As you probably surmise, Dad and I are a couple, but we can get away with it because we are father and son and we don’t go around advertising. You have already met some other gay people since you have been here, and you have met some who are definitely not gay like Beau and Denny.”


“Thank you for listening.  I guess I just have a case of the jitters.”


Beau came bouncing in.  He hugged me and kissed me and Jeff and the he caught Dale by surprise and did the same thing to him.  “Where is Doctor Icky?” Beau asked.


“He went to bed.” Jeff answered.


“You mean he went to take care of his sexual anxieties don’t you?  Is Tommy home yet?”  Beau asked.


“Nope.”  I assured him.


“Good, I’m going to sneak into his room and find his stash of porn.” Beau said.


Tommy was standing there and said, “I’ll watch you find your stash and then I’ll know where to find them too.”


Tommy gave us all a hug and he and Beau walked up the stairs together.


Dale followed them and Jeff and I locked up and when we crawled into bed, we were tired and went to sleep.


To be continued...


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Editor's Notes:


Well I really like Dale. He seems like he really has a great deal to give to the Church and the community.   Beau still has a lot of baggage that he needs to deal with. I hope he will be able to heal his soul.  He is such a caring and giving person, and yet he is so easily brought to his knees, so to speak.  We all need to be there for him.


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Posted: 11/23/07