The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 23

Daddy Baby Maker



Thursday morning I awoke alone.  I got up and went to see where everyone was.  Jason and Tommy were still asleep.  I put on a sweat suit and went downstairs.  I could hear talking so I went down to the basement.


“About time, pops.”  Beau said, “The Headless Horseman here is in even worse shape than you.  Come on, let’s get with it.  Jeff, we’ll take it easy or Icky and Dad won’t be able to move.”


The guys put us through an easy but effective workout.  We went to get ready for the day.  Beau fixed the breakfast while the three of us got showered after Jeff woke Jason and Tommy.


It rained hard all day.  When we brought the guys home after Les and I had had an extremely busy day, Beau went after Tommy.  “You must have prayed really good last night and today.  Maybe you can do the same thing for next Monday’s game.”


The guys changed the bed linens and were doing the laundry when Les came to me and said, “Jack, I’m afraid I have to leave.  I’ve got to go home and take care of the bills, unless my sister and her husband are coming this weekend?”


“Les, I don’t know what their plans are.  Call them and see. I pointed to the phone.


He came back and said, “They are coming and staying with Doctor Frazier.  They are looking for a house to buy or rent.”


Beau just happened to be standing there and said, “Grams has houses to rent and Aunt Nancy can find them a house of their choice if they called her.”


“Beau, would you stop worrying and let everything happen naturally.  You don’t need to be worrying about everything and everybody.”  Les said, as he pulled him down beside him and held him.


Beau looked at him and glared, “Do you sleep in the nude like some people I know, or do you cover up with pajamas?”


“If you must know, I sleep in my boxer shorts.” Les answered.


“How boring.  Dad, we need to go get Icky some bikini briefs so he has some big boy underwear when the Father gets here.  Jeff, how big is Father Wanamaker?”


“I think he is about the same size as Dad and me.” Jeff answered.


“Good, then you can loan Icky and the Father some bikini briefs so they are more interesting.  Dad, put this money in the safe now that the Headless Horseman is sleeping in our room.  I am going to go and look for some good porn on the computer.


Les was holding his head, “Beau’s mind works five times faster than mine.  I never know where he is going.”


“Hey Doc, join the crowd.” Jeff laughed.


Friday it was still drizzling when we got up so Beau took pity on us.  Les and I were overwhelmed at work.  I’m not sure where all the patients came from, but both Les and I worked almost non stop all day.  At five o’clock Jill and Lash came to us and said, “Doctor Wilson and Doctor Crane, if you’re going to be this busy all of the time, you are going to have to get us some help.  All of us are exhausted; we’ve been running around putting out fires all day.”


Les said, “I’m sorry.  Would it be so bad if I joined the practice?”


“We weren’t saying anything like that sir, but when the Lords start working, there is no way we can handle all of your patients.” Lash said.


“Lash and Jill, I want you to start looking for more help immediately.  Make sure all of us get to meet the perspective candidates because we are all going to need to be able to work together as a team.  Lash, you need to know that you are responsible for everyone except the Doctors, even when the other doctors bring their staffs.”  I said.


“Doctor Crane, you need to let us know when you will be available, since people are already asking to see you.  You must be hitting some right buttons.”  Lash said.


Les went and picked up the guys while I had Lash make out a check for Les.  I got home before Les.  He had to visit with everyone before he brought the guys home.


Beau and Jason came bounding in, “Did Father Wanamaker arrive yet?  How about Aunt Andy and Uncle Ted?”


Jeff said, “Guys, slow down.  This is Father Wanamaker.  This is my brother Beau, and my brother Jason.  The good looking gentleman escorting them is Doctor Les Crane.”


Beau said, “Just call him Icky.  Why aren’t you wearing your collar?  I guess the hickey on you neck must have cleared up.  You can’t be a man of the cloth.  You are way too handsome.”


Jeff put his hand on Beau’s mouth and said, “I’ll turn Beau off.”


Icky was standing there laughing.  Beau turned to him and said, “Icky, what are you laughing at?  He does look more like a male model than he does a Father.”


Both Jason and Beau gave Dale a hug and kiss and welcomed him.  They left to get ready for dinner.


Beau and Jason gave Father Wanamaker the third degree during dinner.  Beau said, “Thanks for dinner, Jeff and Tommy.  Jason and I will take care of the cleaning detail.  Jeff, what do I wear to a party?”


“Beau, just wear what you would feel good in.  If Berto didn’t specify the dress, I would wear a pair of Dockers and a nice shirt, since it’s too warm for a sweater.”  Jeff advised.


Jason said, “The sleepover tonight is at Davey’s, since we don’t have room.  Please may I go?”


I nodded yes and Jason gave me a kiss and a hug and went to help Beau.


Tommy said, “Dad, I have to go.  I’m due at my sitting job.  I’ll see you all tomorrow.”


Beau went and showered and changed clothes.  He came down and looked like a movie star.  Jason came right behind him and said, “Hey General, you have a hair out of place.”


“One out of 50,000 ain’t bad.  Hey Icky and Daddy Baby Maker, I laid a pair of Jeff’s bikini briefs on each of your beds.  I’ll pop in the morning to see if you look as good in them as Jeff and Dad do.  Now who’s driving me to the party?”  Both gentlemen were laughing but Jeff was not.


I looked at him and said, “I’ll take you.  We need to have a talk.”


“I think I’m in trouble.” Beau said.


We got in the car and I asked, “Beau, don’t you think you were a little suggestive and assuming, tonight?”


“Dad, I was out of control again, but you know what.   Neither Father Wanamaker nor Doctor Crane was offended.  In fact, I think they were rather enjoying it.  I’m sorry if I embarrassed you and Jeff.”  Beau sighed.


I stopped in front of Berto’s house.  I grabbed Beau and said, “Son, I wasn’t embarrassed, but not everyone would have taken what you said so freely.  After all you only met Father Wanamaker two hours ago.  Les I can understand, since I know the two of you bonded the first night that he was here.”


“Dad, what do you want me to do?  I can’t help who I am.  Its Jeff’s and your fault for making me feel so secure.  You know that I’d do anything for either of you as well as Tommy or Jason and I have to include Chip and Spencer.” 


I hugged him again and said, “Beau, go have a good time.  You deserve it.”


Beau went to the door and was met by Berto.


I got home just as the Lords arrived and the six of us were visiting.  Jeff told everyone, only Beau knows what the schedule is for tomorrow.  I do know that your house cleaning is scheduled for the morning; he asked me to remind you that no women were allowed.”


Father Wanamaker said, “I think I had better go with Beau, because if his friends are anything like him, I am sure there must be something bad going on.”


“I’ll go with you, just in case there is a medical emergency.” Les said.


Jeff said, “Doctor Crane, the guys who are going to be working are 13 or younger”


“So? They can have heart attacks or suffer from exhaustion too.”  Les said.


Everyone was laughing and I thought to myself, now I know why Beau bonded so quickly with Les.  Les is a very sharp person.


Everyone was winding down when Beau came in at 11:00.  He was standing at the door.  “Hey Juan, thanks for bringing me home.  Goodnight Rosa.  Next time I am going to break the piñata.  I had a great time.”


Beau came in and sat down beside me and said, “I had a great time.  They are a neat family.  Doctor Icky, remember you promised to drive Denny and me to Oakland tomorrow.  Daddy Baby Maker, why don’t you come with us since everyone else is going to be busy and it will take your mind off of Monday night?  Aunt Andy and Uncle Ted we should have your house ready by noon.  Jeff, you need to get ready for your program and Dad you need to make sure that dinner is ready tomorrow.  I think I had better go to bed before I get in anymore trouble.”


He went to the stairs and threw us all a kiss and disappeared.


Jeff said “Doctor Andy and gentlemen, you'd better get used to it, if you live here.  Beau can have four or five trains of thought at the same time.  So you just have to be ready for anything.”


Les said, “I can attest to that.  It’s like his mind is two jumps ahead of mine and I considered myself somewhat intelligent until I met him.  He even has a five year old working with negative numbers.”


Jeff said, “I assume you are talking about Chip.”


“Yes, both Chip and Spencer have the same aura as Beau.  They may not be quite as intelligent as you and Beau, but I’ll bet they are close and Spencer’s work ethics are amazing for an 11 year old boy.”


Fortunately Tommy came in, “Dad, remind me to never sit for that family again.  The boys are starved for love and affection.  I just wanted to bring them home.  I don’t think their parents ever give them a hug or a kiss.  They just buy them everything imaginable thinking that is what love is.”


Tommy suddenly realized who all was there and said, “I apologize for my outburst, it’s just a good thing that Beau wasn’t sitting, for that family, or he would have had the parents arrested.”


“I’m sorry.  I’m going to bed. We’re painting at the Antique Shop in the morning; I guess I’ll see everyone around lunch time.”


The four visitors were totally dumbfounded by what was happening.  Les said “I’m on overload.  I’m going to bed. 


Everyone else agreed and we went to bed.


To be continued...


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