The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 22
The Math Lesson


Wednesday morning was just a routine day.  Doctor Crane was a big help and we cleaned up my backlog.  We had lunch at noon and he said, “Jack, if it’s okay with you I’m going to spend the afternoon with Beau and his people.”


Les went to Gigi’s and when he knocked the five young guys were on the floor resting not saying a word.  The thirteen year olds were sitting reading not talking.  Ranger was on the floor watching everyone.  Beau handed Les a book and he started reading too.  Finally Beau motioned for Les to follow him with his eyes and they went into the kitchen.


“Doctor Crane, go take off your shoes or Chip will yell at you.  The boys will be up in ten minutes ready to go.”  Beau knew exactly what he was talking about.  At exactly 2:30 the guys got up and put their sleeping bags away.


The guys came into the kitchen and asked, “Beau, can we go to the park and wait for the others to come by please?”


“Okay, get your shoes and we’ll go so you guys can run and play. I’ll tell Gigi that we are leaving.”  Beau said.


Chip walked with Les on the way to the park.  The guys played Keep Away with the Frisbee.  They had Ranger chasing all over the place.  The fifth and fourth graders started to arrive.  Beau looked around and asked, “Where’s Toby?”


Spencer said, “Beau, you don’t want to know.”


Beau said, “I need to know; is he in trouble and do we have to do anything?”


Teddy said, “Beau, he yelled at the music teacher today.  He said he was tired of singing dumb songs.  He has to spend the next three days in detention after school, and only his parents can sign him out.”


Beau said, “So does anyone else have anything to confess?   There is an unhealthy snack awaiting us at Gigi’s.  Ranger, get the Frisbee.”


When they got into the house, everyone shed their shoes, Ranger put the Frisbee in the box and everyone washed their hands.    Chip went to get Gigi and everyone ate a brownie and fresh grapes.  Gigi and Doctor Crane were visiting when the guys and gals went into the cleaning up mode and then went to their assigned spaces.


Les watched what was going on and was shaking his head.  No one was resisting and they seemed to know exactly what was expected.  Chip raised his hand.  Les went to him and whispered, “What’s wrong Chip?”


“Sir, this doesn’t make any sense.  How can I subtract a big number from a little number?” Chip asked.


“Chip, pretend the big number is on top and subtract the little number.”  Les advised.


Chip did as he was told and wrote down the answer. Les said, “Since you have the big number with a minus sign that means the answer has to have a minus sign in the answer because you can’t have more than you started with.”


Chip studied the problem and asked, “So it’s like I had one piece of candy in my hand and you saw it and wanted seven.  So I have to take six more pieces out of the bag and now I have six less pieces of candy in my bag.  I guess I will have to make sure that I get only kinds of candy you don’t like. Thanks for helping me sir.”


Les went to Beau and asked, “Why are you having Chip work with negative numbers?”


“We have to do something to stimulate him and I don’t think he is ready for regrouping, multiplication or division.  He already knows his addition and subtraction facts through 18.  You need to have him to read to you.” Beau said.


“You’re kidding right?  He’s only five.” Les challenged.


Beau went and got a book and got Chip.  “Chipper, Doctor Icky doesn’t believe me that you can read.  Take him out on the porch and read to him so you don’t bother any of the others.”


Chip led Les out to the rocking chair and crawled in his lap and read If You Give the Mouse a Cookie.  When Chip finish, he looked at Les and said, “Doctor Crane, that’s the way I am going to act the next time you give me a piece of candy then maybe you won’t take my things away.”


Les hugged Chip, “Chip, you did a wonderful job reading the story.  Can the other guys read like you?


“No sir, they are still learning the letters and the sounds.” Chip answered.


“Do you read to the other guys?” Les asked.


“No, Beau says I might make them feel bad, so I just help them sometimes when they are having trouble.  I only read to the big guys and my Mommy and Daddy.”


Beau went out and said, “Chip, Spencer, Bobby and the four nine year olds are going to go mow two yards.  Why don’t you go with Spencer’s crew and Trey can go with Bobby’s crew.  I’ll go with your team and Denny will go with the other team.  Are you going with us, sir?”


“Eddie, your Dad is here for you.” Beau called.  “Hi Mr. Cross.”


“Danny, you stay here with the rest, since Uncle Dan is coming for you and the girls shortly and the twins’ father is due momentarily.”  Beau said as the troops assembled in the garage and collected the equipment they needed.


Spencer led them to an area and said, “My group will do the two houses on this side and Bobby’s group will do the two houses over there.  Here is the bill for those two houses and it tells you what they want done.”


He turned to his team and said, “This first house wants the grass and trimmings put into the Yard Waste Container.  The second house doesn’t want the grass caught, but wants the flower beds weeded.  Come on; let’s get busy.”  Spencer looked at Beau and asked, “Are you mowing or edging?”


Beau said, “I’ll mow and you can edge and supervise the other three guys.”


Les watched and everyone knew exactly what to do.  He walked across the street to see how things were going.  Denny was mowing and Bobby was edging and the others pruning bushes.  Ranger was lying where he could watch both groups of guys.


Beau went to mow the second yard while Spencer had the first lady inspect and she handed him a check.  Spencer looked at it and said, “Ma’am, this is too much.”


“Young man, I watched the five of you, and you all were meticulous.  You don’t do windows do you?” the lady asked.


“Doctor Crane, please go get Beau.  He needs to talk to this lady.”


Les went and got Beau.  Spencer said, “This lovely lady is looking for someone to wash her windows.”


Beau asked, “Ma’am, are we talking inside or out?”


“Both would be great.” the lady answered.


“Ma’am, we couldn’t do it this weekend.  We are already scheduled to clean another house on Saturday morning and I have to be in Oakland in the afternoon.  Let me talk to my friends.  May I call you?” Beau asked.


“Yes, young man, here is my card and number.”


“Ma’am, I’ll let you know tomorrow.” Beau said.  “Thanks for asking.”


The guys finished the second lawn and Spencer had the owner inspect.  Again, the owner included a tip because he was so pleased.  The results on the other side of the street were very similar.  Bobby handed the checks to Spencer.


Spencer said, “Guys, I’ll get the checks cashed tonight and give you your money tomorrow.”


Chip had hold of Les’s hand and said, “Good, that way Doctor Crane won’t take my money too.”


Les reached down and turned Chip upside down and started to shake him.  Ranger started to growl.  Beau grabbed Ranger’s leash and held him and said, “Doctor Crane put Chip down or Ranger is going to attack you.”


Les put Chip down.  Chip went to Ranger and said, “Ranger, I am fine.  He wasn’t hurting me.”


“Come on; let’s get back I’m getting hungry.” Chip said.


The guys cleaned the equipment and put it away.  Jill, Toni and Mrs. Edmond were waiting for their sons.  Les brought our guys home after dropping Bobby at his house against his complaints.


“Dinner will be ready as soon as Tommy gets home.” Jeff announced.


Beau said, “Come on Jason, let’s go butcher Dad’s lawn like we did the others today.  Dad, am I catching the grass or what?”


“Catching.” I answered.


The guys disappeared and I looked out and Davey was helping the guys.  Beau finished and started on the Montgomery’s yard.  He was just about finished when Tommy came home.  Beau finished and came in and got ready for dinner.


Jeff went and got Jason and we started to eat.  Beau started on Tommy.  “So what happened at practice today?”


“You created a monster, Beau.  The Coach had the four pitchers from yesterday throwing, and Drew was giving us pointers.  I don’t want to be a pitcher nor does Kenny.”  Tommy said.


“Hey high school boy, you gotta’ do what you gotta’ do to win.”  Beau laughed.


“The Coach told us we should pray for rain tonight.” Tommy said. 


When dinner was finished, Beau said, “Tommy, you go do your homework.  Dad you and Doctor Icky can do the dishes while Jeffrey answers the phone.  Jason and I are going to be busy.”  He excused himself and rinsed his table service and put them in the dishwasher as did Jason.


The two guys went outside and they mowed the Corl’s and the Martinez’s lawns.  I went out to see what they were doing and Beau was edging and Jason was trimming.  “Guys, it's time to quit!” I yelled.


We’re almost done, Dad.”  Jason called back without stopping what he was doing.


The guys finally came in and went to take a shower.  When they came down, Jeff said, “Beau, Mr. Cooper wants you to call him.  His number is on the pad.”


Beau made the call.  “This is Beau. … What’s wrong with Mr. Cooper? … Okay, let me check. Hold on please.”


“Doctor Icky, could you please take Denny and me to Oakland on Saturday afternoon?”  Beau asked.


Les agreed.


“Mr. Cooper, Doctor Crane will take us.  Do you want me to call you about the financial arrangements or what? … You mean you trust me enough to do that? … Okay sir, I’ll do the best I can do, but I want to be fair with Mr. Swanson and Mrs. Olson.  Oh by the way, I have another attic of goodies I will be perusing.  Talk to you Saturday sir.”


Beau had just hung up when the phone rang and Beau answered.  “Hi Uncle Stan … Yes, Jeff is sitting here being lazy, let me get him for you.”


“Jeffrey honey, Uncle Stan wants to talk to you.”  Beau said, as he handed him the phone.


Jeff put the speaker on, “Hi Uncle Stan, what’s up?”


“Jeff, I invited both of our candidates here for the weekend.  Mrs. Hughes has agreed to keep Father Dolan.  Could Father Wanamaker stays at you house?  I think he would be the most comfortable there.”


Beau grabbed the phone and said, “Uncle Stan, we’ll take him and make sure he is indoctrinated correctly.  When’s he coming?”


“He’s coming in Friday about 4:00.  Why don’t you have Jeff call him and make the arrangements?”  Stan asked.


“Here’s Jeff again.  You can give him the information.” Beau said as he handed the phone to Jeff.


Jeff got off the phone and asked, “Beau, where is Father Wanamaker going to sleep?  Doctor Crane is staying and the Lords are coming in on Friday.”


Beau said, “Simple, my dear Watson.  We’ll sleep with you and Dad.  Look, Jason and I can sleep in the study and Doctor Ichabod and Father Wanamaker can sleep in our room, since it has two beds and they are both men.  Do you have a problem with that, Doctor Crane?”


“Sounds fine to me Beau.  Jeff might want to let the Father know what’s happening, to make sure he has no problems with it.”  Les said.


Jeff made the call and Father Wanamaker was fine with the arrangements so it was set that he would arrive about 4:00 on Friday afternoon.


Andy called to say they would be in about 7:00 on Friday.


Beau went to the kitchen and was talking to the guys about doing the windows when the doorbell rang.  It was Tony and his father in law.  Jeff invited them in and Tony asked, “Are the two young men who mowed and edged our lawns here?”


“I think Jason has already gone to bed.  Let me check for Beau.” I said as I went into the kitchen.


Beau was just hanging up, “Okay ma’am we’ll see you a week from Saturday about 9:00.  Talk to you then.  Goodnight Ma’am.”


“Beau, Mr. Martinez and Mr. Corl would like to visit with you.”  I said, as I led him into the living room.


“Hi, gentlemen, how can I help you?” Beau asked.


“Beau, we want to pay you and Jason for the work you did on our lawns.  It has been three or four years since they have been edged.  They look wonderful.  How much do we owe you?” Tony asked.


“Sir, we didn’t do it for money.  We did it because you have been wonderful and never complained about all of the activity that we have at this house even when we are having people by the dozens.” Beau said.


“You’re right; it has been like there has been a parade of everyone in Fremont.  You must know everyone in Fremont by now.”  Mr. Corl laughed.


“Not quite sir, but we are trying.” Beau laughed.


Both guys handed Beau $30.00.  I thought Beau was going to refuse the money, so I got up and held him.  He looked at me and said, “Thank you gentlemen, I’ll let Doctor Wilson take care of it tonight, and I‘ll give Jason his half in the morning.  Now, if you will excuse me, it has been a long day.”


Tony and Mr. Corl visited a short time and then left and Jeff, Les and I were talking when Beau came down in nothing but his bikini briefs.  He sat down beside me and asked, “Dad, why won’t people accept that people don’t always do things for money?”


“Beau, that’s the way people are today.  The world has a give me, give me mentality.  Everyone expects to be paid for almost even saying hello. You need to accept what people give you graciously and do what you have been doing and passing it on to the homeless fund at the church.”


“Dad, how did you know that is what I have been doing?”  Beau demanded.


“You left your envelope on the counter last Sunday when you went to do something.  I didn’t touch it but just read what it said.  I knew you had been putting envelopes in the offering plates but I didn’t know what it was for before then.”


“Dad, don’t tell anyone please.”  Beau pleaded with tears in his eyes.


“I won’t son.” I said, as I pulled him close and hugged him.


He reached up and kissed me and went to Jeff and held him tight.  “I love you Brother.”


He went to Les and sat on his lap and said, “Thanks Doctor I.C.  I hope you are having a good time.  I can hardly wait until you move here and I can throw rotten pumpkins at you car when you go to work.”  He surprised Les and gave him a kiss and dashed off.


Les sat there with a stunned look on his face.  “Guys, this has been another most amazing day.”  He proceeded to tell us about what happened at Gigi’s and when the guys were doing the lawns.  I feel like I want to adopt all of the guys, but they are all already spoken for.  I am going to bed. Good night.”


Jeff and I locked up and we closed out the day by relieving our sexual anxieties; Jeff entered me and the cares of the world disappeared.


To be continued...


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Yet again another wonderful chapter. I honestly don't know how he does it.


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