The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 19

The Headless Horseman Arrives



Sunday morning, we were awakened by Beau.  “Dad, Jeff, is it okay if we go to early church, so I can get ready for the barbeque?  Jeff, when do you have to meet your committee?”


“9:30.” Jeff answered.


“Good, it isn’t the same if you aren’t in church with us.  I’ll go wake Tommy.  What should I do about the Lords?”


“Beau, let them sleep.  They aren’t members.  They are probably still tired.” I answered.


Beau went downstairs to fix breakfast, and the Lords were sitting there drinking coffee and reading the paper.  “Aunt Andy and Uncle Ted, we’re going to the church service at 8:30.  Would you like to join us?”


Before they could answer, Jason came bouncing in and said, “The Edmonds are going to early church and then they are driving to Falls City to visit some friends. Can we go to the early service too?  I already had breakfast.”


“Yeah kid, we’ll give you this one, go get dressed.”  Beau growled.


We got to the church and it must have been a conspiracy because we were joined by most of the usual people.  Even the Carpenters were there with their five guys and they came and sat with us.  The service was about to conclude when Father Gilbert announced, “This morning Mr. Beau Benson is going to sing the 23rd Psalm.  He will then be joined by Mr. Jeff Wilson, Mr. Tommy Wilson and Mr. Jason Jameson for the Lord’s Prayer.”


Jeff left with the search committee, immediately after the service, and the other three guys were besieged, especially Beau.  Beau went up to Father Gilbert and said, “Father Gilbert, you need to stop blindsiding me.  My system can’t take much more of this.”


“Beau, I never know what I am going to say when you and your friends are around.  It’s like some force takes over my mouth.  I’d feel sorry for you all, but you are all so wonderful and talented that I can’t.” the Father laughed.

Beau frowned at Father Gilbert and finally said, “Father Gilbert, I forgive you.”  Beau gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.


“Beau, what are you doing to my Grandfather?” challenged Toby.


“I’m hugging and kissing him, so butt out kid.”  Beau laughed.


Beau cornered Kenny and Tyler and was talking to them.  I heard him say, “Okay, see you men at 10:45.  Thanks.”


Mitch and Barbee went over to Beau and were talking to him.  I had no idea what was happening, but Beau said, “See you two shortly.”


“Beau, what’s going on?” I asked.


“Dad, your job is to worry about the new facility.  I have the meal covered so just don’t get in an uproar.”  Beau laughed.


“So, how many people are coming to the house this afternoon?”  I asked


Approximately 60.” Beau answered.


“Beau, there is no way we can be ready for that many people by this afternoon.” I growled.


“Dad, everything is taken care of.  Now stop worrying.” Beau said, as he climbed into the car.


When we arrived home, Beau announced, “I told everyone that dress was casual.  If anyone gets hungry, you can grab a sandwich to hold you until we eat at 2:30.”


He quickly changed and he put us all to work.  He and Tommy left to help the guys with the tables and chairs.  When the guys returned, they quickly set up the tables in two buffet lines in the dining room and the dining room table was moved to the living room to serve as the bar.  More people started to arrive and helped put the chairs around the living room and the family room in the basement.


No wonder, there were going to be more than 60 people.

 Jeff got home shortly after 1:00 and said, “It’s like Grand Central Station again here and the guests haven’t even started to arrive.”


“Stop complaining Sonny and go change.  You are the official host today.  Dad and Uncle Ted are going to be the bar tenders.  Dress is casual so move.” Beau ordered.


Mitch and Barbee arrived with the buffet equipment and the disposable table service.  Mitch said, “The food will be here at 2:15.  There will be enough for 70 people.”


“Beau, you said 60 not 70.” I yelled.


“Daddy, relax.  You’re scaring the natives.”  Beau laughed.


The first people to arrive were Lance and Wayne with the boys.  “The boys need to go to the bathroom.” Wayne said.


Beau showed them where to go.  When they were done, Beau sent the two little guys downstairs with Spencer and Jason to watch a video until the other young people arrived.  He introduced Lance and Wayne to Jeff, Tyler, Kevin, Drew and Kenny and it was as if they had all known each other forever.  Beau even had the two visitors helping with the hamburgers and hot dogs.


The house started to fill up and Gwen and Robbie arrived with the Lawrences, the husband and wife, who were the pediatrician and the obstetrician.  Jeff started to introduce them when Andy started to laugh.  “Jeff, I know Pat and Royce from college.  I’ll introduce them around.”


Beau was starting to pace when the doorbell finally rang and a young man asked, “Is this the house of Dr. Jack Wilson.  They didn’t tell me I had to park in Omaha to get here.”


Beau said, “You must be the infamous Ichabod Crane.  Come in, sir.  When we have a party, you have to arrive early to get a good parking space.  I’m Beau Benson.  I believe I spoke with you the other day on the phone. Let me take you around and introduce you to everyone.”


They came into the living room.  Beau announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce Doctor Ichabod Crane.  He’s wearing his false head today.”


Before Beau could say anything else, the new arrival flipped Beau upside down, and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to meet the young man who walks on his hands and propels himself with his tongue.”  He flipped Beau back up and said, “Gottcha.”


“Wait until you come to work at the clinic, all of the skeletons in the grave yard are going to show up in your office rattling their bones and scaring away all your patients.”  Beau said, as he danced away.


Everyone was laughing and Doctor Patricia Lawrence said, “Les, it looks like you finally met you match, brother.”


Beau stopped, “You mean that you and Doctor Pat are brother and sister?”


“Yes, but I am the good looking one.” said Les.


“Yeh?  Look again Icky.  I don’t know if I can take much more of this. First I have two Dads and a Granddad in the clinic, as well as an Uncle.  Now we have two married couples and brother of one of the people.  Doctor Lane, are you sure you aren’t related to someone here?”


Doctor Carpenter laughed and said, “In fact, Liz and I are cousins, Beau.”


“Oh no, wait until the press gets hold of this.  They’ll be referring to the clinic as the Fremont Clinic for Families.  Hey, that’s not a bad name.  Now I have to make sure dinner is ready.  Doctor Dad, get these people tipsy while I go drug the young people so I can get some rest.”  Beau said, as he left.


Everyone was visiting when Beau came back and announced, “If anyone needs to use the powder room do so now, the escort patrol is on its way. 


Beau disappeared and the young people escorted the older ladies through the line.  The older people ate in the living room.  The younger people ate in the kitchen and the older teens and the young adults ate downstairs with Barbee and Mitch and the other servers.

It was like a signal had been passed because all of the disposable plates and utensils were collected and the serving lines disappeared.  The dining room was set up like a meeting room, around the new facility presentation.


Beau had all of the key players assembled and started, “This is old hat to some of you, but we have some new blood here that we need to suck out their blood and bring them up to speed.  First, I’d like to introduce the important players on Doctor Wilson’s staff, who will be key players in the new clinic.  Mr. Lasher is the office manager, Aunt Jill Weaver is the head nurse, and Aunt Toni Crosby is the head laboratory technician.”


Beau ran through the plans outlining his vision for the facility.  “Now I’ll turn the meeting over to Doctor Wilson.  I have to go make sure the other guests are having a good time while he bores you to tears.”


Beau left and Doctor Crane asked, “How does that remarkable young man fit into all of this?  He called me out of the blue the other day, asking me to come here today.  I had no idea exactly what for, and I sure didn’t know that my sister and brother in law were going to be here.”


Jeff said, “Sir, I’ll answer your question.  Beau is an exceptional young man.  He pulled this gathering together today, practically on his own, and made all of the arrangements.  He could probably buy and sell most of us in this room.  His primary concern is people and not money.”


Several people started applauding and Doctor Carpenter stood up and said, “He wouldn’t even take any money for sitting, when we had to come home early because I had an emergency at that hospital.  He told me on the way to Jack’s house, that he should be paying us for allowing him to visit our sons.”


Doctor Liz Lane spoke up and said, ‘People, I agree with everyone that Beau is a remarkable young man, but that’s not why he has us all here.  I’d like to know what the Lawrences think so far.”


“We have met with Doctor Frazier and Doctor Tillison and have driven by the facility earlier, but this afternoon clinched our decision for us.  There has been no pressure.  Everything has been straight forward.  We are going to accept, and we will be here when the clinic opens.”  announced Pat Lawrence.  “What about you bro?”


“I think I may have to stay a few days to decide, and see if I can tame Beau, since I had no idea why I was invited here.”  Les said.


Mrs. Tillison was laughing and said, “Son, we have been trying for three months to tame Beau, and we haven’t made a dent yet.  You’ll probably need to see another gerontologist like yourself before you succeed.”


“Doctor Crane, you can stay with us as long as you like.  Now that Danny has flown the coop to Uncle Barry’s house. We’ll have lots of room.”  Jeff offered.


Josh stood and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, things are moving very fast.  Why don’t we meet at Mother’s house in two weeks?  The young people can have a swim party while we meet.”


Beau was standing there listening, “Grandma Dora, you make sure the Gov’s children are here.  We’ll find a place for them to stay.  I’ll see if I can’t get some of the Howards here too and we can have a real wing ding.  Doctor Dad, Blue Eyes and Wayne are leaving, and they would like to say goodbye to everyone.”


I stood and said, “I guess the meeting has been dismissed.”


The four guys came in and said goodbye.  They thanked me for allowing them to come.  All four of them hugged me and Beau and gave them each a kiss as they were leaving.


Les was standing next to me and asked, “What was that all about?  They seem like they idolize Beau.”


“Les, I’ll tell you later, after everyone has left.” I assured him.


Andy and Ted got ready to leave and asked, “Jack, is it okay if we come back next weekend to see what’s happening with our house.”


Beau was standing there and said, “Honey, it will be sitting pining away until you get here next weekend.  I’ll organize a cleaning detail for next Saturday.  Ladies won’t be permitted though, because when we clean, we take it seriously and tend to use a lot of towels and get very clean.”


Beau turned to Mrs. Millsap and said, “Grandma Dora, don’t forget that the Gov’s children are expected in two weeks, as are you.”


Everyone had left except the guys who were taking the tables and chairs back to the church.  It was finally just Les, me and the four boys.  Beau asked, “Dad, did I do a good job or was I out of control as usual?”


Les grabbed hold of Beau and said, “General, if you don’t slow down; you’re going to need my medical services faster than you think.  I am beginning to think you are Rip Van Winkle is disguise.  Now, where am I going to sleep?”


Beau pulled him closer and said, “My eyes ain’t so good anymore so I guess you can sleep in the dog house in the back yard, or if you'd be willing to help an old man like me, we can change the linens and clean the bathroom in the guest room.  Let’s go, but you may have to carry me since I’m so feeble.”  And away he dashed.


It was evident that Les and Beau had bonded.  They left and Beau came back, in just his briefs, carrying his dirty clothes and the dirty linens.  He started the wash machine and disappeared.”


When he came back, he sat out sandwich things and everyone could help themselves.  We were sitting at the table when Beau announced, “Okay everyone, we are running in the morning.  We need to see how fast Icky can run.  Tommy, you sleep late since you have a game.  Is it a home or an away game?


“It’s a home game at 3:30.” Tommy answered.


“I guess the Coach doesn’t need me then.” Beau said.


No sooner had he said that, than the phone rang and Jeff answered, “Hi Coach Winston … You want to talk to the head coach Beau … I’ll get him sir.”


“This is Beau. … You want me to be there at 3:00? …Why? … Coach, the line up is your job.  Who’s pitching? … Coach, I’ll see if I can get the Headless Horseman to bring me.  Gotta’ go he’s coming after me with a pumpkin.  I’ll see you tomorrow, Coach.”

Beau sat down and said, “Icky, you gotta’ tell Dad you have a sore finger and can’t work anymore and take me to the game.  Now I’m going to bed before I get into any more trouble.


Everyone had left except Les, and he said, “Sir, I can’t believe that you can have such wonderful and different sons.  I am especially enthralled with Beau, and he told me while we were making up my bed, that he knew I was gay.  He informed me that he was never going to have male to male sex again.  Did something bad happen to him?”


“I feel like I should call you Icky because you have bonded so quickly with Beau and care about him.  Beau had a terrible period in his life when he was severely misused.  He’ll tell you about it when you gain his confidence, which you are rapidly doing.  Beau is an extremely intelligent young man.” I answered.


“Jack, I would like to work here, but would there be a problem if I were gay?” Les asked hesitantly.


“Les, unless you go around shouting that you are gay from the top of buildings, no one will even think about it, as long as you behave professionally.  What you do in your bedroom is your business.  You met a number of gay people here today.”


“Does Beau know about them?” Les asked.


I started to laugh and said, Beau was the first to know in some cases, and in the other cases it was Jeff.  If Beau had a problem with it, they would not have been here.  In fact, that is why some of them were probably here because he loves and trusts them.  Believe me when he fully trusts that you are not going to try to do anything sexually with him, he will do anything for you.  Both Beau and Jeff are smarter than the average bears, and they read people very well.”


“Jack, I am overwhelmed by everything that has happened today.  This is so exciting to me.  I was beginning to think that I had chosen the wrong profession.  You have such a wonderful family, wonderful friends and acquaintances.”


“Les, believe me; my life was very dull until Jeff arrived the day before Christmas.  I’ll tell you more about that later, Beau was serious when he said we would be running in the morning.  You had better be up, or you will be tortured.  Goodnight.”  I said as I got up and locked the house.


Beau was sitting in our bedroom with Jeff when I arrived.  He had me sit beside him and said, “Dad, you have to get Doctor Crane to stay.  I don’t care if he’s gay or not.  He is a really good guy.  Did you see the way he interacted with Grams, Aunt Cora, Grandma Davis and Grandma Dora?”


“Beau, the offer is on the table.  He is the one who has to decide, now.  He has told me he is gay but is not going to go searching for love.  He thinks it will happen when it happens.  You’re right.  It’s more important how he interacts with the patients than his personal life.  For your and Jeff’s information, I really like him as a person, and he didn’t try to hide any dirty laundry in the closet when we were visiting.”


Beau got up and said, “Thank you Dad. I love you both.  He disappeared.  


To be continued...


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Editor's Notes:


Ichabod Crane, indeed. I also was tickled to notice that his name was Les Crane.  For those of you who aren't old farts like me.  Les Crane used to host an afternoon talk show in the sixties or was it the seventies? I can't remember. He also had a recording of him reciting Desiderata. It was quite eloquently read.  It was later parodied by The National Lampoon comedy troop, as Deteriorata. The deep "radio voice" on the Lampoon version, was Norman Rose. He was a voice over announcer for the radio series called "Dimension X, among other things. Norman Rose and Alexander Scorby both had powerful voices and they gave you goose bumps when they read something. They were both readers of "Talking Books" for the blind; Alexander Scorby also narrated a commercial audio version of the Bible. He had a wonderful voice. If you ever hear him, you will never forget it, I promise you.   I think I am rambling again. I do that every now and then. 


Would someone please tell me what that has to do with this story?


Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher 



Posted: 11/16/07