The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 18

Relieving Anxieties



The next morning when I awoke, I was not cuddled up against Beau.  He was in the hall shower singing to himself.  I crawled in with him.


“Dad, it’s a good thing you weren’t five minutes earlier or you would either be laughing or maybe crying.”  Beau giggled.


“Does that mean you were jacking off?” I chided.


“Dad, that’s crude.  You could have said, oh so you were taking care of your pent up sexual anxieties?”  Beau laughed.


I held him and we both started laughing.  He climbed out and said, “I’ll leave you alone so you can relieve your anxieties now.”


Beau went to Jeff and said, “Jeff, Dad is in the hall shower trying to relieve his sexual anxieties.  You better go see if he needs any help.”  Beau dashed away.


Jeff came into the shower and said, “Beau said you needed help relieving your sexual anxieties.  I’m here to help.  Dad, why are we using this shower?  It’s a little confining in here and all this body touching is stimulating a certain part of my body.”


“I’ll get out and you can take care of the stimulation or we can play some games tonight after everyone else goes to bed.” I teased.


Beau had brought my coffee and when we assembled in the kitchen Beau announced, “We’re having raw eggs and toad stools and banana mixed into a breakfast shake.”  Andy and Ted and I started to laugh.  The three younger ones looked a little skeptical.


Beau brought everyone a glass of white liquid.  Everyone hesitantly looked at it but he sat down and finished his.  Jeff wasn’t about to be outdone and started to drink his and then started to laugh.  He finished his and everyone realized they had been had and we all drank our banana malts without ice cream.


Beau brought everyone a ham and cheese omelet with muffins.  Ted asked,

“Where are the raw eggs and toad stools?”


Beau innocently looked up and said, “I didn’t say the eggs were still raw.  They were when I started.  Mushrooms and toad stools belong to the same family.”


As we were eating, Andy said, “Mrs. Tillison told us where to go for the carpet and the appliances.  Does anyone know a good interior decorator who might be available to help us?”


Beau looked at Jeff and said, “Jeff honey, why don’t you call Aunt Anita and see if she’s available today?  She could show the Lords and Grandma Dora around while they get some ideas.”


Davey came in and I left with the nine year olds and Tommy delivered Beau and Danny.  The Lords were going to be busy now that Jeff had arranged for Anita to meet them.


Everyone’s day was routine until the homework clubs arrived.  Spencer decided that they were going to divide into three teams and each mow at least one yard.  He had it organized so that there was one 13 year old, two eleven year olds and one or two nine and 5 year olds.  Bobby went to get his lawn mower so there were three mowers.


Each of the teams went to their assigned house and did a very good job.  The team leaders collected the money and they all met back at Gigi’s for further instructions.  Spencer looked at the clock and said, “We’ll stop for today.  Anyone who can, be here at ten in the morning and we’ll do some more lawns.”


I picked our guys up and when we got home, Jeff and Tommy had fixed dinner.  The three middle ones had sitting jobs and Jason said, “It’s my night to hold the sleepover.  Is that okay, Dad?”


“Jack, we’ll stay here and cover for you tonight, if you and Jeff would like to do something.  We have a lot of planning to do and we’ll make sure Jason and his friends don’t get into trouble.” Andy said.


“Did everyone hear that?  I’ll leave my bag on the hall table.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been shopping or to a movie.  Thanks Andy and Ted.”  I said.


Jeff and I went and changed and decided to go to Omaha.  Tommy took Beau and Danny.


Jeff and I went to the mall but nothing caught our eye and we decided to go to a movie.  Halfway through the movie, Jeff leaned over and said, “Dad, let’s go home.”


On the way home we talked about how life was going to be when it was just Tommy and us and we decided it was going to be pretty boring.  Little did we realize how wrong we were.


When we got back to the house, Andy, Ted, and the four guys were having dessert.  Everyone said hi but that was about all.  Jeff and I went and sat in the living room.  After everyone had been cleaned up, the four guys came and asked if they could use our shower and they did.  Jeff went up to say goodnight to them and they settled down immediately in Tommy’s bed.


For a change, Beau was the first person home.  “Doctor Carpenter had an emergency and he dropped me off on the way to the hospital. May I go read in your room?  I haven’t had time to read for a while?”


I nodded and he left.  Ted said, “Beau really is special isn’t he?”


Jeff said, “He is a unique person.  He’s been through so much, but he doesn’t want any pity. He just needs to feel loved like we all do.”


No one was saying much when Danny and Tommy came in.  Danny came and sat down beside me and said, Dad, don’t forget I’m moving out tomorrow, so you and Jeff better start looking for someone to replace me.”


I grabbed him and said, “Son, no one can replace you.  Just remember you are only 13 and need to have fun, but be the best person you can be.”


“Dad, do you really think my cousin Beau is going permit me to do anything else.  He’ll probably be over at our house at least once a weak checking on me and making inspections.  I’m going to bed.  Is Beau home yet?” Danny asked.


“Yes, he’s in our bedroom reading.” Jeff answered.


Danny left and came back shortly. “He is not reading.  He’s sound asleep on your sofa.  Tommy, is it okay if I sleep in Beau’s room with you tonight?”


The two guys left and Andy said, “This house is a circus.  I hope our home can be so full of love someday.”


Jeff and I went upstairs and Jeff covered Beau with a blanket.  Beau immediately woke up and said, “I’m going to bed.”  He disappeared into the study.


Jeff and I showered and crawled into bed, “Dad, I’m going to relieve your sexual anxieties.  Will you take care of mine?  We used our mouths to relieve each other’s needs.  When we finished, we just hugged each other and went to sleep.


The next morning everyone was up early.  Beau organized us and even Andy, and we went for a short run.  Beau, Jeff, Ted and Tommy led the way.  Danny stayed with me and Andy and four nine year olds.  We ran by Jason and Beau’s new house.  When we were passing the Leavitt’s house, they were out walking in the yard.


Beau of course, stopped and talked and introduced everyone.  As we were leaving, he said, “You tell your grandsons to get ready.  We’ll have them in shape by the end of the summer.”  Beau hugged both of the Leavitts and away we went, back to the house.  When we arrived home, everyone took a quick shower.


When we reassembled, Beau, Jeff and Tommy had fixed us all a quick breakfast.  The guys started cleaning up and the phone started to ring.

Jeff answered,” Just a minute Tyler, let me put Sir Thomas More on.”


He handed the phone to Tommy.  “What’s up, Studly? … Oh we’re going to take up the carpet in the house next to the Edmonds and then we are going to start painting. … Okay, I’ll be there at 9:30. … Oh the other guys are coming too. …Drew and Kenny will be in charge. … Cool, see you there.”


Andy and Ted said, “People around here don’t waste any time, do they?”


The phone rang again and Danny answered and handed the phone to Beau.  Beau said, “Hi Mr. Cooper, what can I do for you? … You need me to come to the store when? … You mean two more people specifically asked for us? … Just a minute.”  He turned to us and asked, “Can someone take me to the Antique Shop at 11:00?”


Ted spoke up and said, “I’ll take you.”


“Mr. Cooper, I’ll be there.  Do we need to pick up Denny? … I’ll call him but I have a sitting job at 1:00. … Okay, I’ll see you at 11:00.”


Beau had just put the phone down and it rang again.  Danny answered, “Okay Dad, I’ll have all my things ready by 1:00. … Oh, Uncle Dan is going to pick me up and deliver me.  That’s fine and you do know that I have a baby sitting job tonight. … See you later this afternoon.”


Danny had just hung up when another call came in.  “Just a minute Mr. Elliott, I’ll get him for you.”  He turned to Beau and said, General, Mr. Lance Elliott would like to speak with you.


Beau grabbed the phone. “Blue Eyes what’s wrong? … That’s a relief. … That would be cool.  We’re having a barbeque this Sunday at 2:30.  Perhaps you and the guys could swing on over.  The guys could sleep in the car and I’ll make sure that we have Chip, Trey and Ranger here to entertain the little guys. … Great, I’ll see you tomorrow at about 1:30.  I’m so happy for you two.  Will Mr. and Mrs. Kepler be coming? … Oh okay, bye.”


Beau hung up and the phone started to ring and Beau picked it up and said, “Hi Grams, let me put D. Dad on.”  He handed me the phone.


“Hi, Mrs. T. … That sounds fine, but the three middle ones have sitting jobs so they won’t be there so it will be just Jeff, the Lords, Jason and me. … Wait a minute, Jason has other plans.  Okay we’ll see you at 6:00”


Everyone started to leave for the day.  Beau gave Jeff a shopping list and said, “We’ll probably need to get a grill.  Make sure that Chip, Trey and Ranger can be here tomorrow.  You are going to love Blue Eyes, and Wayne and his two sons.  Come on Uncle Ted, I have to go to work.”


I delivered the four nine years to Gigi’s house for the yard detail where two teams of three had mowed a total of six yards.  Mr. Edmond brought them home at lunch time.


Ted stayed with Beau and Denny while they were at the store.  The first appointment was a lady who was looking for a few accessories but when she left, she had bought two rooms of antique furniture and a significant amount of antique accessories.


The second appointment arrived and Beau was stunned.  “Mrs. Olsen, what are you doing here?  Your house doesn’t need anymore furniture.”


“C. C. C., I know.  I brought my brother.  He’s trying to unload his house of furniture so he can move in with me.  I also need to get rid of a basement and an attic full of furniture.  When I found out you were working here, I figured you could come to Oakland and make us an offer so Hans could get rid of his things, and I could get rid of all the things I don’t need but thought I did when was younger.”


“Aunt Lydia, you look younger every time I see you.  Uncle Hans, you seem very spry to me.  I’ll tell you what.  Could we swing on over to Oakland next Saturday and look at the merchandise with Mr. Cooper, then we could make you an offer?  Mr. Cooper, how about 1:00?”


Everyone agreed and the Oakland people left.  “Denny and Mr. Cooper, do you have that on your calendars?”  Beau asked.  “I have to get home now and eat, since I have a sitting job at 1:00.  Come on Uncle Ted, we need to push the speed limit.”


When they arrived at the house, Danny was getting ready to leave.  Beau grabbed a sandwich and was eating when Dan arrived.  Beau said, “Sheriff, you make sure that punk obeys the laws.  I’ll let you worry about him.  I have too many other problems.”  Beau went to Danny and held him.  “Are you going to okay, Danny?”


Danny didn’t miss a beat, “I’ll just call the General if I get down.”  Danny hugged and kissed us and had tears in his eyes as he left.


Beau sat down and was getting tears in his eyes, but he bounced back.  “I need someone to take me to the Carpenter’s house, please.”


Jeff said, “Come on little brother.  I’ll get you there.”


“Hey watch who you are calling little.  You don’t have any room to talk.”  Beau sobbed.  The two guys left.  Jeff was doing laundry when Tommy came in from working at the Lords’ house.  He took a shower and ate a sandwich then he left for his sitting job. 


Andrea, Ted, Jeff and I dropped Jason off at the Edmond’s house before going to Mrs. Tillison’s.  We had a classy meal that Adam and Aaron had prepared since Kenny and Drew had been working all day with Tyler and the guys.  We had an interesting evening and Aaron agreed to bring the grills to our house in the morning before church.


When we got home, we all retired since we knew that Tommy and Beau both had keys.


To be continued...


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Well, that was a nice chapter, not nearly as hectic as some of them have been; maybe we needed a little extra breathing room.


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Posted: 11/16/07