The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 13

Smelling Like Roses



The next morning Beau had us ready to go running and we were joined by Ted.  The seven of us ran and it was evident that Ted was a runner.  He ran with Beau, Jeff and Tommy while Danny and Jason stayed with me.  When we got to within three blocks of the house Beau took off and left the rest of us.


When we came in he said, “It’s about time, breakfast is getting cold.”  Andrea joined us and after we finished the breakfast, the guys did the dishes and everyone disappeared to get ready.   There were two people in each of the upstairs bathrooms.  When we reassembled in the kitchen, Beau had a suitcase as did Danny.  Tommy and Jason had all of the dirty towels and started the wash machine.


The guys all left and the Lords followed me to the office.  Alex had left the copy of the plans for us so we took it to the office to review.  Lash showed the Lords around the existing facility and introduced them to the people who were presently employed.


The day was busy so I didn’t get to talk to the Lords very much but Lash was able to answer their questions.  At lunch time the Lords left and brought us all lunch which we ate in the conference room while we visited, until a call came from Barry. “Jack, can you meet me at the hospital.  There has been an accident involving one of my patients.”


I turned to the Lords and said, “Guess what?  You two are going to do some work today.  It is a good thing that you are certified in Nebraska.  Barry says he needs me at the hospital because of an accident.  It has to be something weird if an OB guy calling a General Practitioner for help.”


I left for the hospital and it was turning out to be an extremely busy afternoon at the clinic.  There was a broken arm, a ruptured ear drum and a case of food poisoning in addition to the regular patients.


At the hospital a young woman who was expecting triplets had been in a car accident and suffered some injuries.  I arrived and dressed and went to the delivery room.  The lady had started to deliver.  She not only had triplets but a fourth child arrived.  She had quadruplets, two boys and two girls.

Needless to say, the mother was exhausted so we put her to sleep and took care of her other injuries.  The four new arrivals each weighed at almost 4 ½ pounds. When Barry and I left all five were resting nicely.”


As I was walking into the clinic, I was met by Mrs. Norton. “Jackie honey, where did you find that nice young doctor?”


“Oh did you see Andy or Ted?” I asked.


“Honey, I saw a young lady.  She said her name was Andrea.”  Mrs. Norton said.  “Who’s Ted, Theodora or something?”


“No Ted is Andy’s husband.  I am hoping that they both will elect to join the practice here.  The boys want me to get some help so I can take some time off.  Come on, I think you’ll like Ted too.  We walked into the clinic just as Ted was coming of a room with Aunt Cora.


I was surprised.  “Aunt Cora, are you okay?  I didn’t know that you had an appointment today?”


“I didn’t, honey.  I was having some discomfort in my chest so I called Mr. Lasher and he said he’d fit me in.  This good looking gentleman took care of me and had me have an x-ray and it doesn’t look like anything serious.”  Aunt Cora laughed.


Ted said, “I asked Lash to schedule her for a CAT scan just to make sure.  She doesn’t want it on Monday because of the baseball game.”


“Yep, I want to be there since its Drew’s first game.  The Coach told him that he was going to be the starting pitcher.  He is a bundle of nerves.”  Aunt Cora said.


“I’ll have to sic Jeff and Beau on him.” I said.


“You do that, honey.  They’ll get him straight in no time.”  Aunt Cora laughed.


I walked Aunt Cora to the waiting room and Mrs. Edmond was waiting for her.  I hugged them both and said goodbye.  Mrs. Norton was still visiting with the Lords.  Lash came to me and said,  “Doctor Wilson, there is some one in Room 1 who insists that he needs to talk to you.”


I knocked and walked in, “Tyler, what’s wrong?”


“Nothing really, I just need to talk to you Doctor Dad.  I finally let Kevin make love to me, and now I’m feeling different and am having second thoughts.”


“Why son?”  I asked.


“Well how are people going to look at me when they realize what is going on?”  Tyler asked.


“Tyler, they won’t even think anything about it, unless you and Kevin go around shouting, ‘Look at us. We’re a gay couple.’  The two most important people in your life already know and have no problems with what is happening.  Both Gigi and Spencer will do anything they can to protect and support you.”


I picked up the phone and called for Lash.  Lash knocked, “Come in Lash.  I want you to take Mr. Knight here and buy him a drink and explain the realities of being gay in a small city where most of the people could care less about what people do.  You’re still on the clock so do a good job and don’t either one of you get drunk.”


The two guys left and Tina came and said, “Mrs. Jane Thompson would like to speak to you sir.”


“Take her to the conference room.”  I went to get the Lords.  Andy was with a patient but I asked her to meet us in the conference room when she was finished.  Ted and I walked into the conference room and Jane had Jimmie with here.  I picked up Jimmie and said, “Hey Jimmie, how are you doing?”


He started cooing and Andy walked in.  I introduced everyone and asked, “So Jane darling, to what do we owe the privilege of your visit?”


“First, I wanted to meet the Lords to see if I approve and I already do.  Second, I brought the paychecks and bills to be sent out.  Third, I want you to get Reg ready to take over my job by the end of June.  Hank and I want to take a trip across Canada in July, while Cindy is out of school.”  Jane said.


“Is there anything else your highness?”  I teased.


“Yes, I want to see the plans for the new facility to see if I can see any weaknesses.”  Jane said.


I put the plans on the table.  Before I could explain anything, Tina came in and said, “Doctor Wilson, Mr. Quinn is here for his appointment.”


I looked at Andrea and said, “Why don’t you go over the plans with Jane while I take Ted to talk to Mr. Quinn.”


I took Jimmie with me and went to the examination room and knocked.  “Hi Mr. Quinn, I’d like you to meet my godson Jimmie.  This here good looking guy is Doctor Ted Lord.  He and his wife are considering joining the clinic.  Andy is in a conference with Jane.”


“That ain’t fair; a 95 year old man should have priority over such a young filly.” pouted Mr. Quinn.


“I’ll tell you what.  If you are good for Doctor Ted, then I’ll bring his pretty wife in to flirt with you.  I have to take Jimmie back to his Grandma.”


“I’ll be good.”  Mr. Quinn assured me.


Ted worked with Mr. Quinn while I visited with Jane and Andrea.  Jane left and I took Andrea to the room where Mr. Quinn was with Ted.  I knocked and Ted said, “Enter please.”


Andrea and I walked in, “Mr. Quinn, this is Doctor Andrea Lord.”


Before I could say anything more, Mr. Quinn said, “I may have to schedule appointments every day to decide which of you is best.”


“Sir, we’ll all take care of you if the Lords decide to come to work here.” I assured him.


“Do I have to kick some butts to get them to see that we need them or what?”  Mr. Quinn asked.


Andy said, “Sir, a few more patients like you, Aunt Cora, and Mrs. Norton will have us here in no time.”


Mr. Quinn asked, “So are you some of those Gerontologists I keep hearing about?”


“No sir, it’s just that you are such refreshing and fun people.”  Ted chuckled.


“Jack, me boy, break their legs so they can’t leave.  I have never been called refreshing before, fresh but not refreshing.”


We were laughing as we were leaving the room.  Mrs. T. came storming in and said, “Jack, where are those two want a be doctors.  Cora said she is in love with Doctor Ted.”


Mrs. T., relax they are right here.  You can talk to them.  Jill is signaling that my last patient is ready.”


After the last appointment, I made my notes and handed them to the transcriber who would enter the notes into the records.  Mrs. Tillison said, “We’ll be over after dinner to talk some more.  There are so many things happening all at the same time.”


When Andrea, Ted and I got home, Jeff and Tommy were fixing dinner and Jason was setting the dining room table.  The guys served dinner and as we were finishing, the phone rang.  It was for Jason.  Jason asked, “Dad, may I spend the night at Davey’s house?  Larry and Lenny are going to be there.  I promise I’ll be home by ten tomorrow morning.”


“Well I don’t know.  We have company and everyone else has left so there is no one to keep the company entertained.”  I answered.


Jason said, “Okay Dad, I’ll tell Davey I can’t come tonight.”


Jeff grabbed him and said, “Jason, Dad is giving you a hard time.”


“I know, but I can play his game too.  I’ll stay here and go to my room and cry my heart out and flood the house.”  Jason laughed.


He picked up the phone, “Davey, I’ll be over as soon as I can make me pappy happy.  He ain’t been feeling too well.  He actually said No to me tonight.  I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from the shock.  See you in 30 minutes.”


He came back and hugged me.  “Dad, the Lords didn’t come to talk to me.  They came to talk to you.  I promise I’ll do the laundry tomorrow when I get home.  I have to go pack a bag.”


Jason finished the dishes and he left.  The Lords started to laugh, “Doctor Dad, your sons are all so wonderful.”


“Don’t blame me.  I was a solitary bachelor until the day before Christmas and Jeff arrived and all of a sudden I have five sons and a slew of others here all of the time.”  I sighed.


Jason came in with his overnight bag and hugged Andrea and said, “I’ll see you in the morning Doctor A.”  He gave her a kiss.  He went to Ted and looked at him and said, “Doctor T., you sure do have a pretty wife.  All of the men patients are going to be standing in line trying to make appointments.  It will be interesting to see if your line is as long.  Poor Dad will be bored to tears.”


Jason came to me and gave me a kiss and said, “Love you Dad.”


He went to Jeff and hugged him.  “Big Bro, Beau has the gas all set in the garage so you can torch the Lords’ van if they should decide not to join Dad’s practice.”


He departed leaving everyone laughing.  We were visiting when Mrs. T. arrived with Josh and Ben.  Before anyone could say much, Barry arrived and asked, “What am I doing here?  It can’t be a family meeting because Jane and Hank aren’t here.”


Before Mrs. T. could say anything, Dan Crawford arrived.  “Here I am you royal highness.  I took my dinner hour as you told me to do.  What can I help you with?  It seems like I was here less than twenty four hours ago.  Where is everyone?”


Jeff said, “The oldest three guys are baby sitting and Jason is spending the night at the Montgomerys”


The Hendrixs arrived with Norm, Mrs. Hendrix asked, “Are the girls here Barry?”


“No Carole and Dylan took them to dinner and a movie.” Barry answered.


“Good.” said Mr. Hendrix. “They don’t need to hear this conversation.  We went to O’Neill with Norm yesterday.  Amanda will be getting out in a week.  They are releasing her because she is not making any progress and is so belligerent and all she wants to do is yell.  She hates everyone.”


Mrs. Hendrix picked up. “She wants nothing to do with Barry or the girls.  She still doesn’t understand how much damage she has done.  She wants to get out so bad so she can start drinking again.”


Andrea interrupted, “Maybe we should leave.  This is none of our business.”


“Oh honey, it is your business.  When you move here, which Beau has already decided for you, you will want to be familiar with the playing field.  So sit back and enjoy the soap opera.  Now Normie, how did your negotiations with Mandy go?”  Mrs. T. asked.


“Mrs. T., she signed the agreements to not contest the divorce and to give complete custody of the girls to Barry.  She was upset when I when I told her the house had been sold, as had the practice in order to prevent foreclosures.  I also told her that the only car left was the Plymouth because the others had to be sold to pay the bills.”  Norm answered.


“Okay, Jeff, give Barry a $1.00 and you now own a Toyota van.  Sheriff, you give Barry a dollar and you now own a Lexus sedan.”  Mrs. T. ordered.  “Norm, you draw up the contracts and the guys will be signing them.  Also don’t forget the contract for the house and the practice.”


“Now what did she say about the settlement I offered her if she would disappear when she returned.”  Mrs. T. asked.


Mrs. Hendrix said, “Her eyes lit up when Norm made the offer.  She grabbed the contract and signed it without even reading it.


Norm stepped in and said, “I took the liberty of contacting the courts today and Judge Leavitt has agreed to take the cases on Tuesday at 1:00.  She said that Beau had advised her to be ready.  She has agreed to do the divorce, custody hearing and adoption proceedings then, to save time.”


“What adoption?”  Barry asked.


“Oh, you’re going to adopt Danny, since Sheriff Crawford can’t.”  Mrs. T. said.


“What are you saying?” asked Dan.


“Would you two drop the innocent act?  Beau and I both noticed the nonverbal communication between the two of you last night.  There was also something going on between Alex and Dan’s sister Ann.”  Mrs. T. said.


Jeff spoke up, “Let’s slow down a minute.  You have not taken into consideration three very important things.  They are the girls and Danny.  I think that you should talk to the three of them about this as soon as possible.  What ever you do, be honest about what is happening and why.  Since Danny is sitting for the entire weekend, he won’t be home until Sunday afternoon.”


Josh spoke up, “Dan, are you off tomorrow?”


Dan scowled and said, “I’m off until midnight.  I work the overnight shift the next two nights.”


“Mother, why don’t we have a swim party and Danny can bring whoever he is sitting for and Beau can watch Danny's charges.”  Josh asked.


Jeff and I started to laugh.  I said, “Beau has enough on his hands.  He’s sitting for five young men and Danny only has one.”


Mrs. Tillison said, “Jeff honey, it sounds like Beau is the one who will need a break and not Danny.  Why don’t you call the two guys and see if they would be amenable to coming, if someone picked them up?


Jeff went to call the guys.  Danny and his charge agreed quickly.  Beau was a different story.   He started to give Jeff a hard time about calling him at work.  When Jeff explained to him what was happening Beau said, “Let me check with the guys and see what they say and I’ll call you back.”

Jeff came in and said, “Danny’s vote is 2 to 0 in favor of the swim party.  Beau is checking with his guys.”


Dan said, “I need to get back on duty.  I’ll call Barry in the morning to see what the plans are.”


As Dan was leaving, the phone rang and I answered.  “Oh hi Beau … Okay, I’ll tell Jeff the vote was 5 to 1 in favor. … Why did you vote no? … Hey we’ll have lots of life guards to make sure nothing happens, and just think how much work you can get your guys to do. … I’ll have someone pick you guys up at 3:30. … Good night son.  I love you too.”


“Beau says to have the swim party between 4:00 and 5:00 and eat at 5:00 so everyone else like Tommy, Spencer, Chris and Mickey will have time to get to their sitting jobs.”  I advised.


Mrs. T. turned to Jeff and said, “Okay Professor Wilson, it is you job to invite everyone and we’ll take care of the food.  Barry, you had better get home before the girls return.  See you tomorrow, son.”


The Hendrixs were leaving and Jeff said, “Please tell Kenny about the swim party.  We’ll see the three of you there.  Uncle Norm, you make sure that David, Dana and Aunt Nancy are there please.”


Everyone was gone and the Lords were sitting there just shaking their heads. “So where are you people going to go swimming this time of year?”


“Oh, we forgot to tell you that Mrs. Tillison has an Olympic sized pool in her basement.”  Jeff said.  “Doesn’t everyone?”


Ted said, “You’re kidding aren’t you?”


“Nope.” I assured him.  “Wait until you see her house tomorrow.  There will probably be more than 50 people there and it won’t seem crowded at all.”


“Dad, you fix Andy, Ted and you a drink.  I’m going to work on the program for school.  I am getting a little nervous about it.”


Jeff went into the piano room and started to play as I fixed the drinks for the three of us.  We were visiting when Jeff came out and said, “I think I bit off more than I can do this time.  The program will never pull together.”


“Jeff, I am sure that it will pull together.  It’s just that you are working with four different groups of people in the sub groups.  Just let each group do their own thing and don’t try to get too fancy.”  I reminded him.  “Just use your three natural leaders, Beau, Spencer and Chip and you’ll come up smelling like roses.”


“That's what I’m afraid of Dad.  I’ll smell like a funeral home.”  Jeff frowned.


Andy said, “Jeff, I have a feeling it will be more like coming up with the blanket of roses at the Kentucky Derby.”


Jeff said, “I’m going to bed.  Goodnight everyone.  I will be ready to run at 6:30 if anyone wants to join me.”


The rest of us cleaned up and I started the dishwasher.  I left the lights on for Tommy and went upstairs.  Jeff was just coming out of the bathroom drying his hair.  He was so beautiful and I walked to him and said, “Sonny, how do you use this little thing here?” as I squeezed his penis.


“Dude, if you take a quick shower and get really clean, I’ll show you what I can do with that little thing.”


I did as I was told and when I came out of the bathroom, Jeff was laying there looking very seductive.  I crawled into to bed and he started preparing me to be impaled on his not so little appendage.


The entire affair was slow and filled with love.  He managed to fire my engine without touching me and I felt my interior being flooded by his essence.  We lay entwined and finally he pulled away but after that neither of us moved the rest of the night.


To be continued...


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Editor's Notes:


There is always something interesting happening in this story. Somehow now, it almost always revolves around Beau and or Jeff.  Let me be very clear here, I am not complaining. I like, make that, I love, this story.


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