The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 14

The Lords Decide



The next morning, I woke up and I was alone.  I looked at the clock and it said 8:30.  I took a quick shower and pulled the sheets off our bed, I took them and the towels downstairs.  The coffee was ready and I could hear people but didn’t see anyone.


I started drinking my coffee and was reading the paper when Jeff, Andy and Ted came up from the family room.  They had been working out.  “Where’s Tommy?” I asked.


Tommy came in and said, “I’m right here, Dad.  Why didn’t someone wake me?”


Jeff looked at him and said, “Because it is your job to call the high school crowd and invite them to a swim party at Grams' this afternoon.  The swimming will be at 4:00 and then dinner will be served at 5:15 so people can do what they have scheduled.  Your sitting job is at 7:00 right?”


Jeff changed his train of thought and said, “Tommy, why don’t you start breakfast, and I’ll go take a quick shower and come help.  Dad, you call Reg and Jill and tell them about the party and then call the Crosbys and invite them and Ranger.  We can’t have too many life guards.”  Jeff said as he disappeared.


When breakfast was finished, Jeff started to make calls and when he finished Tommy took over.  Jason came in and asked, “How come Davey is invited to a swim party and I don’t even know about it?”


Jeff said, “Little brother, you are never home to talk to.  So sit down and I’ll tell you what is happening.”


Jeff explained what was going on and said, “I’ve already called Larry and Lenny’s parents and they will be there.  Now get the laundry finished as you promised.”


“Aye, Aye sir!”  Jason said as he gave Jeff a smart salute and left.


“Okay you two would be partners, you go get ready, and I’ll show you around town when I go for groceries.  Dad, we’ll stop at the Madison’s for some sandwiches so you can fix the guys their stale bread and water if we aren’t back.”


Tommy quipped, “You mean we get bread today instead of cat food.  Can we have some stale peanut butter too please?”


Jeff left with the Lords and the guys were doing the laundry and making the beds and were cleaning the bathrooms when Jeff and the Lords arrived with sandwiches and dessert for lunch.  The guys unloaded the groceries and put them away while Jeff fixed the lunches.


After lunch, Jeff left to exchange cars with Ben so he could pick up Beau and his troops.  I was going to get Danny and the Lords were going to take Jason and Davey.  Tommy would be driving himself since he had a sitting job at 7:00.


We arrived at the Tillison house at 3:55 and almost everyone was already there.  The guys disappeared downstairs to get dressed.  The rest of us followed.


Jeff got everyone organized and the fun began.  Everyone just fit in with someone so the new people had no problems at all.  Beau and Denny were teaching Beau’s two youngest charges how to swim.  Beau got Jeff’s attention and made a sign for time out and held up ten fingers and turned them down.


Jeff blew his whistle three times and said, “Everyone under the age of ten out of the pool for a rest period.”


Beau went to Kenny and challenged, “Come on champ, I’m going to whip your butt in the hundred meters free.”


Jeff heard what was going on and cleared the pool.  “We have a race to the death.  Sammy and Bobby T. you are the judges.  On the sound of the whistle go.”


Each of the guys false started one time but on the third try the race was on.  Everyone was standing on the side of the pool cheering.  As the guys touched, Sammy and Bobby conferred and declared the race a tie.  The two guys got out of the pool and hugged each other.  They were both exhausted.  Drew went up to them and asked, “Do you two have something going on that we don’t know about?”


“No Mr. Drew Gibson, I’ll take you on anytime you want on the diamond.” Beau flipped back.


The swim time ended the food was set up.  The usual procedure was followed with the ladies going first then the older men and the young people went last.  There were no incidents and when Jeff announced clean up time, it was like a vacuum went to work.  The remnants of the meal disappeared and the pool area was put back to its original condition.  The older people went upstairs to visit.  Barry, Dan, Mrs. T. and the Hendrixs took Danny and the girls into the library.


Beau was talking to his troops, explaining what he wanted them to do when Mrs. T. came out of her meeting.  The meeting finally broke up and Danny came out looking like he was going to burst.  He came to me and asked, “Dad, did you know this was going to happen?”


“Danny my boy, I had no clue until last night.  This is the reason for the party.” I answered.


“Dad, I am so overwhelmed.  Not only am I going to have another Dad and an Uncle Dan and two sisters, I will be able to be around all of you that I have come to love and respect.” Danny said, as he fell into my arms.


Beau’s boys went to Mrs. T. and hugged her and thanked her for the fun time.  Danny and his young man did likewise.


After everyone was delivered and Jeff had returned from changing cars, Andy said, “I gather this was just a routine occurrence around here.  I have a funny feeling that there was quite a large sum of money represented at that house today.”


Jeff said, “Doctor Lord, around here, you never know what is going to happen.  I trust you had a good time meeting everyone.  There were at least four millionaires there today that I know of for sure.  There may have been several others that I am not aware of.” 


Ted said, “It’s a given that Mrs. Tillison is one of them.  I think the others might surprise us if I read you right.”


“Yes sir.”  Jeff laughed.


“Do some of them live in this house?” Andy asked.


“Yes.” Jeff said.


“Well I gather you are not referring to either you or Jack, so I’m guessing its Beau and Jason.”  Andy said.


I interceded.  “Yes, but don’t say anything about it.  Beau was serious about paying for the new facility.  The guys don’t want their friends to know how much money they have, because they are afraid they would treat them differently if they knew.  Jason and Tommy don’t even know about Beau.”


Jeff said, “I think I know what we are going to do for our show.”  Jeff excused himself and went into the piano room and started playing.  The Lords excused themselves and went to their room.  Jeff finally came out of the piano room and I followed him up the stairs to the bedroom.  We showered and just cuddled and went to sleep.


 Everyone enjoyed sleeping in, since it was Sunday.  Jeff finally crawled out of bed at 7:30 since he had to meet the committee at 9:00 to carpool to Omaha, to listen to one of the candidates. 


He showered and made the coffee and then came back and woke me.  He finished dressing with his blazer and tie while I showered and shaved and got ready for the day.  I went downstairs and was drinking coffee and reading the paper when Tommy and Jason came in.  They were followed by the Lords.


Jeff had fixed an egg casserole and cinnamon rolls.  He quickly ate and left.  After everyone finished and the dishes were done, Tommy and Jason went to get dressed.  The Lords accepted the invitation to join us.  Tommy went to pick up Danny and his young man.  Ben was going to pick up Beau and his five guys.  I took the Lords and Jason.


We went to our normal spot and everyone started to join us.  We took an extra pew even though Jeff was missing.  I was a little anxious about how Beau’s five guys would act, but he had them well prepared.  He had the two youngest on either side of him.  I noticed that when the collection plate was passed each of them put in a dollar bill and Beau put in an envelope with some writing on the front.


As the service was about to end, Father Gilbert announced, “Today the Lord’s Prayer will be sung by Miss Dina Lincoln, Mr. Drew Washington, Mr. Denny Johnson, Mr. Beau Benson and Mr. Jason Powers.”


The five of them had never sung together and the three youngest looked like they had been struck by lightening, especially Beau.  Tommy moved to where Beau was sitting and held the youngest of Beau's charges.  The five of them blended so well that it was like they had been singing together forever.


When the service was over, Mrs. T. announced, “We have reservations at the club for brunch.  We’ll meet everyone there in 30 minutes.”


Beau asked, “Even me and my five guys?”


Mrs. T. said, “Especially you and your five guys.  They need to have some choices.  I’m sure that you have been making them eat healthy, so I ordered nothing but fried food today.”


“Then we ain’t going.” laughed Beau. 


We went to the club and everyone started to arrive.  Ben and Josh arrived with Beau.  Mitch was greeting everyone and welcomed us to the club and pointed out where the party was being held.  Beau immediately started giving him a hard time.  “Why weren’t you and Barbee in church today?”


“Ding Dong, we went to the early service, since we knew that we had to take care of you today.  Do you need your diapers changed yet?”  Mitch challenged.


“No, not yet.  You’ll be able to smell when they need to be changed.”  Beau glared.


Mitch started to laugh and Beau took his guys to the room.  We all found seats and Mrs. T. threw a curve and said, “Danny, you say the blessing today?”


Danny said a very short and meaningful prayer.  He ended by saying “Please protect all of our friends and family and help us to appreciate how much love and need there is in the world. Amen.”


Everyone went through the line with Tommy helping Beau’s three oldest guys.  Denny and Beau each had one the younger ones.  Spencer was helping Trey and Chip.  The Lords were sitting beside me and Andy said, “I can’t believe how well everyone is behaving.  There have been no tantrums or loud voices.”


As everyone was leaving, both Beau and Danny had their charges thank Mrs. T. for including them.  When we got home, Jeff was waiting for us.  “So where has everyone been?”


Jason went up to him and punched him in the stomach and said, “We went to the Moon on a rocket ship and had lunch in the Lunar Saloon and watched you fighting with your search committee on television while you had lunch in that bar.”


“Gee you must need glasses.”  Jeff said in a quiet voice.  “The other members wanted to go to a Burger King for lunch, and I was telling them how fast food wasn’t very nutritious so we went to a Perkins Restaurant instead.”


Before Jason could say anything, Danny arrived home.  He had made $120.00 for the two nights and excitedly told Jason and Tommy about being adopted on Tuesday.


Tommy asked, “Does that mean you’ll be moving out then or when are you going to be moving?”


That stopped Danny in his tracks.  “I don’t know.  That issue was not discussed.  When is Beau getting home?”


Jason said, “He may never come home.  Didn’t you see how much his five guys love him?  They didn’t even do anything bad and were so polite.”


Doctor Andrea Lord asked, “Is it okay with everyone if we stay tomorrow and maybe Tuesday.  We’d like to go to Tommy and the guys’ game tomorrow afternoon and then it might be fun to see what happens in the courtroom on Tuesday.  After that, we could leave for Des Moines.  We can hardly wait to see what Beau does to my uncle, Governor Millsap.”


I spoke up. “Andy and Ted, you are certainly welcome to stay as long as you want.  You have to be prepared to accept almost anything, since everyone here is their own person and we’re all very different in many ways.”


Just then Beau opened the door.  “Thanks Mr. Carpenter, call me when you need me the next time.  I had a great time with your sons.  They were perfect gentlemen.  Have a good week.”


Beau came in and put down his suitcase and asked, “Well Doctor Andy and Doctor Ted, have you made your decision yet?”


Ted said, “General Beauregard, we were contemplating turning down the offer, but somehow you managed to invade our wave lengths and we decided to accept if you promise to teach us how to manage our children the way you did those five young men.”


“Sir, it weren’t nothin’, all I did was say if you don’t take care of your things then you won’t have them.  The first night they found out I was serious and after that, I had no problems.  Of course I let them know when they did something well, also.”


Beau got a funny look on his face and said, “I probably screwed up.  I told them it was okay to show another male how you felt as long as there weren’t any other people around.  The five guys haven’t been receiving any individual attention.  Their mother and father are so busy taking care of the family needs.  I just hope I helped make it better for everyone.”


Jeff decided to change the subject.  “Since everyone except poor me had a big meal at noontime, we’ll just have sandwiches, soup and some fruit.  Come on men, let’s get with it.”


All five guys left and at exactly six o’clock, Jason came and announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, your repast is waiting in the dining room.”


Ted said, “I don’t think I have ever had a repast before.”


We sat at the dining room table and the guys served soup, a club sandwich and some fresh melon.  The dinner conversation was lively.  When we finished eating, the guys did the dishes and Jeff explained what he wanted to do in the program and gave them some things that they needed to take care of to help him.


The guys came out and Beau asked, “Doctor and Doctor Lord, when you move here, do you want to rent or buy a house?” 


“Beau, we haven’t really talked about that.” said Ted.  “But we do need to decide.”


Beau said, “Aunt Nancy is a real estate agent and could help you if you wanted to buy or we could call Grams if you want to rent.  She owns a number of properties around town and I’m sure that she would have something you might like.”


Andy said, “Beau, let us talk about it tonight and then we can make some decisions.  This is all happening so fast.”


Beau said, “Great.  Now, if you will excuse me, I’m rather tired.  I didn’t get much sleep the last two nights because I didn’t want anything to happen to my guys.”


Danny, Jason, Tommy and Beau all left.  Jeff excused himself also so he could get ready for his classes tomorrow.


The Lords and I visited and they finally excused themselves and I locked up and went upstairs.  Jeff joined me in the shower.  We fondled each other but nothing sexual happened.  We just cuddled and went to sleep.


To be continued...


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Editor's Notes:


It seems that some things were accomplished. The Lords have decided to accept the offer, and it looks as if the new facilities will be taking shape rather quickly. It is all looking pretty darn good.  What will happen when Beau meets the nasty Governor?


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Posted: 11/09/07