The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 8

More Changes



Beau took charge and took Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Chandler to the administrative area.  He went up to Mrs. Brown and said, “Aunt Etta, I hired this punk here to be you’re your gopher.  You need to teach him everything there is to know about this department.”


“Would you please make sure Clarkey here goes to the Human Resources and fills out the employment forms?  Tell them we’ll let them know how much he is going to be paid, later.  We haven’t decided whether he is going to get a dollar a day or ten cents an hour.  I must warn you, he hasn’t been house broken yet, and you need to have him back in the Executive Suite at 4:30 for his rabies shot.  Good luck.  Bye, Aunt Etta.”


Beau and his entourage terrorized the Purchasing, Sales and Promotion and Maintenance Departments and made major changes.  They ended up in the Housekeeping and Janitorial Department.  Beau walked in and said, “We’d like to talk to Mr. Kellams please.”


The young secretary who was sitting there said, “He signed himself out on leave right after that young man told him he had to have this facility cleaned up in ten days.  He said, ‘No wet behind the ears kid is going to tell me what to do.  He can’t fire me.  I’ve worked here too long.’”


Beau looked at the people and they shook their heads yes.  “Okay Miss Dodge, you get Mr. Kellams on the phone, and tell him that his employment here has been terminated, as of 2:30 today.  Tell him that he will not be receiving any severance pay, because he has been fired for insubordination.”


Beau looked at the young woman and said, “I suggest you do as requested immediately, or you might find yourself in the same situation.  Oh, and tell Mr. Kellams that all of his personal effects are to be removed by 5:00 today or they will be trashed.”


Beau turned and said, “Come on people, let’s get back to the office, our guests should be arriving soon.”


Beau led the group back to the executive area where they were met by Dylan, Carole Anne and Danny.  They went into the Conference Room and Beau started, “Boy CEO, here is what I recommend that you do.  Danny, what are you doing here?  Come on Danny let’s go get something to drink and I have to go to the bathroom.”


Danny said, “Before we do anything, Grams told me to give you this.”  He handed an envelope to Beau.


Beau opened the envelope and read what was inside.  Beau started to go down and Danny grabbed him and held him.  Beau was sobbing, “Why did she do this to me?  I am only 13 years old.  She’s trying to push me to an early grave.”


Beau handed the letter to Mr. Will Morrison who read it and passed it around.  Before anyone could say anything, Miss Jenson knocked on the door and announced, “I’m sorry to bother you, but Mr. Lambert and Ms. Wilder are here.”


Beau stood up and said, “Laura, please show them in and have Howie take Danny here for a snack.  He’s starving.”


Beau introduced himself to the two lawyers and then introduced everyone else.  He didn’t waste anytime.  “We’d like you to consider handling this company’s legal matters.  We know this is coming at you very fast.  You will have complete access to the files and we would like your decision as to whether you would like to be our legal representatives before you leave this afternoon.  You may find that you will need to hire another legal beagle and you may even want to place a Para legal person here at the company to follow the routine day to day operations.”


Ms. Wilder said, “Ms. Dinsmore was right.  You come right to the point.  We would like to visit your Human Resource Department, and then would like free access to wherever we would like to go.”


Beau looked at Mrs. Chandler and asked, “Aunt Nan, can you get someone to escort them.  Why don’t you have Mr. Barclay be their escort, since he already knows both of them?”


Mrs. Chandler left and Miss Jenson came in and said, “My sister is here for her interview now.”


Beau went out and got Rhonda Jenson and her boyfriend Steve Iverson.  He introduced them to the others and started.  “So Rhonda, how old are you?  When did you become a registered nurse? Do you live with Mr. Iverson?  What would you expect your job to be here, if we hired you?  What do your friends call you?”


Rhonda looked at him and asked, “Are you sure you didn’t miss anything like what I had for breakfast.  First, Laura and my friends call me Rhodie.  I got my nurse’s degree from the University of Iowa and did my internship here in Des Moines.  I’m 22.  I don’t live with Steve.  He’s old fashioned and is saving himself for when he gets married and I appreciate that.  I guess you might say we are an old fashioned couple.”


“Quite frankly, I have no idea what you would expect of me here at the company, but I will do whatever I’m asked to do.  This is all happening so fast now that Steve and I have decided to remain in the Des Moines area.  Is there anything else your royal highness would like to know?”  Rhodie asked.


Without batting an eyelid, Beau asked, “Does Stevie always look so nerdy?  I’m betting he is some kind of computer freak, am I right Stevie?”


“Mr. Benson, you are rather obnoxious.”  Steve answered.  He was interrupted by a knock on the door.


Beau opened the door and Mr. Lindsey came in. “I thought the Human Resources team was going to be responsible for the hirings and promotions.”


Beau put up his hand and said, “Mr. Lindsey with more pigmentation than me, the Boy CEO still hasn’t approved your promotions yet, so therefore we will be doing the hiring until your promotion is made official.  You may call Mrs. Tillman and Mr. Hansen and ask them to come and sit in on the interviews.”


“While you call them, I see three more visitors I would like to talk to.”  Beau said.


Beau and Dylan went to the waiting room and Beau introduced himself and Dylan to a gentleman of about 45.  “Hi sir, I’m Beau Benson, and this is Dylan Morrison.  You have to be Mr. Howard.  You have the same feisty eyes as your two oldest sons.  Who are these two good looking dudes?”

Mr. Howard said, “Mr. Benson, these are our twin 13 year old sons, Robbie and Pauli.”


Beau and Dylan shook hands with the two guys and Beau put his hand to his head and said, “Let me guess.”  He pointed to Robbie and said, “Your name is Robert Redford Howard and you have to be Paul Newman Howard. Am I right?”


Robbie said, “Yes, but don’t blab it.”


Beau asked, “Do you guys have any homework?”


Paul answered, “It’s in our backpacks in the car.”


“Howie and Danny take these two creepy rats to get their backpacks and make sure they do their homework, but get them a snack first.  There are some drinks in the fridge in Dylan’s office and there are also some apples and pretzels.  Mr. Howard, would you like anything?  We will be with you shortly.”


Mrs. Tillman and Mr. Hansen came into the Board Room and Beau continued his interrogation of Steve.  “Stevie, I may be obnoxious, but I usually find out what we need to know in one or two minutes.  So get started telling us about you.”


Steve began, “I got my computer science degree from Iowa State and then studied for nine months at a technical school so I could better understand the internal workings of a computer.  Right now is not a good time to be trying to get a job in the computer field, so I have been working at the Mega Mart in the Computer and Software sales department.”


Steve continued, “If it’s any of your business, I live with my parents and I am still a virgin and plan to remain so until I’m married.”


“Well Mr. Iverson, that took you two minutes and 47 seconds, but you forgot to say if you ever kissed people.”  Beau shook his head.


“Dude, of course I’ve kissed people.  I’ve kissed Rhodie, my Mother, my brothers and even my Dad if you must know.”


Beau went up and went to Steve and took his glasses off and said, “You could really be a good looking hunk with the proper glasses and a decent haircut instead of a mop like this.  People wouldn’t even recognize you as a computer nerd.” 


Beau caught Steve by surprise and gave him a hug and a kiss and then said, “You sure do need a lot of practice on kissing though.”


Beau turned to Mrs. Chandler and asked, “Aunt Nan, does this company have a computer department, or is the computer function contracted out?” Beau asked.


Mrs. Chandler looked uncertain but Mr. Lindsey said, “We have been paying through the nose for contracted services and I think that the former Comptroller was getting a kickback because he considered himself the expert in that field and controlled all of the contracts.”


Beau said, “Mr. Iverson, you’re hired, if you get rid of those dorky glasses and that little boy haircut.”


“Anyone else have any questions?”


Mr. Hansen asked, “Mr. Benson, are you always this brutal with your interviews?”


Before Beau could answer, Rhodie said, “Hey, Stevie got off easy.  Beau asked me if I was shacking up with Steve.”


“Okay Human Resources people, you have two more hires to process into the company, and then there will be two more before I get out of your business.  Do you want to sit through the next interviews?  Beau asked.


“Beau, I think Jim and I need to go take care of these people.  Mr. Lindsey can stay and bring the next two to be processed.”  Mrs. Tillman said, “Your interviews are much more revealing than ours ever would be.”


They left and Beau went and got Mr. Howard.  After introducing him to everyone, Beau started, “Mr. Howard, tell us about yourself and your family and what you do for a livelihood.  We’ll give you two minutes.”


Mr. Howard looked confused but started. “My wife and I have been married 22 years.  We have ten children.  The oldest son Howie works here in the parking lot.  The youngest son is four.  We decided that ten was enough.  We love them all, but when you work as a handyman; the money sometimes gets a little tight.  The two oldest boys have moved out, but still there are ten mouths to feed.  There has never been much left over for extra things.”


Beau asked, “Could you manage people working for you?”


Mr. Howard laughed and said, “My wife and I have had a lot of practice convincing people to do what they don’t want to do every day.”


“So you think that you would be a good Facilities Engineer?” Beau asked.


“Is that a fancy term for being in charge of the maintenance and janitorial staff?” asked Mr. Howard. 


“Yes and you would be working directly for the Environmental Engineer.” Beau answered.  “See that good looking dude; he’s going to be the Environmental Engineer.  He just doesn’t know it yet.  Right Gramps?  Now Mr. Lindsey, I am not going to do anymore hiring today, so why don’t you take these two gentlemen to your department and do whatever it is you do?”


The three men left and Beau said, “Aunt Nan, please get us a complete listing of the last payroll period and I would also like to see a copy of the standard contract that all employees have to sign.”  Beau turned to Carole Anne and Dylan and said, “Come on, we need to go meet some people.  We’ll meet everyone back here at 4:45.”


Beau led them to the Production Area and Beau introduced them to Aunt Mim, Mrs. Joy Lambert and Lance Elliott.  Beau said, “These people are going to be the Quality Assurance Team under Mr. Barclay.  He presently works in the Controller’s Office, but will be moving here after your approval.  Let’s go meet him.


Beau turned and said, “Oh, by the way Mrs. Lambert, we may have to let you go if your husband accepts the legal position here at the company.  We have a policy of not employing husbands and wives.”


“I was here first so don’t hire him.”  Mrs. Lambert said.


Carole Anne said, “Beau, we can’t have a policy like that, since you just hired Dylan’s Grandfather, and his Grandmother already works here.”


Beau pouted and said, “I’ll have the Boy CEO change that policy.  Blue eyes, you will be in the Executive offices at 4:45.  If you aren’t there I will come and starch your underwear if you are wearing any.”


Lance went to grab Beau but Beau jumped away and said, “Don’t touch the merchandise.”


Lance laughed and said, “Why not?  It’s probably been tarnished anyway.”


Beau started to shake and Dylan grabbed him.  “Beau, Lance didn’t mean anything.  You started this entire fiasco.”

Lance asked, “What did I say or do that was so bad?”


Beau looked at him and said, “Stud, you did nothing, I’m just exhausted from having to do all of Boy CEO’s work for him.  Don’t forget to be in Dylan’s office 4:45.”


Beau led Carole Anne and Dylan to the Comptrollers Office and introduced them to Mr. Barclay and Ms. Dinsmore.  “Hey Ms. Dinsmore, have you seen Ms. Wilder and Mr. Lambert?”


“Yes they were here looking at some contracts.” Ms. Dinsmore answered.


Beau said, “See you later.”


They went to the Human Resources Division and talked to Mr. Lindsey.  Beau said, “Mr. Lindsey, Miss Lyn Howard is going to be assigned to you temporarily as an assistant.  Make sure she learns the ropes and is kept busy.

We should have lots of work for you and the Comptroller’s Office to coordinate in the next several weeks.  I’m sure the two departments will be extremely busy looking for new hires.  You’ll have a better feel after the meeting in the morning.”


As they left the Human Resources Division, Dylan said, “Beau, we don’t need to go to any other departments.  I’d like to visit with Grandmother and Aunt Nan for a minute.” 


The three young people went to the Executive Suite and Dylan asked his Grandmother and Aunt Nan to visit with him and Carole Anne.  They went into his office and he asked, “Do you have any problems with what Beau has done?  It seems to me that he has covered all of the bases.”


Mrs. Chandler said, “Dylan, if your father had had half of the business acumen that Beau has, this company would be on the list of the 20 best companies.  I think he is only beginning to shake this company and he doesn’t know how special he is.  He reads people so well and in the long run they will really put out for him.  I can’t get over the fact that he is only 13.  He seems so much more mature than that.”


Mrs. Morrison said, “Dylan, Beau has done more to make this company healthy in two days than the rest of us could have done in a year.  You are correct to trust his judgment.”


Meanwhile Beau was giving the Howard twins a hard time.  “Hey Red, check problems 7, 12, and 18.  Something doesn’t seem right.  Newby read paragraph #2.  It doesn’t make sense.  You guys need to check each other’s work and slow down to make sure that you don’t make stupid mistakes.”


Everyone reassembled and Beau said to Mr. Howard, “Uncle Hank, we’re kidnapping your five children who are here.  We will have the home by midnight.  Red and Newby have already finished their homework.  We’ll let you know in the morning what your starting salary will be, but I’m sure it will be worth your time and you will be able to keep tabs on your three oldest offspring to make sure they are doing a good job.  So for tonight, you and your wife have only five children to worry about.  We have the other five incarcerated.  See you at 7:30 in the morning.”


To be continued...


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Editor's Notes:


I don't think there is anything that I can say here that I didn't say at the end of the last chapter. This story continues to boggle my mind as to how great it is.


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