The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 7

Dropping Some Bombs



Beau went out and got Randy Barclay and introduced him to the ladies. 


Randy didn’t waste any time.  “Go ahead and fire me.  I know that is what I’m here for.  Mr. Grant warned me before I went on vacation that I was going to be canned for insubordination.”


Beau stood and asked, “Are we supposed to fire Mr. Barclay?  I thought we had something else in mind for him.  Why were you on vacation, Mr. Barclay?”


“We had our second child, so I stayed home to help and take care of our daughter while my wife and new son were in the hospital.  This is my first day back.  Why is everyone acting so strange around here?”

Beau said, “Congratulations on your new son.  I hope the labor wasn’t too traumatic for you.  What’s your son’s name?”


Mr. Barclay answered, “Benjamin B. Barclay, but we are already calling him Benji.”


Beau perked up, “Hey Grandma M., did you hear that?  I have someone named after me, and that has been my name less than two weeks.  Now, Mr. Barclay, why were we going to fire you?”


“I wrote a memo to Mr. Grant and outlined a number of deficiencies in the accounting system.  He came back at me and said I was totally unfit to work in his office.  I took a copy of the memos to President Morrison’s office and was told that they would get back to me.”


Beau asked, “Grandma M., have you ever talked to this new daddy here.  It sounds like he’s out of the loop?”


Beau explained to Mr. Barclay what had been happening.  Beau switched gears and asked, “I don’t suppose you have a copy of your memo with you that outlined what changes need to be made?”

“As a matter of fact, I do.  I brought a copy with me.  I was going to use it as a parting salvo to tell you that this company was about to go under.  I also have a letter of resignation so that you can’t fire me.”


Beau took the two letters and handed the one dealing with the problems in the accounting area to Mrs. Morrison.  He stood and tore up the resignation letter.  “Mr. Barclay, you have your choice.  You can either be the chief of the Production Plant, or Manager of the Comptroller’s office.  Which will it be?”


“You mean you weren’t going to fire me, and I made a fool out of myself for nothing?”


“We called you in, to offer you the Production Plant manger’s position, but I think you would make an excellent Comptroller too.”  Beau said.  “Which will it be?”


“Mr. Benson, if I had my choice, I would grab the Production Plant Manager position.  I realize that I don’t want to be a number cruncher the rest of my life.”


“Good, that’s where we want you, since you worked in that area before you got your degree.  Besides, we have an excellent staff for you if Boy CEO approves.  Now, who would you recommend to be the new Comptroller since you don’t want the position?”


“I think the most capable person would be Glenda Dinsmore.  She feels the same way I do about what’s been happening.  In fact, she has feelers out looking for other jobs.  She is fed up with the ineptness of the department and company.”  Mr. Barclay said.


Beau looked at him and said, “Mr. Barclay, I detect a little hesitation in your recommendation.  Would you please explain?”


Mr. Barclay said, “First, she’s a woman; second she has a friend of the same sex.”


Beau stood and said, “So, you’re saying she wouldn’t make a good Comptroller because of those two issues?  In fact, she may be just what this company needs, to make it stand up and on its ear and take notice that it is not who you are, but how you do your job.”


Beau went to the door and said, “Miss Jenson, we want to talk to Ms. Dinsmore in the Comptroller’s office.  Also have Mr. Lindsey, Mr. Hansen and Ms. Tillman from the Human Resources Division standing by. 


Beau went back in the room and said, “Mr. Barclay, you aren’t going anywhere.  The Boy CEO will be here this afternoon, and I really do want to see my namesake.”


Mr. Barclay left and Beau said, “Grandma M., get that lazy husband of yours down here, so he can have lunch with us, and don’t take no for an answer.”


Mrs. Morrison made the call and returned and said, “Will will be here about 11:30.”


Beau left and went into the reception area.  A lady in her late 30’s was sitting there.  Beau went up to her and said, “I’m Beau Benson.  I assume that you are Ms. Dinsmore.  Won’t you come in and meet the others?”


He escorted her into the conference room and introduced her to Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Chandler.  Before anyone could say anything, Ms. Dinsmore said, “I’ll just make this easy on everyone.  I’ve already prepared my letter of resignation so you don’t need to tell me that my services are no longer needed.”


Beau took the letter and threw it into the trash can and said, “Ms. Dinsmore, would you go out and come back in and we can start over.  This isn’t going very well.”


Ms. Dinsmore went out and came back and in and Beau said, “It’s nice to see you again.  Please sit down.  We’re going to play a game.  All you have to do is say yes or no.”


Beau started, “I assume that you are not and never have been married.  Is that correct?”




“Do you have a significant other?”  Beau asked.




“Is that significant other a female?”  Beau asked.


Ms. Dinsmore got a funny look on her face and said, “Yes, if it is any of your business.”


“Hey, we need to know everything about our top executives so we aren’t blindsided.”  Beau said.  “This question is not a yes or no question.  Would you say you were more like Ebenezer Scrooge or Bob Cratchett?”


Ms. Dinsmore said, “I’d like to think that I have a little of both in me.”


“Good answer.  Now, one last question, do you think you could handle the position of Comptroller for this company?” Beau asked.


Ms. Dinsmore started to laugh.  “This meeting isn’t anything like I thought it was going to be.  I would give my eye teeth to be the Comptroller.”


“We don’t want your teeth but we do need to have your eyes watching all aspects of the company’s financial well being.  You need to realize that nothing is set in concrete until the Boy CEO gets here this afternoon.”  Beau said.


Mrs. Dinsmore said, “I thought you had already promised the job to Randy from the look on his face when he was returning from here.”


“Mr. Barclay will not be working in your office.  He is moving on the other endeavors.”  Beau said.  “We want you to work very closely with him.  He has some very definite ideas of changes that need to take place.”


Ms. Dinsmore said, “Randy has already shared his thoughts with me and I agree with his assessment.”


“Ms. Dinsmore, what does your significant other do?” Beau asked.


“She’s a lawyer.  She and her partner, Joel Lambert, have a private practice.  It’s going okay, but there is a plethora of lawyers around.”  Mrs. Dinsmore answered.


“Ms. Dinsmore, is her partner related to Joy Lambert who works in the Production Area?”  Beau asked.


“Yes, they’re married and have four of the cutest lids.  My name is Glenda and you’re making me feel old.”  Ms. Dinsmore said.

”Aunt Glenda, call your friend and Mr. Lambert and see if they can be here this afternoon at 3:00.  What is your friend's name anyway?” Beau asked.


“Noreen Wilder.”


Beau stood and said, “Remember, nothing is official until the Boy CEO gets here this afternoon.  Thanks for coming and just call Laura and let her know if and when Ms. Wilder and Mr. Lambert can be here.” 


Mrs. Dinsmore shook everyone's hands and Beau walked her out.   He went to the three people sitting in the office and introduced himself.  He knew who they were by their personnel files.  He took them into the conference room and introduced them.


Beau said, “We’ll cut to the chase and make this short.  You each have two minutes to tell about yourself and your qualifications.  Mr. Lindsey, you begin.”


Mr. Lindsey said, “I’m a Black American and have worked here 20 years.”


Beau said, “Stop right there.  Didn’t you mean to say that you have a little more pigmentation than some of the rest of us here?  Now are you married and do you have any children?”


Mr. Lindsey said, “I’m married and my wife and I have two children, a daughter who is 15 and a son who is 12.  My wife is a housewife even though she is a certified teacher.  My name is Curtis.”


“Much better Mr. Lindsey.  Now it’s your turn for Show and Tell Ms. Tillman.” Beau said.

Ms. Tillman began, “First, I’m Mrs. Doris Tillman.  I have very little pigmentation.  My husband is a Podiatrist and we don’t have any children and we plan to wait several more years before we have children.”


“Very good Mrs. Tillman, so your husband is one of those people who plays This Little Piggy with people’s toes?” Beau asked.


Everyone started to laugh and Beau said, “Your turn Mr. Hansen.”


Mr. Hansen said, “My name Jim Hansen.  I have only been here with the company for three years, so I’m the new kid on the block.  I’m not married nor will I probably ever be.”


Beau said, “Mr. Hansen, you just told us you were gay.  Is that right?”


“Yes.” Mr. Hansen said, looking very white.


“Mr. Hansen, can you keep your personal life away from your professional life here at the company or when you are on the road representing this company?”  Beau asked.


“Yes Mr. Benson.  I realized early in life that there had to be two mes.” Mr. Hansen said.


Beau started again and said, “As you know, the previous Personnel Resources head has been relieved of duty.  He ran the hiring and promotions of this company like it was his personal toy.  That is no longer going to happen around here.  All hirings and promotions will be based on merit and talent, not personal whims.”


“That is why the three of you are going to head the Human Resources Team.  Mr. Lindsey will be the team leader, but all actions and decisions require a vote by a majority of the team.  Mr. Lindsay will be the stay at home person we would like Mrs. Tillman and Mr. Hansen to get busy visiting colleges and trade schools and recruiting some talented people.”  Beau stopped.


He continued, “All this is dependent the Boy CEO’s approval when he arrives this afternoon, so don’t say a word.  Thanks for coming.”


Beau looked at the clock and said, “Oh no, we’re out of time.”  He went to the reception area and brought Mr. Morrison in.  “Is there any place to eat in this facility?” Beau asked.


“There is a small cafeteria downstairs, but I haven’t eaten in it for years.”  Mr. Morrison answered.


Beau said, “Well, it’s better than nothing.  Let’s go. Laura, we’re going to lunch do you want to join us?”


“Thanks for asking Beau.  I have some food with me, and I’ll stay here and answer the phones.”  Laura answered.


The Morrison’s, Mrs. Chandler and Beau were talking as they were going to the cafeteria.  When Beau walked in, he just stopped.  “We’re not eating here.  This place is filthy and smells like a bar.  No wonder no one eats here.  Is the place company run or under contract?”


Beau went into the kitchen and asked, “Who’s in charge here?”


A big burly man said, “I am kid.  What’s it to you?”


“Who do you work for?”  Beau asked without even flinching.


“I work for this company.  They have been paying me handsomely for twenty five years.”  The big guy laughed.


Beau went up to him and put his finger in the big man’s chest and said, “You’re fired and so are all your cronies here.  You have ten minutes to get out of this facility.  This dive is closed until further notice.  Aunt Nan, call Joey and tell him to get a security team down here and make sure these people are off the premises.”


The burly guy said, “Wait till Mr. Grant hears about this.  You’ll be mince meat.”


Beau looked at the big guy and laughed, “Creep, Mr. Grant is already pounding the street looking for a new job.”


Beau turned to the Morrison’s and said, “Granddad and Grandma Morrison, why don’t you go get us decent food.  Mrs. Chandler and I are going to swing by the Administrative Section.  We will meet you in the Executive Suite in 30 minutes.  Get some extra sandwiches in case the next interviewees haven’t eaten.”


Beau and Mrs. Chandler went to the administrative offices.  Beau slouched in and asked, “Who’s in charge here?  I want to talk to him or her.” 


An older lady came from behind here desk and asked, “Young man, may I help you?  This place is a little bit in disarray since some of our bosses have been released.”


“So, you running this place or what?  Is your name something like black or blue?  I’m betting that your name is Loretta Brown.  I heard you done been running this shop for the past 25 years without the rats knowing it.”


“Young man, I am Loretta Brown, but I prefer to be called Etta.  Now what can I do to help you?” she asked.


Beau plunked himself down on the desk and said, “Honey, we was wonderin if you thought you run this section the way it should be run?  I understand that you done was graduated from the University of Iowa with a Business Management degree, so I be thinking you could handle this job blindfolded.”


“Young man, who are you?”  Mrs. Brown asked.


“Honey, I be Beau Benson.  I’m just a snot nosed brat and this here is your new boss when you become head of the Administrative section.  May I present her majesty, Mrs. Nan Chandler.  When she speaks she does so very quietly but when she uses her stick you’ll know it.”


Beau stood and hugged Mrs. Brown and said, “We would like for you to not mention what we talked about until the Boy CEO makes his announcements this afternoon.”


“Come on Aunt Nan; let’s go grab something to eat before it starts raining people on us this afternoon.  We’ll probably be crying for a bathroom break before this afternoon is over.” 


When they walked into the office, Laura handed Beau several notes and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Morrison are waiting for you in the Board Room.”


Beau and Nan joined the Morrison’s and Beau called out.  “Laura, come join us.  We can hear the phones and see the door from here.”


Laura came in and sat down and took half of a sandwich.  They were eating when out of the clear blue, Beau said, “This Company needs a nurse on staff.”


Laura perked up and said, “Beau, my sister is a registered nurse.  She just finished her training in January and is looking for a job.”


Beau said, “Go call her and arrange for her to come for an interview this afternoon.”


Laura left and Howie arrived with his brother and sister in tow.  Beau met them in the reception area and took them into the Board Room and told them to help themselves to some food.  Beau put out his hand and said, “I’m Beau Benson.”  Howie’s brother said, “I’m Clark Howard and that is our sister Marilyn.”


Beau held his hand to his head and said, “Let me guess your middle names.  Clark, your middle name has to be either Gable or Kent.  I think that it more likely to be Gable.  Am I correct?”


Clark frowned and said, “Please don’t call me by my full name or I’ll have to take some drastic actions that you’ll regret.”


Beau laughed and said, “You and what army?”  Beau turned to Marilyn and said, “Your middle name is easy.  It can only be Monroe.”


Marilyn said, “If you ever tell, I’ll finish what Clarke starts.”


Beau asked, “Lyn, how many hours could you work a week and still maintain a full load of classes in high school?”


“Right now I could be here everyday at two o’clock so I could work three hours a day during school.” Marilyn answered.


“You realize that your grades can not slip.  I understand that you are a good student and I sure don’t want you to blow a chance at being able to go to college or your working here.  So are you a sophomore or a junior?”  Beau asked.


“I am a junior.”  Marilyn answered.


Beau asked.  “Would you like to work here full time during the summer then?”


“Yes, yes, and yes.”  Marilyn said.


Laura came in and said, “Rhonda will be here about 3:30.  She is thrilled about the possibility of a full time job.  Her boyfriend Steve is going to bring her.”


“Thanks Laura, now would you take Miss Howard here down to Human Resources and have her fill out the employment forms.  Howie will man the desk while you are gone.”  Beau said as Howie went to answer the phones.


Beau turned to Clark and started to talk to him in Spanish.  Clark went white and blurted out.  “That’s none of your business.  Why would you ask me such a thing?  If this place is full of bigots, I don’t want to work here.  I don’t know if I’m gay or not.  I probably am but have never had any sexual experiences of any kind.”


Clark stood up to leave.  Beau pushed him back down and said, “Relax Stud, I was just testing you.  We don’t give a rat’s tail if you are gay or not.  There are some other gay people who work here.  The important thing is that your personal life and your work life must remain separate.  Now, if you are interested in working here, I have a position in mind for you and I must tell you that you will be working for a slave driver.”


Clark said, “I can handle that, as long as the person is fair and doesn’t ask me to do any unrealistic tasks.”


“Come on dude, let’s go meet you new boss.  Granddad and Grandma Morrison and Aunt Nan, we still have some business to take care of.  Let’s go.” Beau said, as he went out the door.


“Howie, can you get in touch with your Father and have him stop by for an interview.  I think we might just have the perfect job for him.”


“I’ll try Beau.”  Howie said.


Beau said as they were leaving; “If Dylan and Carole Anne arrive, make them comfortable.  We’ll be back by three o’clock.”


To be continued...


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