The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 9

Royal Treats



Beau got everyone together in the reception area and said, “We’re going to the nearest mall.  All of you here need to listen to what I say.  I’m paying for everything tonight, so I don’t want any guff from anyone.  We have some important things to take care of.  Now Granddad, you have your car, so why don’t you take Grandma, Blue Eyes, Clark and Lyn with you. Aunt Nan you take Steve, Rhodie, Howie and Laura.  The rest of us will ride with Boy CEO and Carole Anne,”


Beau continued, “We’ll caravan to the Merle Hay Mall.  Dylan will lead the way.  We’ll bring everyone back here to pick up the other cars after our trip.  Are there any questions?  Seeing none, let’s follow our Boy CEO.”


They arrived at the mall and Beau looked at the map of stores.  Beau directed the ladies to a hair saloon.  He handed Carole Anne a $150.00 and said, “There is no time for a perm or anything extra.  Just get the ladies hair styled and meet us right there at the coffee shop.” 


He took the guys to a different salon.  When he walked in, he asked, “Do you have six hairstylists available?”


The owner said, “Yes, if one of the young men doesn’t mind me chopping on their hair.”


Beau looked at the lady and said, “You take Blue Eyes here, and assign the rest of these guys to your other people, but make sure that your best stylist is assigned to the nerd there.  I’ll take care of all of the tabs.  The guys departed and Beau was talking to Dylan and his Granddad when the guys started to come out.  They were looking radiant.   The last one to arrive was Blue Eyes. 


Lance said, “I’ve never had my hair styled before.  I guess I must look like a real dork.”


Before anyone else could say anything, Clark spoke up and said, “Quite the opposite.  You look like you just stepped out of movie set.  Some of the rest of us have never been to a barber let alone a stylist.”


The owner came out and handed the bill to Beau.  “I don’t think I have ever seen six attractive men like these before at one time.   Are you selling them or what?”


Beau said, “Darling, I just collect good looking guys.  Now, if we could figure a way to get those dorky glasses off of Steve, I would have the most handsome collection of eight men in all of Iowa.” 


Everyone started to laugh as Beau handed each of the stylists a $20.00.  Beau paid the bill and the guys went to meet the ladies.  When everyone was assembled, Beau asked, “Are you sure these are the same three ladies that we brought here with us?”


Aunt Nan said, “I feel like I am surrounded by a group of celebrities.”


Beau said, “Okay people, we’re going to J.C. Penney’s for this shopping trip.  He assigned each of the girls to one of the women.  Gramps got Howie, Dylan got Stevie the nerd, Danny got the twins and Beau took Blue Eyes and Clark.  He told everyone what he wanted them to buy as a minimum, and ordered everyone to meet back at an assigned checkout kiosk with their salesperson in 45 minutes.


Beau took off with Lance and Clark.  He grabbed two pairs of slacks and some bikini underwear and said, “Let’s try these on for size.”


They went into the dressing room area and Beau said, “Drop the clothes and try these on.”


Lance said, “Beau, I can’t undress.”


Beau asked, “Why not?  Are your underwear torn or dirty or something?  You think you have something special to hide.”


Lance said, “Beau, knock it off.  I don’t have any underwear on.  They were all dirty and I didn’t have time to do the laundry this weekend because I was working my other job.”


“Okay, strip then.  You too Clarkey.  You guys ain’t got nothing I haven’t seen before.” Beau ordered.


Clark started talking in Spanish.  “Why are you always talking about gay things?  First you asked me if I was gay now you want us to get naked in front of you.”


Lance started talking to Clark in Spanish, “Are you saying that you think Beau is gay?”


Beau started to laugh and said, “I didn’t realize that we were going to have two Spanish speaking clowns on the staff.  Guys let me assure you that one thing I am not is gay.  No male is ever going to touch my body in a sexual way again.  I have seen more penises up close than the three of you in this area.  Now get out of those clothes and I mean now.”


The guys got undressed and Beau handed them each a pair of bikini briefs and said, “Put these on.”  While the guys were getting dressed, Beau turned to the salesman and asked, “Andy, what do you think?  As far as I could determine without touching the merchandise, the two guys looked pretty much the same except for the pigmentation.”


The salesman said, “I think you are pretty much right.  They will make some gal happy.  I should be so lucky.  Fortunately my wife doesn’t complain.”


Beau said, “Andy sir, I heard it isn’t important how big you are but rather how you use what you have that is the most important thing.  Okay guys let’s see.  Good 32 x 32 slacks are perfect.  Shirt size is 15½ x 33.  Let’s get moving; we have a bunch more things to pick up.  You guys complaining in Spanish is costing us a lot of precious time.”


Everyone started meeting at the assigned checkout area.  As each of the seven sales persons totaled the purchases, Beau handed them his money card.  Unbeknownst to Beau, Granddad Morrison was collecting the receipts.”


Everyone was loaded with packages, but that didn’t deter Beau.  He led everyone to a shoe store and when they left the shoe store everyone was completely loaded.  Danny complained, “Here I am carrying all of these packages and no one has fed me for hours.”


Beau looked at him and said, “Stop complaining, I told you that you were going on a crash diet because you were getting fat.”  Beau looked up and saw a sign for Olive Garden.  “What kind of restaurant is that?  Its close and these poor starving people wouldn’t have to starve very much longer and I’m too tired to cook tonight.”


Dylan said, “It’s an upscale fast food place that serves Italian food.”


“So we could get poor Danny here an olive, a piece of bread, a tooth pick and glass of water then to keep him busy for a while?”


Everyone started to laugh.  They loaded all their packages in the cars and walked to the restaurant.  Beau led everyone in and started his charade.  He walked to the host and said, “Sir, we dun have a party of 15.  Some of us ain’t never been to a city before.  Some of us still eat with our fingers so it sure would be nice if you could put us in a private area where’s we wouldn’t be a botherin’ other peoples.”


Beau added, “Oh and sir, we would really like a patient waiter since some of us can’t read and we will be partakin’ of a little moonshine before dinner.”


Everyone started to laugh and Beau said, “But first sir I needs to talk to you in private.”


The young man left and came back with the manager on duty.  The manager said, “Mistah Benson, I think we can meet your requirements.  I have my worst waiter and his trainee replacement setting a place for you in the storage room.”


The manager led them to a small alcove away from the other diners.  It was an area for small parties.  “Kyle here will be your waiter and this is …”


Before the manager could finish Beau interrupted and said, “I’m betting his name is Joe.  Am I correct?”


The manager, Kyle and Joe looked at him and Kyle asked, “How did you know that?  He doesn’t even have a name tag yet, since this is his first night on the job.”


“Lucky guess.  So is Joe your partner, Kyle, or what?” Beau asked.


Kyle laughed and said, “No Mr. Benson, he’s not my partner.  He’s my half brother.  I am 22 and am graduating from college in May and then will be moving to Omaha to go to medical school.”


“So you work here to put yourself through college.  How are you going to afford to go to medical school?”  Beau challenged.


“You sure are nosy.  Our parents pay for the basics and college, but it is our responsibility to pay for anything extra.  Joey just got a car, but he has to take care of the gas and such.  Enough about us.  What can we get you?”  Kyle asked.


Dinner was going fine and when all of a sudden Lance said, “Beau, we know that something bad has happened to you, to make you the way you are.  You have been making everyone else spill their guts, now it’s your turn.”


Everyone looked at Beau.  Dylan said, “Beau, I really do think these people deserve to know about you.  You have taken them under you tutelage so they really need to understand why you do the things you do.”


Beau said, “Land, I can’t tell what happened to me.  We’re eating and besides there are ladies present and Lyn, Robbie and Pauli don’t need to hear about such things.”


Everyone turned to Beau and said, “We want to know.”


Beau told his x rated version leaving out the worst details.  Everyone listened attentively even Kyle, Joey and the manager.  No one said a word.  When Beau finished, it was like everyone was frozen.  Beau said, “I told you this wasn’t good for the digestive system.”  Beau turned to the manager and asked, “Mr. Dailey, how long are we going to have to do the dishes to pay for this grub?”


Beau handed his card to Kyle and said, “We need to go round up our horses so we can be moseying on home.”


Kyle handed the card to Mr. Dailey who processed the card.  When he came back he said, “Sir, I hate to tell you this but we were told to confiscate the card you gave us to pay for the charges.  They said your account had been overdrawn for two years.”

“Boss man, I ain’t had that card for more than three months and I hardly ever use it.  Oh lookey, his nose is getting longer.  Joey, go get a hydraulic lift so Mr. Dailey can push it around in front of him to hold his nose up so he won’t step on it.” 


Mr. Dailey handed the folder to Beau who signed the ticket and then put a bill in it.  He handed the folder to Joey and said, “Joey, you and your bossy brother share this here buck.  It should be enough for each of you to buy a pack of gum.”


Joey opened the folder and said, “This should keep us in gum for a year or two.”  Joey handed the folder to Kyle.


Kyle said, “I guess we’d better make a couple of dentist appointments right now.


Everyone stood and thanked the staff for the good time and as they were getting ready to leave, Beau said, “We should all go back to the company and get everyone’s car and then go into the foyer to divide the clothes where we can see what is what.  Does anyone have a key?”


Mrs. Chandler said, “I have a key, Beau.  There should be two or three guards on duty.


They drove to the company and Beau had everyone pull their cars in front of the building so they could be unloaded.  Mrs. Chandler used her keys and they entered carrying all of the packages.”


The young man on duty went ballistic.  “How did you get in?  Who are you? I’m calling 911.”


“Oh chill Wayne.  We got in with a key.  Do you have any idea who these people are?  How are the boys?” Lance asked.


“The boys are fine, and why do you care?  Is this a con job?  I don’t care who these people are.  They all have to sign in according to the last directive.” the guard said.


Beau said, “We all signed in once today already, and we ain’t doing it again right Grandma M.?  Where are your coworkers?  Why aren’t they here to help you?  We could take you down and have you eating dirt in no time.”


Beau passed a sign and four thirteen year olds immobilized the guard and had him on the floor.  Beau said, “Unless you want us take your pants off in front of these ladies, start apologizing and start talking.


Wayne said, “Go ahead and undress me but you still need to sign in.  Some new person said that everyone had to sign in and out so the company could tell who was working, when.”


The guys helped the guard up.  Beau said, “We’ll sign in if you tell us your name.”


Lance said, “He probably doesn’t remember his name.  It’s Wayne Kepler and he has two of the cutest sons you could ever want to see.  Aunt Mim and Granddad must be taking care of them.”


Wayne looked at Lance and said, “You can’t be the guy who lived at our house.  You are too good looking.  That guy had long stringy hair.”


“I am the same person, Mr. Kepler.  Do you realize that you have been terrorizing the CEO, the President and their Executive Assistant and their consultants?  I think you had better apologize for being so rude.” Lance laughed.


Wayne looked a little white but said, “I apologize, but if Mr. Fort found out that I didn’t get you to sign in, he would fire me for sure.  He was really upset when I called him and told him that I was here alone.  He told me to find someone to help me.  He sounded like he was drunk and called me some not so very nice names.”


Beau signed in and said, “Okay Twinkle Toes, you have two minutes to tell us the important things about yourself.”


“My name is Wayne Kepler.  I have two sons and we live with my parents.  I was a senior in high school when I got my former wife pregnant one night while we were partying.  My parents insisted that I finish high school and Vinnie was born shortly after I was graduated.”  Wayne stopped.

He continued, “I had sex one other time with my former wife and that was when Lanny was conceived.  After Lanny’s arrival, my wife just sort of lost all control and all she could do was yell at me and tell me how rotten I was.”


Wayne had tears in his eyes, “She started to not even take care of the boys.  One day I came home from work and she was gone, but my parents were with the boys.  My parents have never said anything, but I think they paid her to disappear.”


“Any way six months later our divorce was finalized and I received complete custody of my sons and we moved in with my parents at their insistence.  I found this job which allowed me to be home with boys during the day to take care of them.  When I worked the 11-7 at night I could be home to put the guys to be and then get home in time for Mother to come to work.”


“We had been living with my parents for about a year when Lance came to live with us.  The boys fell in love with him and he took a lot of pressure off of me, but I never could tell him how much I admired and respected him for what he had done.  We really had begun to think of him as part of our family when he up and left us without a word.  He didn’t even say goodbye.”  Wayne finally stopped.


Beau was about to say something when Joey came in.  “What’s everyone doing here?  I came as soon as I could.  Marcie had class and Mum it seems was out on a date with some good looking gentlemen and ladies, so I had to take care of the boys.”


Beau started his barrage.  “I assume Marcie is your wife.  What is she studying?  How many boys do you have?  Have you ever gone to college?”  You have two minutes to answer.’


“Marcie is my wife and she needs only nine more hours to finish her Early Childhood Degree.  We have two sons who are three and four.  I have the equivalent of 36 college credits.  We decided that since Marcie was closer to being finished, we’d get her graduated then I would go back to school.”


“Mum wanted to pay for both of us to go to school, but we decided that wasn’t fair to her.  Besides she has her own life to live.” Joey finished.


Beau held up his hand and said, “Times up Joey, now here’s what I want to happen and it is not negotiable.  First, Howard H. Howard, you take your brothers and sisters home, and tell your mother that she is to be here with your two youngest brothers at 8:30 in the morning.”


Beau turned to Wayne and said, “Twinkle Toes, I want you and your two sons here at 8:30 also.”


Beau turned to Joey and said, “Mr. McCann sir, you will have Marcie and your two sons here be here at 8:30 also.  Now we’re splitting before Twinkle Toes has any more of us sign in.”


Dylan, Carole Anne, Danny and Beau took Lance to his room, since he didn’t have a car.  Beau started to grill him, “Blue Eyes, what are your feelings toward Wayne and his two sons, and I don’t want fluff.”


Lance said, “I dearly love Wayne’s two sons, but I can’t let myself become involved with their father.  That is the reason I moved out when I did.  I just wanted to love him and I don’t mean in a sexual way.  I might have taken a chance if he had even hinted at the possibility, but Wayne is so straight that I'm surprised that he can even put his clothes on in the morning.”


Beau said, “Blue Eyes, I think you are way out of tune there.  Do you need help getting these things to your room?”


“No, boy genius.  Thanks for everything.  I owe you big time.”  Lance said as he got out of the car.  He was walking into his rooming house when he turned back.  He had tears in his eyes as he waved as best he could with his packages.


After they left Lance’s house, Carole Anne turned to Beau and asked, “How in the world did you pick up on the fact that there might be something between Lance and Wayne?”


“It was just in the way that they looked at each other.  I saw something in their eyes that didn’t match what they were saying and doing.” Beau said.


When they got to the Morrison house, Beau said, “Everyone go on to bed.  I want to review this payroll and make some suggested changes.  Is it permissible for me to make my recommendations and then you can make the final decisions in the morning?” 


Everyone knew that they had been dismissed and went to bed.


To be continued...


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I really don't know what to say about this chapter, since it is really just continuing what was happening in the previous one. It is still going very well, I think.


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