The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 2
Reckoning Day



Thursday morning was strange indeed; Jason came in and said, “Get up now.  Danny is trying to fix breakfast and Tommy is finishing his homework.  It seems so funny without Beau bossing everyone around.”


Jeff shot up, “Where’s Beau?  Is something wrong?”


“Jeff, settle down.  Mrs. T. and Beau have some things to take care of in Des Moines today.  They should be back tonight.  Carole Anne and Dylan said to tell you they wouldn’t be in class today. They are busy in Des Moines.”  I held him.


Jeff and I took a quick shower, and breakfast was a somber occasion until the phone rang and Jeff answered.


“Hey Beau, how was your evening? … Oh you went to a French restaurant and now no one is talking to you. … You slept with Dylan but nothing happened … You made Carole and Dylan go for a three mile run … You what? … I’ll need a full report when you get home … Okay, see you tonight and I’ll tell the guys you love them and miss them.  Bye.”


Jeff came back and said, “I can hardly wait to hear what happens today in Des Moines.”


We left for the day.  In Des Moines, Beau, Dylan and Carole Anne had jogged for about three miles.  When they got back, Dylan asked, “Beau, are you trying to kill me?” 


“Nope, I’m just trying to make it so you are not such a wimp.”  Beau laughed as he handed each of them a cup of coffee and told them to deliver it to Dylan’s Grandparents, and tell them that breakfast will be in 45 minutes.  He took a cup to Mrs. T.


He was working in the kitchen when everyone assembled.  Mrs. Morrison said, “No one eats like this in the morning.”


Beau said, “We always do.  It’s the most important meal of the day.”


Grandpa Morrison seemed upset about something. “I still want to know why my ATM card wouldn’t work last night?”


Mrs. Morrison said, “Will, that account is closed, and I’m not going pay for your poker forays.  Now eat, and find a job, if want money to throw away.”


Beau said, “Excuse me, I have to get ready to go.  Carole Anne and Dylan, you have cleanup detail.”


Beau left and came down looking like a real hood.  Mr. Morrison looked at him and asked, “Is it Halloween already?”


Beau said, “No sir, it Reckoning Day.  Now Grams and Grandma M., you all go to the office like it was a normal day, and remind Mrs. Chandler not to take offense at anything we say or do.”


At 8:45, Dylan drove his Granddad’s old beat up pickup into the parking lot and parked in the space marked for the CEO.  The security guard came up to them and said, “You can’t park in that space.  It’s for the CEO.”


Beau was in rare form.  “Listen you creep, this is Clyde Elmer Ogilby.  So he’s CEO.  Now, how do we get into this tumbled-down shack?”


The poor guard didn’t know what to do.  “I’m afraid I’ll have to have your piece of junk towed.”


Dylan said, “Hey man, you do that, and we’ll torch your car.”


The three of them walked into the lobby and Carole Anne was getting into the game.  She went up to the security person and said, “Hey bimbo, we’re here to see some broad named Candle or something like that.  We was told to report to her by the judge.”


“We don’t have anyone by that name, miss.”  the security person said.


Dylan said, “Cat, I think her name was some Chambers.”


Beau piped up, “You airheads, her name was Landers.”


The Security person said, “I think you must mean Mrs. Chandler.  Just a minute and I’ll call her.”


The three looked at each other and almost lost it.   The security person made a call, “Mrs. Chandler is expecting you.  She is on her way down.  Would you please sign in?”


Carole Anne went first and wrote Tootsie Smackers.  Dylan wrote something illegible and Beau started to print and said, “Does anyone know how to spell Clarence?  Forget it; I’ll just put my initials C. C. C.”


Mrs. Chambers came off the elevator and did a double take.  She regained control and said, “I’m Nan Chandler, I guess you are the young people that Judge Kline sent?”


Beau said, “Lady, that judge is the meanest person in town.  She done sentenced us to four weeks of this stuff.  She said we needed to find out what life was really like.  Do you got a place where we can have a weed?”


Mrs. Chandler said, “This is a smoke free facility.”


Dylan said, “How’s about a beer then?”


“Sir, drinking is not permitted, either.”   Mrs. Chandler said.  “Let’s go upstairs and you can meet the President and then we can start your tour.”


All three of the young people groaned, “Oh, yippee.”


When they got into Dylan’s office, Mrs. Chandler said, “You three are something else.”


“Aunt Nan, I have the feeling you haven’t seen anything yet.”  Dylan said.


Beau asked, “Were you able to find a security person to go with us, in case we need him or her?”


Mrs. Chandler said, “I have him standing by right outside.”


“How do we know we can trust him” Beau asked.


Mrs. Chandler laughed, “He’s my son-in-law.  If he doesn’t do what is right, he knows he’ll be sorry.”


She opened the door and said, “Joey, please come in and meet these wild people.”  She introduced everyone.


Beau said, “Joey sir, we would like you to be standing by but not too near while were doing whatever we are going to be doing.  If one of us says rocket, that means we need your help, now.”


Joey said, “If I even hear the word whispered, I’ll be there.  Mum will skin me alive if I screw this up.”


Beau said, “Let’s go to the production area first, and everyone be ready for anything.”


As they were walking out of the office, Mrs. Chandler said, "Laura, we’ll be somewhere in the plant.  Just take messages and tell them that we’ll get back to them.”


Beau said, “Hey Jimbo, did you see the legs on that babe?”


When they got to the production area, the three young people were mingling with the workers.  They had everyone’s attention, and were getting all sorts of good information from the employees who didn’t realize that the three were manipulating them.  Beau asked in a loud voice, “Any of youse people have any good weed?  I took $50.00 from my Gram’s bag.  I need a good high to get me through this awful day.”


Before long, a young man caught Beau’s eye and motioned for him to follow.  Beau said, “I think I’m about to go for a ride on a rocket ride.”


Beau followed the guy into an empty room.  Unbeknownst to the guy, Dylan, Joey and Carole Anne were following with the three ladies.  Beau had a tape recorder in his pocket and had turned it on.


When Beau walked into room, the guy said, “I’ll sell you this packet of weed for $50.00.”


Beau said, “Dude, not so fast.  Open the bag and let me smell it.”


“Hey Jimbo, come smell this stuff.  It smells pretty bad to me.  What do you think?”


Dylan put on a pair of gloves and took the bag and smelled.  “It sure enough smells like marijuana to me.  Joey, would you take Mr. Lindner and get his personal things, since he no longer works here.  Joey, make sure that he doesn’t have any contact with anyone.”


Joey left with the guy and when Joey returned, Dylan made his move.  “Boy do I need a stiff drink.  What I would give for a shot of whiskey.  This place is getting to me.”


It wasn’t long before an older woman came up to him and said, “I can help you out if you make it worth my time.”


Dylan pulled some bills out of his pocket, “I sure hope what you have can propel my rocket.”


The next thing the lady knew she was being escorted from the premises by Joey.  Joey had just returned when some guy started to put the make on Carole Anne.


The man found himself on the floor and Carole Anne said, “Hey dude, just because I look easy doesn’t give you the right to touch the merchandise.  Joey, my man, the rocket has landed.  The man disappeared with Joey.


The three young people went to Mrs. Chandler and Beau said, “Let’s go to the plant manager.  I think he is the biggest thorn in this department.” 


The three young people just walked into his office and Beau asked, “Whatcha doin’ sir?”


The man didn’t even look up, “I’m reading the paper.”  He was sitting there with his feet on the desk.


Beau said, “Come on stud, lets’ catch some rest while the broads is outside.” 


Dylan and Beau sat down and put their feet on the desk, just like the manager.  Beau asked, “What’s the dude reading Babe?


Carole Anne checked, “He’s reading the Racing News.  I guess he’s into gambling.”  She sat down on the desk.


“Hey stud, how about giving us some tips?  We need to make some money, fast.”


The man put the paper down and yelled, “Get your feet off my desk.”


Dylan stood and said, “Sir, you have that all wrong.  You have your feet on my desk.  Beau, go get Joey, and tell him we have another rocket that needs to be launched.”


Joey came and escorted Mr. Lawson to the front desk.


When Joey returned, Beau got really wound, “Hey lady, we’re hungry.  Do you suppose you could get us some surf and turf meals?”


They went back to the Executive Offices and had soup and sandwiches.  They reviewed the morning and Mrs. T. suggested that they visit the administrative offices in the afternoon.


Beau asked, “Are we going home after that.  I miss my guys and gals?”


Mrs. T. said, “Grandson, let’s see how the afternoon goes.”


After lunch, they walked through the administrative area and it was very quiet with almost no one around.  Beau went up to a young lady sitting at one of the secretary’s desks and asked “Where are all the people that work here?”


“Oh the bosses are all playing golf like they do every Thursday.  The salaried staff takes off, because nothing can get done without the bosses’ signatures.  They rule with an iron hand when they are here.”


“So, who all are playing golf?  Beau asked.


The young lady did not know realized that what she was saying was getting a bunch of middle level management persons fired.


Beau thanked her and led the group to the Human Resources office.

When he walked in he said, “We wants to talk to the head dude about a job?”


The secretary asked, “Do you have an appointment?  Mr. Sears only sees people he has asked to come?”


Dylan said, “Oh that’s too bad.  We’ll just walk in, then.”


The three young people went in and Mr. Sears was reading a book.  Carole Anne started, “Mistah Roebuck, we’re doing a report for the judge.  We have some questions for you.”


Beau said, “I noticed you have no minorities in administrative positions, and I only saw two broads other than secretaries, so who does the hiring around here?”


Mr. Sears sat up straight and said, “Mr. Morrison has given me carte blanche to hire and promote who I want.”


“Hey boy CEO, did you give this creep the authority to hire and promote who he wanted, without your approval?” asked Beau.


Dylan went to Mr. Sears and said, “Mr. Sears, in case you hadn’t heard, I’m the new CEO of this company, and your services are no longer required with this company.  Joey, this man needs a rocket ride out of the building.”


Beau said, “Joey, after you get rid of Mr. Sears, meet us in the Comptroller’s office.  I am beginning to smell a bad smell coming from that office.”


Mrs. Chandler led the group to the Comptroller’s Office.  Beau went up to the secretary and said, “We’d like to talk to Mr. Tagge.”


“Mr. Tagge is busy.  He doesn’t talk to anyone without an appointment.”  the secretary said.


Carole Anne walked into the office and yelled back, “Hey dudes look in here.  This dude and dame are both naked playing some sort of game.”


Dylan went in and said, “You’re both fired, but you are not going anywhere.  Mrs. Tillison, would you call Mr. Robinson and have him arrange for an auditing team to come and review the financial records of this company now.  Joey, get some help.  No one is going to be leaving this department until the audit is completed.  There may be a number of other people that will be looking for new employment without a recommendation from this company.”


Mr. Robinson arrived with a team and they went to work.  Joey arrived with some reinforcements, and secured the area.


Beau said, “Grandma Morrison, why don’t you order some food brought in for all these people and then we’ve got to get back to Fremont.”


“Beau, I’ve decided that we’re going to be staying tonight so Dylan, Carole Anne and you can review personnel files, and make recommendations for the people to fill the positions for all the people you have fired today.”  Mrs. Tillison said.


Beau started to sob, “Grams, I need to get back to my guys and gals.  I miss them and my family.  Please can’t we go home?”


Dylan grabbed Beau and said, “Dudley, I need you right now, more than your boys and girls.  Why don’t you go call them and make sure everything is okay?”


Beau picked up the phone and called Gigi’s number.  “Hi Chip, how are you all doing? … Ranger is doing what? … Put the phone to Ranger’s ear. … Ranger you take care of my boys and I’ll see you tomorrow. …  Spencer, what’s going on? … They’re what? … I‘ll have to take care of that when I get back tomorrow. … You what? … Okay, I’ll talk to you Saturday.  Give everyone a hug for me.”


Beau hung up the phone and said, “Dylan, let’s go get some food and I’ll fix everyone some real food for dinner tonight. Aunt Nan, dinner will be at 6:00 and I don’t care what Dylan’s grandfather says.  See you then.”


The three young people left and stopped at the store and Beau got what he wanted to fix dinner but Dylan insisted that he would pay for the purchases.


When they got back to the Morrison house, Beau chased everyone out of the kitchen.  He got things started and then took a quick shower and then dressed in some casual clothes and finished dinner.


He had everyone sitting at the table and started everyone off with some cream of squash soup.  It was followed by a spinach salad with mandarin oranges and fresh mushrooms with walnuts in a vinaigrette dressing.


Dylan, Carole Anne and Beau cleared the table and brought plates with lamb chops, new potatoes and a medley of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.  Dylan served the wine to everyone except Beau.


The young people were doing the dishes when the three ladies came in and Mrs. T. said, “You people are going to be holding two meetings tomorrow.  The first is with the production workers, and the second is with the management level people.”


Beau said, “Dylan can tell the groups what is happening, and what will happen in the future.  After the first two meetings we want to meet with the maintenance and janitorial staffs.”


Mrs. Chandler said, “I’ll arrange a production staff meeting at 9:00, a management level meeting at 10:00 and a maintenance and janitorial staff meeting at 11:00.”


Beau asked, “Mrs. Chandler, what kind of legal staff does the company have?” 


“Beau, we have no one permanently employed.  Dylan’s grandfather always called upon some of his buddies to take care of the legal work.”  Mrs. Chandler said.


Beau said, “We’re in trouble.  Grams, call Uncle Norm and get the names of some good lawyers and get them on board as soon as possible.  I have a feeling that after the audit is competed tonight, the company may need some expert legal advice to retrieve some of the misappropriated funds.”


Mrs. Tillison said, “Beau, we will take care of the legal problems.”


“Good, then we can go home after lunch, so I can get there in time to sit with the five guys I don’t know.  I’m a little worried about taking care of that many boys at one time by myself.”


Meanwhile in Fremont, it was like everyone was moving in slow motion.  We were eating when the phone rang.  Jason answered.  “Hey Beau, when are you coming home? … Oh, you’re staying until tomorrow. …Okay, I’ll tell Jeff. .. Yeah everything is fine.  It’s just so quiet without you bossing everyone. ..  Yeah, you touch me and I’ll call Mrs. Rose. … Okay, I’ll give everyone a hug and a kiss for you. Love you.”


The guys were doing the dishes when the phone rang again, Jeff answered, “Ma’am, both Tommy and Beau have sitting jobs for this weekend.   Who do you need a sitter for? ... Danny, this lady needs a sitter for a five year old son tomorrow.”


Before we knew what had happened Danny was sitting on Friday night too.

The rest of the night was very quiet.


In Des Moines, Carole and Beau were helping Dylan with what he was going to say to the first two groups of people.  Beau wanted to talk to the third group.


Everyone went to bed and Dylan had no problem snuggling with Beau.  He whispered, “Beau, I wish you were my brother.  I love you.”


Beau turned to Dylan and said, “Dylan, I love you like a brother too.”


To be continued...


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Wow. It looks like we have still more casualties inflicted by the stalwart kids.  I would not want to be on the bad side of any of those guys.


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