The Doctor Gets a Visitor IV
by: E Walk

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Chapter 1

Dylan Becomes a CEO


On Wednesday morning, I was awakened by the alarm.  I looked and it said 6:30.  I looked and Jeff was gone.  I went to check and Danny was still in bed.  I woke up Tommy and Jason and then woke Danny.  I went downstairs and Beau and Jeff were nowhere to be found.


The coffee was on, and there was something in the oven and a note that said, “Take out casserole at 6:45.”  I sat down and started to drink a cup of coffee and the guys finally came in.


They had their arms around each other and Jeff said, “I don’t think we are ready for a marathon yet.  I think we may have some sore muscles tonight.  Hi Dad, we just ran 8 miles in 50 minutes.”


The other three guys came down and we went to take a shower.   Beau got out and kissed us.  He left and got dressed as if he was going to church.  When Jeff and I got to the kitchen, the other guys were giving Beau a hard time about being a poor little rich boy.


Beau didn’t let them get the last word.  “At least I didn’t sleep half the day away.  I won’t die of inactivity like some people I know.”


Everyone finished and left for the day.  Nothing happened to any of us in the morning.  Everyone assembled at Gigi’s house at noon and Mrs. Johnson was there to fill in for Beau and Gigi.  Danny and Denny told Beau to stop worrying.  They wouldn’t let anything happen to anyone.


We took two cars.  I drove my car and Ben, Gigi and Mrs. T. rode with me, and Beau rode with Dylan and Carole Anne in Carole Anne’s vehicle.  Dylan was driving and was leading the way, since he knew where we were going.


We arrived at the company offices and were met by Grandma Morrison and Mr. Robinson.  We were taken directly to the Board Room and Dylan put on his jacket and tie.  Beau put on his blazer.


At precisely 3:30, the reporters came in.  Mr. Will Morrison Senior stood and read a statement. “Effective immediately, my son and I are stepping down as the heads of the Morrison Manufacturing Company. We are hereby turning the company over to my Grandson, Dylan Morrison.  The Board of Directors has resigned.  I now turn this meeting over to my Grandson.”


Beau kicked Dylan on the shin and motioned for him to go to the podium.  Dylan had nothing prepared, but he looked at Carole Anne and Beau.  They both gave him thumbs up.


Dylan charmed the press and finally said, “I have selected a new Board of Directors to help me get the Morrison Manufacturing Company ready for the 22nd century.  The new President is Mrs. Margo Morrison.  She will be responsible for running the day to day operations, while I am finishing college.


He introduced the rest of us, basically parroting what Beau had said when were selected.  We each stood when Dylan introduced us.  He then said, “I have my two special advisors with me, Miss Carole Anne Gordon, from Colorado and Mr. Beau Benson from Nebraska.  They are going to be helping me find the weak areas in this organization.”


“Now we have time for a couple of questions.” Dylan announced.


The first person asked, “Why did your Father and Grandfather decide to step down all of a sudden?”


Dylan said, “I think they both were suffering from burn out, and felt it was time to move on to new endeavors.”


The second question was, “You said you were a college student.  How are you going to handle the business while you are in college?  I thought you went to college in Fremont, Nebraska.  How are you going to handle business matters from there?”


Dylan laughed, “Sir, we have phones in Nebraska, just like you have here.  I even have a computer in my apartment that I am proficient in using and besides, if my presence is needed here on site, I can be here in approximately two and half hours.”


“We have time for one more question.”  Dylan said, as he pointed to a young lady.


The young woman asked, “Why did you choose those two young people to be your special assistants?”


“Ma’am, I wouldn’t want to run into either of them in a confrontation.  They would have me eating grass in no time.” 


That had everyone laughing and Dylan said, “Thank you for coming, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m sure that I will be seeing you from time to time.”


Everyone left and Beau said, “Hey boy CEO, let’s go see your office, so I can get comfortable.  I hope there’s a bathroom there.  I need to go bad.”


Dylan led us to the executive offices.  The signs on the door had already been changed.  We were greeted by an older lady and Dylan said, “Hi Nanny Nan.  Everyone, this is Mrs. Nan Chandler.  She has always taken care of me.” 


Beau said, “Good, so she has had experience changing your diapers then.  Aunt Nan, where is the nearest restroom?”


“There is one in Dylan’s office.” she said, as she pointed.  Beau disappeared and Dylan introduced the rest of us.  


Beau came out laughing, “Hey Land and C. A., look at what I found. Aunt Nan with all that booze in there, you'd better have lots Pampers to take care of the Boy CEO.”


Dylan grabbed Beau, and Mrs. Chandler said, “Boys that is no way for a CEO and his administrative assistant to act.”


Dylan motioned for everyone to go into his office and Dylan said, “Aunt Nan would you please join us?”


Mrs. Chandler came in with her stenographer’s pad and before Dylan could say anything, Beau asked, “Aunt Nan, I want a straight answer.  Is that other person sitting outside Grandma Margo’s office Dylan’s father’s mistress or what?”


Mrs. Chambers hesitated.


Beau said, “Aunt Nan, we want the truth, and nothing but the truth.”


Mrs. Chambers said, “Yes.”


“Come on Dylan, you are about to take your first executive action.”  Beau said, as he led everybody into the reception area. 


Everyone watched as Beau and Dylan walked up to the young woman.  Beau said, “Miss Austin, your employment here is terminated, immediately.”


The young woman smirked and said, “You can’t fire me.  I’m President Morrison’s special assistant.”


Dylan said, “Grandma, is this bimbo your personal assistant?”


“Heavens no.” Mrs. Morrison answered.


Dylan turned to Miss Austin and said, “In case you hadn’t figured it out, your benefactor has resigned, and no longer works here.  My father won’t be needing your services now or anytime soon, and you are no longer welcomed here.  Now, I suggest you leave quietly, before I call security and have you removed forcefully.”


“Aunt Nan, tell the front desk that Miss Austin is to turn in her badge and is not to be permitted back on the premises, ever.”  Dylan said.


Then he looked around and said, “Meeting time.”


Everyone sat down, and before Dylan could say anything, Beau started.  “Aunt Nan, can you take care of Grandma Margo and Boy CEO at the same time?”


“Yes, I had done so for years until Dylan’s father brought that floozy here.  Even so, I still did all the work while she sat and looked like a plastic doll baby.”  Mrs. Chandler said.


“See Land, you have already started to save money for the company.  Hey, why don’t you have your next board meeting in two weeks?  By that time you and Grandma Margo can have a good handle on what is going on around here.  Aunt Nan, you see and hear nearly everything that is happening in this company and while we haven’t been here long, I get the feeling that there are a great many people here who are resting on their past glory days.  Am I correct?”


“Mr. Benson, I think you are correct in your assessment.”  Mrs. Chandler said.


Mrs. Tillison said, “Jack honey, why don’t you take Ben and Gigi back to Fremont.  Beau, Dylan, and Carole Anne can tour the company tomorrow and see if we can find ways to make this a profitable operation.”


Mrs. T. turned to Mrs. Chandler and said, “Nan, can you make reservations for us at a good hotel or motel?  Just make sure they have a bar.”


Mrs. Morrison said, “Nonsense, you can stay at our house, if Beau and Dylan can stand to sleep together.”


Beau jumped up and said, “Grams, I can’t stay.  I need to go back so I can help Gigi take care of the people.  Besides, what can I do here? I’m just a thirteen year old misfit.”


Mrs. T. said, “Grandson, you’re staying.  Now kiss D. Dad, Granddad Ben, and Gigi goodbye.”


Mrs. Chandler said, “Can I get anyone anything before you leave?” 


Beau piped up and said, “I’m going to need a strong sleeping potion.  I just know Boy CEO is going to be snoring all night.”


Beau hugged us and gave us our last minute instructions as we were leaving.  The ride home was quiet.  Both Ben and Gigi kept marveling about what had had happened this afternoon.


In Des Moines, Mrs. Tillison said, “Let’s go.  We need to get some clothes since we didn’t bring anything.  Dylan, do you have any clothes at your parent’s house?”


Dylan said, “Grandma M., why don’t I drive your car and take Beau and we can swing by my parent’s house and get some clothes.  Nanny Nan, why don’t you join us for dinner?”


“What would your Grandfather say?”  Mrs. Chandler asked.


“He won’t be there.  This is Wednesday night and he meets his buddies and they play poker.  He won’t be home until 10:30 or 11:00.” Mrs. Morrison said.


Dylan took Beau and they went to his parent’s house.  His Mother started in on Dylan as soon as he walked in.  “How could you do this to your Father and me?  What are we going to live on?”


Dylan looked disgusted and said, “I have done nothing to you.  If you two had been taking care of your money, instead of trying to impress your friends and supporting your lovers, you would have enough to live on.  Oh yes Mother, I know that you have been supporting that pretty boy of yours for years.  Dad has been taking care of that Austin dame while you kept that Chamberlain dude.”


“It’s too bad you spent all of your money on them.  I sure didn’t get anything except the stupid Corvette which I didn’t want.  I know that Grandmother and Granddad Morrison have been paying my college fees and sending me spending money.  If it hadn’t been for Mrs. Chandler and Grandmother, I could easily have ended up being a thug.”  Dylan was shaking.


“Now, if you will get out of our way, we’re going to get some of my clothes and we’re spending the night at Granddad and Grandmother’s house.” Dylan said, as he led Beau to his room.


Beau was looking at all of the clothes. All of a sudden he said, “Dylan, what if?”


Dylan said, “Perfect.  These old things will be perfect.  Here, try these old shoes on.  They are too small for me.  What are we going to do for Carole Anne?”


Beau said, “She’ll be easy.  Now we need two old baseball caps and baggy sweat shirts.”


“No sooner said than done.” Dylan said.


Beau said, “Grab some good clothes.  Why don’t we wear turtle neck shirts instead of shirts and ties?”


They put everything in a large suitcase and left without talking to Dylan’s parents.


When they got Grandma Margo’s house, Granddad Will was leaving for his poker party.  Dylan said, “Let’s hit Von Maur’s first and then grab some dinner and come back and make plans for tomorrow.”


As the group was walking into Von Maur’s, Beau and Dylan explained to Carole Anne what they were going to do tomorrow.  She started laughing.  Beau turned to the three older ladies and said, “We’ll meet you by the piano in an hour.”


The young people started in the cosmetics area and then went to the junior women’s area and Beau said, “Remember Carole Anne, tighter is better, and gaudy would be even better.  Don’t forget some jogging clothes, since we’re going for a run in the morning.  I’m taking Boy CEO to the mens’/boys’ department.  We’ll meet you here in 30 minutes.”


The guys took off and got everything they needed and came back loaded with packages.  They met Carole Anne and she had more packages than she could handle.  The guys had Carole Anne stay put and told her they would return to help her carry her things.


The guys took their packages to the car and returned and they all were carrying packages when they went to meet the older ladies.  Everyone was carrying packages as they went to the vehicle.  The guys loaded the purchases and got everyone settled.


Mrs. Morrison said, “Let’s go to Antoine’s.  It’s Wednesday night so it shouldn’t be too busy.”


Dylan drove to the restaurant and they were met by a skeptical Maitre d’ and Mrs. Morrison said, “Would you please tell Antoine that Margo is here and would like a nice quiet table for six?”


A man, who obviously was the owner, came and escorted them to a table and was gushing over them.  He introduced the waiter who would be serving them as Henri


Henri took the drink orders and as he was leaving Beau asked, “Sir, could you direct me to the wash room, please?”


Henri said, “Sir, I’ll show where it is.  It’s on the way to the bar.”  Beau left with Henri and everyone was visiting and didn’t see Beau talking to Henri.


Everyone had the fare that Henri had recommended and ate everything, but declined dessert.  Mrs. Tillison said, “I’ll take the check Henri.”


Henri said, “Madam, it has already been taken care of as he handed the folder with the receipt to Beau, who slipped in a $50.00 bill and handed it back to Henri.


Mrs. T. said, “Grandson, we need to talk.”


Beau flipped back, “Go ahead Grandmother, I’ll pretend I’m listening.”


Everyone was laughing as they left and returned to the Morrison house to make plans for Thursday.


Gigi’s, Ben’s and my drive settled down, and we stopped in Atlantic, Iowa for a light meal.  When I got home, Tommy was studying on the sofa in the living room and Jason was lying against him, reading.


When they heard me, they both jumped up, “Dad, this place is like a morgue.  Where is Beau?”


“Beau is spending the night in Iowa on Grams’ orders.” I said, as I sat down. Jason came and sat with me. 


Danny came in and waved, “Thanks Uncle Dan, that was fun.”  He sat down with us.


Jason asked, “What was fun?”


“Oh we met Uncle Barry and the twins and went to dinner at the IHOP and then we went back to the twins’ house and they took me to the family room while Uncle Dan and Uncle Barry talked.  Where’s Beau?” Danny asked.


Jason said, “He’s not coming home tonight.  Grams kept him in Iowa.  Why don’t you sleep in his bed so I’m not alone tonight?  Come on let’s go take a shower in Dad’s room and go to bed. I’m tired.”


The two guys hugged Tommy and me, and took off.


After they left, Tommy came and sat down beside me.  “Dad, I feel so stupid.  I heard those same guys talking again today and they weren’t taking about me at all.  They were talking about Daren Rich.  I heard them say it’s too bad that he isn’t more like the Simmons or Hendrix guys.”


“See, we told you.  I hope you have learned to believe only half of what you read and a quarter of what you hear.”  I pulled Tommy close and gave him a kiss.


He kissed me back and then got up and said, “I’m going to bed.  I’ll finish my homework in the morning, since I know Beau won’t he trying to kill me in the morning.”


He left and I went to get a beer and was sitting in the recliner waiting for Jeff and thinking about everything that had been happening.  Jeff came in and said, “This is going to be really hard.  That Mrs. Hughes has already made up her mind that she wants an older person to help Father Gilbert and Mr. Hutchins is going to side with her. It was like Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Tice, Mr. Hendrix and I weren’t there.”


“Jeff, cool down. They’ll see the light before the search is over.  If you need to, you can sic Beau on them.  Let’s go to bed.  I think you are worn out from your eight mile run.”


We went up and took a shower and Jeff started to manipulate my penis and I reciprocated.  We both released our pent up emotions and had to clean up the telltale signs.


Meanwhile in Des Moines, Beau convinced Dylan that they could shower at the same time.  While they were in the shower Beau said, “I’ll go ahead and get out now and you can release your pent up emotions and live your fantasies.” 


Dylan got out with Beau and they got into bed.  Dylan tried to refrain from any body contact.  Beau was having nothing to do with that, and put his arms around Dylan and said, “Goodnight Stud.”


To be continued...


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Editor's Notes:


It looks to me as if several people felt the wrath of Beau and Dylan. I can't say that I feel sorry for any of them. They brought it all on themselves, I would say. I suspect things aren't finished yet either.  It must be really strange to be in that house without Beau now.


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Posted: 10/19/07