You Ain’t Santa Claus
by: E Walk

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Chapter 48 

Erik Bares All


As we were eating dinner, Erik announced, “Dr. Richter, I forgot to give you the power of attorney, so you can act on behalf of us four Sorenson boys, should something happen to one of us.  Remind me to give it to you when we get to the Little House.”


We departed for the little house as soon as dinner was over and the guys had taken care of the cleanup.  Since it was just Ryan, Nathan, and the three oldest Sorenson boys, because Shawn had homework to do, we could easily fit into the two cars.


After the animals were take care of, the boys decided that the three eight year olds would sleep in Nate’s bed.  Erik was going to sleep with Ryan, or on the sofa.  We had just gotten the four youngest settled and Erik was sitting on the sofa with Dan and me when the phone rang.  Dan went to answer, “Oh hi Nels. … Yes, he’s home and chomping at the bit, to talk, but Ryan has been able to hold him in check, so far. … He what? … Erik is still up, do want to speak to him?…”


Dan handed the phone to Erik, “Nels would like to speak with you.”


Erik took the phone, “What did Dad do now? … He what? … Dad Nels, I don’t want to be there, and I don’t think the other three boys should be, either,  They are adjusting to life in the country and everyone treats us as real people,  I don’t ever want to live in Minnesota again.”


Erik started to cry and shake and handed the phone to me, “This is Kirk.  I gather from the conversation, that Lars may have committed suicide?”


I could tell that Nels was upset, “The s. o. b. hung himself in his cell.  He cared more about his image than his sons.  I’ve spoken to his ex- wife, and she wants nothing to do with the boys.  Do you mind taking care of them until I have time to make all the arrangements?”


“Nels, they’ve been no problem at all.  We’ll be glad to take care of them.”


“Thanks, right now, my mind’s a jumbled mess.  I need to sit down and make a plan as to what needs to happen next, since I am now responsible for four boys. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”


When I hung up, I looked at Erik, who was still crying, “Erik, you need to get the anger out of your system, or you’re going to wind up hating everyone.  What your Father did, doesn’t reflect on you and your brothers.  It just shows what a weak person he was.  He couldn’t face going on, once he was caught.”


“But Dr. Richter, I have the bastard’s genes in me.  Does that mean I’ll turn out like him?  I don’t want to be someone who plays gigolo for rich woman, and I sure don’t want to make porn movies like he was doing.  He made all kinds of porn movies.  What’s going to happen if my brothers ever see what he was doing?”


Dan hugged Erik, “You’re worrying too much about what might happen.  You need to think positive, and think everything will be okay.  Would you like for us to have you talk to a professional counselor?”


“No sir, just talking to the two of you helps.  I still don’t understand why he did what he did.”


I patted Erik on the shoulder, “That’s something that we’ll probably never know.  We shouldn’t dwell on the unknowns.  Let's wait and see what Nels has to report when he calls tomorrow.   I suggest that you go take a shower.  Perhaps you can relieve some tension by tossing one.”


Dan asked, “Do you need us to help you do that?”


Erik started to laugh, “That’s okay, I know how to jack off.  I wouldn’t want to embarrass you.”


As Erik was going up the steps, I reminded him, “Make sure you clean your mess, and I’ll be taking you to enroll you in our hick high school, tomorrow.  You’ll probably be in all the remedial classes they have.”


Erik turned and flipped us the bird, “You just wait, I'll make these farm boys look like nincompoops.”


Dan and I locked up, I stopped to check on the boys.  The three eight year olds were asleep with Hodge and Snatch in Nate’s room.  Erik and Ryan were in Ryan’s bed with Podge and Snitch.  Erik looked up, “I promise I won’t do anything to Ryan.  Podge and Snitch would make it so I could never toss another one as you old men say.”


When I went downstairs in the morning, Nate was explaining to Erik how to make coffee.  When he saw me, he complained, “Daddy, we need to get some more food, if all of us are going to live here.”


Erik looked at me and giggled, “Don’t you know that it’s polite to wear a shirt when you’re outside the bedroom.  What if your mother were here, what would she think?”


“She’d probably ask why I was wearing briefs.”


Nate sighed, “Erik, Granddad Richter is a minister so you need to be careful.”


Erik had a funny look on his face, “If your Granddad Richter is a minister, has he been here, and does he know that your two Dads live together?”


“They’ve been here two times, since Daddy rescued us.  Granddad is going to baptize us, sometime soon.”


Erik was almost speechless, “Nate, have you met Doctor Thornton’s parents, too?”


“Yep, they’ve been here two times, too.  Grandpa Thornton is our lawyer.”


Erik threw up his hands, “I’ll never understand life.  Maybe I should just quit school and become a bum.”


I pointed to Nate, “Go make sure everyone else is up.  Here’s a cup of coffee to take to Doctor Dad.”


After Nate had departed, I looked at Erik, “Dan’s and my parents have known that we are a couple for some time, long before Nate and Ryan took over our lives at Christmas time.  We have been traveling at warp speed since the boys arrived.”


Erik was really confused, “Dr. Richter, you mean Ryan and Nate aren’t really your sons?”


“Erik, they’re our sons, but they are my adopted sons and their last name is Holloway, for a good reason.  It’s all very complicated.  I’ll explain more, later.  I hear movement in the belfry, so we need to get ready for the troops.”


Everyone was dressed except Erik and me, but I decided that was okay, because the other visitors needed to learn that it was all right to see another man’s body.  After breakfast, I pointed to Nate. you’re in charge of the cleanup while Dad Dan goes to take the high  schoolers to school.  I’ll take the rest of you to Homebase for school and get Mr. Erik enrolled in school.”


When I was enrolling Erik, there were a few problems, but I showed them my power of attorney.  After they realized who I was, we had Erik enrolled in short order, even though we didn’t have the records from his old school.  As I was leaving, I handed Erik a twenty dollar bill, “This should cover lunch and any incidental expenses.”


When I arrived at the university, it was a busy day so I had little or no time to worry about what was happening to the boys.  I knew that the young ones were well cared for by the staff at Belle Monte, but I was a little concerned as to what might be happening with Erik. 


I was in my office when Dean Meyers came in, “Kirk, I understand that you have inherited four more boys.  Are you sure that you can handle them?”


“No, sir.  I have reservations about the oldest boy who is fourteen.  He’s full of anger over what happened.  How did you find out about the boys?”


Dean Meyers laughed, “I have ears everywhere.  If anyone can handle the four boys, you can.  I salute you.”


He departed without giving me a chance to question him.


When I arrived at Belle Monte, I didn’t see any of the young people.  Charles was doing something on the side of the house as I was getting out of the car.  “Good afternoon, Charles.  It seems very quiet around here, in spite of the fact that there are eleven young men living on the premises.  Where is everyone?”


Charles laughed, “This is the first time it’s been quiet around here today.  Eva went to get the supplies needed for her to work with Stefan and Karl.  She was also going to pick up supplies so she could work with Dieter and Quinn.”


“Alex and Vince took Dieter and Quinn shopping, and the rest of the guys were riding horses up to the Little House, to take care of the animals.  They should be back shortly.  I haven’t a clue where George and Bruce are.  They’ve been gone most of the day.  Ian is checking on the cattle.”


The Corvette pulled up while Charles and I were talking.  Alex, Vince, Quinn and Dieter climbed out.   Vince opened the trunk, “Get Dr. Richter to help you take the things into the house.” 


I looked at what was in the trunk, “I take it that the meeting with Mrs. Belton went well, this morning.”


Alex grinned, “Yep, better than expected.”


Vince chuckled, “After the meeting, we took Quinn to meet our parents and they’re ready to buy him a Cadillac.  We opted for a bicycle for the time being.”


The other guys appeared and Ryan came trotting towards us.  “Hi Daddy.  Quinn, you haven’t been talking too much have you?”


Quinn violently shook his head no.


Ryan turned to go back to the other guys, “We’ll be back as soon as we get the horses taken care of.”


I was helping Alex and the two young guys take the things to Alex and Vince’s apartment.  Alex pointed, “Just put the packages on Quinn’s bed, and we’ll take care of them after dinner.”


As we were finishing putting things in Alex and Vince’s apartment, everyone suddenly appeared.  The four teenagers went to the kitchen to see what they could do to help Tessa.   Erik came into the room, “We need some people to set the table.”


The four ten year olds went to help.


Quinn went and stood in front of Dan, “Doctor, when can I talk whenever I want to?”


Dan hugged Quinn, “I guess it would be okay if you talk, but you are not permitted to scream, just yet.  I’ll talk to Doctor Richfield about it when he calls the next time.”


As we were eating, Bruce remarked, “I think we should call Reverend Richter and make arrangements for Ryan and Nate to be baptized as soon as possible.  Erik, do you know if you and your brothers have ever been baptized?”


Erik shook his head no, “I’m sure we haven’t been.  I can’t remember the last time I was in church.  We’ll have to have Dad Nels, go through our father’s papers and perhaps call our mother to find out.”


Dieter asked, “Why doesn’t Dad Nels ask Daddy?”


I shook my head no to let everyone know that the line of the conversation needed to be put on hold, “Dieter, we’ll talk more about this, after we finish eating.”


As guys were clearing the table, I took Erik aside, “Erik, I gather you haven't told your brothers what happened?”


Erik almost started to cry, “Sir, I have not said anything to anyone except Shawn.  I don’t know how to tell my brothers without upsetting them,”


“As soon as the cleanup is done, I want everyone to meet in the living room.  We’re simply going to tell everyone that your father has died.  They don’t need to know how it happened.  I don’t know what you told Shawn, but ask him to please not talk about it.”


I went into the living room and asked, “Dan, did you tell anyone about Mr. Sorenson’s death and how he died?”


I told Bruce and George when I stopped for the boys this morning.  I thought they might need to know, in case something happened to one of the boys.”


“Good.  I just talked to Erik and he hasn’t told his brothers anything.  He did talk to Shawn about it, which is good.  I asked that Erik bring everyone in here when they finish in the kitchen so we could simply tell everyone that Mr. Sorenson died.”


I was interrupted by the arrival of the kitchen gang, Nate commented, “Erik said that you wanted to talk to us.”


“Yes I do.  What I’m going to talk about doesn’t have anything to do with most of you, but I think you should all hear what I have to say.

Erik, Stefan, Karl and Dieter’s Dad has died?”


Ryan asked, “Daddy, are you talking about Doctor Richfield or their other Dad.”


“Good question, Ryan.  I wasn’t very clear in what I said.  Doctor Richfield is fine.  He called last night and told us that the boys’ other Dad had died.”


Stefan asked, “Are we still going to live with Dad Nels?”


I nodded, “Your Dad Nels is trying to take care of things right now.”


Karl asked, “We aren’t going to have to live with our Mother and that mean man are we?”


I took a deep breath, “Karl, I think I can safely say that you will not be living with your Mother and her new husband.  We’ll know more about what is happening when Doctor Richfield calls tonight.”


Quinn put his arm around Dieter, “Don’t worry; my Dads won’t let anything bad happen to you.”


I stood, “Nate, you said we needed to go to the store, so let’s go so we can get back before it’s too late.  Anyone who is going with us needs to get their jackets.”


Dan and Ryan opted out, so it was Erik, three ten year olds and me who went to the store.


Erik was sitting in front with me. As we were driving, I asked, “Erik, how was your day at school?”


“Dr. Richter, it was really weird.  After you left this morning, a guidance counselor, Mr. Long, came and took me to his office.  He had me complete some papers and called my old school and asked them to fax him a copy of my records.  The school started to give him some grief, so he handed the phone to me, ‘Here talk to this lady.’”


“I identified myself and told the person that I would not be returning to the school.  I explained that my Dad had committed suicide and would be unable to un-enroll me.  She paused and then said, ‘So you're Lars Sorenson’s son.  Tell the gentleman that the records should be there shortly.’”


“Mr. Long took me to another room, and sure enough, there was a fax of my records waiting.  We returned to his office and he was working at a computer, trying to work out a schedule.  It took some finagling, but he was finally able to come up with a workable schedule.”


“After he finally had a schedule set up, he looked at me, ‘Erik, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with the other school.  Might I ask whom you are staying with?’  I told him that I would probably be living with you and Doctor Thornton for the time being and he hit his head, ‘Oh good grief, you certainly picked the right person to live with.  I know Dr. Richter.  If you feel you need to vent, please come see me.  Do you know anyone here at our school?’”


“I told him I knew Shane, Jacob and Shawn, since we were all living at Belle Monte.  He commented, ‘You’ll have some great support then.’”


“He walked me around the school and got me a locker which turned out to be right next to Shawn’s.  He handed me a copy of the school policies and my schedule.  By the time we finished, it was time for the first lunch period.  He took me to the lunchroom entrance.  When he saw Shawn approaching with his friends, he yelled, ‘McTavish, get over here, I have a job for you.  Make sure Erik gets something to eat, and show him how to get to his class. Do you think you can handle that?”


“Shawn stuck out his tongue, ‘Probably not.  You'll find some reason to yell at me.  Come on, Erik, I’m starving.  Do you have funds?’”


Erik's saga was interrupted because we arrived at the grocery store.  As we were walking into the store, Erik whispered, “Expect a lot of requests from Stefan and Karl.  They haven’t had much shopping experience.  Erik snickered, “I’ll probably be worse than them.”


To be continued...


Editor's Notes: Erik seems to be loosening up a bit. It was nice to see him snickering. The boys are certainly going to be in a better situation than they were in before. Their father was certainly no prize. Erik has had good reason to be angry and upset. Now, however, he and his brothers will have a chance to find out what a loving family is all about.


I can hardly wait for the next chapter, to find out what will happen next.


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