You Ain’t Santa Claus
by: E Walk

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Chapter 47 

The Elusive Uncle


After dinner, Ryan, Chase and Dieter accompanied Vince and Alex to the hospital to see Quinn.  They departed Belle Monte with the Candy Cane Lane game.  Dan and I followed in Dan’s car because we needed to go the airport to pick up Erik at nine o’clock.


When we walked in, Quinn jumped out of the bed and started to hug everyone.  Dan pointed to the bed, “Who told you that you could get out of bed?  Get back in that bed, or I’ll send everyone home.”


Quinn climbed into his bed and glared at Dan, “You’re even meaner than Doctor Richfield.”


“Who said you could talk?”


Quinn pulled the covers over his head and Ryan complained, “Dad, you’re scaring Quinn by being so mean to him.”


Dan shook his head, “Ryan, Doctor Richfield said Quinn shouldn’t talk.  There must be a reason.  Quinn, please come out from under the covers, so I can check to see if you are going to be able to play the game the guys brought, and if you can go home, tomorrow.”


Quinn uncovered his head, “What are you going to do to me?”


“Quinn, I promise that I won’t do anything to hurt you.  I thought you weren‘t supposed to talk.”


Quinn frowned and puckered his lips tightly.  He pushed down his sheet and blanket.  Dan did his examination and announced,  “Everything seems to be working.  Have you been to the bathroom?”


Quinn nodded yes.


As Dan and I were getting ready to leave, Dan pointed his finger at Quinn, “Young man, if you try to talk too much, I’m giving Mr. Simmons and Mr. Lake permission to spank your little butt, which is just the right size for spanking.”


Quinn asked, “Who’re they?”


Ryan put his hand over Quinn’s mouth, “Doctor Dad is talking about the two men who’re gonna be your new Dads.  Don’t worry, they won’t spank you.  We don’t allow no spankings at Belle Monte.”


When Dan and I arrived at the airport, there was an announcement, “Would Dr. Richter and Doctor Thornton please report to baggage claim area one?”


I looked at my watch and it wasn’t even eight forty five, “Dan, why would they be paging us?”


“Let’s go find out.  I guess Erik’s flight was early.”


When we arrived at baggage claim area one, Erik was indeed sitting with two suitcases.  He was watching the main entrance, so he didn’t see Dan and me.  I went up to him and put my hand on his shoulder, “You’re a little early, aren’t you, Son?”


Erik grabbed my hand and removed it, stood up and said rather loudly, “I’m not your Son, even though I wish you could be our father.  You’re what a Dad should be, not like our slutty father.”


Dan picked up one of the suitcases, “Erik, let’s continue this conversation in the car.  Kirk, wasn’t implying that you were his son.”


Erik took a deep breath, “I know that, and I apologize for the way I reacted, but this entire day has been a living nightmare.”


After we were in the car, I turned to Erik, “Erik, Nelson told me that you overheard some things that you weren’t meant to hear.  Would you care to share what it is that has you so upset?”


“Dr. Richter and Doctor Thornton, everything about what my father did has me upset.  He disgraced the Sorenson name.  I’ll never be able to face living in Minnesota again.  Because he was such a high profile figure, the media people are having a field day talking about him, even though he was one of them.”


“I can fully understand why our Mother left us and went to live with that football player who wants nothing to do with us boys.”


The conversation was interrupted by our arrival at Belle Monte.  When we walked into Belle Monte, we were met by Shawn and Jacob.  Jacob grinned, “You’re to proceed directly to the Little House.  Shane is there with all the little guys.  He just called and said the guys had him tied to the bed.”


George appeared, “Bruce wants us to go to the early service in the morning, so we’re here when Mr. Hightower arrives.”


Dan nodded, “That will give us plenty of time to get young Quinn Danielson home.  Where are Vince and Alex?”


Shawn giggled, “They went to make some money so they can support Quinn, if they are permitted to keep him.  They arranged to be the last two entertainers tonight.”


Erik asked, “What kind of entertainers?  Are they in the same business our father was in?”


I shook my head, “What Vince and Alex are doing isn’t illegal, and since we aren’t sure what business your father was in, we can’t answer your question.  Since I assume Shane will be spending the night at Little House, I guess you will need to go keep him company.”


When we arrived at the Little House, the seven young boys, two dogs and two cats were all positioned in the sleeping bag.  It was difficult to maneuver around them without waking the them up.  Even though we tried to be quiet, Nathan woke up and simply waved his hand.


Dan, Erik and I went up the steps and it was evident that Shane was in our room, because the light was on.  When we walked in, he was lying there, watching television and eating a box of cheese crackers.  Not only that, he had a can of soda and was set for the long haul.  When he saw us, he didn’t move.  He giggled, “You really need to get a television for the boys room, so I wouldn’t have to invade your privacy when I’m forced to take care of the young‘uns.  Could you have some porn available the next time, so I can learn something?  Remember, I’m a country boy who don’t know nothing.”


Dan laughed, “Shawn, you could probably teach us a sex education course, having lived on the farm all your life.”


Shawn squinted, “Oh no, who’s been squealing on me.  Come on, Mr. Erik, we need to let these old men get their rest or they’ll be worthless tomorrow.”


On Sunday morning, Dan and I were awakened by a quiet knock on the door.  I went to see who was there and Shawn was standing with two cups of coffee, “Dr. Richter and Doctor Thornton, I think we should let Erik sleep, instead of making him go to church.  He talked for a long time last night, and then when he finally did go to sleep, he tossed and turned and moaned.  He really hates his father.  Dr. Richter, you really need to talk to him.”


I was surprised by Shawn’s pronouncement, “Shawn, we are aware that there are problems with the Sorenson’s family life.  We need to make sure the four guys are made to feel safe here.  If you think it would be better for Erik to sleep, than go to church, then it is up to you to stay here and make sure that he is okay, and not molest him.”


Shawn started to laugh, “Dr. Richter, I may be a sex fiend, but I don’t think I’m up to taking advantage of unsuspecting peer, unless he starts the activity.  In Erik’s present state of mind, I don’t see that happening.”


Dan scowled, “Shawn, are you saying that you would do whatever Erik would let you do, if he initiated the contact?”


Shawn was stopped briefly by that question, “If you’re asking if I would penetrate him or let him penetrate me, the answer is no.  My parents would throw me out on my ear if they even suspected that were the case.  As you are well aware, Dad and Mom are very tolerant of gay sex, but they have repeatedly reminded Shane and me that we needed to keep our hormones in check until we’re sure what we want to do with our lives.”


When we explained to the three youngest Sorenson boys that we were going to church, they had all sorts of questions.  It was apparent that going to church was not something they were familiar with.


After church, which went fine, Dan, Alex and Vince went to get Quinn released from the hospital.  When we arrived at Belle Monte, I took the boys to the Little House in Belle Monte Express, so they could change into jeans.  When we arrived at the Little House, Erik was just eating breakfast.  He was sitting at the table, wearing only his briefs.  I decided to give him a difficult time.  “Don’t you know that it’s not polite to eat without a shirt on.   I’m surprised you’re even wearing briefs.  Aren’t you afraid people will laugh if they saw what you’re covering but not hiding very well?”


Erik looked at us, “Guys, does your Dad always talk like that?”


Nate giggled, “Just ignore him.  What you’re wearing is what we usually wear for breakfast, unless there are ladies around.”


Shawn chuckled, “In answer to your question, Dr. Richter, I’ve seen what he's covering and believe me, he has nothing to be ashamed of.”


“Everyone get changed.  We need to be at Home Base when Quinn arrives.”


The conversation was interrupted by the intercom, “Little House, this is Home Base, do you copy?”


Nate went to the intercom, “Home Base, you’re coming in loud and clear.”


“Good, tell those two lazy teenagers to get their butts down here, so they can help us fix some lunch.”


“Roger, we copy.  We’ll bring their backsides down and leave the rest of their bodies here, since you don’t need those parts.”


Jacob was laughing, “Nate, you’ve been taking lessons from Shawn.  Bring all the parts of the two guys, so they can help you do all the work.  Over and out.”


Erik grinned a mischievous grin, “Jacob didn’t say we had be dressed, so I’ll go like this.”


Ryan shook his head, no, “That’s not a good idea.  It's a little cold to go horseback riding with just your briefs on.”


We arrived at Home Base, just as Dan was arriving with the patient and the two Dads-to-be.  When Quinn got out of the car, he looked at the Big House, “Am I going to live here?”


Ryan took charge, “Our Uncle Bruce is going to try and make it so you can live here with your two new dads.  Uncle Vince and Uncle Alex, someone needs to get Quinn some more clothes.”


Bruce intervened, “We’ll take care of that after we meet his uncle, this afternoon.  His Uncle Keith is to be here about one thirty.  I’ve asked Mrs. Belton and Judge Winchell to be here as well.”


Nate asked, “Is she coming as Viola Swamp or Mrs. Belton?”


“She’ll be here as Mrs. Belton.”


As we were finishing lunch, Bruce suggested, “I think it would be good if everyone would pretty much disappear when the visitors are here, except Quinn, Alex, Vince, Dan, Kirk and Ryan.”


Ryan looked at Bruce, “Why do I need to be here?”


Bruce grinned, “You need to be here to make sure that Quinn is okay.”


Ryan shrugged his shoulders, “Okay.”


Judge Winchell and Mrs. Belton had arrived, and Bruce was telling them what he had found out about Quinn and the elusive Mr. Hightower. Ginger had some questions she wanted to ask Quinn, but Ryan reminded the visitors.  “Doctor Richfield said Quinn shouldn’t talk too much.”


It was nearly one thirty when the doorbell sounded.  Bruce nodded to the two young boys, “Ryan, take Quinn into the office and leave the door open.  We’ll call you when we want Quinn to return.”  


George had gone to greet the visitor, and returned with a man about Kirk’s and my age.  He was dressed in jeans with cowboy boots and cowboy hat which he hadn’t taken off.  He didn’t even wait to be introduced before we asked, “Why am I here at this fucking place?   The fucking little mute isn’t being treated here, surely?”


Bruce remained outwardly calm but you could feel the tension in the room.  Bruce spoke, “Mr. Hightower, that kind of language is not acceptable in the house.  I’ll ask you to refrain from using such language while you’re here at Belle Monte.  If you’ll stop acting like a bull in a china shop, I’d like to introduce you to the others who are present.”


After the introductions, Mr. Hightower wasn’t so cocky.  He appeared overwhelmed and confused, “I don’t understand what this has to do with the mute whom I’m responsible for.”


Bruce went for the jugular vein, “Mr. Hightower, you’re not even a blood relative of Quinn.  How is it that you were given custody of him in the first place?”


“Because I was the closest thing to a relative that Quinn had.  His mother was my step sister.  I was adopted by her parents.”


Ginger asked, “Mr. Hightower, why would you take responsibility for a young mute boy who had a speech problem?”


Mr. Hightower obviously didn’t consider the impact of what he was saying, “When the mute’s parents died, they left him some insurance money, and I decided to take care of him.”


Bruce looked at Judge Winston, “Judge Winston, we were unable to find any trace of such funds.  It appears that they’ve all been expended.  Mr. Hightower, could you enlighten us as to where the funds went?”


“I spent them on trying to be able to make Quinn be able to talk.”


I asked, “Before we take you to see Quinn, could you give us some idea as to how Quinn wound up here, at Belle Monte?”


“He just disappeared one day from the apartment.”


Bruce perked, “Oh, did you report that he was missing, to the authorities?  They have no record of such reports.”


Mr. Hightower was starting to squirm in his seat when Bruce called, “Ryan, please bring your friend in here.  We need to talk to him.”


When Quinn saw Mr. Hightower, he cringed.  He went and sat down between Vince and Alex and asked, “You aren’t going to let him take me away, are you.  He’s not telling the truth about how I got here.  He and his friend were driving and I had to go the bathroom.  They stopped so I could pee along side the road.  While I was peeing, they just took off.”


Mr. Hightower started to stand, but George pushed him down in his chair, “How come you can talk, you little mute?”


Ryan answered, “Quinn, don’t answer him.  I’ll answer him.  Dr. Richfield fixed it so he can talk.  But he’s not supposed to talk too much, just yet.  Come on, Quinn, let’s get something to drink while the big people make it so you can live with Uncle Vince and Uncle Alex.”


After the two boys had disappeared, Mr. Hightower blurted out, “I’ll sell you the damn kid for $50,000.00.”


Ginger took a very deep breath, “Mr. Hightower, you have no right to sell Quinn, since I am relieving you of any and all rights to the young boy.  I also will be pressing charges against you for endangering the life of a minor and trying to sell him.  There are enough witnesses here today that you’ll be spending some considerable time in the detention system.”


George was making sure that Mr. Hightower wasn’t going anywhere when the doorbell rang.  I went to answer, since George was preoccupied and Vince and Alex were standing ready to assist him.


When I opened the door, Deputy Lanny Lane was standing there with another deputy, “Good afternoon, Dr. Richter.  Could you tell us whose vehicle that is?  It matches the information we have on a stolen vehicle.”


I grinned, “Lanny, we were getting ready to call the Sheriff’s office on another matter that has to do with the person who arrived in the vehicle.  The driver is being detained by Mr. Masters.”


When Ginger saw Lanny, she smiled, “Lanny, I would like Mr. Hightower to be placed under arrest and taken to the county jail.  I’ll stop by to file the formal charges against him.  I have some other things I need to do in the meantime.”


After the two deputies departed with a resisting Mr. Hightower, Ryan and Quinn had reappeared.  Ryan asked,  “Mrs. Swamp, are you going to make it so Uncle Alex and Uncle Vince can be Quinn’s new daddies?”


Ginger grinned, “We’ll need to go check where it is that he would be living.  Remember, you can’t hide things from me.”


Dan and I followed the entourage to Vince and Alex’s apartment.  It was a unique experience.  The apartment was immaculate, and it almost looked as if no one lived there until you actually looked carefully.


Ginger asked, “Where is it that young Quinn would sleep?”


Alex opened a door, “It’s a rather basic room, right now.  If Quinn would be permitted to live with us, we would personalize it for him.”


Ginger asked, “Where are Quinn’s clothes?”


Ryan answered, “Mrs. Belton, all the clothes that Quinn has, he’s wearing.  We’ll take him and get him some new clothes as soon as you say that it’s okay for him to live with Uncle Alex and Uncle Vince.”


Ginger looked at me, “Kirk, has someone been coaching these boys?”


“No ma’am.  There has been no time to coach them.  We have another problem we’re dealing with that is even bigger than this one, now that Quinn can talk.  Once the guys let him talk, he’ll probably never stop.”


Ginger sat down on the sofa in the living room, “Here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to assign temporary custody of Quinn Danielson to Alex Lake, since he and Ryan are the two people who rescued him.  Alex and Vince, I want the three of you in my office tomorrow at ten o’clock.  You'd probably better bring Bruce with you to make sure that everything is legal.”


Quinn ran and jumped into Alex’s arms.  He leaned over and kissed Vince, “Dad, when we go get my new clothes, can we take Dieter with us?”


He kissed Alex, “Daddy, I’m getting kind of hungry.  Can I have something to eat?”


We watched as Alex took, Ryan and Quinn to kitchenette.  Alex pulled a package of English muffins from the refrigerator and put one in the toaster, “Do you want a whole one or half of one?”


Ryan answered, “Why don’t we share one?  That way we’ll be hungry for dinner.”


Alex pulled some peanut butter from the cupboard and two jars of jelly from the refrigerator, “Okay men, what would you like on your English muffin?”


Ryan looked at the jelly jars, “Uncle Alex, why don’t you put peanut butter on one part and the red jelly on the other part and cut the pieces in half so we can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?”


Vince laughed, “That sounds as if you guys are going to need some milk to wash it down. We’ll need to stop at the drug store and buy Quinn a tooth brush so all the gunk won’t stick to his teeth.”


As Dan, Ginger and I were walking back to the others in the main house, Ginger commented, “It’s easy to see that Quinn needs Alex and Vince and your sons around.   I’ll be interested in hearing the rest of Quinn’s story when Ryan lets him talk.” 


To be continued...


Editor's Notes: It is nice to see another chapter of this thrilling story.


I am glad that Quinn is now able to talk and communicate with everyone.  That Hightower person wasn't very nice, was he?  Goodness gracious, wanting to sell a young boy. That is certainly despicable.  He is definitely not on the good list. He is much more like a Grinch than a good guy. I guess that he will be greeted by guards glibly grabbing his glutious maximus, giving great guffaws and generally giggling and grudgingly giving the guy a good going over.  I guess they will give him to a great big guy who will most likely gingerly grind the guy into a great glob of gooie garbage giving off grosseness. Good grief I guess I might have given you guys too many G-related words.


I want another chapter, Please!


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