My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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It was all too much. Tears began to flow from Tom's eyes. How could he stand this any longer? That horrible feeling of being trapped in a marriage without love, at least on his part, swept over him. How many nights? How many hundreds of nights did he lie in bed and suffer this terrible feeling of despair? He knew he was still attractive. He knew that if he only had his life back, he could finally once again live the life that he was meant to live. As he had done so many countless times before, he cried himself to sleep. And the next morning he would go back into his routine at the University with little thought in his mind, other than the job at hand. It was always the nights that he dreaded most.

Morning finally came. He kissed his wife goodbye and went off to his first class where his mind could be totally absorbed with the work of his students.


Chapter 78 

As Jake lay in a fitful sleep on Michael's bed, Jumper did as Michael said and quietly opened the door and stepped in. Sitting on the side of the bed, he leaned over and kissed Jake gently on the forehead. Jake looked up and pulled Jumper down beside him and held him tightly.

"Are you felling all right, Jake?" Jumper asked softly.

"Oh, Jumper, I don't know," sighed Jake. "I guess the news upset me."

"You mean about Joe?"

Jake nodded and said, "I'm sorry, Jumper. I'm so fuckin' sorry."

"I know," said Jumper. "I knew all along that Joe had to be dead. I just knew it. But I hoped. I hoped so hard that he run away where nobody could find him." Then with tears filling his eyes, he said, "I miss him, Jake. I miss him so much."

As Jake held the boy as tightly as he could, Jumper began to sob openly and uncontrollably. Jake pressed Jumper's head against his chest and said softly, "It's okay, Jumper. Just let it all out. Joe deserves our tears, as well as our fuckin' anger. Just let it all out, my beautiful boy."

Jake and Jumper lay sobbing in each other's arms for a long time. There seemed to be no end to the tears. Soon, they were both quiet, with Jake caressing the boy's hair and neck. Jake stared at the ceiling and felt almost as though his head was spinning off of his body. The thoughts of Joe's death and the fact that his murderer was his own son and the idea that Joe and Jumper were his grandsons spun uncontrollably and confusingly through his head. Jumper will never know. He would see to that. It might change everything if he knew.

Jake said over and over in his mind, 'I had dreamed that my son had grown up to be a good man, a handsome man. But my own son is a murderer. A cruel murderer. Why? Why?'

It was getting late, and Jake knew that Michael might want to come into his room. Jumper was now asleep and, rolling off the bed, Jake picked up the boy. Holding him in his arms, he walked out of the house and back to his own room. There he undressed Jumper and put him on the bed, covering him with a quilt. Jake sat in his chair by the window and stared out over the yard and watched several of the hands leading their horses back into the horse barn. He thought that tomorrow he had to get Jumper on that Roan Filly. He wondered what Jumper would name her. Then the picture of his son languishing in a jail cell came into his mind. He couldn't stand it. Jumping up, he ran outside and shouted to one of the hands to leave one of the horses saddled up. He was going to take it out on the range.

Jake rode out in no particular direction for about a half hour. His mind was whirling, and he paid little attention to where he was going. When he came to the stream five miles west of the house, he stopped and tied the horse to a tree. Stripping off his clothes, he ran into the icy water and swam as hard as he could against the current, straining every muscle in his body. His body seemed to be going numb from the cold water, but he kept going, whipping his arms violently through the water. He finally became so weak, he could go no further and climbed up on the bank. He lay on his back, staring at the sky, asking himself why life had to be so cruel. He shouted to the sky as loud as he could, "Why! Why! Goddamn it, Why!"

After a long while, Jake began to sense that his mind was virtually going blank. He couldn't think about it anymore. There just were no more thoughts in his head. He got up, put his clothes back on, and rode back to the bunkhouse. Jumper was still asleep. Jake removed his clothes and climbed into bed with him. They never left for supper, but stayed in bed until morning, locked in each other's arms.

The next morning, Michael asked Jake to come into his office. Offering Jake a cup of coffee, he said, "Jake, this is a tough time for you and Jumper, I know. How are you both doing?"

"Not very well," said Jake. "Pretty fuckin' poor, in fact."

Michael pulled up a chair close to where Jake was sitting and put his hand on Jake's arm. "I wish there was something I could do, Jake. How is Jumper taking it?"

"Well, he cried his eyes out yesterday. We both did. It ain't easy for him."

"I know it isn't," said Michael. "How did he take the news about his being your grandson?"

Jake said, "I ain't told him. And I ain't gonna."

"Well, Jake, don't you think he needs to know?" Michael said softly.

"It jist ain't no reason to tell him. It'd jist change everything." Jake looked over at Michael and said, "Ya know, the man who killed my grandson, Joe, is my son. He's my son, Michael. Do ya know what this is doing to me? I'm dying inside. I've always thought about the son I never knew, and I was certain he was a good man out there somewhere."

"Be thankful, Jake, that you have your grandson, Jumper."

"I know," said Jake, covering his face with his hands. "You know, Michael, I look at Jumper and I can see Jeanette in his face. I can see his grandmother so clearly now in his face. The same beautiful eyes that I loved so much. The funny little tilt of his head when he talks, jist like hers. And to think, Michael, that she named the baby we had after me . . . Jacob."

Jake's voice began to break and his eyes filled with tears. "Why does things go so fuckin' bad sometimes?"

Michael leaned in close and, putting his arms around Jake, kissed him several times on the cheek. "I don't know, Jake. Things just happen we don't have any control over sometimes."

Jake looked into Michael's eyes with just a faint glimmer of a smile and said, "You, mean 'shit happens?'"

Michael smiled back and said, "You got it, pardner. And we've just got to deal with it and get through it the best we can."

"Thanks, Michael. I ain't never deserved you. Even when you was a little fucker runnin' around here, somehow you were good fer me." Then standing up, Jake said, "I'll jist have to deal with this somehow. But I don't want Jumper to have no more heartache."

As they walked to the door, Michael said, "Jake. Please. Think about telling Jumper the truth about his being your grandson. Just think about it. You don't have to do it right away. But remember, Jumper never had a family who loved him or cared for him. It might be very important to him to know that he has a loving grandfather. I know that would mean a lot to him."

Jake took Michael in his arms and kissed him on the lips. Pulling his head back and looking into Michael's eyes, Jake shook his head very slightly and said, "Michael, I love you. I love you. I love you!"

Michael had himself been on the verge of tears the whole time he was talking to Jake. After Jake left, Michael went back in and sat down. He felt so badly for both Jake and Jumper. Putting his head on the desk, he let himself go while the tears poured from his eyes.

The day had finally come when Frack was discharged and sent home. As Mario drove them back to their apartment, Frack said, "Ya know somethin'? There's somethin I ain't thought about since I got burned. It's my hog. Where's my hog? Ya know what happened to it?"

"Your hog?" said Mario.

"Yeah. My bike!"

"Oh, don't worry about that, Frack. I've got it securely locked up in my garage there at the apartment. Nobody's touched it."

"Thanks fer doin' that, little buddy. As soon as we git home, I gotta go down there and look at him and tell him I didn't mean to ignore him and that I still love him."

"Frack, you talk about that bike like it's human."

Frack laughed and said, "He is, kinda. He's half human and half wild untamed beast. It's the beast I'm worried about. He calms right down when I tell him I love him."

"That sounds crazy, Frack!" said Mario with a chuckle.

"Ya gotta realize, little buddy, that him and me was lovers," said Frack with a serious look on his face. "All we ever had was each other. We went everywhere together. We slept together. And we took care of each other. But now that you and me is lovers, I gotta be real nice to him so he don't git cantankerous and all upset."

"It still sounds crazy to me," said Mario shaking his head.

Frack broke into laughter again and said, "Well, if you'd spent so many years out on the road like I has, you'd understand how an old bike jockey like me can fall in love with his bike. We took care of each other, and we came to depend on the love and the need we had fer each other."

When Mario and Frack arrived back at the apartment, they stood in the middle of the floor and hugged. Mario finally said, "Do you think the hog might be jealous of me?"

Frack bent over in laughter. "Oh, little buddy, I wouldn't be surprised! There's one fucking thing fer sure. If I don't give him the attention he needs and wants and has come to expect, he'll come back at me and make me sorry."

"How's that, Frack?"

"Well, fer instance, if I don't check his tires like I should or keep him full of clean oil, he might just shut his fuckin' engine down or teach me a lesson by havin' a flat tire when we're goin' eighty on some lonely road. Stuff like that."

"Okay, Frack, I think I can learn to live in this love triangle! I've been thinking. I'd like to be home alone with you tonight, but what would you think if I had Adriano and his new partner over here tomorrow evening?"

"Aw, Mario, I'd sure like to see little Adriano again. He was so nice to come up to see me when we was in the hospital." As Frack reached around and squeezed Mario's ass cheeks in his hands, he said, "And his little ass is as cute as yer's!"

"Don't you think you can keep your hands to yourself?" said Mario.

"Yeah, but what if the little devil can't control hisself and attacks me? I'll have to grab him so I can subdue him!"

Mario laughed and went to the phone. When Adriano answered, Mario said, "Adriano, I'm glad I caught you. I know you're busy, but how about you and Terry coming over to our place tomorrow night for a little get-together. Frack's anxious to see how you're doing."

"Well, Dad," said Adriano, "it just so happens that Terry's got a day off tomorrow, but I have classes pretty late in the afternoon. How about we come about seven?"

"That would be fine, son. We won't have any dinner, as such, but I'll have out a lotta good snacking food with our drinks. You know, a lot of cheese and crackers and some good hard Italian salami and stuff like that. Son, I hope you're not going to be embarrassed having Terry meet Frack. You know, Terry's kind of sophisticated, and Frack's . . . you know . . . kind of earthy."

Adriano said, "Dad, don't be silly. Yeah, Terry has a certain sophistication, but he isn't a snob. I've told him all about you and Frack, and he actually thinks it would be kind of neat to meet a real biker. And besides that, he's read in the paper and heard from me all about the heroic thing he did. Everything will be just fine, Dad. Don't worry about it. There is one thing, though. You know when I first met Frack at your apartment that time, he came walking in with his hard penis sticking out of his pants. Do you think maybe he could . . . ."

Mario laughed. "Adriano, I don't think that'll happen again. He's no dummy. He'll be on his best behavior."

That afternoon, Karl went out to find Jumper. He found him in the horse barn standing with the beautiful roan filly that Jake had promised would be his. Karl said, "Hi, Jumper. She's a beauty isn't she? Have you ridden her yet?"

"No, not yet," replied Jumper. "Jake told me he would get me on her today, but he had a problem out on the range that he had to take care of."

"Have you named her yet, Jumper?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna name her Red Beauty. I read about Black Beauty oncst when I was little, and this one's jist as pretty."

Karl said, "I like that name, Jumper. Come on over here and sit down on this bale with me for a few minutes."

As they sat down, Karl said, "Jumper, I want to tell you how badly I feel about your brother. Jake told me that you had expected the worst. But that doesn't make it any easier. I lost a younger brother, too. And I loved him very much. Years ago, we were both adopted by two different families. But I heard shortly afterwards that he had been killed in an accident. It was a heartbreaking shock that I never quite got over. So I understand, Jumper, what you're feeling."

Jumper put his arms around Karl and began to cry. Karl held him tightly and said, "It's okay. Just remember that you're with a lot of people here who love you. It's going to be okay."

Wiping his eyes with his sleeve, Jumper said, "I'm sorry, Karl. And I'm sorry about your brother."

Karl loosened his grip on the boy and said, "You know, young man, you and I have something to do together. I hope you haven't forgotten about that Christmas present you're going to make for Jake. Remember? The tooled leather kit we bought at the fair that you were going to make for him? And I promised I would help you."

"Oh, yeah," said Jumper, his face brightening. "I've looked at it when Jake wasn't around, but I can't figure out the instructions."

"Come on, Jumper. Let's go to my room and we can take a look at it and start working on it."

When they arrived at Karl's and Michael's room, they found Michael sitting at the desk in the adjoining office. Karl said, "We don't want to disturb you Michael, but Jumper and I are going to work on a little present that he wants to give Jake for Christmas. We'll just work here at the table in the bedroom."

Michael stood up and said, "That table's pretty small. Why don't you come in here and work on the desk. The truck with that shipment of frozen bull sperm we're expecting is due to come in any minute. I think I'll just go on out and wait for it. Make yourselves at home."

Sitting at the desk, Karl and Jumper opened up the box and examined the plain leather belt and the various engraving tools that were included. Karl said, "Now here is a sheet that gives you a bunch of patterns that you can choose from. Which one do you like?"

Jumper selected a pattern, and Karl proceeded to show him how to wield the tools to carve the design. Soon, Jumper was carving with no difficulty. "This is fun," said Jumper with a big smile. "I hope Jake likes it."

After working for about an hour, Karl said, "Jumper, I'd better go out and help Michael with that shipment. You can stay here and work on it as long as you wish."

Jumper said, "No, If it's okay, I'll come back here and work on it later. I want to go and see if Jake is back so I can get on my new horse."

Karl said, "You can come back here anytime you wish, Jumper. You're doing a really nice job on this belt. Jake's going to be really happy and surprised on Christmas morning."

Noah and his dad, Caleb, had made it routine to call each other about three times a week just to keep in touch and see how they were doing. It was Noah's turn to call that day. When Caleb answered, Noah said, "Dad, what's new with you? Everything going okay?"

"Hi, Noah. Sure, everything's great, except Steve had to go up to New England for about three days. He's got some business to take care of with some suppliers, and he's also got to take care of some issues involving his former wife that need attending to. I surely do miss him. I lie in bed at night and reach over to kiss him and touch him, and there's no one there. Isn't it something how we get so used to having someone there, and then when he isn't, it's such a lonely feeling?"

"Well, Dad," said Noah, "Why don't you come on over to the ranch and stay with Ricky and me while he's gone? I think that Steve will understand."

"I know Steve would understand," said Caleb. "He even suggested that I do that very thing while he's gone. You know, go over and stay with you. He fully realizes and understands how much you and I mean to each other. And I never seem to be able to hide from him how much I miss you."

"Well, that settles it. Can you come tonight? I'll ask Tony to set another place at the table."

That evening, Caleb joined everyone at the dining room table. Michael asked how Steve was doing with the shop. Caleb related all the changes that Steve had made in the business and what a success the business had become. He said, "But I miss Steve so much, even though he's been gone only one night. I'm so glad that Noah and Ricky are taking me in hand tonight. I mean . . . ."

Michael said with a laugh, "We know what you mean, Caleb!"

Ricky said, "Yeah. We'll take him in hand AND mouth."

Caleb blushed a bit as Tony said, "Don't be crude, Ricky."

Then Ricky said, "Well I didn't mention the third place we can take him!"

When Tony was about to say something, Caleb held up his hand and said with a smile, "That's okay, you guys. At least now I know what I'm in for!"

Later, when all had retired to their rooms, Michael and Karl lay in bed in the afterglow of two very powerful orgasms. As Karl idly licked Michael's deflating penis, he said, "Caleb is sure a great looking guy. You and he played around together a lot when you were youngsters, didn't you? What's he like? You know, what's he like in bed?"

Michael said, "Yeah, Caleb and I sort of learned the ropes together, so to speak. He's a loving person, Karl. Steve is a very lucky guy. And so is Noah. Steve knows that Caleb and his son get together sometimes and he understands, just like my son, Jeff, and I still get together sometimes. As for how he is in bed, well, maybe you and I should invite him in with us sometime, and you'll find out."

The thought of a romp in bed with Caleb had now made them both hard again and once again they found themselves in a strenuous sixty-nine.

Caleb had undressed quickly and flung himself on the bed. Putting his arms under his head, he told Noah and Ricky he would love to lie there and watch the two boys undress each other slowly. They were perfectly willing and happy to put on a little show for Caleb.

As each item of clothing was removed, and as Caleb watched the boys' naked skin slowly coming into view, his penis began to rise and was quickly standing straight up from his body, hard and strong. When the boys were finally down to their jockey shorts, in which were packed two very hard penises, Noah got down on his knees and licked Ricky's bulge. He then ran his tongue over Ricky's upper thighs and in under the hem of his shorts. Caleb began to slowly stroke his penis as he felt an erotic passion taking over his body. Noah then slowly pulled Ricky's shorts down until Ricky's hard penis popped out and slapped Noah in the face.

Soon, the two boys were lying on either side of Caleb, propped up on their elbows and running their hands over the sensuous skin of Caleb's almost unbearably masculine body. Caleb lay with his eyes closed and moaning with the sound of fierce desire. Ricky lifted Caleb's legs and pushed them up as high as he could, burying his face in between Caleb's ass cheeks. Caleb relaxed his asshole so that Ricky was able to run his tongue inside easily. The warm, moist, pungent odor of Caleb's ass was so erotic that Ricky didn't want to leave it.

Soon, Caleb gasped, "Fuck me, Ricky! Push that beautiful Mexican cock inside of me! Push it in deep!" Ricky mounted Noah's father quickly and plunged his hard penis into the man's hole. As he fucked Caleb, Noah sucked and nibbled on his father's nipples, causing Caleb to moan loud enough that it could probably be heard around the house. Ricky couldn't hold it for long. He felt his orgasm lurking inside of his body, as though it were teasing him and crying to explode. He had to let it go. As he entered an ethereal world of extreme pleasure, he felt his sperm rushing up through his penis in surge after surge. Every throb of his penis felt like a heavenly hammer blow to his body as he pounded his pelvis against Caleb's ass.

Collapsing onto Caleb's body, he kissed Noah's father deeply while they slashed at each other's tongue. When Ricky rolled off, Noah could hardly wait to fuck his father and bury his penis into the wet, hot, slimy cum that Ricky had just deposited in his father's ass. As Noah humped his father's ass as hard as he could, Ricky laid his head on Caleb's stomach and took the man's throbbing penis into his mouth. Caleb's moans became louder as he felt his son's penis rubbing against his prostate and Ricky's tongue and lips running wildly over his penis.

Caleb couldn't hold it any longer and let his sperm shoot in powerful spurts into Ricky's mouth. As he did so, Noah could feel his father's ass hole clenching tightly, over and over against his own penis, causing him to cum almost without warning. As Caleb felt his own sperm being ejected from his penis, he also felt the powerful throbbing of his son's penis in his ass as it flooded his rectum with Noah's hot sperm.

As Caleb lay exhausted with both his legs still being held up, Ricky and Noah took turns licking up their sweet and bitter cream that was now oozing out of Caleb's asshole. When they had sucked up all they could, they both kissed Caleb on the lips where he could savor the taste of the boys' cum that had once filled his rectum. They lay tightly next to one another, with the boys running their hands over the damp, sweat-covered hair on Caleb's legs, chest and arms. At the same time, Caleb turned his head from side to side kissing the two boys on the lips and running his hands over their bodies.

Noah finally said, "Dad, I am the luckiest guy on Earth because you and I can love each other like this. You know, Ricky and I know a guy at school, who we've had circle jerks with. He admitted to us once that he was really attracted to his own dad, but he knew nothing would ever happen. He said that he and his dad see each other naked all the time, and sometimes with hard-ons, but his dad never seems to give any indication that he might be interested in him."

Caleb asked, "What's the boy's name?"

Noah said, "It's Todd Donaldson."

"Todd Donaldson, eh," said Caleb thoughtfully. "What does his father do?"

"He's a doctor, I guess."

"Would his father's name be Cliff Donaldson?"

Ricky said, "Yeah, that's it. His name is Cliff Donaldson."

Caleb pushed himself up on his elbows and said, "Well, Dr. Cliff Donaldson is my doctor. For years, I've gone to him every six months for a digital exam of my prostate. He's a fine doctor."

"Wow," the boys both exclaimed.

"It's funny about him, though. One time when I had my pants down and I was leaning over the examining table, and he had his finger up my ass, I got a hard-on and I could feel like I was going to cum. Then I shot sperm all over the floor. I was really quite embarrassed. But he said, 'That was good, wasn't it?' And he knew I was embarrassed, and he said, 'Don't be embarrassed. That doesn't happen often, but it does happen to some men.' On my next visit, I was looking forward to cumming again during the exam. This time, he kept his finger up there for a very long time, just as though he was trying to make me cum. And I finally did. He then said, 'You can get a really good orgasm that way, can't you? Personally, I love it that way.' He told me that when he was in medical school, the med students had to give digital exams to each other. And after that, he and one of the other students got together frequently to finger fuck each other to orgasm.

"I told him that sounded really great. Finally, he asked if it would bother me an awful lot if I tried it on him. And I said no. So there we were, in his examining room, where he locked the door, and I started finger fucking Dr. Donaldson. And we've done it to each other several times after that. You know, boys, I'm wondering if he's more interested in some activity than his son thinks he is."

Noah said, "It sure would be nice if he tumbled to his son's desires. I know how much fun a guy can have with his dad."

"I'll tell you what," said Caleb. "Maybe we could have Dr. Donalson and his son Todd over to my place some evening and see how much we can encourage the two to get together. There'll still be a couple of nights before Steve comes home. Why don't I give Cliff a call and see if he and his son can come over tomorrow night or the next night for some pizza. Can you two guys join us?"

Enrique said, "We're free either night, aren't we Noah?"

On the day when Adriano and Terry Murdock were to spend the evening with Mario and Frack, Adriano came home after his last class to find Terry all dressed and ready to go. He had on a nice pair of gray dress slacks and a light blue, long sleeved sport shirt. His wing-tips were polished, and several locks of his sandy hair hung down over his forehead. As much as Terry tried to keep his hair brushed back, some of it always flopped down uncontrollably. Adriano also detected a slight air of English cologne.

Adriano stood and looked at him. "Terry, you are absolutely the most handsome man I have ever seen. I'm afraid, though, that my dad and Frack won't be so dressed up."

"It doesn't matter," said Terry as he took Adriano in his arms. "This is how I like to look when I meet new friends."

When they arrived at Mario's apartment, Terry and Frack were introduced. Terry stood for a few moments and looked at Frack, who was dressed in a pair of clean jeans, a blue denim shirt, and a black leather vest. Terry stepped quickly toward Frack and took him in his arms.

"I can't tell you how glad I am to finally meet you, Frack," said Terry. "You are a man of great courage. I admire and respect you more than you will ever know. If it were not for your humanity and your love, Adriano would probably not be with us today. You are an extraordinary man, dear Frack, and it's a great honor to know you and to be your friend."

Frack was clearly embarrassed, but at the same time felt a thrill go through his body as he held on to this unbelievably sensuous looking man. Embarrassed or not, Frack impulsively took Terry's head between his hands and kissed him hard on the lips. Adriano was stunned as he stared at this unexpected display of affection between these two incongruous looking men. Mario beamed with relief that these two opposites had taken to each other so well.

After being seated, Mario brought out beers for everyone. Terry was clearly delighted to have met Frack. He said, "So you're a biker, Frack. I've never known a biker. It must be a fascinating life, free with the wind blowing in your face."

"Hey, Terry," said Frack, leaning forward in his chair. "How would ya like me to give a ride on the old hog sometime."

"That would be lovely!" responded Terry. "Tell me. What does a biker do with his time?"

"Well, until now, I ain't been settled in no one place. I have these biker friends, ya see, and we ride all over the countryside. And we got friends scattered around where we can stay some nights."

Terry said, "Where do you ride?"

"Well, we ain't usually got a firm plan ever. But me and my biker family ride all over the west. When I left 'em, they was headed up there to Montana and the Dakotas. Several of 'em are rodeo bums, and they like to git into them rodeos up there around the Montana ranch country and work in them roping competitions."

"Do you have any women bikers that ride with you?" asked Terry.

"No, we don't need no women messin' us up. All they think of is themselves and jist git everyone riled up with all their shit. We jist all love each other and we don't need no women."

Terry said, "I always thought bikers were lonely guys. You know, no sex, no fun."

Frack began to roar with laughter. "Aw, we always got sex whenever we wanted it. The guys that like to fuck women can always find it in the towns we pass through. And the guys that don't, git sex from each other. Ya know, we're all comrades, we depend on one another, and we respect each other. We never ask no questions. Some of the guys have young slaves that ride with 'em, and they git all the fuckin' they want."


"Sure, but not the kind of slaves yer thinkin' of. These are guys who wanna turn their lives over to another guy. It's a little society all our own."

"Sounds exciting," said Terry.

Adriano was beginning to get a little uneasy over Terry's deep interest in Frack's life. Moving over to the sofa, he sat next to Terry and, putting his arm around him, kissed him on the lips. He said, "Frack, it sounds to me that you may miss . . . or may come to miss . . . that life out on the road. Do you think someday you'll want to get back to that life?"

"I might," said Frack.

Mario said, "Adriano, Frack and I have an understanding. I'm not so stupid as to think I can hold Frack here forever. I understand about his biker life and the pull it has on him, and will always have on him. Frack will always be a free person, a free spirit. I understand that. But we take one day at a time, and right now, our love is very deep and I'll cherish every day of his life that he gives to me."

Terry shook his head slightly and said, "It certainly is an unusual arrangement. I don't know that I could live with the thought that my dear Adriano might want to leave me someday. But you are very wise, Mario, to understand your situation so clearly and accept it."

As the evening wore on, and after downing more beer than any of them should have had, Frack broke the ice and blurted out, "Ya know, I'm gittin' horny as hell." Pulling Mario down on his lap, he said, "And look at him. His sweet little body is jist squimin' around like he wants to git fucked. And my cock is achin' to git inside of him."

Terry smiled and said, "Well, we're all friends here. There's no point in being bashful. I'm no stranger to being horny myself."

As he watched Frack undo Mario's fly and pull out his father's gorged penis, Adriano began rubbing Terry's considerable bulge. Frack stood up with little Mario cradled in his arms. He said, "I think it's bedie-bye time, y'all. And we got room on that monster bed of ours, for you, too. As you said, Terry, don't be bashful."

Adriano and Terry followed Frack into the bedroom and stood there watching Frack slowly undress Mario. As he pulled off Mario's pants, Frack said, "Ain't that the prettiest little ass ya ever seen?"

Adriano felt a real excitement sweep over him as he thought about watching his own father being fucked by another guy. It was almost more exciting than all the times he had fucked him himself. Terry lost no time in stripping himself down and helping Adriano remove his clothes.

Frack looked at Terry's naked body and said, "Oooo. Lookee here, Mario. Did ya ever think you'd be watchin' yer own son fuckin' a piece of gorgeous ass like that? Climb in, you guys!"

As Frack and Mario lay there, ravenously licking and sucking on each other's body, Terry and Adriano lay beside them doing the same. Each couple, however, kept their eyes on the other. It was so erotic for both Frack and Terry to watch this father and son being loved and fucked in the same bed.

Frack said, "Come on, you two. Let's fuck together and see if we can't shoot our loads into their little asses at the same time. Both father and son gittin' fucked in the same bed at the same time. Wow-ee!"

As both Adriano and his father lay on their backs next to each other with their legs held high in the air, and getting their asses pounded, they turned their heads and looked at each other as though to say, "Isn't this the wildest, most erotic thing we have ever done!"

Both Terry and Frack were pounding their penises into this father and son with the same rhythm. Frack gasped, "I'm gittin' pretty close to cummin' Now let's cum together!"

Very shortly, both Frack and Terry began to moan as their orgasms inched closer. Just as Frack let out a yell, Terry knew he could now let go. They both pounded their penises into these little Italian asses harder and harder as their sperm surged up the shafts and out into the bodies of this father and his son.

Soon, father and son had taken position to fuck Frack and Terry. Frack said, now when yer about to cum, pull out, and I wanna see all that sweet cream shoot out of yer penis onto me. Okay?"

Terry said, "And I want to see you do the same thing, Adriano."

Frack and Terry enjoyed watching this father and son and their dark Italian bodies pumping away on them, and the look of extreme concentration on their faces. As the expressions on Adriano's and Mario's faces began to contort, it was obvious that they were about to cum together. They each pulled out and, both at once, shot their long ropes of thick white sperm into the necks and faces of Frack and Terry. Frack couldn't resist, and leaned over and kissed Terry, smearing the cum that covered them all over their lips and cheeks. The sight of this was so hot for both Adriano and Mario that both of their penises stayed hard. And they began to hump once again into the asses of their two lovers. They were both able to achieve a second orgasm within minutes.

As the four sweaty bodies lay pressed against one another on the bed, they each had their own thoughts. One unspoken thought of each of them, however, was that sometime they would love to switch partners. Adriano had this secret desire to fuck Frack, this man whom he had come to love because of his heroic deeds. And Mario also secretly desired to fuck Terry, this refined and sophisticated Englishman. Frack also thought it would be exciting to fuck the son of his lover, and Terry likewise thought how erotic it would be to fuck the father of his lover.

Caleb had invited Dr. Cliff Donaldson and his son, Todd, to get together with him and Noah and Enrique on the last night before Steve was to return home to Goliad. That day, however, Enrique had come down with some sort of a stomach virus. He had thrown up several times, but by late afternoon, he was feeling a little better. All he wanted to do was to go to bed. He urged Noah to go ahead over to his father's place without him, since all he wanted to do was to sleep. Noah didn't want to leave him, but Enrique was insistent.

Noah arrived just minutes before Cliff and his son. Cliff was a tall, slender man with a strong and commanding voice. He shook Noah's hand so tightly that Noah winced. "Well, young man," said Cliff in a deep stentorian voice, "I understand you and Todd are good buddies. That's good. I would have bet the farm on a son of Caleb's being a fine young man. I understand that you play a little basketball over at the school. Good exercise!"

"Well, I play a little, but I just play in intramural basketball," said Noah. "I'm not good enough to be on the school's real team."

Caleb said, "Have a seat you guys. What will you have to drink?"

Cliff said, "Just a little Scotch on the rocks for me, thanks."

The two boys opted for Pepsis. Soon, Noah said, "Dad, can I take Todd back in the other room and show him some stuff?"

"Sure, go ahead."

When Noah and Todd entered Caleb's bedroom, Noah opened one of the drawers in the chest and said, "I want to show you some pictures. Look. Aren't they hot?"

Noah took out a cardboard box filled with pornographic pictures. Todd's eyes bugged out, and he said, "Are these your dad's? Does he know you look at them?"

"Sure," said Noah, as he pulled the pictures out and spread some of them out on the bed. "He and I have looked at them many times together. You know, I've told you that Dad and I get together a lot. Look at this one. This is one of my favorites. This is a guy fucking another guy from the rear while he's sucking a third guy's cock. And the guy getting fucked is sucking on a fourth guy's cock. And look at these. These are what my dad calls 'cum-shots.' Look at all that cum all over those guy's faces."

"Wow!" said Todd. "I've never seen pictures like this. I wonder if my dad has stuff like this."

Noah said, "He might. Maybe sometime he'll show them to you if he does."

Back in the living room, Caleb took advantage of the boys not being there. He said, "Cliff, I've got to tell you something. You know after we started finger-fucking each other in your examining room, Noah and I have tried it."

"No! With your own son?"

"Well, Cliff, after my divorce, Noah and I have become pretty open with each other about sexual things. I told him about having to have these digital exams done on my prostate periodically, and as we talked about it, I told him that I didn't mind it, and that I actually had an orgasm while doing it. He became so serious and interested about it that I saw no problem in showing him what it was like. Then one thing led to another, and we did it to each other after that several times."

Caleb wasn't ready to admit to his doctor that he and his son actually cock-fucked each other or that they were sexual lovers.

"My God," said Cliff. "I don't know if I could ever go that far to do that with my own son."

"But do you ever think that you would like to do it with Todd?"

"Oh, I don't know. With my own son? Well, maybe. But I'm sure he wouldn't want me to do it."

"Cliff, what if he wanted you to do it? Would you do it?"

"Yeah. Maybe I would. But he'd have to want it and enjoy it."

"And if he did enjoy it," said Caleb, "would you enjoy it?"

"Yeah. I guess I would."

"I mean having your son finger-fuck you?"

"Yeah. That would be kinda nice. But only if he wanted to."

After Noah and Todd returned to the living room, the four of them sat and talked for another hour or so about what the boys were doing in school and other general current events subjects. Throughout the conversation, Caleb was thinking to himself about the best way to get to the problem at hand . . . how to get the good doctor and his son more intimate with each other. He could tell that Cliff had an interest, albeit repressed, in some activity with his son, and he was aware, from what Noah had told him, that Todd had a real sexual attraction to his dad.

Finally, Caleb said, "I rented a great movie today. It's 'Lord of the Rings.' Would you guys like to watch it?"

Everyone seemed amenable to the idea. Caleb picked up the tape from the coffee table and stood up. "I'm afraid the only VCR we have that's working is attached to the TV in the bedroom. We can be comfortable there. I have a nice big king-sized bed we can lounge on."

After Caleb had inserted the tape and got it started, they all stretched out on the bed, propping their heads up with pillows. The two boys lay in the middle, with their fathers lying next to them on the outside. Very quickly, Noah rolled close to his dad and, draping his arm over Caleb's chest, nuzzled his head in under his arm. This distracted Cliff and Todd from the movie as they both watched Caleb and Noah getting comfortable like this.

It wasn't long before Noah very conspicuously began moving his hand over his dad's bulge. Todd could feel the blood rush to his head, and the desire to do the same thing with his dad was almost overpowering. Todd rolled closer to his dad so their bodies were touching. As Noah began slipping his hand down under his dad's belt and into his pants, Todd couldn't help himself and put his hand on his dad's chest.

Cliff could sense an excitement coming over him with the feel of Todd's body pressed against his. His penis was now hard, creating a very large bulge in his pants. He hoped that Todd could see it. But somehow he was afraid to make any other moves towards his son. He would simply wait to see what Todd would do, and would encourage him by simply not objecting to anything that happened.

They watched as Noah slowly undid his father's pants, allowing Caleb's turgid penis to spring into view. At the sight of this, Cliff impulsively slipped his arm under Todd and pulled him tightly against his own body. With this sign of encouragement, Todd reached down and slowly unzipped his father's fly. Pushing his hand inside, Todd could feel the wet stickiness of his dad's pre-cum that had all but soaked Cliff's under-shorts.

Cliff realized that the train, so to speak, was now on its way downhill, and there was no stopping it. On one hand, he felt as though his relationship with his son was about to crash and burn, but on the other hand his growing sexual desire for Todd swept relentlessly over him. As he held his son's body close to him, he watched Noah pull Caleb's pants down to around his ankles. While Noah ran his tongue down over his father's stomach, through his pubic hair, and finally sucking Caleb's penis into his mouth, Cliff pushed his hand down inside of his son's pants, taking hold of Todd's hard penis and balls.

"Take them off, son," whispered Cliff. "Take them off."

Both Caleb and Noah now were completely naked. Todd removed his pants and shirt and helped his father remove his. Cliff pulled Todd down on top of him and kissed his son lightly on the lips. Then, as they pushed their tongues into each other's mouth, their kissing became violent and passionate. Cliff held onto Todd's little ass cheeks and ran his fingers over his son's asshole. Noah now had his fathers legs held high in the air as he tongue-fucked him. Soon, Noah stood over his father and lowered himself down slowly onto Caleb's rigid penis. As Cliff saw this, he pushed two, then three fingers up into his son's hole.

Blind passion and uncontrollable desire now gripped Cliff as he rolled his son over onto his back. He had often seen Todd's penis, but never when it was so hard and thick and long and delicious looking as now. He could now see it was larger in size than his own. Suddenly burying his face in his son's crotch, he took both of his balls into his mouth and savored the sweet smell and taste of the soft, moist skin on his ball sack. Running his tongue up along the underside of Todd's penis, and then all around the large head that crowned the shaft, he continued to slide his three fingers in and out of his son's hole.

Cliff now felt that he had lost all his reason. He was now operating on pure animal instinct. He could see through the corner of his eye that Caleb had now mounted his son and was fucking him vigorously. Again, with pure, unadulterated sexual passion taking over his mind and body, Cliff pushed his son's legs in the air and thrust his gorged penis into his son's asshole. Todd could see a sort of violence sweep over his father's face, now flushed and covered with beads of sweat. To feel his father's hot cock inside of him almost sent him into delirium.

As Caleb roared, sending his sperm gushing into his son's rectum, Cliff felt his whole body being ravaged by the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. The idea that he was sending his own sperm into his own son's body was almost more than he could bear.

As Both Caleb and Cliff rolled off onto the bed beside their sons, they watched as Noah and Todd got into a sixty-nine between them and they took each other's sperm into their mouths.

Caleb reached across the boys and put his hand on Cliff's cheek. Smiling, he said, "Are you all right, Cliff?"

With his mind whirling in all directions, Cliff said, "I think so."

After everyone had finally caught his breath, they dressed silently without a word. At the door, Caleb said, "I have another appointment with you in a couple of days, Cliff. I'll see you then."

Cliff and Todd drove most of the way home in silence. Finally, Todd said, "Are you mad at me, Dad?"

"Of course not, son."

Moving close to his dad and laying his head on his shoulder, Todd said softly, "I love you, Dad. I really do. I'm sorry, but I wanted that to happen."

"You did?" said Cliff. "Did you set that up with those guys?"

"No. I didn't know that was going to happen. Honest, I didn't. Are you mad at me?"

Patting Todd on the knee, Cliff said, "I told you I'm not mad at you." Then after a long pause, he said, "Todd, I wanted it to happen, too."

As they pulled into the garage, they sat looking at each other for a few minutes. Taking Todd's head in his hands, Cliff kissed him sweetly on the lips. "Todd, you're my whole life. That's right. I wanted this to happen, but I was never going to let it happen. But I did. And I'm glad it happened. I love you so very, very much, Todd."

Inside, Cliff got undressed and went into the bathroom to pee and brush his teeth. After he went into his room and climbed into bed, he could hear Todd peeing and brushing his own teeth. He lay there praying that Todd would not grow to feel poorly of his dad for what he did. After awhile, Todd appeared at the door.

"Dad? Would you let me sleep with you tonight? I went into my room, but I knew I couldn't go to sleep there. Not tonight. Would you mind if I stayed close to you tonight?"

Cliff raised his welcoming arms and smiled. "Come lie down here next to me, son."

Cliff pulled his son's warm, naked body close to his. They kissed and ran their hands gently over each other's skin until they were both asleep.

Several days later, Caleb came to Cliff's office for his usual prostate inspection. As he sat in the examining room awaiting the doctor's arrival, he looked at the graphic charts on the wall showing cross-sections of male organs, penises and testicles, as well as brochures advertising Viagra and various penis enlargement devices. He wondered what Cliff's reaction to their night of lust would be now in the light of day, so to speak.

When Cliff opened the door and stepped in, he looked at Caleb with a very serious expression on his face and said, "You sly dog! You planned that whole thing, didn't you?"

"Well, I . . . ."

"Don't say anything in your defense, you cocksucker," Cliff said. "To show you how I feel about what you did to Todd and me, I'm going to give you a prostate exam you'll never forget! Now drop your pants and lean over that table!"

As Caleb did as he was told, Cliff stood behind him and dropped his own pants to the floor. "Now I'm going to put the usual lubricant on that fucking asshole of yours and give you what you deserve!"

Cliff stood stroking his hard penis for a few moments and then thrust it violently into Caleb's asshole. "Now this will teach you a lesson!"

As Cliff pounded his pelvis against Caleb's ass cheeks, Caleb could feel the head of the doctor's penis rubbing hard against his prostate. After no more than ten or twelve thrusts, Cliff started growling while his sperm shot up into Caleb's rectum. At the same time Caleb shot stream after stream of his own sperm onto the floor. When they were done, Cliff took hold of Caleb and whirled him around so they faced each other. He then kissed Caleb violently on the mouth.

"Now I hope that was in good payment for what you did!" said Cliff. Then softening his expression and, with a little wry smile, he said, "Actually, Caleb, I can't thank you enough for what you did."


"I know that you arranged for that to happen the other night. And for your information, it was the best thing that could have happened for Todd and me."

"Cliff, I admit I arranged it," said Caleb, "because Todd had told Noah how much he wanted to have that kind of intimacy with his dad. And I kind of got the feeling, too, that you might also want it."

Sitting down and taking Caleb's hand in his, he said, "Caleb, Todd and I love each other very much, and thanks to you, we can now openly express that love to each other in ways we couldn't before this."

"Thanks, Caleb. By the way, you remember that you and I started finger-fucking each other during our appointments. If you thought that my new way of giving you a prostate exam today was more effective, perhaps next time you can do that to me, too."

"It will be my pleasure!"

When Steve returned home, Caleb told him about everything truthfully that happened when he was gone. He told him about having his doctor and his son in bed with him and Noah. He also revealed that the doctor fucked him in the examining room. When Steve heard it, he looked away and said nothing. He simply walked out on the balcony and looked out over the railing and into the distance.

Caleb followed him and, standing behind him, put his hands on Steve's shoulders. "Steve, I'm sorry. I wanted to be truthful with you. My love for you is still the same as it ever was. I hope you believe me. Steve?"

Without turning around, Steve finally said, "Yes, I believe you."

"What's the matter, Steve?"

After a long pause, Steve, still looking out into the distance, said, "Caleb, something happened when I was back home in New England. "I met someone . . . ."

To be continued...


Posted: 10/17/08