My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Jeff leaned his head lightly on his father's shoulder and said, "Don't get yourself all worked up over this, Dad. There's nothing you can do about it. Remember, we're off on a holiday together and we're supposed to be having a good time."

Smiling, Michael reached over and squeezed Jeff's bare thigh. "You're right, Jeff. There's not much we can do about Jumper. We're almost there. Now you be thinking about what we should do first when we get there, okay?"


Chapter 57 

Michael and Jeff pulled up in front of the Menger Hotel, and the valet drove the car to be parked. A bellboy took their bags inside. After checking in, another bellboy picked up their luggage and accompanied them to their room.

Once inside, the bellboy said, "I'm glad to see you back, Mr. Walker. We always enjoy having you here." Handing a small paper bag to Michael, he said, "After you left last time, the maid found that you had left this in the room. She found it on the floor next to the bed. I told her I would keep it and return it to you on your next visit."

Michael opened the bag to find a dildo, the one he had brought with him last time. "Oh, dear!" said Michael.

"Don't be embarrassed, Mr. Walker. We find all sorts of things left in the rooms. A dildo's not a bad thing. Confidentially, I own one myself."

"You do?" said Michael.

"Yes, they sure come in handy when you find yourself alone. By the way, I saw the Hispanic fellow, who was with you, when you checked out. I recognized him from the Ads I saw in the paper with his picture. The next night I went to see his show over at the St. Anthony."

"Oh, good," said Michael. "Did you meet him?"

"Yes I did, after the show. I told him how much I liked his show, and I told him that I had seen him the night before here at the Menger with you. I'm afraid I embarrassed him a little. I really wanted to get together with him sometime, but he told me he would be too busy and that he was unable to get together with any of his fans."

Michael said, "Well, we aren't just fans of his. We're personal friends of his and knew him when he was performing down in Mexico."

"Well, Mr. Walker, my name is John. If there is anything you need, please call for me. By the way, I get off at 10:00 every night. I wondered if maybe . . . ."

"We'll keep that in mind, John," said Michael. "And thanks for returning . . . this."

"It's my pleasure. Bye!"

After the door closed, Michael and Jeff looked at each other with knowing looks. Jeff said, "We could probably have taken him right here, right now. He's a hot little number."

"Jeff, let's take things a little slower. I didn't come up here to share you with others. I want to have you to myself for awhile."

"I know, Dad," said Jeff, walking over and taking his dad in his arms. "I wasn't serious. You know that."

"It's almost dinner time, Jeff," said Michael. "I'm kind of hungry for Mexican tonight. How about you? Why don't we go down to the River Walk and have dinner at Casa Rio? It's kind of touristy and crowded all the time, but the food's always been good.

"I'm game!"

But first, I have to take a shower. I came so quickly when Jumper took me on, I think I surprised him and half my cum dripped out of his mouth into my pubic hair. It's all dried on there and it's beginning to itch."

As Michael stripped down and walked naked into the bathroom, Jeff said, "Dad, I never get tired of looking at your bod. You've got the body of twenty-year-old."

"I know better than that, Jeff. I've seen myself in the mirror," said Michael.

Jeff said, "I think I'll wait until we get back here to take mine. I want to be all fresh and sweet for you, Dad."

After being seated at a table outdoors next to the river, the waiter took their order.

"Bring me a triple Scotch on the rocks," said Michael. "Then for dinner I want a Guacamole salad, Enchiladas and re-fried beans."

Jeff said, "And I'll have exactly the same, thanks."

As they ate, a young man sat alone at the table next to them and ordered a Lone Star beer. Jeff said, "I wonder what the story is with him. What a great looking guy!"

"He may just be waiting for someone," said Michael.

"Do you think he's waiting for a guy or a girl? He looks kind of bored."

When the young man noticed that Michael and Jeff were looking at him, he said, "How y'all doing tonight, fellas?"

Jeff said, "We're doing fine. It's kind of a hot, humid night tonight, isn't it."

"Sure is. This cold beer hits the spot."

"Would you like to come and join us since you're all alone," said Michael.

"Thanks. I guess I will."

Extending his hand, Michael said, "My name is Michael, and this is Jeff."

"Nice to meet you. My name is Jason. I'm just hanging around. A good friend of mine, Pierre, is the piano player over there across the footbridge at the lounge in the Palacio del Rio. He's blind and needs someone to help him. His landlady usually picks him up when he's done and takes him home. But she's been in the hospital, and he's been having to quit early to get the last bus home. The management has been very unhappy about his leaving before 3:00 a.m. when the place closes, and he's been worried he might lose his job. So I'm taking care of him and driving him home when the place closes."

"Well, you certainly must be a very good friend. That's very thoughtful of you," said Michael.

"Hey, where you guys from," asked Jason. "Do y'all live here in San Antonio?"

Michael said, "No, we're just up here for a long weekend together. We kind of needed a break. I have a ranch down a little west of Goliad, and that's where we spend most of our time."

"That's interesting," said Jason. "Not long ago Pierre and I met a guy who used to work at a ranch down in that area. I think his name was Corky something. I think he lives here with a guy named, Mark, who used to be a Texas State Trooper. They run some sort of a private detective agency together."

"Well, that was our ranch, Jason," said Jeff. "Corky used to work on our ranch! Small world!"

"Can I ask you a question?" said Jason. "Are you two . . . uh . . . partners?"

"Yeah. I guess you could say that," said Michael.

"I see. I guess Corky and Mark are partners, too."

Michael said, "Now I'll ask you a question. Do you have a partner?"

"You mean a guy?"


"No, I'm not really into that."

Jeff said, "Well, I thought maybe you and that piano player . . . ."

Jason laughed. "No. He and I are just good friends."

"So you never . . . ."

"Well . . ." began Jason. "I don't know if I'd say never. I've let him look me over, so to speak."

What do you mean, Jason?" said Jeff. "A blind man can't look anybody over."

"You've got to understand about blind people. They can see very well, but they use their hands to see. I've let him look me over in that way."

"Wow!" said Jeff, "And do you enjoy . . . I mean . . . do you . . . ."

"Sure I enjoy it," said Jason with a laugh. "Who wouldn't?"

"Does he 'see' every part of you?"

"Yeah, he's seen my whole body with his hands."

"And did he see your . . . you know . . . ."

"Okay," said Jason. "Yeah, he took a good look at my cock, too, if that's what you want to know."

"Does he look at you very often?" asked Michael.

"Sure, fairly often."

Jeff was aching to ask Jason about what kind of sex the two of them have. But he realized they had already exceeded the limits of propriety by asking too many questions. Jason had been willing to tell what he did, but Jeff knew that there was probably a limit to what he would reveal to two strangers.

"Well, you guys," said Jason, finishing up his beer and standing up. "It was good talking to you. I'd better get back over to the lounge and see if Pierre needs anything. If you have time, you should drop over there. I think you'll enjoy Pierre's piano playing, that is, if you like the golden oldies."

As they watched Jason walk back over the footbridge, Jeff said, "Well, Dad, we've run into three guys now that have tempted us since we left the ranch. But we still haven't just been together to do what we came up here for. Do you think we could go back to the room now?"

Michael said, "I wonder what it's like to have a blind man look over your whole body with his hands. Do you think Mark and Corky had that experience with Pierre?"

"Do you want to go over there and find out for yourself what it's like? Is that what you want to do?" said Jeff with a little irritation in his voice.

"I don't know."


"Well, it might be kind of interesting," said Michael.

"Okay, Dad. Pay the bill and we'll go over there, if that's what you want, damn it!"

Michael laughed and said, "No way, Jeff! I just wanted to see how much it would take to get your goat. Come on, son. Let's get back to the room!"

As soon as Michael and Jeff returned to the room, Jeff stripped down and got into the shower without a word, still worrying a little about whether or not his dad really meant what he was saying about wanting to see what Pierre was like. Michael could see the concern on Jeff's face and stripped down himself.

Stepping into the large shower stall with Jeff, Michael took Jeff in his arms and said, "Don't worry about it, Jeff. I was only kidding. Surely you know me enough to know that."

"Oh, Dad, I know," said Jeff as he hugged his dad tightly. "It's just that I've wanted to be alone with you so badly. Anyway, you already took your shower. Why are you in here?"

"I just felt like taking one with you. Let me wash your back for you. And I want to make sure that the crack of your ass is nice and clean. You know, a guy can't see for himself if his crack is clean. But with me here, I'll be able to get a close-up view of you."

As they washed each other, covering each other with piles of suds, they took hold of each other's hard penises and stroked. With their penises covered with soapsuds, it made stroking feel particularly good.

Jeff let go of his dad's penis and said, "Don't make me cum, Dad. I'm pretty close. I want to wait until we get in bed. Okay?"

With both standing directly under the wide shower head, and with water streaming down over their heads, Jeff and his dad kissed each other deeply and passionately. Out of the shower, they each dried the other with a towel. As Michael knelt on the floor drying his son's legs, he pushed his face up into Jeff's crotch, running his tongue over the whole area and sucking his balls into his mouth.

"Mmmmmmm. You do smell so clean and fresh now, Jeff," said Michael.

Michael threw himself on the bed on his back and beckoned Jeff to join him. Jeff slid on his stomach onto the foot of the bed and brought his head up between his dad's legs so his face was close to Michael's balls.

"I'm so glad, Dad, that you don't shave your balls," said Jeff. "I love the feel of all that bristly hair on my tongue. Paul shaved his balls once. He thought it was more sexy or something. But I didn't like it at all. When he let the hair grow back, it was even nicer than before."

Michael chuckled and said, "Karl shaved his balls once, too. It wasn't what I liked, either. I love all the soft furry hair that grows up in the crotch, on the balls and in the crack. Come on, Jeff. Get up here and get over me and push your ass down over my face. I sometimes forget how my little guy has grown up. You take after me and have so much luscious hair all over your balls and in your crack."

As Jeff lowered his crotch down over his dad's face, he leaned forward and took Michael's stiff penis into his mouth. Michael had often lain in bed at home dreaming about his son's lips moving tightly over his penis while he took in the erotic smell and taste of his warm, moist ass crack.

Michael murmured, "Keep doing that Jeff. I've got a real load down there just waiting for you to take it."

Jeff sucked on his dad's penis very slowly in order that Michael would not cum too quickly. And he never wanted the feeling of his dad's tongue slashing about in his crotch to ever stop. They stayed in this position for a long time. But eventually, Michael, as hard as he tried, could not squelch that special feeling that began to tingle throughout the middle of his body. He knew his orgasm would soon be on its way, and there would be nothing he could do to stop it. Jeff felt the muscles in his dad's legs begin to stiffen, and the head of his penis begin to harden and swell.

Michael growled, "I'm cumming now, Jeff!"

Jeff took the whole length of his dad's gorged and throbbing penis into his throat as he felt the force of stream after stream of his dad's hot, thick cum blast against the back of his throat. As he drank down his dad's hot thick cream, Jeff could hardly bare to move. He wanted the feel of his dad's tongue on his balls and in his ass crack to last forever.

Finally, Michael said, "Jeff, I want you cum inside of me. I want you to enter me and fuck me like you've never done before."

Jeff rolled off and said, "Dad, let me do it from behind this time. I want to have your ass sticking up at me so I can see your balls hanging down from the rear."

Michael rolled over and got up on his knees with his shoulders laying on the bed. His balls had pulled up tight against his body when he was cumming, but now they were relaxing, and Jeff could see his dad's ball sack getting longer and longer. He said, "Dad, you have the longest hanging balls of anyone I know. They're hanging down almost half-way to your knees.
They're so hot looking."

Jeff gently pushed his dad's balls with his finger and watched them swing from side to side like a huge pendulum. Then lying on his back he scooted his head up underneath them, letting the balls drape lightly onto his face. He ran his tongue over the bottom of the ball sack and could feel the balls jumping slightly as he did so. He said, "Am I tickling you, Dad?"

Michael said, "Yes! You're driving me crazy! Don't stop!"

Jeff said, "I have to, Dad. I just can't wait to get myself inside of you." Jeff got on his knees and swirled his tongue through the soft black hair in his dad's ass crack until he found the puckered hole, which was clenching madly in anticipation. On his knees, Jeff pushed his rock hard rod slowly into his dad's waiting asshole. Michael groaned with the pleasure of feeling his son's hot pole entering him. Jeff held on to his dad's narrow hips as he pushed as deep as he could.

Michael said, "I love the feel of your pubic hair on my ass, Jeff. It tickles and feels so good."

Jeff looked down at the smooth muscles of his dad's back and his two prominent shoulder blades. As he watched his own penis going in and out of Michael's asshole, Jeff knew he was not going to be able to hold off for long. "Dad, I'm sorry I just can't go any longer. I'm right at the edge of cumming."

Suddenly, there was no holding back, and Jeff began pounding his abdomen violently against his dad's ass cheeks and he felt his sperm surging up the shaft in great pulsating waves. Michael could feel his son's throbbing penis against the rim of his asshole as the warm cream from his son's body flooded his rectum. Soon, Jeff leaned over onto Michael's back, licking and kissing those erotic looking shoulder blades. Michael stretched out his legs and let Jeff's body collapse on top of him. They lay there for a long time with Jeff's penis still inside of his dad's hole, while Jeff kissed Michael's neck and nibbled on his ear.

When Jeff rolled off, the two of them lay side by side kissing with their tongues dancing about in each other's mouth. Michael said, "I love you, Jeff. I don't ever want this to stop. But I have to go pee."

"I don't want it to stop, either. But when nature calls, you gotta answer. You go ahead, Dad. If it's okay, I think I'll give Paul a call and see how he's doing."

"That's good, Jeff. And let me say hi to him, too, before you hang up."

As Michael got up and went into the bathroom, Jeff picked up the phone and dialed the ranch. Tony answered.

"Hi, Tony. Dad and I were just wondering how you all are doing. Is Paul around?"

"Hi, Jeff," said Tony. "Yeah, Paul's right here."

"Hey, Jeff," said Paul. "Is everything alright?"

"Nothing could be better, Paul. I just kinda wanted to hear your voice and see how you're doing."

"Well, other than missing you, Jeff, everything's okay. Tony and I have been sitting here at the kitchen table most of the evening. I've been trying to teach him how to play Gin. Clayton's not feeling well and he went to bed right after supper. He has some sort of a bug and the poor kid has diarrhea quite bad. Tony gave him some diarrhea medicine, and it seemed to help. He's sleeping right now. Jeff, are you and your dad having a good time? It's only ten o'clock. You two must be getting ready to go to bed."

"No, we're about to go to sleep now. We got to bed a couple of hours ago. We got an early start, if you know what I mean. Also, we want to get up early tomorrow. Dad's got a whole day of sightseeing planned. He's a lot more familiar with San Antonio and its history than I am, and he's eager to have me see all the historic sights."

"Well, I know you'll have a good time, Jeff. By the way, shortly after you left here, the Chaplain called from the prison. He wanted to talk with Michael, but I questioned him about how things were going with Jared. He said that Jared has now come out of his coma, and keeps repeating the name, Tommy. Isn't that the boy who Jared took under his wing, and who was killed?"

"Yes, that's the one," said Jeff. "I guess Dad is going to have to deal with that when he gets back. Please, Paul, don't tell Clayton about it, and tell Tony that he shouldn't mention it, either. I'm not going to say anything to Dad, either. I don't want him thinking about Jared this weekend. He's been worried enough about that whole situation."

"We won't say a word to Clayton, Jeff."

"I love you, Paul," said Jeff. And then in a mock tone of firmness, he said, "And don't do any playing around while I'm gone, you hear me?"

"Aw, jeepers, Jeff! Can't I even play with myself? I've got a hard piece of meat here that's just aching to be stroked! Please?"

"Well, that's okay, just as long as it's your own hand that does the stroking! Hold on a minute, Paul. Here's Dad. He wants to say hi."

"Hi, Paul," said Michael cheerily. "You're a good boy letting Jeff come up here with me. It's meant a lot to me to be with him like this."

Paul said, "You and Jeff deserve to be together, Michael. Please don't ever think that I don't understand."

"You're an unusual guy, Paul. And I love you a lot. We'll be back to the ranch Monday sometime and we'll tell you all about it."

Michael and Jeff, wrapped tightly in each other's arms were soon asleep. After a good night's sleep, they arose early. While they dressed, Michael looked out of the window.

"Jeff," he said, "I see a line of tourists forming already across the street at the Alamo. Let's go down and get some breakfast and then go over there and get in line."

After eating a good heavy ranch-style breakfast, Michael and Jeff walked over to the Alamo to find the line had already entered. Going inside, they stood while a tour guide explained the history of the Alamo.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the tour guide began, "This is the scene of a famous battle fought against the Mexican General Santa Anna and his army of six thousand men during the war for Texas independence. It was a Catholic mission built by Franciscan monks, called San Antonio de Valero. It was called 'The Alamo' by reason of a grove of Cottonwood trees surrounding it. A garrison of only 183 Texans defended it, and all died in the battle."

As the tour guide continued, Michael and Jeff walked around, looking into the small cells where many of the men died: Travis, Bowie, Davy Crockett, and so many others.

After spending about an hour in the building and roaming through the landscaped grounds surrounding it, Michael and Jeff walked several blocks to a former Spanish settlement, now preserved in the middle of downtown, called La Villita. It's small adobe houses were now largely converted to artists' homes and galleries. Michael and Jeff found it fascinating to look not only at the quaint architecture, but to roam through the galleries and view the art and sculpture and crafts that were on display and for sale. It was almost noon when they stopped at a small outdoor cafe in La Villita for a sandwich.

Following lunch, they took a tram over to the King William district and took tours of several of the old nineteenth century mansions that once belonged to citizens who were prominent in San Antonio's history. Next came a good long walk to the Spanish Governor's Palace, a one-story rambling adobe structure, where they listened to the docent tell of it's history.

It was now late afternoon, and Michael and Jeff were wearing down. They ambled back to the hotel down Commerce and Houston Streets, looking into the stores and shops and walking through the historic Gunter Hotel. Finally reaching Alamo Plaza, which stretched out across the front of the Menger Hotel, they sat on a park bench and watched the people go by.

Michael said, "Tomorrow, we'll go down to San Antonio's great Farmers' Market. One could spend a whole day there. It's a large area full of shops and stalls where you can buy just about any kind of merchandise."

Jeff said, "Maybe I can pick up a souvenir gift there for Paul."

"It won't be hard to find something you'll like there," said Michael. "Let's go on up and get cleaned up. There's another really nice restaurant down on the River Walk I'd like to take you to tonight for dinner. They also have tables outside next to the river like the Casa Rio had."

Back in the room, they each took a shower. While they were both still naked, they lay on the bed and took the opportunity to make a little love. This time, they got themselves in a sixty-nine and took each other's loads. Jeff said, "Well, Dad, I won't need to order an appetizer before dinner now. That tasted so good! Do you think we should skip dinner?"

"Now, Jeff," said Michael. "I know you're a horny little devil most of the time, but I'm still hungry! There'll still be plenty of time to play later."

They dressed, again in shorts and short sleeve shirts and walked toward the River Walk. As they were descending the stone steps down from the street to the lower lever River Walk, Michael took a misstep and slipped. He fell to the bottom hitting his head hard on the stone walk and tearing a gash in the calf of his leg from a sharp piece of iron that was protruding from the wrought-iron balustrade. He lay their semi-conscious, while Jeff ran down to him. Seeing that his dad's eyes were closed, he shouted, "Dad, Dad!"

Michael's leg wound was bleeding quite profusely, and a waiter from a nearby café rushed over to him and, pulling off his long white apron, wrapped it around Michael's leg. The manager of the café came running out and, when he saw what had happened, got on his cell phone and called an ambulance. Michael began to come around and tried to get up.

Jeff said, "Don't move, Dad. We're going to take you to the hospital."

Michael said, "Don't be silly, Jeff. I'm just fine. Take my hand and help me up."

Jeff told Michael to lie still, and very soon an ambulance arrived. The attendants put a brace around Michael's neck, in case there had been a neck injury, and carefully lifted him onto a stretcher. As they carried him up the steps to the ambulance, a crowd of on-lookers had formed. Michael looked at Jeff and said, "I'm so embarrassed. Where are they taking me?"

One of the attendants said, "We're taking you to the emergency room at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital."

Once in the emergency room, nurses and attendants cleaned and dressed the ugly wound and quickly wheeled him down to X-ray to determine if there were any broken bones or internal injuries. While he was gone, Jeff sat in a chair in the hallway. Soon the double doors swung open, and a very badly wounded young man was wheeled in on a gurney. Jeff stood up to make room for it as it passed by him. As he looked at the boy, Jeff thought he looked vaguely familiar. When the boy was put into one of the cubicles, Jeff walked over to get a better look at him. He had bruises and cuts all over his face and his eyes were red and swollen shut. His bare torso was covered, as well, with bleeding lesions and bruises. He seemed to be unconscious.

When his eyes fell on the simple chain that hung around the man's neck, Jeff realized who it was. It was Jumper. Jeff said aloud, "Jumper, what happened?" The boy was still unconscious and didn't answer. Jeff caught his breath and held his hand over his mouth, suddenly becoming overwhelmed with pity and sorrow for this boy known as Jumper.

Two nurses came in and told Jeff he couldn't be in there and to leave. Jeff went back to his dad's cubicle to wait for him, still unbelieving at what he'd just seen. When Michael was finally wheeled back, the attendant told Jeff that his father seemed to be just fine. There were no broken bones and no other injuries, except the flesh wound to his leg. Michael was now fully awake and wanting to leave.

A doctor walked in and said, "Mr. Walker. You're a lucky man. You did have a slight concussion, and I want you to stay put here for a couple more hours so we can be sure the concussion has left no lasting effects."

Jeff leaned over and kissed his father on the forehead. "Dad, you had a bad spill there, and I'm glad we got you in here to be sure everything was okay. I have some news for you. Do you remember Jumper, the guy we met down at that rest area? Well, they just brought him in here very badly injured. He's almost unrecognizable."

"Really?" said Michael. "How did you know it was him?"

"I saw that gold chain around his neck that he was wearing the other day."

Michael was now sitting in a wheel chair. He looked at Jeff and said, "Can you wheel me down to his cubicle. Let's go down and see him."

When Michael and Jeff entered Jumper's cubicle, an older man and woman were standing there talking to a nurse. When Michael told them he and Jeff were acquaintances of the young man, the older man said, "My wife and I were driving down the highway near Floresville, and we saw him lying by the side of the road. We could tell he was badly injured. I thought maybe he'd been hit by a car. Anyway, I called 911 on my cell phone and waited there until an emergency vehicle arrived. We just thought we'd come on up here and stop to see how he was, the poor chap."

The nurse said that she thought he would be alright and thanked the couple for what they did.

"Well, I hope he'll be fine," said the older man. "We'll be on our way now."

The nurse told Michael and Jeff that they had to leave Jumper alone now, and they both returned to Michael's cubicle. After several hours, a doctor came in and checked Michael's vital signs. He said, "Okay, Mr. Walker, I think you're all set. You can leave now. But be careful of that leg. It was a pretty nasty gash."

After Michael dressed, they walked slowly down the hall and stopped in to see Jumper. The nurse was just leaving and said, "He's awake now. You can talk to him, but not too long."

Jeff said, "Jumper, do you remember us? We were the interlopers down there at the rest area the other day."

Jumper looked at them through eyes he could hardly open and nodded.

"Can you tell us what happened?" said Michael.

Barely able to move his swollen lips, Jumper said, "Well, there are two guys down there who always want me. But I hate them because they're so rough with me. They're always so rough they hurt me. Today I refused to let either one of them touch me, and they got mad and started hitting me and calling me all sorts of names. They had me on the ground and one of them took a dead branch off the ground and hit me with it over and over while the other guy kept punching me. I remember I was able to get up and started running, but that's the last I remember."

"We're really sorry, Jumper," said Michael. "Two older people found you by the road unconscious and were responsible for getting you help."

A nurse walked in and asked, "Are you friends of his?"

"Yes, sort of," replied Michael.

"He told me he has no family and no insurance. We did find a membership card to some boys club in his pants pocket. So we know his name is Daryl Thomas, and from his birthdate, we know he's sixteen years old. But that's all. Would you be willing to be responsible for this boy? In any case, we need to report this to the Division of Children and Families. If he has no home, they will have to take charge of his welfare."

"Yes, I'll be glad to be responsible for the boy," said Michael.

As the nurse walked out, Jeff took his father by the arm and brought him out to the hall. "Dad! Are you crazy! What are you talking about? You can't be responsible for him! Your insurance won't cover him. What in the hell do you think you'll do with him?"

Michael said, "I don't know. But he needs somebody. We can't just leave him here. What'll happen to him?"

"Dad, it's none of your business what happens to him. The life he leads is what caused him to end up here. He's nothing. He'll take care of himself."

"For God's sake, Jeff! He's only sixteen! Look at him. Just look at him lying there. That poor boy deserves all the help he can get."

Jeff sighed and looked away. "Okay, Dad," Jeff said as calmly as he could. "What do you propose to do with him? Take him and all the other wretched souls you find out on the countryside and bring him down to your charity ward at the ranch? That's not the life he lives. He gets fucked by truck drivers for a living. That's how he defines himself. Anyway, the agency will figure out what to do with him. They'll probably stick him in some foster home."

Michael looked at Jeff and said, "Why can't the ranch be his foster home?"

"With our lifestyle, Dad?" said Jeff. "We'd never get approved."

"Well, look at all the other foster parents they do approve, who are abusive and cruel. Why do they get approved?"

"Dad, you've got other things to be concerned with. You don't know yet what's going to happen to Jared. You may have him on your hands. And think of Karl. He may be coming back. And you and he are going to have to put a great deal of attention on solidifying that relationship again. And when school starts in the fall, Paul and I will have to go back to Austin. You're just not going to be able to manage this. This kid's got problems, Dad. You're not going to be up to dealing with this."

Michael said, "Jeff, look at what living on the ranch did for Josiah. He had terrible problems, too. But look at him now. When someone is able to give a guy a chance, don't you think he should do it? Or should we just say, 'He's not worth saving,' and forget it?

Jeff took his father by the arm and said, "Alright, Dad, let's say goodbye to Jumper and be on our way. There's no point in our talking about this now."

As they re-entered Jumper's cubicle, Jumper managed to give them a slight smile and extended his hand. Michael took the boy's hand and said, "Jumper, you're going to be okay. We'll keep in touch with you."

Jumper held onto Michael's hand tightly and said, "Thank you for coming to see me. You're not like all those truck drivers. You're . . . ."

Jeff thought to himself, "Oh shit, look at the sweet smile on that boy. That'll get Dad hooked for sure!"

When they left, Jeff hailed a taxi to take them back to the hotel. While they rode, Michael said, "I'm sorry, Jeff, that I messed up our time here. We didn't get to eat dinner or anything."

"Dad, dinner wasn't important. The important thing is that you're okay. Let's go back to the room and we'll get room service to bring us something to eat, okay?"

Back in the room, Michael lay on the bed and said, "My leg is beginning to throb. It's really hurting now."

Jeff brought Michael a glass of water and two of the pain pills dispensed to him at the hospital.

"Dad, I think you should just try to sleep some if you can. You had a terrible fall. I'll lie here with you and rub your back, if that would feel good."

Michael smiled and rolled over on his side. As Jeff ran his hands gently but firmly over his dad's back, he thought how lucky he was to have a father who was so kind and so loving. In a way, he was proud of his dad for wanting to help Jumper, even though he thought it was a crazy idea. Jeff made up his mind he would not say anything more in opposition to Michael's wanting to help the boy. Michael was going to do what he wanted anyway, and it wasn't going to help him to have dissention in the family over it. But he feared for his father's well-being if he was somehow able to have his way by bringing the boy to the ranch. Jeff thought that it could very likely never happen anyway."

Michael said in a quiet voice, "Jeff, go on down to the dining room and get yourself something to eat. I'll be fine."

Jeff said, "I thought I would call for room service."

"Jeff, I'm not hungry. I just want to lie here and maybe go to sleep. I'll be fine here. Just go on down and enjoy a good meal. And have a drink, too."

"I don't want to leave you here alone."

"Jeff, go! Please. I'll be fine. I just want to rest. And thanks for the great back rub. It's really relaxed me, and I'm ready for a little sleep."

"Okay, Dad," said Jeff as he kissed Michael on the cheek. "I'll be back very shortly."

When Jeff returned to the room about forty-five minutes later, he found his dad still lying on his side, sound asleep. He undressed his dad as carefully as he could so as not to wake him. Then after washing his face and hands and brushing his teeth, he undressed himself and climbed into bed next to his dad and pulled the sheet up over them. As he lay there, he began to feel so badly for his dad. They had come to San Antonio for a good time, and it was all ruined for his dad because of the accident. He pressed his body tightly up against Michael's back and kissed him on the neck and shoulders, whispering, "I hope you know how much I love you."

The next morning Michael and Jeff awoke early as the first rays of sunshine came in the window. "How are you feeling this morning, Dad?" asked Jeff.

"I feel pretty good, Jeff. My leg isn't really sore, but it feels awfully stiff. I think if I get out and start walking on it, it'll loosen up."

"Are you sure you want to walk with your leg like that?"

"Well, Jeff, we'll take a taxi to the Farmers' Market. I don't want to miss that, and I know you'll really enjoy seeing it. There are little cafés there, too, so there will be plenty of opportunity for me to sit down."

"I don't know, Dad," said Jeff doubtfully.

"What do you want me to do, Jeff? Sit here in the hotel all day? It'll drive me crazy. I'll be just fine. Come on; let's get dressed and go down for some breakfast. I'm starving. Here, Jeff, I'm afraid you're going to have to help me get my pants on over this leg."

After breakfast, Michael and Jeff headed right out to the Farmers' Market. Jeff had not realized what an extensive place it was. He enjoyed thoroughly looking through all the stalls and trying to make up his mind what he would buy for Paul. While Michael was beginning to feel a burning sensation on his leg, and frequently had to find a place to sit, he was delighted to see what a good time Jeff was having. Several times, Jeff would bring an item to him and ask him what he thought of it as a gift for Paul. Eventually, Jeff showed him an ID bracelet designed for a man and made of Mexican silver.

"Dad, I'd like to get this for Paul. The man said if I gave him fifteen minutes, he would engrave Paul's name on it. What do you think?"

"It's really beautiful, Jeff. I think he'd love it."

"Okay," said Jeff. "I'll go and leave it with him and we can come back later for it."

Michael and Jeff spent practically the whole day at the Market, sometimes sitting and listening to a group of Mexican guitar players and watching a troupe of dancers, as well as having a couple of Tacos at a small taco stand. Michael bought Jeff a colorful Mexican style shirt that Jeff had admired. Michael said he'd like to see Jeff wear it at Maggie's housewarming party the following weekend.

In the late afternoon, they were both tired and decided to go back. Michael said, "Before we go back to the hotel, let's have the taxi drop us off at the River Walk so we can have dinner at that great place I was going to take you to last night."

"Are you sure, Dad," said Jeff. "That's where you fell, you know."

"Well, Jeff, as the old saying goes, when you get thrown from the horse, you need to get right back on!"

After walking down the steps very carefully to the River Walk, they proceeded to La Fontana Café, where they both immediately ordered Triple Scotches on the rocks. Michael took another pain pill, and said, "This pill together with the Scotch ought to make me feel no pain!"

As Michael began to sip on his drink, Jeff reached into his pocket and took out a small box. "Dad, this is for you. I bought it today. It's for the greatest dad in the world."

Michael opened the box to find a gold signet ring with his initials. His mouth dropped open for a moment and then he said, "Jeff! It's beautiful! I hope it fits."

"It'll fit, dad. I measured the ring you usually wear last night when you were asleep. I hope you like it."

Michael felt as though he had a stone blocking his throat. He could hardly speak. He took his old ring off and slipped the new ring on his finger. All he could do was to shake his head in appreciation and approval. Jeff knew instantly that his dad liked the ring and said, "That's okay, Dad. You don't have to say anything. It's just another way to tell you I love you, Dad."

Finally, Michael said, "And all I got you was that cheap Mexican shirt."

"Oh, Dad, please. I love that shirt. You know that. I was so happy that you liked it, too, and got it for me."

After they finished eating, Jeff suggested they stop in at the Palacio del Rio Lounge for a nightcap and listen to that blind pianist whom Jason had told them about the other night.

Michael said, I'm pretty tired, Jeff. But I would like to see him. What was his name? Pierre?

"I think that was his name," said Jeff. "We'll just stay for a few minutes. I'm tired, too."

When Michael and Jeff walked into the lounge, there, staring right at them, were Mark and Corky sitting at a table near the piano, with Jason sitting next to Pierre. Jeff whispered to his dad, "Well, I guess the four of them did indeed get to know one another."

Mark and Corky jumped up and led Michael and Jeff to their table.

Mark said, "We sure didn't expect to see you two here. It's really great to see you. What brings you to San Antonio?"

Michael and Jeff explained that they were there for just a short get-away, and that they had met Jason on their first night there. After Michael and Jeff ordered their drinks, Corky excused himself to go to the bathroom. Jeff got up and said he needed to go also, and would come along.

As they stood next to each other at the urinals, Jeff said, "When we met Jason the other night, he told us that he had met you and Mark. Just between you and me, I'm curious. Both Pierre and Jason are two hot looking guys. Did you and Mark ever get together with them at all?"

Corky laughed and said, "Mark and I went out one night to celebrate our anniversary and we decided to stop in here. We got to talking with Pierre, and one thing led to another, you know, and we ended up having him sleep over at our place that night. Let me tell you, you've never had yourself looked over until you've been looked over by blind person."

"What do you mean, looked over?

"He can't see you with his eyes, but he looks at your whole body with his hands!"

"With his hands?

"Yeah, with his hands. It's a once in a lifetime experience! Then a few nights later, we had him over for dinner, and he brought his friend, Jason. That's when we first met Jason. Then all four of us ended up you know where."

Jeff said, "Well, when we asked Jason if he had a partner, he said he wasn't into that sort of thing. Did he participate?"

"Well yes. He did, in a way. He enjoyed himself a lot, I think, but he wouldn't let anybody fuck him and he didn't want to be kissed. He's probably bisexual. Who knows. He kind of acts like he's not sure what he is. But I will say I think he found it pretty erotic being naked in bed with us."

Jeff said, "Anyway, I congratulate you on a real conquest."

"I hope you don't mind," said Corky, "but Pierre was really interested that I had worked on a ranch, and I told him that maybe sometime I might be able to bring him down there for a visit, and maybe show him what it's like to ride a horse. You know, that old one down there that we can hardly get to move."

"That would be great," said Jeff. "Dad and I would love to have him come down for a visit. And maybe you could bring Jason with you."

Corky laughed. "Watch out, Jeff. Your libido is showing! It's not a horse you want him to mount, is it! You'd like to be mounted yourself, wouldn't you?"

"You've got a dirty mind, Corky!" said Jeff, as he gave Corky's butt a squeeze.

"Well, Jeff, it takes one dirty mind to know another dirty mind!"

When Jeff and Corky returned to the table, Jeff could see written all over his dad's face that he was again feeling the pain of his leg. Jeff tipped up his glass and finished his drink and said, "Dad and I had better get back to the hotel. We've had a long day, and we need to get our beauty sleep."

After everyone said their goodbyes and after Jeff and Michael had left, Jason turned to Mark and said, "Did he say, 'Dad and I?' Are they father and son? I thought they were just . . . you know."

"Lovers?" said Corky. "They are father and son, and they're also lovers. Does that disturb you, Jason.?"

Jason sat down slowly with a little smile on his face. Then he said, "No it doesn't disturb me. It kind of fascinates me. Father and son, eh? I think I'd like to meet them again sometime. They're a couple of nice guys. And they look alike. And they're handsome, too."

Mark and Corky glanced at each other with a knowing look. Corky said, "Jason, how would you like to go down to their ranch sometime for a visit. I know they'd love to . . . have you."

"Yeah, man! That would be great!" said Jason, giving the thumbs up.

When Michael and Jeff returned to their room, Michael took another pain pill, undressed, and climbed into bed. "I'm sorry, Jeff. I just don't feel very good. Would you mind if we just held each other tonight?"

Jeff stripped down and crawled in under the sheet with his dad. "Dad, I wouldn't mind at all. I think I like cuddling with you most of all, anyway. Would you like me to rub your back and neck again? Would that feel good?"

"Yes, if you wouldn't mind."

As Jeff gently rubbed his dad's back, he said, "Dad, before Jason told us about it the other night, did you know that this is how a blind person sees another person? With his hands? Just like this, moving his fingers slowly over every inch of his body."

There was no reply from Michael. Jeff looked closely and saw that his dad had fallen sound asleep. Jeff smiled and whispered in Michael's ear, "I love you, Dad. Just being like this with you is all I need."

To be continued...


Posted: 09/26/08