My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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Caleb pulled away suddenly and said, "For Heaven's sakes, Steve, stop that! The only thing that worries me about you is this sudden paranoia of yours. The difference in our ages never enters my mind. I think of you and I as being the same age. Honestly, I do! Now relax! Okay?"

"I'm sorry, Caleb. I'm fine. I hope you can understand some of my fears, but I'm sure I'll get them under control as time goes on. Would you mind if I fixed myself another drink?"

"Not at all!" said Caleb as the two of them walked together into the kitchen with their arms around each other's waist.


Chapter 56 

As Francisco stared at the woman and the young child, he suddenly knew he'd been tricked. He felt awkward and uncomfortable.

Toby said, "It's alright, Francisco. I need to explain to you about my family. I am one of those who believes that the pleasure of sex in all its forms is something that was given to us by God. I always believed that we should all enjoy it to the fullest without embarrassment or any feeling that it should be hidden and considered dirty. Roselind here enjoys watching me engaged in sex with men. Since I don't believe it is bad to do what we enjoy, my son here is also allowed to take whatever pleasure he can from it."

"But, Toby," said Francisco, "why couldn't you have told me this before you invited me here? Did you ever think that I might not enjoy this kind of thing?"

"Well, Francisco, I'm very attracted to you, and I feared you might not come. I knew that other men I've had here suddenly realized they enjoyed it like this. And I think you will too. Don't worry, you won't have to do anything with Roselind. She just likes to lie at the foot of the bed and watch while she fucks herself with a dildo. As far as little Chip is concerned, sometimes he gets curious and joins in when he wants to. I never do anything with him that he doesn't want to do. But I'm glad to tell you that he has become very comfortable with this and now believes as I do, that this is all perfectly natural. It gives us all extreme pleasure, which is all that matters, and nobody gets hurt."

Roselind removed her nighty and stretched out at the foot of the bed, while chip got out of his underwear and sat in a chair facing the bed. As Toby began removing his clothes, he said, "Come on, Francisco, you'll enjoy it. Take off your clothes and let me hang them up."

Francisco could hardly believe what was happening. As he slowly removed his pants and his underwear, he watched Toby's sensuous and masculine physique reveal itself as his clothes came off. Lying flat on the bed, Francisco looked over at Chip, who was staring at him and wagging his soft penis around in a kind of circular motion. Toby reached into the drawer of the bed table and took out an oversized dildo, which he handed to Roselind. She began rubbing its head along the lips of her cunt as she stared at Francisco's naked body.

Toby lay down along side of Francisco and began running his hands over his body. "I love this rich, golden brown color of your skin, Francisco," said Toby as he began to run his tongue over Francisco's sensuous arms and wrists. Roselind now had the dildo sunken deep into her pussy and was slowly fucking herself with it. Francisco began to admit to himself that the sight of it while he lay there with Toby licking his skin was indeed erotic. He had never been naked before with a raging hard-on in the presence of a woman, especially a woman and her young son. As long as she didn't touch him, he began to enjoy it. Looking over at Chip, he could see that the boy's penis was hard, all five inches of it. The whole situation had become so erotic to Francisco that he became almost ravenous in his kisses and fondling of Toby's hard penis and balls.

Suddenly, Roselind gasped and began to moan slightly. Toby said, "There's number one. She can cum eight or ten times sometimes while we're doing this, can't you honey? She can do it that many times, especially if Chip is sucking on one of her nipples, or Chip is standing next to the bed and she's sucking on his penis."

Roselind nodded and continued pushing the dildo in and out of her pussy. Toby was now down between Francisco's legs, licking furiously around his balls and up and down the underside of his hard penis. As Francisco reached down and held onto Toby's shoulders, Chip came up to the bed and leaned over and kissed his father's ass cheeks. Soon, Chip separated them with his hands and ran his tongue down into his crack, where it appeared he was licking his father's asshole. Roselind was in a position where she could reach around behind Chip and pushed her finger into the boy's hole.

Toby lifted his head to look and said, "Chip's asshole is still too small for me to get my cock up there, but he loves to get finger fucked. He keeps wanting me to try to cock fuck him like he sees me doing the grown men, but I'm afraid of hurting him. Sometimes, I've walked in on him in his room when he was fucking himself with one of those fat fountain pens. That's about the thickest he can take so far."

As Toby took Francisco's entire penis into his mouth up to the hilt, Francisco was fascinated with the sight of the boy's face buried in his father's ass crack and gnawing away at his pucker. He knew that he was very close to cumming and pushed Toby's head away. Just then came another high pitched squawk from Roselind. It was her second orgasm. As Chip backed off and sat cross-legged staring at Francisco's hard penis, which was now dripping with several long strings of pre-cum, Tony pushed Francisco's legs up against his chest and buried his own face in Francisco's ass trench. After filling it with as much saliva as he could, Tony backed out and mounted Francisco, plunging his gorged penis into his hole. As he did so, Chip began sucking on one of Francisco's nipples. Then came Roselind's third orgasm.

Francisco put his arms around Chip and felt an erotic surge coursing through his body as he felt the boy's soft, white skin. He moved both hands down and took Chip's firm round ass cheeks in each hand. Then he slipped his forefinger into Chip's warm, tight asshole. Chip pushed his hips back against Francisco's hand as though wanting him to go deeper. Then suddenly, Chip took his lips off of Francisco's nipple and planted them on Francisco's lips. Francisco could feel Chip's tongue pushing its way into his mouth and then slashing away at his own tongue and teeth. To have Chip's tongue in his mouth and Toby's penis up his ass was almost more that Francisco could bear. He began to moan and suck on Chip's tongue and lips furiously as though he wished to suck all of the boy's sweet body into his own body.

Francisco could feel Toby's penis enlarging inside of his rectum and, as he felt it throbbing violently, he could feel the warm flow of Tony's sperm into his body. Just as Tony threw his head back, allowing his orgasm to take over his body, there came a deep gutteral sound issuing from Roselind's mouth as she tore into her fourth orgasm.

As Toby pulled out of Francisco's hole, Francisco said, "I've just been lying here allowing all this to happen. I really want to take you on, Toby. Let me fuck you now, okay?"

As Toby lay down flat on his back, he brought his legs up high, revealing a large red hole, now wet with Chip's saliva. Getting on his haunches, Francisco pushed his hard rod into Toby's ass. As he began humping, he was aware that Rosalind's face was only inches from his own ass. In a way, he hoped that his own asshole was visible to Rosalind. It made him hot to think that this boy's mother was looking so closely at his asshole.

Toby motioned for Chip to get on the bed and sit on his face so he could eat out Chip's asshole while he was being fucked. As Francisco began pumping harder and harder, the sight of Chip's ass cheeks pushing down on his father's face drove him wild. He could see Toby's chin going up and down indicating that he was sucking really hard on his son's asshole.

Very soon, Francisco began moaning as though he were coming close. Tony moved his head up and away from his son's ass and said, "When you come, Francisco, pull out and shoot onto my stomach and Chest. Chip just loves to see guys shoot their sperm out of their penises."

Francisco was barely able to pull his penis out of Toby's hole when he started throwing ribbons of thick white sperm onto Toby's chest. Chip's eyes widened and watched each volley of sperm carefully. When Francisco took hold of his penis and squeezed the last drop of cum out into Tony's pubic hair, Chip bent down, with his balls and penis now lying on his father's face, and licked up every drop of Francisco's cum from his father's torso and pubic hair.

As Roselind went into her fifth orgasm, both Toby and Francisco lay side by side trying to catch their breath. Chip tried again to position himself again so his ass was on his father's face, but Tony said, "Not now, Chip. Daddy's got to catch his breath. Why don't you see if Francisco would like to taste your ass."

Chip moved himself and positioned his ass cheeks over Francisco's face. This time, Francisco eagerly grabbed Chip's hips and pulled him down so his face was buried in Chip's ass crack. He licked frantically all around the pink pucker and was easily able to push his tongue through a very relaxed hole into Chip's rectum. The smell of Chip's crotch was sweet and erotic. And it was warm and moist.

Finally, Toby looked over at Roselind and Chip and said, "Okay you guys, I think we're done for the night. Why don't you go on to bed now."

Chip jumped up and gave his father a kiss on the lips and ran from the room. Roselind stood up, and Francisco could see cunt juices running down her leg. She was still pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt and, as she stood there she bent her knees and closed her eyes and came again, her sixth.

After Roselind left, Toby said, "Well, she didn't make her record orgasms this time. But six times is pretty good."

Francisco said, "That boy of yours is really hot. Do you think he'll still feel the same? I mean, do you think he'll still feel the same about doing this with his parents when he grows up?"

"I think so," said Toby. "I did this with my own mom and pop since I was a baby. And my pop and I were fucking each other all the way till he reached sixty years old a couple of years ago. Then he had a stroke and is now in a nursing home. I loved it as much when I grew up as I did when I was a little kid. Sometimes when I visit him at the home, I let him suck me off. It's about all he can do now. He's always trying to jerk himself off, but he says he can never get his penis hard enough these days."

"You said you used to go to bed with Karl. Did he do this with your wife and son, too."

"Well, I tried hard to get him to join us, but he never would. He always said the idea never appealed to him, and he wouldn't do it. So before he left for Texas, we just got together from time to time one on one. And that was great."

Francisco found himself being glad and relieved that Karl had not done what he had just done, but he didn't know why he was relieved. Finally sitting up, he said, "Toby, it's pretty late. I'm going to have to get back to the hotel. I can sleep late in the morning, but I want to get as much sleep as I can because I have to be alive when I do those shows."

As Francisco dressed, he asked, "Can I get a taxi out in front of your building?"

Toby said, "I'm going to put on some pants and I'll go down with you and show you how to hail a taxi in this town. I hope we can get together again before you leave New York."

As Francisco rode back to his hotel, his mind was full of mixed feelings. In a way, he felt that he had just been involved in a really dirty business. He felt a certain decadence that he'd never felt before. How could a family be like that? No Latin family would ever allow themselves to be so corrupt. No, 'corrupt' was not the right word. Everything a family should be, this family was not. Having engaged in sex with such abandon as he had with a man and his young son, with the boy's mother looking on, was indeed one of the most erotic experiences he'd ever had. But the thought of a man including his fifteen-year-old son in his sexual activities repulsed him. Of course, he had had a sexual romp in bed with Michael and his son, Jeff. But somehow that was different. That relationship between father and son had a beauty and a wholesomeness to it that didn't exist in the Vaughn family. Besides, Jeff is an adult. It wasn't just sex between him and his father. It was a relationship based on pure love and caring for each other. Francisco felt confused. But he had a feeling of relief that Karl, at least, had refused to engage himself in a sexual way with that family. Karl had an out-of-control psychological addiction to sex, but he did have his limits.

Later, as Francisco lay in bed alone in his hotel room, he thought about Michael. His attraction to Michael had grown into a feeling of intense love. After meeting Karl, he could see why there was so much love between Karl and Michael. He thought about his great success as a Latin entertainer, but there was a feeling of envy of Karl that pervaded his thoughts, overshadowing his thoughts of success in show business. He felt frustrated with jealousy. He loved Michael, and he wanted to believe that Michael loved him, also. He began to fantasize about what would happen if he made an all-out effort to compete with Karl for Michael's love. Michael had told him more than once that he loved him. Surely, he wasn't lying! Michael had told him on the phone that he would see to it they met again.

As Francisco slowly stroked his penis, he did so with thoughts in his mind of love and caring for Michael. In a way, it was so much more sensual and erotic this way than the wild sexual frenzy he felt earlier with the Vaughn family. While he was with them, there was no feeling of love or caring for any of them. The thought now came to him that sex in any form should grow out of love, not out of pure lust. As he continued masturbating, he thought to himself that he would somehow eventually take a place in Michael's heart beyond anyone else's, including Karl.

That same evening, back in Texas, Caleb withdrew an extra large frozen Tombstone pizza from the freezer. "These are my favorite pizzas, Steve," said Caleb. "You know, 'What do you want on your Tombstone?' You've seen the ads. This one's just the ordinary cheese and pepperoni. Is that okay?"

"Of course, Caleb. I've had so many drinks and have eaten so much of that terrific caviar and crackers you laid out, I don't think I'll ever know what I'm eating."

Caleb sliced the pizza and placed it on the coffee table. Steve sat on the sofa, while Caleb sat on the floor cross-legged on the other side of the table. As they ate, Steve looked at Caleb and smiled.

"Caleb," Steve said, "you've got a big string of cheese stuck to your chin."

As Caleb reached up to wipe it away, Steve said, "No, let me, Caleb." Steve rose up and went around the table and sat next to Caleb, bringing his face close to Caleb's. Sticking out his tongue, Steve licked the cheese off of Caleb's chin and then moved his lips up to Caleb's lips. They kissed lightly, and then threw their arms around each other and kissed deeply and passionately, as they lay back on the floor. There was only one small slice of pizza left on the tray, but both had eaten enough, and neither was interested in finishing it up. They lay on the floor for a long time, kissing and looking into each other's eyes. There was no mistaking. They each felt a passion for the other that was deeper than they had felt in a long time.

Caleb finally propped himself up one elbow and said, "Steve, you're going to stay the night here, aren't you?"

"I thought you'd never ask, Caleb. I would love to," said Steve as he gave Caleb a light kiss on the lips.

"Okay," said Caleb getting to his feet. "Let's get these dishes and glasses cleaned up, and what's left of the pizza put in the refrigerator."

"I'm impressed, Caleb," said Steve. "First things first with you, I see. You keep a very orderly house."

As Caleb put the glasses and dishes in the dishwasher, he said, "Steve, I understand you'll be looking for employment. I'm not sure what sort of work you're looking for, but I just handled the estate of a man who recently died and left his business to his family. It's here in Goliad and it's sort of a deli, but it's really a gourmet wine and cheese shop. The family wants to sell it, and they want to get it sold fast. So I think it'll go quite reasonably."

"You say a gourmet wine and cheese shop?"

"They have other gourmet foods, too, and an enormous stock of the best wines you can buy, and they also sell gourmet imported cheeses. They must carry a couple of hundred different kinds. It's a very popular place and they even have regular customers come from as far away as Houston, Galveston, and Corpus Christi. Would that be something you might be interested in?"

"Well, Caleb, this may surprise you," said Steve, as he sat down at the kitchen table, "but I've always fancied myself a bit of a gourmet myself. And I know a great deal about wines. Yes, I would be interested in it . . . very interested, in fact. But, of course, it really depends upon how much they're asking."

"I'll take you over there to see the old lady. I think it'll be reasonable. At any rate, I'll be able to steer you in the right direction to get the best rate possible on financing it." Walking over to Steve and putting his hands on either side of Steve's head, he said, "As you say, Steve. First things first. Don't you think it might be time for nighty-night?"

"I think it might be," said Steve as he got up and followed Caleb into the bedroom.

Caleb threw back all the covers and the sheet from the bed, and said, "Since you're my guest, Steve, I'm going to undress you and make sure those nice clothes of yours are hung up neatly."

They stood in the middle of the room. As Caleb very carefully and deliberately removed each item of Steve's clothing, he said, "Steve, you're tensing up. Now relax."

Steve wanted everything to be perfect. That old feeling that he might not measure up started creeping back. When he had looked at himself in the full length mirror back in his room, he thought he looked pretty good. In fact, he thought he looked younger than he was. He had always been told he had a rather boyish face, notwithstanding the gray hair. As Caleb removed Steve's shirt and began unbuckling his pants, Steve prayed that Caleb would not be disappointed. When he had been in bed with Luke and Dan, the age difference never entered his mind. But with Caleb, it was different. He felt something for Caleb he had never felt before. He wanted Caleb to love him, and love him forever. The thought that Caleb might be disappointed in Steve's body or his love-making was awful. If he made a mistake, the most beautiful thing that he could remember ever happening to him might blow up in his face.

"I want you to like me, Caleb," said Steve, who regretted saying that the minute he said it. What a stupid thing to say. Relax, he told himself. Don't act so damned vulnerable. Nobody likes a quivering wimp.

When the last bit of clothing came off, Caleb ran his tongue down over Steve's chest and nipples. Then down on his knees, Caleb swirled his tongue through Steve's large bush of pubic hair, quickly taking his erect penis into his mouth as he ran his hands lightly over Steve's legs.

"Let's lie down, Steve," said Caleb as he quickly removed his own clothes, throwing them onto a chair. "Your body excites my senses, Steve. I got only a glimpse of your whole body when we were together that one night at the ranch. But to see it stretched out in all its beauty in front of me now makes me want to tie you down so you'll never be out of my sight."

As Caleb took each of Steve's legs in his hands and ran his tongue over the soft hair that covered them, Steve thought that he was living a dream that was actually coming true. Caleb soon moved his head up and ravenously kissed Steve's face and mouth. They had their naked bodies pressed together. The feel of each other's bare skin against their own drove them both into an erotic frenzy. They lay kissing and caressing every inch of each other's body and licking off the strings of pre-cum that were oozing from each other's penis.

Finally, Caleb looked into Steve's eyes as he ran his fingers lightly over his features and said, "I know I shouldn't say this. I guess I should know better. But I love you, Steve. I've wanted you in my arms from the moment I met you back before you left. I've really never stopped thinking about you. I remember you smiled at me that first time we met, and I couldn't go to sleep that night thinking about you. I realize it's probably bad form for a guy to lay himself open like this. You're suppose to maintain a little aloofness and keep the other guy guessing. But I can't help it. I have this terrible need to have you know how I feel."

Steve's eyes filled with tears as he looked at Caleb.

"Why the tears?" said Caleb as he tried to kiss them off of Steve's cheeks.

"I don't know, Caleb. Too complicated to explain. I'm just an emotional wreck, I guess. All I can say, Caleb, is that I feel an enormous amount of love for you, too. And to hear you say it . . . . I was just afraid you wouldn't . . . ."

Caleb wrapped his arms around Steve and they lay there pressed together for a long time, saying nothing. Finally, Steve said, "I want you inside of me, Caleb. Please."

Caleb kissed Steve deeply and then rose up. Absorbing the sight of Steve's outstretched body again, he lifted Steve's legs, kissing and licking them as he did so. He ran his tongue down the back of one of Steve's legs until it reached his crack. He ran his tongue deeply into the crack and lightly over Steve's pucker. Then mounting Steve, he slipped his gorged penis into his hole. As he supported himself on his arms, Steve turned his head and sucked lightly on the soft hair of Caleb's strong forearm and wrist.

"Push really deep, Caleb. Go all the way. To have my love inside of me like this is so wonderful."

Steve watched the intense concentration on Caleb's face as he was being fucked. Caleb's straight brown hair was hanging down over his forehead and Steve could see beads of sweat beginning to run down Caleb's face. Caleb's chest hair was also glistening with droplets of sweat. Caleb began to slow down, not wanting to cum so quickly. But Steve could feel Caleb's penis begin to swell in his rectum and knew that Caleb wouldn't be able to hold it for long.

"Go ahead, Caleb. Fill me up with your hot cream. I want to feel it surging into me."

Caleb threw his head back turning it rapidly from side to side as he let out a growling roar. As Steve felt Caleb's hips pounding against his, he could feel the warmth of Caleb's cum as it flowed into him. "Don't pull out yet, Caleb," cried Steve. "I want your cock to stay inside of me forever."

Exhausted, Caleb collapsed onto Steve's body as he felt his penis begin to wilt. Steve kissed Caleb's face and could taste the saltiness of his sweat. Soon Caleb rolled over on his back and brought his legs up tight against his chest as a signal to Steve that he wanted to be fucked by Steve. Steve got up on his haunches and filled Caleb's ass crack and asshole with saliva, slashing his tongue through the dense black hair that filled it.

As Steve pushed his penis into Caleb's asshole, Caleb said, "Your body is so erotic. To look up and watch your pectorals rippling as you fuck me in and out is driving me crazy." Caleb looked down past his own pubic hair and could see Steve's large rod going in and out of his ass like a piston. Caleb's penis was now hard again. Suddenly, as Steve pushed in and out, Caleb erupted again with another orgasm. As Steve watched the thick white sperm spewing from Caleb's penis, he felt his own orgasm building.

Caleb said, "Steve I can feel your cock expanding. I know you're about to come. Please pull out now and shoot it onto me. Pull up and shoot it onto my face!"

Steve pulled out just as he felt his sperm coursing up the length of his rod. Stream after stream shot out all over Caleb's face, with some into his open mouth. The sight of Caleb with all that thick white cum on his face brought on another orgasm for Steve. Caleb began scooping up Steve's sperm from his face and licking it off of his fingers. As Steve watched this, he wished that this moment would never end.

As they lay next to each other, each lightly caressing the other's thigh, Steve said, "Dreams do come true. This has been a dream come true."

"Has been?" said Caleb. "Both of our dreams have come true. It doesn't have to end like now. I may be premature in asking this. But if you do buy and take over that shop I told you about here in Goliad, I'd love to have you live here with me. We don't have to be 'partners.' You could still be free to do what you want, if you wanted to. Please, Steve, think about that. I would love to have you here with me."

Steve thought to himself that the dream was even more beautiful than he thought. "Do you mean it, Caleb? Do you really mean that you would like me to live here with you?"

"Of course I mean it. It isn't only your dream, Steve. It's mine, too."

"Would you want me here even before I decide on the buying the shop?"

"Yes, I would. We can go and pick up your car tomorrow, and then you could go and get all your stuff at the ranch and move in here in the afternoon. What do you say?"

"I'll do it. I'll do it, Caleb, my dearest love. I'll try never to disappoint you."

"Steve, don't talk that way," said Caleb. "Did it look to you tonight that I was disappointed in any way? You know, I could say the same thing. You could have been very disappointed in me too. But I'm not going to think like that, and I don't want you to think that way, either. Okay? I want you to come and live with me, and if you want to come and live with me, that in itself is our answer to each other."

"Okay, I won't think like that again. I love you, Caleb. I would like to have us live as partners in love."

Caleb took Steve in his arms and said, "I want that, too, Steve. I love you very much, but I was just afraid you might still want to be free while you lived here."

"Now who's the one who is afraid?" said Steve with a chuckle.

"I know," said Caleb. "But let's neither of us be afraid of our feelings from now on."

Caleb got up and went into the kitchen. "Let's have a little wine, shall we?" said Caleb. "Just as a little celebration for the two of us."

They both went into the living room and sat across from each other, still naked. Caleb said, "This is how we can spend our evenings. With no clothes on. We can sip on our wine and admire each other until we can't stand it any longer and then fly into bed together."

Steve got up and went over and sat next to Caleb on the sofa. He said, "Caleb, I understand about you and your son, Noah. I know it's kind of a relationship similar to that of Michael and his son, Jeff. And I want you to know that's okay with me."

Caleb knew that that situation would have to be discussed sooner or later and said, "You're right, Steve. But I don't want that to affect the two of us."

"Well, that's what I want to tell you. Whenever you and Noah want to be together, I understand. I'm going into this, fully understanding that. And that's no problem for me."

Caleb said, "I don't want Noah's and my love for each other to be any kind of a snag in our relationship, Steve. In fact, I'll tell you a little secret out of school. Noah is very attracted to you also. Would you have any objection sometime if the three of us got together?"

"Of course not, Caleb. I told you that I understood your situation perfectly." Then, smiling, he looked at Caleb and said, "Is Noah really attracted to me?" As Caleb nodded, Steve said, "Noah is a handsome kid. It would be an experience I've never had before. But I think it would be great. To be with both father and son! I know that Michael gets together with Jeff from time to time, even though they both have partners of their own. It's a good arrangement."

Finishing their wine, Caleb and Steve went on to bed again. This time, both were very tired, and wrapped in each other's arms, they were soon asleep.

After their visit to the ranch, Josiah and Brian went back to Austin since Brian was required to spend several weeks that summer of hands-on experience with livestock out on the University farms. Josiah, having finished his first year at the University, gave a good deal of thought to what he wanted to major in. He had taken a course in American Literature during the second semester of his freshman year and found it a fascinating world he never knew existed. He had never done any serious reading during his years in foster care, but was now finding the world of great books to be a whole new world of excitement to him. Melville's "Moby Dick" was his favorite. And he had been told that it was one of the great American novels. Furthermore, Josiah began to have dreams of being a college professor some day and teaching courses in literature to other unsuspecting students.

Josiah had written two papers for his class, each concerning one of the novels the class had been assigned. The teacher had commented to him that he had an unusual insight into these works. He wrote in his evaluation of Josiah's work that he had an understanding and intuitiveness in regard to the literary value of what he was reading that surpassed that of any of his other students.

Brian felt enormous pride in Josiah. He knew of Josiah's beginnings and his early life, and was amazed at what Josiah was becoming. Brian urged Josiah to consider writing his own life story, or least begin to write it. He told Josiah that he had no doubt it would be an inspiration to a lot of people to have Josiah write about his beginnings as a foundling, the torturous and empty life he suffered in a seemingly endless number of foster homes, the kindness and love he found purely by chance at the Walker Ranch, and the beginning of his education.

Josiah was at first amused by the idea of writing about his life, but one evening he sat down at his computer and tried to think how to begin. Brian was in another room when he suddenly heard a terrible crash coming from the bedroom where they kept the computer. Brian ran in and found the desk lamp and several books and notebooks lying on the floor where Josiah had thrown them. Josiah was lying on the bed crying.

"My God, Josiah, what's the matter?" said Brian as he sat on the side of the bed.

"I can't do it. I don't know why you asked me to," sobbed Josiah.

"You can't do what?"

"I can't write about myself. I hate what happened to me. I hate my mother, who just left me under some bushes to die. Can you imagine doing that to a baby? I hate her for that."

Brian lay down next to Josiah and took him into his arms. "Oh, Josiah, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked you to write about it. It was a terrible thing, and I shouldn't have asked you to think about what happened."

"No, Brian," said Josiah through his tears. "It's not really your fault. I've just never thought about it until I sat down and tried to write about it."

"Well, just try not to think about it anymore," said Brian as he pushed Josiah's hair from his forehead and tried to kiss away the tears from Josiah's cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Brian."

"It's okay to cry, Josiah," said Brian. "I've cried many times over the pain I have felt in my own life. It's okay, Josiah. It's okay."

They lay for a long time on the bed with Brian caressing Josiah's head and neck and gently rubbing his back. Soon, Josiah was asleep. Brian pulled the spread up over Josiah, turned off the light, and tip-toed out.

The next afternoon, Caleb and Steve drove over to the Honda dealership to pick up Steve's new car. Then Steve drove back to Caleb's apartment, where Caleb parked his own car. From there, they drove in Steve's car back to the ranch to pick up Steve's things. When they arrived, Tony and Clayton ran out to meet them and to admire the shiny new car.

Jake came out of the barn and ambled over to see for himself. "When the fuck did you get this, Steve?" drawled Jake. "This makes all our other cars around here look like a bunch of fuckin' wrecks."

Steve and Caleb went into the house, where Caleb began helping Steve pack up his things. When he heard his father's voice, Noah came into the room. "What's going on?" he said.

"Hi, Noah," said Caleb, taking Noah in his arms and kissing him. "Steve is going to come and live with me since it appears he might be working over there in Goliad."

Noah said nothing and simply sat in a chair with no expression on his face. Caleb could see that something was bothering Noah and knelt down beside the chair and took Noah's hand. "Noah. Son. Does it bother you that Steve will be living with me?"

"I don't know."

"Oh, come on, Noah. Tell me. What's wrong?" Caleb said gently.

Noah looked at his father and said, "Am I ever going to see you again?"

Caleb reached over and put his arms around his son and kissed him on the cheek. "Noah, nothing's going to keep you and me apart. Nothing's going to change. You and I can be together anytime we want to. You have Ricky, Noah. But for me, living in that apartment all alone can get pretty lonely. You can understand that, can't you?"

"I guess so," said Noah.

"I'll tell you what, Noah. I'll have you and Ricky over to my place one night, and I'll fix dinner for the four of us. How would that be?"

Noah looked at his father with a faint smile and said, "Tombstone again, I'll bet. Right?"

"Right!" said Caleb. "You read my mind!"

Steve said, "Noah, your dad cooks the best Tombstone Pizza I ever had, bar none!"

"Okay, Dad. That'll be great. I'll go tell Ricky," said Noah. Then pausing at the door, he added, "I'm sorry, Dad. I understand. I really do. See you later, Steve."

After Noah ran out, Steve said, "He is such a nice kid, Caleb. I just feel I want to hug him. You are so lucky to have a son like that. I never had any kids. I wonder if I would have stayed in the marriage if I had."

"It's very likely you would have, Steve," said Caleb. "But then again if you'd had a wife like mine, you probably would have left if you could get custody of your kids." Then after a moment of silence, Caleb said, "This may seem like a strange thing to say, but in a way, we could consider Noah as our son."

"Oh, I don't think so, Caleb. I'm very fond of Noah, and maybe in time he might think of me as his Uncle Steve. But he'll always be your son."

When Steve was all packed up and ready to go, he told Caleb that he was going to go and find Michael to tell him that he was moving. He found Michael in his office. "Michael, I just wanted to tell you that I'm moving in with Caleb over in Goliad. I'm all packed and ready to go. Caleb's waiting for me in the car. Michael, I know what you did. You know, inviting Caleb over to dinner that night and surprising me. I owe you one for that. They don't come any better than you, Michael."

Michael got up and came around the desk to give Steve a big hug. "I'm really very glad that you two are getting together. I'm glad for both of you. Caleb is a dear old friend of mine, and I couldn't wish anything better for him than to have you there with him. You're a super guy, Steve. If I can ever do anything for you, you just have to pick up the phone. Actually, I expect to see both you and Caleb back here on the ranch a lot. You're both kind of part of the family, you know, especially with Noah living here."

They hugged tightly for a long time. Then Michael reached down and took hold of both of Steve's ass cheeks. "I hope you'll excuse me, Steve. I just had to do that. I've been watching those two rounds orbs walking around here enough. And now that you're leaving, I just thought I'd do what I've been tempted to do ever since you came here."

Steve said with a laugh, "I'll excuse you, Michael, if you'll likewise excuse me." Steve went one step further and pushed his hands down inside of the back of Michael's pants and squeezed his bare cheeks. "I guess one good squeeze deserves another, Michael," said Steve.

Then Michael said, "Well, I can't let you get away with that," as he thrust his own hands down inside of Steve's pants.

As they walked out on the back verandah, Michael waved to Caleb and giving Steve one last kiss, said, "You and Caleb be sure to come on back here often. You hear? You're always welcome."

After Caleb and Steve drove away, Michael and Jeff spent the lunch hour planning their sightseeing in San Antonio. They were all packed and would be driving up to the city right after lunch. It was a hot day in late June, and they decided to wear only shorts and t-shirts. After putting their suitcases in the car, Michael walked over to the barn to find Jake and tell him that he would be in charge of the place while they were gone. He wasn't in the barn, so Michael walked over to Jake's room and knocked.

The door opened just a crack allowing Michael to see Jake with no shirt on. Jake was not visible below the waist. "Oh, Jake, I thought you'd be working in the barn. I just wanted to tell you that Jeff and I are off now for San Antonio and that you'll be in charge.

"Oh sure," said Jake. "I jist was feelin' like shit today and had to lie down fer awhile."

As Jake let the door slip open just a few more inches, Michael could see Luke lying naked on Jake's bed. Michael said with a smile, "Well, Jake, I hope you're feeling better now. A good fuck always gets us back on track, doesn't it?"

Jake realized that Michael knew what was going on. "Aw shit, Michael. Ya have to git it when ya can, ya know. I hope ya don't mind. This fucker loves to fuck and I've been after him a long time fer a little piece of that pretty ass of his. And the time was right, and so I done it."

"That's okay, Jake," said Michael as he reached in and squeezed one of Jake's nipples. "I understand. You've got to get it when you can. I'll see you late Sunday afternoon."

As they drove off, Michael said, "Well, Jeff, good old Jake's in his room fucking with Luke. At first he didn't want me to know, but he realized I could see what was going on. Poor Jake. Ever since Enrique moved out of his room, Jake's been at kind of loose ends. But I never thought that he and Luke would ever get it on. I always heard that Luke liked the younger ones."

Jeff said, "Yeah, but we both know that Jake has a way about him. He's able to charm just about anybody into his bed. Has he ever gotten you into his bed, Dad?"

"No, he hasn't. But when I was a kid, he and I used to go up there on the knoll and jerk off together. His was the only really man-sized cock I ever saw then, and I was fascinated to watch him shoot that huge load of his."

"I've never been with him, either," said Jeff. "You know, Dad, Jake's sixty-second birthday is coming up in August. Maybe we ought to take him to bed with the two of us as a big birthday present for him. He'd love it, and we'd be able to find out first-hand why everybody thinks he so great in bed."

"Jeff, let's think about that one. Glad you thought of his birthday. That might just be a great experience!"

Just before getting to Floresville, about half-way to San Antonio, Michael said, "I'm going to pull in here at this rest stop. I have to pee really bad. Look at all the semis parked here, Jeff. It's the middle of the day. They should all be out on the road this time of day."

As Michael and Jeff entered the restroom, they found one young man standing at the center one of three urinals. He was a slender and under-fed looking person, who looked to be a teenager, dressed only in a pair of very short shorts.

As they stood at the urinals on either side of him, the boy said, "Are you guys truckers?"

"No, we're not," said Jeff.

"Well, I didn't think so. I haven't seen you around here before," said the young man. "What are you doing here? This isn't your territory."

"Territory?" said Michael quizzically.

"Yeah, this is my territory. You'd better keep driving and find another place. Them drivers out there are my customers. They come here for me, and I don't want any strangers coming in and butting into my business."

"Wait a minute," said Jeff, as he zipped up. "You mean you're fucking all these drivers?"

"No, stupid. It's MY ass they want. I take all the cocks they can give me, and the money they pay me is mine. So I'd appreciate it if you guys would clear out of here and don't nuzzle into my territory."

Michael asked, "What your name, son?"

"They call me Jumper," said the boy.

"What kind of a name is that," said Jeff.

"I got the name Jumper out here because they tell me I'm here to jump-start their batteries for them when they need it. It started when one of the drivers a while back told me to get on my back and show him my asshole so he could jump-start his battery."

Jeff smiled and said, "Well that's the first time I've ever heard fucking a guy referred to as jump-starting his battery."

"Well, Jeff," said Michael. "I guess that's trucker talk!"

Jeff and Michael looked at each other in amazement as they walked out. Jeff said, "That kid is getting fucked by all these drivers. Can you beat that!"

As they walked slowly back to their car, Jumper emerged from the restroom and went directly to one of the trucks. The driver got out, and the two of them walked around the back of the truck and climbed into it, leaving one of the two back doors open. Michael and Jeff walked closer to the truck. The driver and Jumper saw them coming, but paid no attention to them.

Michael said, "It must be the way we're dressed. The driver probably thinks were also a couple of guys looking to get fucked by some rough trade."

Jeff took Michael by the hand, and they walked right up to the truck door and watched what was going on. Jumper had removed his shorts and was lying on his back with his legs up in the air. The driver looked like he must have been well over 250 pounds. When he removed his pants, and pulled up his shirt, he was covered with black hair and revealed an enormous uncircumcised cock and a pair of balls that seemed to hang down almost half-way to his knees.

The driver was heard to say, "Now, ya little fucker, you better not have anyone else's cum up yer boy pussy this time. Ya promised I'd be the first one this time. I don't like to stick my pecker into another dude's cum. I like it nice and clean. I don't mind stickin' it into a little shit up yer ass, but I don't wanna pull my cock out all covered with another fucker's cum."

"Yer the first one this afternoon, Butch, I promise," squealed Jumper.

It looked to Michael and Jeff that Butch's penis was at least nine or ten inches long, and thicker than any they had ever seen. Jeff said, "How is that skinny kid going to take that enormous pole. It'll go all the way into his stomach."

Butch didn't seem to mind having Michael and Jeff watching, and had overheard Jeff's remark. He said, "This asshole has taken my prick up his ass plenty of times. He's got a fuckin' cave inside of him with no end to it."

Just then, Butch plunged his gorged penis into the boy and started pumping furiously. "Ya like that, boy?" Butch growled. "Ya like yer little hot pussy fucked?" The boy nodded his head eagerly. Suddenly Michael and Jeff could see those enormous low hanging balls begin to pull up tight into Butch's crotch. Then with a roar, Butch shot his load up Jumper's ass. In a few minutes, he pulled his penis out and it was still dripping white cum. It reminded Michael of when he used to watch their bull fucking the cows. Sperm would still be running out of the bull's cock as he pulled out.

Butch then said, "Okay, git yer fuckin' ass outta here. Them other drivers are waitin' their turn. I hope they enjoy sticking their fuckin' dicks into my cum. Now git outta here!"

As the boy ran off to the next truck, Butch turned to Michael and Jeff and said, "You fuckers are new around here, ain't ya? I'll be by here agin tomorrow, and I'll try ya both out. I'll try yer pussies out fer size. I like good tight ones. That kid's asshole has been fucked so many times, it's like fuckin' a manhole. It's so loose, he ain't able to control nothin'. One time when I was fuckin' him, he started shitin'. And it was that real wet shit, too. I pulled my cock out, and it was covered with shit. I don't mind that so much as fuckin' in another dude's fuckin' cum. Anyway, you be here tomorrow, and if yer a really good fuck, I'll give you the five dollars instead of that other pussy boy."

"Okay, see you later, Butch," said Michael as they walked back to the car, not intending to ever return. "Jeff, that guy pays only FIVE DOLLARS! Regular prostitutes can get sometimes over TWO HUNDRED!"

"Yeah, dad. But these boys get fucked probably a couple of dozen times a day, where a prostitute might get fucked only once, if she's lucky. I'll say this, Dad. Watching that guy's oversized cock fucking that little guy's ass really got me hard."

As they sat in the car, Jumper walked up to the window and said, "Are you two queens still hangin' around here. I don't want you here. I don't like competition when I'm working. Go and find your own rest stop."

Jeff and Michael looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Jeff turned to the boy and said, "We're not any competition to you. We could be a couple of customers."

"Oh, really?" the boy said, now changing his tone of voice.

"Yeah," said Jeff. "We're not a couple of queens, as you called us. We just like to get our dicks sucked once in a while. Does it matter if we're not truckers? I can see you like those big tough macho guys with the big dicks."

"No, no. It don't matter. You want to fuck or get sucked?"

Looking over at his dad, Jeff said, "We're both hard as rocks and we're aching to get our cocks sucked."

"Okay," said the boy. "But ya gotta give me five bucks each first."

Michael took ten dollars out of his pocket and handed it over.

As Jeff lay back on the seat and pulled his pants down, he said, "You can take me first."

Still standing on the ground at the open door, the boy leaned over and sucked Jeff's penis into his mouth. As the boy swirled his tongue over Jeff's penis head and ran his lips down the full length of his penis, Jeff could see a stream of cum running down the boy's leg from under his shorts. Butch, he thought, must have left an enormous load inside that boy's gut.

Jumper knew what he was doing. It was a masterful blow job like Jeff had rarely felt. As he stiffened up, the boy sucked harder and faster until Jeff let it all explode in the boy's mouth. Jeff then got out of the car and walked over to the driver's side so that his dad could lie on the seat and let the boy suck him off. Michael was already worked up to a fever pitch just watching his son being sucked off by this boy. So almost as soon as the boy took his penis in his mouth, Michael gave out a yelp, signaling that his orgasm had started. The boy had not expected Michael to cum so soon and gulped noisily as he swallowed Michael's cum.

The boy quickly pulled off and was headed in the direction of another truck, neatly folding up his ten dollars and stuffing it in the pocket of his shorts. Michael and Jeff wiped off their penises with a towel that Michael always kept in the car for any such emergencies that should arise. Soon, with pants pulled up and back on the highway, Michael and Jeff were once again on their way.

"Jumper was a cute guy, wasn't he," said Michael. "But it's a damned shame."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, Jeff, I'm sure he gets some enjoyment getting fucked a dozen times a day by a bunch of horny truck drivers. But what a life for a young lad like that. God knows what kind of home he comes from. I'll bet he's strictly out on his own. And I'll bet there isn't anyone anywhere who gives a damn about him."

"Dad, you can't feel sorry for someone like that."

"I can," said Michael. "I can feel sorry for him. What's life worth, really, if you have no one to love you? I've seen guys like Josiah and Clayton, and even Brian. They never had anything. They're lives were once empty and useless. They didn't ever know what it was like to have someone really care for them. Now they have a home and someone who loves them and cares for them. Just ask them what it was like. Yes, I do feel sorry for Jumper. As I said, he's a cute kid and I'm sorry to see someone like that waste his life away like this."

Jeff leaned his head lightly on his father's shoulder and said, "Don't get yourself all worked up over this, Dad. There's nothing you can do about it. Remember, we're off on a holiday together and we're supposed to be having a good time."

Smiling, Michael reached over and squeezed Jeff's bare thigh. "You're right, Jeff. There's not much we can do about Jumper. We're almost there. Now you be thinking about what we should do first when we get there, okay?"

To be continued...


Posted: 09/26/08