My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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Dan said, "Well, I think what you heard is right."

"Tony, how about letting us take a couple of cups of coffee with us," said Steve. "We're going to go out and sit on the front verandah so we can talk."

"Hey, you guys, you just go on. I'll bring it out to you."


Chapter 39 

Steve and Dan went on through the house and out onto the front verandah. Very soon, Tony arrived with a tray containing a full pot of coffee and a plate of freshly baked sticky pecan rolls. "Enjoy, you guys!" said Tony as he dropped napkins in their laps with a flourish.

"That looks terrific, Tony," said Dan. "But we just had a big breakfast."

"Don't argue. Just eat. Appetites are big out here on the ranch. It's this wonderful fresh air that blows in over the rangeland."

As Tony scurried back to his kitchen to finish his work, Steve took a big bite of a pecan roll. "I make these back home sometimes. And I would say that Tony's rolls are just about as good as mine."

"Are you a cook?" asked Dan.

"Well, yes, in a way. I've always been a gourmand, and in recent years, I think I've become a bit of a goumet also."

Steve and Dan ate quietly and, as they sipped their coffee, they looked out over the seemingly endless stretch of land before them. After awhile, Dan looked at Steve and broke the silence. "Have you always worn glasses?"

"Well, for many years I have."

Still looking at Steve, Dan said quietly, "Would you take them off for a minute?"


Dan smiled and said, "Steve, you have kind eyes."

"Kind?" said Steve, a bit embarrassed, but flattered.

"You know, my dad had kind eyes, but the trouble was he never much looked at me. I always kind of wanted him to look at me with those eyes and say he was proud of me. But . . . I don't know . . . that really never happened. We didn't get on too well.

"What was the matter?"

"Oh, nothing really. We just didn't have much of a father-and-son relationship. I guess that was okay. I had my friends, so I really didn't miss it."

Steve put his glasses back on, and they both stared again out over the countryside. Soon Steve said, "You heard what Tony said about Luke. Was he really . . . you know . . . was he really like Tony said?"

Dan answered with a question. "Did you mean it when you said you wished you could have been with us last night?"

"Sure I did. Dan, let's be honest with each other. I know you have a girlfriend and a baby and all that. But, at the same time, whatever you did with Luke, it seemed to me like you enjoyed it. Be honest with me, Dan. You may not know it, but I've been around the block a few times. And I meant it when I said I wished I was with you both last night."

"But you're married," said Dan.

"Yeah, and you've got a girlfriend and a baby. So? We're pretty much in the same boat, aren't we?" Steve reached over and took Dan's hand. "Please, Dan, I like you a lot. We have a lot of things that you and I can talk about. We have a lot in common. Don't you think we do?"

Dan sat quietly for awhile and then said, "I guess I could use someone to talk to. I told you that I separated myself from my girlfriend. I'm just so fucking confused about a lot of things. You know, what happened the last few nights with Luke wasn't the first time I ever . . . you know . . . was with a guy. A couple of times back home, even after our baby was born, I found myself looking at some guys . . . in that way."

"Like you were attracted to them?" prompted Steve.

"Yeah. It's real strange. I was attracted to my girlfriend, too. But I had the same feeling about a guy I met. He asked me to come up to his apartment. I really wanted to. He somehow just made me so excited. So I went. We kissed and we did some sucking and jerked off. And then I saw him a few more times, and I liked him a lot. There were a couple of other guys, too. I just felt that as long as I had these feelings, I just couldn't give my life over to my girlfriend . . . just like that. That's one reason I left. I'm just looking around to see what I should do.

"And you had a good time with Luke, too."

"Steve, I've never had an experience like that. He . . . well . . . he . . ."

"He fucked you, didn't he?"

"Yeah, man. And it was pretty great. I always kind of felt a sort of physical superiority over my girlfriend when I had sex with her. But with Luke, he dominated me. He was gentle, but he was strong and powerful. I just kind of gave myself totally to him, and it felt good. I kind of felt like a helpless bag of bones in his hands. And when he entered me, I wanted to give myself completely to him and let him take total control of me. Can you understand what I'm trying to say? Have you ever had that feeling . . . you know . . . with a guy?"

Still holding onto his hand, Steve looked into Dan's eyes. He thought that if he had had a son, he wished he could be just like Dan. Dan obviously needed some help to sort things out. Steve at that moment had an almost uncontrollable urge to take Dan in his arms and call him "son," and be the all-knowing father, dispensing sage advice on sex and sexuality to his confused son, and . . . .

'My God,' Steve suddenly thought to himself. 'Do I want to be his father, or do I want to be his lover? Oh, yeah! I want to be his lover so badly. Maybe I could be both. Oh, shit, I guess I need to sort a few things out myself.'

Dan liked the feel of his hand in Steve's. He thought to himself, 'I wish he would hug me. Right now, I'd love to lean over and put my head against his chest, or on his lap. I don't want him to think badly of me, though. Oh, jeese, I just wish he'd hug me.'

Just then, Jake came around the corner of the house and up onto the verandah. "Okay, you guys, I promised I was gonna take ya both on a tour of this fuckin' ranch. I got some free time right now. How 'bout we head out now in the fuckin' Jeep, and I'll give ya the grand tour. By the way, I hope ya don't mind me askin', but are you two asshole buddies?"


"Ya know, are ya fuckin' partners? I seen ya holdin' hands there. Don't mean to embarrass ya or nothin'. There ain't nothin' wrong with that. Just wonderin'.

Dan said, "Well, I don't know. We're . . . ."

Steve interrupted, "Well, yeah. You might say . . . that's what we are."

Jake started chuckling under his breath as they headed over to the jeep.

On the morning after Caleb Phillips had made the confession to his son, Noah, of his own homosexuality, Caleb was on the edge of being terrified to meet Noah at the breakfast table. He knew that news like this often could not stand the light of day, so to speak. As he sat at the kitchen table reading his paper, he could see through the corner of his eye that Noah had finally come down.

"Good morning, Dad! Anything new in the paper today?"

Caleb felt abject relief that Noah was not showing any kind of strain from what he had learned the night before. "Nothing much, Noah. Here, I'll leave the paper with you. I'm due in court today, and I'm running a little late. I'll see you later."

As Caleb went for the door and gathered up his briefcase, Noah got up and followed him. Throwing his arms around his dad, he said, "I love you, Dad. Knock 'em dead in court today!"

All Caleb could say as he hugged Noah back was "Oh, Noah. You're the best. See you tonight!"

Noah's mother sat at the table with a defiant look on her face. "Well? Are you going to say 'Good Morning' to me? You slobber all over your father, but I don't get so much as a nod. I suppose your father backed off last night and said it was okay for you to be playing around with that Mexican."

Noah said nothing, but continued to eat his cereal in silence.

"It's just like your father," she growled. "No backbone."

"Mom, stop talking like that," Noah finally said. "Dad and I had a good serious talk. We talked about a lot of things that were just between us." Pushing his chair back, he said, "I have to go and catch the school bus now, or I'll be late."

That night, Noah finished his homework and went to bed at about ten o'clock. He lay there thinking about Ricky. He had seen Ricky at school and told him that no matter what his mother had said, they would continue to see each other somehow. He thought about his father, and what a strange new feeling of closeness he now felt for him. He could tell that his father had been worried about having revealed his feelings the night before. At about eleven o'clock, he heard his dad go into his own room and close the door.

Noah had to see his dad. They still had so much to talk about. Getting up, and wearing only his briefs, he went down the hall and gently knocked on his dad's door. When there was no answer, he opened the door slowly and saw his dad lying in bed with the sheet pulled up to his waist.

"Dad, can I talk to you?"

"Noah! Come in, please! Of course you can talk to me. Anytime. Be sure to close the door."

"Can I lie down with you like we did last night?"

"Of course," said Caleb, holding up one side of the sheet so Noah could slide in under.

Noah slipped into bed with his dad and pressed his leg tightly against his dad's leg. Throwing the sheet down off of them, Noah said, "Look at our legs, Dad. My legs look so skinny next to yours. But I'm trying to work hard in the pool almost every day so that my legs will get as strong and handsome as yours."

Caleb reached down and ran his hand over Noah's leg, pulling lightly on some of the blond hair that was now growing on his legs. "Noah, look at those muscles in your legs. They're developing more and more every day. I can actually see a change in them from one week to the next. Noah, you're a talented swimmer, and you're going to be a champion, too."

Bringing his hands up and running them over the upper part of Noah's body, he said, "And your chest and arms are developing so well, too."

Looking into his father's eyes, Noah whispered, "I'm so happy, Dad. Could you hug me real tight."

Caleb rolled over on his side and pulled Noah close so that their bodies were pressed very close together. Caleb was wearing boxers, but Noah could feel against his thigh that his father's penis was now very hard. Caleb could also feel Noah's erection against his own body.

"You know, Dad, I didn't let on last night, but I was awake when you kissed me on the lips. I know you thought I was asleep. Would you kiss me again, Dad? I thought about that all day today, and I . . . ."

Caleb took hold of his son's head gently between his two hands and pressed his lips very softly against Noah's. He then ran the tip of his tongue very lightly over Noah's lips, causing him to feel Noah's hard penis bobbing wildly against his body. Slowly, they began to search and explore each other's mouth with their tongues. Caleb ran his hands down inside the back of his son's briefs and cupped Noah's firm little ass cheeks very tightly. Noah began to do the same thing and ran his hands over his father's buns that he found were covered with a soft layer of hair. The feel of his father's ass cheeks and the moist warmth that he felt on his fingers as he ran them deeply through the thicket of hair in his father's ass crack was so erotic.

"You can pull them down, Noah."


"While you have your hands in there, you can pull down my boxers. I think you can tell I need to let my penis get free."

As he pulled them down, Noah said, "And the same goes for me. You can pull mine off, too."

As Caleb and his son lay completely naked next to each other, they explored each other's crotches with their hands. Even at the age of sixteen, Noah had a man-sized cock that looked almost like the twin of his father's. They fondled each other's balls and began to stroke each other's gorged penises. After only a minute or two, Caleb could feel his son's penis begin to increase in size and hardness and watched as Noah's leg muscles began to tense and ripple. Noah then gave out a short cry and his sperm shot up in several long streams and fell down all over his father's hand. Just having his son's sperm on his hand sent Caleb plunging deeply into his own orgasm. His sperm, likewise, sprayed all over his son's hand and arm.

Breathless, both father and son lay flat on their backs, still holding onto each other's wilting penis. After a long while, Caleb said, "I couldn't help it, Noah. I hope you're okay with this."

Lifting his hand to his mouth, Noah licked off as much of his father's sperm as he could. "I love you, Dad. What we did, I want to do again and again for the rest of our lives."

Caleb lifted his own hand to his mouth and licked up his son's sperm into his mouth. "I'm so glad, Noah. I want to do the same thing."

Caleb got up and went to the bathroom. He brought back two warm wet washcloths and towels. As they lay there cleaning themselves, Caleb said, "Noah, I know that you're very close to Ricky. Have the two of you ever gotten together like this?"

Yes, we have. Several times. Would you think I'm really terrible if I told you that we . . . uh . . . we . . . well fucked. I hope you don't mind that I used that word. I know it's a dirty word, and I don't know what else to call it."

"No, of course I don't mind. All guys use that word. Fucking is what it is, and we might as well call it what it is. So you really are into it in a heavy way with Ricky, huh? You know, Ricky's pretty experienced. So I hope you . . . ."

"Yeah, Dad, we used condoms."

"Good. You probably didn't know this, Noah, but I'm an old friend of Michael Walker's. He's a little older than me, but he and I and a couple of other guys learned how to jack off together when we were kids going to Goliad High School."

"Did you ever . . . you know . . . fuck each other?" Noah asked.

"Yep. We were each our first fuck, too. Michael and I haven't seen each other in years, though, even though we don't live that far from each other. We both got married, but he moved to another town. Then, several years ago I'd heard that he had come back to the ranch to run it after his father, that old bastard they called Ol' Ben died. But Michael and I just never got around to getting back together. I'd like to see him again, though."

"Tell me, Dad," said Noah as he reached over and gently pinched one of his father's nipples. "I know I shouldn't ask this . . . and you told me there's no other word for it . . . but was Michael a good fuck?"

Caleb laughed and said, "Well, Noah, your first time is often the one you remember the best. Yeah, he was a good fuck. And he might have been the best."

"Does that mean you fucked other guys, Dad."

"Well, what is this, Noah? True confessions time?"

"Yeah! I want to know your whole life's story."

"Okay, yeah, I fuck other guys, and before you ask, yeah, I get fucked by other guys. I love it, Noah. Your mother and I haven't fucked in years. She won't let me close to her. Not that I want to get close to her anymore."

Leaning up on one elbow, Noah looked down on his father's face. "You know, I would have liked to be a little fly on the wall and watched you fuck Mom. Did you do it in a lot of different ways?"

"Only two ways, mainly. Sometimes from the front, and sometimes from the back, doggy-fashion. Oh, and once in a while really early on I would lie on my back and she would lower herself down and suck my penis right on up into her pussy."


Sitting up, Caleb said, "I think you'd better go on back to your own room. We don't want to be caught like this in the morning."

Noah also sat up and leaned over and kissed his dad very deeply. "I love you, Dad. I can't tell you how happy I am. I don't ever want to be apart from you."

The next morning, Caleb and Noah once again said goodbye to each other at the door with a hug and, this time, with a long open-mouthed kiss. When Noah returned to the breakfast table, his mother was wringing her hands, looking as though she were beside herself.

"Is that what you do now with your father?"


"I saw you and your father kissing like you were married to each other . . . like you were two lovers." Slamming her hand down on the table, making the silverware bounce, she screamed, "What is going on? First it's you and your queer Mexican friend, and now you and your father are acting like you're both a couple of fairies. I don't like this, Noah! Tell me what's going on!"

Noah was afraid to get into a discussion with his mother over this. Getting up from the table, he said, "Mom, nothing's going on. Whatever's bothering you, you can talk to dad about. You've already talked to him about me and Ricky. Don't talk to me, talk to him!"

Noah ran upstairs, brushed his teeth, grabbed his book bag and came down and raced out of the door without a word to his mother. When she heard the door slam, she went into a rage and picked up Noah's breakfast dishes and threw them against wall, smashing them into small pieces.

Later that night, after his mother had gone to her room to sleep, Noah crept back into his father's room and crawled into bed with him.

"Dad, I didn't have a chance to tell you after you came home tonight, because mom was always around us, that she saw us kissing before you left. She got very angry with me and she accused us of something going on."

"Well, Noah," said Caleb, "I'm going to be moving out shortly while the divorce proceedings are in progress. Then she can't bother us."

Caleb had no underwear on this time, and Noah removed his before getting in with his dad. Caleb pulled Noah close to him and they kissed very deeply. Then Caleb brought his tongue down slowly over his son's chin, his neck, and down over his chest, where he swirled it around over Noah's nipples. Noah didn't want to make any noise, but couldn't help moaning softly as he felt his father's tongue running down over his stomach, into his navel and down over the strip of light downy hair that extended from his navel into his pubic hair. While Caleb gently fondled his son's balls, he ran his tongue over and around the head of his gorged penis and then down over the full length of the shaft, feeling the hard veins that encircled it on his tongue.

Sucking the full length of his son's hard penis into his mouth and throat, Caleb began pumping it in and out vigorously. Noah had his hands on his father's strong, broad shoulders, squeezing them hard. Soon, Caleb could feel Noah's penis head enlarging inside his mouth and, as the warm flow of his son's sperm flooded his mouth, Noah cried out.

Just then, the door flew open and there was Margery Phillips standing at the foot of the bed with something in her hand. Noah lifted his head quickly and saw that his mother had a gun.

"You bastards!" she screamed. "Eighteen years after I get married, I find that my husband is a damned queer! And I find out I've got a fairy for a son. You're both useless, miserable pieces of trash!"

As she aimed the gun at the bed, Caleb rolled over on his back, sperm running out of the side of his mouth. And as Noah yelled, "Mom, what the Hell are you doing," a shot rang out and Caleb clutched his shoulder. Margery dropped the gun on the floor and ran out of the room and into her own bedroom, locking the door behind her.

"Dad!" yelled Noah. As he jumped out of bed, he could see dark red blood beginning to ooze out around the fingers of his father's hand as he clutched his shoulder. Noah grabbed a towel which they had handy for cleanup and told his dad to press it tightly against his shoulder. Then, still naked, Noah ran downstairs and called 911. Back upstairs, Noah threw on some clothes and helped his dad get back into his boxers and a pair of long pants. Fire Rescue arrived very quickly and, after applying a compression bandage to the wound, raced Caleb off to the emergency room. Noah rode along with them. On the way, they notified police by radio that there had been an attempted homicide.

The police were told that Mrs. Phillips, the "alleged" shooter had locked herself in one of the bedrooms. When they arrived at the house, they took her into custody and brought her to the police station. Two detectives stayed at the house for several hours surveying the scene and retrieving the weapon.

Luckily, it was determined that Caleb's shoulder wound was not serious. A surgeon was easily able to remove the bullet and dress the wound. Because Caleb appeared to be in a slight state of shock, the doctor ordered that he be kept overnight at the hospital. Noah sat in a chair by his father's bed and stayed with him for the rest of the night. Caleb had been sedated and did not appear to be aware that his son was there. Noah held onto his father's hand. His eyes were flooded with tears as he looked into his father's sleeping face. He blamed himself. If it were not for him, his father would not be lying here now.

Caleb was still sleeping when the breakfast tray came around. The nurse told Noah that his father was quite heavily sedated, and that he would probably wake up within the next hour or two. Noah took this opportunity to call Ricky at the ranch and tell him what happened. Ricky was just about to leave for school, but was able to talk Jake into driving him to the hospital and letting him skip school that day. On the drive into town, Enrique told Jake about what good friends he and Noah were. He did not, however, tell Jake about their sexual relationship.

When Enrique and Jake walked into the hospital room, Caleb was awake and eating his breakfast. He and Noah explained that the mother had shot Caleb, but they said nothing about what Caleb and Noah were doing at the time, or what motivated Margery to do what she did.

Caleb said, "You know, Margery and I were in the process of getting a divorce. I was going to move out shortly. But now, I don't want to go back to that house. I want to find a place somewhere else right away.

Enrique looked at Jake and said, "Jake, why can't they come and stay at the ranch. We can take good care of them. And besides, Noah and I can go to school together every morning."

Jake said, "Well, that's really a good fuckin' idea. But you know, we'd have to have Michael and Karl agree to it."

Caleb said, "Really, I don't want to put anybody out over this. I would like to see Michael Walker again sometime, though. I was telling Noah that Michael and I were big friends when we were kids and were going to high school here together."

Jake said, "Well then, we gotta git you two together sometime. When I go back, I'll talk to him and Karl about gitten you two out there. The nurse said yer gitten thrown outta this fuckin' place later today. So I'll see what I can do. And if ya want, I'll try to find out when yer wife will be havin' her fuckin' arraignment.

Later that day, Jake called Caleb and said that they have a large guest room all set up at the ranch for him and Noah, and that Michael is thrilled to be able to help out his old school buddy. Then asking to speak to Noah, Jake asked about transportation.

"Noah, do ya want me to come and git ya in the fuckin' jeep, or do you have a car there?"

"Jake, my mom and dad's cars are at the house. And I've only got a learner's permit. So I can't really drive. Could you come and get me and Dad? Oh, and another thing, the police were in here after you left and asked us a lot of questions. It got kind of embarrassing. I'll tell you about that when we see you. Also, they want me to go down to the police station tomorrow morning for more questioning."

"Okay, Noah. I'll be there to pick yous up in less than an hour"

Jeff and Paul had just driven back to the ranch and were going to spend a couple of days there. Michael told Jeff that one of his old school friends and his son were coming to stay with them for awhile. He told him about the shooting, as well as how he and Caleb were each other's first sexual partners when they were kids.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing him again," said Michael. "I understand that his son is a close friend of Enrique. Enrique admitted to me that he and the son have gotten it on together several times. I wonder if Caleb knows about that"

"Well, I think more important," said Jeff, "does Jake know about that!"

After Jake had completed his guided tour of the ranch for Steve and Dan, he delivered them back to the house just in time for supper. Once again, Luke and Dan sat together in the dining hall, with Steve eventually joining them. They spent the whole time talking about the ranch and what Steve and Dan saw that afternoon. After supper, Steve went back to the house, and Luke and Dan went back to Luke's room. Luke had taken his shower before supper, but Dan had not returned from the tour in time to take his. Without saying anything, Luke sat down and began reading in a book that had been lying open since Dan had moved in.

After a few minutes, Luke said, "I know you haven't had a chance to git cleaned up. You can go ahead and take yer shower now if you want to."

"Okay, in a few minutes," said Dan. "But I'd like to ask you something. You know that Steve and I are from the same part of the country back East. And you know we've become pretty good friends in the last few days. He knows that you and I get along pretty good, too. I think he might like to spend more time with us both. Maybe he could come and see us here at the room sometimes."

Luke put down his book and looked at Dan. "Well, maybe. Does he like to get fucked?"

Dan didn't at all expect that kind of response. "I don't know Luke. Do you want to fuck him?"

"Sure, if he's got as cute an ass as you've got."

Dan looked at Luke and began to be just a bit puzzled. "Luke, I'd like to fuck you, too, sometime."

"No way!" Luke shot back. "I don't get fucked. I do the fucking, and the tighter the hole the better. Fucking your tight little bung hole beats jerkin' off all the time."

"You don't like getting fucked?" said Dan.

"Of course not. I'm not that kind of a player."

"What do you mean, you're not that kind of a player?"

"I just like to fuck, that's all. I want to fuck a good tight hole, that's all."

Dan stopped to think for a minute. "Do you like to fuck women?"

"Sure. But we don't git much opportunity for that out here. And the cunts in Goliad are all a bunch of dirty whores. They've been fucked so much by Saturday night ranch jockeys that their pussies are stretched so much you could drive a truck into 'em."

"Oh, I see," said Dan. "You don't have any particular sexual feeling for me when you fuck me, you just like how tight my asshole is."

"Yeah, you could say that."

"And if Steve could give you a good tight fuck, you'd fuck him, too."

"Yeah, sure. Does he want to get fucked? If so, ask him over."

"I think you need to approach him yourself about that."

"Okay. Now are you going to take that shower and get that little pink pucker of yours scrubbed clean for me?

"I don't know, Luke. I don't think I really feel like getting fucked again."

"Aw, come on, little guy. I sure as Hell ain't gonna rape you. But what would you say if I let you tongue fuck me a little before I screw you. Would you like that? You'd go for that, wouldn't you? I don't mean really fuck me. I just mean kind of tickle my asshole with your tongue. That kind of gits me hot."

"Well, I've never done that before, but . . . maybe I could do that." Dan began feeling like one of Luke's Goliad street whores. He thought, 'Here's this big horny cowboy paying me off by condescending to let me lick his asshole. What makes this guy think that I'm so hot to tongue-fuck him?' But the thought of being able to bury his face in that secret deep, dark channel that ran between Luke's ass cheeks was indeed something that brought a sort of frenzied excitement over him.

Dan went ahead and stripped down and stepped into the shower. He was aware, as he had been before, that Luke was sitting out in the room staring at him . . . at his ass, specifically. When he finished and while he was drying himself, Dan bravely and with as much authority as he could muster up, said, "Okay, Luke. A deal's a deal. Get out of those clothes and get over on your stomach."

Luke stripped down completely, except, of course, for his boots, and then lay down flat on his stomach. Looking down at him, Dan said, "Now, pull up your knees just a little so your ass is sticking a little bit up in the air." Luke did as he was told, with a little bit of a chuckle.

Dan spread Luke's legs just a bit so he could lie down between them and get his face into position. The odor of Luke's crotch was a moist muskiness that sent Dan into an erotic euphoria. As he lowered his face onto the firm round ass cheeks before him, he spread the cheeks slightly with his hands so that he his tongue could find it's way farther into the depths of this mysterious, unknown region. Luke's ass trench was packed with a snarl of black hair, which felt so good on Dan's tongue as he tried to weave it through this jungle to the treasure spot. He began flooding Luke's ass crack with saliva. And without warning, the tip of his tongue was touching the sweet tasting ridges of Luke's pucker. Luke's chuckling had stopped and, as Dan ran his tongue over the pucker, he could feel Luke's asshole begin to clench and unclench strongly.

'Ah,' Dan thought. 'I'm having an effect on this man.' As he pushed with his tongue, the resistance just seemed to be too much. Luke's hole, even though it was clenching and unclenching seemed as though it would never open to Dan's tongue. But all of a sudden, Luke's asshole relaxed enough where Dan could feel the tip of his tongue slip in. Luke's asshole was still biting down on his tongue, but it was not pushing it out. Dan could now hear a slight moaning sound coming out of Luke's mouth.

Dan thought he could go even deeper into the rectum if only his tongue were longer. So as not to let Luke know what he was doing, Dan carefully brought his finger into Luke's ass crack and very smoothly slipped it into the hole in place of his tongue. He was able to push his finger in all the way. He could tell that Luke now had his eyes closed and was breathing heavily with a very soft purring sound coming out of his throat. Very carefully, Dan then slipped in two fingers, then three. Luke began humping his hips very slightly, and his moans became a little more frequent and more urgent. Soon, Dan was able to put in all four of his fingers and knuckles up to where his thumb joined his hand. He could feel what he was sure was Luke's prostate. He fucked Luke with his hand harder and harder and faster and faster. Luke was now humping with great vigor and was crying out now as though he were going through a continuous, never-ending orgasm.

All of a sudden, Dan could feel the muscles inside of Luke cramping tightly over and over again, forcing out all of Luke's sperm onto the bed . His hips were now high enough where his penis was about four inches above the bed. Dan could watch the ropes of thick sperm as they shot out on to the bed below. The involuntary humping continued for awhile after the last drops of sperm had dripped from Luke's penis.

Soon, all the tensed muscles in Luke's body began to relax, and his body sank down flat on the bed. He kept his eyes closed and lay there for a long time, breathing heavily. Dan finally pulled his fingers out of Luke's asshole, and sat next to Luke looking into his face. Eventually, Luke opened one eye and looked at Dan.

Dan looked down at him with a smile and said, "You don't quite know what to say, now, do you?"

"Nope," said Luke with a slight smile spreading over his face.

"Getting fucked isn't so bad now, is it?" said Dan in a whisper.

With his eyes closed again, Luke responded, "Nope. Not so bad. You've got a really big cock, you know that?"

Realizing that Luke thought he had been fucked with his cock, Dan said simply, "So I've been told."

Then looking down at this beauty who looked as though he wanted to drift off to sleep, Dan said with a smile, "I guess since you shot such a great load here, I'm not going to get a load shot up my ass tonight, am I?"


Dan didn't mind. He felt as though he had won some sort of a great victory that night. David slew Goliath! The giant has been brought to his knees! Literally! He could hardly wait to tell Steve what happened. Lying down next to Luke, with one leg thrown over the small of Luke's back, he stroked himself into an orgasm that almost seemed like no other he had ever had. As he felt himself cumming he quickly jumped up on his knees and blew his sperm all over those beautiful ass cheeks that stared up at him from Luke's backside. Then leaning over, he carefully cleaned off every drop with his tongue. Then once again spreading Luke's ass cheeks, Dan looked down into the depths of the chasm and, seeing the now rather red pucker staring up at him, said, "Well, little hole, we really fooled your owner tonight, didn't we!"

When Caleb and Noah Phillips arrived at the ranch, Michael was out in the yard to meet them. Caleb climbed out of the jeep with his arm in a sling. He looked about for Michael, and then caught sight of him. Michael ran to Caleb, and threw his arms around him. Without thinking they kissed each other on the mouth.

"Oh, Caleb, it's been so long. You've hardly changed. I'm so sorry to hear what has happened. And this is your son, Noah! I'm so glad to meet you. You're as good looking as your dad. Ricky has told me what good friends you guys are. Come on in the house. We have a guest room all set up for the two of you. You're welcome to stay as long as you want to. Tony's set up a special dinner for us out on the front verandah. But, Caleb, I know you've been through a lot, and you must be tired. Would you like to go and lie down for awhile and rest a little bit before dinner?"

"I don't think so, Michael. I'm feeling pretty good right now. But I'll probably want to get to bed fairly early tonight."

"Well, okay, great." Taking Caleb by the arm, Michael walked him out to the verandah. "What would you like to drink, Caleb? We've got everything."

"Oh, just a little Scotch and water, please."

Karl laughed, "That's also Michael's favorite drink. You guys go ahead and sit down. I know you have a lot to talk about. I'll go in and fix the drinks. What will you have Noah?"

"I'll just have a Pepsi, please."

Looking around, Caleb said, "Well, Michael, I haven't been out here on the Walker Ranch since we were boys. It looks a lot like I remember it. I noticed when we drove in here, the old woodshed is gone. Remember, we used to go out there and . . . you know . . . he he."

Michael glanced at Noah with a little bit of alarm.

"Oh, that's okay, Michael. I've told Noah all about what you and I used to do, and that the first time we did anything, it was with each other."

"Well, that old woodshed got blown away in a tornado we had a couple of years ago. And Noah, your dad's right. There were a lot of memories he and I share from our days hiding in that woodshed as boys."

After Karl brought out the drinks, Michael raised his glass in a toast. "Here's to a renewed friendship."

"You know, Caleb," said Michael, "I've thought about you a lot over the years. I knew you were still there in Goliad in your own practice. I thought a million times that I should give you a call. But I knew you were married, and I kind of thought everything would be different between us."

"I thought a lot about you, too, Michael. But remember you moved away, and it wasn't until just a few years ago that you came back to run this ranch. Also, what ever happened to your brother, Jared? I remember he was always harassing you about something."

"Oh, Caleb, that whole business is a long story. I will tell you that he is in prison now for some terrible things he did. I'll tell you about it later. He had a son by some woman, and they both acted as though he wasn't alive. But the boy finally connected with me, and now he's living down here with us and doing very well. I'm sort of his surrogate father. He's a sweet boy. You'll meet a little later."

As they ate, Noah asked, "Mr. Walker, where's Ricky right now?

"Well, Noah, Ricky bunks with Jake. You know, the guy that drove you out here. Ricky and Jake are probably having supper together over at the dining hall on the other end of the bunk house."

"Where am I going to bunk, Mr. Walker?"

Michael said, "You'll be bunking with your dad in a real nice guest room right here in the house."

Noah just looked down at his food and didn't say anything.

Turning to Michael, Caleb said, "You know, Noah and Ricky have gotten to be pretty good friends. I mean really good, if you know what I mean. I think Noah's a little concerned that he won't be able to . . . you know . . . be with Ricky much."

Michael smiled and said, "Don't worry about that, you two. We'll find a way to arrange it, Noah, so you and Ricky can be with each other a lot."

Just then Tony came out with a large peach cobbler for desert, and all attention was suddenly diverted.

To be continued...


Posted: 09/12/08