My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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Turning to Michael, Caleb said, "You know, Noah and Ricky have gotten to be pretty good friends. I mean really good, if you know what I mean. I think Noah's a little concerned that he won't be able to . . . you know . . . be with Ricky much."

Michael smiled and said, "Don't worry about that, you two. We'll find a way to arrange it, Noah, so you and Ricky can be with each other a lot."

Just then Tony came out with a large peach cobbler for desert, and all attention was suddenly diverted.


Chapter 40 

That night, Caleb and Noah went to their room early. Caleb lay down on the bed fully dressed.

"Damn. My shoulder's beginning to ache now. Get one of my pills out of my bag and some water, would you, Noah."

Noah sat beside his dad as he swallowed his pain pill. "Here, Dad, let me help you get out of your clothes so you can go to sleep." Noah very carefully pulled off Caleb's boots, then his shirt and pants.

Caleb looked deeply into his son's face. "You're a good boy, Noah. The best thing that ever happened to me was having you as my son. Come here and lie next to me."

Noah removed his clothes and climbed into bed with his dad and pulled the sheet up over them. "Are you warm enough, Dad?"

"Just lie real close to me, Noah. You're all I need to keep me warm."

They lay quietly with their bodies pressed together as Noah gently caressed his father's face and hair. Soon Caleb said, "You really like Ricky, don't you?"

"Yeah, but . . . ."

"That's okay, Noah. You need to have someone your own age. When I was your age, I had someone my own age. You need that."

"Was it Michael?"

"No. Michael and I learned a lot of things together, and we had a lot of fun. But there was someone else who I think I really loved. He was in my class and it was with him that I had a truly passionate feeling. Maybe I shouldn't ask this, Noah, but do you really have a strong feeling for Ricky."

"Yeah, but . . . ."

"Oh, come on, Noah," said Caleb. "It's okay. I want you to have someone your age who you really love."

"I know. But I love you, Dad."

"Noah, you love me as your father, and we do have a certain passion for each other now. But if you and Ricky really feel something for each other, that's okay. I want the two of you to feel the way you do about each other."

"Dad, I think about Ricky all the time. I really want him. Sometimes I dream about you and me and him living together and just having the three of us being together all the time."

"That would be nice. But you heard Michael. He's going to see to it that you and Ricky have a lot of time together . . . just the two of you. That's what I want for you. I'll still be here in your life. I'm not going anywhere."

As Michael and Karl lay in bed, Karl rolled over close to Michael and said, "Michael, you and Caleb Phillips must have been quite close once. Do you still have any feelings for him? He's a gorgeous man . . . only thirty-eight years old, he told me."

"I thought I loved him when we would get together back in school. He was a champion swimmer and the sight of that body of his always drove me nuts. He seemed to like me, too, and we had so many wonderful after school times together. Well, yes, I guess there are still some yearnings for him stirring around inside of me now that I've seen him again."

Propped up on one elbow, Karl looked down on Michael's face. "Would you like to spend a night with him again sometime?"

"Oh, no."

"Come on, Michael. You and I aren't so old and out of it that we still don't have our interest in good looking guys like that."

"Well, Karl," said Michael, "are you interested in him?"

"We're not talking about me. We're talking about you and your old friend who's just come back into your life, in a way."

"I know, Karl. But are you interested in Caleb?"

"Michael, you always have a way of twisting things like this around. I can tell you, though, that I'd sure like to bed that gorgeous son of his . . . Noah. Just looking into that beautiful face of his makes me horny as Hell. I've also mentally undressed him. I'm good at that."

"Okay, Karl, you make out with Noah, and I'll have a romp in the bed with Caleb. Shall we try that?

"Well, Michael, I was just kidding. Um. Is that what you really want to do?

"Karl, you lie there, pushing me to say that I want to go to bed with Caleb. Then when I give in to you and say yes, you get upset. What do you want to do?"

"I know, Michael. I'm sorry. I'll tell you what. Why don't we just let nature take its course. We both have to admit that these two guys . . . Caleb and his son . . . fascinate us both. What would you say that, if something happens, we'll just let it happen. And we won't worry about it."

"I guess we could do that, Karl. Whatever happens will happen! You and your little conniving brain. And I suppose you're not going to give whatever happens a little push to be sure it happens? You're such a logical thinker, my love. Now let me have a little bedtime taste of you know what."

As they moved into a sixty-nine position, Michael reached up and turned off the bedside lamp.

The next morning, in the truck, Jake drove Caleb and Noah back to their house in Goliad to retrieve a number of their things, including their clothes and other items. Caleb's bed had been left unmade and the sheets were stained with his blood. Calling the police chief, they learned that Margery Phillips was scheduled to be arraigned the following Monday. The charge would be assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

Before leaving the house, Caleb went to the bathroom. While there, Jake spoke with Noah.

"Noah, you and Ricky are pretty good friends, ain't ya?

"Yeah, he and I would come over and get together a lot in my room after school. I'm really glad that we'll be living together for awhile out there on the ranch."

"Did ya jerk off together?"

"Huh?" Noah was stunned at the question. He didn't quite know what to make of this old man. He thought Jake was a strange character, anyway, and he was a little afraid of him.

"Didn't mean to embarrass ya," said Jake. "Ya know that Ricky and I live together, don't ya?"

"Yes, I know." Noah suddenly became very confused.

"Well, do ya?"


"Jerk off together."

Noah knew no way out but to admit what he was sure Jake already knew. "Yeah, sometimes."

Caleb emerged from the bathroom and they all headed back to the ranch. After helping Caleb and Noah unload their belongings and depositing them in their room, Jake went out to the machinery shed where he found Enrique washing down the tractor.

"Hey, ya little fucker," called Jake. "Sit down here a minute and talk to me. I was talkin' to yer friend, Noah, and he sez you guys are pretty good friends and ya git together sometimes fer some fun in his room. I'm afraid I scared him sort of. To tell ya the truth, I wanted to know what you guys did. He told me ya jerked off together.

"He did?" said Enrique. Enrique felt a terrible lump come up in his throat.

"Don't git all fuckin' scared now. I made him tell me. I understand. I been thinkin'. Yer gittin' to the age now when you got to have feelins for other dudes yer own age. I kinda suspected the time was gonna come now that you was goin' to school and meetin' other people. I ain't no dummy."

Moving close to Jake and putting his arms around him, Enrique said, "Oh, Jake, I'm sorry. I've been thinking about you and worrying. I'll always love you, but I think I love Noah, too. That doesn't make any sense, does it?"

"Sure it does. You've always been my little fucker and you always will be. But I ain't got no right to keep ya trapped with me. Yer growin' up now, and ya gotta find guys yer own age. I can see that. Whatever ya wanna do. If ya wanna move outta my shitty little hole of a room and be with Noah, I'll understand. We'll always be buddies, you and me. But I never intended to keep ya trapped in a fuckin' hole."

"I'm not going to move out, Jake."

"Well, ya little fucker. Ya can stay as long as you want. But I want ya to know ya ain't trapped. Anytime you wanna be with Noah, ya got my fuckin' blessin'. Okay?"

"Jake, I love you. Never forget that."

Dan woke up at the sound of the alarm clock on the morning following his big coup with Luke the night before. He saw that it was five a.m. Looking over at Luke's naked body, just now stirring awake, Dan felt an enormous feeling of satisfaction. What an experience this had been. Never once had his girlfriend ever come into his mind since he arrived at the ranch. If there was only a way, he thought, whereby he could stay right here and make a life for himself with these exciting and uninhibited Texans. He was certain that tonight for sure he would be able to fuck Luke for real.

Dan and Luke ate breakfast together, as usual. Luke spoke very little, but kept looking at Dan with a look of suspicion tinged with a look of admiration. Had this little guy from way up north come down here and done something that Luke had never wanted by simply overpowering him? He had never been overpowered before. As he looked at Dan, Luke thought, 'How can I tell him that I loved what he did to me? How will it make me look if I told him I enjoyed having him overpower me like that.'

"How are you feeling this morning, Luke," said Dan cheerily, hoping that Luke would tell him how he felt about the night before. But he could tell that it was not in Luke's nature. It would be too embarrassing for Luke to take the chance of giving the impression of vulnerability.

Steve had not joined them for breakfast. As Dan watched Luke go into one of the barns to begin his chores, he ran to the house to find Steve. As he entered the kitchen, Tony waved him on through and told him that Steve must be sleeping late. He had not seen him yet this morning.

As Dan entered Steve's room, Steve was just emerging from his bathroom, this time completely naked after finishing his shower. When he saw Dan, he turned abruptly, grabbing for a towel.

"Hi Daddio! No need for that. I've seen guys' penises before. No need to be shy around me."

"What did you call me?" said Steve with a little smile on his face.

"I called you Daddio. I hope you don't mind. It just came to me this morning. You kind of talked to me the other night like my own dad might . . . if he had ever talked to me, that is."

"Well I guess I don't mind you calling me that. But just keep in mind I'm not really old enough to be your dad."

"Yes, you are. You would have been sixteen, and I'm sure your little spermies would have been just as potent then as they are now."

"What do you know about your Daddio's little spermies?"

Dan's expression turned serious as he looked at Steve. "Not much. But I'd like to know more."

Steve smiled and walked closer to Dan. "Is that a come-on, Dan?"

"I don't know. Maybe."

As Dan also moved closer, Steve put his hands on Dan's muscular chest and moved them up to his shoulders and then down his arms. "You are a really great looking guy, Dan."

They both knew what was to happen next. They kissed gently on the lips, then darted their tongues in and out of each other's mouth. Dan reached down and laid his hands lightly on Steve's ass cheeks. The feel of them brought Dan's penis to full erection. Then moving one hand down between them, he took hold of Steve's hard penis. It felt hot and sticky.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Steve shouted, "Yes?"

It was Tony, who shouted back. "Steve and Dan, if you're both in there, Michael and Karl want to talk to you both about something. They're in Michael's office if you can go on in and see them now."

Putting his hands on Dan's cheeks, Steve said, "I guess this will have to wait. We'd better go on in and see what they want. After all, we're only guests here."

As they entered Michael's office, Steve and Dan were told to sit down.

"You two guys really seem to like it around here," said Michael. "It looks like you've gotten to be friends, too. I guess both of you coming from up around the same part of the country, means you've got a lot in common with each other."

Dan looked over at Steve. "That's right. I think we're becoming pretty good friends."

"We were just wondering what your plans were," said Karl. "You guys are welcome to stick around here as long as you want, but . . . ."

"I know," interrupted Steve. "But you're wondering what the deal is. You're wondering when we're going to move on."

"Well, we don't mean to . . ." said Michael.

"That's okay," said Dan. "I've really been intending to get on over to El Paso." Then turning again to Steve, he said, "And I guess, Steve, you're just down here in Texas on a sort of a vacation."

"We're not trying to kick you out of here," said Michael reassuringly. "But, you know, we can always use more help around here. Karl and I were wondering if you guys would like to hang around a little longer and maybe go to work for us. It's probably not the kind of thing you're used to doing. But we have been thinking about finding someone who can manage and control our inventory of livestock and all the purchasing expenditures we have. And also, we need to get someone to help out Tony in trying to feed all our ranch hands, etc. I don't suppose either of you would be interested in doing that. It would probably be a big come-down from what you guys do back home."

Dan said, "I haven't explained to either of you completely why I'm here, I guess. In a way, I've really been trying to find a new life for myself. That's the reason I left home and came down this way. I really didn't know what I'd find, or even what I'm looking for. I was actually on my way out to El Paso to look into a job opportunity I heard about. To be very frank with you, I have kind of been dreading leaving this ranch."

"I have, too," interceded Steve. "It's really the last thing I thought I would ever like, but I've come to like you and all the other guys here, plus the proverbial wide open spaces of Texas, and I hate to leave. And I can see Dan feels the same way. I realize that we couldn't stay here indefinitely without either paying you some rent or making ourselves useful doing some sort of work. I'm willing to consider any kind of work you wish to offer me. How about you, Dan."

"I feel the same way. And Michael . . . and Karl . . . I feel so grateful that you would like to have us stay, especially since we're both just interlopers."

"No, no," said Michael. "You were both invited to come and stay here. You didn't force your way in. So no more talk like that. Now would either of you be interested in helping Tony as kind of an assistant cook?

Both Steve and Dan sat silently without answering. Both wanted to stay, but neither were two sure he wanted to work in the kitchen, and neither really felt qualified to manage the herd.

"Okay, you guys, I know we don't have the choicest of jobs available here. Perhaps we can come up with something else. But at least Karl and I know that you would like to stay here and work. You two think about it, and so will we, and maybe we can come up with something that will be agreeable to all of us."

After Steve and Dan departed, Karl said "Michael, you know, we could just let those two be on their way. I don't know that either of them are really suited for this kind of life. I know they want to stay, and seem willing to work, but don't you think we ought to look around for guys who have ranching experience?"

"Well, maybe," said Michael. "But you know your friend, Tony, came down here after being in New York all his life. And he's adjusted perfectly."

"I know, Michael. But Tony now has Clayton. To have him as a life's partner and lover makes up for a lot."

"You're right, Karl. But have you looked at those two . . . Steve and Dan . . .? Isn't it obvious to you they have a more than casual interest in each other? And I'll bet anything the two will soon be another Tony and Clayton."

"Well, Michael. Haven't you noticed? Steve's married, and Dan's got a girlfriend and a baby. That doesn't sound to me like there's a relationship brewing there."

Michael said, "Well, I was married and had a son. Did that doom the relationship between you and me? No. Let's face it. Steve and Dan are . . . you know . . . like us. They fit in down here in that respect. I think that if they forge a relationship like what you and I have, or what Jeff and Paul have, or what Corky and Mark have, or what Tony and Clayton have, we'll all be a family, sort of.

"Okay, Michael, I see what you're saying. They'll be "one" of us, so to speak. Hiring from outside . . . who knows what we'd get."

Later that evening, Caleb Phillips and his son, Noah, sat in Michael's office talking about the dreadful events of the past week.

"I'm going to sell the house, of course," said Caleb. "We'll put our things in storage until we can relocate. I've taken a leave of absence from my law firm so that I can get this shoulder back in shape and until I can re-establish living arrangements for Noah and me. I've already filed for divorce from Margery."

"How can you sell the house? Don't you have to wait to see what the divorce settlement turns out to be," inquired Michael. "Also how about the custody question of Noah?"

"Oh, I won't be selling the house until Margery is convicted. Once she's convicted, I suspect she'll be going to jail."

"How can you be certain?"

"She's admitted to the shooting, and she has even confessed that she intended to kill me. There's no question she'll be put away. In that case, there'll be no question about my selling all our property. She may get a monetary settlement, but that wouldn't be available to her until she's released from prison, if ever." Putting his arm around Noah's shoulder, Caleb continued. "And as far as Noah here is concerned, no judge in the world would ever give custody to that woman."

"How do you feel about that, Noah," asked Michael.

"I hate her," said Noah. "She tried to kill my dad. I hate her more than anything."

Caleb said, "Margery and Noah never got along. There was never any peace between them. I hate what she did, but I also hate to see anyone make a mistake like this and have to go to jail. But everything, I suppose works for the best. Noah and I have long wanted a more tranquil life, and I think this is our chance."

Caleb and Noah got up to leave. As they left the office and passed through Michael and Karl's bedroom, Michael took Caleb's hand and looked at him for a few moments and then threw his arms around him.

"Caleb, I can't tell you how sorry I am all this had to happen. But I also can't tell you how happy I am to see you, and that we now have a chance after all these years to get re-acquainted."

Caleb said, "Michael, we have a lot of history together, don't we? I've thought about you a lot through the years. That great woodshed! I guess God knew what a wild sinful place that had once been and sent a tornado to wipe the scourge from the Earth!"

"I knew there had to be a reason why, with all the buildings surrounding this house, that was the only one that was totally destroyed," said Michael.

Still hugging, Michael and Caleb slumped down on the bed. Sitting on the side of the bed, their lips met, and they kissed deeply. Soon, Caleb broke the embrace and turned to Noah, who was standing near the door.

"Noah, come here," Caleb said, motioning to his son and smiling gently. "You know, it's been a long time since Michael and I have seen each other and been together." Placing his hand on Noah's cheek, he said, "I think I'd like to be alone with Michael for a little while. Would you mind? It won't be long. I'll come back to the room pretty soon."

"Okay, Dad," said Noah sadly.

"Oh, Noah," said Michael. "You've met Karl, haven't you."


"I'll probably see Karl in a few minutes. How about my sending him down to your room, and you two can get better acquainted? Would that be okay with you, Caleb."

"Sure." Turning to Noah, Caleb said. "Karl's a really nice guy, Noah. I think you'll enjoy being with him for awhile."

"Okay, Dad."

As Noah closed the door behind him, Caleb said, "I hated to send him off like that, Michael. But I just want to be with you alone for awhile. I might as well tell you what really happened in our house that night. After seeing him with Enrique, Noah's mother accused him of being a queer. She wanted me to talk to Noah about it, but as we got into our conversation, I couldn't help but tell Noah that I understood his homosexuality, and before long . . . and I'm not really sure of the sequence of events . . . it came out that I am homosexual also. It was a very emotional evening and somehow, we ended up masturbating together. Noah was okay with that. In fact, he was more than okay. He came into my room again the next night, and we made love. I was in the process of going down on him when Margery burst in with a gun, screaming that we were both a couple of queer fairies, and then fired. Anyway, I feel that you should know about Noah and me."

Michael smiled, "I don't see anything wrong with that. You knew that I had a son, didn't you?"

"Yes, I heard that you did, but, of course, we haven't seen each other since long before he was born."

"Jeff and I, Caleb . . . well, Jeff and I have been lovers for several years now. He has a partner he lives with in Austin, but he and I still get it on whenever we can.

As they sat close next to each other on the bed, Michael once again took Caleb's hand in his. Just then, the door opened and Karl came in. "Oh, hi, Caleb. I just came in to get something. But, gosh, I've forgotten what it was, already. I'll just leave you two alone. I know you have a lot to talk about."

"Oh, Karl," said Michael as Karl started to leave. "Noah is in his room, I understand. Maybe you'd like to go and keep him company while Caleb and I . . . you know . . . while Caleb and I talk. I think he's kind of lonely tonight." Then turning to Caleb. "Do you think it's okay if Karl keeps Noah company for awhile, while he's alone?"

"Yes, indeed, Karl. I think Noah's feeling a little left out. I think he'd enjoy someone to talk with."

When Karl left and closed the door, Caleb said, "I think I know what all that was about, Michael. Will it be okay? I mean, is Karl . . .?"

"I know," said Michael reassuringly. "There's no one gentler than Karl. Nothing will happen unless Noah wants it to happen."

Throwing his arms around Michael, Caleb murmured, "Oh, Michael, how did I ever find you again? It's the old story. Out of tragedy comes great good, or something like that."

Michael and Caleb fell back onto the bed, kissing each other's mouths and faces wildly. "I know you're with Karl now. You're so lucky. I'd like to have you tonight, Michael. But I know you can't."

Michael started to unbutton Caleb's shirt, carefully removing it over the dressing on his shoulder. "Caleb, tonight is ours. Karl understands."

As Caleb looked longingly into Michael's face, Michael carefully removed every item of Caleb's clothing. Looking down at Caleb's naked body, Michael smiled and said, "There's that sweet pecker I used to love so much. And it's all grown up now." As he leaned down and carefully licked it around the head, he said, "It was humungous then, and it's even bigger now! And since we used to play with each other, you've grown so much luscious hair on your stomach and chest."

"Take 'em off, Michael," said Caleb. Take those clothes off. I can't wait to see the body I used to give tongue baths to. Remember!"

"Yeah. I've never had as good a tongue bath since then."

Michael reached over and turned the bed lamp down very low. To Michael, a dim light was always the most romantic. Now, both naked, Michael ran his tongue down over the soft hair that covered Caleb's legs. "When I used to watch you swimming, Caleb, the sight of these legs just drove me crazy. I couldn't wait for each time we got together when I could run my lips and tongue over them."

Bringing his tongue up along the soft fleshy part of Caleb's upper inner thighs, and over and around his ball sack, Michael soon had Caleb's rigid penis in his mouth . . . but only briefly. Scooting up higher, he ran his tongue through Caleb's thick bush of black pubic hair and up to his neck and into Caleb's mouth.

Taking hold of Michael's shoulders, Caleb rolled him over on his back and immediately took Michael's penis all the way into his mouth until his lips were buried in Michael's pubic hair.

As Caleb began moving his lips slowly up and down Michael's hard shaft, Michael grabbed his shoulders and said, "No!"

Caleb pulled off and looked up at Michael's face. "Did you say no?"

"No! I mean . . . please Caleb . . . I don't think I can . . . I mean, I can't."

Caleb slid his body up and kissed Michael on the lips. "You mean you can't? You mean you can't cum? What do you mean, Michael?"

Michael held Caleb's head tightly and kissed him deeply. "I just can't go that far. I don't think I can go that far. I mean . . . I just . . . ."

"That's okay, Michael. I think I understand. It's Karl, isn't it?"

Michael nodded.

Propping himself up and looking down at Michael, Caleb traced his finger over his eyebrows and then his lips. "Oh, my dear Michael. I would never have expected anything worse from you. Karl is fucking lucky to have you. I would never in a thousand years do anything intentionally to come between you in any way, including what I was about to do."

Michael reached up and also began tracing his fingers over Caleb's lips. "Caleb, I've made some mistakes recently that I've deeply regretted. And I've done my best to get past them. I have enormous feeling for you, Caleb. That feeling has always been there . . . under the skin, so to speak. And it's so wonderful having you in my arms and being able to feel your body and your skin pressed against mine. But, somehow, my dear man, I just can't . . . you know . . . go the whole distance. I just don't think it's right now that I have any kind of a sexual climax with anyone else but Karl. Am I making sense?"

"Of course you are. As far as I'm concerned I can jerk off later by myself and get a pretty good orgasm. But what I can't do later is have your body wrapped tightly in my arms and kiss this beautiful man pressed up against me. Of course, I understand. So let's stop talking and just love each other, okay?

"Okay!" said Michael as they caressed each other and kissed deeply.

Karl hesitated to knock on Noah's door. There was Michael to think about, and there was Noah's father. It wasn't just a conversation he wanted with Noah. He had felt a welling of great desire for Noah from the moment he met him. But Michael and Caleb seemed to know that, and they urged him to go to Noah. Knocking on Noah's door lightly, he called, "Noah, are you there? Can I come in?"

Noah opened the door and stood there in his pajamas. "Yeah, you can come in."

"I just thought you'd like someone to talk with. Say, those are pretty fancy pajamas. What's that design?"

"Oh, I guess their just stripes. Nothing fancy."

"Do you wear pajamas all the time?" asked Karl, admiring the slim contour of Noah's body under the thin fabric.

"Yeah, I like pajamas. I like to have them on when I'm sleeping."

"We don't see many of those around the ranch. Most of us just sleep in our skivvies, or nothing at all?

"What are skivvies?" asked Noah.

"Just another name for underwear . . . you know, briefs, boxers. Can I sit down?"


As Karl sat on the side of the bed, he said, "Noah, I'm really sorry about what happened . . . you know, with your mom and dad."

"Don't be sorry," said Noah with a wave of his arm.

"It looks like your mom may be going to jail. And that must be very hard for a youngster like you. To see that happen to your mom must be a terrible thing."

As Noah hung up his clothes neatly in the closet, he said, "It's not a terrible thing. What she did to my dad is a terrible thing. I don't care if she rots in Hell."

"Noah!" gasped Karl.

"Don't look so fucking shocked," said Noah. "She's Satan himself. My dad and me. She's made our lives miserable. My dad is the kindest man in the world, and she's done everything she could to ruin his life . . . and mine! She's a damned psycho and needs to be put away. Maybe now, my dad and I can finally have peace in our lives."

Sitting down next to Karl on the side of the bed, Noah wiped his eyes and stared out of the window. "I miss my dad. I wish he'd come back."

Karl said, "Well, Noah, you know he and Michael haven't seen each other for . . . ."

"I know, they're down the hall getting 're-acquainted.'" Looking up at Karl with a faint smile, Noah said, "I understand that. I just wish he'd come back before I go to sleep. He always rubs my back before I go to sleep."

Karl said, "Would you like me to rub your back?"

"Sure, if you want to."

Noah stretched out on the bed, lying on his stomach. Karl gently raised the back of Noah's pajama top and brought his hand up to Noah's shoulders. Noah's young skin felt like satin under his fingers as Karl moved his hand lightly down over the boy's slightly protruding shoulder blades and down to his incredibly tiny waist. "How does that feel, Noah?"

"That feels good."

With both hands, Karl began using more pressure, kneading his skin as he went. He couldn't keep his eyes off of Noah's little round butt, still covered with the pajama bottoms. The thin material draped loosely over them and into the crack, clearly revealing the shape of each bun. Karl's wild desire for Noah was rapidly coming to a fever pitch, but he continued to calmly move his hands over the boy's skin. As he did so, he brought his hand just a little bit further under the waste band of the pajama bottoms and over those firm, smooth buns. Karl could feel his own penis throbbing and pressing hard against the fly in his jeans.

"You can pull them down if you want to," said Noah. "My dad always gives me what he calls the 'nurse's special.'"

"What's that?"

"When he was in the hospital once a long time ago, the nurses always came around and gave the patients backrubs with alcohol before lights went out. Those backrubs went from the neck all the way down to the back of the thighs."

"Okay, Noah, if that's what you want," said Karl as calmly as he could.

As he pulled Noah's bottoms down and off, Noah spread his legs so that his ball sack was clearly visible from behind. As Karl ran his hands over Noah's smooth ass cheeks and then down over the soft hair on the back of his thighs, Noah reached around with both hands and pulled his ass cheeks apart slightly.

"My dad always gets down in there, too. It's part of the 'nurse's special' back rub."

Looking down into Noah's trench, Karl was almost overcome by the sight of his pink puckered hole. He thought, 'If only Noah now would tell me that his dad always massaged his asshole with his tongue, I would gladly oblige.'

As Karl ran his fingers over the ridges of Noah's pucker, he said, "Jake told me that you and Ricky like to get together. Has he ever given you a 'Nurse's back rub'?"

"No, just my dad does it."

"But I bet you and Ricky have a lot of fun together. Have you ever masturbated together? You know, good friends always seem to end up jerking off together."

"Yeah, we did that a lot at first."

"At first?" said Karl. "You mean then you did other things?"


Did he ever see this little hole of yours?"

"Yeah, we did some fucking."

"Wow!" said Karl. "I'll bet that felt good. Ricky's got a really big penis. It didn't hurt, did it?"

"No. It feels good. I love it." Then rolling over on his side, Noah looked at Karl and said, "Dad said you and Michael sleep together. Do you ever fuck?"

"Sure we do. All the time." Karl could now see Noah's penis, rigid and hard. "I see you've got a pretty good one there, too. I'll bet Ricky likes getting fucked with that."

"He sure does. I fucked him a lot, but I was afraid to have him fuck me. Nobody had ever done that to me. Then he told me he would be very careful. And he was. And it was so good."

"Has your dad ever fucked you?"

"No, but I hope he will sometime." Then after saying nothing for a few moments, Noah said, "Could I see your penis? I've never seen a grown man's penis except my dad's."

Karl stood up and dropped his pants. As Noah stared at it, a long elastic string of pre-cum dangled from the end of Karl's penis, stretching almost to the floor. Noah reached over and touched the tip, wetting his finger with Karl's semen.

As Noah looked at his finger, Karl said, "Would you like to taste it? Go ahead. You can taste. It won't hurt you. I think you'll like it."

Noah sucked his finger and smiled.

"Look, Noah," said Karl, pointing to Noah's penis. "You've got a big bubble of semen coming out of your own penis."

"Would you like to taste semen, too?" said Noah eagerly.

Karl said, "Would you mind, Noah, if I did it this way?" as he moved his mouth down close to the tip of Noah's penis.

As Noah smiled and nodded his head, Karl ran his tongue over the head of Noah's penis."

Noah said, "My dad did that the other night and I shot all my cum into his mouth."

"Would you like to shoot your cum into my mouth, Noah? Cum tastes really good."

Noah nodded, and as Karl sucked the whole length of Noah's gorged penis into his mouth, Noah immediately felt as though he was going to cum. "Oh, I'm going to shoot now," shouted Noah.

Karl could feel Noah's penis pumping powerfully and could feel each stream of Noah's sperm as it slammed against the roof of his mouth. As he pulled off, he looked into Noah's eyes and smiled. "Was that pretty good, Noah."

"Yeah! There's something else I really would like you to do."

"What's that, Noah," asked Karl.

As Noah pulled his thighs up close to his chest, he said, "You played with my asshole when you did my backrub. And it felt so good. Would you fuck me?"

The blood began to run to Karl's head. He didn't remember when he felt so horny, so full of desire. "Of course I will. But I like to get the hole nice and wet." Karl plunged his face into Noah's ass crack and flooded his asshole with saliva. Raising his head, he said, "Are you ready?" When Noah nodded vigorously, Karl mounted Noah's little ass and plunged his rod into his hole. Noah winced as the head popped in, but then closed his eyes and smiled and held onto Karl's shoulders.

"Fuck me as hard as you want and as deep as you want," said Noah. "It feels so good to have a man's penis inside of me."

Karl pumped his penis into Noah's asshole very slowly at first, and then began to go faster and faster. Noah's asshole was the tightest asshole Karl had fucked in a long time. He could feel it clenching and unclenching around his penis. He began to feel that wonderful tingling sweep over the whole middle of his body, and then it happened. He just let it go. He could feel the semen surging powerfully up through his shaft and out into Noah's rectum. Volley after volley shot out.

When his orgasm had subsided, he leaned over and kissed Noah on the lips. "That was so good, Noah."

"Yes it was," whispered Noah. "I love the feel of sperm shooting into me."

Karl rolled off and lay beside Noah. "Now do you think you can go to sleep?"

"I think so."

Karl's mind suddenly went to Michael. This was what they had talked about. They had both agreed that "whatever happened, would happen." He was sure that Michael had gotten off with Caleb, just as he got off with Noah. It was just as they both had thought it might happen. Karl stood and pulled his jeans back up. As he was buckling them, the door opened and Caleb walked in.

"Hey, you two. Thanks for coming in, Karl, and keeping Noah company while I was gone. I really appreciate it."

"Don't mention it, Caleb. It was fun."

As Karl left the room, Caleb went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Noah thought about what had just happened and decided he would not tell his dad . . . at least not yet. Caleb got undressed and climbed into bed with Noah. Taking him in his arms, Caleb whispered to his son, "I hope you understood, Noah, about my wanting to be alone with Michael for a while."

"I do."

Caleb said, "Roll over on your stomach, and I'll give you that back rub I owe you."

Caleb ran his hands over Noah's back, and then down over his ass cheeks. Running his hand through Noah's ass crack, he felt something warm and sticky. He sucked on his fingers and knew it was semen. He thought to himself, "This is new sperm running out of Noah's hole. It has to be Karl's."

Caleb said nothing to Noah, but thought, 'My God, If Michael knew this . . . . My God, poor Michael.'

As Karl climbed into bed with Michael, Michael, said, "It's so nice to have you back here with me. It was nice being with Caleb for awhile, even though we just cuddled and nuzzled. But right now, I'm in the mood to taste what my lover has for me."

Michael started playing with Karl's penis, but was unable to get it hard. Karl just lay on his back staring at the ceiling. 'Christ!' Karl thought. 'Michael didn't have any sex with Caleb.'

Michael scooted down and ran his tongue over Karl's ball sack. "I'm so glad you gave up on the experiment of shaving your balls, Karl. I'm glad you let the hair grow back on them. I love to run my tongue over the hair on your balls. It's kind of bristly. You're not going to shave them again, are you?"

Karl remained silent.

"Karl?" said Michael, raising his head.


"You're not going to shave your balls again, are you?"

"Uh, no."

Michael took Karl's flaccid penis into his mouth. "I guess I don't have what it takes tonight to get you hard," said Michael. "I like the feel of your soft penis on my tongue. But I like a hard one better."

"I know."

Michael propped himself up on one elbow. "Karl, what's the matter?'


"Something's the matter, Karl."

"No, I'm just tired tonight."

Michael had wondered if Karl had "let it happen" with Noah. Now he knew that Karl did let it happen. He knew, though, that this was not the time to ask the question. He thought, 'Maybe Karl is assuming that Caleb and I 'let it happen'
.' No, Michael thought, he would just let it go. There was no point in making any kind of an issue over it. It was unimportant. And it's over. The love they had for each other was too strong. A confrontation over this would be senseless.

"Karl, would you like to suck on me a little? Put your hand down there. You can see I'm hard as a rock."

"Michael, if you don't mind, I would really just like to go to sleep. I'm very tired and I don't think I feel very good."

"Okay, Karl. Would you like me to rub your neck and shoulders a little? I know that always helps you go to sleep."

As Karl rolled over on his stomach, he murmured, "Yes, please." Then after a few minutes, he said, "Michael? I love you."

"I know, Karl. Now try to go to sleep."

When Karl had drifted away, Michael lay staring for a long time at the moving shadows on the ceiling from the trees blowing gently in the yard lights.

After dinner that night, Dan asked Steve to come with him back to his room. Luke was already there, lying on the bed reading a book.

"Luke," said Dan. "I know you've seen him around, but I don't know if you've ever been formally introduced to my friend, Steve."

Luke sat up on the side of his bed and said, "Hi, Steve. Sit down and make yourself at home. Dan here is just about to go and take his shower."

"I am?" said Dan.

"Sure you are." Turning to Steve, Luke said, "You're about to see the greatest show on Earth. Now get into the shower and keep that bathroom door open so we can see you."

As Dan stripped down and stepped into the shower, Luke could see that Steve was as interested in Dan's little round ass cheeks as he was. Watching Steve carefully, Luke said, "Hey, you like them little buns?" Then shouting to Dan to turn around, Luke said to Steve, "You know, I never paid much attention to that big cock of his, but I'm beginning to think it looks pretty fantastic. What do you think?"

Steve adjusted his glasses on his nose and said, "Yeah, I agree. Pretty fantastic."

"Hey, Steve," said Luke, "do you want to take a shower? Huh? Do you?"

"No thanks, Luke. I showered before dinner back in the house.

"Oh, Good. Have you got something you have to do tonight, Steve?"

"No. I don't have a thing planned."

"Good!" said Luke. "Maybe you can stick around. We can have some fun tonight!"

To be continued...


Posted: 09/12/08