My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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Dan leaned forward and said, "Here, follow me, Steve, I'll show you where it is . . . if that's okay with you guys."

Karl said, "Fine. Go on! Lead the way!"

After Dan and Steve disappeared into the house, Michael and Karl and Mark and Corky looked at one another and all said in unison, "Hmmmmmmm!"


Chapter 38 

As Dan led Steve into the bathroom, Dan said, "Do you mind if I stand here at the toilet and pee with you? I've had a lot of coffee today."

"No, not at all," said Steve. "Be my guest."

They each dragged out their penises and began to take furtive glances at each other's equipment as they peed. "Are you doing that on purpose?" asked Steve.


"Crossing your stream with mine. Are you doing that on purpose?"

"Yeah, I guess I am. When I was a kid, a friend of mine and I always peed together and we would try to intersect our streams. Sometimes when we were successful, it would splash out all over our legs."

When they finished and zipped up, they walked out into the kitchen and stood there talking for a few more minutes before joining the rest. Steve said, "I understand you're from up around my neck of the woods. What brings you down to Texas?"

"Well, I'm thirty-five now and I've gotten to the age where I guess I'm just getting kind of restless. I'd sort of like to get away from New England and see what the rest of the world has to offer. But my girlfriend's not so keen about leaving up there. We have a little baby girl, and my girlfriend says all the generations in her family were born and raised right there, and that's where her daughter is going to stay and grow up."

"Aren't you traveling with your girl friend?"

"No. I'm not living with her right now. I guess you could say we're separated. I'm just not sure what I want to do. How about yourself?

"I'm fifty-one. That doesn't make me quite old enough to be your father," said Steve. "But I am old enough to be feeling a bit of a mid-life crisis, I guess. I think you could say I came down this way for almost the same reason you did. I'm married, but she and I have had a few ups and downs lately . . . more downs than ups, I'm afraid. We just agreed to separate for awhile, and I had this burning need to go off to someplace where I could kind of re-evaluate my life."

"Well, Steve, it sure is different down here. Just the day or so I've been down here, I've sort of had a different perspective on life come over me."

"What do you mean?" asked Steve.

"Oh, nothing."

"It sure is strange," said Steve, "coming all the way down here and running into another guy from back home who's down here for about the same reason I am."

"I know," said Dan. "I really like these Texans, but I'm not really used to some of their funny ways, yet, and it's nice to have someone like you . . . someone a little older than me . . . from back home to talk with. I don't know if you're into giving people advice. But I kind of feel like I need some advice from someone. I get so confused sometimes."

"Dan, are you staying right here on the ranch?"

"Yeah. They have me sleeping with . . . I mean they have me staying with one of the ranch hands over in the bunk house."

"That must be kind of interesting. Is he an honest-to-God, bona-fide, authentic cowboy?"

Dan smiled and said, "Oh, yeah! On both counts! By the way, are you going to be staying here at the ranch."

Steve said, "I think we'll be staying here a couple of days, just visiting. Since I came down here to Texas, I've been staying with Mark and Corky in San Antonio. They're the two guys I drove down here with. While I'm here, though, I hope you and I can . . . you know . . . get together . . . see each other . . . you know."

"I hope so, Steve. Let me know just as soon as you know where you will be sleeping. Maybe we can get together and talk some more after supper."

Since there was no more space available in the bunk house, Steve was told he could stay in one of the guest rooms in the main house with Mark and Corky. Michael had been filled in on how Mark and Corky met Steve and about the bedtime fun the three of them had been having. After supper, Dan came over to the house to see if he could find Steve so they could continue their conversation. Karl let Dan in and directed him down the hall to the guest room.

There was no one in the room, but he could hear someone in the connected bathroom and assumed it was Steve. The room was richly decorated with beautiful antiques, which Karl told him would all be picked up later by their former cook who was now in the process of building his own house up in the hill country. The centerpiece of the room was one king-sized bed. He fantasized about he and Steve rolling around in it, but quickly came to his senses when he remembered Karl mentioning that it would be not only Steve, but Mark and Corky who would be sharing that bed. Dan wondered if it could be possible that all three would be sleeping in that one bed. No. Surely not. They'll bring in a couple of roll-away beds. That's what they'll do.

Soon, Steve emerged from the bathroom, wearing only his briefs. Dan could feel his penis take a jump in his own briefs. 'What's the matter with me,' Dan thought. 'Why am I being affected like this? Why did I come all the way down here and suddenly find myself throwing myself at Luke for whatever he wants to do to me. And now, I feel this strange sexual arousal when I look at Steve's almost naked body. Why is this happening to me down here? It never happened to me back home.'

"Dan, are you alright?" said Steve. "You look like you're a million miles away."

"No, I'm fine. I just was thinking about something. I just thought I'd come over and visit some more."

"I'd sure like to, Dan. But Mark and Corky want me to drive with them into Goliad. They have some places they want to show me. Why don't you come with us?"

Dan thought that this was getting too heavy. He was interested in Steve in a way that he found hard to explain. Maybe it would be best not to push too close, he thought, especially when Mark and Corky were there. He wasn't in the mood for a party. He just wanted to talk with Steve by himself.

Dan walked toward the door saying, "No, I don't think so, Steve. Thanks anyway. I'm a little tired tonight. I think I'll just stay here."

Mark and Corky took Steve to the Cock and Balls Lounge in Goliad. "Hey, Steve," Corky said, "There's a really great guitar-playing comedian who they have here a lot. He's really versatile. While he's singing he does a strip-tease and then he walks around among the tables so everyone can reach out and feel his cock and his balls. And a lot of times, when he sees someone he really likes, he invites them back to the can and gives them a private show. He gives the best blow-jobs in town. We've all had them. He's done every one of us at the ranch, including Michael and Karl. Sometimes, he'll suck you off right here at the table. I saw him one night getting fucked by some guy right over there on that table-top."

Steve didn't really believe that this sort of thing really went on. It surely wouldn't fly in New England. But soon, the star attraction appeared on the make-shift stage at one end of the bar. The bar tender picked up a hand-held microphone and said, "And now, gentlemen, here is the star of our show, Mr. Rusty Balls. How 'bout a big hand." As a shaky spot light was then trained on Rusty, there was the faint sound of unenthusiastic applause from about four of the eight patrons scattered around in the place.

Rusty appeared to be about forty. He wore a real Roy Rogers kind of outfit, with white cowboy hat and brown and white cowboy boots. He had on a tan and white shirt with fringe hanging all over it, and a pair of jeans that looked like they had been artificially stuffed to create an unnaturally large bulge between his legs. He wore women's make-up, complete with false eyelashes, rouge, and lipstick.

Steve sat almost dumbfounded. "Close your mouth, Steve," said Mark. "Rusty Balls finds open mouths very tempting. You may get a mouthful of hard cock without asking for it."

As Rusty began his first song, Corky said, "You know, as you can tell, Rusty can't carry a tune. So he just talks a song. Pretty awful."

Near the end of the song, Rusty began to remove his shirt as the first step of his strip-tease, and revealed what Steve thought was a pretty good looking male torso. At the end of the song, there was no applause, but Rusty took the mike and said, "Thank you, thank you. I see we have some new faces here tonight. He he."

Rusty walked up to the table where Mark, Corky, and Steve were sitting. Reaching down and pinching one of Steve's nipples through his shirt, he said, "I have a song just for you, sweetheart."

Corky and Mark could hardly contain themselves as they watched the incredulous look on Steve's face. Rusty began his song, "My Heart Belongs to You," with lyrics corrupted to be "My Cock Belongs to You." As he talked through his made-up words, he did his best to be seductive as he removed each item of his clothing.

Finally standing before them completely naked, except for his boots and his hat, Rusty said to Steve, "Stand up, honey, and let me see what you got." Grabbing his own nine-inch hard penis, he said, "You can see what I've got here. Now let me see if you can match that."

In spite of himself, Steve was impressed with Rusty's masculine body, notwithstanding his feminine make-up, and also with the large package of equipment dangling between his legs. Steve could feel himself getting very hard. Rusty reached down and, unzipping his jeans, thrust his hand inside and pulled Steve's hard-as-a-rock cock out of his pants for all to see. Mark and Corky were hardly able to stifle their laughter. Rusty undid the top button and slowly slid Steve's pants down to around his ankles. Then kneeling on the floor, Rusty took all of Steve's seven-inches into his mouth. As he reached around and thrust two fingers into Steve's asshole, Rusty began sucking his penis almost violently. The other patrons in the place were now showing interest in Rusty's work on this newcomer, and some had gathered closer to get a better look.

As Steve leaned back against the table and could feel that familiar sexual pleasure begin to sweep through his body, a young boy, who appeared to be about fifteen, and who had been sitting in the corner drinking beer by himself, came over and unbuttoned Steve's shirt. The shirt was soon on the floor and Steve was now feeling the utterly indescribable feeling of this young boy's tongue swirling over the skin on his chest and stomach, and nipping his nipples with his teeth.

As the boy continued licking and biting, Mark watched, but could resist no longer. Reaching over, Mark pulled the boy's pants down to the floor and ran his tongue over the boy's tight little orbs. Pulling them apart, Mark found the boy's little pink pucker and proceeded to tongue-fuck him. Corky crouched down and took the boy's hard little penis and balls into his mouth all at once.

Steve tried to make it all last, but could hold it no longer. As the boy continued to nibble at his nipples, Steve felt every muscle throughout the middle of his body contract and then let go with surge after surge of cum pumping into Rusty's eager mouth and throat. As the last of the surges occurred, Steve could feel his knees become weak. Corky stood up and caught Steve under the arms and guided his body into a chair. Now that it was over, there came out of the darkness some more weak applause, at which Rusty took a lusty bow, gathered up his clothing from the floor and disappeared into the back room.

Steve sat breathless as Corky and Mark helped him on with his clothes. "Who was that boy," Steve asked. "I've never felt anyone's tongue do a job like that."

Mark said, "The boy is in here all the time. He's the owner's son. That's the owner behind the bar there. The boy sucks about as many cocks in here as Rusty Balls does. His father encourages him to do it because he says it's good for business and brings the customers back. And he claims his son is the best cocksucker in Texas. And I believe it. He's gotten me off at least a dozen times.

Steve had been worked into a sexual frenzy and his orgasm was more powerful than many orgasms he had had, primarily because of the unusual circumstances that evening. Even so, Steve rather wished he hadn't gone to Goliad that evening. To be a sort of public slut like this, having unrestrained sex in a public place was just not what a normally conservative person like himself would do. This is the first time that he had ever done anything that could be considered exhibitionism. To have uninhibited sex like that in front of strangers in a public place just was not something he had ever considered doing. His mind flashed back to Dan. He truly wished that he had stayed home and just sat with Dan for the evening.

To see Dan again was all that Steve could think of on the way back to the Ranch. When they arrived, Steve told Mark and Corky to go on in to their room. He would be along shortly. He told them he just wanted to be alone for a little while out there in the night air before he went to bed. As Mark and Corky went into the house, Steve walked over to Luke and Dan's room and knocked on the door. There was no answer at first, but after knocking again, the door opened just a little bit. It was Luke. Luke showed only his head and shoulders and chest around the door. It was obvious that Luke was naked. But looking past Luke, he could see Dan stretched out on the bed. He was also totally naked and was holding on to his hard penis, slowly stroking it.

"Oh, I just came to talk to Dan," said Steve. "But if he's busy, I can see him tomorrow."

With a bit of impatience in his voice, Luke said, "Yeah, we're kinda busy now, if you don't mind. Maybe you can wait until tomorrow?"

"Okay, Luke," said Steve. "Sorry I bothered you."

The door closed quickly. The sight that Steve had just seen suddenly brought back that frenzied feeling of sexual yearning that he had felt so many times in the short time he had been in Texas. "Is this what being in Texas does to everyone?" he thought. "The minute I met those guys at the San Antonio Fiesta until now, I have been a sexual mental case!" Steve could not remember having felt so much constant sexual lust in his life as he has ever since he came down to this part of the country. Well, there would be no more playing cat and mouse with Dan, that was for sure. He would now be open with Dan, and just let the chips fall where they may.

When Steve returned to his room, Mark and Corky were just wiping up a mess of cum that they had obviously sprayed on each other's faces. Everyone was now ready to go to sleep. As Mark and Corky's breathing indicated they were deep in sleep, Steve lay awake, thinking and smiling to himself about tomorrow when he would be able to talk to Dan again. His hand instinctively went down to his penis. It was hard and hot. He stroked very slowly, not wanting to wake Corky and Mark. His mind was filled with a swirling mass of fantasies involving Corky and Mark, and even Dan. His orgasm came quickly, and as he gave a short audible gasp, he felt his sperm shooting up his shaft and out onto his stomach. He picked up the towel from the floor that Corky and Mark had earlier used to wipe up their cum and laid it across his stomach. Within minutes, he was asleep.

Since their first encounter and their mutual admission as to how they felt about each other, Enrique and Noah met each other in Noah's room after school as often as they could. Enrique told Noah about how both his mother and father had been killed and that he was raised by ol' Ben, who was, at that time, the owner of the ranch. He chose not to reveal, however, the sexual activity that he had with the old man and others on the ranch. He mentioned that he roomed with the Foreman of the ranch, but stopped short at telling about the sexual relationship he had with Jake. As for Noah, his mother was a real estate agent in Goliad and his father was a civil attorney. His mother and father had not been getting along well for several years, though, and rarely spoke with each other, except to complain and criticize. There were numerous times over the past year when, after a fight, his father would move out to a motel for a few days. Sometimes, it would be a few weeks. Noah had one older brother, who was now married and living in another town.

One afternoon, after finally being persuaded, Noah allowed Enrique to fuck him. Noah had on numerous occasions fucked Enrique there on his bed after school while his mother was out with a client. But finally, it was time that he experience it the other way. Enrique, of course, was no amateur, and knew how to break Noah in, so to speak, to this new pleasure. Covering Noah's asshole liberally with KY, Enrique pushed Noah's legs up tight against his chest, revealing a clear shot into his hole. Mounting Noah, Enrique could see the slight look of fear and anticipation on Noah's face. Smiling down at him, Enrique very slowly pushed the head of his hard penis up against Noah's pucker. He just held it there for a few moments.

"Noah, you'll just feel a little something when the head of my penis pops into your rectum. And then it'll just start feeling better and better."

As Noah moved his hands over the velvety soft brown skin on Enrique's chest, Enrique pushed very slightly until the head of his penis went in. A sharp grimace shot over Noah's face, but quickly disappeared. As Enrique slowly pushed the whole shaft of his rod into Noah's rectum, Noah had his eyes closed with a slight smile on his lips.

"Oh, Ricky. It feels so good to have you inside of me. It feels even better than when I'm fucking you. You can push harder if you want. It feels so good."

Enrique looked down at the sweet look on Noah's face and leaned closer. Touching his lips to Noah's, he whispered, "I love you, Noah."

Very soon, Enrique's orgasm roared upon him, almost unexpectedly. Noah could feel the surges of Enrique's sperm as it shot into him. As Enrique slowly pulled out, he could see the semen bubbling out of Noah's penis. Leaning over, he sucked the entire length of Noah's penis into his mouth just at the very moment that Noah started cumming. After Enrique had sucked Noah's penis dry, they lay there kissing and passing Noah's sperm between their mouths.

Suddenly they heard a car drive up in the driveway. Noah jumped up and peeked out the window to find that his mother had just come home. They quickly wiped off the sperm that had dribbled out of their mouths and out of Noah's asshole, and threw on their clothes. They emerged from Noah's bedroom just as his mother was coming up the stairs. She didn't look at them and wasn't smiling.

Enrique and Noah went down stairs to the front door. There they said goodbye. Before Enrique could reach for the door, Noah threw his arms around him and they kissed deeply. As Enrique left, Noah said, "I'll see you in school tomorrow."

Noah's mother started down the stairs. She had seen Noah and Enrique kissing. She told Noah to go right on upstairs. She would be up in a minute and wanted to talk with him. As Noah went upstairs, his mother hurried out the front door and called to Enrique who had gotten to the sidewalk and was on his way to the bus.

"Enrique! Would you wait a minute. I want to talk to you."

Enrique walked back to the front porch.

"Enrique, I know that you and Noah have become very friendly in the last few weeks. But I want you to know that I know what you are."

"What do you mean, Mrs. Phillips?"

"You know what I mean, Enrique. Don't play dumb with me. I want you to stay away from Noah. We don't want your kind around us. Your kind of filth is disgusting.

Enrique stood motionless and speechless. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Enrique, I want you to promise me that you will never come to our house again, and that you will never go near Noah or speak to him again. I want you to promise."

Enrique had never been talked to like that in his life. He felt hurt, degraded, but most of all, he suddenly felt hate for this woman . . . this ignorant woman. What he and Noah had done was something that had always been accepted where he lived and to have his love for Noah looked at as something dirty was impossible to understand. Without looking at her, and without a word, Enrique turned and simply walked away. He walked the four blocks to the bus stop. He suddenly felt as though he was wandering in a strange world he'd never known. He sat alone in the seat directly behind the bus driver, and as he stared without seeing out of the window, tears started to stream down his cheeks.

When the bus stopped to let several children off, the bus driver got up and sat down for a several minutes with Enrique. She had come to like Enrique on their many trips to and from Goliad High School, and was concerned when she heard him crying. Putting her arm around his shoulder, she said, "What's the matter, honey? Did something happen at school?"

"No. Oh, Ethel, why do some people have to hate other people so much?" said Enrique, choking back the tears.

Laughing, she said, "You want this old black woman to write you a book about that! There ain't no answer to that Ricky. If you're worried about that, you can spend the rest of your life trying to figure it out. I don't have time right now to ask you what happened. But sometime if you want, we can talk about it."

As the bus started up again, Enrique began to feel better. Ethel's arm around him and her concern just made him feel better. As they approached the road to the ranch, Enrique looked out, eagerly hoping to see Jake there waiting for him. As he jumped off the bus and into Jake's car, he threw his arms around Jake's neck and the tears started pouring out again.

"What's the matter, you little fucker?"

"Nothing, Jake. I'm just so happy to see you. I'm just so happy."

After Enrique had walked away, Mrs. Phillips turned and went directly upstairs to Noah's room.

"Now, young man, is it going to come down to my having to choose your friends for you?"


I don't want you to hang around that Enrique person again, Noah. He's just a piece of ranch trash. And he's just an ignorant Mexican. I don't want you to hang around these Mexicans. They can stay around their own kind."

"Mom, Ricky isn't an ignorant Mexican. Don't call him that. He's very smart and he's very nice. I can have him as a friend if I want to."

"Oh, Noah, you don't understand what I'm saying. There's Freddie down the street. Now there's a nice white boy from a good family. He's the kind of people you need to be associating with, not these Mexican people."

"I don't like Freddie, Mom. He thinks he's better than anyone else. Besides, he smokes pot and shoots up. I'm not into that."

"He doesn't do anything of the sort. And don't spread rumors. It's not becoming to anyone to spread rumors."

"You're just out of it, mom. You don't know what's going on around you."

"Don't talk to me that way. I am forbidding you to ever see or talk to that Mexican again. Do you hear me?"

"Yeah, but I am going to see him again. He's my friend. And he's a good person. You might as well just cool it, mom. I'm old enough to pick my own friends."

"Sure. So you go out and pick a damned queer for a friend. Is that the kind of friend you call yourself old enough to have?"

"What do you mean, he's a queer?"

"He's a queer, Noah! A fag! A fairy! Do you want me to spell it?"

"I know what he is. And I can spell it for you. G-A-Y!"

"So you like Gays, huh? My own son! He likes Gays! Ha! How do you like that! He likes Gays! Well, we'll see what your father thinks about your queer Mexican trash friend. He's going to deal with this, and you'd better be ready with some better answers than you've given me!

After supper, Noah sat in his room and could hear his mother's shrieky voice talking to his dad downstairs about Ricky. Then there was silence for a long time. Noah lay on his bed with his arms up under his head staring at the ceiling and thinking about Ricky. He could hear Ricky's voice over and over saying, "I love you, Noah." This could have been the most beautiful day that ever happened. Why did his mother try to ruin everything. He could feel his eyes filling with tears.

Noah wiped his eyes with the edge of his pillowcase, and through the corner of his eye, he could see his father standing still in the dark hallway looking at him through the open doorway.

"Dad!" said Noah, sitting up. "I didn't see you standing there. Have you been standing there long? I suppose you're here to give me the third degree, too."

Caleb Phillips looked at his son and slowly walked in and sat down next to Noah on the bed. "No, of course I'm not going to give you the third degree. Why should I?" Putting his arm around Noah's shoulder, he said, "I think we have something else to talk about. I think it's something we could have . . . or should have talked about a long time ago."

"Oh, Dad," said Noah, dropping his gaze to the floor. "It's about my friend, Ricky, isn't it? There's no use . . ."

"No, son," interrupted Caleb. "It's not exactly about him. Well, maybe a little. Now don't interrupt me. Noah, I know about your homosexuality. I've suspected it for the last three or four years."


"Now don't pull away from me, Noah. I want you to know that I don't feel about that like your mother does. I know that shocks you a little bit, but you need to know that."

"Well, you did shock me a little. But I'm glad you know." As tears began to run down his cheeks, Noah said, "Dad, I can't help it that I'm this way. I didn't ask for this. It's just the way I am. I'm really glad, and I'm really relieved that you know, Dad. But I don't expect you to understand, any more than mom does."

Caleb pulled Noah closer to him and pushed a long shock of blond hair back off of the boy's forehead. After sitting in silence for many minutes, Caleb said. "I do understand, Noah. I understand exactly as you understand."

Noah looked up into his father's face. "I appreciate that you want to, Dad, but there's no way you could understand what this is like. Do you know that I think I actually love someone. Yeah, you probably guessed it. It's Ricky. Mom went spastic over that, and you probably will, too. You just couldn't understand, Dad, what it's like to love another guy."

"Noah," said Caleb slowly. "I told you I understand exactly as you understand."

Noah shook his head and said, "But there's no way you could understand, unless you . . . ."

Caleb brought Noah's head over and pressed it against his chest. Noah slowly brought his arms around his father's waist. They both sat there very still for a long time, saying nothing, each with his own thoughts. Caleb hoped that Noah understood, but at the same time worried that he may have gone too far and that it would drive a wedge between him and his son. Noah wondered if he understood correctly what he thought he sensed his father was trying to convey. Could it really be that his dad really and truly understood what it meant to be a homosexual. Could it possibly be that his own dad was . . . ."

Soon Caleb kissed his son on the forehead and said, "We can talk more about this some other time, son, if you'd rather. But I want you to know now, though, how much I love you, my dear, dear Noah. You are everything in my life. I know that you probably have more than you can handle right now, but I also need to tell you, Noah, that your mother and I have decided to get a divorce. Nothing has worked for us for several years. I wanted to keep it going for your sake, at least until you were old enough to leave home, like your brother did. But this marriage is doing you more harm than good. It's time to end it.

Noah said nothing, but tightened his grip around his father's waist. "We'll talk some more, tomorrow; okay, son?"

As Noah nestled his head harder against his father's chest, he said, "Lie down here with me for a little while, will you, Dad." As they slowly fell backwards onto their backs, Noah said, "I'm glad about this. I just . . . . I'm so confused. I want to tell you, Dad, probably for the first time in my life, that you've been my idol. You probably never knew how much I worshiped you. I've looked at the old pictures of you standing up there, so handsome in your swimming suit, receiving awards while you were a swimmer in both high school and college. And there was never anything I wanted to do more than be like you and have you be proud of me someday when I stood up there and got those awards myself. I've worked so hard almost every day to become as good as you. And Ricky has helped me. I don't care what Mom says, I'll never in my life give up Ricky."

By now, both Caleb and Noah had tears in their eyes. Noah continued to hold his arms around his father very tightly. Then he said, "Dad, when you and Mom get divorced, can I live with you? I don't think I'll be able to stand it if I have to live with her and not be with you."

"Well, since you're not yet eighteen, that has yet to be determined. But I will do my best to have you stay with me."

Soon, Caleb could tell that Noah had fallen asleep on his chest. He pushed him off gently and turned him so his head was at the head of the bed. Then Caleb did something he had never done before since Noah was a baby. He undressed his son very slowly. As he took off each piece of Noah's clothing, he found himself so aroused by the sight of his son's maturing body: the full bush of pubic hair, the soft layer of blond hair that covered his legs . . . those legs that were looking more and more like swimmer's legs with the gently rounded curves of muscles in his calves and thighs. The fully developed, man-sized penis and balls. As he looked at them, he wondered if Ricky had seen them and perhaps tasted them. Caleb didn't want to wake Noah, but his son's face looked so sweet and peaceful in sleep, he could not resist leaning over and kissing him very lightly on Noah's full, soft lips. Then, bringing a sheet and a light blanket up over Noah, Caleb turned off the light and left, closing the door behind him.

Caleb knew that his wife would be waiting downstairs to hear that he had given Noah a piece of his mind. But instead, he went into the bathroom, pulled down his pants and sat on the edge of the tub with his legs stretched out before him. His underwear was soaked with pre-cum, and his penis was rock hard. As he stroked, he wondered if he had done the right thing. He had wanted for a long time to tell Noah, so they could both get their dirty little secrets out in the open. Now that it was done, he was suffering some doubts. But thoughts of his son's slender, well-proportioned and gently muscled body that he had just put to bed took over his thoughts, and he started pounding his rigid penis harder and harder. He closed his eyes, fantasizing wildly about Noah until he felt himself losing all control over his body. He slid back into the tub, putting his feet and legs up against the wall so that he was literally standing on his shoulders. Then he exploded, hurling great dollops of heavy thick sperm onto his face and into his mouth, imagining that it was Noah's sperm.

When his orgasm finally subsided, he pulled his feet down and lay stretched out in the tub, basking in the afterglow of his orgasm, as well as the knowledge that Noah took the news so much better than he had dreamed he would. After a while he was jarred out of his reverie by the familiar squealing shriek of his wife's voice. They were now sleeping in separate rooms, but before they each headed off to bed, Caleb told the woman that he thought he had made some progress with Noah, but he would need to talk some more to him.

"Meanwhile, back at the ranch," as the announcers used to say on the old western radio shows, Jake was finding Enrique particularly loving as they crawled into bed. Enrique never mentioned a word about his friendship with Noah, much less his sexual activity with him. He knew his love for Jake was solid and eternal. There could never be a love for him that was greater. But at the same time, he kept thinking about Noah. He did love Noah. But that love was a strangely different kind of love. There was no father-worship or father-love involved in his feelings for Noah, as there was for Jake. But he felt at the same time that his love for Noah did go beyond pure sexual lust. As he lay in Jake's arms, he wondered if he would ever be able to see Noah alone again. He certainly didn't want to run into that dreadful mother of his again.

Enrique told Jake that he was very tired and would really just like to go to sleep nestled against the soft hair on Jake's body. Jake said, "Do ya want me to give ya my special sleepin' medicine agin?" Jake's special sleeping medicine was a very special complete body tongue bath that took about twenty minutes.

"Sure," squealed Enrique.

"Okay," said Jake. "Git over on yer back and spread yer fuckin' legs as usual. I'll start on yer front side. Yer gittin so fuckin' big now that I'm gonna have to take thirty minutes to give ya a proper bath.

"Take as long as you, like, Jake. I want you to be sure I'm real clean when you're done."

Jake started on Enrique's forehead and progressed around his head on his ears, nose, cheeks, lips, chin and neck. Then he ran his tongue lightly over every inch of Enrique's chest and nipples, arm pits, and arms. "Shit, Ricky, yer growin' the softest, sweetest hair on yer arms now. I really love to suck on it. That, with the feel of yer smooth skin underneath, drives me fuckin' nuts."

Skipping Enrique's penis and balls, Jake brought his tongue down over the soft hair on both of Enrique's slender legs. "Okay, fucker, you can roll over now and I'll bath yer backside."

Jake always loved running his tongue up the backs of Enrique's legs. There was something about the fullness of Enrique's calves that was so erotic. Then after swirling his tongue over both of Enrique's firm, smooth ass cheeks, he plunged his tongue into his ass trench, slashing away at the snarl of black hair that inhabited it until his tongue reached the sweetness of Enrique's tight little pucker. Jake could reach Enrique's balls, also, which were spread out between his legs. As Jake tickled the ball sack with the tip of his tongue, Enrique started to moan and then rolled over on his back again, revealing his hard, throbbing penis standing straight up.

"Hey, fucker," said Jake. "This is supposed to put you to sleep. You said you were too tired for anything tonight."

"Oh, shut up, Jake, and suck it. I've changed my mind. I want to flood your mouth with my cum. Hurry!"

It worked every time. Whenever Ricky was too tired to fuck and suck, Jake administered his sure-fire sleeping medicine. It always turned Ricky into a raging sex maniac. And tonight was no exception.

Jake said, "Okay, ya little fuck machine. I'm not gonna let you shoot your cum and then roll over and go to sleep. Com'on, git that sweet little ass hole up here in the air so I can get off before I suck those cute little balls o' yers dry."

Enrique obediently pulled his thighs up against his chest so his asshole was pointed up in good position to receive Jake's burning hot penis. First slathering Enrique's asshole with saliva, Jake mounted him like a raging bull, plunging his heavy cock deep into Enrique's rectum. As Jake pounded Enrique's little butt with his pelvis, Enrique jacked himself off. When Enrique started to cum, Jake could feel Enrique's sphincter muscle clamp wildly against his own penis, causing him to go into his own wild contractions. As Enrique's thick white sperm shot in spurts from his penis onto his stomach, Jake's hot sperm was shooting into Enrique's rectum.

Jake held Enrique's thighs up as he pulled out. Going down again on Enrique's oozing asshole, Jake said, "I love to eat my fuckin' cum. But it really tastes a lot better when it comes outta yer sweet little ass, Ricky.

On the morning after Steve caught a glimpse of Dan in bed naked, with Luke standing naked at the door, Steve said goodbye to Mark and Corky. They had to get back to San Antonio where there was work waiting for them. He had asked Michael and Karl if he could stay a little while longer at the ranch, and they gladly told him he could stay as long as he wanted. But they jokingly warned him that after awhile, he would either have to pay some rent, or be put to work. Steve didn't intend to mooch off of them much longer. He, of course, would be glad to pay them for the use of the private room and bath.

After Mark and Corky drove off, Steve wandered over to the rec hall where Tony was just serving up breakfast to the hands. He spotted Luke and Dan sitting at a table alone. After getting himself a tray of pancakes and sausage, he asked if he could join them. Dan leaped up and said, "Sure, Steve. Please sit down."

"Please don't get up, Dan," Steve said with mock condescension.

Dan said, "Did you and Corky and Mark have a good time in Goliad last night?"

Not wanting to admit what really happened, Steve said, "Well, it was okay. But I wish I'd stayed here and hung around with you guys."

"Luke told me you came to the door last night when you got back. I guess he told you we had already been asleep."

"Ya . . . ya, he did."

When they had finished breakfast, Luke went on to the barn to start his chores for the day, while Steve and Dan ambled back to the house.

Steve finally said, "You know, when I came to the door of your room last night, uh . . . I could see you lying on the bed on your back. You've really got a piece of equipment there."

"Huh? You could see me?"

"That's alright, Dan. Don't be embarrassed. I could see that Luke was naked, too."


Taking Dan by the arm, Steve said reassuringly, "Hey, Dan, that's okay! What you do with Luke in your room is your business. I shouldn't come knocking that late."

Dan looked down and didn't quite know what to say.

"I said, that's okay, Dan." Then as they walked a little further and were walking up the steps of the back verandah of the house, Steve said, "But you know, Dan, I have to tell you I really kinda wished I could have joined you."

Dan stopped and turned to face Steve. "Really? You mean that?"

"Yeah, I mean that. After I saw you, I went back to my room and jerked off."


Steve chuckled, "Stop saying 'really!' Yes! Really!"

Dan looked into Steve's eyes and smiled. Steve said, "Let's go around to the shady side of the house and sit awhile on the front verandah."

As they passed through the kitchen, Tony was cleaning up and stacking dishes in the dishwasher. Steve said, "That was a good hearty breakfast you served out there. Do you do that every morning?"

Tony turned and leaned against the counter. "You said it! Every fuckin' morning. Hey, I don't think I've met you yet. My name's Tony, and I'm the cook here. You guys are the ones from up north and are staying in one of the guest rooms, right?"

Steve said, "Well, I'm staying in a guest room, and Dan here is staying with Luke in the bunk house."

Tony looked at Dan with a big smile and winked. "Wow. I hope you find it pleasant and comfortable over there in his room." With another wink, he leaned closer to Dan and said, "I hear he's a terrific . . . well, he's a terrific host!"

Dan said, "Well, I think what you heard is right."

"Tony, how about letting us take a couple of cups of coffee with us," said Steve. "We're going to go out and sit on the front verandah so we can talk."

"Hey, you guys, you just go on. I'll bring it out to you."

To be continued...


Posted: 09/12/08