My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Tony got a wash cloth and towel from the truck. While the others held up Michael's legs, Tony washed away as much of the sperm that was oozing out of his hole as he could, as well as the sperm that Josiah had shot onto Michael's face and hair. After drying him with a towel, they put a blanket over him to keep him warm, and then tried to sleep themselves. It was a fitful night for all of them, and they each rather dreaded the coming of the dawn.


Chapter 37 

As the sun came up, all four boys, still naked, began to wake, one by one. Looking over at Michael, who was still sound asleep, they worried that he would remember what had happened the night before and would be angry. It was not long before Michael did become awake. Rubbing his eyes, he threw the blanket off, revealing his very hard morning erection.

"Good morning, Michael," said Tony quietly.

"Good Morning, boys," responded Michael. "Oh, my head! I think I drank too much last night. I'm really sorry. I think I must have fallen asleep and missed all the fun. I hope you guys all had a good time with each other."

Everyone looked relieved. "We did," said Josiah. "We're sorry that you weren't able to join in. But we understand. Maybe sometime when Karl is home, we can all get together again."

"That would be great, you guys," said Michael. "But you know I never allow myself to have any outside fun unless Karl's along with me. We'll plan another party sometime."

Josiah and Brian picked up some of the supplies and walked off toward the truck. "You know, Brian," said Josiah in a quiet voice, "Michael's got to know sometime what happened. We can't keep it from him like this. We all deceived him. And he's the last person on this Earth that I would ever want to be dishonest with. I love him too much. We all love him, Brian. We'll have to tell him sometime, unless he suddenly remembers it on his own."

"Yeah," said Brian, "and you know his asshole must be sore this morning, or at least feel like something's happened back there.

This was the day Karl was due home from his business trip. As he boarded the plane in Kansas City, he noticed that it was going to be a full flight. He buckled himself into his assigned window seat while another young man settled in beside him. After they were airborne, they each became engrossed in their newspapers. Suddenly, Karl began to feel a strange vibration. The plane began shuddering violently and, without warning began to dive straight down toward the Earth. Everyone on the plane began screaming. Instinctively, Karl and the man next to him clutched hold of each other in terror and buried their heads against each other's shoulder. As frightened as he was, Karl liked the feel of the stranger's hard muscular chest on his cheek. The shuddering continued, punctuated with loud banging noises. Karl knew that he was going to die and could think of nothing but Michael and said over and over under his breath, "I love you, I love you."

Soon, they could feel the plane slowly leveling out, but the shuddering continued. A voice came over the speaker. "Please keep your seat belts fastened. We're only thirty-five miles from Dallas, where we'll be making an emergency landing in a few minutes."

Karl and the stranger beside him slowly pulled apart. "I'm sorry," said Karl. "I didn't mean to grab for you like that. I wasn't thinking. For some reason, I thought you were my partner . . . I mean . . . just for that moment, I imagined you to be someone I knew. I'm sorry."

The man smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. I grabbed for you, too." Looking past Karl and out the window, he said, "I wonder what happened. I sure wish we'd land soon."

After landing at Dallas, all the passengers were shuttled into a separate waiting room where they were told that the aileron on one of the wings had malfunctioned, but the pilot had been able to compensate and bring the plane down safely. It would be about two hours before a replacement airplane could be brought into service and checked out for flight. Since it was now noontime, everyone was given a voucher for lunch at one of the airport restaurants.

Karl said, "Well, I suppose we'd better go and get something to eat. Would you join me? By the way, my name is Karl."

"Nice to meet you, Karl, even though it was under such dire circumstances. My name is Dan."

As they sat eating their spicy chicken sandwiches, Karl could tell that Dan was not from Texas. He had that distinctive New England accent. "What brings you to this part of the country, Dan?"

I'm really headed for El Paso to look at some job opportunities. But it looks as though I'm now going to miss my connection in San Antonio because of this delay."

"Do you have a family, Dan?"

"Well, yeah, sort of. I'm in a long term relationship with a girl. We're not married, but we have a six-month old baby girl."

"They're not with you on this trip?"

"No," replied Dan. "My girlfriend doesn't want to leave New England, but I really am interested in getting out of there and getting a change of scenery. I'm thirty-five years old and I think it's time I really make up my mind where I want to live and what I want to do."

"But if you move down here, Dan, what about your daughter and her mother? What if they refuse to relocate with you?

"I guess I'll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it," Dan replied.

The plane to San Antonio was finally ready, and all the passengers boarded and took the same seats they had had in the other plane. Karl looked at Dan as they walked down the aisle to their seats. Dan was somewhat smaller than the tall, gangly Karl. Karl estimated that Dan must have been about five feet, seven inches tall, and probably weighed no more than 145 pounds. Karl thought to himself that Dan's body just cried out to be hugged and cuddled. He almost wished that something else would happen on this flight that would allow him to grab Dan again and wrap his body tightly in his arms. Karl could hardly keep his eyes off of Dan's medium length brown hair and beautiful brown eyes.

When they arrived in San Antonio, Dan found that he had indeed missed his El Paso flight. But there would not be another flight until the next day, and even that one was completely booked.

Karl had told Dan about the ranch he owned with Michael Walker, and what a wonderful life he had there. He told Dan that he had been an Easterner also—a New Yorker—but had found that the good life on a Texas ranch was what he wanted to commit his life to.

"Dan, there's no sense in your spending the next several days here just sitting around waiting for a plane," said Karl. "My car is parked in the Long-Term parking garage here. Why don't you come on down to the ranch with me and spend a couple of days there before you head on West. If you want to live down in Texas someday, you probably ought to find out what life on a real Texas ranch is like. It's not exactly like what you see in Hollywood movies, but it's great just the same. How about it?"

Dan really came to like Karl a lot over the several hours he had known him, and after making his El Paso plane reservation for four days later, he accepted Karl's invitation. He hated to admit it to himself, but he was enamored by Karl's kind of sexy English accent. As they drove south to Goliad, Dan said, "You know, I was kind of looking forward to seeing some Purple Sage and some 'tumbling tumble-weed.' Can't we see that as we drive through the country-side down here?"

Karl laughed. "Well, you can see it very occasionally in this part of Texas. But you see it mostly out in the dryer areas of West Texas and up in the Panhandle. We're located in a more arid region that is generally known as the Rio Grande Valley. That doesn't mean we're really that close to the Rio Grande River, but there's this big area down here in South Texas that is considered the Rio Grande Valley. You'll see a tumble-weed when you get over to El Paso."

As they pulled off the main highway and drove down the long dusty road into the ranch, Dan looked out over the miles of range land, scattered with cattle. And along the way a group of cowboys with heavy leather gloves were fixing the barbed wire fence. They waved as Karl drove by.

When they arrived at the house, parking in the yard by the back verandah, Dan was very impressed with the sight of the large sprawling one-story house with its high, peaked gables and chimneys.

"Come on in, Dan. I want you to meet my partner. And then we'll fix you up with a place to sleep."

As they entered the house, Karl called for Michael. Michael was still feeling quite hung over and was lying on his bed in their room. When Karl and Dan entered his room, Karl leaned over and kissed Michael on the lips. This startled Dan for a moment, but at the same time, he was not repulsed by this show of affection between Karl and Michael. It surprised him that he actually felt rather touched by it.

"Michael," said Karl, "I want you to meet Dan. He's on his way to El Paso, but we had some problems with our flights, which I'll tell you about later, and he missed his flight to El Paso. He's got quite a long layover, so I thought he might as well stay here than alone in San Antonio. He's from back East and he's never been to this part of the country before. So I thought we'd let him experience what a real Texas ranch is like."

Michael sat up and extended his hand. "Dan, glad to meet you, and welcome to our humble ranch. Sorry, I'm not a very good host today. I had a little too much revelry last night, and I'm paying for it with a major headache. Karl, why don't you check to see if we have an empty room over in the bunk house. Dan, I think you'll be comfortable there during your stay. It's a fairly new building and the plumbing's good and the beds are comfortable."

Karl found that there were no vacant rooms, but there was one room with only one occupant. Dan would have to stay with Luke. Luke was a young cowboy who had worked at the ranch for about five years. He was fairly quiet, worked hard, but liked to be alone a lot. Luke had a college degree in English Literature, of all things. After graduation, he taught at the Goliad high school for about a year, but he hated it. He had always enjoyed the outdoors and, having been raised on his father's ranch in West Texas, he had come to like his days filled with hard work.

After Luke had been working for about a year at the Walker Ranch, Jake was fond of saying in typical Jakesonian prose, "That young fucker is the best fuckin' worker on the ranch. He keeps his asshole to the fuckin' grindstone all day, he don't bother nobody, and he don't need no fuckin' supervision. He's a fuckin' sweetheart!"

Karl brought Dan into Luke's room and sat down with him to wait for Luke, who was still out in the field. Looking around, Dan saw several low bookcases full of books, mostly American and British classics. Sitting on a small table in the corner was a large stack of magazines, and Dan could tell they were of a pornographic nature.

Dan smiled at Karl and said, "I see that Luke has quite an eclectic taste in reading materials."

"Well, Dan, all the guys that live and work here have their supply of porno," said Karl. "You know, we've all got to empty our balls now and then, and being isolated out here in the country like this, all these guys have are their fantasies, and about the only way most of them can shoot their loads is to jack off a lot. And these fuck magazines play a big part in that. I presume you're like most of us. You probably like to jack off like the rest of us do. Do you ever use porno to help you get off?"

"Of course I jack off when I'm not screwing my girl friend. But sometimes we like to watch porno videos. That really turns us on." Dan was surprised to hear himself suddenly drawn into a conversation about sex, and so casually finding himself mentioning screwing his girlfriend. He found Karl rather free and easy with his talk about sex and jacking off. And then there was the kiss that Karl so openly and unashamedly gave his "partner," Michael. People were so much more reserved back where he came from in conservative New England. But now Dan began to feel a sort of strange excitement come over him. Everything was so different. The countryside, the look of the guys who worked on the ranch. It may not be the same as Hollywood portrays the West, but all the cowboys looked like he had imagined them . . . good looking, big, tan, strong, and right out of the movies.

Luke soon appeared and looked startled to fine Karl and a stranger in his room. Standing up, Karl said, "Luke, I want you to meet a friend of mine. His name is Dan. He's going to be staying with us for a couple of days, and since you're the only one who has an empty bed in your room, we'd like him to stay with you.

Dan looked at Luke, who towered over him at six foot three. It was hard for Dan to take his eyes off of Luke's face. Strong jaw, high cheekbones, a deep set of dimples, dark eyes shaded seductively by long black eyelashes, and black hair that fell heavily over his forehead as he removed his hat. Luke extended his enormous hand and enveloped Dan's hand like it was just a bag of so many mixed up small bones.

"Well, I'll leave you two now to get acquainted," said Karl. "Dan, you'll probably want to go and eat chow tonight with Luke and the other hands. It's good food and lots of it, and you'll get a taste of what we eat down here."

As Karl left and closed the door behind him, Dan said, "I hope you don't mind my staying here with you for a couple of days."

"Shit, no. Make yourself comfortable," drawled Luke. "Truth is I git kinda lonely here by myself. I go down to the chow hall and watch TV sometimes, but mostly I like to stay here and read in the evenings. I had a roommate for awhile, but he wasn't much company. He finally left the ranch. He never said much. He just laid there and complained and jacked off all the time."

Dan said, "I see you've got lots of good reading material now to keep you company."

"Yup. Those magazines were all his. That's all he ever did . . . just look at fuck magazines and jack off."

"Do you ever look at those magazines?"

"Yeah, I look at 'em. They make good jack off material. Go ahead browse through 'em if you want. I've been sweatin' all day. I've gotta git outta these clothes and take a shower. I got jock itch like you wouldn't believe."

Dan watched Luke as he stripped off his clothes. He had seen plenty of guys naked in the showers back home when he was going to school. But somehow this was different. A strange feeling came over him as he watched this very masculine cowboy strip down to his bare skin. He could feel his own penis jump and harden at the sight. Luke's penis was completely soft, but to Dan it seemed as long as his own when it was hard.

"Look at these balls, Dan. They're drippin' with sweat. They're drivin' me crazy, they itch so much."

It surprised Dan that his penis had now become fully erect in his pants. For some reason, the sight of Luke's long and low-slung ball sack with its two clearly delineated balls made him so excited. And as he stared at Luke's solid pectorals, punctuated with large brown nipples, it occurred to him that the sight of them excited him more and in a strangely different way than his girlfriend's tits ever had. He watched Luke through the glass door of the shower as he lathered himself up from head to toe. The sight of Luke running his hands over his entire slick soap-covered body as he washed himself seemed to bring the blood rushing to Dan's head, and he began to feel a little dizziness. As Luke washed his penis and balls, they flopped around wildly, flinging soap suds in all directions.

"What's happening to me?" Dan wondered to himself. He knew he was no longer in New England. But he also had the strange feeling that he had suddenly found himself in a strange new world he never knew existed. Here in front of him was a naked cowboy from another culture entirely, who seemed to excite him more than he had ever been excited by anyone before. Here was this Adonis who was actually flaunting his nakedness in front of Dan, and openly talking about his balls and about jacking off and . . .

"Hey, Dan. If you need to use the shower, here's some clean ones," Luke said as he threw a towel and a wash cloth into Dan's lap. Luke was now standing in front of Dan, no more than three feet away, drying himself. Dan's eyes were even with the smooth curves of Luke's thigh muscles, covered with a soft layer of downy light brown hair. That long ball sack swung gently as Luke dried his back. The circumcised penis was still soft, but hung in a long gentle curve to about an inch or two below the bottom of his balls.

"If you wanna go ahead and take your shower now, I'll wait, and then we can go git some chow."

Feeling a little self-conscious in front of this Texas cowboy hunk, who was so tanned, and rugged, and macho looking, Dan slowly removed his clothes, suddenly noticing the contrast of the whiteness of his skin next to Luke's. As Dan lathered himself up, he kept his back to the door so that Luke would not see his throbbing hard-on. Glancing around, though, he could see that Luke was sitting still on the side of the bed looking at him.

'Oh, my God,' thought Dan, 'he must be laughing inside at the sight of my body. I'm so white compared to him, and I'm so much smaller. Oh, God, why am I here?'

Luke remained seated as Dan dried himself. Suddenly, Luke said, "You know, Dan, you have the nicest looking little butt cheeks. They're just like little round buns. I like butts like that."

Dan stood in stunned silence. He didn't know what to say, but without thinking, he blurted out, "You have pretty cute buns, too."

Without reacting to Dan's remark, Luke kept his eyes on Dan's butt. "They're so pure and smooth and soft looking, just like a baby's ass."

Dan could see that Luke's penis was now becoming gorged and it was visibly enlarging in front of his eyes. Dan didn't know what to do. Should he now proceed to get dressed? Luke was still sitting naked. Should he sit down somewhere? On the chair? On the bed next to Luke? Or should he just continue to stand there with Luke staring at him. 'My God, what do I do now,' Dan thought.

Luke reached up and took Dan by the hips, turned him around, and pulled him down in a sitting position onto his lap. Dan could feel Luke's enormous pole of a cock slipping into the crack of his ass. He thought, 'This man wants to fuck me.' Dan felt excitement like he'd never felt before. But a wave of fear also swept over him. He had never been fucked in the ass by a man's cock before, but the desire that he suddenly felt was almost overwhelming. He had several times put his own finger in his asshole when he jerked off, and sometimes his girlfriend would stick her finger into his hole as he fucked her. It had given him a wonderful feeling, but how was he going to take this enormous rod that was now probing around inside of his ass trench. The idea of getting fucked by another man was never something Dan wanted, but suddenly to have Luke's hard penis inside of him was the only thing now that he desired. The prospect of great pain and possible internal injuries no longer mattered. He looked down and saw Luke's strong tanned arms encircling him, pressing their bodies closer together.

"Oh, Luke, hold me tighter. Push into me. Please push hard," sighed Dan.

Dan could feel Luke's tongue and lips on the back of his neck. Then Luke stood up with Dan cradled in his arms. Laying him down on his back, Luke pushed Dan's legs up against his chest, slathered some KY onto Dan's asshole and on his own penis, and slowly began to push his gorged hard penis into Dan's asshole. Dan was now in a state of total euphoria. He floated in a mixed up haze of abject fear and overwhelming desire. He had always considered it enormously erotic when he would lie on his back and watch his girlfriend slowly lower her pussy onto his hard penis. As she would pump up and down, he would take hold of her large nipples. There could be nothing more sensuous than that. But now, he was looking up into a face . . . a man's face . . . that was infinitely more erotic and arousing than he had ever experienced back home. He reached for Luke's nipples, and the feel of them sent greater shock waves through his body than the feel of his girlfriend's nipples ever did. The smell of Luke's body was like ambrosia, the perfume of the gods. Never had he experienced such an erotic sensation.

Dan could feel Luke's pole probing gently at first and then pushing against his asshole with greater pressure. "Dan, listen to me," whispered Luke. "Relax your asshole. Push out just like you do when you're trying to take a shit. Then I'll push very slowly."

Dan did exactly as he was told and could feel Luke's enormous penis start to slide into his rectum. There was a little pain, but the more he pushed out like Luke had said, the more wonderful it felt. Soon, their pelvises were pressing against each other, and Dan felt as though he had an eighteen-wheeler semi inside of him. But it didn't hurt. It felt so good. All he wanted to do was to give himself over completely to Luke. His whole body now belonged to Luke. Luke then began to pump in and out very slowly, as Dan threw his head back on the bed and just let Luke take what he wanted. Soon the pace picked up and it felt as though Luke's penis was violently pushing its way into Dan's stomach. Dan stared into Luke's god-like face as the pounding became more intense. He could see the passion begin to sweep over Luke's face. The idea the he, Dan, was the instrument who was giving this beautiful masculine man the ultimate in sexual pleasure excited Dan. Luke's eyelids fluttered open and closed and he sank closer and closer to his orgasm. His face was now directly over Dan's face. Sweat beads had formed on Luke's face and were dropping onto Dan's face and mouth. The salty taste of Luke's sweat began to bring Dan close to his own orgasm.

Soon, Dan could feel every muscle in Luke's slick, sweat-soaked body begin to tense and tighten up. It felt as though Luke's penis was getting even larger as he pounded his pelvis harder and harder and faster and faster against Dan's. Then with a loud growling roar, Luke let go. Dan could feel Luke's cock violently throbbing inside of his rectum, followed by the pressure of Luke's sperm shooting powerfully against the walls of his rectum. At that moment, Dan was gripped by his own powerful orgasm, during which long streams of thick white sperm shot up onto the front of Luke's neck and chin.

As their orgasms subsided, Luke slowly lowered himself down as Dan wrapped his arms around Luke's sweat-covered back. Dan could hardly believe what had just happened. Never had he had a sexual experience so exhilarating, so carnal, so wantonly lustful, and so sensuously pleasurable. Luke's slowly wilting penis was still encapsulated inside of Dan's rectum. Dan could only think that he wanted this moment to stretch out for a lifetime. Dan thought to himself, 'We don't have to eat. We can both just lie here and die someday just like this, wrapped tightly together. He began to feel himself drifting off to sleep.

Dan awoke with a start. He was now lying on his stomach, and Luke was standing over him, fully dressed. Luke then sat down on the bed next to Dan and began running his hand very lightly over Dan's smooth, round ass cheeks. "Yep, these are the sweetest little buns I've ever seen. They're almost sweet enough to eat. You wouldn't mind if I had one for breakfast tomorrow, would you?"

Dan rolled over and looked up at Luke's smiling face. Putting his hand lightly on Luke's tan, dimpled cheek, he could see that what had happened was not just a dream as he had feared it was. "Luke," he said, "you can do anything you want. If you want to eat one of my buns you can.

After Dan got dressed, he and Luke went down to the chow hall and ate their supper. Dan wondered if Luke was really a heterosexual who just liked to fuck. Perhaps he just liked to fuck a hot looking ass, whether it was on a woman or on a man. He hoped that Luke understood the principle of "turn about is fair play." He wondered if Luke would ever take a cock up his ass, as well. After they ate, they went back to Luke's room. Dan began leafing through some of the pornographic magazines. They were all about heterosexual sex. There were some great pictures, and as pictures of men and women fucking had always done to Dan, he felt somewhat aroused by them. But for the first time, the memory of watching Luke in the shower and of looking up at Luke as he was fucking him sent far more erotic surges through his body than these male-female fucking pictures ever did.

As they lay in separate beds that night, Dan lay awake for a long time just staring at Luke's sensuous naked body as he slept. Never before in his life had he felt such erotic desire. As he watched the heaving of Luke's chest with every breath, he took hold of his own hard, seven-inch rod and started stroking. Almost immediately, he could feel the tingling begin in his groin that signaled the start of his orgasm. Unable to stifle his groans as he shot volley after volley of sperm onto his bare chest, his body was taken over by one of the most powerful orgasms he could ever remember. Never back home had he ever been so sexually excited.

Steve, the newcomer from northern New England, had been the guest of Mark and Corky at their apartment in San Antonio for the past three days following their evening downtown during the Fiesta celebration. From the first when they all met, Steve had been attracted to Corky, more than any of the others. Corky had a slight country crudeness about him, but at the same time, he had a boyish enthusiasm showing in his actions and in his handsome face that appealed greatly to Steve. He could tell that Corky was deeply in love with Mark, and Mark was intensely protective of Corky. Mark and Corky, like their other acquaintances on the ranch, had adopted the Michael Walker principle that they could engage in sexual activity with others only when the two of them were together. When Steve seemed a little surprised that he had so freely been invited into their bed, the Michael Walker principle was carefully explained to him. Mark and Corky also explained that Michael Walker was someone who was greatly loved by everyone who knew him.

Corky called Michael and asked if he and Mark could come down to the ranch for a few days' visit, and bring along a new friend, Steve, from New England. He explained that they wanted to show Steve what a real Texas cattle ranch was like. Michael said, of course, they could come down to visit anytime they wished, and their new friend would be welcome also. Corky said they would go down the following day.

After he hung up, Corky suggested they go out for a bite to eat and then come back to the apartment. He had picked up two new porno videos that he heard were terrific and suggested they view them that evening. They drove to Earl Abel's Restaurant where most of the waitresses are reminiscent of the character Flo in the old sitcom, "Mel's Diner." Big hair and loud. The food was always good, though. Before they left, they bought one of Earl Abel's famous pies, a lemon meringue, to eat for desert at home later in the evening.

Steve had felt very fortunate that he had become acquainted with Mark and Corky, and that the fact that he was almost twenty years older than they were seemed to make no difference in any way. He had begun to think that once a guy passed the age of fifty, doors would begin to close and options would become more limited. But these two young, hot Texas studs treated him as though he were a really hot number himself. Mark had told him that, as they themselves had come into their thirties, they had both found the more mature man, such as Steve, infinitely more attractive and desirable than the younger men. And, after all, fifty-one can, through no stretch of the imagination, be considered old.

The porno tape was a gay video that took place in a military school of some sort where pilots were trained. It included the usual business of the cadets themselves fucking and sucking one another, the various high ranking cadre demanding sexual favors from the cadets, and disciplining the cadets by fucking them and spanking their little asses. Then the commander of the school required that he fuck and be fucked by all of the cadets as their final exam, after which they would be certified as pilots. How that was possible was a mystery since there appeared to be no pilot training going on at the school. There was just constant and endless fucking and sucking, even in the classrooms.

No matter. The video did its job by turning the viewers into three horny sex pistols. Off came the clothes, revealing three very, very hard and eager penises. In an attempt to duplicate one of the final exams in the video, Mark lay on his stomach on the sofa, with Steve on top with his cock pushed tightly into Marks asshole. Then on top of Steve lay Corky with his penis likewise buried into Steve's hole. Steve found it difficult to hump Mark with Corky lying on top of him. And Corky had difficulty humping Steve when Steve was moving around trying to hump Mark. While Steve found it profoundly erotic and sensuous just to be sandwiched in between these two gorgeous bodies, there was at the same time a certain hopelessness to the configuration they had formed. Mark was finding the weight of the other two on his back to be something less than erotic, and Corky found his position atop this pile of flesh to be somewhat unstable. With all three breaking down in laughter, they rolled off of one another onto the floor where they formed a sort of mini-daisy chain of three bodies connected to each other with their penises in one another's mouth. They had done this before, and they had worked out a sign by which they would signal when they were getting close. In this way, they could all cum at once. To be able to have an orgasm of one's own as another penis is shooting its load into one's mouth can be absolutely mind boggling.

The evening was still young, and after piling into bed, each of them was able to achieve at least two more fine orgasms through one method or another before sleep overtook them. Even then, Steve was so taken with Corky that he maneuvered himself around so that when he fell asleep he did so with Corky's soft penis carefully tucked into his mouth for the night. When Steve awoke in the morning, he still had Corky's penis in his mouth, but he could now feel it expanding into a good sized morning erection. Corky was still asleep, but when he soon awoke, he found Steve running his cock in and out of his mouth. It took Corky no more than a couple of minutes before another great orgasm overtook him and he flooded Steve's mouth with a load of sweet tasting, hot, creamy sperm. They all took showers, ate a hearty breakfast and were soon on the road to the Walker Ranch. Steve could hardly contain his excitement.

In the days following the fateful overnight outing during which Michael had unknowingly been ravaged by four horny young men, both Tony and Clayton were unable to shake their feelings of guilt over the incident. Sitting together at the kitchen table, they talked about it.

"I'm kind of ashamed," said Tony, "that I was so brash in making out that I was going to fuck Michael that night. I think I could have prevented the whole mess from happening if I hadn't been so cocky about it. I owe Michael a big apology."

"Oh, Tony," said Clayton shaking his head. "No more than I do. Michael and I had come to an understanding after we had gone to bed that one time that it was something that would never happen again. When I did what I did the other night, I betrayed him. I'm not going to be able to live with this if I don't tell him what I did and somehow tell him I'm sorry about it."

"I know we have to come clean about it, Clayton," said Tony. "But how do we do it."

"We just tell him, Tony. He's my dad. I think it's really up to me to tell him myself. Under the circumstances, I was the most guilty of all of us." With tears welling up in his eyes, Clayton said, "Oh, Tony, how could I have done something like this to our dear Michael. He trusts me, and I've broken that trust when I knew he couldn't help himself."

Just then, Michael came in from the back yard. "Hey, you guys. Why look so glum? You both look like you lost your best friend."

"Michael, I . . ." began Clayton as Tony got up and walked over to the stove. "Michael, I need to talk to you about something." Looking over at Tony, who was now busying himself with something on the stove, Clayton said, "Michael, can we go into your office? I need to talk to you."

Glancing at Tony and assuming that there was some trouble between the two young men, Michael said, "Of course, Clayton."

As the two went into Michael's bedroom and passed into his adjoining office, Clayton threw his arms around Michael. "Have you ever been able to understand, Michael, how much I have come to love you?"

"What's the matter, Clayton?" said Michael, holding Clayton away from him at arm's length.

"I have to tell you about a terrible thing I did that I feel so ashamed of."

"I can't imagine your doing anything terrible, Clayton."

"Remember the other night when we camped out and you drank a little too much and went to sleep?"

"Yes, I do. And I owe you guys an apology for that."

"No, you don't," said Clayton, choking back tears. "You don't ever have to apologize for anything."

Michael took Clayton by the hand and led him over to the sofa across from his desk. "Clayton! What's the matter? Please get hold of yourself. Has something happened between you and Tony?"

Clayton wiped his eyes with the heal of his hand and sat up straight, looking Michael straight in the eye. "No, nothing's happened between he and I. I violated your trust in me. Tony and I violated your trust. We all did, Tony and I and Josiah and Brian. When you passed out . . . I mean when you went to sleep that night, we took advantage of you. We all did. We . . . Oh, Michael, I'm so sorry . . . we all are."

Michael understood. He did have a rather sore butt when he woke up the next morning. He had wondered if he had engaged in some activity with the boys, but dismissed the thought because he had no memory of doing so.

"You mean that all four of you fucked me? While I was passed out?"

Clayton buried his face in his hands and nodded. Michael rose and went over and stood at the window looking out. "I have to admit that I had wondered what it would be like to be taken by all four of you young studs. But now I'll never know."

Clayton looked up and saw Michael facing him and smiling. "I don't blame you for being very angry and very disappointed in me."

"Do I look angry, Clayton," said Michael as he returned to the sofa and took Clayton gently in his arms. "You did what you wanted to do. And I kind of feel flattered that you guys wanted an old guy like me."

"You're not old," said Clayton, burying his face in the crook of Michael's neck.

"I'm glad you came to me and told me, Clayton. And I'm glad that you knew this was the right thing to do, even though I know it wasn't easy."

As Clayton tightened his arms around Michael, he whispered, "Why do you always have to be so damned forgiving."

Michael merely smiled, and as he caressed Clayton's forehead and neck, they both sat quietly for a long time.

Enrique was almost seventeen years old and was about to finish the tenth grade at Goliad High School. Jake had for some time driven him into town every school morning and picked him up again in mid-afternoon. He was now driving Enrique only as far as the main highway each day, where he would catch the county school bus that took him into Goliad. Enrique had long dreaded the day when his private tutoring would end and he would have to be thrown into a group of other children at a school. Jake had always thought that Enrique's life had been an unnatural one. Enrique never had other children to play with as he was growing up; he lived as an adult among other adults. Jake was relieved when tests showed that Enrique was ready to attend a regular school, and was even more relieved when Enrique seemed to enjoy it and began to make friends his own age.

Enrique seemed to be a natural athlete. He enjoyed swimming, but the only swimming he had done was in the creeks and streams on the ranch. The high school had a large pool and, with the encouragement of the swimming coach, Enrique began to practice every day in the hope that he might make the swimming team. He was also a good horseman, having ridden horses from a very young age on the ranch. There was a Polo Club in Goliad, and Enrique would often stand on the grounds after school watching them play while he waited for the school bus. The game fascinated him, and he knew he could be as good as those players were if he were given a chance.

During swimming practice one day, Enrique noticed another boy who was also trying to train for the swimming team. He was taller than Enrique, slender with a swimmer's build, and blond. Enrique had not found himself attracted to anyone at the school until then. As they stood in the shower after practice, the young man turned and looked at Enrique.

"Hi. I've noticed you practicing a lot in the pool. Are you working to get on the team?"

Enrique said, "Yeah. Coach really thinks I might be able to make it if I work hard at it. How about you?"

"Me too. My dad was on the team when he went to school here. And he won a trophy. He's hoping I can win one sometime, too. Hey, my name's Noah Phillips. What's yours?"

"Hi, my name is Enrique Walker. People just call me Ricky."

"Do you want to come over to my house after school sometime. We can play pool on my dad's pool table, and I got some real neat video games."

"Oh, I like pool," said Enrique. "We've got a pool table in the rec room at the ranch. But I don't know what video games are."

Enrique and Noah arranged to meet at the pool at the same time on their practice days and would do their laps together, each trying to beat the time of the other. One day after school when they were not scheduled to practice, Noah invited Enrique to his house to play some video games. When they got to Noah's room, Enrique was fascinated by Noah's large television installation and video game setup. Noah taught Enrique how to play several of the games, and Enrique was hooked.

After playing several games, Noah said, "Hey Ricky, have you ever seen a fuck flick?"

"A fuck flick? What's that?" said Enrique.

"I got a friend at school who lends me these videos of people fucking. I sneak them up to my room so my mom and dad don't know and I look at them and jerk off. Have you ever jerked off?"

"Uh . . . ya," answered Enrique.

"Do you wanna see one?"


Noah reached into a box in the back of his closet and took out a video and placed in the VCR. It was a video of two men and a woman.

"Look Ricky. This guy's gonna fuck her in the ass, while the other guy's gonna eat out her pussy."

Noah unbuckled his pants and pushed them down to his knees and started stroking his penis. "Come on, Ricky. Don't you want to jerk off? This is really hot, don't you think?"

"Yeah," said Enrique. As he undid his pants and pushed them down, Enrique found Noah's uncircumcised penis more interesting to look at than the video. He could hardly take his eyes off of Noah's thighs, which were covered with soft blond hair. Even Noah's pubic hair was blond.

"Look at the size of those guys' cocks, Ricky." Glancing over at Enrique's hard penis, he said, "You've got a pretty big one, too. Have you ever fucked anyone with it?"

"Uh . . . yeah," replied Enrique.

"Would you like me to jerk you off, Ricky? And you could jerk me off, too."


"Okay. Let's stretch out here on the bed." As Noah took hold of Enrique's hard penis and began stroking, he said, "Does that feel good, Ricky."

"It sure does," said Enrique as he grasped hold of Noah's penis.

Neither were now looking at the Video, but were engrossed in jacking each other off. Noah ran his hand over the dark, velvety skin of Enrique's stomach and thighs. Enrique then also ran his hands over Noah's blond leg hair. As they stroked each other, their eyes met.

Looking deeply into Enrique's eyes, Noah said, "Ricky, would you mind if I kissed your cock?"

"No, I wouldn't mind, if you'll let me kiss yours."

Noah leaned over and gently kissed the head of Enrique's penis. Then he slowly sucked in Enrique's entire shaft. Enrique felt a thrill rush through his body as Noah's tongue swirled over his penis.

Noah looked up and said, "Turn your body around, Ricky, and take my cock, too."

As they each sucked on the other's cock, they also ran their hands lightly over each other's bodies, causing them to become almost frenzied. Enrique could feel Noah's penis beginning to enlarge and could feel Noah's leg muscles begin to tense up. Since he knew that Noah was about to cum, he let his own orgasm go ahead and take over his body. They both shot their sperm into each other's mouth, and they both swallowed it.

When it was over, Noah turned around and took Enrique's head in his hands and kissed him deeply on the mouth. The both smiled at each other. This is what they both wanted all along.

"Ricky, all the weeks we've known each other and practiced together, I was hoping and wishing this could happen between us. But I was afraid to open up to you."

"Noah, you didn't want me any more than I wanted you. When you put on that video of that woman and those men, I just knew it wasn't going to happen."

"I put that video on, Ricky, because I wasn't sure about you. But when I saw you looking at my cock, and not at the video, I decided to get brave and see how far I could go. You are such handsome, good looking guy, Ricky, I just died every time we'd get into the pool and then into the showers together."

"I felt the same as you did, Noah. You have a body that drove me nuts. That light skin of yours and that beautiful, thick blond hair. I'm so glad this happened."

"I have a confession to make, Ricky. This is the first time I ever laid down with another guy like this, and it's the first time I ever sucked on another guy's penis. I would watch the videos and see guys doing that, and I would just scream inside, longing to do it, too."

Enrique decided he would not reveal his own sexual history. It was only recently that he realized that it was not customary for young boys at the age of fifteen or sixteen to be having heavy sexual activity with grown men. He had always thought it was a normal thing to do. It wasn't until he had seen the world outside of the ranch that he began to understand many things. His whole growing up years were with those guys on the ranch. His whole life, including his sexual life, which began before he could remember, involved only people like Jake and Corky and a number of the other hands on the ranch, including Michael and Jeff who, from time to time, had their way with him sexually. Now here he was with someone who had nothing to do with the ranch or anyone on it, and who was seventeen years old and had never had any sexual activity whatsoever with another person. He knew now this was the way the world away from the Walker Ranch really was, and he came to realize that his life had not been normal one.

Enrique found himself attracted to his new friend, Noah, in a way he had never felt before with those on the ranch. The very innocence and sweetness that he saw in Noah was something that he never saw in anyone else he knew.

Looking into Noah's face, Enrique said, "I'd like to have you come and visit me at the ranch some weekend. Do you think your mom and dad would let you come for a weekend sometime?"

"I'm sure they would. I'd love to go."

Enrique knew in his heart that having Noah at the ranch could create some real problems. Would Jake understand? Would Jake be able to see the feeling he was having for Noah? Where would Noah sleep? He'd just have to take the chance.

When Mark and Corky arrived at the ranch with their new friend, Steve, they were greeted by Michael and Karl, who were sitting on the back verandah with Dan. They were having some mid-afternoon coffee and cake that Tony was just serving them.

"Come on up here, you guys, and join us," called Michael. Extending his hand to Steve, he said "You must be Steve. Mark and Corky told us about you and that they were going to bring you down for a visit. I'm Michael Walker, and this is my partner, Karl. And this here is Dan, who I understand is also from your part of the country. He's also down here just for a short visit."

Steve shook hands all around, but Steve and Dan held onto each other's hands a little longer than the others.

"Do you two know each other," asked Karl. "The way you looked at each other seemed kind of like you might have known each other."

"No, no," said Steve. "We've never met."

After they finished their coffee and cake, Steve said, "That tasted terrific. It really hit the spot. But, you know, I think I could use the bathroom right now."

Dan leaned forward and said, "Here, follow me, Steve, I'll show you where it is . . . if that's okay with you guys."

Karl said, "Fine. Go on! Lead the way!"

After Dan and Steve disappeared into the house, Michael and Karl and Mark and Corky looked at one another and all said in unison, "Hmmmmmmm!"

To be continued...


Posted: 09/12/08