My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

2000-2008 by the author


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Steve almost lost his balance and grabbed for the washbasin to steady himself. As Mark promptly left the room, Steve looked at himself in the mirror, smiled, and gently touched his lips with his fingers. "My God," he thought, "I've only been away from my wife for one day, down here in a strange land, and here I just got kissed by a big gorgeous former Texas State Trooper. My God!" He wondered, with all the suaveness and urbanity he was known for at home, how he could have so carelessly let the question, "Would you still be interested in me" slip out. "Oh well," he thought to himself. "I'm in Texas now, and it seems like everyone tells it like it is down here."


Chapter 36 


The Fiesta crowds on the streets were growing in size in anticipation of the Flambeau . . . the night parade. One last round of beer was ordered, and Steve insisted that it be on him. After Steve had returned from the restroom, he informed the others of his bi-sexuality and the fact that he was enjoying himself immensely in the company of his new friends. Mark maintained a look of confidence that he would sooner or later be the one to taste the fruit of this handsome New Englander in their midst.

Steve, on the other hand, found himself looking mostly at Corky. Corky was not as big and muscular as Mark, but he still had a sort of rugged look, with a tanned, ruddy face that, for Steve, was the quintessential Texas cowboy. He'd never seen a cowboy before, except in the movies and in Marlboro ads. But here he was sitting directly across from one of the handsomest young cowboys he could ever dream of meeting. As they finished their beer, Steve could feel Josh's hand lightly exploring his package with an occasional squeeze. When they finally walked out onto the sidewalk, Steve was amused as he could hear behind him Peter scolding Josh.

"Don't think I couldn't see you groping him. He's from very staid conservative country up there in New England. He may not go for the kind of crude behavior we're used down here."

Josh replied, "Peter, Peter, my dear little Peter! If you could have felt the size of that rock-hard bulge he had . . . well, there wasn't anything conservative or staid about that."

"Well, I don't care, Josh," said Peter. "I don't like it. You never think of my feelings. All you've done all afternoon was drool over this guy. I sure don't see him drooling over you."

"Oh, shut up, Peter. Leave me alone."

Peter did shut up and said nothing for the rest of the evening. This was just one of a long series of hurts that Peter had been putting up with since he agreed to become Josh's partner. Josh was a rather short slender young man of twenty-five. His body was moderately muscular, and was thought to be cute and sexy by many in the gay bars that he frequented. Peter was always left at home in their apartment behind their restaurant, wondering when and if each night Josh would come home. It was often mid-morning before he would come straggling in, having left Peter to open the restaurant for the breakfast trade. Josh was cute, but no one who knew him ever thought he was a particularly nice person.

Pushing their way through the crowd, the group of five found a good vantage point from which to view the parade on the corner of Alamo Plaza and Houston Street. The drag queens were out in force, pinching bottoms and groping baskets. The gay activists in their leather straps and luscious bare ass cheeks actually formed a full contingent of the parade. As they marched, they flaunted gay sex. Not only was there hugging and kissing, but some simulated fucking as they walked holding enormous fake penises, some three feet long up in between the ass cheeks of the ones walking in front of them.

Steve was almost overcome by the freedom these gays were allowed. There would be nothing even remotely close to this kind of display in the town he came from. The others with him could see the shock and dismay on Steve's face.

Mark put his arm around Steve's waist and laughed. "This is Texas, Steve, and this is Fiesta, man!"

Steve could feel a sort of thrill go through his body. Never before on a public street anywhere had he ever stood with another man's arm around him. The strength of Mark's arm and hand holding him tightly made him almost want to just sort of faint into Mark's arms. Then Corky came up on his other side and also put his arm around Steve's waist.

"What's the matter, Steve," said Corky, smiling and looking into Steve's eyes.

"I don't know," said Steve. "I just feel so wonderful for some reason."

Then, without warning, Steve did something he would never in a thousand years think of doing on a public street. With pure instinctive impulse driving him, Steve turned his face to Corky's and kissed him hard on the lips.

Steve suddenly had a look of terror on his face. "Oh, my God! I'm sorry. I hope I didn't embarrass you. Right out here on the street! Oh, my God, I'm sorry!"

Both Mark and Corky laughed. Corky said, "We told you, you crazy guy. This is San Antonio, and this is Fiesta!" Corky pulled Steve's head toward him and kissed him hard again, this time thrusting his tongue as far into Steve's mouth as it would go, and then slashing it about.

Then Corky held Steve's head away from him at about arm's length. "Hey Steve, what do you look like without those glasses. I'd sure like to see you without those glasses."

Mark said, "Where are you staying tonight, dude?"

Steve answered, "I'm staying right down the street there at the Menger Hotel."

"Great!" said Corky. "That's where the four of us are staying, too. When the parade's over, why don't you come on up to our room and have a drink with us?"

While Peter stood alone, silently watching the parade, Josh had turned his attention to a very large bearded cowboy standing next to him. The big man had his hand and arm down the back of Josh's pants, running his finger in and out of his asshole. Josh had the big man's fly open and had his arm almost completely inside his jeans.

Steve began to feel a little sorry for Peter. Peter was obviously in love with Josh. But aside from Josh's cute little body, Steve could not for the life of him see why anyone would go for him otherwise. "Peter," called Steve. "Step over here and stand right here in front of me. I think you can probably see better from here."

Peter smiled faintly and moved over in front of Steve. Steve put his arms on Peter's shoulders and pulled him back against him, locking his hands together over Peter's chest. Peter lifted his own hands and placed them tightly against Steve's. Steve could feel the solid pectoral muscles that stretched across Peter's chest. He could also feel his own penis begin to get hard as he moved his hands ever so slightly over Peter's hardening nipples. And at the same time, he could feel Peter pushing his butt back tighter against the bulge in his pants.

The parade went on for another two hours. It was now eleven o'clock, and the crowds were beginning to disperse. Mark said, "C'mon, dudes, follow me. We're going up to the room for some refreshment. You, too, Steve."

Steve said, "I don't want to interrupt anything. It looks kind of like I'm odd-man out."

Just then, Josh caught up with them and, with the big bearded cowboy in tow, said, "You're not the odd man out, Steve. I want y'all to meet Tex here. Tex, these guys are all friends of mine." Then turning to the others, he said, "Tex is going to join us for a drink."

Steve took Tex's hand and said, "I knew I wouldn't have to wait long down here to meet a Texas cowhand named Tex. Back where I come from, we think of all cowboys being named Tex.

Tex said, "Aw, shit. Tex ain't my real name. Nobody gits named Tex down here. My real name is Irving."

There was nothing about this big lummox that looked like an "Irving," Steve thought.

As everyone entered the large room with two king-sized beds, Josh lost no time pulling Tex's polo shirt off over his head, revealing an enormous pot belly covered with a thick snarl of black hair. As Josh pushed Tex down onto one of the beds, Peter stood leaning forward against the dresser and looking down. Mark opened up his portable bar and pulled out a bottle of rum.

As he began filling up several glasses, Steve said, "I thought all you guys down here guzzled whiskey right out of the bottle. What's with the rum?"

"We may be crude and countrified down here, Steve," said Mark with a laugh, "but we are civilized. I like drinking beer from the bottle, but I take my rum and whiskey in a glass, like any gentleman would."

Mark and Corky moved in close on either side of Steve. Corky gently removed Steve's glasses and placed them on the bed table. "Now that's better, Steve. How can we see those sexy eyes when you have them covered up like that?"

Somehow, the three of them sidled slowly toward the bed. The next thing Steve knew, he was sitting on the side of the bed with both Mark and Corky pressing close on either side. It was suddenly clear to Steve that Corky and Mark had in mind a three-way right there on that bed. But as much as he wanted desperately to have either one or both of them naked and pressed against his own naked body, he couldn't take his eyes off of Peter, who looked so lost and forlorn as he thumbed idly through the hotels services booklet. Peter had slightly curly brown hair that was full in the back and hung down just slightly beyond the top of his collar. He had wide shoulders and very narrow hips with those wonderful little round buns neatly packed and clearly outlined inside his tight-fitting jeans. Steve felt no more of a physical attraction to Peter than he did to both Mark and Corky. But when he looked at Peter, it seemed as though his heart was breaking.

Steve stood up, causing a rather surprised look on the faces of Mark and Corky. As Josh was now busy doing his best to get Tex's enormous ass cheeks separated far enough so that he could get his tongue onto the pucker, Steve stepped over and stood by Peter's side.

"Peter," began Steve, "I enjoyed having you stand next to me out there during the parade."

Without looking up from the services booklet, Peter said, "I did, too."

"Peter, I would really like it if you come back to my room with me. I'd love to talk with you. Would you like to do that?"

"Yeah, but Josh won't like it."

"Peter, do you really think he cares? Look at him. He probably won't even know you're gone."

"I really want to go with you. But what will Mark and Corky think?"

"I'll talk with them. They'll understand."

Steve turned to Mark and Corky, but before he could say anything, Corky said, "We heard, Steve. Why don't you come into the bathroom for a minute with me. I want to talk with you privately."

Inside the bathroom with the door closed, Corky said, "Why are you going back to your room, Steve? Is it because it looked like Mark and I were going to fight over you or something? You gotta realize that no one can come between Mark and me. But we have come to a sort of understanding that we will get with other guys sometimes, but only when the two of us are together. So we just wanted to have you go to bed with both of us . . . double your pleasure, so to speak."

Steve put his hands on both sides of Corky's head and kissed him several times. "It isn't that, Corky. The chance to have both of you guys at the same time would be beyond anything I have ever fantasized about. But I just can't bear . . . and I know you probably won't understand this . . . I just can't bear seeing the way Peter is being treated by that asshole Josh. I really hope that you and I can still get together sometime, Corky, but knowing that Peter is going through his own private Hell, I just feel he needs someone right now. And I think it's just plain cruel to let him stand there while we're all rolling around in bed. I know you'll say he can leave the room if he doesn't like it, but that wouldn't help him."

Corky smiled and said, "No, no, Steve, that's not what I would say. You misjudge me. I was going to suggest, however, that the four of us climb into bed together. But I realize that isn't going to help him, either, with Josh fucking around in the next bed with that over-sized behemoth. You go ahead. I agree completely with you and what you want to do. Peter's a sensitive kid. You know, he's only nineteen years old. One other thing, Steve. I guess I should thank you for your coming down all this way to a strange country and then suddenly feeling an obligation to help one of our natives here get through a bad time."

"You know, Corky, I'm having kind of a tough time myself. As I told you, my wife and I . . . I guess you could say . . . are separated right now. It's not been easy. I love her very much, and I want to save my marriage. It was all my fault. She found out about my going to bed with a guy. I was so stupid. But it's been hard also because I haven't had anyone who understood and who I could talk with about it. There was a guy I met on the internet who seemed pretty nice. His name was Tom. I talked to him about it a little bit, and he was very kind and seemed understanding. But it wasn't like talking to someone face to face and having him hug you when you really needed it. I can feel it inside that Peter needs someone now who understands and will listen to him . . . and maybe give him some badly needed hugs."

"Okay, Steve, you go on. I understand, and I know Mark will too. And if Josh notices you're gone and says anything, we'll take care of him. Go on, now. We'll see you in the morning for breakfast. Okay?"

"Oh, I don't know. We'll probably be back here to your room before the night is over."

"No, no, Steve. You stay the night with him. Promise me. We'll see you in the morning."

Steve felt almost like he was about to fall in love with Corky. Kissing him again, he said, "I'm really glad I met you Corky. I feel like I've known you forever . . . not just a few hours. Thanks for understanding.

As they emerged from the bathroom, they found Josh now deep into a sexual frenzy with Tex. Unnoticed, Steve and Peter slipped out and went up one floor to Steve's room. Steve poured himself a small glass of Canadian Club Whiskey, and offered the same to Peter. They sat down on the only two chairs in the room across from each other at a small table.

Steve said, "Peter, how did you happen to meet Josh?"

"Well, I met him right here in San Antonio a year ago at Fiesta. I lived on a ranch out in West Texas with my mama and my daddy and my three younger sisters. I turned eighteen the month before, and I was fixin' to graduate in May. Then I met Josh here at Fiesta, like I said. He was so cute, I couldn't resist him. He lived out in the country in a small apartment out behind a restaurant he ran. He took me there that night, and I really thought I fell in love with him the same night. He was the first guy I ever laid with."

"Then I saw him a couple of more times. But when I graduated from high school, I wanted to move in with Josh, and I thought it was best I tell mama about . . . you know . . . about me. She was crying and all that, and I pleaded with her not to tell Daddy. He would kill me. But she did, and he got so mad, he kicked me out. He told me to leave and never come back. I only been back onest. And that was one afternoon when he was gone and I went to get my stuff and see my mama. Me and her talked a good spell that afternoon. She pleaded with me to come back, but I told her it was best I leave.

"So then I moved in with Josh and he gave me a job back in the kitchen cleanin' up and washin' dishes and stuff like that. I thought me and him were gonna be lovers or somethin' like that. He was so cute. And sometimes we were. But only when he wanted to. Most of the time this past year, he's been out fuckin' around with other guys, mostly them truck drivers that stop in all the time."

Steve reached across the table and took Peter's hand in his. "Peter, have you talked to him about this. Maybe he doesn't realize how you feel about him."

"Oh, yes, he realizes. He just don't care."

Getting up to get a refill in his glass, Steve said, "Peter, you shouldn't stay with someone like that. No one should stay with someone who doesn't care for him."

Tears began to roll down Peter's cheeks as he put his head down in his arms on the table. Steve walked up and knelt beside him. Peter looked up at him and Steve wiped the tears from his cheeks with his thumb.

With desperate longing in his eyes, Peter looked at Steve and said, "I shoulda waited for you. You're so nice. I mean I shoulda waited for someone like you. I was so foolish. I shouldn't a told mama I was gay. I know what Daddy wanted. He wanted me to stay on the ranch and eventually take it over when he was no longer able. I'm his only son. He counted on me to keep going that ranch that his great-grandfather started so many years ago. I can't blame Daddy for kicking me out. I shoulda just kept my mouth shut."

Steve pulled Peter's head over and rested it on his shoulder while he caressed Peter's cheek, damp from his tears. Still kneeling, he tried to put his arms around Peter. Steve raised Peter's head from his shoulder and said. "Peter, what I want to do right now is to hug you very tightly. We both need a real big hug."

As Steve rose, Peter also stood up. They both stood silently for a very long time, locked in each other's strong arms and pressing their cheeks together. Peter backed off a few inches and said, "You took your glasses off in the other room. Now you've got them back on. Can you take them off again?"

Steve broke away and said, "Sure I'll take them off if you take off that cowboy hat you're still wearing. Why do all Texans keep wearing their hats inside. Even Tex back there, getting his brains fucked out, still had both his hat and his boots on."

As Peter smiled and threw his hat on the table, Steve walked over to the bed, setting his glasses down on the bed table. They just stood several feet apart looking at each other. Soon Peter said, "Steve, could I sleep with you tonight . . . I mean, can I stay in here tonight?"

Without answering, Steve walked over and kissed Peter. Without removing his lips from Peter's, he began unbuttoning Peter's shirt and removing it. As he let it drop to the floor, the sight of Peter's perfect masculine torso, dark brown from the sun, and covered very lightly with a layer of soft hair that swirled erotically in opposite directions on each breast. As he lowered his head, Steve ran his tongue over and through that soft hair and onto Peter's rock-hard nipples. As Steve nipped at them lightly, Peter let out a loud, uncontrolled sigh.

Soon, they were both standing naked before each other with their clothes strewn on the floor around them. Peter threw himself onto the bed and put up his arms as though to beckon Steve to join him. But Steve stood almost transfixed looking down at this brown, sensuous body of Peter's . . . this thoroughly masculine male with the white hips, which had been covered with a pair of shorts while out in the sun. He sat down slowly on the edge of the bed and began to move his hands gently over Peter's body, feeling the erotic contours among the muscles that covered Peter's chest and stomach and legs and arms. It was almost more than Steve could bear physically. As his fingers felt their way over Peter's velvety skin, he could feel his own body began to shake, and even shiver, almost as though a cold wind was blowing over him. Steve had dreamed of having a body like this in his bed, but now the dream was coming true. He tried to speak, but he felt his jaw tighten up, and the words wouldn't come. He leaned down until his lips and tongue were feeling and tasting the salty moistness of Peter's brown velvet skin.

Steve ran his tongue slowly down over Peter's stomach, into his rich, thick pubic hair, over and around his penis, which was bobbing and throbbing and slapping Steve gently in the face. Then down over the balls, and onto the soft, hair-covered flesh of Peter's inner thighs. He could smell the strong odor of Peter's crotch, and was thankful that neither of them had taken a shower after coming up from the parade. Steve breathed heavily, gathering into his nostrils as much of what he imagined to be authentic Texas cowboy sweat as he could. Here he was . . . in bed with every cowboy he had ever seen in the movies or had read about. And he was smelling and tasting them, as well.

Soon, Steve pulled himself up and began kissing Peter deeply and passionately. As they stopped momentarily, Peter looked into Steve's eyes and said, "I should have waited, Steve. I should have waited. If I had waited only one more year, I would have had a chance of having you."

Steve just smiled and swung himself around into a sixty-nine position. They examined each other's penises and balls carefully, running the tips of their tongues over and around them. Steve could feel the muscles in his groin straining to make his already eight-inch hard-on even harder. As Peter sucked in the whole length of it, the straining of his muscles became even more intense. The very thought that he was now inside of the mouth of this beautiful Texan brought him so close to orgasm that he had to jerk his hips and suddenly pull out. As he then allowed Peter to suck his penis back into his mouth, he luxuriated in the feel on his tongue on Peter's penis, ribbed all around with heavy veins.

Peter finally said breathlessly, "I can't hold it any longer!"

Steve groaned, "I can't either! Let her blow!"

Just then, their bodies tensed up and their penises began to shoot volley after volley of hot sperm into each other's mouth. Steve knew his thoughts were foolish, but he said to himself as he swished Peter's sperm around in his mouth, "I am actually tasting good Texas sperm!"

As they both lay there on their backs, trying to catch their breaths, they each ran their tongues over the other's calves. Soon, Peter turned himself around so they could look into each other's eyes and kiss.

"Steve?" said Peter softy. "Why did you pass up a chance to be with Mark and Corky? Was is that you were just feeling sorry for me?"

"No, Peter. No. . . well, yes. Frankly, I was feeling sorry for you. I could tell how hurt you were and . . . somehow, you seemed so alone. I'm no stranger to hurt and loneliness in my life, Peter. I could see myself in you as you stood in the room silently being insulted and mortified by Josh's behavior. I've rarely had anyone really help me through some of the rough times I've had, and it never was easy. So I knew what it would probably mean to you to have someone to hold you and to tell you that you're going to make it through this."

They lay silently for awhile, both looking up at the ceiling. Steve looked over and saw tears once again running down Peter's cheeks. Leaning over, he kissed away as many of the tears as he could. The salty taste almost brought tears to his own eyes.

"Oh, Steve," sighed Peter. "I told you I should have waited. Here you are . . . like a beautiful angel come down to help me, and I never waited for you." Then turning his full body to face Steve, he said, "Maybe when you go back to New England, you could take me with you, huh?"

"I guess the same thing can be said of me," said Steve. "Perhaps I should have waited, too. But I didn't. As you know, I'm married now, and I really want to stay married. But I've been wondering tonight whether or not if I had met you and Mark and Corky a long time ago, I might not have ever gotten married. I'm not sure about myself, Peter. I'm just not sure. I think I could come to love you and Mark and Corky, but I also love my wife.

"I'm glad I don't have that kind of conflict to deal with," said Peter, running his forefinger lightly over Steve's sensuous lips. "You know, I heard someone say once that bi-sexuals are nothing more than homosexuals with a screw loose. I hope you're not mad at me for saying that."

"Of course not, Peter. I've heard the same thing, and maybe it's true. I will say it does produce a conflict in one's mind that is surely not good for any relationship, straight or gay."

"I understand, Steve. I know there's really no chance for you and me. The whole evening when we were in that bar drinking beer, you never really looked at me or talked with me. I'm pretty observant. I knew you were interested mainly in Corky, and then maybe Mark. But then out during the parade when you asked me to come over and stand with you, I can't tell you how that made me feel. It was like someone really noticed me and was concerned about me. I knew Josh wasn't."

"Of course, I was concerned."

"Well, I know it's not possible for me go back to New England with you. And I guess I'll just go back with Josh and see if I can keep going with him. When he has sex with me, I'm in Heaven. He is so wonderful. But when I know he's out with other guys, a lot of them truckers who come into the restaurant late at night, I go to bed alone and I cry. I do love him, but I don't know why. I just don't know why."

"If you want to keep trying, Peter, to make that relationship work, I'll give you my blessing. But the minute you realize for sure that you're being taken advantage of and are being used as a sex object only, then I hope to God you will consider breaking away and looking for a partner, where the love you have for each other is truly deep and truly mutual."

Peter rolled over tightly against Steve, and they were soon sound asleep while wrapped in each other's arms.

The next morning, Steve and Peter took a shower together and finished it with jacking each other off while they were totally lathered from head to toe. Steve said that he often masturbated in the shower, but this was Peter's first experience with jacking off in the shower. But he vowed it wouldn't be the last.

As they both walked into the others' room on the floor beneath them, they found Josh sitting fully dressed, while Mark and Corky were just finishing a morning sixty-nine with each other. Tex had obviously departed some time before.

"Well, where have you been, slut?" called out Josh when he saw Peter coming in.

Steve stopped Peter from saying anything and turned to Josh. "Josh, Peter is anything but a slut. I would say that you were the better example of that kind of behavior. It so happened that you thoughtlessly subjected Peter to the most disgusting sight of wonton sex with that barrel of lard that I have ever seen. I took Peter to my room last night. It was the only decent thing someone could do. He doesn't deserve the indignities that you throw at him. I don't mind telling you that it was my advice to him that he get out of your home and leave you to your other numerous sexual playmates who apparently like to have you service them whenever they're in the vicinity.

Josh stood up and shouted, "Listen, Mr. pervert bi-sexual, I was the one who introduced you to these other guys. I guess I shoulda known better!" As Josh hurriedly left the room with his overnight bag, Peter quickly kissed Steve and ran out the door after him.

Steve stood looking down at Mark and Corky, now lying side-by-side next to each other, and breathing heavily as their rapidly wilting penises turned flaccid. Mark looked up at Steve and said, "Well, how was your night?"

"My night was good. I just couldn't stand watching poor Peter being subjected to such humiliation last evening. I think it did him good to get away with someone else for a change."

Corky said, "We haven't known those two very long, but we were really shocked at Josh's disgusting behavior. You were right to take Peter out of here."

"Yeah," said Mark. "I agree. We would have loved to have you stay here last night, but you definitely did the right thing. Where are you headed now, Steve?"

"Well, I had no particular itinerary on this trip. I just wanted to get down to a completely different part of the country from what I'm used to for a while. I think I'll just stick around San Antonio for a little while. It's such a beautiful, historic city."

Mark sat up. "I know what, Steve. Instead of throwing money into renting a hotel room, why don't you come on over and live with us in our apartment while you're in town. We can even take you down to see a real Texas cattle ranch. We're friends with the owners, and Corky here even used to work for them.

Steve said, "That sounds great. You're sure I won't be putting you out? By the way, if you live right here in town, why did you rent a hotel room?

Corky answered, "We live pretty far up in the north end of town. Sometimes we just like to stay in a downtown hotel for a weekend so if we maybe drink too much, we don't have to drive home."

"Okay," said Steve. "It's a deal!"

The past week had been beautiful, ideal spring weather. Josiah and Brian were on their Spring vacation from the University, and were invited to spend it down at the ranch. When they arrived in the late afternoon, Josiah saw Tony out looking at the landscaping progress. He was sitting in the newly constructed gazebo.

"Tony," called Josiah. "Can I come up and sit with you for a few minutes?" Tony waved him in.

"Tony, I've been really anxious to know how you and Clayton are getting on."

Tony put on a huge smile. "Oh, Josiah, Clayton told me about the little talk you had with him. He said you made him see things much more clearly. As you know, we took your suggestion and spent a couple of days and nights up at Michael's house in the Cottonwoods. Josiah, everything is so perfect. Clayton is now living with me in my room in the main house. He's a different person, Josiah. All that distrust is gone completely, I think. Once in a while, though, he has bad dreams involving his father. But I think he pretty much looks upon Michael now as his dad."

Josiah said, "I'm really glad about that. You know, I've never told Brian, but I had kind of a crush on Clayton myself. Brian will always be the only guy for me, but Clayton is so cute. I was thinking the other day about that picnic old Maggie took the four of us on that time with Jake. You and Clayton were still playing little games with each other, and Maggie was doing all she could to get you two mated. Brian and I will be down here for a week. Why don't the four of us ride out to that spot again and spend a couple of days and nights out there camping. That time I talked with Clayton, I told him that we were four guys who had a lot in common . . . you know . . . because of our backgrounds. Would you and Clayton like to do that with Brian and me this week?"

"I would, and I know Clayton would, too. I'd better talk with Michael, though, about getting someone to do the cooking again."

Since Michael was anxious to see these four deserving young fellows become truly close friends, a temporary cook was again quickly arranged. The four campers gathered up sleeping bags, firewood, food, water, fishing equipment and other supplies and set off in the truck for the five-mile ride to the stream along the west boundary of the ranch.

After unloading the truck and laying in the wood for the fire they would build as the sun went down, they each stripped to the waist in hopes of soaking up some of the warm April sun. Although they had with them some bread and wieners and some cold ham, Tony suggested that they try to catch some fish that he would be glad to fry up for supper each night. The only fish in the stream were Catfish, and plenty of it. Everyone tossed in their lines and, in almost no time, caught more Catfish than could be eaten. When Tony knew he had enough, he told everyone to throw back any more that were caught.

Soon, the fishing poles were cast aside, and everyone stripped down for some swimming before supper. Very little swimming went on. Their time in the water amounted to mostly horseplay. Of course, being naked in the water together just naturally brought every one of their penises to full erection. Groping and grabbing among them became a free-for-all. But none of them wanted the others to think that it was progressing to anything that could be considered serious. It was just fun and games.

Tony got out of the water first and set immediately to scaling and cleaning the Catfish. Clayton followed and set and banked the fire. The great smell of Catfish frying brought Josiah and Brian out of the water just in time to gather around the fire for the feast.

The sun was about to go down and, after supper, all four sat along the bank of the stream to look at and admire the glowing sunset. Everyone on the ranch agreed that the great Texas sunsets were the most beautiful and moving experiences they could have. It was four naked boys sitting quietly in a row on the bank with their arms stretched out over one another's shoulders, and looking to the west. No one spoke as the blue turned to green, then yellow and orange, and the sky turned crimson and purple. Each of them knew they were experiencing one of those rare treasured moments of absolute togetherness and love for one another. They sat like a row of newborn babies, naked and totally connected to one another.

As the crimson sky turned to black, a cold chill blew over them. Josiah said, "Lets go sit by the fire. I'll put some more wood on it." The dancing flames cast a pinkish glow on their skin. They sat and talked about not much in general. Josiah related how one of his professors in Austin kept trying to put the make on him and would follow him into the restroom all the time. Brian told about his first experiences with Mario, Adriano's father, and that he had heard Mario was soon making another visit to America.

Josiah piped up and said, "You can see Mario again, Brian, but not without me. We'll do it together."

Tony impressed the others with stories of his many encounters with Karl back in New York. And Clayton talked from the heart about his love for his other three young friends and the joy he now felt as a member of the Walker household.

Tony turned to Josiah and said, "Josiah, if you let Brian see Mario again, but only with you, does that mean that you would not mind if Mario made out with both of you?"

Josiah looked at Brian and, as they both nodded, Josiah said, "Sure, Brian and I have talked about it. If we do anything with another guy, we agreed that we would both do it at the same time."

"So a three-way would be okay with you, huh?" said Tony.

"Yeah," said Brian. "We talked to Michael for a long time one evening and he said that he and Karl do that, as long as they're both together and don't do it separately. And I found out that Jeff and Paul do the same thing."

"So, Brian, if I wanted to make out with you," said Tony, "you're saying it would be okay as long as Josiah is present?"

"Yeah, that's how we feel."

Tony rose up and walked around to the other side of the fire and sat down next to Brian. Running his hand over the light hair on Brian's thigh, he said, "You mean I can come over and touch you and kiss you and play with you like this, and it's okay with Josiah?"

Josiah said, "Yeah, Tony. I don't think Brian should be playing around behind my back. But if I'm right here and can see what Brian is doing, I agree with Michael. It should be okay."

Josiah had always been attracted to Clayton, and he said, "Tony, would you be okay with my doing something with Clayton as long as you knew about it and was here with us?"

"Yeah, I guess so," said Tony, "as long as it's okay with Clayton."

Clayton gave a little shrug of his shoulders, indicating it would be okay with him as long as Tony was present. Josiah got up and moved over to Clayton's side. They took each other's hand and looked into each other's eyes. Slowly they moved their heads together and kissed each other on the lips. Tony did the same with Brian as he gently pushed Brian over onto his back on the blanket. As Tony began running his tongue down over Brian's chest and nipples, Brian grasped hold of both of Tony's firm round butt cheeks and squeezed.

Suddenly, Josiah and Clayton went into a sort of sexual frenzy where they began rolling around on their blanket and frantically kissing and rubbing each other's body.

Very quickly, both couples were heavily engaged in sexual exploration of each other's bodies, penises and assholes. Tony had Brian's thighs pressed up against his chest and swirling his tongue over Brian's asshole, feeling the sphincter muscle clenching over and over again. Josiah had Clayton's seven-inch penis deep into his mouth where he could feel the hard veins that encircled it on his tongue. When Tony had covered Brian's asshole with his saliva, he thrust his own hard penis into Brian's hole. Clayton moved over and straddled Brian's face so that Brian could take Clayton's penis into his mouth. As Tony fucked Brian, he could lean forward and bury his face into Clayton's ass crack where he could taste and smell Clayton's crotch sweat. As Clayton was having his penis sucked by Brian and his asshole licked by Tony, he was sucking Josiah's penis as Josiah knelt before him.

Tony, Clayton, and Josiah could tell when the others were about to cum, and all three blasted their sperm at once, with their bodies writhing in a wonderful orgasmic agony. While Brian had taken a load of Clayton's sperm in his mouth and a load of cum from Tony up his ass, he had not cum yet himself. Quickly, Tony straightened out Brian's legs and went down on him, sucking the full length of Brian's gorged penis into his throat. It took only three or four thrusts of Brian's penis in Tony's mouth before he came, shouting with every surge.

Everyone lay on their backs staring up at the stars. Tony sat up and said rather tentatively, "Are we all okay with this? We're all sinners and we're all angels together. None of us was dishonest and no one was deceived. Right?"

"Right!" they all said, almost in unison.

After everyone had caught his breath, they sat once more by the fire with their arms around their rightful partners. Josiah finally said, "Hey, I've got an idea. We all know that Michael and Karl believe that it's okay to get it on with other guys as long as they're both together. We have one more night here. Why don't we get on the cell phone and call them to see if they want to come and camp out with the four of us tomorrow night?"

"Yeah," said Brian. "I've never seen those two hot hunks sucking or fucking each other. I never even seen them naked."

"I have," said Clayton. "I guess you all know that I had a bit of an experience with Michael."

"Oh, yeah!" cried Brian. "Tell us what happened. What does he look like with no clothes on? Is he pretty hairy? Did you get fucked by him?"

"Hey, you guys," said Clayton. "That's personal! I'm not at liberty to say what we did, except that . . . well . . . he was hot!"

"Aw, come on," the others said.

"Nope. You'll just have to see for yourself if he and Karl decide to come here tomorrow night."

Soon, the four young little naked Indians were huddled together by the fire, keeping each other warm against the chill night air as they slept.

First thing the next morning, Tony called Michael on the cell phone and advanced their invitation that he and Karl join them that night out at their camp site. Michael informed Tony that Karl was in Kansas City on business and would be back on Monday. Michael was intrigued, though, with the idea of spending the night out there on the range a long way from the house with these four young lovers. He thought this might be his chance to catch sight of the two sets of lovers making love. Michael told Tony that if it was alright for him to join them by himself, he would love to do it.

That day, the boys caught enough Catfish for another big meal, to which they insisted Michael join them. Once again, a large fire was built, and everyone sat around it in the evening. They informed Michael that they made a rule that they all had to take their clothes off and sit naked around the fire. Michael was happy to do this and, as he stripped, the others sat entranced with the sight of his sensuous, masculine body as it emerged from beneath his clothing.

"As you can see, boys, I brought a bottle of my favorite Scotch with me," said Michael. "This is such a great evening, I'm going to enjoy a few sips of it. Anybody want to join me?"

Everyone said they would. Tony got up and got some plastic cups from the truck. Michael filled each one about half full. "I know we don't have any ice, and I know it'll burn going down, but it'll make you feel good."

Finally Josiah said, "Michael, we're sorry that Karl can't be here. But we're sure glad that you wanted to join us."

"I'm really glad you asked me," said Michael, filling up his cup again. "This is really romantic out here. I hope you guys really had fun last night."

"Well, Michael," said Tony, "It's no secret how much respect we all have for you. We kind of take your lead in everything. We like your idea that it's okay to get with other guys as long as your partner is with you. It means that there is no deception and no dishonesty. It just offers a little variety, without tears, as the saying goes."

"You're right. That's just what I believe," said Michael. "As long as both partners agree, and everything is above board, I think such activity could actually be good in a way for the relationship." Then, looking at Clayton, knowing that he had violated his own principle with him, he added, "Clayton and I both lost our head one night, as most of you know, but he and I learned a great deal from the experience."

Clayton smiled, nodded his head, and said, "We'd like you to know that we followed your principle last night and . . . you know . . .we . . . well . . . ."

"We switched partners," Tony interrupted. "And we did it right in front of each other. And it was fun, wasn't it, you guys? No one did anything behind anyone's back. But when we went to sleep last night, we did it with our arms around our real partners."

Brian finally spoke up. "Michael, I guess what we're trying to say is that we were hoping that you and Karl could be here and feel free to do anything you wanted with us, so long as you and Karl were doing it together."

Michael started dying inside. The Scotch was getting to him. He looked at those four young tanned naked boys before him and kept saying to himself, "Fuck principle! How can I stand this?. I wonder if they would hold it against me if I broke down and did something. Perhaps they could overpower me, and I wouldn't be able to fight back. I could let them rape me. All of them. No one would find out. Oh, shit. I shouldn't have let them talk me into coming out here."

Michael was afraid to look down, but he knew his penis was now standing up, hard as steel, and he could feel it throbbing. He poured some more Scotch into his cup, but was now beginning to have trouble pouring it without spilling it.

Michael finally said with a slur in his voice, "Oh, I'm sorry, too, that Karl couldn't be here. But you guys go ahead and have a good time. I like to see young men like yourselves really enjoying themselves." Michael could feel his face burning. The sexual desire building inside of him was becoming almost unbearable.

Josiah and Brian began to put their arms around each other and kissing. As Michael watched, Tony whispered to Clayton, "Before the night is over, Clayton, I'm going to fuck him."


"Who do you think? I'm gonna fuck Michael."

"You can't, Tony. Karl isn't here."

"I know. But see the look on his face. He's hot and horny as Hell. He wants it really bad. He'll give in. I know he will."

Turning to Michael, Tony said, "I'm sorry Karl isn't here." Then reaching over and tapping Michael's hard-on, Tony went on. "You've got a pretty stiff boner there between your legs. It's really too bad Karl isn't here." As Tony took Michael's penis in his hand, he said, "You know, Michael, this is the first time I've ever seen your penis. And it's just as hot and gorgeous as I've heard it is."

As Tony continued talking, he ran his hand under Michael's balls, pushing a finger up into his crack. With his other hand, he very gently and slowly pushed Michael down on his back.

Michael said, "Hey Tony. What do you think you're doing?"

"Relax, Michael. I'm just feeling around. I'm not doing anything . . . yet."

Michael could feel the blood rushing to his head. He could feel waves of desire sweeping over his body. As he felt Tony's finger, and then two, and then three fingers enter his asshole, he felt as though he was beginning to fall over a cliff, but could not hold himself back, no matter how hard he struggled to keep his footing. He raised his legs high against his chest, hoping and wanting Tony's fingers to go deeper and deeper. He grasped Tony's shoulders and, as he pulled him down, he felt Tony's hard penis entering into his rectum. Michael thrust his hips violently up and down as though to suck Tony's penis even deeper inside of him.

Watching this, Clayton lay beside them, massaging his own penis and balls. Suddenly, Tony let out a high pitched scream as his orgasm overtook him, and Michael could feel the hot streams of Tony's sperm shooting into his rectum. Clayton could hardly contain himself, and tried to pull Tony off of Michael. As soon as Tony fell to the side, Clayton held Michael's legs up and mounted him, thrusting his own penis into Michael's hole. Michael was still bucking his hips and could be heard saying under his breath, "Fuck me, Clayton, Fuck me!"

The whole scene was all too much for Josiah and Brian. They were aroused now to the point they didn't care anymore than Michael seemed to about principle. Here was this beautiful man, who was revered by everyone, lying naked on his back with his legs in the air and being fucked. When Clayton's body lurched over and over again as he was cumming into Michael's rectum, Brian stood ready to pull him off and sink his own hard rod into that pool of shimmering sperm that was now oozing out of Michael's asshole.

Michael was now swinging his head from side to side and moaning loudly with his eyes closed. He was still bucking his hips as though to say, "More, more!" When Brian rolled off, Josiah mounted Michael and plunged his throbbing penis into that swamp of hair and cum between Michael's legs. Michael opened his eyes and, as though he was delirious, shouted, "I want you more than anyone, my sweet beautiful Josiah. Fuck me, fuck me. Let me taste your hot sweet cream sauce!"

As Josiah felt his orgasm building, he pulled his penis out of Michael's dripping hole and thrust it into Michael's face. Most of his cum shot into Michael's mouth, with several thick ropes of sperm landing in Michael's hair and on his cheeks and chin.

As the four boys lay near Michael, exhausted and breathing heavily, Michael passed out completely. Josiah said, "You know, we shouldn't have let him keep drinking as much as he did. I drank too much, myself. Otherwise, I don't think I would have done what I did to him."

"I know," said Tony. "I was so hot for his body, I think we kind of betrayed him."

"He's pretty drunk," said Brian. "Do you think he'll remember anything that happened?"

Clayton said, "I hope not. We really shouldn't have done this. It was wrong."

"Yeah, but he's the one who got drunk and let it happen," Tony countered.

"I know," said Josiah. "But we were the ones who took advantage of him. We shouldn't have done it."

Clayton rolled over to Michael's side and put his hand on Michael's cheek. With his eyes filling with tears, he said, "Michael is my dad. I love him very much, and I owe my life to him. We did something he didn't want to happen. You're right, Tony. We betrayed him. We raped him when he couldn't help himself. I just wish we could all go home now. I hate what we did."

Brian put his hand on the back of Clayton's head and said, "Let's all just try to get some sleep now. We'll just have to see what happens in the morning when he wakes up. If he remembers, we'll owe him an apology. If he doesn't remember . . . well . . . we'll just have to see.

Tony got a wash cloth and towel from the truck. While the others held up Michael's legs, Tony washed away as much of the sperm that was oozing out of his hole as he could, as well as the sperm that Josiah had shot onto Michael's face and hair. After drying him with a towel, they put a blanket over him to keep him warm, and then tried to sleep themselves. It was a fitful night for all of them, and they each rather dreaded the coming of the dawn.

To be continued...


Posted: 09/12/08