My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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"Willard, that asshole isn't going to quit his harassment until he wins. Thanks for letting me know, Willard. Keep me informed."

Michael staggered back to bed. "Is there anything wrong, Michael," inquired Karl.

"No, Karl. Everything is just fine. Just please roll over here and hold me for awhile."

It was not long before the two lovers were once again sound asleep in each other's arms.


Chapter 16 


At breakfast the morning following the news of his brother Jared's latest intrigue in his effort to disrupt Michael's life, Michael explained to Karl the history of Jared's chicanery. Karl was unimpressed with the quality of Jared's efforts.


"I spent a number of years working in my father's business, and I can tell you that we ran into plenty of people up in New York who are experts in the fine art of deception and trickery. I don't mean to demean Texans in general, but Jared obviously was never schooled in how to be an effective revenge-taker. His ineptitude is manifest. What I would like to do is talk to my father about this. He has always been extremely resourceful in dealing with this type of individual. I would say that my father's canniness is far greater, and far more effective, than that of your brother Jared. What I don't understand is why Jared has been allowed by the authorities to get away with everything he has tried."


"Karl, if you think your father could devise a plan to put an end to Jared's harassment, I'd say go for it. Can you talk with him on the phone?"


"What I'd rather do, Michael, is to fly up there and talk with him in person. It's too important a matter for all of us to not do everything possible."


Karl called and made reservations to fly out of San Antonio to New York on the following day. Michael drove him to the airport, kissed him goodbye and returned to the ranch.


That evening, following a strenuous workout on Corky's exercise equipment, Josiah went to the bathhouse for a shower. After drying himself, and still naked, he sat on the toilet. Joseph, the ranch hand who was always exposing his asshole for anyone who wanted to fuck him, walked in. Spotting Josiah, he undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles and, leaning over as he always did, he backed up with his ass very close to Josiah's face.


Josiah, in a disgusted tone of voice, growled, "Get away from me!"


"Oh, hasn't the little boy ever fucked anyone before? C'mon, you'll like it. I got an asshole second to none on this ranch."


"I told you. Get your ass out of my face!"


"Oh, I get it," said Joseph. "You're Jake's new private whore-boy, aren't you?"


"No. Don't say that."


"He picked you up somewhere and brought you home to his own bed. How does his asshole compare to mine? Huh? Do you give him what he wants when you fuck him. How `bout when he fucks you? He's got a pretty big cock. Can you take the whole thing in that skinny little ass of yours?"


Joseph leaned over and took hold of one of Josiah's nipples and squeezed it. In a flash, Josiah raised his arm and struck Joseph across the side of his head.


"Aw, what did you do that for?" Joseph returned the blow to Josiah's head, knocking him off the toilet to the floor. Kicking Josiah in the stomach, he said, "You little shit head. Go crawling back to Jake. You deserve him. He's the meanest son-of-a-bitch around here."


"He ain't mean," said Josiah trying to catch his breath.


"Oh, he ain't mean, ain't he? He's hated me since the day he came here. He's always treated me like shit. I hate his guts. He struts around here like he thinks he's some kind of goddamned lord."


Josiah, still lying on the floor, reached up with his foot and kicked Joseph in the balls. "Jake has reason to hate you!"


"I'll give you a reason you can hate me, too." Joseph kicked Josiah on the side of the head with his boot and then, getting down on his knees, began punching Josiah in the face with his fists. Blood began running out of Josiah's nose, as well as from a large cut on his cheek. He tried to cover his face with his hands, but Joseph wrenched them away, slamming them against the concrete floor and then getting up and stamping on them with his booted foot. Joseph then kicked him as hard as he could in the groin, causing Josiah to scream out in pain.


Hearing the shouting, Jake came running into the bathhouse. Throwing Joseph to the floor, he shouted, "You fuckin' bastard! What the shit do ya think yer doin'?"


Josiah still lay on the floor, only semi-conscious and bleeding. Jake took hold of Joseph, lifted him up by the front of his shirt and slammed him against the wall. "If I thought I could get away with it, I'd kill ya right here and now." Throwing Joseph once again to the floor, Jake shouted, "Now git up and go clean yer shit outta yer room and git off the ranch. Yer ass is fired as of this minute. And if I ever see yer shit-eatin' face again, I'll kill ya fer sure!"


As Joseph got up and scrambled out of the building, Jake grabbed a cloth and, soaking it in cool water, dabbed at the cut on Josiah's face and soaked up the blood from his nose. Kneeling down by Josiah, he said softly, "Josiah, can you hear me?"


Josiah merely groaned, but his eyes stayed closed, fluttering only briefly. "Josiah, yer safe now. He's gone and ain't never comin' back."


Jake soaked several towels with water and threw them over his shoulder. Picking up Josiah and cradling his head in the crook of his arm, Jake carried him out and across the yard to his room. Laying Josiah gently on his own bed, Jake held wads of toilet paper to Josiah's nose until the bleeding stopped. He could see that one of Josiah's eyes was beginning to swell up. He tore up one of the wet towels into smaller pieces and placed one of them over Josiah's eye, hoping that the coolness of it would keep the swelling down. Cleaning off the cut on Josiah's cheek, Jake applied some anti-biotic ointment that he had in a tube, and then covered it with two bandages.


As Jake brushed the boy's blond hair back off of his forehead and caressed his head, his heart virtually jumped into his throat when Josiah opened one eye and looked at Jake with just a glimmer of the sweetest smile Jake had ever seen. Josiah reached his arms up to Jake, who leaned over to allow Josiah's arms to encircle his neck. Jake then lay down beside Josiah and pulled him close. Josiah laid his head on Jake's chest.


"He said terrible things about you, Jake. I'm sorry I'm such a trouble."


A feeling of intense love suddenly rose up in Jake's breast. "Josiah, my dear, dear Josiah. You ain't no trouble. You ain't never been no trouble."


Jake held Josiah tightly and continued to caress his head and neck. "Yer very special to me, Josiah. Don't forget—I never will—that ya changed my life, or rather, gave me a reason to live. Yer a wonderful young man, and nothin' like this'll ever happen to ya agin. I promise."


Josiah whispered, "Thanks, Jake. Before, nobody's ever . . . ." And then sofly, "I love you."


Jake could feel Josiah's tears running down through the hair onto his chest as tears filled his own eyes. Although Jake still had his pants and boots on, he reached down and pulled the sheet and blanket up over both of them. Jake could tell when Josiah was finally asleep and, without moving, drifted off himself.


Karl was met at La Guardia Airport by Tony, his father's chauffeur.


"I sure am glad to see you, Karl. I thought you weren't ever going to come back."


"I'm glad to see you, too, Tony. I hope you've been a good boy since I left."


"Well, you know me, I never go long without getting a little now and then. How long are you going to be here. I hope you and I can have some time together before you go back."


"Don't count on it, Tony. I'm attached now to somebody I love very much. I've always liked you a lot, Tony. You know that. But I think the days of you and I fooling around are probably over. I hope you understand."


Tony was obviously disappointed and remained silent for the remainder of the drive into Manhattan.


After checking into his hotel, Karl went directly to his father's office. Karl's father greeted him with a hug and said, "Are we back to stay, Karl? I knew you'd be back."


"Father, I'm both sorry and glad to tell you that I live in Texas now with some wonderful people and have begun a wonderful new life out on the open spaces of a great Texas ranch. I'm buying into the Walker Ranch down there as a partner with Michael Walker. And that's what I've come here to talk with you about."


"You need money, son? I'm afraid since you decided to leave my business, you'll have to rely solely on the money that had been put into trust for you."


"Money's not a problem, Father. But Michael's brother, Jared, is. He was cut out of their father's will for some reason, and he is determined to do all he can to take out his anger on Michael. He's done terrible things, like burning down a building on the ranch, attempting to kidnap Michael's son, and having a young boy who lives on the ranch taken away and put into foster care. Now he's trying to prevent the partnership agreement from going through. It seems that there's some law in Texas that would permit him to block the partnership, and it appears that he might have a case."


"Well, Karl, does that mean if he gets his way, you'll be giving up this ranch foolishness and returning to a normal life?"


"Not at all, Father. What I am hoping is that you could help us by having this Jared investigated. There must be something in his past, or even something he's doing now that he might not want exposed. He's such a slimy character, I'm sure there's something."


"Well, son, he sounds like just a small time thug to me. And he doesn't sound very smart. It probably won't be very hard to get something on him. I'll have a couple of my boys get on it. You know Tacitus Romano? He's one of the best men I have, and he never fails me in cases like this when I need to find a way of convincing someone to come around to my way of thinking. Now meet me at 6:00 over at Patsy's on 56th Street for dinner. This is my night for Italian."


"Yes, Father."


During dinner, Karl couldn't help but notice the young Italian who waited on them. Their eyes met and lingered several times, and Karl could sense that this waiter had some interest in him. The waiter's swarthy complexion, his full lips, the thin straight nose and large dark eyes attracted Karl and, throughout dinner, severely diverted his attention from his father's endless prattling on about his business. Two very dry double Martinis before the dinner was served, enhanced his desire for this young man. After they finished the main course and as they waited for desert to be served, Karl excused himself to go to the restroom.


As Karl stood at the urinal, the young waiter entered and stood at the next urinal.


"Are you from New York," inquired the waiter.


"No, I'm up here from Texas."


"Wow, I haven't met anyone from Texas before."


"Well, actually, I'm from New York, but I live in Texas now."


Looking at the waiter, Karl could hardly contain himself and had the most profound desire to lean over and kiss that beautiful face. They each glanced down at the other's penis, both of which were beginning to get hard. They had both finished peeing, but continued to stand there and talk.


"My name's Larry," the waiter said.


"My name's Karl. It's nice to meet you, Larry," responded Karl


"Is that your father you're with tonight?"




"So you're staying with him."


"No, I'm staying in a hotel."


"Would you like to get together later?"


"Yeah!" Karl surprised himself at his quick response in the affirmative.

"I'm staying at the Plaza Hotel."


"I'm off here at ten tonight. What's your room number."


Karl tore off a page out of a small pocket notebook he carried with him and wrote down the room number and handed it to Larry.


"Larry, I'd better get back to my table. My father will be wondering where I am."


As they ate their desert and drank their coffee, Karl remained largely silent, wondering what in the world he had just done. He had promised himself that there would be no other in his life now than his dear Michael. He wished there was a way that he could get the message to Larry that the rendezvous was off. But there seemed to be no opportunity. He thought he would simply sit in his room and not answer the door. But then, this young man was so irresistible, what would it hurt to just go ahead with it.


When Karl returned to his room, he immediately placed a call to Michael.


"Hi, Michael. I miss you so much."


"And I miss you, too, Karl. It's hard for me to think I won't have you in my arms tonight. But, guess what! Jeff came down tonight and will be here for the weekend. And without Paul. So I'll have him to myself. It's been so long. And you know, Paul understands"


"That's great, Michael."


Karl was never under any misconception that Michael and his son, Jeff, would always be lovers. He always understood that. Michael had done his best to assure him that that was an enduring relationship that would never end, and was different from his relationship with himself. He accepted that. But in an effort to rationalize his own behavior that night, he thought that while Michael was sleeping with Jeff, perhaps it would not be that bad for him to have an episode with Larry.


When Larry knocked on the door at about 10:30, Karl let him in and they both flew into each others arms in a tight embrace. Larry then took off his coat and began removing his shoes, shirt and pants. Karl, still unsure about what he was doing, hesitated, but then removed his clothes. They both stood before the large full-length mirror on the closet door.


Larry said, "Your body is as beautiful as your face was in the restaurant."


Karl said, "Look who's talking."


Karl pulled back the covers on the bed and they both fell down upon it, kissing each other wildly. Larry brought his tongue down over Karl's firm chest and continued all the way down over Karl's pubic hair, his balls, and down both legs. The feel of Larry's tongue action drove Karl into a sexual reverie that he could hardly stand. Soon, Larry took Karl's gorged penis into his mouth all the way to the base. Karl became so excited that he felt he was going to cum any minute.


Pulling Larry's head off of his penis, he said, "I'm about to cum, but I don't want this to end so soon. Let me just love your gorgeous swarthy body for a little while."


Karl proceeded to give Larry a tongue bath. The running of Karl's tongue on Larry's sensitive skin was almost unbearable, and Larry moaned as though he was being tortured. Karl found that Larry's firm skin was as clear and smooth as silk and he was continually tempted to take bites out of it. The very light layer of soft hair on Larry's legs drove Karl almost crazy as he sucked on it. Raising Larry's legs in the air, Karl brought his tongue down the back of Larry's legs and into his crotch, lapping up the salty tasting sweat. He then plunged his tongue into Larry's waiting asshole. The hole seemed to open up, welcoming Karl's tongue. Karl could easily push all of his tongue inside of Larry's rectum and wished that his tongue were longer.


Larry moaned, "Fuck me, Karl. Jam that big hard cock of yours into my hole, and I want you to be rough with me."


Karl slid up higher and, with no effort, slipped his cock into Larry's hole.


"God, Larry, you've got a big hole. My cock is just flopping around in there."


"Karl, go and reach in my coat pocket. I have a vibrating dildo. Get it and stick it in there with your cock."


Karl inserted the dildo into Larry's asshole all the way and then squeezed his own cock in beside it. The sensation was indescribable. There was now pressure on his cock as well as vibration from the dildo. Larry moaned loudly. "Oh, fuck me hard, Karl, baby."


Karl wanted this feeling that he'd never experienced before to last forever and slowed his fucking motion so that he could prolong it. But it was impossible. The clenching in his gut signaled to him that his orgasm was about to come and could not be stopped. He then felt his sperm surging up through his shaft and as he let out a howl, violent throbbing of his penis sent stream after stream of his sperm into Larry's rectum. Karl had never experienced an orgasm as powerful and long lasting as this one.


When Karl rolled off and onto his back, Larry leaned over and kissed his face. "I've never seen as handsome a face and body as yours, Karl." He ran his tongue and lips over Karl's eyes and nose and cheeks and lips and ears. Karl could feel the coolness of Larry's breath on his wet skin. Larry then ran his tongue down Karl's chest, stomach, and over his balls, licking and chewing lightly on his ball sack. Throwing Karl's legs up in the air, Larry ran his tongue all over his crotch and over the pucker of his asshole. Karl could feel Larry's tongue entering his asshole, then out again, licking all over his crotch and down the soft fleshy part of his inner thighs near his balls.


"Larry, please fuck me. I want that luscious cock of yours inside of me."


Larry was one who liked rough sex and in one powerful thrust rammed his cock into Karl's asshole. Leaning over and kissing Karl wildly, he pounded his cock into Karl violently. Karl could feel Larry's hard rod rubbing against his prostate and he felt that another orgasm was about to occur. Just then Karl unexpectedly shot another load onto his stomach with an orgasm almost as good as the first.


Larry shouted, "I'm cumming and I want to shoot all over you." He pulled out just in time and shot at least five long ropes of hot white sperm onto Karl's chest and chin, with some of it going into Karl's mouth. Karl then pulled Larry forward so that he could suck out the last of his sperm. Larry's orgasm seemed to last beyond the shooting of his sperm. He then collapsed on top of Karl, again wildly kissing his face.


They were both totally spent and lay quietly and breathing heavily next to each other. Karl thought to himself that he had never had a sexual encounter so sensuous and thrilling. Soon, Larry rose up and, without a word, dressed himself and left. Karl was left to wonder what he had just done. It was a wonderful sexual experience, but now that Larry was gone, he had trouble even remembering what he looked like. Larry was like a finely tuned sex machine which had arrived, done it's thing and then disappeared. There was no possible feeling of love or caring there. With Michael, he thought, there was overwhelming love for each other that was merely consummated by sexual acts. That was so much more important. Oh, yes, that was so much more important. He would forget this experience and never mention it to Michael. It was a dalliance of no consequence. It would never happen again. It was over. Lying back in the bed and pulling the covers up over him, he thought about Michael lying in his own bed with Jeff. He felt just a little jealous, but knew he had no right to be.


Karl called his father the next day to tell him he was going back to the ranch. His father assured him that matters would not take long and that he would call with any news about Jared by mid-week. Tony soon arrived at Karl's room.


"I'll carry your luggage down to the car." Then as Karl was zipping up his suitcase, Tony threw his arms around Karl.


"Karl, I've missed you so much. Can't you take me down to Texas with you? I feel so empty and lonely up here without you."


"Tony, I've missed you, too. But I have a new life down there on the ranch. Michael and I have each other now, and you wouldn't be happy there—not under those circumstances."


Tony fell to his knees and pressed his face against Karl's cock. "I just need to do this one more time, Karl."


As Tony rubbed the front of Karl's pants with one hand, he unbuttoned and unzipped them with the other.


"Oh, Tony. You're the same old Tony. I can never be mad at you."


"Just for old time's sake, eh Karl?"


Tony lowered Karl's pants down to around his ankles and popped his semi-hard penis out of his briefs. Taking it into his mouth, he turned his eyes up to Karl's and saw him smiling down at him sweetly. Karl leaned against the chest of drawers while Tony brought his rapidly hardening penis in and out of his mouth, swirling his tongue about the head as only Tony could do it. As his orgasm approached, Karl threw his head back and groaned. Tony took Karl's full load down his throat and continued to suck him dry until Karl gently pulled his head away.


As Tony stood up again, he said, "Please Karl, think about bringing me down to where you are. I won't be any trouble and I'll find something to do. I won't come between you and Michael.


When Karl arrived home at the ranch, he was greeted by both Michael and Jeff, eager to know if anything further had transpired with his father. After dinner, Jeff went into Goliad to the Cock and Balls Lounge with some of his friends. Michael and Karl sat on the front verandah talking.


Karl couldn't resist asking, "Michael, has Jeff been enjoying his visit this weekend?"


"I think he has."


"Michael, I want to ask you something. I know, of course, the relationship that you have with Jeff, but I'd like to know, truthfully, what he thinks of me. I want to know what he thinks of you and me. You know, what does he think of me being with you?"


"Well, Karl, you know that I will never turn my Jeff away from my bed. He knows that. And that's the way it will always be. We love each other very much. As for you, he thinks that you are really great. And he had encouraged me to do all I could do to convince you to make your home here so that we could be lovers. He is very happy about how you and I have come together.


"But, Michael, you and he are lovers. Maybe he encouraged me to come here only to assuage your loneliness while he is away in Austin. But when he is home here, what then? Do you think he feels I should step aside out of the picture until he goes back to school?"


"I can't imagine that he thinks that way, Karl. He understands exactly what the situation is."


"But how can you have two lovers, Michael? One or the other of us is bound to get in the way, and there could be conflict."


"You're not jealous of Jeff, are you?"


"I don't know."


"Well, Karl, I'm going to talk with Jeff and see exactly what he thinks."


Karl sat on the floor between Michael's legs and put his head in Michael's lap. "I don't think I could stand it if anything or anyone came between us."


"I swear, Karl, that will never happen." Then caressing Karl's head, he said, "Let's go to bed."


In Michael's bedroom, they slowly undressed each other, kissing and fondling each other's body as they went. On the bed, they continued to caress and kiss each other. As Michael slid down and was lightly kissing and teasing the end of Karl's gorged penis, the door opened suddenly and there stood Jeff in his briefs smiling.


"I just wanted to say goodnight to you two. And Karl, I'm really glad you're back. Dad missed you so much. I love you both."


Michael just said, "Thanks, Jeff."


But Karl, on an impulse, said, "Jeff, would you like to lie down here with us for a little while?"


Michael looked startled. "Are you sure, Karl?"


"Yeah, we're all kind of family now. I guess we have nothing to hide from one another."


Jeff smiled and said, "Well, you two should be with each other on your first night back."


Karl was visibly relieved at Jeff's attitude upon seeing Michael and him together in bed. "No, please Jeff. I'd like to have you be with us—all together. I love you, too, Jeff."


Jeff walked over to the bed hesitantly, and Michael reached up and pulled Jeff's brief's down to his knees. "C'mon, Jeff, relax. Please come be with us tonight."


Jeff went ahead and climbed out of his briefs and plunked himself down between his father and Karl, who both proceeded to run their hands over his young handsome body. While Michael began to suck on Jeff's nipples, Karl, ran his tongue over Jeff's shapely legs, sucking on the soft light brown hair that covered them.


Jeff moaned softly, saying, "My God, that feels so wonderful!"


Jeff felt that he was in Heaven with both his father and his father's lover fondling his body so erotically. Up on his haunches between Jeff's legs, Karl sucked in each of Jeff's balls and softly fondled them with his tongue and lips, while Jeff slowly stroked his penis. Michael, also on his haunches behind Karl, spread Karl's ass cheeks and just lightly tickled and teased Karl's puckered asshole with his tongue, while reaching down under and fondling Karl's balls and rigid penis.


Jeff batted his hard penis against Karl's forehead and said, "Please suck it for me, Karl."


Karl took Jeff's throbbing rod in his mouth down to the hilt. Then, Michael lay on his back and scooted up under Karl between his legs and took Karl's cock into his mouth, while pushing two of his fingers into Karl's asshole. The feeling of Michael's mouth on his penis, of Michael's fingers in his asshole, and of Jeff's penis in his own mouth just about drove Karl wild.


Jeff shouted, "I'm going to blow my load, Karl. Are you ready?"


Karl nodded his head and sucked harder and faster on Jeff's cock. Then, as Jeff let out a yell and went into orgasm, Karl felt blast after blast of Jeff's sperm hitting the back of his throat. It tasted sweet and salty at the same time. After sucking Jeff dry, Karl threw Jeff's legs in the air. While Jeff spread his ass cheeks with his hands, Karl mounted him and plunged his hard cock into Jeff's asshole. Then from behind, Michael mounted Karl, and pushed his own cock into Karl's ass. Both Karl and Michael did their up and down fucking motions exactly in time with each other. Again, Karl felt that he was in another world with Michael's cock up his ass and his own cock up Jeff's ass.


'How can I make this last forever,' Karl thought. 'This is like the most beautiful dream anyone could ever have.'


Karl finally said, "I think I'm cumming."


At that, Michael said, "Great! Let's cum together."


Michael had been on the verge for sometime, and when he felt Karl's ass clenching, he knew Karl was cumming. So Michael let go and shot his load of sperm into Karl's asshole just as Karl shot his own load into Jeff. Karl felt as though he was being transported to a strange and wonderful place. As his own penis was throbbing and pumping out his sperm, he could feel Michael's cock throbbing as well, while his rectum was being flooded with a load of Michael's warm thick fluid.


They lay three deep, totally exhausted, for a few minutes, and then rolled onto their backs.


Jeff finally spoke. "Like I told you earlier, I love you guys."


"How about Paul?" asked Karl.


"Oh, he knows. He knows about Dad and me."


"But how about me?" Karl asked again.


"I'll tell him. Why not? Maybe sometime when he's down here, the four of us will get together! I'm going back to sleep in my own room now so you two can be together for the night."


After Jeff was gone, Michael turned to Karl and kissed him and said, "You see, Karl. You don't have a thing to worry about."


Michael and Karl rolled into each other's arms and went to sleep.


Several days later, Karl received the expected call from his father.


"Good news, Karl. I think we've got the goods on this Jared character. He runs some sort of a club outside of San Antonio in the country. It's a secret club where adult men bring their young sons, aged seven through thirteen, and make them perform sexual acts. It's sort of a competition where the young boys are made to engage in sex with adult men. As we understand it, the boys are trained by their own fathers to engage in various sex acts. And then at the monthly meetings, or competitions, as they call them, the boys have to perform these acts with the fathers, and they are given awards for best performance. But they don't have sex with their own fathers at these competitions. The man who is chosen to have sex with each boy is chosen by drawing names. It's a vile, perverse operation and the whole thing is against about a hundred different state and local laws, not to say against decency and against nature. We can have this operation shut down immediately and have this Jared thrown in jail."


"My God, Father, that's unbelievable. But please, don't do anything about it now. We want him to know that we know about this. And then I'm sure we'll be enough of a threat to him that he'll drop any action against Michael."


"But, son, the operation needs to be shut down. You can't just let something that cruel go on."


"I know, Father, but give us some time before you do anything. Do you know the names of any of the other men who are involved with this?"


"Yes. There's a guy named Jacob Schwartz. He isn't the head of the operation, but we understand that he coordinates the competition with the various fathers and sons who participate."


"That's helpful, Father."


"Well, you keep me informed. I'm wondering what kind of fellow your friend, Michael, is, having a brother like that."


"They're two different animals, father, believe me. I'll talk with you later."


Michael was aghast that his brother, as evil as he was, would be involved in something like this, much less be the head of it.


"Michael, what we need to do is go and see this Schwartz guy and somehow portray ourselves as parents who are interested in entering our sons in the competition."


"But we don't have any sons, Karl, who could enter."


"I know, but maybe we can get him to let us attend one of them like we're trying to make up our minds if we want to join."


Karl was able to locate Jacob Schwartz in the phone book and called him. He introduced himself as a father who was very interested in joining the club, along with another father who was a friend of his. Schwartz said he would need to talk to Karl and his friend before he made a determination about letting them in. They were to meet him the next morning at about 11 o'clock at the MacDonalds on Loop 13 near the airport. He would be wearing a green jacket.


Michael cut out two pictures of young boys from an old brochure he had once received on a private boy's school. These would be represented as their sons. When Karl and Michael arrived, they spotted the man sitting alone in a booth at the rear of the restaurant.


"Sit down, gentlemen. Tell me about yourselves and your sons."


Karl and Michael described themselves as country people who operated a ranch. They indicated that they frequently engage in sex with their sons. Not telling them their sons were adults. Producing the pictures, Michael said his son was eight years old and Karl's was thirteen.


Schwartz looked at them carefully. "Hmm. They're good looking little guys. I wouldn't mind fucking them myself. Tell me, have they both had experience getting their asses fucked? I mean by a grown man, not just another kid?"


Karl said, "Oh, yes."


"Well," said Schwartz, "Let me tell you what is expected of these kids. We have two divisions. The seven- to eleven-year-olds division and the twelve- to thirteen-year-olds division. They have different requirements, he explained in detail.


Michael asked, "Well, do the boys know what exactly is going to be expected of them during these competitions."


"Oh, yeah,” said Schwartz.


Karl said, "I know our boys would both be good competitors. Can we be assured that the security surrounding these competitions will be tight?"


"Absolutely. We understand that, because of the nature of this activity, strict privacy is our watchword."


Michael said, "Just so we can be absolutely sure of what we are getting into, would it be possible for us to attend one of these competitions? We would really like to determine for ourselves before we commit to this whether or not our sons would be suitable competitors."


"I think we can manage that. We'll be having our next competition a week from Friday night. We're located in an old warehouse on a side road that leads off of Blanco Road. Here, I'll draw you a little map. It starts at 9 o'clock, and I'll be at the door and I'll let you in.


When the night of the competition came, Michael and Karl arrived just a few minutes before nine.


Schwartz was standing at the door. "Hey, I thought you were going to bring your little boys with you."


Michael said, "Well, we thought we would like to see the competition once ourselves before we talked to them about it. We thought that would be best."


As they walked in, they couldn't believe what they were seeing. In the center of the room was a raised mat like a boxing ring, without the ropes. The audience, which surrounded the ring in folding chairs, consisted of only men, many of whom looked well dressed and prosperous. Schwartz took them through a door into another room.


"Since you're here just to see what goes on, I thought I would show you the boys' dressing room. It's the first time for some of these boys, but some have competed before.


Seated on several long locker room type benches were about sixteen young boys, all naked. All of them had serious looks on their faces, but a number of them looked clearly frightened and apprehensive. Several were visibly shivering. Two of the boys were crying.


Schwartz then took Karl and Michael to another room where the fathers of the boys were assembled. They were in the process of drawing names to determine which boys would be assigned to them for the various events in the competition. When a father's own son was in the ring, that father usually came out into the audience to observe.


When Michael and Karl were finally seated, Schwartz stood up and called out the first contestants. "Father Number One, and Boy Number Eight."


To be continued...


Posted: 08/29/08