My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Schwartz then took Karl and Michael to another room where the fathers of the boys were assembled. They were in the process of drawing names to determine which boys would be assigned to them for the various events in the competition. When a father's own son was in the ring, that father usually came out into the audience to observe.


When Michael and Karl were finally seated, Schwartz stood up and called out the first contestants. "Father Number One, and Boy Number Eight."


Chapter 17 


Schwartz began his explanation. "This boy is eight years old, and it's his first competition. Before the first event begins with each pair in the ring, the man is allowed to love the boy in any way he wishes to get himself, and hopefully the boy, aroused before the competitions begin."


The man who was to take this boy was tall and very stocky with enormous muscular arms. He was also one of the hairiest men either Karl or Michael had ever seen.


The boy's father, sitting next to Schwartz, then tried to offer as much encouragement as possible by speaking quietly to himself. "C'mon, Kenny, you can do it. Remember how you and I practiced it.”


Kenny put his hands over his face and sobbed, "I can't, I can't," and ran out of the ring to the dressing room, with his father running after him, and with scattered boos from the audience.


Michael looked at Schwartz and said, with disgust in his voice, "Schwartz, this is unconscionable. This is one of the cruelest things I have ever seen a human being put another human being through. And what's worse is a father joyfully making his young son go through such pain and humiliation. That little boy looked so sweet and so frightened. What kind of people are you?"


Getting up and walking swiftly into the boys' dressing room, Michael and Karl confronted Kenny's father, who was busily chastising his weeping son. "Have you no shame," Karl growled at the youngster's father. "If you had any love or respect for your son, you wouldn't put him through this."


Schwartz came running into the room. "I tried to explain this competition when we met. What in the world did you expect? I'm going to have to ask you both to leave."


"We intend to," Michael said with a tone of disdain. Handing him a card, he said, "This is my card, Schwartz, and I would like you to give this to your boss, Jared Walker. Be sure to do it, because I promise you, he will be extremely interested in getting it."


Schwartz stared at the card, noticing the name, Michael Walker. Yes, indeed, Jared would be given the card immediately.


Michael and Karl, still feeling terrible from the sight they had just witnessed, hardly spoke a word as they drove back home. It was late, but they decided to stop off at the Cock and Balls Lounge in Goliad for a beer before the went back to the ranch. As soon as they entered, Michael spotted his attorney, Willard Weinberger, and his lover sitting in a booth. Willard beckoned them both to come over and join them.


"Willard, I want you to meet Karl Oldenburg. He's the one who will be buying in as my partner."


"Oh, yes, Karl. It's good to meet you. It's sort of a coincidence meeting you like this. I just got off the phone this afternoon with Mr. Oldenburg's attorney in New York. He wanted information about that Texas law that was permitting Jared to hold up the partnership proceedings. Luckily my clerk had researched it, and if Jared presses it, I'm afraid he'll have a case. By the way, what is your father's interest in all this, Karl?"


"Well, Willard, my father is a very wily businessman with a lot of pull and a lot of contacts. It just seemed prudent to ask for his help in finding a way to keep Jared from pressing the matter."


"That's right," interjected Michael. "We found that Jared is running an illicit operation up around San Antonio in which young boys are literally being used as sex slaves. That's where we were tonight. We went up there to view a little bit of what they were doing. And it was pretty disgusting. We didn't see Jared, but I gave his flunky one of my cards for him to give to Jared. We're hoping that when he learns that I know about this operation of his, he will choose not to pursue his legal fight against me."


"Interesting, Michael," said Willard, "But I don't know if you can count on his backing off just because you know about what he's doing."


"Willard, what could happen to him if and when we blow the whistle on him?"


"Well, for that kind of thing where young boys are used for sex, he could go to prison for a good many years."


"My thought is, Willard, that the threat of my knowing will make him back off. Then after he has dropped his litigation, we'll have the sheriff go in and close him down and charge him."


"But do you want your own brother to go to jail?"


"In a heartbeat!"


"Oh, by the way," said Willard. "Karl, let me introduce my partner, Jim. We've been together a good many years now. And I'm glad y'all came in. They have a stripper here tonight, who'll be performing in a few minutes. You don't want to miss him. I saw him at a club last spring down in Corpus Christi during the Splash Day celebration at the beach. And after the show, he let himself get gang-banged by a bunch of college kids down there during Spring Break. He's really hot. That's why Jim and I came out tonight.


Before performing, the stripper, dressed only in boxer briefs wandered through the bar and talked to the patrons, allowing them to pull down his briefs and feel his equipment and feel up his ass. He was one of those perfect specimens, in his early twenties, whose body was a deep tan and highly developed, but not as much so as those obscene looking bodies that come out of body-building gyms. He wandered over to the booth where the four were sitting. He introduced himself as Kevin and chatted for a couple of minutes about nothing, and then Willard reached over and placed his hand on the boy's washboard stomach, running it down inside of the briefs so he could fondle the soft penis and balls. Then Kevin gave a false sounding groan of pleasure. Michael reached over and pulled down the back of his briefs to reveal two of the most perfect smooth, tan buns that God had ever made. He ran his fingers into the crack and across the asshole.


Kevin cooed, "You guys are hot tonight. I like that. I gotta go do my thing, now."


He walked over to the platform where the little combo of guitars, piano, and bass were playing. The combo struck up some tunes they thought were sexy and Kevin started his little erotic dance, during which he slowly pulled down his briefs, exposing his tantalizing bush of pubic hair and his luscious buns. After some anxious waiting and hooting by some of the spectators, the briefs were finally removed entirely. As he danced, he penis and balls flopped around relentlessly.


"Willard said, "I gotta hard-on."


The others agreed. Michael said, "We all gotta hard-on."


Willard said, "When he's done, let's see where he goes."


When the performance was over, Kevin disappeared into the restroom. They all followed him, Michael leading the way.


"Did you like it?" Kevin asked as he stood at a urinal.


"Yeah," answered Willard, stooping down and kissing those to-die-for ass cheeks.


"Oooo, God, that feels good," purred Kevin. "You know, there's an asshole in between those buns if y'all want to fuck it before y'all go back to your drinks"


Willard stood up immediately and dropped his pants and plunged his hard cock into that waiting asshole, as Kevin leaned over. It was not more than a minute or two when the others could see Willard suddenly pounding himself against Kevin's ass, indicating that he was cumming. As soon as he pulled out, Kevin called out, "Anybody else?"


Jim dropped his pants and moved in. Jim took only a couple of minutes before he shot his load into Kevin's ass. When he was through, Kevin remained bent over, expecting Michael and Karl to be next. They could see thick white cum dripping out of his asshole. Michael and Karl looked at each other and agreed that they would resist, as tempting as it was.


Back at the booth, Michael and Karl realized that they had been so aroused by what they witnessed that they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. The four were sitting at a booth with one semi-circular seat. Willard and Jim were sitting at either end, with Michael and Karl in the middle. Michael pushed Karl down flat on the seat and struggled to loosen Karl's pants. Soon, they both had their pants off. Then in their passion they stripped off their shirts and boots and were lying there on the seat between Willard and Jim totally naked. There was something thrilling and exciting about being totally naked in a public place. Michael lifted Karl's legs and plunged his face into Karl's ass trench, working madly with his tongue on Karl's asshole.


"C'mon, Michael, fuck me!" urged Karl. While Willard and Jim sat open-mouthed, several other patrons gathered around to watch. Michael and Karl couldn't care less, and Michael plunged his cock into Karl's asshole. He fucked Karl hard while Karl was jacking himself off. When Michael felt his orgasm building, he let out his usual yell, which could be heard over the sound of the combo. The idea of fucking Karl this way in public increased the excitement for Michael and, as he pumped his sperm into Karl's ass, and as Karl shot his own sperm onto his stomach, the on-lookers started applauding.


All four had shot their loads, and now, they thought, was the time to go home and call it a night. When Michael and Karl arrived home, they entered the house shirtless and bootless. Maggie had been restless and had gone out to sit on the back verandah naked and jack off so she could relax enough to get to sleep. She could tell from the looks on their faces that they had just had sex. It was that tell-tail look of exhaustion mixed with supreme satisfaction.


As the spring months arrived, Josiah began looking more like one of the regulars. When he worked, he wore no shirt, and usually only a pair of shorts along with his cowboy boots. His formerly white skin had now taken on an appealing velvety brown hue. He had been conscientious with his workouts on Corky's equipment and the muscles in his arms were now showing the results of his efforts. The lean and hungry look was now disappearing and he could occasionally be caught admiring his naked body in the full-length mirror in the bath house.


Josiah and Jake would occasionally go up to the little river at the north end of the property to the spot where Jake had had his accident and where he and Enrique frequently went to be alone. It was there that he played his bagpipes for Josiah, who found the sound so strange that he would literally roll on the ground in fits of laughter. Jake told Josiah about his paternal relationship with Enrique, and was very open with him about the fact that he would always love Enrique. Their sexual relationship, however, was never mentioned. Josiah said to Jake that he liked Enrique a lot and it was obvious to him that the two had an enduring love.


On one particularly warm day, Jake suggested they take a swim in the river.


"C'mon, Josiah. Git outta them clothes and let's take a refreshin' swim. Mind them fuckin' rocks, though. They're sharp. They'll cut the shit outta yer feet if yer not careful. This right here is where I had my fuckin' accident."


After they both stripped down and walked into the water, they found the water was still pretty cold, and Josiah began to shiver. Jake could tell Josiah was cold when he saw his little ball sack shrivel up to almost nothing.


"Git down here in the deeper water so the water is up over yer shoulders. Then you'll feel a lot warmer."


Jake started to playfully wrestle with Josiah in the water, and in the process pushed Josiah's head underwater several times. Josiah began to panic and ran out of the water and up on the shore.


"Jake, I don't like to do that. It scares me. I can't swim."


Jake said he was sorry and went back up on the shore and lay on the grass looking up to the sky. Josiah lay down next to him.


"You know, Jake, when I look up and see those clouds floating by, to me it feels like the clouds aren't moving, but that I'm the one who is spinning around. It's a real weird feeling."


Josiah glanced at Jake and noticed that he was in full erection. He looked back at the sky, and after a long pause said, "Jake, do you ever play with your dick?"


"Yeah, but why do ya want to know?"


"Oh, I don't know. I play with mine sometimes, and it gets real big and hard like yours is and then I get this real good feeling and stuff comes out."


"Well, that's called jerkin' off, son."


"You mean when I play with my dick, that's called jerkin' off?"


"You got it. Everybody does it. How long you been playin' with yer dick?"


"Oh, about ten years, since I was about twelve. You know, Jake, I thought I saw you playing with your dick one night when I woke up and looked over to your bed."


"I do it all the fuckin' time, Josiah. And I'll tell ya a secret. I saw you doin' it a couple times, too."


Josiah looked down at his own penis and said, "See just thinking about it makes mine swell up bigger."


"Josiah, you can jerk off anytime ya fuckin' please. As I told ya, everybody does it. If ya didn't always insist on takin' yer showers all alone all the fuckin' time, you'd see a lot of them fuckers ya work with jackin' off their fuckin' cocks in the shower."


"Really!" Josiah's penis had now grown to a full-sized boner.


"Ya got a nice big long one there, Josiah. Jerkin's really a hell of a lot better when ya got a nice big long one like that. Ya can git a good grip on it and really give it a good strokin. I'm ready to jerk off right now. Why don't ya join me. We'll do it together and we'll both git a little bit of that good feelin' ya talked about."


Jake spit in his hand and started stoking. "A little spit makes jerkin' easier. Try it."


Josiah spit in his hand and rubbed it all over his penis and began stroking.


"Josiah, ya just go ahead and let the good feelin' come when it has to.

When ya git old like me, it takes a little longer."


As they stroked, they each fixed their eyes on the other's hard cock. Josiah pounded away at a great rate of speed and was beginning to breath faster and heavier.


"Hey, Josiah, slow down. Take it nice and easy and slow like I'm doin'. Ya can make that real good feeling that ya have before you shoot yer load last a long time that way."


Josiah said, breathlessly, "I can't, Jake, I can feel my balls getting tight and I'm going to shoot my stuff right now!"


As Josiah groaned without holding back, great streams of his thick white sperm shot out of his penis. The first stream landed on his neck, followed by three or four streams that virtually covered his chest and stomach. "My God, I've never shot that far!"


Jake was not far behind. As soon as he saw the beautiful sight of Josiah's sperm literally flying through the air, his orgasm began. His sperm shot an inch or two in the air and all landed in his pubic hair and all over his hand. After a few minutes, when he caught his breath, Jake licked his sperm off of his hand.


"Wow, you eating that stuff, Jake?"


"Sure. It tastes really good. It ain't gonna hurt ya. Scoop some of yer own up and try it. It comes from yer own body. It's jist made of water and little protein."


Josiah scooped some of his sperm up on one finger and tasted it with the tip of his tongue.


"Go ahead. Suck it all off," Jake urged.


Josiah sucked his finger until he got it all. He obviously liked it because he then scooped the rest of his sperm off of his neck and stomach and downed it with a look of real pleasure on his face.


Standing up, Jake said, "Okay, young man, let's git back in the water and wash this shit off us."


As they stood in the water waste deep, Jake splashed water up on Josiah's neck and stomach and, with his hand, washed the remaining sperm off of Josiah's skin.


On their way back to the bunk house, Josiah said. That was fun, playing with our dicks together. I mean jerkin' off together. You're kind of like my teacher, or kind of like my. . . ."


Jake waited for the end of the sentence that didn't come and then said, "Kinda like yer Paw?"


Josiah smiled. "Yeah."


It had been almost two months since Michael and Karl had discovered what Jared had been up to. Since then, Jared's lawyer notified Michael's attorney, Willard Weinberger, that Jared was no longer pursuing litigation against Michael. Shortly after that, Jared was arrested and charged under several Texas laws that he had not considered before with several crimes having to do with child pornography and the sexual enslavement of children. His trial was now just days away. Michael paid him a visit in the Bexar County jail.


"Well, Jared, I wonder what Ol' Ben would think of his first born son if he were alive today. You never cease to surprise me. Enslaving little boys for the sexual pleasure of adult men. How despicable and how low you have sunk."


"You have no room to talk, Michael. Our own father was fucking Enrique—a thirteen year old. And my sources tell me you had your own cock up his little asshole more than once."


"Maybe so, Jared, but there was no enslavement involved."


"I never enslaved a single boy. That charge is bogus. All those boys were brought there by their fathers, with the boys' consent."


"That isn't what I saw. Maybe the father brought him, but the boy I saw was frightened to death and was crying and refused to do the despicable things he was asked to do. There's no way out of this one, Jared. The publicity has shocked all of San Antonio. They're calling for your head. No jury will ever let you out of this one. They're going to get your head on a platter, and I hope they do. I'm done with you, Jared. This is going to bring you down, and thank God I'll never have to worry again about your interfering in my life. Is there no limit to your hatred of me?"


"I don't hate you."




"It's Ol' Ben I hated. I hated him as much as he hated me."


"So because of your hatred of Ol' Ben, you took out your hatred and revenge on me, is that it? That makes a lot of sense."


"I should have had my rightful share of that ranch, Michael. I worked as hard for that old shit head as you did when we were kids. Maybe I didn't suck up to him and kiss his fuckin' ass as much as you did, but nobody can say I didn't earn the right to my inheritance.


"Please, Jared, you know why you were cut out of his will as well as I do. I know you didn't get along with him, but it wasn't all the fights and bickering that did you in."


"Okay, don't say it!"


"I will say it, Jared, and I hope it rings in your ears for the rest of your life. You called our mother a whore. It was not only untrue, she was your mother, and she was Ol' Ben's wife, who he loved with every breath he ever breathed. At that moment you forfeited your right to be Ol' Ben's son, and further at that moment, you were no longer your mother's son. And as far as I am concerned, you're no longer my brother. I hope God has mercy on your soul, because I doubt that anyone else will."


Jeff remained at the ranch for a few more days. While he was away from Austin, Adriano was notified that one of the cows out at the University Farms was in labor, but was having difficulty. Paul and Adriano each took one of their classes out to the Farms to observe the birthing of a calf. The cow was obviously in great distress. As was common in these cases, she needed human assistance. Donning long elbow length rubber gloves, Adriano inserted his hand and arm into the animal's uterus. Finding and taking hold of one the calf's shoulder blades, he pulled with all his might. It took about ten minutes of struggle, but the calf's head finally became visible. Soon its body began to emerge while Adriano continued to gently urge it out. Then suddenly the calf slipped out all the way and onto the ground. But with it came what seemed like buckets of liquid mixed with blood and a large mass of membrane.


At the sight of this, one of the senior boys in the class, whose name was Brian, suddenly became sick and, turning away, walked several yards from the group and threw up. None of the others in the classes, including the girls, were so affected. As soon as the calf fell to the ground, its mother began licking it and cleaning it up the best she could.


One of the girls in the class looked at Brian and said, "This is how all animals and people are born. Even you looked a mess like that when you came out of your mother."


Brian replied, "I'm never going to have any kids. I don't ever want to see human beings looking like that."


Adriano said, "Brian, when you get married, you'll change your mind. Almost every man alive would like to have children of his own."


"That thing you did—sticking your arm up there," Brian said, "I'll never do that."


"Well, if you graduate and become a Vet, you'll probably have to do it sometime."


"I just want to have a cat and dog clinic someday. I won't ever have to do what you just did." Brian could feel his stomach turning sick again.


On their way back to the campus, Adriano said, "Paul, my father's over here again for a visit. He arrived this morning."


"Great!" exclaimed Paul. "Could I put him up at my place. We have a sofa bed in our apartment that he could use."


"No, thanks, Paul. I have him put up at a motel. Why don't you join us for dinner tonight? I know he'd like to see you again. He was really impressed that time you dressed up like Tom Mix or Roy Rogers in all your regalia just for his benefit. You looked pretty silly, but my dad loved it. You looked just like one of those dudes in the old-time western movies."


"I really liked Mario. Sure, I'd like to join you for dinner."


The three of them later met at the Longhorn Steak House. After downing three Scotch and sodas each, they ordered t-bone steaks and bloomin' onions.


Mario said, "I sure would like to pay another visit down at that great ranch of yours before I leave. How's Michael? I hear he's had a bit of bad luck."


Anticipating what Mario was thinking, Paul said, "He's doing just fine now, Mario. But, you know, Michael has . . .you know . . . someone he's with now. He's an Englishman, who's planning on buying into the ranch as a partner. The two of them are very close, if you know what I mean."


Mario did his best to not let his disappointment show on his face. "That's great, Paul." Mario fell silent for several minutes until Adriano asked to him to tell them how things were with the family back in Italy. Mario gladly gave all the news.


As they finished their dinner, Paul said, "I have an idea. Why don't we all go on over to the Nest for a couple of beers before you go back to the motel, Mario."


"But that was the place where Jeff had that terrible experience with Marco getting stabbed and all that," said Adriano. "Jeff said he'd never go back there."


"Well, he's never been back, and we wouldn't go if he were with us. What say you?"


"Okay," said Adriano, "but just for a little while."


The three sat in a booth and, after ordering, Adriano said, "Look over there. There's that good looking young student, Brian, who was in the class with us out at the University Farms this morning."


Just then, Brian spotted Adriano and headed for the door. Adriano got up and hurried after him, catching up with him just outside the door.


"Brian, there's no need for you to leave. Why don't you come back and let me introduce you to my friends."


"Oh, I don't know," said Brian, thoroughly embarrassed.


"Brian, there's no need to be embarrassed. Let me assure you, your secret is safe with me, and I'm going to assume my secret is safe with you." Adriano did not feel the threat that young Brian obviously did. Adriano's homosexuality was generally known around school, and he never made any attempt to deny it.


"No thank you, sir. I was about to leave anyway."


"Okay, Brian. But remember, what we know about each other is strictly between us. And there won't be any problem with that, I promise you. It won't ever get mentioned. I'll see you in class tomorrow."


"Thank you, sir. Good night."


Back in the bar, Adriano explained to the others that Brian was a twenty-two year old senior and was about to graduate in June.


"I've always had a slight suspicion about Brian, but I would never have approached him. But tonight, of course, our learning about each other was inevitable.


After drinking several beers while watching with amusement all the various and assorted gays cavorting about, Mario spoke up. "When you drop me off at the motel, Adriano, why don't you come in and have a night cap. And you, too, Paul, if it's not too far out of your way."


Paul was feeling a little giddy from all the alcohol he had consumed that evening and readily agreed to follow them in his own car. Once inside and after two or three more Scotch and sodas, Mario suddenly put his arm around Adriano's neck and kissed him on the mouth. "I sure am so glad to see you, Adriano. I wish you'd come back home more often. I really miss you."


"Dad, I miss you, too, and I always did love it when you grabbed hold of me and hugged me tight like this." Adriano held Mario's face between both hands and kissed him gently on the lips, and then the eyes, nose, cheeks, and neck.


Still holding onto each other, they sat on the edge of the bed, each with their hands on the other's rapidly growing bulge. With Mario pulling Adriano down, they both lay back on the bed, now with their hands down inside of each other's pants.


Mario looked over at Paul, who was sitting in a chair and rubbing his own bulge. "Come on over here, Paul, and lay down with us."


"No, I really think I should be going and let you two be alone."


"No, please, Paul. Don't leave. Please stay."


Paul wanted to stay. It was always so hot watching a father and son loving each other. He had never had a father who even so much as touched him on the shoulder, much less hugged him. He couldn't remember his own father ever speaking directly to him, except to criticize or punish him. He hated his father on one hand, but on the other, he had always longed for his father to smile at him, if only once, or to tell him that he was a good boy. His eyes filled with tears as he watched Mario kissing his son, just as he they did when he saw Michael kissing Jeff and telling him he loved him that time in their apartment.


Adriano knelt down on the floor next to the bed and pulled his fathers pants down to around his ankles. To Paul, Mario looked so young and firm, as though he and Adriano were brothers. As Adriano brought his tongue up over his father's leg, onto his thigh, he pressed his face into his father's crotch and sucked his balls, one by one, into his mouth. Paul loosened the clip at the top of his pants and unzipping, pushed his pants down below his hips. Mario could see Paul gently stroking his own cock.


"Please, Paul, come over and lie with us."


"No, Mario." Paul's mind darted between the sight before him and thoughts of Jeff. He felt that his love for Jeff made it unthinkable to engage in sex with anyone else. But what harm would it do if he just sat and jacked off while he watched Adriano and Mario on the bed. It was no different from watching a porno video.


Mario's penis was literally jumping around from the excitement Adriano was causing by running his tongue all over Mario's crotch and asshole. Soon, Adriano had his father's cock in his mouth and was rapidly pumping on it. As Mario began to moan signaling that his orgasm was near, Paul had to stop stroking his own penis momentarily for fear of cumming too soon. As he watched, Adriano pulled off of his father's cock and took the full blast of Mario's sperm in the face, and Mario almost wailed with pleasure.


Rubbing his face into his father's ass trench, he made sure most of the sperm was wiped off from his face onto Mario's asshole. Throwing his father's legs in the air, Adriano plunged his hard cock into the waiting, cum-covered hole.


Paul started stroking again, but had to stop frequently in order to hold off on cumming. Mario called over to him, "Paul, when you shoot your load, at least come over here and stand so you can shoot it onto my stomach."


Paul stood up, and thinking there would be no harm in that, he went over to the side of the bed and let his orgasm come as it may, and shot large gobs of thick white sperm onto Mario's chest. As Adriano continued to fuck his father, he leaned over and lapped up Paul's sperm off of his father's chest.


"Paul," said Adriano breathlessly as he continued to fuck harder and harder, "your cum tastes so good. I hope you'll let me suck up your sperm again sometime."


As Paul backed away, he could see the grimace of orgasmic pleasure spreading across Adriano's face as he pumped his sperm into his father's rectum.


When it was over, Mario offered to pour another drink, But Paul demurred, saying that he needed to go home. Classes would begin early the next morning.


Adriano said he needed to leave also. Neither he nor Paul would be able to see Mario the next night since they both would be teaching night classes.

Mario said he would be content to just stay at the motel and watch television.


The next night, Mario settled in to watch television, but became extremely restless thinking about the night before when they were having beers over at the Nest and were looking at all those young men having such a good time. There were others there who were his age, so he wouldn't be out of place. He thought about going back there and debated with himself for some time about his getting up and going. He finally decided to get dressed and take a taxi over there. He would stay just for a little while in order to relieve his restlessness. A couple of beers always did the trick.


As he entered, he found one empty booth and decided to sit there where he would be less conspicuous than at the bar. As he was sipping on his mug of beer, he looked up and there was Brian standing silently next to the table.


Mario said, "You're Brian, aren't you? Adriano's friend. Why don't you have a seat. Can I buy you a beer?"


"I saw you last night sitting with him," said Brian softly.


"That's right. But why aren't you up there by the bar with you're other friends?"


"Oh, they're not my friends. I really don't have any friends here. I just come here to look."


"Do you ever go home with anybody, Brian? There are a lot of good looking guys here."


"I've never gone home with anybody. I'm afraid to."




"Oh, I don't know. I've never gone home with any guy in my life."


"But Adriano tells me you're twenty-two years old. Don't you ever want to . . . I mean, aren't you curious?"


"Yeah, but I don't know if I'd like to do that. Maybe I wouldn't like it.

I hate to think I'm gay."


Mario smiled. "Oh, that's it. You've got to find out sometime what you are. Maybe instead of one of these young studs around here, you should go with someone older, who would be gentle and consider your feelings a little bit."


"Maybe. I don't like talking to those guys. They scare me the way they talk and the things they say they want to do. You know, I just came over here to your table just to have someone to talk to. I don't want to do anything.


"You came over here because I'm an older guy, right? And I don't scare you, right?"


"Yeah, I guess so."


Mario and Brian sat silently and just sipped on their beer for a long time. Brian looked pensive and as though he were thinking about something.


"You know, I've read everything I can get my hands on about homosexuality. I just needed to know. Some of it's pretty scary. I get attracted to some guys . . . I mean sexually attracted to them. And I think about them when I masturbate. I try to think about girls. But I can't. I don't want to be gay, but I keep coming here to look at other boys. You know, I'm dating a girl now, but just once in awhile. But she wants me to fuck her. And I can't. When she starts that with me, I just start sweating."


Mario reached over and laid his hand on Brian's. "Does that make you sweat—when I touch you?"




"Do you mind my touching your hand?"


"No. It feels nice to have your hand on mine."


Mario sat still for a long time with his hand on Brian's, who made no move to remove it.


Finally, Brian said, "I think I have to go now. I have an early class tomorrow morning."


Mario inquired, "Do you have a car?"




"Would you mind, or would it be out of your way to drop me off at my motel?"


"No, I'd be glad to."


As they pulled into the parking lot of the motel, Mario reached over and took Brian's hand again and squeezed it. Brian squeezed back. "Thanks, Brian, you're a nice young man."


"You're a very nice man, too. I hope I can see you again sometime."


"I would like that. I'm going to be in town only for the next week. Why don't you give me a call sometime when you'd like to talk." Mario wrote down his name and motel phone number on a slip of paper and gave to him. He wanted so much to invite the young man into his room, but knowing Brian's uncertainty and confusion about his own sexuality, it may not be wise at this time. Again, they squeezed each other's hands before Mario got out and Brian drove away.


Mario got undressed and took his evening shower. The thought of the young man who just drove away turned his penis into a raging hard rod. Soaping himself up from head to toe, he jacked off, looking down at himself and imagining the boy on his knees in front of him with his lips around his cock. With his eyes closed, he imagined the pressure of his own hand to be the pressure from the boys lips, bringing him to a powerful orgasm and a spurting of white sperm onto the wall of the shower. Mario settled into bed, wondering when or if Brian would call. And if he did, how could he arrange another meeting with him without alerting Adriano.


When Jared's trial began, Michael was in attendance. During a break in the proceedings, Michael went out on front steps of the courthouse for some fresh air. A man approached him introducing himself as Terrence Faure.


"Mr. Walker, I'm Kenny's father. You know, the young boy you witnessed that evening, crying as he ran away. I want to tell you how sorry I am. Not for your brother, Jared, but for everything I have done. It was wrong, it was actually criminal the things I have done. I mean with Kenny. I know you were horrified at what you saw. And I'm horrified now over what I did."


"Come over here, Mr. Faure, and let's sit down." Michael led the way to a bench nearby.


"Mr. Walker, I have had a fatal flaw, so to speak. From the day Kenny was born, I had an unnatural attraction to him. He explained in great detail what he had done to his son.


"Sometimes I felt as though I was insane with desire for him. Now I realize what I have done to him."


"What made you realize it," asked Michael.


"It was when I saw Kenny crying up there in the ring and then to suddenly come to the realization that it was all illegal. All at once I felt like the dirtiest, filthiest person who ever lived."


Michael stood up. "Why are you telling me all this, and in such detail?"


"I don't know. I just had to. I guess it's kind of like going to confession. I know telling you this can never cleanse my soul, but somehow I had to tell someone about what a despicable person I had become. And describing it in detail is a small way of punishing myself. And it was you who I had to tell. I'm sorry. And I'm sorry I took up your time. Now I have a lifetime of trying to repair the damage I have done to my son."


As tears began running down the father's face, Michael said, "Mr. Faure, as a father myself, I just happen to understand that kind of love and desire for one's son. Believe me, I do. But you've made a terrible mistake and a terrible misjudgment with your son. You've now taken the first step toward recovery, and I only pray that that dear little boy I saw up there in the ring will sometime forgive you and come to love you as a father, and not always as his abuser."


The trial lasted only two days. It was obvious that even Jared's attorney didn't have his heart in Jared's defense, and the jury came in with a verdict of Guilty on all counts. The judge then sentenced him to fifteen years in Texas State prison without possibility of parole.


To be continued...


Posted: 08/29/08