My Father, My Son
by: Tom Borden

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Two hours later, he came to the gravel road that led into the Walker Ranch. At about four in the morning, he was back and walked toward the bunkhouse. Jake was sitting on the steps outside of his room, huddled in a blanket wrapped around him. Josiah walked up to him. They looked into each other's eyes, but neither spoke. Josiah slowly sat down on the step next to Jake, then leaned over, exhausted, and rested his head on Jake's shoulder. Jake pulled the blanket around Josiah. He could feel the slight motion of Josiah's body and knew that he was crying. The faint rays of dawn began to appear and, as they sat in silence, Jake reached up and gently stroked Josiah's hair and said quietly, "It's alright, son; it's alright."


Chapter 15 


The day had come when Michael was to be discharged from the hospital. The spots on his face where the surgeons removed small shards of broken glass seemed to be healing quickly. The doctor had assured Michael that the work had been done in such a way that would leave no scarring. Michael was able to walk without very much pain from the severe wound in his stomach, but getting in and out of bed or a chair where his stomach muscles needed to be used still required great care and sometimes someone else to help him rise.

Paul had that morning returned to Austin to meet his classes. Jeff stayed behind in order to pick up his father and bring him back to the ranch. Karl had remained at the hospital by Michael's bedside from the beginning. Although he had taken advantage of the shower in Michael's bathroom, he had not shaved and was now sporting a very dark, short beard.

On the way to the ranch, Michael and Karl sat in the back seat. Michael was clearly relieved to be going home, but was very apprehensive over having to look at the rubble of his little house in the Cottonwoods.

"We'll go up there together, Michael," said Karl as he held Michael's hand. "Jeff found that the insurance will cover most of the rebuilding costs. And any additional costs I'll be able to cover once we sign the partnership agreement." Karl gently pulled Michael's head over and placed it on his shoulder.

As soon as they reached the house, Michael was greeted with a big kiss from Maggie, who led him into his room, where he lay down to rest from the drive home. Jeff sat with him for awhile explaining the insurance situation and several other business matters that occurred while Michael was in the hospital. Jeff told him he had to drive back to Austin that afternoon because he needed to catch up on the class work that he had missed. But he would call and would also be back at the ranch on the next weekend. Jeff leaned over and kissed Michael on the lips.

"Dad, I've missed you a lot while I've been in Austin. I'm glad you have Karl now. But I wish so much that I was here with you, too. I miss the feel of your body next to mine and the sound of your voice when you whisper in my ear."

"I've missed you, too, Jeff. But you have Paul now. We'll be able to get together on some weekends when you come home or when I visit you in Austin. Jeff, tell me. Is everything okay with you and Paul."

"Everything's fine, Dad. But it's just that I'll never get over missing you. You're very special to me and you always will be."

Michael and Jeff kissed deeply and long.

After Jeff departed, Karl sat by Michael's bed and held his hand until Michael drifted off to sleep. The house was cold and he instructed Maggie to fire up the oil heaters. He was going to shower, shave off that itchy beard, and get into some clean clothes. After stripping off all of his clothes in Jeff's room, he walked naked down the hall to the bathroom. Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, Maggie appeared in the hallway just outside of the bathroom.

Putting her hand on Karl's shoulder, and reaching down and cupping Karl's balls in her other hand, she looked into Karl's dark eyes and said, "Please, Karl, I know that Michael's home now. I just need for you to let me feel your body next to mine and have you to myself just one more time. Please understand, Karl. I know we're not lovers. As you've said, we've just been convenient to each other for a little fun sex. Please let me get you off one more time. It would mean so much to me."

"Oh, Maggie, when we did things together before, everyone misunderstood and got all exercised over it. It just caused a lot of trouble. And don't forget that Michael had gone off to his little house that morning of the tornado because he was so upset after seeing you in my room. What we did was fun, but please, you just have to get over it."

Maggie reached farther into Karl's crotch and ran her finger over his ass hole. Karl's penis was visibly hardening.

"Maggie, please. You know you shouldn't be doing that."

Maggie ran her tongue down over Karl's pecs and his nipples, causing an audible gasp of pleasure form Karl's lips. Then forcing her finger into Karl's asshole, she moved down and sucked his now gorged penis into her mouth.

"Maggie, what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm marching through Dixie on my knees! What do you think I'm doing, Karl?

Karl's knees began to feel weak and he leaned back against the bathroom door jamb. Maggie's tongue was working the same magic it had worked on those few nights following his arrival at the ranch. He closed his eyes. He could feel Maggie's finger pressing on his prostate. That was all that was needed. He could feel the orgasm beginning to come over him. Then as it exploded through his body, he could feel himself cumming as his sperm surged up the shaft of his penis and into Maggie's warm mouth. Maggie had been jacking herself off with one hand and, as Karl's sperm flooded her mouth, she shot her own load onto Karl's leg. Sucking Karl's penis dry, she went down and licked her own sperm off of Karl's leg. The feel of the soft hair of Karl's leg on her tongue almost made her feel like cumming again.

"Maggie," said Karl breathlessly. "Now that is absolutely the last time I'll let you do that to me."

"Was it good, Karl?"

"Of course it was good."

"Well, then, don't say it's the last time. You can count on my getting you again."

Smiling, Karl disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door. After his shower and shave, he returned to Michael's room and lay down naked next to Michael who was still sleeping fully dressed. Without waking him, Karl slowly and carefully removed all of Michael's clothes and brought the sheet up over them both. Michael was on his back, and Karl pressed his own naked body up close to Michael's. He very gently kissed Michael on the mouth, the eyes, cheek and ears and put his arm over Michael's chest. They were soon both asleep.

Over the next several days, Jake came to grips with the fact that he had almost lost Josiah and that it was wrong for him to push the boy so relentlessly. He spoke to Corky, who had over the past year purchased several expensive pieces of exercise equipment and had them crowded in his room.

"Corky," Jake began, "you know I've hired another guy to work fer us. He's a nice kid, and I think he wants to do well. But he's so fuckin' outta shape, he can't hardly do nothin'. I was wonderin' if you could let him try to build himself up on them machines sometime when yer not usin' 'em."

"Sure, Jake. Send him over. Better yet, I'd better go talk to him myself and invite him to come in and try out the equipment."

Josiah was reluctant to get involved with the equipment. "I don't know, Corky, I might not be around here much longer. I was just kinda on my way to El Paso when Jake gave me a ride out on the highway and told me I could work for him. I don't know if I want to stay."

"Well, Josiah, just let me show you what I've got and how to use it and then you can decide. With the kind of exercise you get on that equipment, you'll find that your daily work will get a lot easier."

Corky spent about a half hour instructing Josiah on the equipment. Josiah seemed to enjoy the rowing machine the most. He and Corky talked as Josiah rowed.

"Josiah, how long have you been here on the ranch?"

"Oh, Jake brought me here a week ago Tuesday."

Corky remembered that was the same day that Jake had gone to visit him in the hospital, and he remembered that Jake on one hand was cheerful, but on the other seemed very down and depressed.

"Well, Josiah, I'm sure he was glad to come upon you out there hitchhiking. It was really fortunate because he had been three workers down on the work force here."

"Well, he didn't exactly come upon me. His truck was parked alongside the road. And when I came up to it, there wasn't anybody in it. So I looked around and saw this man, Jake, sittin' a little bit yonder against a tree. When I went over to him and asked him if that was his truck, he kinda looked startled and confused and he just stared at me for bit."

"That's strange. It doesn't sound like Jake. What do you think was wrong with him?"

"Well he had this gun in his lap, and I think he was going to shoot himself."

Corky's mouth dropped open. "Do you really think that's what he was going to do?"

"Yeah. You know I used to live in a bunch of fuckin' foster homes. The woman in one of them was okay, sorta. But her husband was a damn drunk. He was always threatenin' to shoot her head off. But one day I went out on the back porch and there was that man sittin' with a rifle in his hand. He had that same look in his eyes and on his face as Jake had. Just exactly the same. Then after a few seconds he stuck the barrel in his mouth and blew the fuckin' top of his head off. I saw that same look on Jake's face and I knew what he was gonna do."

"What kept him from doing it?"

"I don't know. It was like after he finally realized I was standing there, his whole expression changed and he said he wanted to help me and get me something to eat and all that. I don't know what made him change his mind."

That night, Corky lay awake for several hours thinking about Jake. He didn't mention anything to Enrique, who slept soundly by his side. The next day, Corky asked Jake if he would mind saddling up a couple of horses and riding out away from the buildings somewhere so they could talk over the lunch hour. He asked Maggie to fix a box for them with sandwiches and a couple of quarts of milk.

They rode out past the ruins of Michael's house in the Cottonwoods and on over to the clump of Mesquite Trees by the same stream where Jake assaulted Corky.

"Hey, Corky, I'm surprised you brought me out here. This is where I lost my fuckin' head. It couldn't hold very good memories for you, neither."

"Jake, I just want you to know that I'm letting bygones be bygones. Anyway, this isn't why I wanted to talk with you."

Corky unpacked a couple of fried chicken sandwiches and handed them to Jake with a quart carton of milk. Sitting down against a tree and pushing his hat back on his head, he looked intently at Jake.

"Jake, that fellow you hired seems like a pretty nice guy. He does look a bit lean and hungry and can use some building up. But I don't know how long he's going to stay anyway."

"Well, you don't know it, Corky," said Jake, "but he tried to leave the other night, but he come back. There's somethin' about that young man. I think he needs a Paw. He ain't never had nobody that cared a shit about him or tried to teach him nothin' or put rules on 'im. I tried to figure out why he come back. I expected him to leave, but I sure as shit didn't expect him to come back. He's a drifter, Corky. Drifters don't never come back. They jist keep a driftin'. But Josiah come back."

Jake smiled and looked across the stream. His expression was almost that of a proud father who had achieved a great success with his unruly son. Corky got up and moved over closer to where Jake was sitting.

"Jake, do you remember a week or so ago when you came up to my room at the hospital and you apologized for what you did? I could tell that something was really bothering you. And it wasn't my condition, either. You were really hurting over something, weren't you?"

Jake looked away. "I don't know what yer referrin' to. I weren't bothered by nothin."

"Jake, Josiah told me how you two met. He told me about the gun in your lap and how confused you seemed when he tried to talk to you. You were hurting over something, Jake. And you were planning on taking your own life, weren't you?"

Jake got up and gathered a handful of stones by the side of the stream and threw them one by one downstream, making them skip on the water several times before they sank. "Hey, Corky, have you ever been able to do that? It takes a good eye and a steady arm. I tried to teach Ricky how to do that, and he was beginning to get pretty good at it until . . . ."

"Jake, c'mon back and sit down here. What was it, Jake? You're my friend, and when I see one of my friends who's hurting so badly that he thinks the only solution is to kill himself, then I need to know why."

"Aw, Corky, that's over now. We don't need to talk about that now."

"We do need to talk about it. What was bothering you? Did I have something to do with it?"

"No, no. One reason I went up there to see ya that day was because I been thinkin' a lot about things. I ain't no dummy, Corky. And I could see it was time to let Ricky go. I was kinda like his Paw, but I loved him more than jist a Paw. He was everything . . . ."

Jake caught his breath suddenly and looked off in the distance again, wiping his eyes with his neckerchief.

"Ricky was everything to me. But I knew I didn't have no fuckin' right to hold him down. A guy's gotta break away from his Paw sometime. I jist wanted to let ya know that day that I let Ricky go and there weren't no hard feelin's about you and . . . you and Ricky."

"Oh, Jake, I'm so sorry that . . . ."

Jake interrupted. "Don't start with that, Corky. Yer gonna make me all blubbery. And I don't wanna do that."

Jake and Corky sat in silence for a long time looking across the stream and watching two squirrels chasing each other through the Mesquites.

"Jake. I have to know why. You were very gracious with me about Ricky. But why? Why the gun? Why did you want to take your own life?"

"Corky, I'm gittin' old. I've got all sorts a shit wrong with me. My back aches most of the time, my knees are creeky, I'm losin' my hair, I suffer from gas pains constantly and can't fart when I want to, I can't even keep a fuckin' hard-on more than two minutes. So what good's a cock if ya can't keep a hard-on? About the time Ol' Ben died, I began feelin' like there weren't nothin' left in life. It was the same old shit. Git up in the mornin' out here in the middle of nowhere, work my fuckin' ass off all day with a bunch of dumb shit-heads who don't know what a day's work is, then go to bed. And if I wasn't too fuckin' tired, I could jack off for some late night excitement.

"Then after Ol' Ben died, there was poor little Ricky with no one. That made two of us. We had nothin' and nobody. So we found each other. We loved each other, Corky. Here I was an old fuckin' man, and I found someone I loved more than I ever loved anyone in my fuckin' life. And ya know, the funny thing was he loved me, too. That don't happen every day. So when I knew Ricky was movin' on, I was happy for him, even though I know he don't like me no more. And I was happy for you, too, Corky. Really I was. But there was no point, I thought, in my takin' up space around here no more without Ricky."

"So why didn't you go through with it?"

"Well, I don't know."

"Well, I do, Jake. At the very last minute you were confronted by someone who really needed you. Think about it. Isn't that right? Not to get too religious or spiritual about it, it was like you suddenly saw an angel standing there, and he was telling you that you still had a purpose in your life. There was someone who still needed you."

"Aw, I don't believe none of that shit, Corky. He weren't no angel. He was jist a skinny kid who needed a fuckin' ride and somethin' to eat."

"Yeah, but did you ever think why he just appeared outta nowhere, right there in front of you out in the wilderness like that, just when you were about to end it all? I had a good friend once who had fallen in love with a guy, but never told him about it. He kept it a secret. One night, though, that guy found out about that love and rejected my friend in the most horrible and agonizing way. My friend was suddenly so blinded by hurt and a feeling of rejection, he got in his car and was determined to kill himself by crashing his car into a bridge abutment. At the moment he knew the crash was going to occur, he closed his eyes and everything went dark. But he was soon aware that he wasn't dead. He opened his eyes. He saw that he wasn't injured and there wasn't any damage to his car. He could recall with a certainty that he was headed into the bridge abutment at a high rate of speed. But for some reason, it didn't happen. He's never been able to explain it. But he's always been grateful for whatever or whoever saved his life that night. He sure learned that ending his life was not the answer to anything. The last time I saw him, he had a partner, and I don't think I ever saw two people more content with their lives than they were."

"Corky, you can believe what ya want. Maybe somethin' weird like that did happen. I dunno. But I don't believe in no magic or any of that devine stuff. All I know is I'm over it now. But, ya know, I do kinda wonder what would have happened to Josiah if I hadn't been there to help him."

"Well, you see?" said Corky. "You prove my point."

Jake looked into Corky's eyes "I never thought me and you'd ever be out here talkin' like this after what I did to ya, Corky. I know ya gonna treat Ricky real good. I'll always love him, I know that."

After supper that evening, Corky and Enrique went back to their room.

"Ricky, I've got to talk to you about something. I know you've been upset at Jake for what he did. I had a long talk with Jake today. And there's something you've got to know. Jake's been very remorseful about what he did that day, and he's apologized. And there's something else. He loves you very much—as much as he ever did. But he realizes that you needed to move on. I mean, he knows you couldn't stay living in his room forever. So he's not mad or angry or upset about you and me. But when you left him, he considered that the end of his life. And I know you didn't know it, but Jake tried to commit suicide last week."

Enrique gasped and buried his face in his hands and sat as though paralyzed in his chair. Then looking up at Corky, he said, "Oh, God, no."

"Ricky, he thinks you hate him. Jake is everyone's friend, and you need to talk with him and tell him that you don't hate him. He needs to hear you tell him."

Without a word, Enrique ran out and down to the end of the bunkhouse and knocked on Jake's door. Josiah opened the door and informed Enrique that Jake was over in the barn. Enrique found Jake patching a leak in a tractor tire.


"Ricky! What you doin' here? I ain't seen ya fer awhile."

"I wanted to talk to you, Jake. I'm sorry if it looked like I wasn't talking to you."

"Well, Ricky, it didn't jist look like ya weren't talkin' to me. You actually weren't! Sit down here. What ya got on yer mind?"

Jake reached behind a loose board on the wall and pulled out a pint bottle of Jack Daniels. He sat on the bale of hay next to Enrique, opened the bottle, took a big drink and offered the bottle to Enrique.

"No thanks, Jake. I . . . uh . . . wanted to talk to you."

"I can see that. Ya already told me that, ya little fucker."

Enrique then turned quickly and threw his arms around Jake. "I love you, Jake. I couldn't stand it if anything ever happened to you."

"Ricky! What ya talkin' about?"

"Don't ever try to kill yourself again! I'll kill myself if you do!"

"Oh, Corky told ya about that, huh? Ya don't have to worry about that. I'm never gonna try anything like that agin."

"Corky told me it was because I left you alone and you thought I hated you. But I don't hate you. I love you and I'll always love you."

Holding Enrique's head close to his chest, Jake said, "Oh, Ricky, we're all foolish people. We don't never know what we're doin' sometimes. I love ya like the dickens, Ricky. Always will. But there weren't no sense in me keepin' ya tied to me all the time. You and Corky belong together, and it don't mean that you and me don't still love each other. We can still go out by the river we always used to go to and I can play ya the bagpipes agin. And maybe we oughta try flyin' that kite agin. What d'ya say?"

Enrique looked up into Jake's face and smiled. "Yeah, any time you say!"

As Jake held Enrique, he couldn't resist running his hand down the back of Enrique's pants and once again feeling those wonderful round, firm ass cheeks. Enrique began to clench and unclench the muscles in his buns, making them bounce and jump erotically.

"Oh Ricky," sighed Jake. "ya always do that. You know when ya do that jigglin' with yer buns, it always gits me goin',"

"I know it does, Jake," Enrique said with a giggle. "Let's go back to your room tonight?"

"We can't do that, Ricky. You know I got the new fella sleepin' there now."

Enrique jumped up and pushed Jake over backwards off the bale and into the hay. Lying next to him, Enrique unbuttoned Jake's shirt. Nestling his face in Jake's chest hair in the valley between his large pecs, Enrique reached down and slipped his hand inside the front of Jake's pants.

"Jake, I'm glad you don't have any underwear on. It feels so good to have my fingers around your balls again."

"Ricky, you shouldn't be doing this. You should be back in yer room with Corky."

"He knows I'm with you."

Enrique pulled Jake's pants off over his boots. Taking off his own shirt and pants, he lay down on his back. "You know what I want more than anything right now, Jake? I want you to stand up over me and lower your ass down over my face. I need that, Jake. I need to have your body all over me one more time. Please!

Jake felt his old passion for Enrique pour over him. His balls actually ached with desire. As he slowly lowered his crotch down over Enrique's face, Enrique breathed in the powerful, erotic aroma of Jake's crotch sweat. His tongue slashed through the tangled thicket of dense hair that filled Jake's ass crack until it reached the hard puckered surface of his ass hole. Jake slowly stroked his gorged penis, but could feel himself coming close in response to the feeling of Enrique's tongue circling and then entering his asshole. Enrique soon moved his head so that he could suck on Jake's hair covered ball sack. As he sucked and chewed on it, he could feel Jake's balls pulling away and up into his body. Then moving his tongue up to the base of Jake's penis, he could feel the strong pulsating begin as Jake's orgasm began and his hot sperm surged up the shaft and out onto Enrique's stomach. At the same time, Jake let out his customary Tarzan yell that signified another powerful orgasm. As it subsided, Jake leaned forward and sucked Enrique's hard penis into his mouth, and at the same time, Enrique pulled Jake's penis into his own mouth, sucking it dry. As Enrique's orgasm approached, he started bucking his hips, as he always did when he came. Jake kept his head still as Enrique, in effect, fucked his mouth.

Both Jake and Enrique were totally spent and exhausted, not only by their emotional reunion that evening, but by the intensity of the sexual activity they had just had. Jake soon rolled off onto his back, and they both fell asleep in a sort of detached sixty-nine position.

Corky had become increasingly worried about what was keeping Enrique, and went down to Jake's room to check on him. Josiah told him that he had sent Enrique to the barn to look for Jake. When Corky entered the barn, he was immediately confronted with the naked bodies of Jake and Enrique lying uncovered and asleep. Shocked at first, Corky very soon understood. No matter what his relationship was going to be with Enrique, he understood that the love between Jake and Enrique would always endure. Corky found a horse blanket nearby and quietly covered the two sleeping beauties, leaned over and kissed Enrique softly on the forehead, and tiptoed out.

Michael had not felt like leaving the house for several days after he had returned home. He spent much of his time either in bed or in a comfortable chair on the front verandah. Karl had slept with Michael each night, but because of Michael's condition, Karl didn't want to do more with Michael than to simply lie close to him and gently caress him. They talked at length about their relationship and their love, and Michael soon came to understand completely about Karl's dalliances with Maggie. He apologized over and over again about his foolish jealousy, explaining that the terrible loneliness he felt, along with the disappointment over what he thought was Karl's disinterest in him, led to his irrational frame of mind and strange behavior.

Sitting with Karl on the verandah, Michael said, "You know I don't know much about physiology or psychology or any of that stuff, but I really think there is a connection between the health of the mind and the health of the body. I haven't been this happy and content in my mind since before last fall when Jeff left home. And I just feel it's affecting my recovery. Every morning when I wake up and reach over and feel your smooth, warm skin close to mine and feel your warm breath on my face, and then look at the sparkle in your eyes and hear your sweet little British "Good Morning," I feel a hundred times more recovered than I did the day before. My foolish jealousy is what caused me to be injured like this. I rode off that morning like a whipped schoolboy, or does the saying go, like a whipped puppy."

Michael and Karl spent their waking hours talking about their plans for the improvement and modernization of the ranch, about Karl's money that would be taken out of trust and invested at the local bank, and about their love and their lifetime commitment. An appointment had been made with Michael's lawyer in Goliad the next week to discuss, draw up, and sign the Articles of Partnership.

On the fifth day after returning home, Michael asked Karl to go with him to the knoll in the Cottonwoods to view the damage of his little house. Since Michael wasn't ready yet to ride on horseback, they took the car. It was an overcast day, and rain had been predicted. But Michael was determined to end his housebound days, rain or shine. As they approached the knoll, they could see debris scattered for almost two miles around the site. Michael caught his breath when he finally saw the two shattered walls, which were all that remained standing of the house.

"My God, Karl, was I actually found alive in the midst of that rubble?"

After they parked and walked closer, Karl pointed to a spot and said, "You were found right about here, completely covered over with debris. While you were in the hospital, Jeff came up here and took back all the things he could find that could be saved."

Michael said, "Karl, look. Ol' Ben's big old iron bedstead is sitting right here where it set. The mattress and box spring are gone, but the old bedstead is still just as solid as ever."

Brushing debris off of the bedside table, which was lying on its side, Michael forced the drawer open. "Look Karl. Right here in this drawer, totally undisturbed are a new box of condoms, a tube of KY, and two vibrating dildos. The fact that these things are still here and in good shape must be symbolic of something, don't you think, Karl?"

Karl took Michael by the arm and led him out of the rubble over to a grassy terrace, which had been the west lawn over which Michael had often looked at those beautiful Texas sunsets.

"Karl," began Michael, "I had dreamed of making this house our private little hideaway. And once we have it re-built, it will be."

Karl sat on the grass and pulled Michael down beside him. He clasped Michael's head between his hands and kissed him lightly on the lips. "I love you, Michael. I'll be right here beside you in everything you ever want to do."

Michael threw his arms around Karl's neck and they both stretched out flat on the ground, pressed tightly against each other. Michael became almost frenzied as he covered Karl's face with kisses, running his tongue over Karl's eyes, nose, lips, cheeks and ears.

"Your skin tastes so good, Karl. Moist and salty and warm." Michael slowly unbuttoned Karl's shirt as he ran his tongue down over Karl's neck and chest. Karl became instantly excited with the realization that this was the first time Michael had ever touched and caressed and kissed his body. Karl frantically undid his belt and top button and slid his pants down so that Michael's searching tongue and lips could proceed lower and lower. As he did so, Michael buried his face in Karl's enormous thicket of black pubic hair, slashing his tongue through it as though he were using a machete in a jungle. Karl's penis was now hard and throbbing and bumping rhythmically against Michael's cheek.

Then running his tongue up all sides of Karl's rigid penis, Michael said softly, "I want you inside me, Karl. I need to have your whole body inside of me. Please. I want to devour you and have you inside of me so you can never get out."

Karl sat up, pushed Michael onto his back and literally tore Michael's pants from his body. Pushing Michael's legs up in the air so that his thighs lay tightly against his chest, Karl sat on his haunches literally shaking with excitement as he stared at Michael's pink and puckered asshole, clearly visible through a mass of dark brown hair that filled the trench between Michael's ass cheeks. Karl, still shaking with an overpowering desire for Michael's body, leaned over and ran his tongue very lightly over Michael's hole, which was by now clenching and unclenching rapidly. Karl filled Michael's whole ass crack with saliva and then slowly pressed the head of his gorged penis against Michael's pink hole.

Just as Karl's cock head popped into the rectum, Michael groaned and shouted, "Now fuck me hard Karl. Squeeze your whole body into my hole. Push harder and harder. I need your whole body inside of me!"

As Karl pounded his hips against Michael, he gazed down at Michael's contorted body. He felt as though he had suddenly been thrown into a dream, a fantasy, an illusion. Here he was, just where he had longed to be so desperately, for so long. Michael's sphincter muscle was clamping hard upon his penis with every thrust as though it were grabbing and pulling him further and further into Michael's body.

"Harder, Karl! Deeper, deeper, deeper!"

"I'm trying, Michael! I'm trying to push deeper and deeper inside of you!"

Michael took hold of Karl's hips and pulled them savagely against his own body. Again and again, pounding him with each thrust.

"Michael, Michael! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm going to fill your whole body with my hot, thick sperm. Ohhhhhhhhh!!"

Michael could feel Karl's hard rod inside of his rectum, jabbing, thrusting, throbbing. As Karl's orgasm slowly subsided, he collapsed on Michael's body, where he lay for several minutes. The sky became darker as rain clouds moved rapidly overhead.

Karl soon rolled off to the side and looked at Michael, saying, "Michael, I want you to flood my mouth with your sperm. I need to taste it, eat it, drink it as it passes into my body. Please, Michael, would you fuck my face? Now?"

Michael positioned himself over Karl so that the tip of his penis just touched Karl's nose, tickling him unbearably. The wind began to pick up and a sudden chill settled over them. As Michael teased Karl, bobbing his hard penis up and down on his face, Karl was able to suck the soft skin of Michael's ball sack into his mouth. The heavy masculine odor of Michael's crotch was driving him to a frenzy and he snatched at Michael's cock with his mouth, sucking in its full length as the first drops of cold rain began to fall on them. Michael began to move his hips slowly up and down, feeling Karl's lips tighten on his penis, and his tongue slashing and swirling around the head of it. As Michael started fucking Karl's mouth faster and faster, the rain began to fall heavier. Rain water was rolling off of the sides of Michael's hips and into Karl's face. The rain was cold and they both began to shiver slightly. But at the same time, the pouring rain heightened their desire for total abandonment, to fold themselves into each other's body. Karl wrapped his arms around Michael's legs, now slick and shiny from the rain. The feel of Michael's wet legs and the hair on them transported Karl into an almost delirious ecstasy as he felt the steady pounding of Michael's hard rod against the roof of his mouth.

Michael's light brown hair, normally neatly combed to one side, was now soaking wet and hanging down over his eyes. He could feel rain water trickling into his ass crack and tickling his asshole. He could feel that little preliminary clutching in his groin that always precedes the beginning of an orgasm. He slowed his thrusts in the hopes that he could prolong the feeling, as well as that wonderful pulling and tugging feeling as Karl sucked as hard as he could on his penis at every thrust.

It was no use. The inevitable could not be delayed. Michael literally abandoned himself and allowed his body to do what it was going to do. As his orgasm built, he felt his sperm surging into Karl's welcoming mouth. Karl tried not to swallow Michael's hot thick sperm and let it flood his mouth, as he had requested Michael to do. To have Michael's sperm in his mouth was something that Karl had yearned for since he first met Michael. He savored the sweet, yet powerful taste, allowing it to run down his throat very slowly.

Michael rolled off of Karl onto the wet grass. Karl leaned over Michael and kissed and licked Michael's well shaped legs and, with his tongue, swirled the wet hair on Michael's legs into circular patterns. The cool rain water made the skin on Michael's legs taste so fresh and sweet.

Karl and Michael were soon lying side by side with their arms around each other, gently kissing each other's face. The rain continued to come down steadily, causing them to keep their eyes closed as they kissed.

Soon, Michael said, "Let's not go back yet. Let's just stay lying here in the rain for the rest of the day." Looking over at their clothes scattered where they were thrown, he said, "We can't get dressed anyway. Our clothes are as soaked as we are."

Several hours later, as evening approached, Michael and Karl were still wrapped in each other's arms on the wet grass. The rain had stopped and a rainbow had appeared in the west. Karl had gone to sleep earlier and Michael lay next to him staring into his face, tracing his finger over Karl's lips and eyebrows and his chin and kissing him. Michael thought that Karl's face as he slept had a sweetness to it, almost angelic. He told himself over and over that this must be a dream. When Karl awoke, he felt Michael's hard penis pressed against his leg. It was too much. They each then sucked another load of sperm from the other's cock and collapsed into each other's arms.

The clouds had moved out, and now the evening sky was lit by a full moon. It was now well past supper time, and they wondered why no one had come looking for them. Throwing their sopping wet clothes into the trunk, they sat in the car naked and drove back to the house. They knew that it was common knowledge around the ranch that Michael and Karl were an item, so to speak, so they thought nothing of walking across the yard and into the house naked.

Maggie's good friend, Rhapsody, had driven down earlier in the day from San Antonio for a visit. They were sitting at the kitchen table chatting and drinking beer when Rhapsody saw out of the window the two naked beauties get out of the car and walk toward the house.

"My God, Maggie! Rhapsody screamed. "Look what's coming this way. Am I dreaming?"

Rhapsody began to fan herself with a hot pad she picked up off the counter. "Oh my dear, I think I'm having the vapors!"

As Karl gathered up the wet clothes, Michael came in through the Kitchen door. Rhapsody sat with her mouth open and her eyes bugged out.

Maggie said, "Michael, you remember Rhapsody, my best friend from San Antonio. Rhapsody, this is Michael. He owns and runs this place."

Rhapsody stammered, "Oh, yes, Michael. I remember you from New Years last year. You did the most adorable exotic dance and strip for us. I think I fainted near the end of it."

Maggie interjected, "It was your buns that did it, Michael. She's queer for buns. She faints every time she sees a beautiful pair of buns. If you turn around, Michael, we can watch her faint again."

"Oh, shut your hole, queen," screamed Rhapsody. "But I must say, I am feeling a bit dizzy."

As Michael disappeared down the hall, Karl came in with the pile of wet clothes, which he dumped on the floor next to the door. "I think these can all go into the washer, Maggie."

"Karl, I want you to meet my friend, Rhapsody. Rhapsody, this is Karl."

At the sight of Karl and his equipment, Rhapsody began fanning herself faster than ever.

"Nice to meet you, Rhapsody. Please forgive me for not being dressed."

"Oh . . . yeah . . . what's to forgive!"

As Karl left the room, beads of sweat began to appear on Rhapsody's forehead. "My God, Maggie, he's gorgeous. And that adorable little English accent! How long has that beautiful creature been around here?"

In a rather off-hand manner, Maggie said, "Well he and I were lovers, you know."


"Oh, yes. He couldn't keep his hands off of me."

"Off of that shriveled up body?" responded Rhapsody.

"Watch your mouth, bitch!"

"I'm sorry, Maggie. Tell me about him."

Maggie leaned in close to Rhapsody and whispered, "Karl sucks and fucks better than anyone I've ever known. And he's like a wild man when he's fucking. He told me he couldn't get enough of my asshole. He said it was the sweetest asshole he'd ever eaten or fucked. He's such a flatterer! Every night since he came here he would beg me to come to his room, which I did reluctantly, of course."

"What are you talking about, girl? You've never been reluctant in your life to get fucked."

"Hush, bitch!"

"Well, what happened? Are you still lovers?"

"Well, no. I finally had a long talk with him and told him that I just couldn't take so much sex every night. He was in tears, of course. He was inconsolable, but I assured him he would get over me. He would find someone else."

"He didn't seem too unhappy a few minutes ago, Maggie."

"Well, Rhapsody, he's bearing up. He uses his smile to mask his hurt. I think he'll be alright in time."

"Do you think Karl would go for me? If he went for a washed up slut like you, he'd surely go for me."

"Well, be my guest, Rhapsody."

Rhapsody was looking down the hallway in the direction to which Michael and Karl had gone when she suddenly saw Karl, still naked, cross the hall and go into the bathroom."

"Oh, Maggie dear, I've been drinking so much beer here that I really need to use your tea room."

"Well, dear, you know where it is."

Rhapsody moved quietly down the hall. Hesitating briefly at the bathroom door, she opened it and went in, finding Karl standing at the toilet peeing.

"Oh, my gracious, Karl!, she shrieked, "I didn't realize you were using the can . . . or rather occupying the toilet room. I am just simply overflowing! Would you mind if I stood here and peed with you? I don't think I can wait."

"Step right up, Rhapsody," chirped Karl. "There's room for all."

Rhapsody pulled out her semi-hard cock and, as she peed, she glanced furtively at Karl's limp penis. She also maneuvered her head in such a way that she could look behind Karl and examine his butt.

"My, my, Karl, you are a handsome lad." As she slowly slipped one hand around one of his ass cheeks, she purred, "What a pair of lovely buns! Lucky Maggie!"

Karl looked at Rhapsody, surprised. "Why do you say 'lucky Maggie?'"

"Well, with her and you being lovers and all, I don't mean to be judgmental or anything, but I think she got the better bargain."

Karl laughed. "You think so?"

"Yeah!" Rhapsody, moved her hand down into the crack between Karl's ass cheeks and around into his crotch. She could see Karl's penis begin to jump and slowly expand. "I hope you don't mind my doing a little exploring, honey. I always feel my merchandise before I buy."

Karl said with a smile, "Oh, are you buying?"

"Well, it all depends on what's being offered."

Karl had finished peeing, but Rhapsody's hand, which was now fondling his balls from behind, felt too good to walk away from. He started slowly to stroke his hard cock. "That feels real good, Rhapsody."

"You just go ahead and jack it off, Karl, dear. But when you're ready to pour the wine, please let me be the one to come around and sample it."

While Rhapsody's hand felt wonderful on his balls, Karl had to smile at the antics of this strange old queen. "I believe, Rhapsody, I'm about to decant my wine. Are you ready to sample it?"

Rhapsody swung around to Karl's front and, on her knees, she sucked Karl's gorged penis into her mouth. Karl was now involuntarily bucking his hips slightly. And just as his orgasm began, the door was flung open and Maggie appeared before them.

"God damn! What the fuck are you doing, you slut!" screamed Maggie.

Rhapsody was so startled that she pulled her mouth off of Karl's penis, and great streams of thick white sperm continued to shoot out and splatter all over her face, with a large glob hanging precariously from the tip of her nose.

Rhapsody fell back on her butt and started to wail and sob. "Maggie, you bitch. Look what you've done!"

"Yeah," yelled Maggie. "You look like a fuckin' old whore who just had her fuckin' face gang banged!"

Karl took a piece of toilet paper and wiped off the remaining sperm that was dripping out of his penis. Laughing, he left the room saying, "The two of you better be out of here in the next five minutes because I want to go to bed and I've got to take a shower first."

As they heard Karl laughing on his way down the hall, the two old queens just stared angrily at each other and snarled.


"Well, you're a Whore!"

"And you're a Slut!"

"But you're nothing but a dirty Cocksucker!"

"O yeah? Who are you calling a dirty Cocksucker!"

Maggie and Rhapsody soon disappeared into Maggie's room, and the house was at last quiet.

In the morning, all was apparently forgiven. As Rhapsody was about to climb into her old green 1972 Ford, she and Maggie hugged.

"Don't wait so long, Rhapsody. Drag your fat ass down here more often. We get so far behind in our yakking."

"Well, dear, we need to see you up in San Antonio once in awhile, too, you know. You need to come up on San Jacinto Day. You know the El Jardine will be having its usual bash, and we'll all be in drag. You must come. Ta ta!"

The phone started ringing and Maggie ran back into the house to answer it. It was past ten in the morning and neither Michael nor Karl had emerged from their room. The party calling was Willard Weinberger, Michael's lawyer. He asked Maggie to wake Michael since he had an urgent message. Maggie knocked lightly on Michael's door and then entered. Both Michael and Karl were lying completely naked on top of the bed in a sixty-nine position and sound asleep. Maggie couldn't resist. She tip-toed over to the bed, leaned over, and ran her tongue lightly over Karl's soft penis. Karl suddenly awoke and looked up at Maggie.

"Karl, please wake Michael. He has an urgent phone call holding."

In a few minutes, Michael staggered into the kitchen. "Hello"

"Michael, my friend. This is Willard. I just received a phone call from a gentleman in San Antonio who claims to be your brother Jared's lawyer."

"Oh, shit! What now?"

"Well, Michael, they claim to have identified an old state law prohibiting the sale of the property, either outright or to a partner, without clearing any prior claims on the property that may have been filed by other members of the last owner's immediate family. I have not yet had my clerk research that law, but this gentleman seems rather confident that the law could very well come into play in this situation. I'm afraid we will have sit on the partnership agreement until this latest development has run its course."

"Willard, this is just another attempt by the son-of-a-bitch brother of mine to disrupt my life. How long will all this take? When do you think we will be able to proceed with bringing Karl Oldenburg into the partnership?

"It's hard to say, Michael. It could take months."

"Willard, that asshole isn't going to quit his harassment until he wins. Thanks for letting me know, Willard. Keep me informed."

Michael staggered back to bed. "Is there anything wrong, Michael," inquired Karl.

"No, Karl. Everything is just fine. Just please roll over here and hold me for awhile."

It was not long before the two lovers were once again sound asleep in each other's arms.

To be continued...


Posted: 08/29/08